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During the first leg of @AmazingRace_CBS, the teams took nearly 450,000 steps. That’s a whole lot of badges earned! #AmazingRaceWork on your goals this weekend, be closer to hitting them on Monday. #KeepMoving@Jill_Scharver We love your picture! Would you mind if we shared it to other Fitbit users? http://t.co/6XxXeTo3eCWe have another great recipe for you today from @RoccoDiSpirito's new book, Cook Your Butt Off! Check it out: http://t.co/0oVQUZwjul.@HunterPence is in the lead in this week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge! This is the last day to help your favorite win: http://t.co/C7GXnj9ALQ#TheDress is yesterday's news. Today, it's all about the accessories. http://t.co/d72gfvl5Q4@MarcBolwell Yes, the Fitbit Surge works with your laptop as well!@nrunje Nice work! How long did that take?@TBooker27 That's what we like to hear! Hope you have one that tracks floor climb, too!
"13. Happily choosing the farthest parking spot." What would you add to this list? http://t.co/0WPxeZjTMeSweaty now, stronger later. #KeepMoving http://t.co/zHLTy93Lxc#FitTip: Dance like no one's watching, run like you're chasing #llamas.Congratulations to Kodi S for losing 1/2 his weight with help from Fitbit! Now he runs 1/2 marathons. Read his story: http://t.co/I5z2vVH63w
What do you think the average step count was for the Amazing Race contestants during tonight's episode? #AmazingRaceIf you were on The Amazing Race right now, do you think you'd be #1 on your leaderboard? #AmazingRaceAre you #TeamGordon or #TeamPence? Right now @HunterPence is in the lead. Help your fav out! #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/fIQMCs7qHvLooks like @FlashGJr is in the lead in this week's #FitbitForAHA Challenge vs @HunterPence! http://t.co/jmFZtn3wdJ http://t.co/w9xDTS44v1We have @foodtrainers back on our blog with heart-healthy foods to add to your shopping cart! What are your faves? http://t.co/vaJRuJEydjTime for a #FitbitBreak! Get up. Get moving. Then get back to work.
#FitTip: Every time you feel stuck, tired, or bored throughout the work day, go for a walk. Let us know how you feel afterward.Looking for a healthy new recipe? Here's one from Rocco DiSpirito's new book, Cook Your Butt Off! #CookYourButtOff http://t.co/jLTv3UaZvP
Get stronger, one step at a time. #WalkFit http://t.co/EH9IlouLgrI'm taking on @hunterpence in a step challenge for @American_Heart.Let's do this!#FitbitForAHA http://t.co/nxDsdqmsyZ http://t.co/blkM6aFQFX
Retweeted by FitbitRound 2 of #FitbitForAHA starts today! Who are you cheering for: @HunterPence, or @FlashGJr? http://t.co/UEKOlKi4u8 http://t.co/KRZtx8LYwqIf u see me pwr walking in Scottsdale its for #FitbitForAHA step challenge.You ready @FlashGJr?http://t.co/xT1TLd7JDB http://t.co/1Uo9P736i3
Retweeted by Fitbit
Congrats to @HilaryHRhoda for taking home the gold in this week's #FitbitForAHA challenge! http://t.co/eZJQeHrsQS http://t.co/4VBre5iyat
It’s the last day in this #FitbitForAHA Supermodel Challenge! Learn how @HilaryHRhoda uses her Fitbit tracker: http://t.co/NLxOTPYvmD@mjd877 Your body burns calories just by functioning! It's based on your basal metabollic rate.
They both walk the runway, but who’s running away with the win in our first #FitbitForAHA Celeb Challenge? http://t.co/NZkvKejaCoGrab some weights and get going with these bicep curls! #fitmoves #FindYourFit https://t.co/ViiZnMnG5HIf you're working on getting - or staying - healthy, what are you doing to help combat stress in your life? http://t.co/0ALiqP5yS9@Laura_Irle The Charge HR also has more of a traditional watch band vs a clasp, but otherwise no!@AlexWorkman Yes! This is something we're working on now, but no ETA on when it will be available yet.Give yourself a high-five, because we did it! Thanks everyone who joined #FitForFood and helped feed people in need. http://t.co/0mZZJNzeyv
You must be 18+ to enter and reside in the US. We'll randomly choose winners on 3/4. Contest rules: https://t.co/aN95CdMcISWant to win a copy of @RoccoDiSpirito's new book? Tweet us using #CookYourButtOff and telling us how you keep healthy in the kitchen!Loved watching @laurencohan and @conanobrien talk about Fitbit last night. We're dead serious. #zombiefit http://t.co/RPxl3n50uBOur #FitbitForAHA Celebrity Challenge is in full swing! See which supermodel is in the lead & get involved at http://t.co/EVY1gzLIYY@emily_coupe We love your picture! Would you mind if we shared it out? http://t.co/kzymqJEIKN@SusanJRowland That plastic clip is a part of the packaging and isn't meant to be used. Move your steel clasp to the band.
We’re 2 days in & it’s an epic battle between @ErinHeatherton & @HilaryHRhoda #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/FoNwU847O5 http://t.co/9tJJslFIUAWhat awesome events has your Fitbit tracked? This user tracked his heart rate as he proposed! http://t.co/IpkI0bLT1n http://t.co/IidEb8WWliRunway titans @ErinHeatherton & @HilaryHRhoda bring it in our Celeb Challenge #FitbitForAHA http://t.co/LvslhpTmxp http://t.co/TPfQZ918nM
@champ_ian No, the data is stored on your account rather than the app, as long as you've connected to the internet since your last sync.@LeylaRazavi Nice one! Best of luck.What will you accomplish this weekend that you can brag about on Monday? #WeekendWarrior http://t.co/N5nwb7Jmsa
We asked Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes how tracking his heart rate helps with his training. #RunFit http://t.co/uRAF0Sc1jsWake up. Work out. Rest. Repeat. #keepmoving http://t.co/4Ng0PO6oPR
We just passed the half-way mark in #FitForFood! Your calories can still count for good: http://t.co/eiUUf3s6lp http://t.co/Om0ZpUXbmrOn Wednesdays we work out. #CantStopWontStop http://t.co/grZFCfoeISIf you're planning to indulge a bit this weekend, @foodtrainers is here with her top healthy chocolate suggestions! http://t.co/LFrTIsVXvH
We've just passed 600,000 meals donated! Join #FitForFood to make your activity count for good. http://t.co/daq48mMLpSHere are just a few ways to help you stay on-track and work fitness into your home: http://t.co/KUh5ChCqmoTake your push-ups to the next level with this alternative to the classic move! https://t.co/VMNaXmIUfGBetter sore than sorry. #fitspiration http://t.co/6iFcEeV37z
Heard about #FitForFood? The more we burn, the more @Fitbit gives to people in need. Join me! @JoelMcHale explains http://t.co/m9ESN1oTxl
Retweeted by FitbitGet fit while helping the needy in the process through @fitbit. Everybody comes out ahead! #FitForFood http://t.co/B88UAniJLu
Retweeted by FitbitThis Valentine's Day, get your loved one's heart racing. #ValentineFit http://t.co/UOI01J8TVI http://t.co/50MItemQIuHere's a vitamin-packed milkshake recipe to help sooth your sweet tooth, from chef Mo Clancy! #ShakeFit http://t.co/fppRwqMKsBHitting your goals is never easy, but it's always worth it. #keepmoving http://t.co/58i9MGFv6E
That's a wrap! We came. We saw. We tweeted. Now we’re making a #GRAMMYs workout playlist and heading to the gym. #GRAMMYfitFeeling all kinds of inspired by @beyonce, @common and @johnlegend. #GRAMMYsThis year’s hits brought booty back. West Coasters who are just tuning in: Do 10 squats whenever you hear “The Grammy goes to...” #GRAMMYfitHey @meghan_trainor—win or lose, with a motto like “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" you're our #1 Trainor. #GRAMMYsIt's getting hard to plank and tweet. This is a blessing and a curse, @samsmithworld. #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYfitBoost your calorie burn by doing your best @beck impression. #swaywithme #GRAMMYsPLANKS ON PLANKS ON PLANKS. @samsmithworld we owe you one. #GRAMMYfitStay with us @samsmithworld and @maryjblige. With all these planks, we're just a few awards away from a 6-pack. #GRAMMYfitHow about four-five seconds of mountain climbers...10x in a row? #GRAMMYfitPOLL: does dancing cheek-to-cheek burn more calories than dancing solo? #GRAMMYs @ladygaga @itstonybennett♫ Clap along... if you feel like your step count's through the roof ♫ #GRAMMYs♫ Sweat through the hurt. Arms day: rows, curls, lat raise, focus on tris. Legs day: feel the burn, feel it right in my thighs ♫ #GRAMMYsDance when @taylorswift13 or @PaulMcCartney dance to hit your step goal by the end of the show. #GRAMMYfit #steppingtothegrammys♫ She sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker, we put her song on and we run a lot quicker ♫ #BodyLikeBey #GRAMMYs @beyonce #18GRAMMYsThe new NEW workout plan a la @kanyewest? 5 push-ups every time a presenter says “The nominees are...” to get arms like @madonna. #GRAMMYfitThat's 2/2 for @samsmithworld. We'll just be over here planking. #GRAMMYsHey @mirandalambert, don't ride in that little red wagon. Walk—you'll get more steps. #fittips #GRAMMYsWe're moonwalking our way around the living room, @Pharrell. Congrats! #GRAMMYs.@ArianaGrande we can show you just a little bit of your heart: http://t.co/flpeDGALqR #GRAMMYsNew award show ab workout? Hold a plank during @samsmithworld’s acceptance speeches #GRAMMYFitNothing gets us more motivated to move than music. Stay tuned while we tweet the #GRAMMYs and celebrate the songs we love to sweat to.
Just hit 169 million of our 1 billion calorie goal! Join #FitForFood to help people in need: http://t.co/GRMPuXDopY http://t.co/XZ51PPyBkzWhat are you wearing for #WearRedDay? We know how we're raising awareness about heart disease. http://t.co/sTDBUESCz4RT if you're going to make this weekend count. #keepmovingCelebrity chef @roccodispirito teamed up with us in his new book, Cook Your Butt Off! You can pre-order it now: http://t.co/gQHeBAvlT5We asked cardiologist Tara Narula for her recommendations on activities to do to keep your heart healthy: http://t.co/vE9uepYGlL@mikekell It can, but you would need to set it up with a separate account if you wanted to only see that data.
Looking for ways to make your time in the kitchen healthier? Rocco DiSpirito shared his tips with us: http://t.co/Qx4kVOQgHeFitbit trackers are being used in a study to try and predict recovery time in surgery patients! Check it out: http://t.co/xRV7KoApLzCelebrity trainer Harley Pasternak is here with tips on mixing up your workout: http://t.co/KHHhTI9ibr http://t.co/2snK3VeCS2You won't know your limits until you pass them. #pushforward@champ_ian But the Charge is all one unit, whereas the Flex has a tracker that can come out of the wristband, so no switching with Charge@champ_ian You can change to metric in your account, and the Charge does have real-time stats available on the screen.@EricNogues Everyone needs breaks, if only to take the long route to the restrooms.
#FitbitBreak time: get up, get moving, then get back to work.Getting fit is good for you. Now it's good for others, too. @JoelMcHale explains #FitForFood: http://t.co/P9sfG6TDY4 http://t.co/je24LEpoAT
How many calories do you think the #leftshark burned on Sunday? But more importantly, did those calories count for good? #FitForFood@jeweloree Our speculation is that it's from the time difference.The race to 1 billion calories starts today! See why @JoelMcHale is doing it & why you should, too. Join #FitForFood: http://t.co/P9sfG6TDY4We were curious to see how watching the big football game affected people's heart rates: http://t.co/qq64n479iP http://t.co/4385wr0DTV
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