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@tonee78 Surely, your Fitbit loves you too! ♥ ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriends@Leeharmon Good job! Keep it up! ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriendsFrom your gut to your butt, tone your entire body in this Octoberfest workout.’s a look at how moms and dads are finding time to stay fit: 2/2 Meantime, please head over to our Ideas Board to show your support at See you there!
@tonee78 We're excited as well to hear you get started! ☺ Let the stepping begin! ☺ #happystepping #fitbitfriends@strawverri Sorry to hear about that. Try these rescue tips: Let us know how it goes!Clam shells, inchworms and t-planks. Welcome to week 2 of @lsesselmann's 5-week workout plan.
@thejensie way to #findyourfit, Jens! Nothing says 'Welcome to the Bay Area' quite like a long, hilly run 💪We're toasting to #NationalKaleDay with 8 stealthy, healthy ways to eat more veggies! Thanks for the love! #happystepping
Managing your stress can be tricky. The key is knowing “bad” stress from “good” stress: choices #FTW 🙌 #Fitbitisms That'll be cool! Feel free to pin this idea up in our features page at See you there!
Make your next goal a step above the last. #MondayMotivation
@KevJohnscymru Sorry for the delay! Please send us an email at We'll be glad to take it from there.
Whether it’s back on the field or getting back to basics, train with soccer pro @lsesselmann: @Applebees Why not sport your favorite shade again with the tangerine Fitbit Charge HR?It's almost race day, Bay Area! Good luck to everyone hitting the course this Sunday at the #FitbitTiburon half & 5K.
@BL11Hannah We're sorry to hear this. Please see our care tips at & email us by going to can be borrowed, but you’ll never get those steps back. #Fitbitisms Oh no. Can you tell us what happened & what platform is your phone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)?
@tylerjanderson Keep it up! Keep the steps coming and level up your goal! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriends@hardcandy Happy we can groove out with y'all! #fitbitfriendsGet pro runner @ryanhall3’s secret recipe for pancakes that pack the flavor & the protein:
@everywhereist Thanks for trying a fix! We're always a tweet away if you need our help.See how a single photo helped this man lose 100+ lbs & gain a list of fitness accomplishments
@everywhereist Sorry to hear this. Email us via so we can take a closer look at your account. Hear from you soon!What to do when your post-workout pain just won’t go away: Nice work. Keep it up! #happysteppingGet up and go. Sometimes it’s that simple. #MondayMotivation
@cosmic_irwin Can you tell us more about it & if you've done any troubleshooting? We'll be glad to help.@Lollyx_o Hope you had a blast #happystepping with your friends & loved ones! Belated happy birthday & welcome aboard! #fitbitfriends
@Wildaboutmusic Good job! About time to level up your goal! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriends@tylerjanderson Good job! Keep the steps coming! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriendsGear up & get ready! We’re partnering with @thejensie Gran Fondo on 10/10! Sign up: #RideFit Woah, that's amazing! Let's keep stepping! #fitbitfriends@emarxbooks Our team will follow up with you as soon as we can for further assistance. We hope to see you back on track!@emarxbooks Sorry to see this! Please send us an email by going to We'll be happy to assist further from there.See why so many people love @FitStar by trying any of these #FreestyleFriday workouts:
@asaunders Sure thing! Rest assured, our team will be getting in touch with you soon. Kindly keep an eye on your inbox/spam folder.@pivo03 why not a colorful Fitbit Charge HR to match your mood & the Fitbit Surge to match your running shoes?The gang's all here this fall with Charge HR in every color - tangerine, blue, plum & black: to our CEO & co-founder @parkjames for making Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list! #Fortune40 Sorry to see this! Please head over to & send us an email. We'll be happy to assist further from there.
Wake up like a pro runner with this morning routine from @ryanhall3 & @sarahall3: colorful leaves on your regular running path can only mean one thing: It’s the #FirstDayOfFall, y’all! 🍁 🍂
Could your footwear be causing sprains, fractures and bruising? Find out here: group workout stepped up their sweat at @harleypasternak's Toronto bootcamp. Who pushes you to #Findyourfit? out @parkjames on stage at #TCDisrupt today at 10:45am via livestream on Oh no! What mobile phone are you using? Try these syncing troubleshoots on your desktop too: #happystepping@efarias09 Welcome aboard! #fitbitfriends #happystepping
@lilianalvarez82 Thanks for your interest! We list all internship opportunities on our Jobs site: Best of luck!When you’re a parent, finding time for fitness starts with mastering the art of multitasking:, would you look at the time. #MondayMotivation 2/2 If so, please email us via We'll see what we can do from there.@MaryIrene 1/2 Sorry for the delay. Were you able to try finding it through these steps: Good job! #happystepping
Warm up before your next workout with this @FitStar video: #FreestyleFriday
@IrishEyes1982 Hi! Is there anything we can assist you with regard to your Fitbit tracker? We'd like to help.Thrilled to be working with @Target! MT @CarolineYLChen: Target offers 335k employees Fitbits which 5 national park trails topped our bucket list for 2015? Wait no more! very Happy Birthday to our new Fitbit Ambassador, cycling legend @thejensie! We hope you have a wheel-y great day 🎉@Holy_Elle Sorry to hear about your lost tracker! Email us by going to & we'll see what we can do to help.
@cubbygraham Thanks for your kind heart! Email us through so we can assist you better. Hope to hear from you soon!Take @Foodtrainers test to see if you should actually be sipping that smoothie post-workout.’ve expanded our corporate wellness program with HIPAA compliant capabilities. Learn more: Sorry to hear this! Can you tell us what happened to your Charge HR?@CharlieSheena Hi there! Did you connect your Fitbit & MFP profiles already? If you haven't yet, check out: That'd be fun, wouldn't it? This has been suggested & you can vote for it here: Hope to see you there!
Meet our new Fitbit Ambassador and your new cycling coach @thejensie: Everyone should be able to sync now. Email us via the Fitbit app & we'll investigate (tap Account > Help > Contact Support).What you do doesn’t matter. How long it takes doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you did it. Thanks! Have you tried the other syncing troubleshoots listed here: HI there! We don't have news yet but you can show your support for the feature here: Thanks!@SaraLang Sorry to hear this! What mobile phone are you using to sync?@katelawler Diet? What diet? Welcome aboard! :)
@tylerjanderson Good job! Keep the steps coming! :) #happystepping #fitbitfriendsThere are more perks to a daily gratitude practice than you might think: That's too bad! You can still log your steps manually to get credit for it: That doesn't look right! Please reach out to our Support Team at and we'll get you back on track.@SaraLang Sorry about this! Our team is working on a fix & we hope to have this resolved soon. We appreciate your patience!
@thejenlevin Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to see you #happystepping soon! #backontrack@scottedelman Good job! Perhaps a glass of wine might help while waiting for the next Man From the South :)
@MomonEmpty We're too grateful to have you and it's always a pleasure for us to be of assistance. Hope to have you back on track soon! :)@MomonEmpty Sure thing! Let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with. We're always here to help! :)@MomonEmpty Sorry to see this. Email us through and we'll see what we can do for you. Hope to hear from you soon!Squeeze more steps into your busy schedule with these tips from @FitStar: #FreestyleFriday To know more about our privacy guideline, visit: & email for any questions.
Prepare for #FitbitTiburon or your next fall run with outfit tips from our partner @Athleta: 2/2 Please check your spam/junk mail folder as the email may have routed there.@ChadHyams 1/2 If your form was successfully submitted, you'll receive an auto-generated email confirmation with your case number.@ChadHyams Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you tell us your case number so we can check? Hope to hear from you.@EstebFranco Sorry about that. If you opt not to receive notifications on your Surge, we suggest that you turn off the Bluetooth connection.
@aaronzimmer What a mighty Fitbit you have! If something goes wrong, feel free to get in touch with us. We're always here to help! :)@EstebFranco That's great to hear! We're excited to hear you get started with your new Surge! :) #fitbitfriends@Carlyhoneyfield Sure thing!@Carlyhoneyfield If you have any PR-related questions, please don't hesitate to email Thanks!Read celebrity trainer @HarleyPasternak’s 5 dos & don’ts to stay motivated for good:
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