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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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I hope my children aspire to a better standard of middle class living by emigrating to Canada.Spectacular weather event outside - it was black as night, then lightning and thunder, then hail. Now the lawn is white. WTF.@gorskic http://t.co/UGQR97R1yn@hrpanjwani Oh, right. Microsoft didn't make it when it works, but when it fails it's Microsoft's fault.Messages just failed screen sharing miserably. Skype worked. To be clear, Microsoft's shit worked better than Apple's did.@aaronmb I paid the bill and everything!@kit_flowerstorm Just a blip. Waiting for everything to come back to life.And the power goes out. Welcome to Cape Cod.New and updated apps: Skype, TextExpander, Kindle and more! http://t.co/tmEX7zp2VC via @iMoreiMore show Apple earnings wrap-up LIVE tonight at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm BST http://t.co/FDOVlXm78L via @iMore@stevescipioni You're welcome!Tim Cook's right: I AM more powerful than I think. I just levitated my minivan using The Force!Want to play Windows games on your Mac? Boot Camp is your best bet for maximum performance. http://t.co/X4seoS5Ur2 via @iMore
@HugoKessler Just saw it while watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.The new iPhone 5s ad with the band covering Pixies' "Gigantic" is my favorite ad ever for the next 15 minutes.@pattonoswalt Well, that was a brief cameo. Godspeed, Agent Koenig.@jgpmolloy sounds awesome!Late dinner tonight. Roasting red potatoes and brussel sprouts for the steak.@RealJackEdwards Plus he does an awesome Christopher Walken impression. http://t.co/qHXUyZflYl@jcenters It's called "OS X Mavericks Beta" for a reason.@jcenters But this is a *Mavericks* beta test program. 10.10 doesn't have anything to do with it.@nortools I've read accounts of how you can, but it's _really_ hairy.How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp http://t.co/X4seoS5Ur2 via @iMore@rolphus Siri only responds when you're high not drunk@jackbrewster @abazoe I have no mouth and I must scream.OS X beta seed program: Bad idea, or worst idea ever?Why all the fuss about the potential end of iPhone subsidies? by @cumiastowski http://t.co/CQgtvGPvtH via @iMoreApple opens OS X Mavericks beta program to the public by @philnickinson http://t.co/GldHtDuluy via @iMore@jdalrymple You can dance, Jim. You can jive, having the time of your life.@stevekovach Which series of tubes do I take there?@SteveStreza Sounds like @welovefine fucked that one up pretty good, but where's the evidence that they exploit artists?Some days I'd just rather be a brain in a glass jar connected to the Mac with diodes and wires.@cliftonmthomas @sethclifford http://t.co/zWwyHFriDj@sethclifford Which part of "take with a grain of salt" is unclear, fucko?Apple releases iOS 7.1.1 with a few bug fixes http://t.co/gbrQuPjsdj
Retweeted by Peter CohenTake this with a grain of salt, but AppleCare tells me that the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wake from sleep problem should be fixed in 10.9.3.I found an easy way to work with my CompactFlash DSLR and my SDXC slot equipped Mac. http://t.co/pyjoEnv8kK via @iMoreSatya Nadella should call his next car "Microsoftmobile." http://t.co/lcBoG94980
@EbE404 Nope, no Comcast authentication for any of the A+E-owned channels.@EbE404 If you don't authenticate as cable/satellite TV subscriber, it's all filler, clips, and new episodes if you're lucky.@apollozac That's why I keep an rMBP around.The Mac mini: the best game console in the house http://t.co/ItxRlw9Qqa via @iMoreCFMulti DSLR CompactFlash media card adapter review http://t.co/pyjoEnv8kK via @iMore@NickDeLuca1 "the first men's runner...since 1983" Do you mean the first American? http://t.co/NKQB5tgTd8@nishanthgadde Feels like filler to me. Which is a really not-Apple thing to do.@darxmac Well, it certainly could if Steve Jobs were still alive. *eyeroll*The new Apple TV channels are useless to anyone who doesn't already pay to watch TV. Worthless to me as a Comcast subscriber, too.@mcelhearn One time I sold pretzels out of a cart along the Marathon route.Congrats to U.S. Olympic medalist Meb Keflezighi on his Boston Marathon win. And congrats to two-time winner Rita Jeptoo on her victory.Apple TV adds A&E, History Channel, Lifetime http://t.co/EIkucBCzGt via @iMore@jperlow computer parts ARE porn for some of us.@jdalrymple nice!@KevinBHayes @danielpunkass @optshiftk @siegel @Ihnatko I did that for my last MBA. Absolutely the right way to go.
@macfixer Which Mac? And when you say power, do you mean drive, or do you mean actually power?@danielpunkass @optshiftk @siegel @Ihnatko Better GPU performance too.@optshiftk @danielpunkass @siegel @Ihnatko 60 Hz refresh rate on 2013 rMBP is added in 10.9.3.@optshiftk @danielpunkass @siegel @Ihnatko Thunderbolt 2 was added to rMBPs in the Haswell refresh last fall, in fact.@optshiftk @danielpunkass @siegel @Ihnatko Um, yeah. http://t.co/JfHKBAWfGF@optshiftk @danielpunkass @siegel @Ihnatko Current-gen rMBPs have Thunderbolt 2.@siegel @danielpunkass I've had a 15-inch rMPB for about a year. Love it. Only drawback is when traveling; it's a lot of laptop.Woot! Series tied, 1-1! #NHLBruinsLooooooooooooooch! #NHLBruinsHow to share a Pages, Keynote, or Numbers file with iCloud by @iMuggle http://t.co/kIk9eZGq7L via @iMore@Moltz @jsnell I give as I get.@jsnell It's really snuck up on me, because I _totally_ ignored Cap in the comics.@jsnell I had the same low expectation of the first movie and loved it. It's becoming one of my favorite Marvel movie franchises.@matthewmspace yepSaw Cap'n America 2 last night. Quite enjoyable.Having homemade cold brewed iced coffee this morning. Conversion to insufferable coffee hipsterism is now complete.Happy Easter, everyone!
@jperlow Yum Cha died for somebody's sins but not mine.@jperlow like a bossJust saw a guy in a BMW 650i convertible flip a bitch in an intersection and now I want join the Sandinistas. #vivalarevolucion@dominocollege @Georgia_Dow @iMore Read and find out for yourself! :)@noir @reneritchie Also, it's LOST Jafar.@ID_AA_Carmack @fmanjoo Good thing you don't charge them interest.@reneritchie Yeah, their insistence on hauling out every Disney character in history is both charming and irritating.When I watch Once Upon a Time, I know no one in Storybrooke, Maine uses Sprint or T-Mobile because their cell phones work in the woods.I get a lot of questions about improving iOS device battery life. @Georgia_Dow has the answers. http://t.co/ThmPm7ooB5 via @iMore@AshleyEsqueda You need a hoverbelt like Baron Harkonnen in Dune.@leighalexander Should have gotten it microchipped.Every time I see a guy with a beard and hipster glasses, I think, "Where's your HEV Suit, Gordon Freeman?" #halflife2Nike FuelBand news doesn't surprise me. Half of all fitness wearables end up in the drawer after about six months.
@LeslieFishlock That's all right. He'll rise again.GO BRUINS@goldengateblond http://t.co/IX4hWWMQx5@teenirl He sounds pretty neurotypical.@Ficzeri Simon Sage did a nice writeup of it recently: http://t.co/6odqLhTBGe@Ficzeri It's a lovely game but it's not iOS exclusive. I've been playing it on my Mac since its first public beta months ago.Top ten games you can only play on iOS right now! http://t.co/vrJLYRLfyy via @iMore@lukei4655 http://t.co/JURuTDyubEThat time Eddie Murphy was the funniest human being on the planet. http://t.co/k35IJv3qEY@razz2 I clarified what I intended.@razz2 thanks!@JonyIveParody @jdalrymple Open always wins is a pretty good strategy for a goalie's five hole though.@bassguy The best part of waking up is misanthropy in your cup.@siegel @RockingThePixel I feel the same way about Tammy and Kerri, so it's cool.@reneritchie All Friday means is that tomorrow I go to work at my other job. http://t.co/jFlvc1KgW8Good Friday? What's so good about it?@dkdsgn Cute. Does it come in a 12 EEE?
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