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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mac editor, NSFW and profane SJW. Married to @fletchen. I write for the users.

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@Schwieb too high to get over.I don’t care what the sales charts say, “Off the Wall” is Michael Jackson’s best album. Halloween Whopper is Donald Trump’s horcrux. Eat it and you become a Death Eater.@strngwys @SeamusBellamy whatever love left for that song after taylor swift was done with it disappeared for me with ariana grande...If I could invent something it would be an instant emergency box of kittens.@fletchen @strngwys And she’s having his baby. It’s a tragedy from start to finish.@GlennF it’s a bit like when the hacker girl catches the t-rex’s eye in Jurassic Park.@fletchen @strngwys It's like Diana Ross and "Upside Down." I love the jam, even if I don't like the lyrical content.Find out what’s changed in Adobe’s updated Creative Cloud apps. saw it on the iPad Pro, now get it yourself: Adobe Photoshop Fix for iOS. “Everything She Wants” is my forever jam.@hippiemanx make it look like crossy road too@strngwys Depends. “Wham Rap?”“Mail Capitan” sounds vaguely pornographic. Maybe it’s just me. #IYKWIM@dfravel Jack Dorsey on double bass, Dick Costolo on skins, Skip Crimson blowing that sweet trumpet.@hippiemanx dude, there is an opportunity window here for you!@mosspuppet uber, but for Soylent!A million quatloos to the app developer who gamifies ad blocking.Listen to a lot of 4AD records back in the day? If you like shoegaze and gloom pop, check out @themillinggowns from Boston. Really good!@dfravel Better that than “Carlos Danger."Thrill of a lifetime: Saw @ChameleonsVband play “Script of the Bridge,” then got to talk to Mark Burgess afterwards.“Jack Dorsey” and “Dick Costolo” sound like characters from a pulp novel.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers with pumpkin spice latte as the infection vector.@dvsjr Maaahket basketMaking pot roast for Sunday dinner because autumn@rstevens
Minority Report: Holy crap! Fes is buff!@dfravel @josiahcole wait what a new business on the Cape failed pray tell what happened movies are trending OMG U GUYS SQUATCHNADO@ShazadTech me tooA dystopian future ruled by the Cult of the Thumbs, mouthless ghouls who communicate by texting alone.@ShazadTech I said write interesting things, not lots of things.@ShazadTech Write interesting things every day.@auramac in fairness, the dog’s ass is probably cleaner than your mouth.@ShazadTech Again, I don’t work at an Apple Store.@ShazadTech I've been writing blogs for 20 years. They knew what they had when they hired me.@ShazadTech I don't work at an Apple Store.A 3yo blew my mind. He pointed at me and asked his mother, “Why is he a people?” I don’t know honey, I wish I did. #retaillifeIt’s not that I’m against pets in the store, but if a naked customer started to lick his own asshole in front me I’d ask him to leave.Don’t bring your dog to the store unless it’s a service animal. C’mon people, this ain’t Petsmart. #retaillife@victorcajiao There's always another way puddle jumper to grand forks!“I bought this Apple TV at the store in the mall. Can you tell me how hook it up?” “Surely!” Meanwhile, inside... Chronic Mystery Thing is my Lenny Kravitz cover band.@Mark11Audio you’re welcome!Dealing with white people today. #retaillifeHow to turn off System Integrity Protection in El Capitan, and why not to: @ThatChrisOBrien you’re planning to do an El Cap upgrade this weekend and want to do a clean install, here are the directions:
@BenThePCGuy HERETIC! BURN THE WITCH!@Gen_Zer0 Maybe. Hard to tell.Don’t do this to El Capitan. Please. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I swear my iPhone 6 cell reception has taken a dump since the last public iOS update. Anyone else? Restore time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@jessmakes Haven't been asked. But it always seems to be happening at times when I have something else going on!Just got 10design’s Watchrest, for Apple Watches in Nightstand mode. for Mac adds El Capitan support and new layouts - iMore The VW of TVs. RT @theloop: Samsung on TV energy efficiency tests - Glad you like!Got an iPhone 6s? Check out @simonsage’s picks for the best games for it! to All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield on @AppleMusic. to Oui Je L'adore by Pauline Ester on @AppleMusic. Capitan is out, but should you upgrade? Apple Music son.Listen to I Wonder If I Take You Home by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam on @AppleMusic. @reneritchie According to Alsoft support it should work fine. I’ll check.Listen to I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz on @AppleMusic. to Don't Wanna Fall In Love by Jane Child on @AppleMusic. to Neutron Dance (Radio Mix) by The Pointer Sisters on @AppleMusic. Ultimately, Apple Watch sales mean nothing to anyone but Apple, and as you say, Apple IS confident.@S_ClaytonWeber It’s a staged rollout. Some get it now, others later.You’ll be able to buy an Apple Watch at some Target stores this week! you use T-Mobile, read this.
@CarlBeukes Love you on Dominion. You chew every scene like a teething puppy, it’s awesome. Gabriel is amazing.@coldfusionMBE @iMuggle Content blockers haven’t fundamentally changed in El Cap, they’re still Safari extensions.Tim Cook explained Apple’s position on privacy in NPR interview. Run Disk Utility from recovery partition and see if it finds anything that needs to get fixed.@coldfusionMBE @iMuggle Not so far, at least not that I’ve seen.Pumpkin Spies Like Us #octoberfyan80smovie@DavidGewirtz only the foulest of black hearts can find hate and anger in that place!@DavidGewirtz You’re a horrible human being and deserve everything that happens to you in the Apple Store, a place of joy and happinessI would give it all away for loving you… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@bradaus is it friday already? You crazy antipodeans!I know some of you need this right now. Here’s a baby goat playing with a baby kitten. Capitan changes how file permissions are handled - you don’t have to repair them anymore! hoo! I made it into @DavidGewirtz's horrible piece about how horrible the Apple Store is. THAT escalated quickly. WITCHERY@MacGamerHQ aww hell naw@sabine_grundy El Cap automatically repairs file permish now. No need to do it in disk util.@foresmac Disk permissions aren’t a thing anymore in El Cap. The new app looks different but still does a lot.Vainglory is such a fun MOBA. Have you played it yet? If not, what’s yer problem?! ;) that makes two of us You’re right, of course. A missing byline on a narrative is just weird.@foresmac Also, rewrite your shit to stop making it all about you, fuckstick.@iMuggle @coldfusionMBE Not familiar with any that support Notification Center yet. Still using Ghostery myself.
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