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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@charlie_white *facepalm* *headdesk*Guys: unless you're a body builder, don't wear sleeveless shirts. It's really not a good look with arm flab.@OliverJHaslam the worst part is when I'm genuinely interested in the product then realize they have no solid plan to get it to market.PR agencies that send me endless pitches for crowdfunding projects: I'm judging you.@reneritchie @Georgia_Dow one can never over prepare.I’ve been up since 5 AM which makes me stabby as hell. Not a morning person.Hardware: The often overlooked aspect of accessibility by @steven_aquino http://t.co/pKlYUc2Pjs via @iMore
How to use Safari Reading List on your Mac http://t.co/FdiJaKaFnZ via @iMoreEditor's desk: Inclusivity includes you by @reneritchie http://t.co/9LQffKGrns via @iMoreEchoes is a modern take on the PA system http://t.co/vRGXuQuVBW via @iMoreThis is more terrifying than Santacon. http://t.co/DovmrbTzDN【video】/@GlennF The arms of those I tilt engirth me@Mr_Steve_Clarke From what I understand, Mel lost interest in being involved about a decade and a half ago. :\@Mr_Steve_Clarke As I understand, it’s not a reboot. This is the fourth installment that Miller has been trying to get made for 25 years.@itomitch @jdalrymple Fuck that noise. A real man’s operating system: OS X Mavericks.@TomDavenport “Wallaby on the Motorway” is my Hunters and Collectors cover band.Conversations with @jdalrymple http://t.co/N3qtAGAN72@ColecoVision_ The original was my first video game console. Very fond memories. Don’t screw it up! ;)@Mr_Steve_Clarke If anyone can step into his armor-plated boots, it’s Tom Hardy.@Titus_Cat Apparently it takes place in a giant sandbox!@themattclapham Yep. Tom Hardy is a chameleon. He’s pretty amazing.Anyone else excited about Mad Max: Fury Road? http://t.co/QMqZa9rdvD@Jamie1973 I’d use my hotspot more if I was within range of LTE more often. Just saying.@strngwys @mat @washingtonpost Sorry, shit. I meant priapic. #fartgateBREAKING NEWS: Prominent technology journalist @mat accuses @washingtonpost of plagiarism in #fartgate scandal.@mat #fartgate@andrewmartonik I just wish T-Mo LTE was more robust. I’m lucky to have it here; many places I go are still relegated to limited reception.AT&T Wi-Fi is painfully bad at this Starbucks. Switched to T-Mobile LTE. Much better.@BodyofBreen @schollem My plan was more ambitious. Turns out Falkor isn’t real. Oh well, back to gene splicing.@furosuto81 @reneritchie more specifically, kaiju AND mecha. That's one of the things that made Pacific Rim so awesome.@Mr_Steve_Clarke @iMore it was worth it to you then.Retina MacBook Pros get mild processor bump and pricing change; will Mac users keep buying? http://t.co/ITbpwGDTrO via @iMoreCan anyone lend me $45 grand? I’ll pay you back. http://t.co/PxcwJQL18B@ColecoVision_ Can’t wait for the Flashback! Everything on track for October?Apple refreshes its Retina MacBook Pro line-up with improved hardware http://t.co/eUwdE8eH2S via @iMore
@HassanHamoony Then I guess you’re stuck with internet recovery.Best Mac games of July 2014 http://t.co/GIMjNoHUWF via @iMore@HassanHamoony What version of OS X is installed?@johnfbraun I’d like there to be a big Dispos-All.@bitchinmona Yeah. That’s the problem.Between that altercation with the crazy racist and the news, I feel like the world is full of human garbage.@allpointsnorth I guess the media blackout wasn’t as effective as Batty Old Racist thought.@somesillywowzer Her. I felt vindicated. Yeah.@mymac24 It was the tone she used when she spat out "immigrant"@funranium even worse, at the doctors office. And not THAT kind of doctor either.Batty old racist lunatic tells me conspiracy story about TV coverup of anti-immigration rally in Boston. It did not end well.@edzitron @strngwys Now Brand Sith Lord, that might actually be on to something.@zkahn94 It’ll happen as soon as it’s on Dawn is on home video. #iykwimCool. @Girlsmakegames is hosting a girls #gamedev camp in Boston from Aug. 4-8. Reg. info here: http://t.co/kLcCJoRubI
Retweeted by Peter CohenT-Mobile launches new plan to help families save some pennies http://t.co/6sH7blxV3U
Retweeted by Peter Cohen
@Mr_Steve_Clarke Yeah, hence “public beta.” ;)@JNGold Eventually. :)Media picks of the week: La Roux, Jodorowsky's Dune, The Strain and more! http://t.co/HYZ5Wgmmii
Retweeted by Peter CohenGareth Edwards said if he did a new Godzilla movie he’d want to make it like “Destroy All Monster.” Et voila: http://t.co/LAyaQZw2zS@stevensande “Turned down” means to stop partying. It’s a rhetorical question. “Turned down for what?” = “Why would I stop partying?"
I’ve heard “Turn Down For What” used like three or four times in TV ads in the last day. And it really should stop.@11thIndian @reneritchie The NDA no longer prevents developers from talking about the tech - just from reviewing, screenshots, etc.TextWrangler: The must-have free text editor for Mac! http://t.co/L62Cj94ipn via @iMoreSad headshake at Bosworth MP David Tredinnick http://t.co/Jw9BBV1BsAReview 17: Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and Kaiju! http://t.co/TkDLBdY9f2 via @iMore@jperlow Thanks, Obama.@AJMarshall3 Sorry, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. I don’t have anything to do with NBA 2K14.@tbridge Thanks!@_jshmllr Thanks!Stop what you’re doing and listen to this. Because PIE. http://t.co/2UuqZxe8Ex #onpoint #wburNSFW: Naysayers, Yosemite Public Beta and You http://t.co/MH6llMT9vI via @iMore
@ismh in truth, he's cooler than all of us.@PhoneDog_Cam gracias!@neilwarner thank YOU!@neilwarner Thanks! This one? http://t.co/ruZHvOyxsIiMore show 412: Yosemite public beta, Q3 2014 earnings http://t.co/JL8HlxVWdK via @iMore
Frogblast the vent core!My wife @fletchen just linked this to me. Now I have to buy a damn Oculus Rift. https://t.co/LblB6MiFaE@calvanoss Those are the Kraken Pros that I just reviewed, from @Razer: http://t.co/NQnz8f8DjWThis is awesome. RT @ABC: Pit bull finds injured Chihuahua, carries him to safety - http://t.co/j61u0VtnFX http://t.co/FeLhuDfrh9@sc_vaughn YMMV. VMWare wants people to use the Fusion tech preview and Parallels forums users are complaining, so I decided to steer clear.Mavericks was kind of a mess when it came out last fall. Hoping the public beta helps Apple avoid those problems with Yosemite.The Yosemite Public Beta is out. For more on how Yosemite works, check out OS X Yosemite: Explained on iMore. http://t.co/b8Df7Lj7yA@PhoneDog_Cam Well, it ain’t Detroit, that’s for sure. :D@PhoneDog_Cam My area is kind of a wasteland regardless of carrier. Vacation community with low population density in off season.@PhoneDog_Cam yes@PhoneDog_Cam Cape Cod, Massachusetts@PhoneDog_Cam (and yes I did. It works SPECTACULARLY well, esp. compared to first gen model.)@PhoneDog_Cam Oh man, cool. Wish I had any LTE reception here. :(Having Yosemite beta code issues? Here's the fix! http://t.co/8ircNcMYGY via @iMoreOn iOS, 'backdoors', and the eternal war between security and convenience by @reneritchie http://t.co/7InOsPT8zH via @iMoreBest software update tools for your Mac: AppFresh, MacUpdate Desktop, Software Update http://t.co/LYtE3BRfob via @iMoreThe @iMore show is a go! Join @flargh @reneritchie on Yosemite beta, AAPL earnings, “open doors” http://t.co/BJ9fmQoeDu
Retweeted by Peter CohenApple begins OS X 10.10 Yosemite public beta test http://t.co/iJxxReBRDh via @iMore@sc_vaughn compatibility issues@ortwingentz @iMore Depends on what you’re going to be doing with it. I gave it 50 GB, which was more than enough for my needs.@thezann No, sorry.@HCMarks also princess leia getting goosed.In case you missed it last night: How to get ready for the Yosemite Public Beta without risking your Mac http://t.co/7xtu77AurL via @iMore@Nickfromupnorth Wow, sounds lovely.@Nickfromupnorth This is why we have guns in #murica@Macbarcelona Fuck that noise. I drive a stretch Delorean.@matthewmspace It’s not coming out til August so we won’t know for sure. But the phone that it’s replacing is less than $100.How to get ready for the Yosemite Public Beta without risking your Mac http://t.co/7xtu77AurL via @iMore
Listen to “Hank Barton” talk about Dragonfly’s funding for their new album, and look for a cameo from yours truly. http://t.co/MWTvGXQFW1
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