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@Colorsfm Thanks for playing us! That is boss!
Those of you who are with us, we are cooking up something extra special for you. Just saying…..#stayherewithusitwillbeworthit@__lyouseewhy @BrodyDalle you are welcome …anytime@AnandBhushan ooooh yes please xto infiniti, and beyond! http://t.co/32cIEVWKoQ
Retweeted by Garbage@MissMalini @AnandBhushan Oh I wish! Sx@lunamargherita ha! Better late than never! Sx
@taylorkitsch The Scream but Kaleidoscope a very close second.@heather_stef don’t even know what that is….please elaborate sxAn excellent read , courtesy of Rohinton Mistry. For those who like to. Sx http://t.co/lhia8vbvuu@FagxEnabler @donitasparks I asked her the same question! Sx@intro_set3 Yup… its pretty twisted ! 👍
I just ran in to @donitasparks from L7. It was a long overdue run in and I loved it. Sx #butchvigscovenbitches@ecosdelvinilo What?!?! Can’t believe we are being played in the Republica Dominicana!!! That is freaking me out! In a good way! Sx@heather_red Because clearly you are a woman with exquisite taste. That is why. #theoraclehasspoken@LudwigTweed Of course I DO NOT refer to those who are genuinely in need. Perhaps I did not state my case eloquently enough.He or she who believes he does not have enough will NEVER have enough. #greeddestroysyourfun@intro_set3 NANDOS!@flxshbulb_eyes NANDOS!!!@kyrptoKnight_PR Please let Scott know that I am loving HIS Nandos. This is his cousin first removed calling. Verified. Sx@SharksFaninMelb thanks hope you had a lovely birthday!@TheBeatJuice @punkypeggy It is official Hanna. One day you are going to heaven to hang out with our grannies and my mum. Sx
@punkypeggy Just so you know ! Sx. I answered your recent question in the next edition of @TheBeatJuice@IRDrBri happY birthday Brian from all of us
Retweeted by Garbage@flxshbulb_eyes It was so fun wasn’t it?! We LOVED every minute. Until Xmas then my friend. Get your arguments at the ready. Or ELSE. Sx@Screamales oh I LOVE this but you knew I would. How is the video shoot going?!? X@Screamales fuck YEAH@EastWestStudio Thankyou so much for treating us and my peeps today to a tour of your amazing studios. It was really magical. SxI just geeked out on a tour of historic@EastWestStudio in Hollywood where I got to touch Frank Sinatra’s podium. I nearly cried. Magical!Sx@DoubleJPlays Thanks for playing us in Oz you mental lot. Sx@radioclash919 Thanks for the love Radio Clash sx@russian_market I am assuming you feel the same way too because you tweeted this. love Sx #solidarityStatement of Shirley Manson from @garbage #Ukraine #Russia http://t.co/FysgeDXayT
Retweeted by Garbage
@Bloomberg1000 a person of exquisite taste 😎@jovenatheart good choice !God help me. I am not built for this. http://t.co/0gKhBQsDUAAbsolute @Garbage was released 7 years ago today, featuring the underrated Tell Me Where It Hurts http://t.co/Q6nwlOwNwX
Retweeted by Garbage@belindadavis Happy Birthday Belinda! Sx
waiting patiently. http://t.co/V7NhF8vXcH
Retweeted by Garbage@ZastenQ yes of course@rockshirley yup@MissDanielleToU yes absolutely@lackluster30 yes exactly! XPLEASE. Spread the word. Do not leave animals locked up in a car for any length of time in hot weather. They suffer. And they can die.@RCNradiochatnet Radio RCN!! Thanks for playing us in Brazil. That’s cool as 👼@MSURadio_WMSV thanks for playing us in Mississippi!@Maiden_Belle that’s ma girl x
@chantalclaret fuck yeah 😸👩😸@chantalclaret Nothing wrong with selling sex. Its the fake “I will give you sex“ but then not following up , I find so fucking dangerous.@chantalclaret I love her little bod. Mine looked like that too at 21 but I remain pleased I didn’t let them have it. I kept it 4 ma self.@dwagibus Ha! That’s not too far off the mark! @brodydalle is it my hot husband?!?!?@chantalclaret plus they tend to look cooler than ass shots in swimsuits….hey just sayin’….Yes! I REJECT almost everything they are trying to BRAINWASH me with. #fuckem@chantalclaret ugh ….im so over the “ I’m so perfect and flawless ” shit. Makes me want to reject EVERYTHING.@backrolls ghosts not witchesMe most days. http://t.co/mgEd8sqT8k
Retweeted by GarbageYou know that saying..“ never let them see you sweat” ? Wot a load of complete BOLLOCKS that is. #phonies@rufusRLeaking Is this the new pup?!?!
Butch and Duke from @garbage playing special benefit concert in Madison WI September 7th, get tix at http://t.co/zjD6t4z4ib
Retweeted by GarbageHa! Love this. Courtesy of garbage fan Zac George. http://t.co/whcyCNt2s0@PSTfm @bhagazh Thanks for playing garbage in Indonesia! That is RAD.
@Archangel530 jesus fucking christ that’s so fucking TRAGIC !@livincurious bore off@SSkotadi wOt?Listen you cunts. Thanks for all your lovely tweets. We are lucky to have you cunts. Know wot I mean?!?! 👩👨👨👨@pattonroberta I’m not. I’m a cunt. 👼@Bloomberg1000 fucking love@MysteryDirectrx @MuseZack you raise a fine point 👩@MuseZack @MysteryDirectrx I dunno guys…i might prefer a garage to a pile of garbage….just sayin’…..not trying to destroy a theory…..@HannaHanra 👵👺👵@HannaHanra 👸@HannaHanra that is fucking AH Mazzzzzzing!! wow! How come that hasn’t happened to ME in LA?!?@HannaHanra This tweet sounds so fucking morningside 👹@HannaHanra no I haven’t seen the before pictures?!? Are they worth interneting🙀@HannaHanra ha ha ha….stop it 👀💨👀💨@HannaHanra are you serving me up crickets bitch ?!? 💨💩💤💤💤💤 wiggle wiggle@meliperr @Frizbot no you most certainly can NOT 👽@HannaHanra I am terrified. Completely terrified. Although Calvin Harris is SO home grown handsome! 🌟🔥🌟@Frizbot 💥 thanks fellow beast sx@HannaHanra I’m sitting with pals drinking and watching the official uk top 40….its dark johnny x@BobMarse ha ha ha….thats funny 👩@SSkotadi huh?@Frizbot well its all about you Naomi 👩 😎👩I wish I had been born a stupid submissive girl rather than a raging, rebellious beast. I’m sure I’d be MUCH nicer to hang out with. Sx@CircuitoX Thank you for playing us in Venezuela! We are honoured!@nimblephatty I did?!? Ha ha ha….x@nimblephatty huh?!?
Argentinian garbage fan, German Ferreiroa's new tattoo. http://t.co/2ZOY3n0j74@FilipR79 yup we will endeavour to make things right for the next spin around the dancefloor.Scenes from a Scottish graveyard....we are all made of daisies and stardust Sx http://t.co/B8t1Z9UuwT
@JAEGARCIA99 whoo hooo@RCNradiochatnet Thankyou Radio RCN for playing us in Brazil!! Sx@CHVRCHES @yelyahwilliams Right?!?! 💥 Heavenly Creature.🙏@yelyahwilliams I want him. Alf that is.Give him to me! Sx@bbaker315 I love it! Hilarious and somewhat true.
@yokoono I love you Yoko Ono. I’ve always wanted to tell you that. sx@_Superqueen sophie is awesome and most beloved@WendlesAB That’s cAuse its actually fucking real! Mwah! Sx@DevinWallaceArt tru dat bae x lol
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