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Morning tea in the garden......Sx http://t.co/6K7zB3z1kN@XfmScotland @Xfm_Lliana Thanks for playing us in my homeland. Means alot! Sx@JRWelle Those days are over. I put on 20 pounds. I'm not kidding.@Its_a_Gorilla Geep your hands off ma bananacado@Chasmack25 I think I love you.I have just created a new fruit! I am going to be super rich. It is called a BANANACADO. It is delicious.It is ALL MINE. Patent Pending. Sx@Chasmack25 I love a good GEEP@koldfusion @X929 Nobody made you make that choice.You did that all on your own some. CongratS but I think maybe you bet on the wrong horse.I don't WANT to be a yes person just because it will maKe you feel better about yourself! I want to be valiant and true! I just DO! Sx@koldfusion ugh
@borderlinefemme good x@borderlinefemme @Courtney I am a feminist. So is CLove. Are you REALLY a pretend one or one of us?! #FighttoHOLDonTOourRightsAlways. Sx@CHAINGANGOF1974 Thanks for not shooting at me. Sx@tylerinacoma We speak the same language don't we pal?! Love you Sx@jakeLgiles πŸ‘©Bring on all your tired old anger. I thrive on it. Mwah! πŸ‘©My band is well shod. http://t.co/5QNNjrHlWU@kadeshow He has! Many times! Sx@soycesar @LeButcherettes @henryrollins πŸ‘© A Henry Rollins sandwich. Swooning!@NewbarK Marjan! Miriam! My new Newbarks just arrived and I am seriously DYING with love for them. They are stylish pillows for the feet. Sx@bsideblog A man with exquisite taste. πŸ‘„
Got my @butchvig Remix Compilation CD today from the Smart Studios Kickstarter project. Yay! @garbage http://t.co/tdrDiquBtL
Retweeted by Garbage@muzz1906 😜Can't see the haters when I've got my love glasses on http://t.co/cPqDUHXn7C
Retweeted by GarbageWe are twenty years in and Duke just revealed he used to be a flower seller?! I mean...how can I JUST be finding out about this?! 🌸🌺🌷🌼🌺🌻🌻🌾🍁🌴@ryan2043 Funny you should say that because he did indeed pick up the bill.Remember this boys and girls! Remember , remember.......Sx http://t.co/MKolHSwrsm@wuntusk good things come to those that wait....you should know that by now Monty old boy! Sx@rcremebrulee I LOVE Creme Brulee! Sx@Evil__Elvis no SHIT Sherlock #beentheredonethataskthemaboutthelentilsincatering
@Rgraves316 @horrorween1313 Ha ha ha ...right?!?@horrorween1313 @Rgraves316 Right? I laugh myself sick!@beatermelon That's ok. Being lost can be fun. X"Everyone that I run into, they always seem to know just where they are going..........what's wrong with me?" gar... http://t.co/c2yXEzKWyoDuke has made up the best game ever.All U have 2 do is call out people who resemble a celebrity. He who finds the most, wins. #whiffofDeNiro@MooseJawSpurs yes πŸ’§@livincurious no worries my darling πŸ‘„@fede01_8 πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€@surrency I wholeheartedly agree.@fede01_8 Oh you are privvy to all my messages are you? Over reactive judgemental much?Sitting on the studio couch beats slopping hot tar.πŸ’… http://t.co/sdUHKTzye0@ConorFurlong You need to stop trolling and go do something good for humanity instead of trying to get attention. Now BORE off. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€@MuseZack HA! I Love you Zack Stentz.@ConorFurlong Its none of YOUR business who I choose to give money too. Unless of course you want to support all the charities that I do.@camahta_merah I will choose the charities that I care about and the ones who I give my money to. Nobody else. SxThe Ice Bucket challenge has been highly effective. I am happy for the charity but I am not being bullied into it by ANYONE so stop asking.@amber999p @BrodyDalle That is rad. We are honoured. Kiss their little twinsy cheeks from me. Sx@LemurPatrol I like this mash up. Suits my tastes.πŸ’…@browning_sydney Woah Sydney! #smokinghot@Shandyism F Five- a series of kiddies books from the 6o"s. They won't stand up today but I loved them as a kid. I think I have confused you@joedlc71 Happy Birthday Jose!@Shandyism Weirdly I LOVED The Secret History but found IT a little juvenile but in a wonderful way like The Famous Five by Enid Blyton.@Shandyism All art is subjective. Proffesional critics become so immersed in self preservation,they can't always see the wood 4 the trees.@BlackBook But Black Book! I look a little limp in this pic. X
Our fans are RIDICULOUSLY talented!!!! This cartoon is courtesy of Paola Isabel. Keep sending us your… http://t.co/PEQBOAAXor@AolMikey That's right! It is VERY young!!@Chris_Kaden19 That show was so amazing for us! You lot were the best!@Shandyism No I havent. Now you have me intruiged!uh hi yes I'd like a baby deer please. http://t.co/qGCCbOFzIV
Retweeted by GarbageI want a baby hedgehog http://t.co/p9ry7UZekK
Retweeted by Garbage. http://t.co/yB2R6udRLz
Retweeted by GarbageListening to angry bees........ http://t.co/bwjRTNiV0M@temptati0nwaits Happy Coming of Age girl. πŸ’„@AshleeNicoleXXX Oh yeah? We got there first.@JoelFavazza why that pesky little rascal
Thank you so very much to garbage fan Ryan Bagley for this amazing illustration, inspired by our video… http://t.co/G9s4lmj24lTix going fast 4 concert @MajesticMadison on Sept 7 w/Butch & Duke from @garbage along with @freedyjohnston http://t.co/WvGQSTXdba
Retweeted by Garbage@mindtrappa Obvs πŸ’‹BREAKING: Autopsy shows Ferguson cop fired 6 bullets into unarmed Michael Brown. The 1st 4 struck him in rt arm. Then two shots to the head.
Retweeted by GarbageIf you are a musician traveling with gear, I urge you NOT TO FLY @SAS airlines. They lost multiple items of gear & have 0 customer support.
Retweeted by GarbageTilda Swinton is also fantastic in SNOWPIERCER! Another reason to see it,incase you were looking for fun futurism. And aren't we all?@jonnyvain Good idea! πŸ‘ πŸ’‹πŸ’„@Sexy__Jesus Yes I am shocked it hasn't gotten more attention. Its really great and very unique!
Finally got around to watching SNOWPIERCER! ⭐️ Pretty fresh!!!! And it looks gorgeous. Yes.......even Chris Evans.πŸ‘©Can't remember now who sent this in via Twitter recently.......but thank you. I had no idea I had once… http://t.co/6A98zAvYhZ@cerealcommas people with taste@noiseaddict83 Oh yes! She likes to run around and time travel etc when I am asleep. Cheeky monkey. #itisadogslifeindeed
@MontgomeryGhost hmmmm..nope but I WAS a thirteen year old redhead Siouxsie fan in white pan stick and black kohl eyes. #touche@MontgomeryGhost Stop being ridiculous. Not all Scottish people are aggressive. You are tired and probably wasted. Go to sleep. SxArtist Ches from Moscow new Nature in Street Art on stretched cling film #art #mural #graffitti #streetart http://t.co/223vZFFcMh
Retweeted by GarbageA fine way to spend the afternoon ..... http://t.co/v968XcXNnv@Adam_Barta Ha!@HannaHanra YES!! I love it! Maggie G does herself proud. Sx@HannaHanra Its not dedication. Its pure unadulterated greed. I'm a really greedy person. Its one ot the things I hate most in myself. Sx. http://t.co/sUFsIX6l0f
Retweeted by Garbage@HannaHanra Hilarious!@HannaHanra I know. Even thinking about it makes me queasy....Thanks to ROC Photography for sending us this pic. http://t.co/cYkTbWESRjWhat a night! And I don't mean in the good sense of the expression. Sx@NewtsAKN Wow. Congrats on your sobriety my friend! NOT easy AT all to do. You da MAN. Keep it up.So happy for you. One day at a time. Sx@Sangrebloom HA! I forgot about his penchant for them!@HannaHanra OH my GOD! That sounds like a NIGHTMARE !@HannaHanra ps. I am rarely discreet. I don't believe in it.@HannaHanra Whie AND Caramel Carob!@HannaHanra Oh my god! You are the passanger from the deep bowels of my fears! I would DIE if someone was actually sick sitting next to me.@HannaHanra They were DELICIOUS! White+Caramel flavoured Carob things that looked like little cup cakes. I'd NEVER give V fancy like that.@HannaHanra Not really. But better... I have definitely had more glamourous evenings. So has Billy.@howiebeane THATS my boy!@HannaHanra Billy told me it served me right for being greedy right as I was standing in Home Depot sweating like a pig about to hurl.@HannaHanra I'm retarded. My pal gave me these super fancy dog treats.On the way home I was hungry and I ate 12 of them.I've been VERY ill!
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