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@brodydalle Remember this?!?!?! Ha ha ha…..my disguise to go out to front of house and watch G. Who WERE we then? Sx http://t.co/anUYjqGDbA❤ at Shirley & @garbage for joining the fight to #SaveArturo the polar bear. All - sign the @change petition now! http://t.co/YUuISG9clw
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@ouifm Merci beaucoup! Bon matin toute le monde. Bisous. Sx@evrybdygegeget I LOVE Minaj! I think she’s amazing. I’m just bored of bums. I’d like us all to move on, that’s all. Explore other avenues.@M_Carbonaro HA! Fair enough.@themtk711 in what regard? I am curious to know what you mean!@electraearth dear Thomas, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. Rock it anyway. 💅"It's wrong to wreck the planet:" #FloodWallStreet climate protests take New York —video http://t.co/xFjSP632Pn https://t.co/5b1tlPCCQI
Retweeted by Garbage@VictoriaLane @ourladyj You raise a fine point Victoria Lane. Long Live the Supervixen. 👠@electraearth why?!?!@MooseJawSpurs 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💨💤💤💤💨💤💤💤💤💤💤💨💤💤💤💤💤💨💨💩 Sure is sucker.A duke's work is never done. http://t.co/3w6mtZB24m@DiscoPotential I do too but after a bit my eyes go cross eyed and it’s not a look I care to cultivate…im weird enough as it is.@Danielle_Edges Me too…I“m VERY hangry much of the time! 👹@ourladyj @VictoriaLane I feel like very few seem to truly understand the difference lately….x@GordonMckenzie thanks mr mackenzie@mattstratton do bears shit in the woods Matt?@greystate whoop!Whoo hooo thanks twitter extwerps. love love love Sx@CameronAtfield I will NeVeR do that👩My twitter background just went black. I can’t turn it back to white. What did I do? Twitter extwerps HELP ME.! Sx@best_coast Right? Hangry happens alot.@VictoriaLane @ourladyj totally agree xI learned a new expression today. Hang Ger. Irritability caused by hunger. I get it alot. Sx@BrodyDalle DUH B! I think they are saying it is really AH Mazing to have an arse. And also that smoking is healthy +really sexy. #rebels@BrianDorn true ...@mattirwinlondon HA! Fair enough but let me guess....most don't feel the compulsion to please you?@DesertPit couldn't agree more but I have one already@SantaSuki 👄@empireofdesire I love MileyAu contraire. You seem plenty upset.Ps. Strippers and lady and gents of the night have my eternal respect on the otherhand. They are honest and are not mixing their messages.Of course you can do whatever you want but don't get upset if I don't see naked arse as empowering.I see it for what it is. Simply an arse.When was the last time you saw a powerful man crawling around in a thong to demonsrate his so called "empowerment"? Make it STOP already. S@TheGr3atPerhaps So hot.@ronaldeez That's so cool.@HowardStern You are my hero. A sane voice in a churning, swelling mass of madness. Sx
@_J_Ross_ @scousepie That's right.@Le_floof HA! I LOVE it! XA Good Life is Still life. Not a twerk or a thong in sight. Just a big shiny knife and some ruby red fruit. Oi! Sx http://t.co/a8C7jCYlovA full set garbage manicure. http://t.co/RFnC7RQNTl
@BEATthatFACE Happy birthday fruity from all of us 👩👀💝🌟Garbage Fan Art. SO talented you are. Sx http://t.co/xPfDvpC8OvSaturday mornings are best spent together. Sx http://t.co/00X0itaM6y
Our first photo shoot. EVER. http://t.co/IfEvtHMcccWe try to live and let live in garbage but we have collectively agreed we are ANTI-TEAL. #coloursareverypersonalDuke's favourite new toy. Thanks a million @gregkurstin http://t.co/mlbBquv0m4
The Scots have voted. 🇬🇧 We remain in the United Kingdom. Sx@clydetombaugh HA! 💙Well, if #scottishindependence happens I sure hope Shirley Manson from @Garbage is their new queen. #makeitso
Retweeted by GarbageThe Scots aren't fucking about. 97 percent of the electorate turned out to vote today. Democracy at its finest. 💙@RadioSrinadiFM Wow! So thrilled to have our music played in Bali. Thankyou. Sx
The Polls are now open in Scotland! Not sure I am going to be able to sleep tronight over here in LA! Aaaaggghhhhh Sx@AndyKComedy huh?@alexbagatin its the new ones I want! I have the originals!@segwaygarden That's the spirit!@SECRETROUTE life is perplexing omniworld@segwaygarden nonsense they will NEVER be over 🚀⚓️🚀⚓️🚀⚓️🚀⚓️🚀⚓️🚀🚣🚀⚓️🚣🚀🚣🚀🚣🚀✈️🚁🚁🚂😏😇💂👳😏👻🎐💝🎊🎄🔮🎇👩💄👠💥🌟👀👊👍👄💛💝👼💤🚁💥🚀👩🔮🎄💝🚁👍💛💤🚁👍👊👼🌟💤👼👼👼💝💥💝🚣👄👄👊🎄💝💝💛🌟💛🔤Sxwho fucking needs emojis when we have our box of birds, our tuners and our wits? http://t.co/24qiXLd59p@fede4488 No I won't leave anything to the teens.How do I access the new emoji function?!? HELP please! Sx@radiofutura911 Thankyou for playing us in Uruguay! So exciting. SxBeginning to feel excited/freaked out/curious/ about my country's big vote tomorrow. Where will my people take us? #powertothepeople
And then today in the studio , there was a little bit of this. http://t.co/AlinKKL7EtWe may be mature in years but rest assured the collective emotional age of our group remains around 4. 👵👴👴👴 http://t.co/edCOcgFTk4@tripmywire I don't need any I assure you. I am her #1 fan. Literally. 👤👀👤@tripmywire Oh god I am so jealous. Where is this on? And for how long?!? ❤️
Today in the studio we mostly did some of this. (Photo of Butch Vig courtesy of his bandmate Steve… http://t.co/C4hSUbboip@MuseZack @j_hansson glorious days...now can you write me a scene where I do the same to Tom Hardy? Thanks ever so much. 👊👍👊@j_hansson I am proud of co-writing a scene where Dean Norris was tongue-kissed to death by Shirley Manson of @garbage.
Retweeted by Garbage👍 http://t.co/nkGJDk8i3X@QUACKERScharity fuck yeah@soycesar @LeButcherettes @henryrollins That's our girl.💥@musicboxfilms I didn't just LIKE it. I LOVED it. Ps. You just made my day. SxCheck it out, the legend that is @butchvig inc tracks from @depechemode @garbage & Dave Grohl http://t.co/6Kotd4e8J0 http://t.co/84F2SzSYSJ
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@mitchsunderland Thanks! 💄You are a man of taste. We are flattered. We also happen to agree with you. SxJust finished watching the Polish film "IDA". If you're a fan of subtitles, take in this one. It is exquisite. Every shot like a painting.Sx"sometimes feelings are too strong: then one needs to speak or one would burst" Susan Sontag@BrettB1983 Happy Birthday Brett. 👄@lidia_rebel Then it is so. Sx
@ericavery Are you bringing the GTO Lion who pretends to be a dog with you to dinner? I need him. Sx@kadeshow You da bestest. X@garbage Not me! All women are free to sent me their arse pictures anytime they want.
Retweeted by GarbageIt's raining @HunterBoots sliders to the sound of @garbage - 'I'm only happy when it rains' http://t.co/uAOLgB5mCI
Retweeted by Garbage@aquariiqueen You raise a good point! 🌟@NWsidhe lovely little creatureI'm done when I say I am done. http://t.co/jz4ITAve53
Nope. I am sorry. I am so OVER seeing pictures of your arse.It doesn't outrage or offend me in the least. It just flat out bores me. 💤💤💤 SxIf you are a valet and you ransack someones car , best put everything back the way it was or they know you have gone through their car. #duh#KashmirFloods yet another example of extreme weather taking mammoth toll on lives & $. It's time for #ClimateAction! http://t.co/QGkB38XrMe
Retweeted by Garbage@rufusRLeaking Has he had training class yet?
My fabulous manicure http://t.co/9zHIFLW1wn@Screamales Oh my god I want Little in my life. She's like a hairy little piggie.Miss you too. See you for cigars in October. Sx@Screamales Yes except you said it was for a video ! Either way you look MAGNIFICENT as always. Sx@HannaHanra @Screamales Fucking STAR 🌟@screamales Marissa ! http://t.co/hRJSLHxoV3” wow!@MikeMondo1 @1055XFM I am on it.Imagine Peace today in rememberance of those who died in the twin towers and for those who suffer in war zones all over the world. LOVE Sx@1055XFM @MikeMondo1 Wow thanks for playing us in Nairobi! That is so gallous ! Hope one day to visit your city.Sx@DnaRadioMexico Thanks for playing us in our beloved Mexico!!! x
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