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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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@david_navigator file corruption shouldn't matter. As the other files should still be a accessible just fine provided the drive can boot up@david_navigator FileVault encrypts your entire drive. But you do have a proper backup regime, right?@0xtero you just predicted the next article i'm writing... :)Take that FBI! OS X Yosemite encrypts disks by default, better protecting privacy http://t.co/3RQComXcTK http://t.co/TyWSutQtkE@HiTechChimp @SwiftOnSecurity oy! behave!Connecting to iCloud from China Redirects to Bogus Log-In Page http://t.co/sb5aVNBI1sNSA now checking out former head Keith Alexander’s partnership with agency CTO http://t.co/6dS6yj31zTSpike in Malware Attacks on Aging ATMs http://t.co/dIexVvgcqs@gcluley maybe that's why they declined his card yesterday :)
Retweeted by Graham CluleyObama Uses Executive Order To Push Chip and Pin http://t.co/fLXhfvdWbX
The Washington Post on Laura Poitras and CITIZENFOUR http://t.co/Ce0kK2S5yC
Retweeted by Graham Cluley“Don’t expect human behavior to change. Ever.” You are Apple’s greatest security challenge http://t.co/mCaXAOAXD6@gcluley to be fair, if you drink enough bleach, Ebola will no longer be a problem.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyDrinking bleach will not make you immune to Ebola. It's a hoax. That was a public safety announcement http://t.co/GKvEgWIjZi
r/t Malicious ads run next to popular YouTube videos, laced with the Sweet Orange exploit kit http://t.co/ZvJR0EtTryKickstarter pulls Anonabox, a Tor-enabled router that raised over $585,000 http://t.co/EfrwR6pJyCr/t Citizenfour - Edward Snowden documentary http://t.co/6q9jq2g9dVThe #POODLE bug internet #vulnerability! Watch this video by @gcluley then check your browser http://t.co/s9tabF2FLk #SSL #Encryption
Retweeted by Graham CluleyMalicious ads run next to popular YouTube videos, laced with the Sweet Orange exploit kit http://t.co/ZvJR0EtTry http://t.co/d0N8hmJfJ6@quentynblog i think you'll find "its" is "it's". But otherwise I agree. :)@mathewjschwartz If i do, i guess i can put the ticket down as a business expense. :) But Mrs C will kill me...Citizenfour - Edward Snowden documentary http://t.co/6q9jq2g9dV http://t.co/MgjyncmMEsThe new Edward Snowden documentary #CITIZENFOUR will be shown at cinemas around the UK tonight. Find out where here: https://t.co/cALm6pvry1
Retweeted by Graham CluleyCourt: Parents Can Be Held Liable For Their Kids on Facebook http://t.co/LlWl57pTqNWhisper CTO says tracking “anonymous” users not a big deal, really http://t.co/hNnf6owTikI wonder how Banksy would feel if his website was defaced? #electronicgraffiti
@lucyjord afraid I'm on a train with horrendous connectivity. So probably not today. Sorry.Kaspersky reports on the Ventir Trojan, new Mac OS X spyware http://t.co/tKLpXd8PZqNew York Times website articles prior to 2013 have XSS vulnerability http://t.co/KJrlH1vQT3@gcluley keeping everyone entertained at our @FoursysLtd SecureTour. http://t.co/SzZBTyGuhb
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Securing data needs to evolve beyond building moats around castles http://t.co/mvPSKvcKgCWill IE6 now please please die. Thanks http://t.co/FmojfZaKDeBBC launches WhatsApp service in West Africa to fight Ebola http://t.co/kIhPtjZSMXI think I've disabled EXIF metadata in my photos, so you won't know where I am http://t.co/XEwEWyqKYpDrupal SQL injection nasty leaves sites 'wide open' to attack http://t.co/Do7k9ckwES@obligateme the basic message is, close the lid. :)How to scan a printer from 1200 metres to steal data http://t.co/E85DwN56kKIf you're going to make a movie about Edward Snowden it's wise to take security and privacy seriously http://t.co/avZRPSg74tr/t The POODLE bug internet vulnerability! Watch this video then check your browser http://t.co/NoOknamPEp@pj_kent :) WIlf is a CGA arcade game for the PC I wrote in the early 1990s. http://t.co/y2NbdaXJY9 Lord knows why Google picked up on itSecuring data needs to evolve beyond building moats around castles http://t.co/mvPSKvcKgC http://t.co/ureyM3cCOI@Fuitad classy!Yesterday, I was coding an important vulnerability testing tool. Tonight, I'm looking at pictures of poodles. Something is wrong with me.
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@Fuitad ok, how about this one. it would work well on your page i think http://t.co/aXk1p442jQ@Fuitad http://t.co/JR03tSwTN3
@ConradLongmore they had me tied up in the basement for eight years. took a while to gnaw through the ropes...@ConradLongmore I'm going to favourite your tweet, just because I don't want to get on your bad side...@gcluley Um, I'd avoid Asia, particularly markets near metros, just in case.
Retweeted by Graham CluleyDoes Google know something I don't? http://t.co/A7oYRLwTAZ@Scott_Helme Thank you for such a great write-up! Happy to link to it. :)The POODLE bug internet vulnerability! Watch this video then check your browser http://t.co/NoOknamPEp http://t.co/bFKdnf6wAE@Nick_Lowe fair enough!The POODLE bug! [VIDEO] http://t.co/06dCg2m0T2RATs threatening democracy activists in Hong Kong http://t.co/tsPYz7ZCpV@spgedwards @EskenziPR_Lara I agree @kaspersky was right to add detection, albeit the press release presented it as a new threatAn ex-Sunday Mirror journalist has been charged with hacking mobile phone voicemail messages http://t.co/tLm7TDD32uSouth Korea faces $1bn bill after hackers raid national ID database http://t.co/snoxsMYxy2YouTube Ads Lead To Exploit Kits, Hit US Victims. Details from Trend Micro http://t.co/EFvSSYbCWh
Suspected Russian “Sandworm” cyber spies targeted NATO, Ukraine http://t.co/5WvResVSK7r/t Schoolgirl aged 15 humiliated after teachers show her Facebook bikini photo in assembly http://t.co/sUviXZEGczWho is trying to make money out of the Ebola scare? The owners of the domain Ebola dot com of course http://t.co/C3ORudCCAVAt Foursys' SecureTour14, enjoying some "Old School" AV memories and anecdotes with @gcluley - aah, Melissa!........
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAndroid's Cyanogenmod open to man-in-the-middle attacks http://t.co/63bHYEq1GpMind you, the rumours about Patrick Troughton... #Fappening1960sStyleEx-Dr Who Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe have private photos leaked. Would never have happened in William Hartnell's day http://t.co/ts3c5UyhsX@gcluley It's been dazzled... https://t.co/ZzneMMl6uI
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t How criminals can steal money from malware-infected ATMs http://t.co/ZEganZgpzbAbout to board HMS President on the Thames. Unusual camouflage http://t.co/iZYvfavFNTNSA has undercover operatives in foreign companies. Surprised? No. Nor me. http://t.co/LrqdlPKLFE@clim_nf @5ean5ullivan the teachers had a duty of care to their pupil. They failed, and humiliated her in front of her fellow students“@Briancorbett6: @gcluley Have you any plans to do more @YouTube vids on security etc” <- Yes, just been tied up giving talks lately.Chat logs reveal FBI informants role in hacking of Sun newspaper http://t.co/1urBYsYJliInternet Explorer will be starring in a monster October Patch Tuesday later today http://t.co/DY1DWQmBjLLinux-using Bob and Mac-using Alice share a USB stick, with perhaps worrying results http://t.co/JFmq5krSGlYou did remember to make those online Webex meetings private, didn't you? http://t.co/v0flgqMnmZr/t Kaspersky warns of Android game, not realising it is another security firm’s proof-of-concept http://t.co/96hydlcG2sSchoolgirl aged 15 humiliated after teachers show her Facebook bikini photo in assembly http://t.co/sUviXZEGcz http://t.co/j7ze7uvreQUK police asked to investigate alleged Bahraini hacking of exiles’ computers http://t.co/3kjWBFRpJ0How criminals can steal money from malware-infected ATMs http://t.co/ZEganZgpzb http://t.co/l8zrL4LKkkThis page on http://t.co/orxJ5JgJJI does not anticipate the possibility I might own an Android device http://t.co/xIF5gf7XHs
Retweeted by Graham CluleyDropbox 'password dump' publishes previously-pinched passwords http://t.co/uY0OHOyUEA
Ever wondered where the name "Shellshock" came from? It was this tweet by @addelindh https://t.co/E0Vsx0HNJx@markscott Thanks chief!Kaspersky warns of Android Tic Tac Toe app, not realising it was created by another security http://t.co/9JjJVxZK6g http://t.co/uDARTyLilU"Hacker Experience is hacking simulation game, where you play the role of a hacker seeking money and power" https://t.co/0Zei3fJybhA novel feature of SEANux (Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Linux distro) http://t.co/QTEunNcBYE is its use of FATWA32 for the file system.
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Kmart hacked - payment systems compromised by malware http://t.co/g4z2YjE3i0r/t 200,000 naked Snapchat images leaked, after third-party SnapSaved hack http://t.co/zp4tJt7jC0200,000 naked Snapchat images leaked, after third-party SnapSaved hack http://t.co/zp4tJt7jC0 http://t.co/pRc8cyzRYyKmart hacked - payment systems compromised by malware http://t.co/g4z2YjE3i0 http://t.co/6frG18HMvYr/t SEANux - a version of Linux from the Syrian Electronic Army http://t.co/O1WKO8R09e
SEANux - a version of Linux from the Syrian Electronic Army http://t.co/O1WKO8R09e http://t.co/JWgnfSvZ3J
@CowleyWorkers2 sadly your board 1 was a no-show, which may have tipped the balance in @cumnorchessclub's favour
r/t That leaked Emma Watson Facebook video could infect your PC with malware http://t.co/vevw2mVxJFThat leaked Emma Watson Facebook video could infect your PC with malware http://t.co/vevw2m4Klt http://t.co/Tu06ZiqvrE@AbzorbedIT Umm.. you've replied to a tweet from 2013! I'm not at #IPEXPO this year I'm afraid.Good video by @ConradLongmore about Chinese Domain Scams. Don't be fooled! https://t.co/wxOtC4z72Y
@jd18 old enough to remember my talk, or what i was talking about? :) Thanks - glad you enjoyed it!r/t ComputerCOP: The most dangerous way to spy on your kids' online activity? http://t.co/2AXfu0xnq4r/t Yahoo told to "pull your pants up" after Shellshock hack claims http://t.co/1o2xmO1UHQ
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