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@linuxfoundation @pmarca The Valley can not keep taking from the commons like OpenSSL. No such thing as a free lunch! http://t.co/lUQJiXSV4XCheers to @linuxfoundation - lighting fire under Silicon Valley; contribute capital to OpenSSL. Should NOT have been necessary! Cc: @pmarca
@letoams @danieleran see also IPSec source in Apple's open source repo: http://t.co/5qzPHn8nqX@cedge318 @arekdreyer How about analyzing OS X Server VPN service (IPSec) w/VPN clients (iOS, OS X) to look for leaks? Cc: @letoams@letoams "superior transport encryption" = bold claim. FYI Apple managed to sidestep #heartbleed per @DanielEran's recent article@letoams https://t.co/VKWBIJUq6c@letoams "L2TP is OS X Server’s preferred VPN protocol because it has superior transport encryption and can be authenticated using Kerberos"@letoams It would be fascinating to see how well an all-Apple VPN (Mac server, iPhone road warrior) works. How to test for leakage?@letoams per @cedge318 Apple VPN derives from NetBSD Racoon. I assume (correctly?) same for OS X Server VPN service https://t.co/WtD8hotLwL@letoams regarding your iPhone 5 "leaking like a sieve" on a VPN, I'd like to test for leakage with Apple's OS X Server VPN implementation@cedge318 @arekdreyer @dangoodin001 See also this excellent post by @letoams about complicated VPN history http://t.co/OMHqHV7KgN@cedge318 @arekdreyer Further, the VPN SWANs are worthwhile IPSec implementations but w/ lion's share of eyeballs / support on Linux kernel@dangoodin001 see also how Apple avoided #heartbleed risk by having vision. Good case for NetBSD based Racoon SSL VPN http://t.co/CAWkkQ3Kv3@dangoodin001 Mac Mini also a very low power machine. Run OS X Server VPN on a Mini, keep the bad guys (and NSA) out, reduce C02 footprint!@dangoodin001 nice article re: #OpenVPN #Heartbleed risk. Case may be made for OS X Server VPN server based on @netbsd Racoon. Run a MacMini@cedge318 @arekdreyer #OpenVPN gets lots of media attention but was/is risk exposed to #Heartbleed http://t.co/1f4Dk7yblu@cedge318 @arekdreyer More on Yokogawa IPsec roots: see this 2005 resumé from Soichi Sakane! http://t.co/3NxMrVwxIt@cedge318 @arekdreyer Tks. Interesting history, man racoon: "The racoon command first appeared in the 'YIPS' Yokogawa IPsec implementation."#Apple BOD (including @algore) deserve enormous credit for new environmental responsibility effort! Cc: @Greenpeace https://t.co/u4BZCWe8VVHappy Earth Day! Major kudos to #Apple for raising the bar on recycling/environmental responsibility! Cc: @Greenpeace http://t.co/XGv244WspG@cedge318 @arekdreyer @danieleran Good article, my only question is the article's discussion of quantity of developers (mythical man month?)
@cedge318 @arekdreyer If there is a security advantage to OS X Server's VPN service, I'm thinking IPSec / SSL / Certs (no passwords or PSKs)@cedge318 @arekdreyer Apple allegedly "escaped" #hearbleed? Security advantage to OS X Server's IPSec VPN server? http://t.co/CAWkkQ3Kv3@cedge318 @arekdreyer Is OS X Server's VPN (IPSec) implementation open source per URL? http://t.co/5qzPHn8nqXExcellent post by UW's Cliff Mass about weak "peer reviewed" published papers in the atmospheric sciences: http://t.co/Rwd6yTBMRR
How to use the words Innovation, Invention, Creation and Novelty correctly. http://t.co/LIHCJJ7PoR
Retweeted by hydro@ericholthaus Good interview with Titley, thanks. Refreshing he is cautious about predicting the future specifically, yet emphasizing risk.The name #Godzilla has inspired choices of names in tech, such as Mozilla (the Foundation which provides Firefox). http://t.co/g8dBDouAGT
@erickschonfeld @helengreiner @demo @natesilver538 Sounds great! Three cheers to Helen & people like her for setting out to invent future!
Reasonable concern by @MichaelEMann on consensus risk (and limits of climate models): "It is a reason for action rather than inaction."@MichaelEMann on @IPCC_CH conservatism: "...uncertainty in the science seems to be cutting against us, not for us..." http://t.co/BDwYsdY4hxAmerican culture underrates / undervalues @RobertPera while significantly overrating @mcuban. Why? Routers aren't sexy? Oh #heartbleed!(3of3) @ubnt's founder/CEO @RobertPera lifts world up w/democratization of routers. @cisco persist old crap biz model http://t.co/Vxvxudb1si(2of3) Proprietary, convoluted, overly-complex @cisco, @JuniperNetworks its time to shape up or ship out. Go @ubnt! http://t.co/BRYs6pYyqD(1of3) @ubnt Edge routers with current firmware / EdgeOS look to be ok (risk from #heartbleed) via @debian http://t.co/bxbapRhTdh@erickschonfeld @helengreiner @demo Be cautious and humble in your predictions, learn from experienced meteorologists! Overconfidence = bad!@erickschonfeld @helengreiner @demo "Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't". Currently difficult to predict magnitude of El Niño@erickschonfeld @helengreiner @demo Appreciate the optimism / enthusiasm, but what's author's prediction track record? Read @NateSilver538?There are known unknowns, unknown unknowns, and then there are tax returns. --Donald Rumsfeld on tax returns https://t.co/BIAHUPDu0V
Retweeted by hydro@erickschonfeld not good / too much AWS concentration (catastrophic risk per @nntaleb). Competition = healthy. Google cloud help (@lmoroney)@EricHolthaus Catching up on your recent articles. You make lucid arguments such as concern about special interests! http://t.co/D6KWuHRjLI@letoams Good and fair points, thank you. There is no simple panacea, it is complex.
It's time to audit @IPCC_CH members' airline flights: "climate scientists ... probably fly more than anyone else", but not @EricHolthaus!2of2 @IPCC_CH "including climate scientists, by the way, who probably fly more than anyone else" http://t.co/ZVn3p0u6dS Cc: @businessinsider1of2 @IPCC_CH per Cliff Mass: "... few folks are willing to make substantial sacrifices NOW to use radically less fossil fuels"@IPCC_CH how many of your author members fly in jets to "get deals done"? How often? Lead by example like meteorologist @EricHolthaus!It is sad Al Gore, who spends time in Silicon Valley (Apple BOD & @kpcb Partner), lacks imaginative use of super info hwy vs flying (C02)!Let's not let small world thinking stifle human creativity. Deals can be brokered via "infobahn" instead of flying http://t.co/kdj507EOzv@Nobelprize_org Let's use our imaginations to combat GHG warming. We need leaders who LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Use "super info highway" more often!@Nobelprize_org Al Gore flies to Hawaii to speak this week (carbon footprint). Meteorologist @EricHolthaus imposed a ban on self to not fly!@Nobelprize_org Al Gore drinks Hawaii coffee shipped to him (carbon footprint), @nntaleb drinks tap water, never food that's travelled.Al Gore said "He drinks only organic Hawaiian-grown coffee." What is carbon footprint to ship HI coffee to Gore? http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@nntaleb like @EricHolthaus lead by example. Taleb: "I only drink tap water, never consume food that’s travelled" http://t.co/M6KAVUklj4I don't buy argument Al Gore should broker (imaginary?) deals in person by flying in jets. Use Super Info Hwy! LEAD BY EXAMPLE like @nntaleb@businessinsider Time has come to audit @IPCC_CH members carbon footprints. How many fly / how often? Lead like meteorologist @EricHolthaus!@znmeb @businessinsider It's meteorologist @EricHolthaus who should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his courage to stop flying!@znmeb @businessinsider Nobel Prize winners like Gore: stop with the over-used memes: "innovative". Come back down to Earth and stop flying!@znmeb @businessinsider Hawaii killed eco friendly Superferry. Gore impressed with HI "innovative thinking". BS! http://t.co/fsejV58jl6@znmeb @businessinsider @sciam "A Solar Boom So Successful, It's Been Halted". Hawaii Electric had time to adapt grid http://t.co/pvxUr7mpVl@znmeb @businessinsider >90% of energy used in Hawaii for electric, sfc & air transport IMPORTED fossil fuels - oil! http://t.co/0jqWoRoXBO@znmeb @businessinsider Link to this press release announcing Gore visit and "innovative thinking" here: http://t.co/PvYaAuCUU5@znmeb @businessinsider Press release about Gore Hawaii visit: "I am continually impressed by Hawai‘i’s innovative thinking...," said Gore@jonathansfoster In the name of transparency, which offsets are those specifically, please? List somewhere? @businessinsider @ericholthaus@znmeb Is Al Gore attempting to bring the Hawaii Superferry back? Would that be worth him flying to HI for? @businessinsider @ericholthaus@znmeb What C02-reducing deal did Gore close (or trying to close) in Hawaii this week? Hawaii Electric oil? @businessinsider @ericholthaus(2 of 2) @letoams @jedisct1 OpenSSL is a "project" w/o structure like a Foundation. Also C lang is no longer fit for many purposes today.(1 of 2) @letoams @jedisct1 with the JVM, the world has a maintainer in Oracle, which has a vested interest in its ongoing success.@businessinsider Al Gore campaigning for local HI Dem friends? Linda Lingle started solar / clean energy initiative: http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@businessinsider Al Gore flew to HI to speak yesterday. How much C02 from flying? Why not stop flying like @EricHolthaus? Lead by example?@edfelten @sciam @letoams We may need non-NSA gov leadership on security, since private industry didn't step it up with OpenSSL Cc: @pmarcaHeartbleed shows lack of leadership on Net security. New @sciam piece by @realjoshkroll and me. http://t.co/VcO37RWuRn
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@chadblairCB IPCC AR5 suggests less certainty re GHG warming on hurricanes vs other weather i.e. heat waves / heavy rain Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Caution re: @algore attributing hurricane flux due to GHG warming. Former IPCC / NOAA's Chris Landsea http://t.co/gI6Q7YqsTy@chadblairCB Haiyan probably strongest landfalling observation but death toll is tricky (density of human population etc) Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Typhoon Haiyan "unprecedented" - is this your comment or Gore's verbatim? Cc: @EricHolthaus http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@pierre As billionaire can you commit to lead by example, no longer fly in C02 emitting jets, like courageous meteorologist @EricHolthaus?@pierre @CivilBeat Did Gore omit HI blew up Superferry? What is average cost of power for Hawaii residents working > 1 jobs? Affordability?@pierre Appreciate @CivilBeat coverage of Gore speech but need to ask tough questions about "innovative thinking" like loss of Superferry.@chadblairCB If courageous meteorologist @EricHolthaus can commit to not flying to reduce C02, so should @algore! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!@chadblairCB If Gore talk was mostly political campaign, why not drop in via satellite or Skype, like Ed Snowden TED talk? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore omit Hawaii Electric power grid problems handling solar input? Lack of foresight / not innovative. Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore omit Hawaii Electric imports 90% fossil fuel + costs = $0.35/kWh? Average HI residential power bill? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did @algore (intentionally?) omit so-called "innovative thinking" which led to demise of Hawaii Superferry? Cc: @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Has anyone calculated carbon footprint of Gore flying to Hawaii? Why doesn't he lead like meteorologist @EricHolthaus@chadblairCB Did Gore accept any questions from the audience? If so, was it restricted / limited? Cc: @EricHolthaus http://t.co/dS7IYWemuJ@nickgrube @algore @honolulugov What about letting Superferry die + Hawaii Electric burning 90% imported oil etc? Cc: @EricHolthaus@jonletman @nickgrube Really not a surprise. Look at the original press release announcing @algore to speak in Hawaii Cc: @EricHolthausStill thinking about how @algore's talk tonight sometimes felt like a stump speech for @SenBrianSchatz and @neilabercrombie.
Retweeted by hydro@algore "innovative thinking" my ass. What a crock of term-based politics business as usual per @brianschatz, et al. Cc: @EricHolthaus@EricHolthaus "Innovative thinking"? State of Hawaii politicians allow Hawaii Superferry to go bankrupt. http://t.co/j0J6UWI49O@EricHolthaus "Innovative thinking"? Hawaii Electric grid can't handle solar input. Bureaucracy & lack of planning! http://t.co/pvxUr7mpVl@ericholthaus Innovative thinking? Residential cost of electricity O'ahu = $0.35 per kilowatt hour (and rising)! http://t.co/pU6cxLnTec@ericholthaus "Over 90 percent of all the energy used in Hawaii for electricity ... from imported fossil fuels ..." http://t.co/0jqWoRoXBO@ericholthaus "I am continually impressed by Hawai‘i’s innovative thinking, from clean energy to water to transit" http://t.co/PvYaAuCUU5@ubnt is democratizing routers. Its time for old-school proprietary @cisco bullshit to either shape up or ship out!@ubnt per @schneierblog: "we're in for a security disaster as hackers figure out that it's easier to hack routers than computers"@ubnt you are right path with products like EdgeMAX. Router security to become even more important with time! https://t.co/tuByDsNz8G@ericholthaus @algore Oops, I made an obvious typo, I meant "'ban' on flying", not 'bad'. Though burning up fossil fuel while flying is bad!
@EricHolthaus Why can't @algore follow your lead: self imposed bad on flying? He has flown in to Hawaii this week. http://t.co/TwGExPIUkH@sourcetree Excellent! Thanks for pointing this out. This is great.
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