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@madeby That, too. But mainly Waiting for iA Writer Pro.Still “Waiting for Review” :/Add encryption, and this is how the Internet should work.Over 100,000 people in Hong Kong downloaded FireChat, a messaging app that works even when the Internet is shut down… http://t.co/1kamb9ba0j
@Stig_Skov Then you'll have to wait for Apple to approve the submission. Should all work then.@Stig_Skov In review. Biting nails, hoping it goes through soon. Did you switch to iCloud drive? (Don't!)@herbigt no. @iA_Chris will take care of it.@herbigt Then it's hours be in the pipeline with @iA_Chris@herbigt @ProductishFM I don't think I did. Did you send it to contact @ i A dot net?
Modern art and the CIA: http://t.co/0LfNxEAAYV http://t.co/dqEAvkmvcy
Anmeldung gestartet! Der (Web)fontday 2014 am 8.Nov thematisiert gute Typografie auf Bildschirmen, nicht nur dem Web: http://t.co/YTfOjTXypq
Retweeted by iA Inc.@vtourraine Been there, done that... :(Anyone else fighting with Xcode 6 bugs giving ridiculous feedback when submitting an app? http://t.co/ir273Mggrxdesignoɹʍ http://t.co/xauxYf7IwP@blehnert Submitting right now.@blehnert http://t.co/sZRAc8sliWEric Schmidt: "Julian Assange is paranoid." https://t.co/rnLCUmpyVHNot being John Malkovich: http://t.co/7wfMEYkjQJ http://t.co/6S6qdeqtBqEverything is relative. Comparing iPhone cameras: http://t.co/NKMX5KjmZ4The size of the moon. Everything is relative. http://t.co/DsooyVxL8jTIL: Linus Torvalds also developed Git http://t.co/ZTlJ3HtV9ghttp://t.co/QjNWKH4m1y
Retweeted by iA Inc."The app video can take up to 24 hours to process." http://t.co/KKe1yigner@cole_peters Sure thing. But it depends on Apple now.Launch night at the office with trance and beer. Accidentally, the original @iAWriter was launched exactly four years ago. What a trip!@SvenSeebeck It's launch night. Let's see how long Apple will make us wait.@syamantNope. Writer Pro was launched on Christmas. Just an update.@craigmod That's right.I just uploaded "iA Writer Pro for iPhone 1.3: Syntax Control (coming soon)" to Vimeo: http://t.co/QsqFuAlW3s@craigmod The lesser of two evils, I guessed (see pic). Reshooting is a no go right now. Pedro is on the case though. http://t.co/ecCkBLi61y@moviedan iA Writer for iOS update is in the works. But if you want more than what iA Writer now is, upgrading to Writer Pro is recommended.The text is a feverish launch day rewrite of this: http://t.co/uHiCJ3tepa@craigmod It's Photoshop. There was a spelling mistake that I covered with some beige pixels... :)Uploading videos to the app store is mental. 350MB take 30 Minutes—and waiting...Question of the day: http://t.co/hDZwKIdnGaIt's obviously not a @pedrooaao, but our man in Berlin is on the case as soon as he's done with his other project…I just uploaded "Writer Pro for iPad 1.3" to Vimeo: http://t.co/2uVfRm1o5e@thijs Done. Works.@iamjessu Final Cut Pro.@i_am_fabs it is.@nubero ha! Was about to buy FCX…Trying to change the aspect ratio in iMovie is a little adventure…
@boblet That's right. Brain was fried from all the screen shooting.@gilgongo For sure.It goes without saying that designing and coding app for the Apple Eco system now has definitely become an extreme climbing competition.From iOS6 to iOS7 to iOS8 with different screen sizes and videos, promoting apps is getting harder and harder if you're not a professional.One week of screenshots for @iAWriter (Pro and Classic). This is nuts. Now uploading the videos. http://t.co/pBazOVlbpp
@alexhorre @RianVDM http://t.co/LE6d6pWqwI@RianVDM To be more concrete: Markdown is great, but instead of Multimarkdown + RND I'd rather use Markdown 4.32 in iA Writer.@alexhorre @RianVDM And it might morph back into one. My romantic take: Part of the pleasure of creating software is that it feels alive.@RianVDM Taking care is key in every craftsmanship—but "done software" is at best a romanticism or an artistic projection.@RianVDM Note: We've been working and polishing a piece of software that refutes settings, uses one font and every tiny change is a battle.@RianVDM As for the examples you give—if I think what Sparrow could be today… grrr. Win95? Remember the weekly reinstalls? Auto exec bat?@RianVDM Art can be done. Design needs to withstand the tooth of time. Even the so called design classics evolve (better materials etc.).@RianVDM Not only are hardware and OSses in constant flux, and force you to adapt—design is/gets used. Use changes a product unforeseeably.
brb gonna stare at this Apple Watch transition for the rest of my life http://t.co/Ix2N7QJEiw
Retweeted by iA Inc.
Business Week on writing typography: http://t.co/ILjIRcGhbc@WordKeeperAlpha We are getting some error reports. iOS8 update is imminent.@hugoBessaa Big iOS8 update is coming very soon.
@timerkoalasing @viticci Psycho. One of the main reasons to avoid clicking around on LinkedIn.What kind of monster wants this? http://t.co/xryjnSyUKD
Retweeted by iA Inc.I’m only now realizing that @iawriter’s lovely site is *also* responsive: http://t.co/YdBJEzA5ka (via @fox)
Retweeted by iA Inc.@scotthurff It's a small world. :)Natural, stretch, ow! How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens: http://t.co/iaHF8FPW0x http://t.co/4kf9zmE9TB@herbigt Have to see it in action first.@upperdog Ah, you just uncovered the big Secret. :)@elliotjaystocks That's the secret iPad.@flyosity Ah, right! Not sure how to crop this yet… :) http://t.co/w3ThfNMfQShttp://t.co/n0DfRgAGHb porn. http://t.co/nzTNxF3Yvl
Wasn't so sure about the iPhone 6 until I saw his: http://t.co/dJfPXnR60eThe Return of the Clippy. http://t.co/jcf36ZgJqN http://t.co/NHGf4RbRs0Mobile Safari for iOS7 vs Mobile Safari for iOS8: http://t.co/Y9iNrDOUwh http://t.co/oU3hyMNE3BApple is getting serious about typedesign: http://t.co/fga4cTmioT
Retweeted by iA Inc.Writer Pro for iOS8 with folders and Dropbox and file based states. Submitting tomorrow together with the Mac Updates http://t.co/2zkEYP2LL4
What other devs are scared of the inevitable iCloud drive asynchronicity phantom file drama until Yosemite arrives?iOS8 release times. Current versions of @iAWriter Pro&Classic run on iOS8—further optimizations are around the corner http://t.co/CWAhaSiqisNote: “Content stored in iCloud Drive is only accessible from devices running iOS 8 and/or OS X Yosemite.” http://t.co/Ve33uxjbrp
Retweeted by iA Inc.Full day of App Store screenshots for @iAWriter (Pro and Classic, Mac and iOS).
Everything should be free, man. http://t.co/CkZeBjeFSq
New iA dress code: From tomorrow on, we'll all wear the Siberian bear hunter suit at work. </insider_joke> http://t.co/cTQ4yhEOmr@andybudd Flims, Swiss Alps.Last day at iA Camp 2014. Thank you team iA for this spectacular week! http://t.co/KIVUdiVP3F
@SvenSeebeck Hopefully. Depends in part on how long the approval process will take.Microsoft paid the NFL $400 Million to use its… iPads http://t.co/Qp8TfxMkOp"rock-and-roll as dystopian junk mail" http://t.co/D5XZex8wgz@cole_peters Thank you. Yes.@mkalina That's right.
iA Camp, afternoon session: Final bug hunter session for http://t.co/n0DfRgAGHb for iOS8. http://t.co/8gkUYTeZzgNew logo with modified Nitti Grotesk is coming (red: old, black: new): http://t.co/a1fGileZ36iA Camp, day 3: Arduino workshop. http://t.co/d02d0La5ELUltra luxury watch brands like @iwc have no reason to be nervous, but Swatch is not out of reach for, say, an Apple Watch C.Swatch CEO Hayek: “Their biggest innovation was the crown… They’re nervous, they’re under pressure, we’re not.” http://t.co/WJlWvSAPL6
iA Camp, day 3: Type cooking with @boldmonday http://t.co/Q6tbUceXEYyou know you have the right colleagues when they find apple's new responsive site much more interesting than the watch thingy.
Retweeted by iA Inc.iPhone 6 Plus的真相... http://t.co/goy5dKm3YJ
Retweeted by iA Inc.“looping GIFs comparing the Apple Watch against a theoretical version that uses Roboto” http://t.co/M8rq2GKFzr http://t.co/TgKRRQfAMM"Google 'right to be forgotten' ruling enriches PR companies scrubbing the web" http://t.co/6Nyh0ha1tP“@processtype: Watch typeface definitely has some similarities to our Colfax, but it isn't Colfax.” Note Colfax’s original name was Chrono.
Retweeted by iA Inc.For those wondering … the Apple Watch typeface definitely has some similarities to our Colfax, but it isn't Colfax.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@cabel @klimtypefoundry D S and s are quite different though.
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