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@Hekatrax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: USA ✩ RIP DJ Rashad

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@b_nmrrs cheers the meds are nice😇@ClaudeSpeeed feel you on that@ClaudeSpeeed would love to hear✨enjoy this pic of my dad playing guitar with a glass as he has no slide cheers, freaked out about that😩@sam_binga I'm ok thanks :) difficult and busy times@xskywlkr o I wish🍃 that was a quick job haha thank u 😎💕exhaustion lol😑💉 you learn to see your own inner beauty, your own truth, all arguments with others will cease.
Retweeted by NightwaveOnly love is real 💓Tropical Throwback😍🌴🍍 💓💓💓@jewdem same here x@ninalasvegas cant wait baby xxxx
@muzkmuzkmuzk thank you 💓@zynahel I was testing copper because of coil but turns out i have low copper toxic Arsenic 😑@ThisisKateBoss for my achievements not tits hahah@zynahel no ideaalso got my test results back today and apparently I've got Arsenic poisoning YOLO weird that my grandmother has my Playboy article framed on the wall🙈to be fair i was the only clothed woman they every featured💪🏽'Would you like to eat stewed doormouse?' errr no. My country's so fuckin weird 🙈🐹💕nowhere>>>now here✨🌸
@heelamonsta omg no :((((( 💓💓💓@WULLiiELoPEZ thankssss🙌🏽Queen Billie 💜 bootyday @Djdeeon !! Many happy returnss 🎉🎂🍺🍃 ✨✨FREE DOWNLOAD. @iamnightwave has rinsed @ill_esha's 'The Mirror' into a UKG banger
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💗🍑 🍒💋💦💦 an exclus #freedownload of @iamnightwave remixing @ill_esha via @Mixmag right now!!!
Retweeted by Nightwave💜💚💙💜💛💚💙 UKG? Download my @ill_esha remix for free via @Mixmag reeeewind 💓💅🏽💋💦⚓️Ahoy⚓️ @iamnightwave take you from Prince to Drexciya in her latest mix for @theskinnymag
Retweeted by NightwaveFriend from school: I'm married with two investment properties Me:
Retweeted by Nightwave@SnapdragonMode no sadly not, vinyl is a pain in the bootay! Glad u like it Xx
Good night💤💅🏽'Lord of the rings' inspired hotel with Hobbit treehouses 😍💚 preciousscsMy @theskinnymag mix is up on soundcloud>> 😘@POLstyle congrats guys🎉
When you're mad at bae but still wanna hold hands
Retweeted by Nightwavefake but funny as fukk Kids' Drawings Mom Won't Be Hanging On The Fridge Anytime Soon it's taken me a while to post this, it's a lot for me I hope it helps. 💙👊
Retweeted by Nightwaveflight attendant called 'Montezuma' wow@xskywlkr ✨✨✨✨🔫🔫bluku blukuuuuu
why do I always acquire some sort of yoghurt/suspicious lookin stain en route to an important meeting 🙈✨Really hope people hear what Benga is saying about substance abuse / pressure to be life of every party / mental health. Risks are real.
Retweeted by Nightwave@KrystalKlear Mate stay in and recover!!Today @DJ_Spinn Off That Loud EP with @xdannyxbrownx is out - get the digital here on I-tunes -
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💓 Fuck you Sir 💓Glasgow go see Gang Fatale x Hyperfunk tonight at Stereo if you wanna hear some amazing trax✨✨@JmeBBK from olden days smugglin booze in boots!@S_Type it's beautiful☀️✨@S_Type I went and checked its some sort of diy tanning oil!! hahahthis fucks @grainnerules @OfficialSAMA lovely to meet you :)bye September 2015 you cunt thanks for the lessons 😂RIP CHI BOOGIE
Retweeted by Nightwave@artworkmagnetic yeah seen the monkeyboy and the wee Victorian boy
@lhrlls lolll "my ego is bigger than my sexuality" 🙈@artworkmagnetic never again fucking scarred me that one@lhrlls 😵 13.5 😵@blastto why are they so orange??😂getting into the dark youtube waters😰 bae leave like..
Retweeted by Nightwave@tom_konxompax du bist so BerlinSchmoozing🐒 no text me 😂@POLstyle maybe quote tweet? fuck knows haha@POLstyle no I genuinely love them :)yess, Scooter are playing London next March who's coming with me???🔊🔊🔊Universe favours the brave⭐️Woah, first 'glowing' sea turtle discovered >>
Retweeted by NightwaveGlasgow☀️😍☀️ you @HudMo !! 😻 Out now on @HekaTrax to get my chakras realigned lol 💜 💛 💚 💙@naomishimada ¯\_(ツ)_/¯@BigDopeP @JubileeDJ @josephmarinetti @ninalasvegas @swickswick "homar" en español
feeling like a ball of joy
Retweeted by Nightwaveget to know @bossy_love if you don't know #Glasgow 💜@chippy_nonstop "dropped" ;)@JubileeDJ @josephmarinetti @ninalasvegas @swickswick it's superrPARTY TIP: Your life is good. When you believe it, you'll see it.
Retweeted by Nightwavepints by the river in the sun in Glasgow-never thought I'd see the day☀️🍻#winteriscomingIn our latest Skinned mix, @iamnightwave drops @KornelKovacs @anthonyrother @boysnoize & more: @Hekatrax
Retweeted by NightwaveThank you @violetAKAviolet and Friends and @Versace for your support. You guys are true warrior women
Retweeted by NightwaveNew Footwork Mix right here : #teklife #footwork #riprashad
Retweeted by NightwaveFriendly reminder that Ten Walls offered his apology to multiple sites as an exclusive and has hired PR for it.
Retweeted by Nightwave@desmarkie my dad didn't learn until he was 34 so as a kid I assumed only women knew how to drive hahafinally learning how to 32 lol
"It was made for International Women's Day" says Donatella Versace #VogueWhutUp #TeamViolet #Buzzy
Retweeted by Nightwave@heelamonsta that tweet gave me anxiety@RaindogBeyonce @grainnerules @greenandbalmy 💚💚💚@tom_konxompax lol a prenup as well"away and take a fuck tae yersel" lool Scottish people are so funny@MachinesHeaven cycles of the goddess 😁
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