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New additions to #RBMATOKYO include @RUSTIE @carlcraignet @mrjamesholden @0PN & more. http://t.co/Vvftl1LyEH http://t.co/7psNkX97jU
Retweeted by NightwaveCatch me go Guetta on Just Jam tomorrow night with Flava D, Madam X, Moxie, Dark0 and k9!!✨✨✨ http://t.co/QhlC09xZPk'Live happily, die majestically' rest in power BKS Iyengar@xAirMax97x @club_ESC have you got any small ones? Hobbit size??
@sparehands all children are beautiful ^_^@artworkmagnetic http://t.co/qA8wZjcYfPReally hyped about getting back on serato scratch, amazed at how they've developed the product here http://t.co/L7L5FSRsni
Retweeted by Nightwave@makandpasteman love 'Mad City'!@COMMEdesJACONS HAHAHAH #battychoke@BigDopeP "THAT SET WAS TERRIBLE"@DaftLimmy Effectrix is funIn which European country does 'terrible' mean 'good' again? very confusing lol@tttheartist ableton@JubileeDJ @propervillainy let's go on Dragon's Den!@thelastskeptik hahah I suppose so :))I want to launch a health supplement pack for touring djs@yasminebabyfia LOLOLOL@monki_dj love the compilation >>@TomDavenport @orsii i have a degree in alternative medicine and i can write a little bit :)noPhone. http://t.co/8NFd0XFebW
@misterilia thank you ^_^So, @RedBullUK are joining the party with their own stage w/ @monki_dj @iamnightwave @AtomTreeMusic @MachinesHeaven http://t.co/kbLcff9QKY
Retweeted by Nightwave@djplastician hahahahahah 👏👏👏this 'women against feminism' movement is so idiotic..like cows campaigning against vegetarians >_<@ninalasvegas Oof I grew up in Yugoslavia, levels of shitness are high hahah@ninalasvegas I have some really bad teen stuff too (inc my famous monobrow) we should swap👭@ninalasvegas more teenage videos pls😏@Tom_Rockwell lolol your profile picDONT MISS THIS @JUSTJAMLONDON THIS THURSDAY 7-9 GMT @DJmadamX, @FlavaD_ @dark0_LDN, @DJMoxie, @iamnightwave http://t.co/uK0aRKtcqy
Retweeted by NightwaveThis weekend just outside of Copenhagen: RBMA x Corabelle w/ @djzinc @RealCanblaster @iamnightwave @triplexy & more. http://t.co/XlUpxRDJtM
Retweeted by NightwaveRustie @ Lowlands 🍑💦 http://t.co/gAypJCTXvR
These men have come to #Ferguson, MO all the way from India, where they live in exile, to bring a message of PEACE.✌️ http://t.co/Zt8zNQWGEq
Retweeted by Nightwave@TheRealRennie abundance of lolz http://t.co/zyZD5UwjDP@DoAndroidsDance thanks 😎💕This week's best mixes, featuring @starkbotbeats, @rabitmusic, @iamnightwave, @HybridTheoryUK, and more! http://t.co/H9jUJxQQYC
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Watch Rustie's "Attak" Video f/ Danny Brown | Complex http://t.co/8xEPScRXRr
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@Come_Along_Bort most of the cast has had work done on their face so i don't think it's a major issue haha@Come_Along_Bort but where is Van Damme!!??@AlexanderNut he's like a jaded oldskool promoter with cash that still throws big parties just to put himself on the line-upHaha the poster for Expendables III is like your average festival line-up, 15 guys and one token chick 🙊@RUSTIE 'Where's the flam tent?'Nightwave - Seratocast #7 on soundcloud ♫㋡ https://t.co/doLMdRoC4SCATCH @DJmadamX, @FlavaD_ @dark0_LDN, @DJMoxie, @iamnightwave ON 21/8 1900-2100 http://t.co/uK0aRKtcqy http://t.co/Ws7Fk11jxm
Retweeted by Nightwave@guillaumeberg happy birthdayyyy boss 💖✨
@kaityfox @maya_kal_ my favourite so far is 'femme-producer' from a flyer last year lol http://t.co/cwR9izRun1ヽ(•‿•)ノ coming soon on Heka Trax... 'Mountain Dew' by @iamToyc x @timbahontoast x @DJMilktray_ remiksss http://t.co/pgld9aiRGtthis samurai haircut on guys is the undercut for girls cca 2011 huh@kaityfox @maya_kal_ where does it say that??
If it fits, I sits http://t.co/L0oeVgmec3@Eli1ah such a good nightAphex & Jeff http://t.co/JBce7l3MTh
Retweeted by NightwaveDepression is a terrible disease. Please take care of yourself and others around you.
Retweeted by NightwaveOne of my fav Robin William's jokes, about Scots & Golf. https://t.co/qhyaOw4LOI One for @iamnightwave :( He made me laugh many many times.
Retweeted by Nightwave@semothyjones hahahah <32014 sucksJourney well back to Neverland, Robin!💫 heartbreaking news and loss for us all :'(
I keep the crocodile and I eliminate my psychiatrist.
Retweeted by Nightwavex x x HAPPY BIRTHDAY @JubileeDJ x x x x http://t.co/lPXUrOjMY7@COMMEdesJACONS the gospel🙏
@rodstanley Amazing museum and restaurant too! The African art section is nuts!Dont give a fuk about nationalism, but I'm all for making our governments smaller & smaller. #indyref #VoteYes
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@sam_binga MC Alan PartridgeI'm half woman/half tequila@BAKEGLA @keinobjekt I'm tryna make it too@KUTMAH hahahahSuper moon tonight🌝@Sorayea If it's any consolation my new cut looks like a '90s soccer mom'@lhrlls 😬🔫A fuck off protest is happening outside the BBC over the Gaza bombing. Surprise surprise the BBC haven't said a word. http://t.co/3ZWew23YoD
Retweeted by Nightwave@lhrlls that's not real is it?! The stain omg@yo_ELOQ and a fake poo in Tiger!@salva 💣💣happy bdayyy 💣
@joeshabadu Masterpiece http://t.co/ooeWdjfkug@advanceddd Of course, I agree but sadly the media tend to sensationalise tragedies and disrespect privacy instead of educating.@jacquesgreene @RuthESaxelby I feel disappointed in music press, after all the love that teklife family has shown it over the years..fucked@RuthESaxelby same@posthumanmusic @ShadowDancerMCR @laica23 yeah it's the comments but they've posted dodgy stuff before and allowed fucked up comments@posthumanmusic @ShadowDancerMCR Well I feel strongly about this issue and I think it should be challenged. Even on a daft site like that@posthumanmusic @ShadowDancerMCR Can be really funny but this is the third time I've seen them fuel sexism, fucked upa comment on a wunderground photo of Paris Hilton with a DJ controller: "She's a woman who needs a spot of domestic violence" wow
@Kozee not ordered one for 3 weeks by the way hahaJust got parred by the delivery guy "You not fed up of pizzas by now?!" Cheekyyyy@glacialsound666 as a short person I think it's an empowering title and it usually correctly represents the artist wheres anyone can b yung😬@iamnightwave #DemographicShiftNow
Retweeted by Nightwaveenough 'Yungs' already
@COMMEdesJACONS why thank u ✨@yo_ELOQ it's gonna be so fun!!!Awesum playing Corabelle Festival aug 23 exclusive b2b set w @juliussylvest ! Along greats @iamnightwave @Koreless @RealCanblaster @djzinc !
Retweeted by Nightwave@Tamarionette that was meThis article about DJ's and mental health is really worth a read: https://t.co/6WQAS0w0uV
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Congrats to beckyhammon 1st female spurs asst coach in NBA anything is possible #darkhorse http://t.co/fKYe29Tphl
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@quique_dj thank you, it was a perfect day and energy 💖@joeshabadu @rustie http://t.co/0TObjl1S8J@COMMEdesJACONS Hahahaha ass machine@COMMEdesJACONS wtf are you guys smokingWow Souleyman's keyboard player is a magician from outer space, incredibleWatching GLK and Omar Souleyman in LA, fucking unbelievable!! 🐍@GASLAMPKILLER @JoeShabadu @RUSTIE thanks a lot🙌🙌✨@joeshabadu http://t.co/zCcJNLIwNR
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