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git push -f @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. I corral Cascading cats at Concurrent.

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@sigfpe @bos31337 dude, I saw a guy in the Haight building an ark out of needleshttp://t.co/YI8jA8541R@munificentbob don't forget Tang@johnregehr better rating system than 1 to 5 stars. "Wouldn't watch this crap on a plane"@johnregehr did Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy" teach you nothing?So many people wearing orange and black in downtown SF. They are so in to Halloween here.“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”BREAKING: California Highway Patrol reports 1 fatality, 1 major injury after SpaceShipTwo accident.
Retweeted by git push -fMojave Air and Space Port planning 2 pm PDT (2100 GMT) news conference on SS2 crash, per KGET-TV: http://t.co/DhfIBm9Ex1
Retweeted by git push -f#SpaceShipTwo has experienced an in-flight anomaly. Additional info and statement forthcoming.
Retweeted by git push -fOH: "Fuck the Giants parade. They closed fewer streets when Obama was in town."Today San Franciscans are massing together to protest the power of political and industry giants. Many will hold bat to symbolize oppression6 o'clock news tried to tease me with a story coming after the break, but I googled it & changed the channel. Ha ha ha you dumb bastards.
Retweeted by git push -flady, you'd look prettier if you'd smile whoa, but not all the way up the face and not with razor-sharp teeth and the jaw unhinging, dang
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@chrisamaphone Now I'm curious too. Heard this terms from things like literature but don't know if analogous meanings are applied to games.Fragment of Amelia Earhart's plane identified http://t.co/6KOYnZMTp8@pelotom No, it's trademark infringement. Run away before shock troops arrive..@allaboutgeorge ZOMG my tweet was scraped into a giant list of tweets. Hold on, I have to call my parents.@chrisamaphone @virtualclint @zigdon How else are you going to make it pleasant to spend an hour in bumper to bumper traffic?API design is hard. Can I just leave it as an exercise for the user?@bitemyapp DEALI'm so tired of identity politics. ∀α.α→α shouldn't be politicized.How To Tell Someone Is A Man http://t.co/wyrgSvhz3g
Retweeted by git push -fFor Halloween I'm going as Ebola. I'll just sit at home on the couch. Nobody will actually encounter me but they'll all be scared of me.interesting graph of my photoshop skills http://t.co/o46LmyloF0
Retweeted by git push -fTim Cook: "I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me." WHOA WHOA WHOA. He just outted himself in the valley as a deisthttp://t.co/84yVjRggY1
Retweeted by git push -fHomophobes boycotting Apple because of Tim Cook's brave announcement are going to lose it when they hear about Turing.
Retweeted by git push -fSims will no longer spontaneously combust so easily
Retweeted by git push -f@munificentbob I want a reliable caffeine sensor I can carrying my wallet. Current tech is pretty unreliable http://t.co/0whe3pQbLv@raganwald "print" (or equivalent) is often standalone but mutates the state of the console.Dealing With the Deep, Long-Term Challenges Facing ACM http://t.co/N8qWWkbaIc
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The Giants won and there's destruction everywhere? Either this is one of the sports I don't follow, or I missed the best D&D session ever.
Retweeted by git push -f@jamesiry @jasonbaldridge @nvanderw @d6 @lindsey @eulerfx @takeoutweight @simrob sarcastic, biting comment from recently-created egg account
Retweeted by git push -f@jasonbaldridge @nvanderw @d6 @lindsey @eulerfx @takeoutweight @simrob one more point and insistence that this is final departure@jasonbaldridge @nvanderw @d6 @lindsey @eulerfx @takeoutweight @simrob point I wish I made before final departure. Reiteration of departure@jasonbaldridge @nvanderw @d6 @lindsey @eulerfx @takeoutweight @simrob vigorous denial and final departure message.@jasonbaldridge @eulerfx @takeoutweight @simrob @jamesiry Response, abbrv'd well bynd the pnt of undrstndablty due to prlfrtn of @-mentions.
Retweeted by git push -fHalloween should follow a more lunar schedule so that it falls on a full moon every year. It would be both thematic and practical.@jasonbaldridge @lindsey Out of the blue complaint about censorship and indignant insistence on right to free speech.@JohnDCook not sure that when we said "flying car" we meant "street legal airplane."@lindsey Obviously fake http://t.co/JRy2TSK966
Retweeted by git push -fPassive-aggressive retweet. RT @jamesiry SCREAMING COUNTER-TWEET WITH NAME CALLING, YOU JERK!
Retweeted by git push -f@lindsey SCREAMING COUNTER-TWEET WITH NAME CALLING, YOU JERK!"I like engaging with brands" he said as the glowing hot metal touched his arm. The smoke cleared revealing a freshly burned Nike swoop.@jamesiry Category theorists just call her "Chanel".
Retweeted by git push -fIs a coconut just a nut?Co-donuts? http://t.co/6ROAtwAoSo.@peterseibel Raganwald’s Tenth Law of Programming Language Communities http://t.co/5I4jiA0prT
Retweeted by git push -fOn the final episode of The Walking Dead a zombie will finally talk. "Actually, it was always about ethics in game journalism."Good, solid advice for any advocate "Letter to a Young Haskell Enthusiast" http://t.co/Fo6gxhqWW4So…it's like Kickstarter for Reddit? http://t.co/qWSGKbCHdwPrivate companies are pioneers of space. NASA just blows stuff up. Says @FoxNews about #Antares http://t.co/FFwgll8wi3
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Game where people collectively push a little triangle over a board covered with emoticons. Call it emouija. Bam, million dollar idea!holy shit. video of the #Antares explosion https://t.co/Od5RuGIFWh
Retweeted by git push -fI'm totally using "anomaly" to mean catastrophic, explosive failure from now on.There has been a vehicle anomaly. We will update as soon as we are able.
Retweeted by git push -fWhen somebody says a software project "isn't exactly rocket science," do they mean it's unlikely to end in fireball? http://t.co/adIh89thupConfirming yet again that rocket science is in fact hard.Oh no. Massive failure! The rocket exploded. This is not a joke.
Retweeted by git push -fAntares just exploded.I must not get hyped. Hype is the mind-killer. Hype is the little-death that brings total disappointment.@laurencetratt @fijall Go sits in a very populated niche. Rust fits in a poorly populated niche.@djspiewak @munificentbob No, it means he did it using exuberance and energy! He was dynamic as he programmed the solution!@raganwald http://t.co/SwF5rYzIyw@viktorklang If it had been "class InterruptedError extends Error" about 50% of the mishandling would evaporate. Woulda coulda shouldaHello Sir, do you have a moment to talk about the Unix Philosophy™? At least take a pamphlet?
Retweeted by git push -fWoman in gloves & Ebola mask pulls mask down to order coffee, pulls glove off WITH HER MOUTH to pay. This is why we can’t have nice science.
Retweeted by git push -f@viktorklang I know enough to know that virtually no large code base deals with thread interruption properly
@redscarebot @lojikil @raganwald Crap. Now I'm blacklisted from performing in Hollywood ever again.@lojikil @raganwald Pop music is the opium of the proletariat. Sorry, best I could come up with.@raganwald Yeah, if you like "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" then maybe you deserve a little guilt. But "Time After Time"? Guild free.George Boole was a real person. Sadly, there was no Harry Double. Still checking on Root Beer Float.When reading it's important to first find a comfortable position. Allow my daughter to demonstrate. http://t.co/X1tMc0JQCOOverheard part of a conversation: "He's not a real person yet." Who could they have been talking about? A baby? An AI? An intern?...
Retweeted by git push -fWhat state will be the first to impose a mandatory quarantine on anybody who may have had contact with an anti-vaxxer.Carved something scary into pumpkin cc/ @jamesiry @databricks (office jackolantern) http://t.co/sqiNaYGDQy
Retweeted by git push -fGiving a guest lecture on Edinburgh’s PL course tomorrow. I’m billed as creator of Idris and Whitespace. Must decide which to talk about.
Retweeted by git push -f@dyokomizo or * get our IDE to generate it. Oh, wait, you said "computer scientist." My bad.
"The termite damage is so bad the walls are held up by stucco." He saw it as a failure of the wood. I saw it as a triumph of the stucco.With all the recent news of disease, here's one step to protect yourself: get a flu shot.Ok, I have one more for the academic crowd. http://t.co/w1ece3vnLO
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Everything you need to know about Knowledge and Expertise in one handy graph http://t.co/sigX2000EF
Retweeted by git push -f@lojikil illuminati and info sec both start with "i." Just a coincidence? I don't think so.Er, “don't run 'strings' on untrusted files”. Wat? http://t.co/Ey3l7ZX8En
Retweeted by git push -fNobody actually wants to use C or C++. They're forced to by the powerful info sec cartel trying to keep lucrative jobs. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
Apple UI designers are so amazingly primitive they still think arbitrary alpha blending is a pretty neat idea. (remolded from Douglas Adams)@raganwald #StrangeFruitGate We're really about ethics in groceries.Changed my profile name to something scary for Halloween.@tpolecat @deanwampler Because how do we get folks to show their government issued ID by mail? Duh.@pedrofurla Definitely not science. Engineering, though.@pedrofurla @nytimesscience He was in the US when he broke the record. We don't have meters here. The border patrol won't let them in.Pocket Money Loans: Payday Loans for Kids http://t.co/Eop0sgQVt3Google's Alan Eustace broke Felix Baumgartner's world record--a 135,908-ft jump http://t.co/AzGM1mMTSK http://t.co/9q7YeJ58GT
Retweeted by git push -fLawyer:"Now sir, I'm sure you are an intelligent and honest man--" Witness:"Thank you. If I weren't under oath, I'd return the compliment."@runarorama That form of argument often (implicitly or explicitly) seems to imply "if you're wrong about this then you can't be trusted."@deech Name it Lola. Ebay Lola.Enterprise architecture is boxes and arrows. That is a category, we can flatmap that architecture shit.
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.@ConanOBrien I'm considering going as hunky Conan O'Brien - but that might be too far fetched.
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