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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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Enough is enough, Apple. Just downloaded iOS 8 and now in Google Maps the streets have no name.
Retweeted by Jason HollandTime to share more… anyone have a @dribbble invitation they would like to nudge my way? #PixelPushingAbsolutely stunning time lapse video from the Burning Man festival last year: https://t.co/CIAMaR8JU9 #HypnoticShame to see that @johnlewisretail email design standards are dropping from their previous high standard. All graphic text?! #JohnLewisTwitter Reacts To The Scottish Independence Referendum http://t.co/dW4T9eGSk9 Some of these are genius :DDanger Mouse is making a return? How come no-one told me?! http://t.co/xbImyK5qrWJunior Designers vs. Senior Designers https://t.co/GUkkNbmxSX #Design@cultofmac I saw the guys with tents outside the London store a week and a half ago! (9th Sept) #Crazyhttp://t.co/YkuJ2J76Ls
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Small eBay purchase. Huge chunk of my childhood! Elite - for the BBC Microcomputer:) http://t.co/yt2ZLr7VEwIntimate… RT @theretronaut: 1965: “Kiss Your Favourite Beatle” (http://t.co/XBho6BnZvr http://t.co/XQMMYo3cOj
Retweeted by Jason Holland@TheDrum Damn - missed the deadline! Thought I would share mine anyway :) Error 404 - Scotland not found http://t.co/R9ncNAXI6qError 404 - #Scotland Not Found! http://t.co/IyEBr2m68fVery proud of the team for getting TWO top 20 places in @TheDrum #DigitalCensus.
Retweeted by Jason HollandIncredible photos taken in “Abandoned Spaces” - stunning and fascinating: http://t.co/5Q93lGuNEb #Creative #Photography@EE Unfortunately I have already been waiting for days, been told it will be fixed soon and have no more patience to give!
@therichardm Surprisingly I can 'dip in and out' of the game easily, playing a mission, etc. while, e.g, waiting for my wife to get ready ;)@therichardm Re: Destiny - initially, it may be a small step into a 10 year plan?Destiny review: If you love the loot loop you'll stick around after the story's over ★★★★ http://t.co/1j52uxFjxr | http://t.co/92QfprTl6I
Retweeted by Jason Holland@ee I still can't log in!"Whats that Lassie? Little Timmy fell down the old well and you're too fabulous to care?!" http://t.co/QYX9NRkliC
Retweeted by Jason HollandFantastic #CreativeBreakfast at @TheBrekkyClub this morning. Great way to start the day (and I always leave with a full mind and stomach).
Live Dubnobasswithmyheadman @underworldlive gig fanboy squeeee! http://t.co/Es1qwMf11ZJust bought a copy of ELITE (for the BBC Microcomputer) from eBay for £1.50 just for old times sake. It was a childhood addiction for years!Nothing quite like some great poster designs to bring you down ;) http://t.co/xWxqoNtZiMInteresting that I hear #Apple haters laugh about the phablet not being new, but Apple never claims to do things first… just better (mostly)@EE Attempt to log into (new) website results in page showing a "LANDING - ERROR" page. We are a small biz customer. http://t.co/aJuCKEZ5kfUseful UK iPhone 6 release and order info http://t.co/Hv3UvLqSQ5
Listened to 'We have concerns' podcast for 1st time. 4 episodes later I'm loving the smile/LOLs it gives me :) Thx @jeffcannata & @acarboniWatching @Joystiq Destiny Roundtable video while working https://t.co/DsTraD490Z - great intro to the game before my weekend start.Check out @marvelapp, a free mobile & web prototyping tool for designers. https://t.co/C0trfXFSQw #winOh no! Only just realised @designersfiesta is on today and the keynote sessions look great! Gutted…Anyone hear any rumors about the iPhone 7?
Retweeted by Jason Holland@JamesRing Each reply to your emails bouncers back with errors (both hello@jamesring.co.uk and jobs@jamesring.co.uk)Designing for the new iPhone 6 screens/resolutions - helpful (tech related) guide http://t.co/IP6uMMNfWDWorking my way through The Walking Dead season 2 iOS game. Narrative seems forced, but seems to keep up the pace. Final chapter looming...
@xboxsupport2 All from the websiteSo, any suggestions (and reasons) for the best class of character to start with in #Destiny?Wondering why the iPhone 6 doesn’t have a sapphire display? We’ve got the answer. http://t.co/HFDoAjMnD7
Retweeted by Jason HollandCredit Card size smartphone charger for just 8 quid? Thank you very much! https://t.co/mgNSJH1JGv@xboxsupport2 The items listed under "Downloadable content for Destiny Launch Edition" are also saying 'unavailable'@xboxsupport2 Yes - that worked - thank you! Is the 'pre-order edition' special in any way?@xboxsupport2 Looks good - trying it now@XboxSupport Why is the standard version of Destiny for XB1 say "Not Available" when I go to purchase on https://t.co/CxjyxSPX0U ?Thank you @TheDrum and @AgencyRegister for the @hummingbbakery cupcakes. You're the best guests :) http://t.co/JfqntU8AYg
Retweeted by Jason HollandPhilips, not Beats, releases the first Lightning-connected headphones http://t.co/UAmhy9c5lw http://t.co/8LLbtXmZ8U
Retweeted by Jason HollandChannel 4 updates its "iconic" Lambie-Nairn logo for new digital platform All4: http://t.co/iFk2kS1s3j http://t.co/6Zp8a4K0sM
Retweeted by Jason Holland@Superdry As my critique of your emails seems to have hit a cord with a few people, I wondered who I need to talk to about improving them?If you missed Dreamcast's 15th birthday, wish it all the best today with these freaky games http://t.co/NlNw3IMoQu | http://t.co/FTp4mTgaS1
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And this, ladies & gentlemen, is why designing an #email with just images is such a bad idea Shame on you @Superdry http://t.co/BmKfNPaOsLSummer might be over, but don’t worry, red looks good in autumn too. #AlfaRed #Stradale #Classic http://t.co/gV90aBxBEr
Retweeted by Jason HollandAnd in 30 minutes my Mac Pro auction ends. Currently no bids. It’s a steal for that machine. http://t.co/i33QTLvI6r http://t.co/Xr4GK5yDu5
Retweeted by Jason Holland@sliwinski Look forward to it, thank you. I presume it will appear in the usual iTunes podcast feed?Don't worry, lefties! The Apple Watch has a left-handed mode http://t.co/ufFSlOmEHO http://t.co/Vg0AsxG7CE
Retweeted by Jason Holland@sliwinski amend: "wonger" as in money, not "wonder"@sliwinski …but often have a fair bit of wonder to spend too!@sliwinski Seems recently us 'occasional, time poor' gamers are being dismissed somewhat. We're usually adults with kids…@shauninman iOS8 ?@sliwinski I'm a bit of a loner when it comes to RPG/FPS - Destiny still a great experience for me?Looking forward to the intense but highly creative @BIMADDay again this year. Inspiring our up & coming talent has never been so important!Great variety of quality applicants for the Digital Designer job! Still time to apply: look under "We are hiring" on http://t.co/jbS4Tm7W1C@jamesm 4 years off your life right there, but probably worth it! ;)
Ooh! **slowly places his launch edition Pebble Watch into the original packaging and opens web browser** #AppleWatchThis message is just to say hi, have a great day, and make sure you smile as the world around you will do the same… even on Twitter :)
@bima Thanks - called and spoke to someone who said it's just for corporate members (not what http://t.co/4PXEqnVmJi says) - shame.10 reasons every designer needs a strong online presence: http://t.co/nh07YUV3dW
Retweeted by Jason Holland@BIMA I want to post a job ad on the website as "If you are a BIMA member you can advertise vacancies…free of charge" but can't see where?Jacked up Cortina! Does it get more retro? http://t.co/jzTxQblso7 #ohsoretro #cortina #fo... http://t.co/TEGlf7Bbhe http://t.co/bpSDOha2Ur
Retweeted by Jason HollandRocket launch into the night - well done, @SpaceX! http://t.co/OFwMwCXOk8 http://t.co/rV3iUEy0jJ
Retweeted by Jason HollandDigital #Designer Wanted! 22-27k Great opportunity to join London creative team More info: http://t.co/jbS4Tm7W1C #DesignJobs Pls RT@StarbucksUK After multiple resets of my password, I still can't log into my account on the website of (newly updated) app. Help?
@StarbucksUK updated app is saying "not authorized" for my email address. Credit lost?! Help!
Unsure if my kids are influenced into creative pursuits by nature / nurture but this took ages (I now have a blister) http://t.co/N5pmbbjni7
Solving Silent Hills' playable trailer http://t.co/UI9fneJYht - incredibly complex, but makes sense. Now... the coloured flashlights?
Ice Bucket Challenge from @UsTwo Game (of Monument Valley fame) http://t.co/L5tcN3pqfn - my favourite so far :)
Check out @Underwired designer @JEREMYWLIM in @ComputerArts mag where he talks about moving from print to digital: http://t.co/bFihRt7trj
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Digital #Designer Wanted - 22-27k. Great opportunity to join @Underwired's London team - check the #job tab on http://t.co/x9rbmgWfRR Pls RT
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Quick _ back this amazing fish tank Kickstarter so it becomes a reality https://t.co/1DS1ny2CWR Clever stuff! Pls RT http://t.co/tqKjMRYa9O@SUBWAYUKIreland I can't see a 20 digit number on my receipt to add the points online. Help!
Granular Satisfaction http://t.co/GlvuQFgbNjI never knew... Fingernails grow in response to how much that finger is used - Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails http://t.co/frqxmp90E0
Retweeted by Jason HollandFor the first time in history more people are shopping on mobile devices than on desktops » http://t.co/dvCwfx0kdf http://t.co/vcLi11zA3x
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HURRY TwoDots is FREE for iPhone now! https://t.co/BRrCrsNfr8
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Great funky mix to keep the creative juices flowing in the @Underwired office http://t.co/FP7Tf7ZWJu (thx to @AorupaHolland for the link)An homage to the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy by @ALargeEvilCorp @simonpegg @nickjfrost http://t.co/tQ9o65mrHN
Retweeted by Jason HollandThis pic on Reddit with the title "can u tell me what this monstrosity is." Top answer is "Windows phone." :) http://t.co/k1pw3c6KX6
Retweeted by Jason HollandVideo game creation via committee / voting? Hmmm… interesting experiment @Logitech but will result be plain/vanilla? http://t.co/C7Y1plivnX
Microsoft has retired Windows XP and Steve Ballmer this year. Good things come in threes... I'm looking at you Internet Explorer
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I've never seen a more sarcastic full stop. http://t.co/SWvXFXwb5j
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@becskr @printersincuk I guess ;D@becskr @printersincuk http://t.co/aywjXSQ7nO have been doing something very similar for a few years now ;) http://t.co/ek56dPjxB1When I was a kid, you could go into a corner shop with £1 and come out with 2 cokes, 3 Freddos, and a magazine. Nowadays, CCTV everywhere.
Retweeted by Jason HollandWhy brands are un-friending Facebook to follow Twitter http://t.co/59MZgz4h4oThis has to be the most impressive membership card packaging I have ever received - very nicely done @dandad :) http://t.co/kTshGLPgbhWait! When in the name of all things holy did DC starts calling themselves DC Comics? Detective Comics Comics is a stupid name.
Retweeted by Jason Holland@litmusapp Any idea how long http://t.co/0hY37ewKML clients are going to be down for?Eating chocolate makes me sneeze - true story! I suffer from a photic sneeze reflex called A.C.H.O.O. - no kidding! http://t.co/0p8psq3Im7
Game of Thrones Disney Style by Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahans http://t.co/PdDgqo0r4k http://t.co/Xmc2KKXpVy
Retweeted by Jason Holland@thehalproject I often use the Hall 9000 Screensaver as a test before business meetings, measuring the level of geek of the viewer ;)15 Beautiful Paintings by Karina Llergo Salto http://t.co/yX3OFCMe13 http://t.co/61kwVqCXjK
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