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seattle childrens hospital, Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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This puts it all in perspective - great job Mindy $SRPT http://t.co/FrJi1hmg17
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@ianestepan @23Chromz Jesus it has to be so maddening to be in that position- just waiting against the clock.I bet there are a lot of kinksters in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I mean, cmon, some of those spells are just made for it.No one warned me that when I signed up for twitter I'd also have to get on vine, kik, mobli, and antidepressants.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@PeterJohnsonYea look what buddy brought to work...oh boy http://t.co/fB4x95jRZ3Time for a fadeRon, you dirty dog http://t.co/AD7r3GLBIx
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@AngmilanoMilano @candacemonique lol
@BecomingJennie hang toughBut who is the real woman in the US Airways pic? I'm asking for a friend. @PeterJohnsonYea@Pharaoness are they really calling her Peggy??@PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD @busylizards the sexy is strong@OhHeWantsTheP you mean good looking popular guys that aren't nerds at all? Sounds about right.@kjrmitch condolence Mitch. Sorry for your loss.Tesla under $190...because its an electric car, it's very quiet when it falls...$tsla
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin
@MiniiG @USAirways just from the pic I could tell that wasn't Virgin Airlines.@given2tweet what if I just plan on buying shares to keep me warm at night?About to get my teeth drilled- panic level 7. If I don't make it I love you all. http://t.co/WzGIRkMCZjGoing to the dentist to get some teeth filled- I literally am nauseous from anxiety. FUCK@FieldGulls gives new meaning to a fuseLODGE@FieldGulls it's why we lurk here in the first place. Talk about cabin pressure.
@KinkQueen someone would pay you for that@LookoutLanding just wish two runs didn't feel like it's too much for this team to come back from@Curtis_Crabtree true@Curtis_Crabtree not just today- I know they are better this year but some games they look so ineptAnother Mariners game where some has been veteran looks like Cy Young. Where's the offense?Just ran Greenlake twice- what a nice day. #nofilter http://t.co/K5K5NZj8wKI beg you to please spend it wisely. http://t.co/BF0YkjoQ8T
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin
@TixDealz yeah that's right, I think that's how I know her. Thanks!@TixDealz yeah, I know the name but can't picture a face@OreoSpeedwagon_ omg I read that as "condoms" and thought "me too"!!@BecomingJennie c'mon Jennie! Why??? Go Mariners!!@TixDealz wow- never saw that. ๐Ÿ˜ณ@MegaraFurie it's like "hey, here's a dick"...um, why?@MegaraFurie who sends people shit like this?@edstetzer @johnmbeeson umm disagree!!Takes Psych 101 Googles CBT OMG WHAT THE... Spends two days on internet.Guys...his sandals. HIS SANDALS! http://t.co/FeDhBSOIOg@binarypharmer actually probably some truth to that :/ Not me though! Gotta make money to do that!#Teens: Have you ever #met a #Gay?
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinIf twitter has done nothing else it has made me jealous of people's relationships with their dogs.@RealiTEAtime @michaelianblack same- but I got the guitar Nsync used in studio. Sucker!!Man every time I try going down off my Paxil it's like "oh yeah, thought you were safe? Well now you are going to fucking HURT all day".@KinkQueen nice stems!There something hot about a crazy conservative chick. Or at least hot until she goes all crazy and starts on about gender roles...@KatiePavlich you should have shot it...real conservationists hunt these animals and donate meat to the village.@MelissaBachman have you ever had sex with one of those carcasses?@freekvonk @MelissaBachman I bet she is pro life though...lol
Honestly, Felix Hernandez may be the most dominant pitcher since Pedro Martinez. DAMN@JenZomederis bars?Wow- Mike Zunino is really, really strong.RT so you can save a friends life... http://t.co/PLq4OFXXmc
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@AP hotFriday Giveaway! RT to win 1 of 3 golf balls made by the Bad Robot Workshop โ€” novelty Enterprise putter not included! http://t.co/XEGQuyXhhc
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinWhy yes, of course I am a 6'4" model who makes $11 million a year as a hedge fund manager. A date this weekend? Why, yes, that would be ok.@GOPTeens #PatrioticSelfies is the reason I love the twitters.@bradloncar @rushtonjdr great post Brad- well written as alwaysMy life has been one kick in the nuts after another for 7 months or so...but springtime and baseball help a little. Happy Felix day.@bradloncar so frustrating! Why did CG cancel at Needham this week? I hate owning this stock sometimes.@OreoSpeedwagon_ got coffee with my ex and was genuinely happy for her and her new life
So can ANYBODY cheat against the @RedSox because their manager will refuse to complain? Sounds too good to be true.@MakingOfs lol. Those two are so hot.@given2tweet maddening. And crazy. I was pretty new to the stock at the time. I remember seeing it on my work shuttle and nearly shitting.Brutal RT @ESPNNYYankees: Yankee Stadium just minutes before a Yankees-Red Sox game http://t.co/V3KaHtmDQs
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@JoeandEvan @JonHeymanCBS @ESPNNYYankees no middle class to buy tickets? No idea.@ForAmerica @EricCantor this has to be a troll right?@BoobsRadley wait until REAMDE gets made into a movie- it'll blow your socks off.@KinkQueen ftwactually if I do have fibromyalgia it would explain my recent fatigue and alcohol intolerance.Kinda think I have fibromyalgia. Or cancer. One of the two probably.@MakingOfs was Johnny depps idea "hey I like it, but it should be me instead"?RT if new truths are revealed to you with every episode. #cosmos http://t.co/iQ8smktfi6
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@ryanreedme @santamonica adorbs@shannondrayer @RealKingFelix Felix is such a class act!!Ruh roh http://t.co/7ZikmUpHYm@NicoSEnea @given2tweet @chasingthealpha WE ARE NOT ALL PSYCHOS! btw, whats your home address and SS number?@jeffreymaxin Guy goes to doc, says he craps at 6am every day. Doc says good, what's the problem? Guy says he doesn't wake up until 7am.
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD well I DID include you JJ, but not DT, and for that I am ashamed. LOB@busylizards @PeterJohnsonYea @TDUByourBUD Timestamped for proofs... http://t.co/S9vwXaT45A@BecomingJennie #Bowdown WOOFThe only thing I have learned is that momentum trading $SRPT is a really bad idea. It shits the bed on the daily.
@busylizards ๐Ÿ˜ฑHey guy that pushes the elevator button after we already pushed it...stop itImpatient fan at tonight's Rangers game. http://t.co/DdrOcsGPSp
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin
@rushtonjdr hmmm. It could be a good sign if one of those jobs is to build a giant cartoony bank vault like Scrooge mcduck.@StoneLarry yeah but this is in hitter friendly Safeco@biotechtoreador @adamfeuerstein that would be most surprising to me- but certainly not impossible. Can you imagine? Moms would be homicidal@universetoday I WANT TO BELIEVE@rushtonjdr CG spilled diet coke on the servers again@jonahkeri @Buster_ESPN I think of Griffey as The Kid...but Carter was great too.@JonU235 Is Cultstawk SRPT?
I'm pretty sure the Hound and Arya Stark together is the best duo going on tv.@chopchop_15 @TheEllenShow @UW dude! I didn't know she was coming! I'm stuck at work ๐Ÿ˜ข
@given2tweet @Benzinga I was thinking the same thing.@shannondrayer the telecast is almost unbearable.How is Jack Z 8 years older than Lloyd Mclendon?Those whistles on the Mariners telecast. Omg it's like a flock of dying seagulls.@westpatravel alright. Let's say I agree with you. Any chance I can get a gas card with free gas for a year? ๐Ÿ˜‰@OlRengy dayum! ๐Ÿ˜ณ ok I'm gonna ask if I can switch it@OlRengy I fail at friendship. However I did just request the last week of June off to come hang with you guys I'm SD- So there is that
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