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Seattle. Princeton seminary grad 2008, straight ally of the gays, former Christian minister, now agnostic maybe? Proud uncle.

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If @hm could figure out how to let you buy clothes without waiting in line for 30 minutes they would be unstoppable.So are the Dolphins just trolling London? NFL- "let's have a good game in London" Dolphins-"screw you. We want to suck"good morning
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@HL3tweets @fakedansavage sick burn brah@molly_mfc well he for sure doesn't know how to use it, regardless of its size@the_corner2 @BRIKRAFT lol. Damn though, is that your place?? Nice view. #ballin@CNBC @KrystinaGustafs click bait@000___000 love the movie...I felt though like they bit off more than they could chew. Would be a great HBO 10 part miniseries thoughMe at every party ever
@SirPatStew mic dropBest ad campaign ever to finally try a smart car after years of just choosing cars with large breasts
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If the church cared half as much about kids being shot as they do fetuses being aborted... a preliminary follow, sure. But he better send you notarized copies of any $SRPT purchase if he expects a Vegas invite.I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without any expectation of reward or punishment after I'm dead
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This was the Chris Garabedean playbook @JessaMcIntyre @freepThe older I get, the more I come to realize that Mike Judge is a genius. #officespace #idiocracy@given2tweet @ianestepan so par for course would be great data tonight. Stock opens up big and fades to teens tomorrow? I'm excited@DavidPoland pretty much everything he does is amazing@TDUByourBUD @daverichard reject
@KatMarie1979 @MarthaPlimpton yeah that's what I don't get. What do you think PP is "getting away with". Handing out condoms and doing examsI can understand opposing abortion. I can't understand opposing Planned Parenthood. #IStandWithPP@2015Stalog17 @GantosJ guessing they think it's ludicrous. $33 is a steal for that stock. At $20 now? Yikes.Right now a hedge fund manager is looking at $QURE and licking his chops. Wish I wasn't in it now...would love to buy here. My godThis is why so many #StandWithPP. This is why we fight back. This is why we #PINKOUT today for Planned Parenthood!
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@FieldGulls beat a bunch of puff balls. On the other hand their schedule is made up of puff balls.Why #PinkOut for Planned Parenthood? Because PP gives crucial care to those who need it—no matter what. #StandWithPP
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@Mariners yes, I have a question about burning poop. Why do I have it and how can I get rid of it?I'm an investor- not a trader- so these biotech dog days can't really bother me. But man, screw this and screw Martin.@AdamSinger @srqstockpicker to twitter @Snowden :-)
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@bradloncar congrats!@SBAList serious question: do you eat puppies on the weekend?
@AdamSinger @bradloncar plus just to be honest, I'm all tied up in qure and position to be adding anyway@bradloncar good time to add?@WallStJesus silly question- but how do you define a"sweeper?"Dafuq? I actually laughed at loud at this@given2tweet that was classy. Did they ask that you direct all complaints to the YMB?I hope this couple next to me at the pho restaurant aren't really a couple. They're young, frowning, not looking at each other or talking.@Kalapoof @AdamSinger yeah, I think data is good too- although not sure it really matters. This market is brutal. Obviously holding thoughActually, it's such bullshit. $SRPT finally about to fly and the market shits all over itself. Completely panicked selling.Well at this rate $SRPT will get approved and we'll see highs around 15$ 😔@Gdubya1 lolSerious question- what sort of water is on Mars? Is it same H2O as here, or methane based or something?@ProFootballTalk full circle@adamfeuerstein @AdamSinger flowing water on Garabedean's forehead. Should be a live presser. Hearing lots of chatter
@JaredStanger so good to see him back on the field@Ellie_Idol wow your camera is apparently a lot better than mine. My photo looks like a red dot, hahaThe best gif from #SuperBloodMoon so far, I am totally in love with it
Retweeted by Jeffrey Maxin@gbellseattle Jimmy has to jump and catch that ball
@kjrmitch @BrockESPN I hope he learned how to not drone on and on when he talks@oldbaptistway lol..."love creation, take care of it!"-god "Fuck no...burn it down!"-you apparently. Haha, you are so stupid@JoeVeyera I think if we change the strategy of having our players dip hands in butter and also only body check tackle we will be ok@JennyJohnsonHi5 go on...Scientology has @FreedomEthics, and the whole point is to try to restrict media freedom to criticize them. Do their tech guys have a clue?@FreedomEthics plus gibney isn't cool with you guys beating, raping and stealing. So...yeah, tweet about how boring his documentary is pigsAbsolutely incredible quick! Kill it and grind up its scales to sell as boner pills! 💰Uh, hey @UnderArmour? Tom Brady in your ads is dumb. What are you advertising exactly? Cheating? Douchebaggery?@Dicedotcom MartianThere is nothing in this world as great as coughing up a huge tonsil stone. Sniffing it. Gagging.
@brendonkuhn @JaredStanger and in a 4 team league it's just plain turribleSaw preview for @TheInternMovie . Heard Jack Nicholson being referred to as a dashing and well dressed gentleman. Vowed to not see movie.
Ok I hate rats with a passion but that #PizzaRat was pretty cute@srqstockpicker it's so strange.@lukeburbank yeah man, they got uniforms and everythingI'm shocked. SHOCKED! That a shitty car company with products that fall apart after two years was cheating emission standards too. 😐@EugeneMirman the white swallow men's bathhouse is really quaint. Charge per hour though.@given2tweet it's so bizarre.@CNBC sweet headphones brah
@hwkbgr @FieldGulls good godSteven Furtick is the Martin Shkreli of the evangelical world..@MartinShkreli you look like a white Ken JeongI like how we're all pretending Kim Davis isn't a crazy person.@Gdubya1 @DumbLuckCapital "Marty! Marty babe...appreciate the cover. I'm true to my word- free veneers and dental work for life buddy"@ProspectInsider I thought maybe he has a fear of flying, and is only playing in home games. He's like Madden now
@CHawk_Talk @DavisHsuSeattle @dannyoneil yeah it's hard to pay a dude that plays 6 games a year@Sci_Phile @MartianMovie ahh! So excited!@JaredStanger @DavisHsuSeattle it feels like the OL has actually been better than last year, no?@LesserNesser @gbellseattle naysayers and panic sellers are emotional and idiotic, so no.I must have missed the part where Hillary Clinton got elected, took over both sides of legislature, and banned $QURE from doing research
What are the odds that those accounts Martin retweeted expressing support were just him and his parents?Wow...$SRPT short interest actually increased over this run? Holy crap. People are dumb. 💰💰@Tushy_RN "so, do you have any concerns or questions about your ugly genitals?" 😆Martin getting hammered by everyone on Twitter...for good reason@kjrmitch it's league parity...other than the Pats everyone else is equalStill blows me away that Justin Britt clearly recovers fumble last night and the refs just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and give it to the Packers. Like wtf?@ProFootballTalk yeah, it should be allowed to criticize shitty refereeing. Lots of money involved.@matthewstoller @anachtomi I think you need to work on that and maybe start reading more novels@gavparks @given2tweet what a douche@ldtimmerman @KUOW looking forward to checking it outEh, added some more $QURE here. Absurd that it is red.Not to crash the party, but $QURE should be up a few bucks…not 20%.
Retweeted by Jeffrey MaxinSomeone already said it- but what a world where Hillary commenting on Martin causes stock turmoil and we all shit the bed. I'm loling at itLol at $QURE...¯\_(ツ)_/¯@HillaryClinton @nytimes @given2tweet damn! Hillary on his case too!
@steelchampz @Edwerderespn lol yeah...poor guy threw a punch at his face cuz he was being bullied huh?
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