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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

New York Times Best Selling Author/Social Strategist. Fellow at the Athena Center on Leadership at Barnard. Advocate for Women & Girls:The U.N. Girl Up Campaign

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Help Your Employees Find Flow http://t.co/ON6sKWCk6x@johngerzema Thanks for follow What do you think of these amazing young women? http://t.co/uPzCfI6dDt Please let us know and please RT
Retweeted by John GerzemaA New Golden Age for Media? http://t.co/aj1japV4NLSixteen-Year-Old Artist Wins National Art Competition with Hyper-Realistic Portrait Drawing http://t.co/eHbq3v6iQwIn a Digital World, Lego Sticks to Its Bricks - http://t.co/yRVIAAv2j9 http://t.co/fwKjXfMdfQBBC News - How 3D printing is changing the shape of lessons http://t.co/QQESejQ2Rr
Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music http://t.co/8bUFdVruyXThe Parts of the U.S. Where Nobody Lives http://t.co/w28CxF8ODDArianna Huffington On The Struggle To Find Work-Life Balance @ariannahuff @FastCompany http://t.co/tjat0Hf6nkGym classes costs less the more users work out http://t.co/s0jOfOk4HWJames Dyson Wants To Clean Our Rivers With A Vacuum Boat http://t.co/2FG7ux5u69
“This is your brain on mobile” by @jgvandehey https://t.co/5YwicK4ZdVThe Gender Wage Gap, by State http://t.co/QaDSLD8uY64 Storytelling Tips From Ken Burns http://t.co/1QG7kvOrkOGet ready to pay for things with your veins http://t.co/rnALhr3uajWomen’s Unequal Lot, via @nytimes http://t.co/Oplv9CE23qRaising a Moral Child, via @AdamMGrant http://t.co/QIp10O06xb36 Maps That Will Make You See The World In Completely New Ways http://t.co/EJXyiaZFBS
Pew Center:The Next America http://t.co/o17NYqVh1H10 Ways Great Leaders Build Amazing Communities http://t.co/ePrSlFRBE3The first emoticon may have appeared in...1648 http://t.co/HUzjJ8DVm7Disruptive entrepreneurs: An interview with Eric Ries http://t.co/rvaynSRynR via @mckinseyIn the Workplace, Leaders Who Aren’t Always Followed http://t.co/WT3xadsVuv
The Toddler Who Survived, and the Cop Who Became Her Mom, via @nytimes http://t.co/Z9tHlTvljFTen Powerful Lessons Learned from a Bad Boss http://t.co/zBAs8fo0aM#SoftEdge = biz success formula #cognitivediversity grit trust empathy purpose @richkarlgaard @tom_peters @johngerzema
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Crossroads of Should and Must https://t.co/sevEj9CVakThe Worst Thing Any Leader Can Do To High Performers http://t.co/DnmvAPZku6Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast http://t.co/qFKl3ULX6fHow GE Plans to Act Like a Startup and Crowdsource Breakthrough Ideas | Design | WIRED http://t.co/wQjhpA8kYg
64% of World's Extreme Poor Live in Just 5 Countries http://t.co/NJWGXSNPpzHow Colors Impact What We Purchase [Infographic] http://t.co/yFrmNWLhgWMathematicians battle jet lag (and release this how-to app) http://t.co/6eMOsJdvZM"Technology boys club" has 123m hits on Google #PSFK2014 #womenintechEnjoyed our panel: making a better tech industry w/inspiring @jessicalawrence @rachelsklar @nikkiLkaufman #PSFK2014 http://t.co/nyhI86s3XK
@johngerzema I see a growing "Slow Work" movement coming out of all this (ex: Sweden, The Case for Slacking Off http://t.co/J8qov9Gs7F)
Retweeted by John Gerzema@johngerzema Great panel discussion earlier. Looking forward to reading "The Athena Doctrine" #PSFK2014
Retweeted by John GerzemaGreatly enjoyed speaking on why women make better business leaders at #PSFK2014 this morning @psfk http://t.co/k1IChnxyNJWomen in Tech panel @jessicalawrence @rachelsklar @nikkiLkaufman @johngerzema @PSFK #PSFK2014 http://t.co/11hhWLWoHQ
Retweeted by John GerzemaRethinking what you take for granted and making it incumbent to innovate/diversify your approach to business problems is the future @PSFKTech is no longer a vertical, it is cutting across many different industries as well as evolving the definition beyond just coding #PSFK2014The burden of technology is it's supposed to show us the future but is sometimes a window looking back until our values evolve apace @PSFKStudies show only 30% of Americans are engaged at work. We need to change how we build better workplaces in the digital era #PSFK2014Tech companies are staking their success on forward thinking but there is a disconnect in how they are run @PSFK #PSFK2014Looking fwd to my panel & all the inspiring speakers @PSFK 2014 today http://t.co/991weU82sl #innovation #tech #leadershipGr8 night w #JohnSexton @NYU spoke of vital work of @UofPeople to open #Highered & @TEDchris & @gatesfoundation joined to support #UoPeople
Americans are having dogs instead of babies: Quartz http://t.co/cwSKhh0gDl
How community leaders & politicians can use empathy to get in touch w/ issues in their communities- by @JohnGerzema http://t.co/tswEFMjoXa
Retweeted by John GerzemaTesla could be building a whole new electric grid, not just a car company http://t.co/dohhWB8Du9Beth Israel to use Google Glass throughout emergency room http://t.co/Pfzy5v0lL5Crazy 3-D Newspaper Ad Brilliantly Hides a Whole Kitchen Inside a Classifieds Page http://t.co/nI2toIja6KFrench tech sector enacts law that prohibits work emails after 6pm http://t.co/1XC10nTzgIGratitude Is the New Willpower http://t.co/bLvmRvaF27IKEA Transforms An Entire Monorail Line Into A Mobile Showroom [Pics] http://t.co/v8fXXgP5cLSmithsonian Magazine's 2013 Photo Contest http://t.co/LSLiAi8PTgIn The End People Just Really Want to Date Themselves: Five Thirty-Eight Blog http://t.co/to1xRGnuwyBest, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95% http://t.co/MkS2OCEM2zThe Forgotten Childhood: Why Early Memories Fade http://t.co/BbmQ3pfDucFOMO: A machine publishes algorithmically generated magazines out of live events http://t.co/1ncQGkoz1P@mariashriver @johngerzema @ShriverReport and a big stick!
Retweeted by John Gerzema.@georgetown's MBA course "Developing Women Leaders: Cultivating your Human & Social Capital" helps women advance http://t.co/xkN6NerQSULooking forward to speaking @WiRLSummit w/ @meredithsadin on leveraging soft skills to yield hard business results http://t.co/D3cTXxWdCd@LRKnost_Author Agreed!Our very own @AnnaBlender quoted in @WSJ! Check it out: http://t.co/0LYdx3ZMde
Retweeted by John GerzemaOur piece in @ShriverReport on how leaders elevate empathy by immersing themselves into a problem to solve it http://t.co/upS1sWFtPJ"The Fourth Wall of Empathy" and the importance of leaders walking the walk in order to talk the talk @ShriverReport http://t.co/oRSQ8IULgHI sit down with @johngerzema to discuss how feminine values rule in biz #humanbiz http://t.co/a4UtTAOwhg
Retweeted by John Gerzema
.@JohnGerzema talks #IWD2014 and Career Capital - @HuffPostImpact. http://t.co/M6kxyYWXTt
Retweeted by John GerzemaFive Lessons B2B Marketers Can Learn From “Game of Thrones” http://t.co/QGk7mQ9Dj7Burnout: Time to Abandon a Very Costly Collective Delusion Great article @ariannahuff http://t.co/HUDYnhM3wgThe Millennial's Idea of "The American Dream" http://t.co/dQJhH76UAbVia @nprnews: Why Women Don't Ask For More Money http://t.co/d1qLIZJAU0Wilson introduces smart basketball that tracks your every move http://t.co/I8BJMzc2gDGreed Is Good: A 300-Year History of a Dangerous Idea - The Atlantic http://t.co/5nFqq5mpsa
Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Invests $300 Million Into Mapping the Brain http://t.co/UnjCfRPnuZThe Great Living-Room War: Live TV vs. Internet TV http://t.co/lO5SOmtiJIWhy Family Businesses Come Roaring out of Recessions http://t.co/SzPNltM1GjAmazon Dash is an Internet-connected barcode scanner that will keep your kitchen stocked http://t.co/r26hKIL9nF via @psfkWomen Have Recovered Jobs Lost in Recession, Men Haven’t http://t.co/RBoHBnHnBYFor Shame: The Giant Poster That Shows Drone Pilots the People They're Bombing http://t.co/17h9ImhVuoThe Most Underrated Skill for Creatives? Empathy. http://t.co/bOk0uJtPyEUber To Launch UberRUSH, Its NYC Courier Service http://t.co/NXwlrxIStS"We're not superwomen; you're just human." Advice for women from Valerie Jarrett @vj44 http://t.co/kSlWUC6LPI @MargaretMolloy @johngerzema
Retweeted by John GerzemaIs the Oculus Rift sexist? http://t.co/mBsQfjzAIF via @qzRead our latest #BAView on Rating the Brand that Rates Us All: @Yelp! http://t.co/E6mdgm5jyP http://t.co/oyzO180AS7
Retweeted by John GerzemaIn honor of the #NCAATournament, we created a brand tourney using our @BAVConsulting database. http://t.co/jdUhajY3fx http://t.co/vMRF2nRYnB
Retweeted by John GerzemaEngland to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes http://t.co/3ZuWgfno1S via @guardian
Fitness trackers could bring back the world’s oldest form of birth control http://t.co/p83aOkFMuZ via @qzThe Trick of Life, via @nytimes http://t.co/bubtKN3PwJIs That Jesus in Your Toast? Interesting Study on Cognition and Moral Content http://t.co/UzL707OihwThe mainstreaming of mindfulness meditation http://t.co/xrk8qYBu9JWhy Doctors Still Use Pen and Paper - The Atlantic http://t.co/6NYKqCFkM5Honey Maid and the Business of Love http://t.co/hxdAtXGXiBPredicting the Future of Cinema: No Limits http://t.co/dzDTHk6QJHTechnology’s Man Problem: Great Article @clairecainmiller #SiliconValley #Athenadoc http://t.co/5KApQp1BJk
Let's Go Rangers! #NYR http://t.co/e2SMrbL4UCSupercomputer Watson To Fight Cancer - http://t.co/XyyTgCmoHR #IBMWatson #Technology... http://t.co/OWhkQUb0Tq@GENERATION_W this event has laid such an empowering foundation for us all. #GenW
Retweeted by John Gerzema.@DonnaOrender's @GENERATION_W was a profound day of discussion of women's issues. @UCFDeVos @ncasports @NACWAA @WomensSportsFdn @espnW
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood's Exclusion of Women http://t.co/LdUp0M1iQi via @fivethirtyeight
Retweeted by John Gerzema
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