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atheist, comedy loving, not very interesting, science loving, sociophobe :)

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Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron floundering on @BBCNewsnight Dave - just admit that you are targeting working poor to pay for inheritance tax cuts.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe IFS have clearly shown that the Tories are making the *working* poor worse off. Working *families* amongst hardest hit #CPC15
Retweeted by Jo KellyI think my new housemate might be the best person in the world. His name's Eric Gorman and he's 2 & a half days old.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@DaveGorman congratulations! :)Tories say removing tax credits will be compensated by rising wages, but their Thatcherite ideology focuses on attacking wage inflation!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly'If the contract is imposed I will leave medicine': NHS doctors on why they're protesting
Retweeted by Jo KellyThoughts from me on Jeremy Hunt's comments about getting Brits to working as hard as the Chinese #chinesewhispers:
Retweeted by Jo KellyTax credit cuts will make Britons work like the Chinese: Doctors will work as if on the Bridge on the River Kwai.
Retweeted by Jo KellyBad news - #TPP done, need to #StopTTIP BBC News - Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis sums up thinking of the hard right. Cut pensions of elderly because they'll be dead or won't remember by 2020!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The Tories are bleeding the NHS to death" - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The Independent, 5 October 2015 #CPC15
Retweeted by Jo KellyNo other parties have their conference behind police 'ring of steel'. & no previous govts as far as I know. What does this say about Tories?
Retweeted by Jo KellyJunior doctors have Government on back foot over new contract & associated dismantling of NHS. Everyone who cares about NHS should back them
Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron's 'Party of the People': 2000 inside Tory conference. 60,000 outside and held at bay by vast ring of steel.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
@PWGTennant @SarahHennelly I think people are being mislead about the drugs correcting chemical imbalances, when they just numb people a bit
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe control of information by the Right is the most serious threat to our democracy. In fact it is killing democracy
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis man has brought our NHS to verge of collapse. Yet he blames hardworking doctors and nurses #CPC15
Retweeted by Jo KellyNever forget that, by using their media to mislead the electorate on just about everything, the Tories cheated us of our democracy #CPC15
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The NHS is collapsing. It needs £2bn immediately! What'll we do?" "Buy more drones." "Brilliant!"
Retweeted by Jo KellyGlad to see the BBC have noticed what's happening in Manchester this time #No2Austerity
Retweeted by Jo KellyLarge anti-austerity protest at Tory conference
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@marcuschown He sold our schools now he's selling our prisons. NHS and fireservice being sold. What's left?
Retweeted by Jo KellyLet's privatise our prisons when the reason they were unprivatised in the 19th century was because of appalling conditions & lack of control
Retweeted by Jo Kelly🆘@DrJackyDavis It's deliberate. Alienate GPs. Force them to resign. And then blame the lack of NHS GPs on greedy doctors lacking vocation.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt seems human rights are no longer affordable.
Retweeted by Jo KellyDear @marrshow. Pls ask Cameron why hiding details of £2bn NHS cash crisis? Trying to avoid overshadowing #CPC15?
Retweeted by Jo KellyBrilliant poster in Ireland debunking xenophobic refugee crisis myths.
Retweeted by Jo KellyLet's not forget the closure or running down of community, mental health & elderly care programs by Tories..
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhen Cameron on #marrshow trumpets his flagship manifesto pledge of 7-day NHS, point to the failing GP pilot schemes:
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhy is it not a national scandal that our #NHS is in serious danger? @OwenJones84
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
As a teenager I was stoned & sleighty. At 18 i was psychotic, forcibly #medicatedandmighty sedated. Was relieved 2 find other ways of living
Retweeted by Jo KellyNHS spending up by a third in 1 year to £282 million on antidepressants are we being #MedicatedAndMighty ly mislead?
Retweeted by Jo Kelly23 MPs vote to sell off #NHS - Same 23 just happen to lining their pockets from sale
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@theworryeaterco OK, I'm guessing I've been had. Need a Valium after this, never mind a worry eater.@theworryeaterco for goodness sake! What is the problem? Please give me MY money back!@theworryeaterco any chance of that refund yet?Most of the media have no idea how much trouble our health service is in. They will find out in next couple of years #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyC4 not exception @Snow4Snow: @cpeedell are they interested? No longer free press in UK. @SkyNews @BBCNews @itn_news Other than @Channel4News
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur NHS is in serious danger – we should be scandalised | Owen Jones
Retweeted by Jo KellyAbsolutely, by paying my correct tax unlike the people we are protesting against.
Retweeted by Jo KellyBecause democracy doesn't mean bowing down and shutting up. It was an election, not an egg and spoon race.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAgreed.If activists hadn't marched and lobbied for years for, say,gay rights, we'd have got STACKS of grouting done.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Detailed in-depth analysis of Osborne and Cameron's economic policy
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@theworryeaterco you promised you'd refund me today! This morning at the latest, you said. Whats the problem? been 3 weeks, please refund!
@DrGrumble @BinitaKane
Retweeted by Jo KellyRefresh your podcatchers,there's a new @HelenAndOlly out, in which I reveal the inspiration for my first boner.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@theworryeaterco when do you think you'll get round to refunding me?Call for Hunt to act - private companies holding #NHS to ransom over cancer drug #NoTTIP
Retweeted by Jo KellyGov's plans to cut pay for doctors in training will threaten the quality of patient care #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyMore public assets to be sold off in next 12 months than in last 20 years.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@theworryeaterco pls refund me :( I got the toy next day delivery from another company, pls can I just have my money back.The news is literally slagging off Corbyn for not wanting to bomb people, then Putin for doing so. I'm so sick of this drivel. 😑
Retweeted by Jo KellyDevolving power to local CCGs is a clever way of slowly lowering expectations from NHS without taking central blame
Retweeted by Jo KellyPity new Consumer Credit Act doesn't allow vote replacement e.g. Cameron lying about not cutting child tax credits
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
.@David_Cameron Corbyn accuses Government of Vandalising the #NHS #NoTTIP #juniorcontract
Retweeted by Jo KellyTotally mystified why the billionaire nondom Tory donors who own our newspapers don't like Jeremy Corbyn. Ideas anyone?
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#Corbyn is attempting to reverse Thatcher's neoliberal counter-revolution. Financial & political elite will do their best to ensure he fails
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@theworryeaterco ordered 18 days ago. managed to get it delivered via another company in time for sons birthday. He loves it. Pls refund.
.@BBCWomansHour @DrKittyMohan "Doctor's and medical staff never been so angry - on gov changes to contracts #NHS
Retweeted by Jo Kellythe new #juniorcontract is a disaster in the making that does indeed threaten patient safety and the NHS mandate
Retweeted by Jo Kelly‘I can’t sacrifice my family for the NHS’: the junior doctors forced out of jobs they love
Retweeted by Jo Kellythank you to everyone who is pledging for return of Shambles podcast w/ @JosieLong me and tip top guests
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind" - Henry James
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"Make parity of esteem for mental health the reality not the slogan. End the stigma, end the discrimination" says Corbyn. #lab15
Retweeted by Jo KellyDear UK papers, Peddling hate every day can't be much fun. Come on, be nice. Spread a bit of love. Make a better world for your children.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAn inconvenient truth: Cameron borrowed more in 5 years than Blair and Brown did in 13 years (MoneyWeek)
Retweeted by Jo KellySpot the pattern: 1. A nurses pay freeze. 2. A huge junior doctor pay cut. 3. A £410,000 payoff to an NHS exec.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
All 56 SNP MPs sign motion expressing major concerns about #TTIP. @David_Cameron listen? #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyNot yer average demo. Changes to junior Doctors' contracts are bringing them out in force. Chants of "save our NHS"
Retweeted by Jo KellyBig Pharma will make a killing out of our #NHS | #NoTTIP
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur NHS is at risk, and it needs people to stand up for it more than ever. RT if you agree
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
New TV series starts on @bbcthree on Wednesday at 10pm. It was an amazing experience. For God's sake please watch.
Retweeted by Jo KellyCan't understand why the billionaire nondom Tory donors who own our newspapers don't like people getting excited and engaged with politics.
Retweeted by Jo KellyNow this is brilliant news! #Lab15
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
"We cant have people loafing about doing nothing expecting the state to fund their lifestyles" Lord Freud #nhs
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur junior doctors work for far longer than they are paid for. Much of the NHS operates on goodwill. It always has. But that's now fading.
Retweeted by Jo KellyUK government makes another move towards privatising country's TV by preparing to sell off Channel 4:
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe've no billboards in real life but you could all retweet this instead? Help spread the word about #BillTheFilm!
Retweeted by Jo KellyThere's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath.
Retweeted by Jo KellyEverything wrong with this country, in a single tweet.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
@theworryeaterco still nothing. No email, no number, nothing. Your last tweet was my first contact in 2weeks! opened a dispute, pls refund.@theworryeaterco I haven't received an email and have called your website number several times.
@theworryeaterco please help with my order. It's been 2 weeks and it was a birthday present for this weekend.@theworryeaterco I have sent so many emails and tried to call about my order but with no response! Can you help?Fly me to the Moon: International Space Station in front of lunar terminator @SundayBrunchC4
Retweeted by Jo KellyNo money for NHS, schools, welfare... but Osborne offering billions to Chinese for HS2 for which no economic case
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Hey. @davidfynn here is my #15secondShakespeare I nominate @neilhimself @JoeSims10
Retweeted by Jo KellyMartin Shkreli 'also hiked cost of drug used by children with incurable disease'
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@PeteDeveson Please RT this petition to prevent dangerous contract changes being made ! #juniordoctors
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf you're wondering what junior doctors are so angry about you should read this blog by @coffeeheadaches #succint
Retweeted by Jo KellyYes. An NHS meltdown is odds on this winter & for years to come
Retweeted by Jo KellyDo the Addenbrooke's findings show that the NHS is in crisis? Yes & Gov will make it worse!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
.@bbcr4today let Osborne boast he's turned UK into economic success story. Never challenged him. Here's truth...
Retweeted by Jo KellyMy initiation ceremony at Polytechnic was filling out forms to secure a grant for free higher education as my parents were skint #OhTheShame
Retweeted by Jo KellyFirst Syrian refugees arrive in UK Welcome and safety to all. Hope stay in UK helps rebuild lives #NoPhotoshoots
Retweeted by Jo KellyPhoto: sweetartsnorwich: WHOOP WHOOP! Having been nominated by a jolly smashing person for the VISUAL ARTS...
Retweeted by Jo KellyBBC News - East Sussex Healthcare Trust special measures confirmed
Retweeted by Jo Kelly33 light years away there is an exoplanet completely covered in burning ice.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
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