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Josh Emerson @joshje London, UK

I'm a front end developer and designer working on exciting stuff for @beamlyUK.

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Go see @kylebean's work at the Paper Cut exhibition in Haggerston @ The Proud Archivist http://t.co/ypHsIqU68pPaper Cut Exhibition featuring Kyle! (@ The @ProudArchivist in Haggerston, Greater London) https://t.co/7wD3ijNVRQ@karisf Yeah, although he's not looking forward to being shut in for 2 weeks! It's for his own good!@karisf We get keys tomorrow. We're going to sand floorboards and paint walls this weekend, then move our stuff in on Tuesday!@Cennydd Made in Confluence no less!@anna_debenham I may have to start supporting them too! Currently I don't support any team, which is probably blasphemy in those parts!@anna_debenham It's 5 mins walk to Silver Street, which will become part of the overground next year. And it's 20 mins cycle to Walthamstow@anna_debenham Not our first choice, but I think we will be happy. For what we need (2 beds, garden) we were priced out of Walthamstow.@anna_debenham We're moving to a house next to Pymmes Park, Edmonton (north of Tottenham) http://t.co/6QZWN3V9Zs.@EllenEverywhere We're moving to a house next to Pymmes Park, Edmonton (north of Tottenham) http://t.co/6QZWN3V9ZsHaving a coffee and saying goodbye to Walthamstow (@ Ricco's Coffee House in Walthamstow, Greater London) https://t.co/Cd5FRmPUSI
@mikebarker Yeah, I know! @kylebean did a bit by accident, but no one noticed!This shop is amazing! @ The Cornershop, 19 Wellington Row http://t.co/EuGuC3R4pd@derekjohnson Oh yeah! Basically I did it the hard way, then wrote a post so others could get it right first time!@derekjohnson Nice! Did you come across any issues following my steps?On my way to @LadyDinahsCats to have coffee surrounded by cats! Omg I'm so excited! @lara_emerson @kylebean
@paulrobertlloyd @mendeley_com Thanks, I'm very excited!@aroncarroll I know! Tried this one before! Nothing like a fresh start!Today is my last day at @BeamlyUK, sad times. But in a few weeks I’ll be starting at @mendeley_com, good times!@adactio @kylebean It is a shame. I won’t be arriving till mid-day on Sunday, but if we get time I’d love the guided tour!@criography @smashingconf Yeah, I’m very excited!@kylebean Yeah! http://t.co/jMZ8auLcpZ@bramus I think they’ve got better. They used to block all blogs!Just received a lovely, personalised speakers pack for @smashingconf! http://t.co/sfHMia3WBc@bramus Gotta love school networks! I couldn’t get to http://t.co/EAaQAOqpWt from a primary school.@bramus I’m interested to know why that happened, and if it happens for all SSL connections, or just some.@bramus The irony of an SSL error on a post about setting up HTTPS!@bramus Oh no! It’s working for me (and many other people). Are you using a proxy? How about other browsers? https://t.co/CyTvjoUHbd@oliverlindberg Ok, sure!@oliverlindberg Hi, yes I did, and I’d love to write an article. We’re moving at the moment, do you mind waiting till the chaos is over?
@cennydd @jbrewer It’s about “owning the experience”… the entire experience.@hyper_linda At least you got a retractable straw out of it then.@webster @cole_peters Puts my mind at ease too, thanks!@cole_peters @webster The business model is basically freemium - for subdomains etc you’ll need to pay.After reading @adactio’s post on the importance of adding HTTPS to your site, I wrote a blog post on how to do it https://t.co/kjbvHzGFa0@drewm Already exists! http://t.co/xpT9UvWpCq@laurakalbag Wait till you get to the last episode! Whoops! :-D
@roybarberuk Right, now I'm following you on Instagram! More kitten pics please!@amberweinberg Also, I'd like to understand the use case where the information is only important on certain devices.@amberweinberg Surely this is a situation where the content should be lazy loaded on devices that actually show it?@codepo8 And they wonder why so many people want to buy property in London. Commuting is prohibitively expensive.@anna_debenham Nope, they kept quiet about it! The roof needed replacing on the other place apparently, so the seller nearly pulled out!@anna_debenham Yeah, such a huge relief! It nearly fell though yesterday when we found out there was a chain for the first time.Exchanged on my house today. Yup! Single most expensive thing I’ve bought in my life, by far!@adactio Yeah, thanks for the nudge! It made me realise how “not obvious” this stuff really is.@adactio I’m on it!@jaffathecake @adactio The hardest part (by far) was putting the certificates on AWS cloudFront@jaffathecake @adactio Also, it’s completely free, certificates obtained from http://t.co/k57HvCeymu.@jaffathecake @adactio I switched my personal site to HTTPS about 7 days ago. It wasn’t too difficult, but certainly could be simpler.
@aral Thinking is for losers. Act first, think later. :-P@paulrobertlloyd Are you talking to yourself again?@webfaction Are there issues with web437 now? I’m getting very slow response times: http://t.co/mfyHPitSwb@paulrobertlloyd You're such a devigner! ;-)@paulrobertlloyd So you're using Jekyll for your site now? Pretty cool!@mhjallan Look on the ground for well trodden, cleaner bits!
@jamesslock It was so funny watching @harrybr turning off his blocker at work all the time to look at reddit! :-D@juanfernandes Ouch! Lots of our friends have had houses fall through, and some have ended up homeless (well they’re staying with friends)@juanfernandes Only buying, so I guess the worst is yet to come! Our landlord was really nice too, we only gave half a month notice.@sophystar Yeah, it’ll be replaced by a very different kind of stress (the good kind hopefully)! Exciting indeed, can’t wait to get cracking@sophystar Fun times! Gotta love the UK home buying process!@jamesslock Ah, that must explain it @kylebean!@sophystar Thanks! Yeah, I’d be slightly calmer if there was more than 11 days left till we’re supposed to move in!!! :-)Reasons we couldn’t exchange: Thurs: The insurance was wrong Fri: The lender didn’t send a fax Today: The sellers solicitor wasn’t working
We've finally caved in and started looking at furniture for our new house! I'm really really hoping we will exchange tomorrow!
@JonthanFielding Sorry, I had already left!
@jacqui @codepo8 Or at least a short URL. Nobody uses QR codes.
@c3lawrence @samsunguk They hate the idea that they are just a hardware manufacturer. That’s why they are working on Tizen@eyebeams Wow, just wow!Amazing article by Sir Paul Nurse on the ironies of his genetic family history > http://t.co/TXclLz9ef0 < great read!
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@c3lawrence @delluk Bundled software (shiteware) is one of the worst attributes of PC & Android when compared to Mac & iOS.@c3lawrence @delluk That’s ridiculous. You used to be able to choose the OS, I always chose Ubuntu.@antikewl Great movie. It takes me back to my Architecture studies, my tutor showed that to us.@davebeesley @netmag I think I know who made that cover! @kylebean :-)
@JonthanFielding Yep, a standardised language to communicate to one another over LAN of WAN depending on proximity and needs@JonthanFielding And it's inflexible and brittle. Ideally all devices are equal, none are the slave or master. They interconnect and talk.Apple want internet connected devices like the iWatch that don't rely on any other device like an iPhone.I've just put two and two together. Apple wanted sim modules to go away, they want global WiFi...
@theavangelist @atlassian Welcome to my world!@riklomas Also the mantra, you get what you pay for seems to hold water. Friends of mine have wasted so much money on cheap design.@davidcmoulton @_youhadonejob @pubcats My friend has this! He’s not a crazy cat lady, but he does like his beats! @thesimonsound
@poshaughnessy @FrontEndLondon Excellent! Mind if I reference them in a talk I'm putting together?@poshaughnessy Loved your @FrontEndLondon talk! Are your slides available anywhere?Will Android TV or Amazon Fire TV include a web browser? Browsers on TVs have always had a troubled history.I don’t want a phone with a thinner design, or larger screen, or faster processor, just a phone with a battery that lasts longer than a day.
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@paulrobertlloyd If only people valued performance over features when they were making a purchasing decision.Is that a new logo for Foursquare I see? http://t.co/U7z8pgkX7s
@JonthanFielding @FrontEndLondon Well I've been here for 15 minutes already and I can't see you!
@aegirthor First world problem?
Thought I spotted Grayson Perry on the tube. She was a lady in a blue dress. Same hair, same style. One of these days I'll bump into him!
@benjaminparry I didn’t even know about that! How funny!@joshje I noted - with a smile - there was a gay kiss early on too (would expect nothing less from Barrowman).
Retweeted by Josh EmersonI hate casual homophobia on TV. “Was it right to put a lesbian on TV in front of children around the world?” YES, yes it was. #bbcnews
Oooh nice, http://t.co/fJBeHdhOjv has had a update and it's responsive. #rwd cc/ @RWD
Retweeted by Josh Emerson
Had a lovely weekend with my sister @lara_emerson and her fiancé @R_David89 in Norwich. Beers, galleries, walks and a spot of tennis!@hexydec Yep, might be worth giving it a go! Let me know how you get on.@hexydec Also, according to that thread a pollyfill would probably be to complicated to implement.@hexydec yep, it's definitely not supported in CS3: https://t.co/9IBAaHlbYh@hexydec Looks like it was introduced in CS5: http://t.co/GupKOMbUX8@hexydec No I haven't seen that. Don't think I've tried it on CS3, possibly it doesn't support that version.
Crazy Germans! #WorldCup2014 http://t.co/CQjxm88goe
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