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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/S1Uci1SeZi

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@jpjernigan "Her vodka is made of vodka."@guan It's the amateur singer's version of the Lucia di Lammermoor mad scene. Lots of room for improvisation.@katelinnea Hello, New Hampshire, that is just wrong.Writers to @timesletters have a great sense of humour http://t.co/0fyCbp1oPg
Retweeted by June Thomas@guan Oops, turns out it's "heaven's command," not Danes'. I've been singing it wrong for years. http://t.co/nrkL8sz1Tg@guan In the immortal words of Adele Dazeem: Let It Go! (Now I'm singing, "When Britons first from Danes command, arose, arose, arose ...")@katelinnea Now all I want to do is research Flume Awards.The greater you are, the more articles they take from behind the paywall when you die.
Retweeted by June Thomas@katelinnea Ooh, yes! And for later in the country's history, In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz is amazing. http://t.co/yvocxdjO16@katelinnea What were you reading that evoked the Congo? (Tyrion I can guess.)
MT @RachaelBL: Portland is either paranoid about #peepee or bad at math. @laurahelmuth is here to set things straight http://t.co/XuT0vcIgUg@jpjernigan We talked about that on the Culture Gabfest last year.@BriefWit @winterjessica @NoreenMalone Stay-at-home mothers!@jpjernigan A chavette? (Also a v. classist construct.)On this week's Double X Gabfest, @winterjessica, @NoreenMalone and I talked confidence, SAHMs, and Basic Bitches: http://t.co/cEIN6wds2V@InmanMatt @DoubleXMag Ta!@neiltwit @tballw32 And to be clear, we're not talking anything like '50s-style strict "rules." More varieties of presentation.@KBAndersen You're right, of course, but it's tiresome to always hear, "Be patient, it'll come." The time for justice is always now!@daretoeatapeach TRUTH!@daretoeatapeach @winterjessica Thanks for correcting me on the "mommy blogger" point. That'll teach me to assign labels without reading.@KBAndersen But now they're stereotyping the other way.@tballw32 I actually think it might be coming back. For people my age, it's uncool. Lesbians in their 20s are more into it.@iantDC Agreed.@tballw32 Yep, Big Boo is mentioned in the piece.@iantDC Oops, that was a bad link. I meant to link to this: http://t.co/R06IwhRfA1@CatDudeScott @Slate It's true, there are less femme lesbians on talk shows. She's talking scripted television.In other words, why are there no butch lesbians on television? http://t.co/FtLI7EWE78All the lesbians are femme, all the butches are straight, and Hollywood isn't brave: http://t.co/FtLI7EWE78@saywhatagain @dankois @winterjessica @NoreenMalone I'm guessing yours are a little longer than the ones they meant.@dankois @winterjessica @NoreenMalone If there had been a question about having a DC fountain in your home, things would be different.@winterjessica @NoreenMalone I scored 9, which means I'm totally NOT basic. And if it wasn't for my lot of the Chipot bowl ...Here's @junethomas, @noreenmalone, and me talking confidence, SAHMs, and Basics. http://t.co/xgGOoENRwR
Retweeted by June ThomasNice to see @PaulaKrebs (aka the dean) in Slate today. She and @jackshafer my best journo teachers. (Blame them.) http://t.co/lZmmw8IACp
@paulwiggins Ah!@paulwiggins What are the bound volumes?I told you he was nice. He's letting me try them on. #glassholecestmoiA (nice) guy at my table is demo-ing Google Glass to his (nice) pal. Still tempted to yell, "OK Glass, self-destruct."@fmanjoo Artisanal Manjoo.@Slatefr will soon be changing its name to NousDebunkons.fr@grossdm Technically, that's a #connecticutproblem or perhaps a #problemofthe3percent
A lovely piece by @whitneyjoiner on the gay dad she never really knew: http://t.co/OWV1p1PCxL@BriefWit @nytimes Ooh, thanks. I don't usually read the science section.Brittney Griner loved Baylor, but its anti-gay policies hurt her and, ultimately, the school, by @evindemirel: http://t.co/a8BFc09aal
@poniewozik I allow 30 minutes overrun, but THAT EPISODE went 40 over. Came back from UK and had to buy on iTunes. The indignity!Here's @miriamkrule's piece: http://t.co/lSfCAnsWypSo obsessed with Srugim that when I read @miriamkrule's piece on the wicked son's Passover questions, I wondered what Hodaya would think.@emilynussbaum @KateAurthur So perfect!I haven't seen The Flick, and I'm sure it's fabulous, but oh how I wish Fun Home had won the Pulitzer for drama! http://t.co/inGttoMuo2"In the land of the one-eyed executive, the one-earringed woman is queen." Welcome back, Slate Mad Men TV Club: http://t.co/sqzwkxAiMTSpeaking of Finns, two of my favorite poems are James Tate's "I Am a Finn" and "I Am Still a Finn": http://t.co/h9t5HtQfvk (1:40)@Tirska You're awesome! Go Suomi!Finland's graphic Tom of Finland postage stamps are real and SPECTACULAR: http://t.co/qgHjsFBaV6
@shaynamalka @miriamkrule @sbreger PS I know they're not Srugs. Stitches?@shaynamalka @miriamkrule @sbreger ALL I want to do is watch. Hoping someone needs congratulating soon so I can say Mazel tov like a Srug.@satopol Ah, the Russian soul!
Obviously not the news we'd hoped for: Senate Press Gallery has denied our #presspass application, won't renew Lyle's. Next up: the appeal.
Retweeted by June ThomasIt's toilet day on @SlateOutward. If you're interested in lavs, don't miss The Big Necessity, by @rosegeorge3: http://t.co/R95TaVBiN1Sex-segregated public restrooms are a relic of Victorian paternalism says @tedtrautman: http://t.co/FCM5QYnnnhI just asked @miriamkrule the equivalent of "Have you ever seen Friends?" Apparently, she's more than passing familiar with Srugim!Fear and loathing in public bathrooms, or how I learned to hold my pee, by @ivancoyote: http://t.co/v76AxtvLs0
Chang Rae Lee reads a poem by Woeser. #withflowers http://t.co/aS41Nnl3I8@jacobwe at the podium at a PEN America protest for Ai WeiWei and other Chinese artists in Brooklyn. #withflowers http://t.co/BPCtvH6ZtjJennifer Egan reads a letter from Liu Xa at the BPL. #withflowers http://t.co/YqnVTEctCFBoyfriend twins, lookalike lovers, and why we want to date ourselves. A lovely exploration by @bloomerj: http://t.co/93Cg5LfaGMUtah gay-marriage opponents drop discredited research, reduce their case to gibberish: http://t.co/yfCtELvuAZ (By @mjs_DC)@nigelcsmith Say you and Steven!@nigelcsmith I fear not. Too self-serious (though ultimately silly). Despite the presence of the great GA.
@sarapekow A week? The word for that is unusual. Night before = typical.@JimMcCormickH I don't mean that they SAY IT explicitly!@JimMcCormickH We do ... when we're not making a point about the straight media!@GingerGibson Yes, but ... 1) he was active in Freedom to Marry; 2) it's still pretty new (and politically useful); 3) it's kind of true!@SebastianNebel @juliaturner I don't know the answer to the question, but that's some pretty impressive pattern recognition at work!@caitlyngranath I'm a little relieved that I wasn't there that day and thus avoided potential embarrassment.And, future anthropologists, this is what web journalists wore to the office in 2014. http://t.co/1btOMywnBBCan Slatesters tell the difference between lemon and lime? http://t.co/1btOMywnBB
@thesurfreport And how!I love this piece by @McKenzieFunk (and not just because we once studied Russian together): http://t.co/DktferIQDL@lahoare I take responsibility.@NickBaumann @jackshafer The Hamish Mafia are the folks behind Scotland's independence referendum. All the rest is crap.All this talk of a "gay mafia" is a surreal narrative created by people with privilege, says @jbryanlowder: http://t.co/75fc6Tjg05
@tyler_lopez @theferocity Truth! Great piece.In which @reihan makes a fine case for the neocon position: http://t.co/JjT5gSK9nVIf I ever strike it rich, my first purchase will be a Japanese toilet. @stevensonseth sings their praises: http://t.co/lQnmDchBHiStraight porn is full of "lesbians," so why is lesbian porn so uninspiring, asks Vanessa Vitiello: http://t.co/sIbRJBlMFwGo, @jcbeam! http://t.co/oBBnEGeJ6b
@dowdyism In a fit of insomnia I listened to a whole bunch of Pen Addict podcasts last night, and I paid for it this morning. Literally.
@elgray I just finished BUSTED, and the Phila. Daily News is officially my favorite newspaper. I guess that means I should read it now.I mean--gasp!--there's parking and everything.Visiting the new Brooklyn Whole Foods for the first time, and suddenly my corner bodega doesn't seem so well stocked.
@Mike_Freedman @AdamBKushner Oh, believe me, it looks delicious.@AdamBKushner @Mike_Freedman I've heard of them--didn't know they looked like that.@katelinnea The only sports scores I get are for my least favorite team from my least favorite sport!@AdamBKushner @Mike_Freedman What is that? (It looks like a fried baloney sandwich I had in Montreal.)RT @thedailybeast: "Intolerance of intolerance is the real bullying!" Anti-gay bigots love playing the victim http://t.co/CrAztXAXJRCleveland Indians Fan In Redface Meets A Native American http://t.co/nm1whITZtK http://t.co/RfmkKFUSop
Retweeted by June ThomasWait, WHUT? RT @LuckyPeach: Just learned that Celine Dion owns Schwartz's in Montreal. Mind blown. http://t.co/x3S0My3TxSof course, affordable OS + hardware is awesome. here's the Android (green) vs iOS spilt in NY & NJ: http://t.co/vJVihveZcv
Retweeted by June Thomas
@emilynussbaum Filmed live in Whispers.@writerchica Made in a lab for maximum cuteness!@adam807 Truth!
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