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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Started and run my own conference company. Part of denwhere? & Ignite Denver. It's all about Community! 360|iDev, 360|Stack, 360|intersect, 360|WinPhone

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Thoughts on GitHub and legalese: http://t.co/7jAuuQ6T0I
Retweeted by John WilkerThe @KnowledgeCiv is OUT NOW! Build your survival kit: RT for chance to WIN 3 books on surviving apocalypse http://t.co/xeNo5eqlvu
Retweeted by John Wilker@noir Though if it works like existing appleseed, it will.@jhoffstein Those fancy little canvas triangle things FTW. or an umberella… :)Loving @GetCloak to be safe on unsecured WiFi
Retweeted by John WilkerOperation “Does the wifi extend out to the deck?” has been a GREAT SUCCESS
Retweeted by John Wilker@jhoffstein Will be setting my “patio AP” up later this week for patio working! W00t! Spring!We're looking for talented #iOS Engineers! Want to be a part of a great mobile team? Apply here: http://t.co/BhSDFI05J6
Retweeted by John WilkerYes, they should ban @justin from the internet…Check out CocoaRadio and learn how Vesper does sync with #AzureMobile http://t.co/u2woXcqpTW
Retweeted by John WilkerFeels. http://t.co/ikygkj7Q1k
Retweeted by John WilkerStartup community Hackers & Founders Amsterdam opens up new co-working space http://t.co/UBbzBWi2UY
Retweeted by John WilkerHappy Earth Day! 🌍 Treat our home well and treat each other with kindness. 💗
Retweeted by John Wilker
@AaronTempler I know how you feel :) Thanks for lunch the other day :)Congratulations to Boston, winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon!
Retweeted by John Wilker@w3ltraumpirat Thanks man! Appreciate thatAlready some really awesome submissions for #360idev, haven't submitted? Get on it! http://t.co/RmnvRkpQsuWoo-hoo! @AppCamp4Girls is coming to Seattle this summer! Tell your Seattle friends that the deadline is April 28! http://t.co/scI9PdgnJl
Retweeted by John Wilker@Whakkee Yeah, i definitely think it was for the best, but yeah, not a fun one at all@philhassey Yeah :( Hopefully not something i have to deal with againEvents are easy http://t.co/FMyCkgJYgm
Whether it's fluoride or piss, Portland doesn't much get how dilution works. http://t.co/ffHEadb6M5
Retweeted by John WilkerDon't forget to thank the Easter bunny for dying for your sins tomorrow.
Retweeted by John WilkerA few of our #volunteers are #dads who have #daughters attending the workshop. #BlackGirlsCodeDallas http://t.co/XCVLXSRRmp
Retweeted by John WilkerI love http://t.co/Iqiz3hbs1z, but really hate trying import data to mailchimp. Export is huge mess of all dataHow releasing a Mac version of your iOS app can help drive sales for both: http://t.co/Kx7wvC5Zoy
Retweeted by John Wilker@dhb7 @LordBron exactly.@dhb7 @LordBron yup they feel better when vendors suffer@dhb7 @LordBron yeah it’s always bend to our bad practice because heaven forbid we improve@LordBron @reboog711 yeah often think about finding some FTE and then am like I can’teven imagine what that’d be like or if I could do it.
@kylerichter @justin just buy new shoes@scott4arrows well I had two beers at lunch so it might be easier@scott4arrows lol then you just get numb to the decision until later@jaycrain Glad to be of service :D@chuckdude @colleenish awesome-sauce!! congrats!@mechhead Don’t make me come over there!hard decisions suck and don’t get easier with procrastination@cocoalabs @arepty W00t! that’s awesome!In today's episode of "correlation does not equal causation"... "@TIME: Denver man ate pot-infused candy before shooting wife, police say"
Retweeted by John WilkerWhat do Designers, web developers, and game developers have in common? Some really awesome ones will be here. http://t.co/gLMBdNI8N8If you do one thing today, buy your ticket to #360intersect you’ll thank me. http://t.co/pr96BfscTU[New]: Win a ticket to the 360iDev (2014) Conference - http://t.co/2fuexWxBOQ
Retweeted by John WilkerWhat do iOS developers, Artists, entrepreneurs have in common? Some really interesting ones will be here. http://t.co/gLMBdNI8N8
Ed O'Neil has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years, http://t.co/TgODE73Rcl
Retweeted by John WilkerBe sure to tune in! I'll be talking with @webfriendsio tomorrow at noon PST. Listen in live at http://t.co/zRGIFjyjV4
Retweeted by John Wilker@w3ltraumpirat true it’s easy to end up in the weeds. interesting@w3ltraumpirat was thinking more of dietary habits that require supplements. If i.e. not eating what’s needed, but then taking a pill@notjosh @Whakkee true and shudder.. LOL@Whakkee no doubt, i’m sure the opinion on this are as wide and varied as the type of dietary preferences@w3ltraumpirat i was thinking mainly “Sustainment of life”@notjosh ha! well that works@Whakkee true, and my ‘wise’ was for your own sustainment of life LOL@notjosh “loss of vibration sensation,” what a strange thing to lose. To be clear, not passing judgement, just curious about it.@Whakkee I’m picky as hell, but i work around it, but i was thinking more like veganism, and things like that. not a judgement, but question@notjosh true, and veganism was what i was thinking of. are there no natural sources that aren’t animal?@Whakkee precisely@Whakkee exactly. picky. i agree that’s their choice and it’s a bad one.@Whakkee not in my opinion. i hate tomatoes, can’t stand em. i get vitamins in other veggies.@Whakkee but not eating processed food doesn’t keep you from natural sources of protein, etc.@Whakkee in my example medical reasons don’t count. thinking strictly the conscious decision to do a certain thing just because.@justin @brianreischl Ditto and good call. Go with what works, cut the rest. Got yer backIs a dietary choice really a wise one if supplements/powders are needed for protein etc.I'm gonna eat a bunch of vegan ribs tonight. I won't be vegan, but my meal was.
Retweeted by John Wilker@uliwitness @Spacekatgal @SusanArendt i don’t think she was written as effectively as possible. coulda been even stronger a character“@rlux: If this is true then s%$! just got very, very real in #Ukraine http://t.co/IiJQO5I5ar” I seriously hope it’s not true. :(I really hope there's eventual day where I can speak up on Women in Tech issues and not get insults, threats and sexual comments sent to me.
Retweeted by John Wilker@eric_daugherty @justin I had wondered about elements just last week. Bummer, but def. understand@brian_henderson ha yeah and I even know the denver folks, just brain farted on the account for some reason@car2goDenver I arrived the system was back to normal@car2goDenver cool yeah car functioned fine. Just DM’ed you a pic of the screen it showed me, but yeah no troubles driving and by the time@brian_henderson @car2goDenver @car2go Damnit not sure why i didn’t do that. DUH@car2go after this came on the screen a minute or 2 later, all good http://t.co/KI6DjTlZRwHey @car2go this morning the car i was in, sorta GPF’d. screen went black, then froze on logo then radio cut out and then it call came backI've seen @kylerichter talk about a lot of things, this will be new, and I can't wait! http://t.co/6NZnlsB2vL #360intersectLove seeing folks i know from tech events, talk about non tech. Can't wait to see what @AntonioHolguin shares http://t.co/vLSAFeDzo1
What makes us the best us we can be? 10 people from around the country tell their stories at #360intersect. http://t.co/jNY2k7R625RT @NerdApproved: The New X: Men Days Of Future Past Trailer Looks Awesome http://t.co/OI96JAa0vd http://t.co/nkVYbL3oOP Fuck YaWhat do you do away from your keyboard? http://t.co/gjAw64xQbZ Find out what 10 awesome folks do away from theirs and be inspired.Interested in speaking @AltConference? Email speakers@altconf.com with a proposal for a talk before the 25th April for consideration.
Retweeted by John Wilker@macgenie @walterpt lol I’m down with that. They’re still in rotation for me@walterpt @macgenie love that the graphics remind me of the @AppCamp4Girls iPhone backgrounds. Love ‘emWhat you do away from your keyboard is every bit as important as what you do at your keyboard. http://t.co/gjAw64xQbZ 10 awesome stories.We all hear how failure is great for success. Hear how @arielmichaeli failed his way to @appfigures http://t.co/8wWK578SUY #360intersect@gnarf hey, austin hackathon - apps to benefit kids. please boost @Hack4Austin
Retweeted by John Wilker@knowncitizen @jakep36 @uncubed looks about rightIt's always awesome when an attendee becomes a speaker. @graiz takes the stage at #360intersect this year! Can't wait http://t.co/WA61oYUnRjWhen the WSJ does a "tech" conf. Topics include: "How to Buy a Politician" and "We Need Stronger IP Laws" http://t.co/7s9aLzApfH
Retweeted by John Wilker@andrewg95 ah ok. Might be time to try ‘em out. have to check their site see if there’s a trial now that it’s released. hhmmm mail clients…“@defrag: confirmed: "Taming the RESTed NARWHL: Striking the Balance Between Usability and Zealotry in REST" for #gluecon” I mean Narwhal!!Everything wrong with tech in a single link. http://t.co/sn2uF7DHQ9 You don’t have enough facepalm available.
Retweeted by John WilkerLooking at the schedule, which session most interests you? http://t.co/RRv2tXIPJW
Retweeted by John WilkerSo want to rage quit my HOA Board. Or Rage fire the management company. Or both. #wilkergonnacutabitch.@rachelnabors takes the stage at #360intersect to talk about her journey from ink to pixels. Can't wait http://t.co/Q7GICG2dY2@andrewg95 Ah ok good to know. Were you a sparrow user before? How’s it stack up?@OwenGoss But does it support my motorola nexus fucking awesome radical lightning bolt, supreme. On Sprint? And.. w00t!@devunwired yeah airmail isn’t bad at it but sparrow did it right to let a whole thread easily be labeled and archived in one motion@devunwired Sparrow left big shoes to fill LOL@devunwired Ah ok that’s good to know. I make heavy use of labels and airmail’s flow is barely tolerable thereHey @OmniOutliner for iPad fans…we’ve published the OmniOutliner 2 for iPad User Manual on the iBooks Store: https://t.co/Tb2ruVk58X
Retweeted by John Wilker@thegdgteer @casademora Yeah tried mail pilot beta wasn’t thrilled. Airmail has served well enough@casademora ah ok. good to know.
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