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katierosman @katierosman wsj tech reporter

I write. I report. I yell at my kids cuz we're late. I do headstands.

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a banana will never break your heart
Retweeted by katierosmanRT @katiewelch: Etsy acquires @GrandSt http://t.co/miJ4XjH2y9Not content with bad film/Oscar reviews... RT @joannelipman: Yikes. RT @nytimes: James Franco should stick to acting http://t.co/Xyk8ZphPby@AdamsLisa Why won't some people just go away quietly, with dignity & grace?Innovation at AndreessenHorowitz! RT @elizabeth I hope I had a hand in the fact that @a16z now has Diet Mountain Dew. http://t.co/B2DnaNYnmS@samfbiddle I wanna read about the post-text cigarette.Clear stones, full finger. RT @erin_gs FNL fans: actual TX H.S. champs ring. http://t.co/OqVI6Bozc4#BREAKING: Mark Shand, younger brother of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has died, after hitting his head in #NewYork. #RIP #Today9
Retweeted by katierosman@carriemelago I know it's not a new question, but who thot it was ok for a grown man to be carrying a teenager like a baby?My name is Potato. My mom is @Brooke. Let's get this party started.
Retweeted by katierosmanKim Kardashian reads newspapers lol http://t.co/lMBgrJgiOB h/t @MissJennaBI'm going to mansplain why you need the news mansplained to you. It's because otherwise, you might develop ideas of your own. Shudder.
Retweeted by katierosmanA Letter to 'The Boss' http://t.co/xz9isiAXTe @backstreetsmag @SpringsteenSays @bruce_the_boss @theboss_songs @EstreetCalling @blogness
Retweeted by katierosmanAmong the legacies left by the late @WSJ reporter Jeff Zaslow to his kids: a love of The Boss. By @AlexandraZaslow. http://t.co/SJThd73YdM@lizaswanson i'd buy that dog's yoga dvd, for shizPulitzer winner @SHendersonFreep on SCOTUS's embrace of Michigan's affirmative action ban: "I Am Affirmative Action." http://t.co/XkB9puZYKLYou'll still need IRL key as backup. RT The lock+key is 18th-century tech. @yvesbehar's @AugustSmartLock is 2014. http://t.co/WDYVu2lh0zGoogle's Chromebook is no longer a joke! Our @WSJ tech columnist @JoannaStern takes a serious look. http://t.co/lGjzfQ2IpeMost popular story on http://t.co/kKwrsCaPOw: When your dream job disappoints http://t.co/TYbkUz17ngSome Hollywood Advice for Shakespeare: Romeo/Juliet: "The higher-ups say the ending is such a downer." #HBDtoTheBard http://t.co/MfzwQrSxJaThe dog-#yoga version of a cat video! Thanks to @lizaswanson for making my morning with a Chihuahua in downward dog. http://t.co/Fh5Ayew69wPeople's Most Beautiful designation goes this year to Lupita Nyong'o. http://t.co/sEq3HvVLQQSteady growth not bubble growth. RT @JasonRaznick: Creating a new brand for financial news, in Michigan of all places http://t.co/BdQUXAE0xJ
Dear @DanaAndJulia: even though the Times review said you were "young," I believed all the other parts. xo@jm3 You are most welcome! I'm glad it arrived. The tat is rad.@thevanessag reunited! Hope you're well. xoGreat NYT review for MTV's "Faking It," created by @JuliaWolov--a lifelong BFF + the most foul-mouthed person I know. http://t.co/LqCIsJcIvZStrict constructionalist RT @intelligencer Justice Scalia Learned the Difference Between TV and HBO Today http://t.co/sDzlyY1xoBTween zeitgeist spotter! RT @Spencerante Thx to screaming teenage girls outside my office I know the new hot boy band: 5 Seconds of SummerDear Mark Zuckerberg, please allow Instagram photos to render in Twitter.
Retweeted by katierosman@stefanjbecket I care deeply about the tweetNo mas U! Los colombianos montan campaña para que los extranjeros digan Colombia, no Columbia http://t.co/YlGmAsTfda
Retweeted by katierosman@julietsimmons What I did: I walked into a needlepoint shop and asked for a lesson. They'll teach you bc they know it's an addictive drug!@samfbiddle @kevinroose Do you think they're discriminating against people who wear polka dot blouses in their Twitter avatars?@samfbiddle @kevinroose Clearly you don't!! Did you also form one of those leaning coffee klatch book group circles?@kevinroose Even fewer than "Lean In"Needlepoint shift dress ornament by @katierosman is my favorite thing on the internet this morning http://t.co/HO8f2bQQHk (please send info)
Retweeted by katierosmanDo you use AirBNB To Rent Your Apartment? If so, watch this: Airbnb's Legal Fight in N.Y. Explained http://t.co/IqSZDWJu4p
Retweeted by katierosmanWith Aereo hearing capturing media attn, good time to note SCOTUS arguments should be televised/streamed.
Retweeted by katierosman@ronlieber ha! That made me laugh. I'll never forget my first edit meeting when someone brought up the "to be sure" & I was like, "the huh?"@LaurenYoung you're so badass@pkafka @brianstelter He's ❤️ing something his wife just posted to Instagram.Airbnb and Aereo both going to court today. Important judicial moment for antennae in hotel rooms.@AlexandraJacobs Grasshopper, you need to embrace the hate-fave. http://t.co/1NoBTG9H5sToday Hollywood will be talking about how horrible Hollywood is. http://t.co/89XYyAL9aA
@murraymatt @EBernsteinWSJ Mine, luckily, is pretty good. But I will share this with less fortunate relatives and friends!WSJ's @MattFutterman bangs out a 26.2 mile run and then a gorgeous piece. #bostonstrong http://t.co/xFsvwH4pwR"No evidence of gender-based discrimination" yet he resigns. RT @karaswisher GitHub CEO Tom Preston Werner Resigns http://t.co/ygnCbSoKcl@EvelynRusli You gotta take lots of free gum and band aids from the locker room to help stomach paying $32 to ride indoor bike for 45mins@JustinSchonie He's an American.An American wins #BostonMarathon for 1st time since 1985. "I want[ed]...to win it for the people," he said, weeping. http://t.co/1Lks1Hbmwu""If you hire a single one of these people, that means war" WSJ: Facebook rejected Apple/Google alleged hiring circle http://t.co/wpta6GWCU9@AlexandraJacobs @instagram A Picture Paints 140 CharactersGo, marathoners, go! #BostonStrong 🏃💪🇺🇸
Very proud of readings abilities of my 5 year old who, in the mag section @Barnes&Noble, said, "Tori can't give Dean enough sex, momma."SURPRISE!!!!
Retweeted by katierosmanMellow out for 4/20 wit my playlist. http://t.co/RxCMMgO3sk
Retweeted by katierosman
@IanGertler The mess(es) will return in 2 hours, post Spring Break visit to Grandpa in Florida!In my quiet, clean house thinking about how much I miss my kids. But also thinking about how much I love when my house is quiet and clean.Here's how I found @lizadonnelly : Start w/ @grannyny -> @katierosman -> @adamslisa -> Liza. All #awesomewomen
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Nike told @wsj last month it was selling out of its limited edition Rose Gold FuelBands http://t.co/enrb8SnBAoNews of Nike ending Fuelband broke on Secret: https://t.co/eATHUYfcwq
Retweeted by katierosmanAlt Nike FuelBand headline: Nike execs talk with Apple & realize iPhone, iWatch = health wearables. Wanna bet nice Nike apps for iOS8?
Retweeted by katierosmanWhat?! It has A LOT of fans! RT @erin_gs: Nike out of wearable tech biz? RT @eringriffith: Great scoop http://t.co/jM9NAAx8fl via @CNET@nigelcameron As my dad would say, "Now THAT is a face!" #Shaynapunim!@nigelcameron Let's see yours!I far prefer the shelfie to the selfie. #wsjshelfie http://t.co/T6ymvi7n2c@k8bdonnelly Been like that for a while. Did you read Into Thin Air?@fieldproducer You come from a land called Down Under.@ShiraOvide @dannyyadron Vodka is a Jewish girl's beat friend during Passover.I've started a new board on Pinterest: "She Chic." Send me other great iages to add! http://t.co/NZpRLj35n0Classic New York scene: #NYPD cop taking a break with his @nypost. 👮📰 http://t.co/dXDLG2Yyyf@stdoyle @jm3 And you would never have let my letter languish endlessly in an unchecked mailbox... 📬@AlexandraJacobs You are nuts. In the good way!
Will @HillaryClinton be the first grandma president?Is it true you're going to work for Bobbi Brown at Yahoo? RT @TheStalwart Penultimate day at BI office. Getting misty.Chelsea Clinton's child will be old enough to run for president in 2049.
Retweeted by katierosman@SandyCannold @SteveScottWCBS @JoannaStern Should I write a story about how Montel Williams is slumming on Twitter?.@JoannaStern just humble bragged that Montel Williams is following her.I *thought* Chelsea Clinton might be preg when I saw her last week but then I thot maybe I was just being catty. http://t.co/06RcpqOa3g@eevee Hi there, I'd love to speak to u for a story I'm reporting. Email me? katherine dot rosman at wsj dot com. hope to hear from u soon!Hashtag I had lunch w/ @AlexandraJacobs who's RT new to Twitter + obsessed w/ inserting #random Twitter-words into convos. hat tip via LOL@jm3 did you get my letter???@stephcliff @BW Humor in attributions!.@bw egg-freezing story: woman "declined to reveal her name in a natl magazine for fear of staying single forever" http://t.co/AJubAZFqiA
Retweeted by katierosman@ericjackson My kids are responsible for at least 1/3 of all Frozen merch revenueTrial attys aren't gonna 👍 this! If you "like" @GeneralMills' Cheerios, you give up rights to sue. via @nickvarchaver http://t.co/7zv9nShj23@PaulSonne Despite all the millions of people begging him to?@lizaswanson That is AMAZING!!!!
@HedgedETF that'd be a great source of revenue!I kinda wish the President of the United States would stop with the selfies."FOUND: Cartier LOVE bracelet at the Lambs Club. Lemme know if ur missing...” #condenastreplyall
Retweeted by katierosman@tristanwalker so meanlol, @fmanjoo age-shamed Mark Zuckerberg http://t.co/SYGckR73JG / http://t.co/tiel7aXOMq
Retweeted by katierosmanFascinating. RT @hriefs: Ugly media spat: @ABC News wants share of Pulitzer won by @Publici http://t.co/aBc4Lk1HBg
I keep forgetting to tweet this great @rddysum @WSJ story about why we always forget where we put our keys! http://t.co/QWhhJeXcEKWhich @Buzzfeed Data Scientist Are You Most Like? RT @dannysullivan: Meet @kyharlin http://t.co/TpY5Kh3xyt via @NiemanLab@jglasner @casacks Ha! When the bar is low, not hard to hurdle it!!!Do as he says, not as he tweets! RT @WSJD: Twitter's new product chief has tweeted only three times. http://t.co/vv9wCiFVxiWant to make oatmeal with your single-cup coffee brewer? @GeneralMills plans to sell oatmeal made with a @Keurig http://t.co/e1lfuB8HDU
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