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@Hashgram http://t.co/G7TcDd0JZp@stdoyle your most important user awaits@Hashgram @stdoyle Is Hashgram down?Separated at birth: Sarah Palin and Monica Lewinsky. h/t @raju @pjfeinstein http://t.co/LR9PSPpA7GIn July I promised @katierosman I would get skateboarding onto @nytimes Page 1 within a year. The future came early. http://t.co/CLpoTH1pu7
Retweeted by katierosmanNext up: the three-legged dog. RT @conordougherty In July I promised @katierosman I'd get skateboarding onto @nytimes Page 1 within a year.Renée Zellweger Looks Like a New Woman http://t.co/tbGvQyDgw5@raju Wow, good call. You're right. My best elevator star-sighting at WSJ was Palin. She was very pretty + teeny-tiny! Quite friendly too.Monica Lewinsky looks great. http://t.co/W1VtQxdPjR
RIP Oscar de la Renta
Retweeted by katierosman@susanorlean that's what I decided after episode 2 season 2. Not all love is meant to last forever!For POTUS, only the most cutting-edge technology America has to offer will do. h/t @katiezez http://t.co/dDZ6wlLe7T
@jasonWSJ Hey everyone come look at me, I've got street credibility!@jasonWSJ The second exclamation point following the Wham! reference shows a remarkable fidelity to details. http://t.co/EJN6Qta2xMPolitico's @DylanByers was married by a minister of the Church of Latter-Day Dude, a Big Lebowsk-based religion. http://t.co/0q3ifAeHFkMy children are discussing the relative merits of Blue and North.Our cover story this week, about a boy with autism and his BFF Siri, is just amazing. Loving the reader comments too! http://t.co/R8blF4pj68
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"This is a love letter to a machine." Leading tmrw's @NYT Styles, a gem about technology & humanity. #siri http://t.co/oWKYWCUlkMHoly Ethnic Stereotyping, Batman!! http://t.co/D2Ky9Meza2
@erin_gs if I had any idea what it meant, I might be able to answer but prob notOfficially, they're the mainstream media RT @romenesko: Gawker memo: "I don't want to tell you what to tweet, but..." http://t.co/ILplcaMGyJListening to my kid do his Spanish homework: "Siri: translate 'las fresas.'" #NoBueno #strawberriesIf this pumpkin's a-rocking don't come a-knocking! Regram from @lonsdwlelyndz #PumpkinArt #vwcampervan http://t.co/T6ZXZHj79GNot the Onion RT @BostonGlobe: Passengers on cruise carrying Dallas health worker will receive 50% off future cruises http://t.co/23aYYPRva6If the goal of today's Ebola coverage in the NY Post was to scare the heck out of me, job well done.@jeffpulver hi Jeff! tell me more about it Katherine dot Rosman at nytimes
Per my request, my sister asked her mailman if he'd speak to me for a story. "No good ever comes from talking to those people," he replied.@adamjk The corporate puzzle opportunity you've been waiting for!!!I'm currenlty soliciting sponsors - RT @nytimes Your Instagram Picture, Worth a Thousand Ads http://t.co/MhIlXoVWtf
Retweeted by katierosman"Words are so Gen Y"--intriguing story on how top brands are paying popular Instagrammers for favorable photos. http://t.co/hXTyya6wZS
Retweeted by katierosman@adamjk @marianliz I love Adam's book!!!Love me a romper! RT @EHolmesWSJ: The jumpsuit's journey from novelty item to entire category. http://t.co/JuPbKehKUk http://t.co/VVy1KueLT1Chartering a helicopter ride over Chicago was expensive. But she did have 55,000 Instagram followers http://t.co/PsZglZVInR
Retweeted by katierosman@AlexandraJacobs 😘
@michaelroston Please do! If a tree falls in the forest and it can't be monetized, no one will have heard it...@michaelroston Don't cry unless you can barter those tears ...Best kicker anecdote evz. RT @adamjk: my own struggles with authenticity & self-promotion in @katierosman's NYT story http://t.co/tlDPt9xTjOInsta-fluencers barter photos for free Mercedes, 1stclass flights, chauffeured rides to the Hamptons. My NYT story: http://t.co/zB9NWdanpZ@HedgedETF you smoke? Yuck@RebeccaSchinsky emailed! xxoo@RebeccaSchinsky Hi Rebecca! I'd love to speak to you for a story I'm reporting. Email me? katherine dot rosman at http://t.co/CJLn1eKyDF@CartoTom Many thanks, Tom. I spoke to Chris. The story runs in tomorrow's paper1@CartoTom katherine dot rosman at nytimes dot com@CartoTom Hi Tom. NYT reporter Katie Rosman here, did you get the message to call me for a story that is closing today? please email asap...
Becuz its easier than sneaking out of the house. RT @TheAtlantic: This month's cover story, hitting our website tmrw: http://t.co/xaVwIs6oLl@KidKotok yes, things surely will pick up so they can drop even further"Expert Available to Discuss The Evolution of Sexy Holloween Costumes"--subject of email I received, revealing a pr-fueled societal nadirDave Eggers calls the work of @BoggsSchool some of the most inspiring he's seen. #MeToo #ProudBigSister. @mcsweeneys http://t.co/pcmmGJZ0SODave Eggers illo'ed this book by the students of @BoggsSchool (Amanda Rosman, exec director!). @mcsweeneys #ProudSis http://t.co/hV1XqkrRnX
Words I never expected to tweet: I love the pope.@jonathanwald @villagevoice I have a feeling someone is gonna regret writing/approving that headline/tweet.Taylor Swift to write an angry song about John Cleese. http://t.co/VtGwYYnef2Abigail Johnson named CEO of Fidelity Investments: http://t.co/i0HyiURvlX http://t.co/kHRf04Ton0
Retweeted by katierosmanTold that Jennifer Lawrence "feels it below the belt" for him, Larry David said, “Maybe she's referring to her knees" http://t.co/p3uGPwYGnw@bengreenman I think Ben Franklin gets credit for way too much. Bifocals? Electricity? Democracy? Every good adage in the book? As if.@samsalter1 Hi Sam! I'm a NYT reporter; would love to talk to u for a story. email me? katherine dot rosman @ http://t.co/CJLn1eKyDF@tdawzly Hi Taylor! I'm a NYT reporter; would love to talk to u for a story. email me? katherine dot rosman @ http://t.co/CJLn1eKyDF@qween_bri Hi Bri! I'm a NYT reporter; would love to talk to u for a story. email me? katherine dot rosman @ http://t.co/CJLn1eKyDF@pembertonambher Hi Ambher! I'm a NYT reporter; would love to talk to u for a story. email me? katherine dot rosman @ http://t.co/CJLn1eKyDF@DaynaWeber @Jonwebs Meant to take a pic of this when i was at the museum with my kids on fri http://t.co/IqdObzjnmB"I am naked + you are naked, but we are not, under any circumstances, going to acknowledge it.” My boss takes a bath. http://t.co/72e6QcN2EAFascinating obit. Comer Cottrell made millions on Jheri curl products; was 1st African American to co-own an MLB team http://t.co/e9EZ9zoEWX
"That was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie," said Ella, uttering words not likely to be appropriated by the film's marketers.Best correction period RT @eleanorokane: My favourite ever @guardian Correction and Clarification… http://t.co/5XfbSxFdym
Retweeted by katierosman@ennuigo @JillAbramson I got fired at 17yo. My boss said, "Yo blondie go get me a pack of smokes." I said "Yo baldie go get 'em yourself."Jill Abramson was asked by a reporter about Malala's Nobel - what were you doing at 17? "I was smoking pot at Bethesda Fountain." #bindercon
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Guy at Starbucks just asked me if I liked Mark Twain. I said, "He was pretty good but I prefer Samuel Clemens." He didn't get it.Fantastic business of fashion story about "Business of Fashion" by @koblin. #BoF http://t.co/FbvEQo2o3k
"Pimp My Sukkah" My WSJ Sukkot a-hed from 8 (!!) years ago. #ChagSukkotSameach http://t.co/haK4QCBIOgBreaking: Instagram is back up! Brunch photos are saved (even if some people hate brunch...)
Retweeted by katierosmanDetroit, home of biggest increase in cycling in US, is re-tooling as a bike manufacturing hub. Very cool. http://t.co/3y3f8OXl65 @HUB
Retweeted by katierosmanI asked the woman refilling the condiments if she would classify herself as an organizer. "Why do you… http://t.co/0GDIVXXMaU@RickBrooksWSJ Don't stop til you get enough.If I were a woman Microsoft employee, I'd consider asking for a raise today. http://t.co/lQ08ybrYSY via @nytimesbits@mhaithaca I'm gonna go back to work now so I can write and edit stuff people find interesting and valuable. Have a nice weekend.@mhaithaca I can't speak to various paper's payment structures. I love what the Journal and the Times produce and so I subscribe to both.@mhaithaca The world's a funny place. As readers we want it for free. As journalists we want people to see the value in paying for content.@mhaithaca @TheOnion @BorowitzReport @WSJ True. Also, Pulitzer Prize winning reporters like to get paid + companies need money to functionThis is a real story. It's not @TheOnion. It's not the @BorowitzReport. http://t.co/NZSFd8cqPg via @WSJ@RickBrooksWSJ Beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it, no one wants to be defeated.
Who ever wrote today's NYT puzzle is an (evil) genius!@Ninaa_Star Hi Nins! I'm a NYT reporter/would love to talk re a story I'm writing. Email me? katherine dot rosman at http://t.co/HokJ3k8oNx@vivian You have insight into some of the world's most important media orgs, spanning radio, tv, newspaper + social. Amazing! I admire you!@MikeIsaac They engineer the photographs with a secret algorithm to elicit right-swipes@kjoyrobinson My son said, "You might be the only 3rd grade mom who knows what 'bae' means but I'll check with my friends."My kids think this is a really good story. http://t.co/uS8mUaErdo@jonathanwald We've assigned a big story on the thigh gap, working title, "what women want now is a little space""Hold on a second." For timepiece-obsessives, a "smart watch" is one engineered in the 17th century. By @GuyTrebay http://t.co/9rf9RrLWtlThe 'Mom Jean' Waistline Rises Above the Mocking http://t.co/89hV7ieEVjRT @MollyRingwald: She can't escape her mom, even when "back to school" shopping at Target. http://t.co/1LeFiYiLj5
Retweeted by katierosman@dhchait @WSJ 😉
@meganwholey As a member of the #olds, I am proud to influence you@NYTOnIt we prefer lowercase #onit@meganwholey You like?Go on… RT @nytimes: You might notice that we didn't use any hashtags in this tweet http://t.co/IReVfOmcr3
Retweeted by katierosman@jaredbkeller I am so glad!!I am putting #hashtags like #bae #selfie #yolo in this tweet in the hope that it'll be good for biz. @MarisaMeltzer http://t.co/i9eXGbq9ysCarl Icahn tweets to Tim Cook to stay tuned for an "interesting" open letter. http://t.co/TC0Co1I7GE via @DawnC331 http://t.co/TvlkhXeDBl
Retweeted by katierosman.@FLOTUS on Spanx: "we all wear them with pride."
Retweeted by katierosmanA wonderfully delightful and extremely interesting story about the terribly maligned adverb. http://t.co/v9zXU1xFzE via @WSJ
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