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@ericuman We've already done it."Come to me, mama/Ease my money crisis now." Bob Dylan shills for IBM. Dunham with a smooth Franzen dig: concerns about social media's ills are "something 60-year-old male novelists worry about" #VFSummit
Retweeted by katie rosman@Swanny_Sez not heavy enough@lpolgreen @PamelaPaulNYT The Taj Mahal compared to Port Authority
@mipolitico @BoggsSchool Yes! Amanda Rosman. She's amazing. You should meet her/check out the school.So proud that NYT obit of Grace Lee Boggs mentions @BoggsSchool, of wh/ my sister is co-founder & exec director It had a pencil stuck thru it, loose change and lint stuck to it and i decline to commentA picture of a mangled Rice Krispy Treat that I found at the bottom of my purse is like the most popular thing I've ever posted to Facebook.Grace Lee Boggs, visiting @BoggsSchool--a worthy namesake of a true activist and pioneer. #RIP Lee Boggs, legendary civil rights and education activist, dies at 100. hoo, @embeedub! I wish @AdamsLisa and I could read it simultaneously and text manically about how good it is.
Today, in back-handed compliments... @contra_flow Your mom would appreciate top billing next time.Pandora's @timwestergren giving a great speech. A very wry and funny guy. 🎶 #dethomecoming @davidmaraniss @SHendersonFreep He's a very compelling guy. Very impressive and funny.Can't wait to read "Once in a Great City," by @davidmaraniss. Music, cars, labor/civil rights. 🎼🚘👊🏽#importedfromdetroit #dethomecoming"It's cliche to say Detroit is the new Brooklyn. Anyway, Detroit is real and Brooklyn's fake."-- @davidmaraniss 👊🏽 #BAM! #dethomecoming#dethomecoming I have be obsessed with something to write a book.--@davidmaraniss in convo w @SHendersonFreep
Can't judge a city without trying its yoga. #citizenyogadetroit is fantastic! #dethomecoming LZ Granderson's comments on race and LGBT equality make him my new hero.@Locs_n_Laughs great lineup last night.
Email from Anne Marie Slaughter indicates she knew of State Dep't home email use in 2011 Pope still a Pope.
Retweeted by katie rosman@BostonGlobe I can think of 2 or 20 times when I would have, yes.@DearSplenda You are! You are hilarious, and I haven't felt so understood since I stopped seeing my shrink years ago. #NEWBFF@DearSplenda No, please go on!Breaking, via @EPovoledo: Vatican confirms that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. Following:
Retweeted by katie rosman@FaranKrentcil Sure, feel free to email me....ttyl
@auntie_jenn @juliebux Nicest thing I've been called all day!
@DianaTourjee @broadly Hi Diana, feel free to email me and let me know what your story's about! Best, katie katherine dot rosman @ nytimes@avb @georgiastitt @TadaTheater omg@JoshMusicant Keep in touch!@BirdsofAlabama Not sure why then you're criticizing the section for publishing substantive story then, but I respect your opinion!@BirdsofAlabama @MairinOdle I work for the NYT after having worked for 10yrs for the WSJ. I'm comfortable w/ the company my journalism keeps@DeviantReader Actually it's not. Nor is the section a "woman's" section.@MairinOdle Bc that's the section I write for + my eds believed the topic was import. Work has less value bc word "Style" appears above it?@FaranKrentcil ... Particularly bc you work for the brilliant @robbiemyers, who for 15 yrs+ has defied what "women's" journalism is.@FaranKrentcil I find your take that journalism is diminished bc it runs in Styles section very odd ....@JoshMusicant I think you're cool to do such important work!
@KristieBergin too long and ill be back is too short!What is the Schwarzenegger catch phrase? #crosswordpuzzle #50across@markdubya thank you!He's reading @katierosman's @NYTStyles cover story
Retweeted by katie rosman
Worlds collide.
Retweeted by katie rosman@theDocBrown Anyway, let's be BFF now!@theDocBrown 6.8% of male undergrads at Mich experience nonconsensual sexual contact. + it should matter anyone who is/is going to be a dad!@theDocBrown I get frustrated feeling like work is devalued bc word "Styles" appears about it. Feature journalism is more valuable than ever@theDocBrown @nytimes It's a good dialogue + I understand what you're saying. But increasingly, "sections" don't matter. Web promotion does.@theDocBrown @nytimes The cover of SundayStyles is one of the most valuable pieces of journalistic real estate. Stories are very well read.@theDocBrown @nytimes I'm grateful that my editors gave me 2200 words to cover an important topic. It's not a woman story either.@theDocBrown @nytimes That's the section I write for. You like it less bc of "Style" notation? Anyway, youth culture is part of our coverage@AlPaul YOU MUST!! Seriously, I really want to read it. let me know when it's posted?"I'M NOT CRYING, I'M WHINING!" This six year old is destine to become a lawyer.I can't wait to read about the keynote address WSJ's @RBlumenstein will deliver for the @michigandaily anniversary!!“We want people to have sex with people they want to have sex with." On the Front Line of Campus Sexual Misconduct
This story by @JimWindolf reads like a Shel Silverstein poem, and is just as funny. #AllGonnaDie
@MichiganRoss Read this as saying his name is Prof Rich Tightwad and thought, BEST NAME EVER!Facebook pivot. Zuckerberg in a suit. @Pontifex Reassuring. Ish.Transit police with finger on trigger of rifle. Yikes. @Pontifex @JamieStelter 5) Baby steps!I've never Tweetstormed before! It feels sort of self-righteous but yet somehow satisfying.There was no bigger fan of @Serial than I. But its reaction to @MaximMag's scoop, & pivot from its scrappy low-cost production is dismaying.Great scoop by @MaximMag about @Serial's partnership with Hollywood producers to focus on a story headed for the silver screen.Journalists who don't adhere to @serial's PR strategy aren't "menschy," says Serial. #SerialGoesHollywood
Urban Dictionary: Hangry
The Pope follows 8 people on Twitter. Sort of. meeting the Pope, Michelle Obama wore a dress that covers her arms. I look forward to test-driving the prototype!
I love how Trump retweets with the quotes. It reminds me of a mom who forwards email jokes to a long list of cc'ed people.Goop-meets-Ganga: @SnoopDogg launches a marijuana lifestyle web site, Merry Jane.'t wait to see it!!! Can't wait to video the unboxing!HUGE!! Good for you, great for them! of my main food groups! #yum + very well timed, "The Deleted Emails of Hillary: A Parody" drops tmrw. @johnmoe is a funny, funny guy. @NickKristof @jodikantor @ronlieber I don't think I should be spoken in the same tweet as them, but a girl can dream! :-)Taylor Swift is finally on Spotify (sorta)! I am digging this Ryan Adams cover of Blank Space. (Still sounds like "…
When Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote her famous "Can't Have It All" Atlantic story, I responded in @WSJ. @ClaudiaCopquin@ClaudiaCopquin I've heard her speak and have read a lot of her writings on the topic and her message kinda drives me crazy.@ClaudiaCopquin her usual mantra is about the impossibilities of working motherhood but in any case, people with children can & do succeedWhy is this successful woman who is also a mother always saying working mothers can't succeed? A Toxic Work World
My 9 year old said lunchroom talk this week has been all about Donald Trump. "Someone said he's a jerk but that hes a jerk on purpose."
My other favorite thing from FB today. #procrastinating anyone else see that movie theater marriage proposal on FB? I AM SOBBING.The only part of being a writer that I hate is the writing.
In my next life, I wanna be as talented as @KellyCrowWSJ. women ride the subway. That's where @paula_knight spotted Sofia Coppola. #nyfw Joy Behar mocked nurses on The View, a doc took to FB to defend their role. Post went viral. I❤️his follow-up: @RalphLauren Too bad Grace Coddington isn't next to them! #3isatrend@SteveKrak I know, I was just saying.@SteveKrak @poniewozik @Wesley_Morris Don't think he can be replaced.@tonyjcannings Her error code -41@alanalevinson Maybe it's from that crap you ate yesterday@tonyjcannings Meet any good looking apps?No one has house/apartment parties anymore because everyone is too busy hooking up with the phones. ironed
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