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I write. I report. I yell at my kids cuz we're late. I do headstands.

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@HedgedETF that'd be a great source of revenue!I kinda wish the President of the United States would stop with the selfies."FOUND: Cartier LOVE bracelet at the Lambs Club. Lemme know if ur missing...” #condenastreplyall
Retweeted by katierosman@tristanwalker so meanlol, @fmanjoo age-shamed Mark Zuckerberg http://t.co/SYGckR73JG / http://t.co/tiel7aXOMq
Retweeted by katierosmanFascinating. RT @hriefs: Ugly media spat: @ABC News wants share of Pulitzer won by @Publici http://t.co/aBc4Lk1HBg
I keep forgetting to tweet this great @rddysum @WSJ story about why we always forget where we put our keys! http://t.co/QWhhJeXcEKWhich @Buzzfeed Data Scientist Are You Most Like? RT @dannysullivan: Meet @kyharlin http://t.co/TpY5Kh3xyt via @NiemanLab@jglasner @casacks Ha! When the bar is low, not hard to hurdle it!!!Do as he says, not as he tweets! RT @WSJD: Twitter's new product chief has tweeted only three times. http://t.co/vv9wCiFVxiWant to make oatmeal with your single-cup coffee brewer? @GeneralMills plans to sell oatmeal made with a @Keurig http://t.co/e1lfuB8HDU
Retweeted by katierosman@rzgreenfield Yes, she is my colleague @EvelynRusli and she is powerful indeed!I tend not to take these "most powerful"/"100 under 100" lists seriously--they're just clickbait--but 13 women out of 100 people is patheticOn @businessinsider's list of the 100 most powerful tech tweeters, 13 are women. http://t.co/AnX4kdSiTeFor all the $$ businesses invest in ensuring secure online communications, they might wanna tell employees not to talk so loud on the Acela.
@wassermanwealth one too many!In the perfect words of @megwolitzer in "The Interestings," I am a short-Seder Jew. #ChagSameach! http://t.co/IC6ZrMKH2TVery happy to see @SHendersonFreep win a Pulitzer Prize for criticism. Kudos to an important voice in Detroit and beyond.
David Carr @carr2n scorches Yahoo: "It has zero cachet and no discernible way forward." http://t.co/esN9f5zpskShootings at Jewish centers in Kansas City leave 3 dead http://t.co/3oGfyNCbXt via @USATODAY@AdamsLisa what about a lot of sex?
@BHowards Send me an email and I'll email you the story! Katherine dot Rosman at wsj dot com@mathewi @ShiraOvide I try to pay it forward whenever I see an opportunity. Makes me feel connected to my mom & to Dessey w/ whom I am close@mathewi @ShiraOvide Thank you both so much. When nothing seems fair, the kindness of strangers can remind you that there is goodness."I will have a private plane and if it's not big enough, my publicist will get me a new one." -- Ari, 8 cc @brooke@abbygardner @thisisjendoll Been with mine longer than my husband. #18yearsLove it. RT @JMichaelsNews: The crowd goes wild as #BostonStrong @SInow cover shoot photo is taken on Boylston St! http://t.co/c1Mtht4iXc
Retweeted by katierosmanStanley Bing's glossary for workplace survival. "Ass-covering is a craft, not an art." http://t.co/rTayjCLSMv3D printings most important innovation: @realgrumpycat for your mantle! http://t.co/wV6Bi3m8VO http://t.co/m8ieBxMjBR
@thisisjendoll It was special chalk.Sarah Palin shuns the "lamestream media" -- until, of course, she has a product to promote. http://t.co/vRsQ1hGMQr@donohoe Stinke leafs are hord not to love.@donohoe thank you. Apology accepted. I got protective and defensive.@donohoe It says hord not horde and don't make fun of my five year old. Thanks.The key to success in life/kindergarten... http://t.co/5Ka8voXoGU
The Dorsey family visits Twitter. I love the tshirt worn by @jack's niece (?) ! RT @marciadorsey: We're here @twitter http://t.co/H4dPfqvrhc@marciadorsey love the tshirt your granddaughter(?) is wearing!Internet of Things That Don't Work Right RT @WSJ: Breaking: Encryption bug also affects equipment connecting the Web. http://t.co/Hx60CV15BD@Jake_Barton I had to go back to office but email me next week and we'll plan a coffee! Katherine dot rosman at wsj dot comSarah Palin wears a rhinestone "Girls with Guns" belt as she poses for a fantastic @WSJ profile by @alexandrawolfe. http://t.co/OJfSjJkiVsDon't worry, @DietCoke, I remain an acolyte! #oneofmy4mainfoodgroups RT @WSJ Diet Coke sales decline has accelerated: http://t.co/AsAJAFn9TU@prnewmansr Thank you for the very nice tweet!#SiblingsDay http://t.co/1hw7uG4U5V@susanorlean You're an equine ageist.I just changed my passwords. Did you? #heartbleed@srhalligan Thank you, Susan. I was lucky to have been able to tell that story.@RickFolbaum Thank you! Proud of that one, for sure.Thanks to your editing, Jeff. RT @JeffGrocottNYC Timeless, amazing. @GD_MikeO @DVNJr Moving Augusta Eve must-read http://t.co/d4ffZHc0kQChallenge for conferences led by journos: keeping "talent" happy (and open to participating) w/o coming off as an arm of their PR machines.Good/bad problems for FastCompany conference: people who can't get in for lack of seats, yelling at door guy. #iuny14 http://t.co/senygOkzwj@DVNJr @katierosman Classic story. Dessey Kuhlke was my host for a round at Augusta National, and he's a candidate for World's Nicest Man.
Retweeted by katierosman@Shayndi Mazel tov!! Fun!!Intense scrutiny "rightly" focuses on people in public office, says @ChelseaClinton. #IUNY14"The 'changing the world' phrase is arguably overused in Silicon Valley." -- @chaddickerson, Etsy ceo. #IUNY14 #funnyunderstatements!Find a bit of beauty in the world today. Share it. If you can't find it, create it. Some days this may be hard to do. Persevere.
Retweeted by katierosman@DVNJr humbled and honored. My mom would be too."The hole in the Internet" #heartbleed RT @BryFitz: "The worst vulnerability since mass-adoption of the Internet." http://t.co/FpkhtK0BQi@DVNJr Coming for you -- for a number of reasons, not least of which is "Babe" -- this means so very much. Thank you!Another moving Augusta Eve must-read: The Game of a Lifetime, by @katierosman http://t.co/N6QPaHxEbU
Retweeted by katierosmanMakes me proud. RT @hmf284: Will always associate #Masters w/ @KatieRosman's moving piece on Augusta. http://t.co/d4ffZHc0kQ"The fraternity lawsuit is a lucrative segment of the personal-injury biz." So perfectly written, stirs envy + awe. http://t.co/gXv17wxJMEThis is OMazing! RT @JoannaStern Best way to deal with Heartbleed? Steal @katierosman’s yoga mat + do deep breathing. http://t.co/mp8M1vGD9E
Embarrassingly ungracious. RT @RobertFaturechi: Pulitzer winner calls Pulitzer a “piece of sh*t crystal from Tiffany” http://t.co/IyH5nfyNzm@rachelsklar @RebeccaSoffer @GlynnMacN So glad you're going! I knew it was perfect for you!Wow! RT @WSJD: One Kings Lane CEO @dougmack leaves for Fanatics. http://t.co/ZQkIiTfwMhStore mannequins facing same pressures as real women: http://t.co/rVibLxDbRY
Retweeted by katierosmanPoverty in Palo Alto for those on the wrong side of the bubble. Deep @WSJ dive paints an unsettling picture. http://t.co/HCDPWJEO1y@UnFamousChris that actually made me laugh.@jm3 the inner-conference jargon in me salutes the inner-conference jargon in you [prayer to heartcenter, bows head]Honor the cliches RT @jm3 design conference buzzwords: constraints, table stakes, clean slate, rich experience, immersive, honor the content"The persistent icons of ethnic stereotype" The Mickey Rooney Role Nobody Wants to Talk Much About http://t.co/k53JisPQxwAn earnest counterpoint to @getsecret: "Quora hasn’t proven it can scale beyond the Silicon Valley echo chamber." http://t.co/1tYFmAElEJ@TheFix @themarkberman Why can't he post a selfie if he wants?@domainehome Are you sure? http://t.co/0ckIhiV4sxThis is good for vending machine biz? RT @cschweitz Vending machine tattles on you on Twitter when you buy a snack http://t.co/xoJB6cwxTYAlright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey gets a @WSJ hedcut for hilarious story about "Time to Kill" tourism. http://t.co/6R1OvOZ4JC@abbygardner Dick Vitale called her dad and pledged $250,000 to research in her name http://t.co/NZwIDbXjI2@abbygardner Me too. I really feel sad about it.So terribly sad to hear this young girl--embraced by Michigan State bball team--has died. http://t.co/F1lIgcmoPZTragic! So sad to hear this news: Lacey Holsworth, Best Friends With #MSU’s Adreian Payne, Dies http://t.co/h0tHk8bRuE
Retweeted by katierosmanYahoo editorial annoucement by Yahoo's chief marketing officer: Estee Lauder exec is now ed-in-chief of Yahoo Beauy http://t.co/mtlVK098ae! RT @thegarance: “Bobbi Brown is joining Yahoo as Editor in Chief of ... Yahoo Beauty” http://t.co/QqXknd0E6I
Retweeted by katierosman@LisaBirnbach @ejeancarroll Only because we want it to set in that we look so fricking awesome for ANY age@rsarver @gregory The Playroom is the new garage.Here is your daily Weather Channel report. (Hilton hotels helps broker deal btwn DirecTV +Weather Channel) http://t.co/bYEpXtQ1JdMark Zuckerberg and his peers are The Olds to a new generation of 8-year-old CEOs. http://t.co/PZSL52e1ro
He's never been anything but nice to Jughead, Veronica, Betty and the gang, but still, Archie must die. http://t.co/1PLVDRHDEU"Satya the MSsiah" revisited: Ballmer OKed MSFT Office for iPad before leaving his job. Great detail from @shiraovide http://t.co/nQ8oQK3gPJPrince George is the new Grumpy Cat. #NotImpressed http://t.co/tOcQ7qQUpPCan @theskimm survive competition from the NYT's @NYTNow? http://t.co/e6H4MJ23v4@stefanjbecket Katherine dot Rosman at wsj dot com@stefanjbecket PS Can we meet and IRL-BFFestify already?@stefanjbecket I'd imagine not! Did the the staff get together in the caf to pose for the pic used to illustrate this piece?@stefanjbecket Jeez, New York mag, you're pornier than Tumblr!@jonathanwald crying gets the sad outI am absolutely riveted by @SmithInAfrica's live-tweeting of #Pistorius's testimony (so much so that I've mistyped this tweet 3 times).I didn't get @FrankBruni's column either, @jonathanwald. Social media has hugely redefined & amplified water cooler/shared cultural moments.Love the guy photo bombing @BrianGrazer. http://t.co/YZPWb8J1eN
@jonathanwald I get older. The girls stay the same age. #AlrightAlrightAlright.She's born but she hasn't really lived. RT @WSJ: Is a baby born if she's not on Facebook? http://t.co/OtlykuFxl9
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