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I'm at @GreatScottRock for Mouth of the Architect in Allston, MA https://t.co/FtwJCVlXMqI appreciate this http://t.co/9oMaN9HNuDI'm at Deep Ellum in Allston, MA https://t.co/1elicNIsTqI'm at @LulusAllston in Boston, MA https://t.co/6BDaZ49JIaGreat interview with one of my favorite dudes behind the bar >> Industrial Arts: @TjayDubs of @AudubonBoston http://t.co/rub10uZwdeI like this too much >> Lady Gaga Joins Queen for 'Another One Bites the Dust' in Sydney http://t.co/B0IWE2k5Vr@Instacart When will Market Basket be available again?Siri is drunk http://t.co/zcRjPLXSIv
@lukeoneil47 I hate these. It's like they're asking for accidents to happen.This is a good tweet. RT @jaredbkeller: The Audacity of Taupe http://t.co/5IZGCtPlsj
And Now Jon Stewart Going Off On Ferguson http://t.co/gisQn31ehZ @TheSuperficial@saraherib RT @mashable: $1 will buy you free Taco Bell for life -- if it's the right dollar http://t.co/APBZj0cIauBut how am I going to know which friends from high school are totally enlightened and doing yoga poses right now?! #instagramDOWN
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniOur friends @mettermedia sat down with @universalhub, here's what he had to say: MT The #SocialMedia News Revolution: http://t.co/nz8O38kr5N
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHarassment. A handy comic. http://t.co/w5cZNRtMUGChecking out 😢 (at @TheVerbHotel in Boston, MA) https://t.co/Xgm7ATc2dE
A 1963 interview with Frank Sinatra about his lack of faith. Interesting read: http://t.co/TYPqfqhuEh@TomPunlap This is the Tiki Hideaway now. I want to hate it so bad but I can't. http://t.co/UDh5L0Hqzb47 Times You Waited 47 Minutes For the 47 Bus That Was Supposed to Come in 7 MinutesCard from @kavermes. Inside: "Happy birthday you old hag." #bffs 😊 http://t.co/up4CywE0QhI'm at Central Kitchen in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/lSNhS6dB70I'm at @BrickMortarLtd in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/3TDs2JdV0i“Your hashtag is 15+ characters. Get your life together.” This has been ✧motivational quotes✧ with MM.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@mettermedia @kciccolini: @mettermedia This reminds me. Betty Draper is the WORST with this. She needs to reel it in. http://t.co/RJZPxrNO6BThe secret language of food. http://t.co/iclOCLq2Hr@PaulWDrake You are a sickening person if you really think this. Stop writing to me.@PaulWDrake it's still victim blaming and I cannot argue with you because it's like talking to a wall.@PaulWDrake I didn't say that. Do you not understand rape culture? It is made light of all the time, so yes, some men do need to be told.@PaulWDrake You're still placing partial blame on the victim.@PaulWDrake Woman gets raped. Shouldn't have...been concerned about the message the nail polish was sending? Shouldn't have had a vagina?@PaulWDrake Alright. Leave keys in car, car gets stolen. "You shouldn't have left your keys in the car."@PaulWDrake I'm not arguing with you. Your logic needs work.Is she *literally* a cat? | Flowchart: Should You Catcall Her? http://t.co/7zGa5Flq0j via @Playboy@TheVerbHotel I love staying here! I live down the st. but major maintenance is being done on my apt so here I am. Can I just live here? :)@PaulWDrake It's a form of victim blaming no matter how you spin it. Your comment has gross implications. Sad you can't see that.@PaulWDrake @kellyoxford You likened our vaginas to leaving keys in the car. Just because it's there doesn't mean it's yours for the taking.@kellyoxford But thanks for speaking up, and for attempting to educate these people even though they're infuriating.@kellyoxford Depressing that many can't see how deeply embedded victim blaming is in society. They don't even know they're doing it, scary.
@VanessaABennett @trinastarlite That sounds perfect. Wishing I went there tonight!Prayers have been answered, on my birthday no less! Pretzel pizza crust is coming 9/1 🙌 http://t.co/KofXMTX0SWI'm at Firebrand Saints in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/klvHXhCXC4Ridiculously photogenic Jon Hamm http://t.co/16CJSpoTn9
#donotdisturb @ THE VERB HOTEL http://t.co/cYjPZtxopkAin't no party like a grocery store sushi party.A graceful princess. RT @BuzzFeed: Here’s what Lena Dunham wore to the #Emmys http://t.co/VCza3iGlal http://t.co/qtBHfLDHotHome for the next few days 😍 (at @TheVerbHotel in Boston, MA) https://t.co/RCCDoM6QFV"Selfieeeee" (@BPLBoston) http://t.co/AsLm52Ufuz#nailedit http://t.co/9VWbQoxktE#Instagram rolling out a new suite of business tools to help brands better understand content performance: http://t.co/n80XS4riQL
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniWhy yes, I did just google "places to nap in Boston."
Sign for our future @mettermedia office http://t.co/vQqgNgb84W
Final product 😋 http://t.co/HItpaYjS6SSaturday night teaching @lil_jemms how to make gnocchi 🇮🇹 http://t.co/PwDjf7LyoZ@lukeoneil47 HP, looks like a printer.@BeantownDrinks Pull it out and pretend it never happened like the rest of us!RT @mettermedia: Remember: The Internet is your friend. Facebook's News Feed algorithm is not. http://t.co/EHAntnnBk9 http://t.co/NDRex2ejxQSista brunch (+Ivan) (@ Beehive - @bostonbeehive in Boston, MA) https://t.co/lhtZxXd2Ox
@judyspreckels @universalhub The only one I can think of is right in Harvard Square@timbreapp App keeps crashing, won't load shows. What's going on?Thanks @MBTA, I forgot that "stop requested" means "continue onto the highway far away from your destination." Appreciate the reminder!.@MetterMedia in #Boston is hiring! Interns: http://t.co/xzyRAOxgue Salesperson: http://t.co/n4do41VjDo
I'm at Firebrand Saints in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/izWVxM5XkJ@aroldan I didn't realize they had that! Duh. Thank you :)What's a good iOS app for Gchat? BeeJive isn't doing it for me.If you wanted a long read on the word "the," you got it! | The Loudest Word in Rock and Roll http://t.co/ZlUFXs3MJYWe are looking to add a highly-motivated #SALESPERSON to the MM team! Apply here: http://t.co/IiPajm1QuL #boston #hiring
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini
@kavermes #party 🎊🎉🍹We're now taking apps for fall #INTERNS passionate about #socialmedia! Email resume & CL to lauren@mettermedia.com 👍 http://t.co/xu0x3GZhoY
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@AsaKnightOwl I’m sticking around for a bit, come by!@AsaKnightOwl Can't I do both?Bartender @bostonmixdrink tells @saraherib how #socialmedia totally changed his career: http://t.co/AcAc2ZKjUV http://t.co/SebF7yVDlZ
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI'm at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - @merchantboston in Boston, MA https://t.co/WwBGA5zCIUDennis Lehane Discusses His New Book and Film 'The Drop' http://t.co/YInkBQ5NNs@daviday Send them this, I've reread it many times over the last couple years http://t.co/kzVF5sD4vAHey @Anthropologie I think there's a glitch in your Sims game. http://t.co/uHchSCjC7ONext on my list of things to make in the kitchen: Deep-fried tequila shots. http://t.co/WWgGxa7R4z via @ThrillistTAKE NOTE. | Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never, Ever Do It http://t.co/IEbLx9yBdn via @slate
Ok, no one can beat this. | @FooFighters Turn #IceBucketChallenge Into Epic 'Carrie' Tribute http://t.co/a8F3kr3ZuP via @rollingstoneI'm at Five Horses Tavern in Somerville, MA https://t.co/vGMrcvRQyTCrazy to think about how tough it was for women to bring lunch to work before lululemon bags.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniNO! | Don Pardo, Longtime Voice of 'Saturday Night Live,' Dead at 96 http://t.co/SUVQfiJ1rJ via @mashable
I won $40 woo! http://t.co/mB6gnXzk71I'm at Saratoga Race Course - @thenyra in Saratoga Springs, NY https://t.co/Lknb4haclmHow much does a strong #socialmedia presence improve your #SEO? ...A LOT. Read up: http://t.co/l80SVZXWI9 via @kciccolini @mettermedia
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ http://t.co/MMycetnlIQfabulous ✨ @ Saratoga Springs City Center http://t.co/noTI5WQSs2I'm at @DruthersBrew Pub in Saratoga Springs, NY https://t.co/4qOT1EmqyH
off to the races http://t.co/fD6MSa2v6V
Nobody likes #SharkWeek as much as they pretend to.Robin Williams marathon starts with The Birdcage http://t.co/QfxhTIY5VySame. | krstycrlss's photo http://t.co/w95LnKsUde@PopCMN I'm here to help :)@PopCMN Thanks for sharing!@missmarystout @PaperPlane36 @SabrinaKershaw You're in the onthebar blog this week! http://t.co/DOvxA7NiMN@Drinkboston @CitizenPub @Bar500A @FranklinCafe Your star bartenders are featured this week in the onthebar blog! http://t.co/DOvxA7NiMNMake it a ladies night when you're barhopping this weekend... My latest for @onthebar: http://t.co/DOvxA7NiMN
Why you couldn't find #Ferguson on Facebook last night -- and why it matters. Good, necessary reading: http://t.co/5ANwBTL7Ob
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniListen to this: via @nprnews: Robin Williams: In Looking For Laughs, 'You Have To Be Deeply Honest' http://t.co/TYaS7naQZW@AsaKnightOwl I know I'm sorry. I want to hold off on pumpkin anything for as long as possible!.@TridentBooks is already on it | Starbucks Is Ready to Start Serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes Again http://t.co/YpxWOVpd2R via @sharethis
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