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Writer/marketer. I live in Boston and on the internet. Tweeting from Fenway. Find me: @mettermedia @onthebar

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.@NotchBrewing Patio Party! (@ Firebrand Saints w/ 3 others) https://t.co/6Uq55ukZBx@TheFenway Trattoria Toscana!Foursquare: You can't check in, download Swarm. Swarm: Thanks for checking in, go to Foursquare for more info. http://t.co/WLfqNvnpny@mbtaJac I got excited to see a train at Davis w open doors so I ran down the stairs & jumped in. Need to go to Kendall, went to Alewife 😑Brilliant: Freeze pops as garnish at @handlebaraustin http://t.co/9A6doE78lU@discolyssa Whoa I'm dizzy10 years in this city and I still manage to get on the wrong train.@mettermedia Our version of the sex spreadsheet DATE HUSTLE? 07/24/14 Yes 07/25/14 Yes 07/26/14 Yes 07/27/14 Yeshttps://t.co/o78JJECyl0 - click here to vote us Best Beer Selection in Somerville by The Scout!!!
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini8 reasons you shouldn’t care about the #FiftyShadesOfGrey trailer: http://t.co/2zTOio5nfd
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniFU swarm (at @Diesel_Cafe) https://t.co/e2gYqyfjrqPROTIP: Genuine altruism isn’t shared on Facebook for everyone to pat you on the back.Swarm you won't get me yet!! (@ Diva Indian Bistro - @divarestaurant) http://t.co/Xc0Vzzg39dIs anyone else having problems with Google Drive or are your days just going swimmingly?Where Do Cocktail Prices Come From? | Serious Eats: http://t.co/EEap1KIQgT@haveyoumetter DNW new appJack White is at the Cubs game, and looks like he’s at a Cubs game: http://t.co/HTWIxck2JI (Pic: @AndrewCieslak) http://t.co/KjeTyTybWf
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@lil_jemms RT @greatideas: ICYMI: Justin Timberlake reunites with his ‘NSYNC bandmate for beers & bowling in Boston: http://t.co/AarEIbO44k@megansarahj live laugh love your boyfriend til he dumps you for getting live laugh love wall decals@TheWriteStuffSK That was my mom's favorite retort! My dad's? "I'm HUNGRY." "I'm Mike. Nice to meet you."Look what the mailman left for me today http://t.co/BAfAph9MOiI'm at Central Kitchen (Cambridge, MA) http://t.co/5LHJdW0u9hPARTY TIP: Eating grilled cheese counts as partying.
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniI'm at @BrickMortarLtd (Cambridge, MA) http://t.co/7G1ocBaRAVMobile Sharing Growth Continues; Up 30% from @kciccolini @KoMarketing http://t.co/Yn69zf82qf
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini@BackBayMemoirs I did this, then I got the 5S and they changed the god damn charger now everything is useless
Jack White live mashup of "Icky Thump" and "99 Problems" http://t.co/qSLrQvvpHsWhen I email something to my sister and she replies with "What's this?" instead of actually reading it. http://t.co/UMvsKavmKgVia @nprmusic: First Listen: Jenny Lewis, 'The Voyager' http://t.co/YrTuRfgiudInvoices with banking information, medical information, and now closing documents for a new home. Scary.Don't trust anyone with your personal info. I have gotten so much confidential info in my email because it was sent to the wrong Ciccolini!@jasminejamboree It was nice knowing uWhite Girl Anthem #literally #ew #icant https://t.co/R9HqSyf7JU@TweetTwit117 Bummer. Well I've never had a problem with Metro Cab!@jasminejamboree Pretty sure they're ripped from Paranormal Activity@TweetTwit117 There is a taxi option! But maybe payment would be an issue since its within the app.@TweetTwit117 @universalhub Uber.
Why does this keep happening on my new iPhone if it isn't refurbished? Who is this person?! http://t.co/4wr067r9Fp@discolyssa @mettermedia @ReactionBeyonce When someone copies your tweet but it's not quite right http://t.co/DhIgkf5Gsl@NotchBrewing Absolutely!Just a liter of @NotchBrewing down the hatch @haveyoumetter @saraherib http://t.co/Nn5hu8sxV5Death by unnecessary air conditioning.What if Classic Books Were Given Click-Baity Titles? http://t.co/9RTJchXAkB
@onthebar Thank you! And I will :)@onthebar My full name! Kristen Cicccolini. Not sure why I only did initials when I signed up :/ derp@onthebar how do I change my name on the app? I just have my initials!#NoOrleans (at @AudubonBoston) http://t.co/ZAMwGo3MUgYo! Whether you've been there all week or stayed home, come celebrate all things #NOLA with us Sunday 7pm-close #SazeracSunday-ToTC edition!
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It's not the service that's slow, it's you. | Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance, Shares Results On Craigslist http://t.co/QTihCCSWMAThis is too close for comfort. | Where to Find Free Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches Today in Boston http://t.co/iUZWWs0yUP via @BostInno
I'm at Wally's Cafe (Boston, MA) http://t.co/YvdwCmOw8Khttp://t.co/0xn7k3BO4rICYMI: Cocktails from @BestBarsESQ Boston http://t.co/Llasd3GBxj // @HighlandKitchen @drinkboston @trinastarlite @BrickMortarLtd
I'm at Taste Of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA) w/ 3 others http://t.co/9PlEiD2wo7@Lifealivecafe @discolyssa COME TO FENWAY!! Lots of new buildings going up that look so perfect for you :)Go home, truck, you're drunk (@ Boston Common) http://t.co/q6nB43G5JqI'm at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - @merchantboston (Boston, MA) http://t.co/K4W6SFA4RwBoston Public Library introduces readers to the Bibliocycle - http://t.co/YbAA4Sq0IFBye Felicia http://t.co/SlEGOIsHXf
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniI'm at Firebrand Saints (Cambridge, MA) http://t.co/HX7N6R2EVX
YES thanks @BestBarsESQ for showing Bova's and not Mike's for once in the history of television"I go through 4 to 6 bottles of Fernet every brunch, it's actually kind of gross." lol @BestBarsESQ @trinastarliteAnd after Inman Sq RT @HeyRatty: Hungover in Inman Sq -- we've all been there #BestBarsInAmerica @BestBarsESQ#sommavull @BestBarsESQIT’S ON. Turn on @ESQTV or get your ass down here for the viewing party!
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniHomemade sriracha caramels http://t.co/B0GieTY5ra@JeremyKrantz Thanks for sharing!@kristen_vaughn Thanks for sharing!@CapitalOne360 Nice! Thanks for following up on this :)How many online reviews do you read before you feel like you trust that #business? New from @kciccolini http://t.co/X47AT8WXAe
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniI am discovering that Uber is a very easy way to spend a lot of money without having to think about it. This is dangerous!
Is this how tech encourages women to speak up about abuse? | TechCrunch Rolls Over For Tinder CEO Sean Rad http://t.co/GSkVdtB2mZCOME PARTY before we get wildly famous 10pm tmrw! We're on @ESQTV w/ @trinastarlite @Drinkboston @HighlandKitchen! http://t.co/aH4cryzLW7
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini2-hr home cleaning from @handybookBOS for $19... Has anyone ever done this before? Reviews? http://t.co/hz0vybyQKy#toosoon | Bombing Survivor Jeff Bauman's Story to Become a Movie: http://t.co/2ZuwuSOBzf@Amtrak If I give you my ticket # can I get a refund? Waited 3 hours with nobody working to let us know what was going on!@jasminejamboree I'm considering it!GREAT RT @Amtrak Train Number 178 is delayed due to mechanical issues. Rescue engine is enroute. Status is 2 hrs 45 mins late.@Amtrak where is our train??? Been waiting in providence for boston train since 11:37#whereisthetrain
What's up @AmtrakNEC WHERE YOU AT? 11:37 train is missing!SHAQ spotted in Leominster Chuck E. Cheese WHAT http://t.co/ILAXhLkFZlGreatest rock and roll band on earth http://t.co/bSFjknUVY7I'm at Providence Performing Arts Center - @provppacri for Queens of the Stone Age (Providence, RI) w/ 19 others http://t.co/NPWWf5TneDQUIZ: Are You An Introvert, An Extrovert, Or A Sea Monster? http://t.co/qYSdJoNXmi http://t.co/Fr9AeRUq89
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniBrunchin' (@ Trina's Starlite Lounge - @trinastarlite) http://t.co/FKrydILVlTYou know what we all really needed? Gendered cheese. http://t.co/EmjzzSUOkH
Retweeted by Kristen CiccoliniWhy RT @BostonTweet Ted 2, starring Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried, is set to begin filming in Boston (and area) next Monday July 21.
Gimme that Rising Tide (at @AudubonBoston) http://t.co/nN3TODC5UuI'm at Five Horses Tavern (Boston, MA) http://t.co/IfjWbr3eEJ
Tommy Ramone, last surviving member of The Ramones, dies at 62 http://t.co/ETppUn9kLR
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Clerks will always be the best movie.@jaytagg There's a code for $30 off your first ride so maybe I'll be a baller today and get an SUV. Just for me.Bye Felicia@HeyRatty @BostInno How dare they call sweet HoJo’s a forgotten chain! Tiki Hideaway lives on in my heart.@nickylibs Oh good, the last cab I took the guy was texting the whole time and it was a little scary. Thanks!I'm gonna Uber for the first time today. Do I have to talk to them? What's the difference between all the cars? What is 2014?
The #Boston Hashtag Tree via @DigBoston http://t.co/6SmS4lIGTH #bos http://t.co/v2GQyGy6OS
Retweeted by Kristen Ciccolini@discolyssa @Lifealivecafe got me as excited as this guy https://t.co/KRdyA5NakFI'm at @LifeAliveCafe (Cambridge, MA) http://t.co/msuO0TTLWP
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