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Passionate Dem, lover of justice fairness freedom animals bflies quilts words & nyc. RW asshats: be gone or be blocked. I don't cast my pearls before swine.

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Does @KellyAyotte have a double standard on mental health? Read more: http://t.co/dLzpyYzE39 http://t.co/exDcrIUve6
Retweeted by Holly TookerNew records show IRS targeted progressive groups more extensively than Tea Party groups http://t.co/DgV3zLgie8 http://t.co/1qhNeHIcYo
Retweeted by Holly TookerIf you're going to Sexy Liberal, be sure to have some Bactine handy in case @SMShow falls off the stage again. @SexyLiberal
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@jimmacpam @kwright39 #MSNBC Recall Dr Tiller #foxnews? #MURDOCH Tirades against "Jewish owned press" #adelson #GOP http://t.co/rguRZydDgx
Retweeted by Holly TookerRight-Libertarian Problems #teaparty #goldendawn #tlot #tcot http://t.co/MLWMYCFWKr
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
Challenge from Left could complicate Andrew Cuomo's re-election http://t.co/IRcHSxo0Wi I wish!!Cliven Bundy's 'ancestral rights' are every bit as authentic as the gondolas at The Venetian http://t.co/WcUq4Lv6xv #p2#onthecase Seema the toll-beating cabbie was nabbed through EZ pass records & photos of cars going thru the tollbooths@VinniePolitan The infinitive of "bound" is "to bind" "I'll bind and gag..." not "I'll bound & gag" #onthecase#Groundswell The Secret RightWing Group That's Sabotaging U.S. http://t.co/vKocwXFzjo @yoyobaba @Sr0bi @vicki_clavelli @TPM @progressivepush
Retweeted by Holly TookerVaccines really, really, really work, in one info graphic: http://t.co/M5OUVEtdFr
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe #TeaParty role model is a rich white guy who lies & cheats so he doesn't have to pay taxes. #BundyRanch 'Murica http://t.co/i518iO4PUo
Retweeted by Holly TookerOK GOP-ALEC tax solar energy. #WhyIWouldNeverVoteRepublican reason No. 1,848,234 #p2@2casey451 @NateSilver538 Yes.@DivaTomboy it's ludicrous to say it wasn't an airliner --where are all the people who were on that flight? In hiding? It's a stupid theory@NateSilver538 We are over you.Tech billionaire Sean Parker plans to start donating to the GOP #whatadouche #p2 http://t.co/Nmlg9PGKCQFirst two tulips coming out on #ParkAve #nyc #spring It can be@lonely in a crowd. http://t.co/S8s8MW3OsA"@MariaBoedeker: Bodiam Castle, a 14th-century moated castle near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England http://t.co/sNEbW2Zk0N" Mine!
Retweeted by Holly TookerRepublican Puppet Chuck Todd Says Democrats Will Lose On Health Care In Midterms http://t.co/RLeSNfGU9f via @politicususa
Retweeted by Holly TookerFree Speech means you can't be arrested for what you say. It doesn't shield you from public opinion. @VanJones68 http://t.co/WijgeMgMKM
Retweeted by Holly Tooker"Patriotism"... #UniteBlue #p2 #LGBT #ImmigrationReform #gunsense http://t.co/bl0NxxXz6b
Retweeted by Holly TookerI got: 12 out of 14 -- How Well Do You Know Your Geography? http://t.co/DegVrXsGod via @HuffPostLabs
#YouMayBeARepublican if you support a greedy cattle rancher who stiffs the gov't but oppose extension of unemployment benefits for jobless!
Retweeted by Holly TookerI wish that @msnbc &the rest of the MSM reported the fact that the Keystone pipeline will NOT create the amount of jobs they clam it will!
Retweeted by Holly TookerI can't stand the Brenchels and am rooting against their sorry asses #TheAmazingRaceAllStars Low classGOP Senate candidate takes a 9/11 truther's Qs: "Things like this have to be asked" http://t.co/2YzQLJV6Ns Where are the people on the planeCardinal Timothy Dolan defends Hobby Lobby, says women can get birth control at 7-Eleven - http://t.co/P0R7j3Vp0cConservatives Condemn Censorship of Stories of "Kind" Slavers and "Contented" Slaves. http://t.co/UuobmoZadI #p2Topeka HS starts petition to disinvite Michelle Obama as graduation speaker. http://t.co/f0nCakE51A
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@blackrepublican seriously, that's yr dopey conspiracy? Did brother convince 60 Mins to air laughing stock #Benghazi report?
Retweeted by Holly TookerSince Obama's inauguration, active users of http://t.co/GrjVXyHbq2 have been responsible for nearly 100 murders http://t.co/vHnSNfM4Pm
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
What the HELL does Scalia have to say to be impeached? http://t.co/xWjCqUwB1FConnectTheDotsUSA: GOP Blocking Medicaid Expansion – Where Most Needed http://t.co/lAHLm1fPcI http://t.co/b9GNZ2PGWA
Retweeted by Holly TookerPink and blue sky over Manhattan this morning! Happy #Easter! http://t.co/dfYwMSxj5A
Southern end of #centralpark #springincentralpark http://t.co/9Yw7QWZkHV#springincentralpark is back!!! http://t.co/0jXpYZbrvd#centralpark south this beautiful #springincentralpark morning http://t.co/EjcTEk3cDaThe #centralpark chess & checkers house on this gorgeous #springincentralpark morning #nyc http://t.co/oo4T6eP1b0RT @comgenKDT: Comfort Dogs Return To Boston For Cuddles Ahead Of 2014 Marathon http://t.co/h0WoLeOagh #p2
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@abcnews Why did you hire vile RW hack Laura ingraham? Terribl decision! #p2
#Macaroon has finally accepted the bed I gave him for Christmas. #cutedog http://t.co/RzlTawTREF@VinniePolitan No way does cannabis make people violent. That killer hubby was on something else#centralpark is so beautiful this time of year! #springincentralpark http://t.co/YDKpXKfbWeBalto stands near forsythia bushes #springincentralpark #nyc #centralpark http://t.co/iKxfdQ2t27Two sparrows have taken up housekeeping in a light near Hans' statue. How clever! #springincentralpark http://t.co/lNB9VJGFDqChilly blossoms in #centralpark this morning #springincentralpark #nyc http://t.co/BcKjvy1oyz#CLTV Reid: Bundy Supporters Are Domestic Terrorists - Sen. Harry Reid says the supporters of Cliven Bundy who sho... http://t.co/fnRX452oDX
Retweeted by Holly TookerLISTEN & SHARE "Wisconsin GOP to Vote on Secession" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast. We discuss the Wisconsin... http://t.co/ay8qzRU04d
Retweeted by Holly TookerI feel bad for the Sherpas but the others-- I frankly don't get it@bpshow IRS did not target RW groups only! In fact the only tax-exemption they denied was to a Dem group! What rot to say otherwiseTell Senators Casey and Toomey- Reject Tea Party David Porter for the Federal Court http://t.co/2a3YR9NlOq We don't need more Tbaggers! #p2@bpshow RWers admit they're wrong? They're wrong about everything but live in a bubble of ignorance, willful and otherwise!@The_Tommy_Hough @StillJohnCA RWers like James Woods are in the bubble. Moron is right!@michaeltomasky Also glad to hear you on radio. I believe you took heed of my suggestions vis a vis breathing Congrats! You sound great now!@michaeltomasky Totally disagree about Christie-- he thinks he's still in it but #bridgegate is like Watergate. Traffic just tip #p2NEWSFLASH: I'm so excited that @RealJamesWoods is on Twitter. He's such an exceptional actor. Too bad politically he's a total moron.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
@tomcolicchio At first from Top Chef I knew you as a top chef but now I know you are a real mensch too #admiration #p2joining @chrislhayes on MSNBC's @allinwithchris tonight at 8:00pm. #inners Tune in please
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@assholeofday @TheDailyEdge Because Jesus kissed the ground the rich walked on, doncha knowWhat am I going to do for the next 2 weeks while I wait for the #OscarPistorius trial to resume?@Smshow Steph, the Tea Party is giving gobs of $ to RW hate radio. Why haven't you cashed in?@smshow @RadioGuyChris Look up how to pronounce clitoris#onthecase @VinniePolitan I watch RHOBH & RHONYC and they don't rumble. Otherwise I wouldn't watchThe Art of George W. Bush http://t.co/nR8baoQxgS "Art" should be in quotes#BundyRanch Morons Remind Us => In 201 Days We MUST #TakeOutTheNationalTrash in 2014 #GOP is a National Disgrace & Global Embarrassment!
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@politicalwire The Obamacare death spiral will be visible in the GOP collapse. They've fallen and can't get up.Democrats Surging As Latest Poll Shows Them Up 6 Points On GOP In Midterm House Race - http://t.co/Kp7r8Jmaz5 can GOP even be in the race??
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#OscarPistorius apparently doesn't like listening to the results of his handiwork. Gee, Oscar, if you hadn't shot, you wldnt have toOne of the #eggs around #nyc #centralpark http://t.co/ROSv6UJEZvIndustry Expert Says StopRush Has Destroyed Limbaugh's Business For Good http://t.co/mbK2O0DH0H @smshow Rush beaten by Span., class'l music
Early #springincentralpark sometimes means cherry blossoms and a dusting of #snow! #nyc http://t.co/1cAYCAWHSa@michaeltomasky And that's not even to mention Hank Aaron's comments on racists in GOP spurs deluge of racist mail #p2Look who is waiting to watch their dad tonight! #mousey #fritzy #MDLNY @FredrikEklundNY 🐶 http://t.co/mTHasJPfcf
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#OscarPistorius says Reeva ate at 7pm, urinated at 3 am. Autopsy showed that to be impossible but we are to believe him #onthecase@LOLGOP This do-nothing House has voted to repeal ACA over & over while voting to take away women's repro rights. That's about it.@mawinton Reeva's bladder wasn't empty? How inconvenient for #OscarPistorius and his bogus story.@brithume If you don't recognize that the 1st PotUS & AG have endured unprecedented disrespect you are either stupid or willfully ignorant.#OscarPistorius has to say that Reeva was using the toilet but she was dressed and standing. His story makes no sense #onthecaseKochs are funding RW "news centers" Beware of Franklyn Centers. #p2
Happy Tax Day! Gnite. http://t.co/f1iyG4iBi3
Retweeted by Holly TookerPssst, Kentucky! Kynect IS Obamacare. Don't let the RW bastards take it away #tcot #p2RT @bannerite: Bundy Ranch 'Militia' Considered Using Women As Human Shields http://t.co/wVuJgs4NT2 #p2 #Libcrib http://t.co/D4Djp9tQEP
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@MandyMcGlothlin I am watching the #OscarPistorius trial too. He is so guiltySo this is how #BundyRanch COWARDLY COWBOY TERRORISTS Sheriff on strategy to put women at front lines: http://t.co/2y8AqbCjjr via @YouTube
Retweeted by Holly TookerSo RW, is the KS triple killer a patriot or a terrorist? #p2Fox News is responsible for growth of RW extremism #p2@andy Congrats! http://t.co/aazGm4u6Ht@smshow Stephanie Miller strangely absent from list http://t.co/aazGm4u6HtGood god, Phyllis STFU! Haven't you done enough damage? http://t.co/X9d1q7gaJzOMFG the RW is nuts! #p2 http://t.co/VTvocMX382What do you expect from a guy named "Assness" http://t.co/BQ6ViJ7n3XHank Aaron: Republicans Today Are The KKK Without The Hoods http://t.co/Q4ZUFWnjTH #p2
Retweeted by Holly TookerHank Aaron is getting the same racist letters he got 40 years ago. But as we all know, the real crime is when someone is called a racist.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker@HenryLouisAaron I admire you so much! Don't let the haters get you down!Hank Aaron gets a new ton of racist hatemail, proving his point http://t.co/9LAlg1kPPC via @dailykos #p2
Retweeted by Holly TookerHank Aaron got racist letters as he was breaking Babe Ruth's HR record. Now, he's getting them for defending Obama. http://t.co/aFBuNwtKJC
Retweeted by Holly TookerHank Aaron Inundated With Racist Hate Mail After Calling Out Racism In America http://t.co/dHkNzs3uKz
Retweeted by Holly TookerLawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal #sex slave n the #Duggarfamily’s movement http://t.co/b2sRRHzot3 #politics #ctl #tcot #ccot #p2
Retweeted by Holly TookerLying Ryan let the cat out of the bag. Repeal of Obamacare would mean repeal of everything.http://t.co/xPXkextDdR http://t.co/9YVqdfof9F
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
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