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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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Ready for Hillary, which emphasizes small $, is hosting two top big $ Dem fundraisers: Jonathan Mantz & Peter O'Keefe http://t.co/BTpyEt1IyfThe frequency of emails from the Brown & Shaheen campaigns during this debate is downright presidential. #nhsen http://t.co/H2v4sGTY4tI'm told that @JayCarney was in fact joking here that "it's a problem" that old people vote: http://t.co/VIKnV593Yy Who knew Jay cud b edgy?Is @JayCarney saying “It’s a problem" that old people vote? Or that @FoxNews viewers vote? Can't tell from this, but… http://t.co/VIKnV593YyTalk about restraint: @NRSC held @MichelleNunnGA campaign memo for 7 mos. before leaking it at moment of peak impact: http://t.co/Dsgi8GlbRe… tho I'm sad to learn that my alma matter, the Wilkes-Barre @TLnews has fallen behind the rival @CitizensVoice in the circulation war (2/2)So amazing - & great - that a small city can still support two competing, independently owned daily newspapers (1/2)… http://t.co/YGjcLUpBGkFun chat. Worth a listen, IMHO MT @nicolesandler Buying Votes, Paying Compliments? Podcast w @kenvogel on $ politics: http://t.co/kxZ1geOuRM"The good life rewarded to big $ consultants is revealed in property records of their big homes," via @Truthdig: http://t.co/0rxr6nihXyReal estate titan Bill Bloomfield (big McCain 2008 backer) spending $1.3M+ to defeat Sandra Fluke's CA St. Senate bid http://t.co/3xNu0fIhuuMichael Jordan, on Barack Obama: "I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s a shitty golfer.” http://t.co/QUY54WAL5LTanking, take 2: The Sixers are basically the NBA’s version of Major League. Does Lou Brown coach basketball? https://t.co/MTixNaF6OD@kavithadavidson thanks!@kavithadavidson think so. at least partly.Warm fall sun. http://t.co/NTatZG3J9cTo *try* to buy them MT @nicolesandler >@kenvogel joins me next to explain who's paying what to buy midterms. Live: http://t.co/MVklGFbbXp
Tomorrow: @kenvogel on #BigMoney in politics, #GliberalGoddesses @GottaLaff, @ShesHistoryAmy & me. 10-12ET http://t.co/sha7RXgH3c
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOn this night, six years ago. @Phillies https://t.co/wyzrItFzbgThat's a lot of pant suits! MT @POTUSPressPool: it's anticipated Hillary Clinton will raise $1.7 billion to run for President.Gonna be tough for @JoeBiden -- a tepid fundraiser w/out a political cmte -- to catch up to Hillary, or even OMalley: http://t.co/XqmDGtcVbwQué locura. El precio de la campaña de @HillaryClinton en 2016 podría rozar $1.7bn http://t.co/pJNvXeyicm via @KenVogel @TParti
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelCurious to see whether Stewart & Colbert's live election cvg produces hiccups like those they ridicule in other media http://t.co/ZcZZexLnkeHillary Clinton and groups supporting her could spend $1.7 BILLION through the 2016 election http://t.co/OzOidFoWlB via @KenVogel @TParti
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@davesmith3 please point me to my articles "trashing" money in politics.“If you’re a source reporter, this is the stage when you find little secrets the campaigns don’t want you to find." http://t.co/X7fo0NwPk5@parenthetical it's a link to the 2nd page. Warren seems to have a wide base of small donors.2016 entry fee MT @asmith83: "To be competitive, candidates likely will have to bring in b/t $100M & $150M next year" http://t.co/XqmDGtcVbwJim Webb will start a political committee after the midterms to explore a 2016 run, say sources close to him: http://t.co/vQAXcUWMLURand Paul’s PAC spent $337 at Men’s Wearhouse in Omaha around the time he was in town for Ben Sasse. #TurtleneckSale? http://t.co/XqmDGtcVbwHillary & her backers will raise $1.7B+ for 2016 - crushing Obama's record $1.2B in 2012 - predicts @michaeletoner. http://t.co/3SaYqr8rwhLooks oddly like a J.Crew ad RT @VeryOldPics: Unemployed lumber worker, circa 1939 https://t.co/nIFDIYqaA1
@jeneps so the answer is 'yes,' it seems. & my bubble remains quite full of air, thank you very much, ms. epstein.Is interesting @tpurdum on Jerry Brown’s 4th act also a sneak preview of new Politico website? http://t.co/74FFF1Fdph http://t.co/RFuzOXcNKsGood job, FEC. Now Senate, pass an e-filing bill. http://t.co/G7LK6zdbwJ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@AlexSommer why is this news? why are you tweeting about it? https://t.co/epR3wUvKNDSarah Palin 2016? Says "haters" make her want to remain active & "hopefully running for office in the future, too.” http://t.co/SueC6KVMed"There are many consultants & aides in the GOP who, were they not successful, would probably be in jail for fraud." http://t.co/1SRX05HgTm
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelCan I do that on the side, or did you mean @kenli729? MT @brunobowden …@kenvogel Editor-in-Chief Re/Code #codemobile https://t.co/Sd6pb3co5eMilwaukee's finest sushi MT @SFpartytime: .@BarackObama headlines $16K party today for @TheDemocrats at Umami Moto: http://t.co/HJixYN8ByC@ElaheIzadi maybe it's just one outfit that wants millennials to date seniors and get really involved in politicsConfusing: "OurTime" is the name of both a millennial voter registration project & a 50+ online dating service: http://t.co/8RiZ77a1Eh@aburnspolitico @nickconfessore we may be missing the bigger question: why would you wear a tie at all when you're worth $1B+? #hoodiestyleWith Lee Greenwood back on the trail this week, I pause to recall his days on the '08 Palin plane when he'd whistle his own song to himself.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@nickconfessore I don't think I'd wear the same tie twice
@kicksywicksy :)Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign cmte, still buzzing along, collected $99k in the 3rd Q, mostly by renting its list: http://t.co/1lfaC3sXa4@caitlinzemma b/c it's delicious. it's also why Sheldon Adelson loves Newt. https://t.co/zO7Ya3DiSHTed Cruz's campaign also dropped $1,900 at The Capital Grille. #Steak@kenvogel I paid them $12.9 billion in 2008, and I didn't get any food!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel*suits* his fancy MT @riles28: .@TomSteyer how do you think he became a billionaire? Not by just buying any tie that suits his fancy!Ted Cruz paid $710 for food & beverages last month to Goldman Sachs, where his wife is a managing director. #Populism http://t.co/ChcxriQZVH.@TomSteyer. The man is worth $1.6 billion. Why does he always wear the same tie?Ted Cruz's campaign still owes him $545k. http://t.co/vghF584dqvScaffolding approaching top of @USCapitol, encased as part of a major restoration project in Washington, DC. http://t.co/l3t6RdmMDV
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe Kochs & @GOP “are playing nice right now, even though they all hate each other,” source tells @jonward11 re: data http://t.co/dtnNdeakf9.@mtracey did not enjoy @CoryBooker's ice cream run on Friday: http://t.co/18aqCQFyV2@grimmse and thanks!Please do! MT @grimmse: I would make reading your book mandatory for every Austrian party hack who feels tempted by U.S.-style fundraising.Totally ... I think. https://t.co/mqo1GGhUCvI'm sick, so a vacuum infomercial has taken my attention. The only man in the entire thing is the CEO. Apparently men don't clean.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@LibyaLiberty He also seems to have handled it quite gracefully.Fun (and endearing) glimpse of Sam Alito, the man, who comes across as quite humble in this @DavidLat @ATLblog post: http://t.co/Qrl7x8pW4sHostess who turned away Samuel Alito from brunch Sunday in New Haven: “He should have made a reservation." @DavidLat: http://t.co/Qrl7x8pW4sSuch an optimist MT @EWErickson 9 days from official kickoff for '16. My sense is much of the GOP wants to play it so safe they’ll screw up.Thanks for the kind words. MT @lessig: The "conventional wisdom" of Ken Vogel's great book http://t.co/o8wONCyzjP
So many horse-collar tackles on LeSean McCoy -- called & uncalled. Testament to his elusiveness.@PhdWilmot smart take@mmckinnon kind of you to say, thanks@_joshyoung @bruce_arthur ;)We'll see how long the smiles last. RT @woodyjohnson4: Percy meeting Jets Nation for the first time. http://t.co/qQiPIGdB8g@lessig it's responsive to the pt i was making—it typically takes a scandal to motivate voters on campaign $. also, bk is longer than 2 pgs.@lessig "conventional wisdom" has a pejorative connotation. 2/2@lessig i would have laid out the fact pattern supporting my conclusion, which is detailed in my book (1/2) http://t.co/4yiUhEEPoh@lessig u did have a chance to respond to what i said–u dismissed it as "conventional wisdom." i was not able to respond, which is my point.immigration discussion too MT cspan: Chamber's @RobEngstrom on 2014, Qs from @kenvogel @DonnaCassataAP –NOW on C-SPAN http://t.co/VR8bwKpHQK@lessig whether it's "conventional wisdom" or "truth," it's easy to diss a pt made by a guest who was on in a prior segment & can't respond.Nice to get last word so your critique goes unchallenged, eh @lessig? https://t.co/9SzyRahsP2"We're fighting the conventional wisdom that Ken Vogel was uttering -- voters won't vote on campaign finance," @lessig says on @upwithsteve.. @kenvogel will tell us who the biggest money people are in The Most Expensive Midterm Ever. And @lessig will tell us about Mayday PAC.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel
.@BillClinton's son-in-law is an @Eagles fan, and I wonder if Bubba himself might not be far behind. http://t.co/4pYMxXRBGO@LenElmore @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo Or, as MJ said, when asked to support a Dem during his playing days "Republicans buy sneakers too"@kenvogel @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo Purposeful isolation (agents?) Ignorance (willfull?) of issues + inability to articulate positions
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelJohn McCain called. He wants his campaign design motif back. RT @jmartNYT The Edwin tailgate. They serving Jambalya. https://t.co/FUilX7yDZU@Zeke512Atx @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo I also wonder if the teams themselves discourage it. @LenElmore@LenElmore @JohnJHarwood Not to diminish @officialmutombo's involvement, but why do you think so few athletes get political b4 retiring Len?@kenvogel @JohnJHarwood @Perduesenate Regardless of where he stands, at least @officialmutombo stands. @nbrpa and @TheNBPA Abject lesson!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@brownsugar7878 how's that "carrying water for the republicans"?Not to discount his involvement, but I wonder why so few athletes express political opinions BEFORE retiring. @JohnJHarwood @officialmutombo@RealClearScott might not be the best surrogate for a woman candidate: http://t.co/apQI8YCjrH@TMZ_Politics @Perduesenate @johneaves maybe his huge thumbs make it tough to use his phone.Dikembe Mutombo wags his giant finger at David @PerdueSenate. http://t.co/7XUtzVcH1QNot sure I believe that you're really so so sorry about emailing for cash on a weekend, @jennybethm. http://t.co/D0TQrQu6GJ20 beers total, not per person MT @GlensGardenMkt Come by for our Pit Bull happy hour! 1st 20 beers are on the house! http://t.co/Qn8YN2AyKuTalk about pouring $ down the drain. Super PAC associated with @approject still buying ads against @CoryBooker: http://t.co/FatBjFzoRV"if"? MT @robertwolf32: If HRC runs will be fully supportive @jeneps Obama library got Q-3 donation: Robert Wolf http://t.co/weXpGEtTyGNot w/ Hillary RT @robertwolf32 Happy to be in early "again" MT @jeneps Obama library got 1 Q-3 donation: Robert Wolf http://t.co/weXpGEtTyGElizabeth Warren, in her book, on Hillary & Wall St: "Campaigns cost $ & it wasn’t coming from families in $ trouble” http://t.co/rjp1oQqMpM
"When it comes to the law, Obama was never a full professor, but he remains fully professorial," riffs @jeffreytoobin http://t.co/bJZ9KykyCs@va7vm @Michael_F_Coyle ;).@USChamber won't support Perdue down #GASen stretch, but cud if there's a runoff, @RobEngstrom tells @DonnaCassataAP http://t.co/0mVyivgg6t
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