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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

POLITICO reporter; Phillies, Eagles fan

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@farhip & I'm sure you are more self-aware and less hypocritical than you seem. I look forward to your next story swiping me.@farhip Can't wait ;) But seriously, don't dish it out, then expect no one to notice when you act like a total hypocrite.@farhip I've only read 2 of ur stories, & the juxtaposition reveals a complete lack of intellectual integrity, so I won't be reading anymore@farhip Mine was totally justified. But that's besides the pt: you wrote a whole story criticizing others for granting anonymity. Shameless.@farhip From the guy who just called my story "weird." Justify it however you like, it is blatant hypocrisy. I am embarrassed for you.Differences: 1.) mine dealt with an important subject 2.) I don't chastise other reporters for blind quotes 3.) you are a hypocrite @farhip@johnson "more + more reporters are guilty of blatant hypocrisy." ok, maybe it's just @farhip. at least it was on a really #ImportantSubjectI've read 2 @farhip stories. 1 ripped other reporters for granting anonymity. the other granted sources anonymity: https://t.co/OQP8Ulzj9rAnonymity scold @farhip blind quotes source "who asked not to be ID'd to avoid alienating Clinton’s representatives": http://t.co/zd3zEfY3aJ@kenvogel the woeful Nats support in the DC/MD/VA area makes me smile. Will remember that when everyone's a Nats fan in Sept
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@Mbrooksrjc @patssteaks I once got RT'd by @JimsSouthStreet!Can't explain @Phillies fans in Alaska, but happy to see a rare pocket of support beyond the Delaware Valley: http://t.co/WVRkHTHD7HHe's pitching at the DA next week, so cud change fast MT @bykowicz: Donors not flocking to Steyer's climate super-PAC http://t.co/DsRNr7FwCN.@TomSteyer raising $ for $100M midterm push on sidelines of next week's Democracy Alliance mtg in Chic. http://t.co/kygbV2aUjc #StockedPondFor 2016 radar: Libs, including @elizabethforma allies, are wresting control of Dem big $$ club from Hillary backers: http://t.co/kygbV2aUjcObama revisits early broken promise, refusing to refer to Armenian Genocide: http://t.co/8B9bB4Ls6M breaks it again: http://t.co/RES6JOFueCOh, is the mtg public this year? MT @kaleekreider The left's (not so) secret club... the DA in lead up to Spring mtg. http://t.co/0CkDEtrC26Just when I was about to give up on today...free @benschilibowl!!!@politico @ABC7News @newschannel8 only, tho, sorry. http://t.co/rmVkfz8G4N& yet, it's not on @DRUDGE MT @mmcauliff Ignoring the Drudge-bait aspects, this @kenvogel piece has lots of good info http://t.co/rc2IiegUp3Dems take a break from bashing Koch bros for raising huge $ behind closed doors...to raise huge $ behind closed doors http://t.co/0CkDEtrC26@kimkingsley @politico :)
H/t @DHBerman on this hilarious bit of campaign finance/twitter spam humor: https://t.co/X2KU9U5IAHOf course, as a 501c4, they don't report their weight loss totals to the FEC @kenvogel @KarlRove @CrossroadsGPS
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTho, as a c4, you don't have to disclose losses RT @CrossroadsGPS: Who would have thought? I lost 12 lbs using this! http://t.co/o4BPjnlGXwI thought @KarlRove was looking thinner! RT @CrossroadsGPS: Who would have thought? I lost 12 pounds using this! http://t.co/o4BPjnlGXwYep, that's 580 @Playboy magazines. For a story, really... @abc13 http://t.co/BJCvK8Etm7
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWaiting for @PolitiFact check of misleading @Garfield comics. A talking cat?! Pants on Fire! http://t.co/5DAvM1wrQiI already sent my supply of those to you guys for my book RT @public_affairs @gdebenedetti Send coffee, adderall, and prayers to @simonbooksSuper fast turnaround MT @gdebenedetti Clinton says she just turned in her memoir of her time in the State Department comes out in June.Artful RT @MarcACaputo: "I have sympathy..I totally understand" why illegal imms cross border --Rick Perry on FOX re Jeb's comments.
Cliven Bundy annexes National Mall? Nope. Just the Cowboys and Indians - @Maddie_Marshall video: http://t.co/L4RyLCQERC
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@jgoldny, baller. RT @DGisSERIOUS: 9th most powerful political person in NYC you heard? http://t.co/Tqj1Nh5FnDOh, look. Another Politico Mag piece by Politico-hater @jaloysius. http://t.co/XdjHN25XEjTom Steyer's hedge fund was allegedly complicit in a $60 million Ponzi scheme http://t.co/m3JVUp5QvZ
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I get all the hot scoops because I'm on the best press lists.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIn Odd We Trust RT @greggiroux Matt Bevin with $455k cash-on-hand after raising $1.1m & spending $1.3m Q1. Dean Koontz donated #kysen@gregorykorte yup, that's why i tweeted correction.Thx for having me MT @nicolesandler: Whose Airwaves? Podcast posted w/ @kenvogel, @goangelo, @nicolebelle http://t.co/etl3gAKWmo @randiradioCorrection to previous 2 tweets: Ginni Thomas-linked org that got its tax exemption revoked by the IRS Fri is a 501c3 http://t.co/gWPX1MexQTIRS cracks down on tea party 501(c)4 partly run by Clarence Thomas's wife in 2010: http://t.co/zswmN2LSTPhttp://t.co/gWPX1MexQTRighty 501(c)4 that had tax exemption revoked by IRS is linked to wife of Clarence Thomas: http://t.co/zswmN2LSTP http://t.co/gWPX1MexQT#ObamaTransparency: Incoming WH counsel is something of a pioneer in arguing executive privilege http://t.co/cO2ib6W6re #MostTransparentEverFewer MT @MichaelLinhorst Q: Have you thought of becoming prez? Christie: "It's kind of hard not to think abt it. Lots of ppl talk about it"J-town @IHOP was clutch in my HS years MT @adambonin Jenkintown @MayorFoley did Reddit on 1-day/24 restaurant tour: http://t.co/zRRo9Wfbb9What channel is Tiger's show about golf products on? #equivalence MT @YossiGestetner: Breaking: Tiger Woods wears Nike cuz they sponsor him!I appreciate the importance on tourism to DC's economy, but c'mon people. Get it together.
@JGreenDC yeah, new thing. not sure i totally understand how it works yet.@richardstarbird @maggiepolitico @AFPhq @edshow you can read about that in politico, too: http://t.co/TODaKvhe0F@JGreenDC no. it's same story as posted thurs. they've just started doing sunday encores of stories that ran earlier in week.Think a kombucha ale sounds good? You're in luck. @dcbrau & @CapitalKombucha have created one & they're unveiling it @GlensGardenMkt at 5 pmMark Levin defended Kochs/@AFPhq against Obama attacks +spoke at org's rallies. Meanwhile, it quietly paid him $757k+ http://t.co/NHOhkxrx9O.@Heritage this year ended sponsorship of @rushlimbaugh, after paying $9.5M+ to sponsor his show between 2009-2012: http://t.co/NHOhkxrx9OMore from Obamas Easter church visit: "an older gentleman stood up from his seat ...raised his arm & yelled, 'God Bless President Obama!'"Pool report on the Obamas Easter church visit: POTUS "is rocking his head back and forth to the fabulous choir and chewing something."
Dupont Circle sunset. http://t.co/zqHykhYj0eThe scathing political book review is alive and well, writes @j_fuller in a thoughtful essay that is giving me agita: http://t.co/UWtSHSOK6sTaylor Ferrell & co. Live @GlensGardenMkt: https://t.co/9ZHNwUkSQf1 very aggressive driver learned a fun lesson about POTUS motorcades today from a chorus of sirens, horns and Park Police tut-tutting---poolSpecial casks being poured, made for our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY by @UnionBrewing and @dbbrewingco, on the patio @GlensGardenMkt! #DRINKLOCAL
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAsked about striking work-life balance as a small biz owner, @Moorenkos owner says "balance is kind of 1998...learn to love where you are."@thesoupergirl on food industry: construction "is all men...& that's challenging...in the end, it's about product & whether you can deliver"Women in food industry panel @GlensGardenMkt featuring @thesoupergirl @gordyspicklejar @moorenkos @charmedbar: http://t.co/ca1rFr3IVV.@StopHillaryPAC email: "Hillary Clinton is currently under investigation by federal govt for conspiring w/ @ReadyforHillary." Huh, really?I'll be drawing pints! MT @PortCityBrew Today! @GlensGardenMkt turns 1! Join us in the beer garden @ 12PM to toast it http://t.co/WDisYFAlJlOn the air now is our interview with @kenvogel. Tune in to @SXMProgress to learn about the tea party radio network. http://t.co/9r0wyPttNX
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We'd love to see this down at the Port of Tacoma. RT @kenvogel @NMMGreenwich http://t.co/gtUgpbS8gY
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMan, that @espn @30for30 on the @DetroitPistons Bad Boys was awesome (& I'm a @Sixers fan!). Love the use of @PublicEnemyFTP for the creditsThis is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. http://t.co/cf6vJFWPqF
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@brianros1 i'd have to read book, but the argument as you framed it -- dems built data/tech advantage in 2004 -- is inaccurate.Like running & local food? Grab 3 friends & register for @GlensGardenMkt's Earth Day Team Urban Relay Sunday a.m.: http://t.co/sFgjVuBxL7@brianros1 that's incorrect. obama data/tech owes almost 0 to dean. social web barely existed in 2003.@brianros1 generally agree, but Dem data supremacy is not an out-of-power innovation.@brianros1 sides leap-frog on infrastructure. left never made talk radio work, but that disadvantage pales next to right's data & ground gap@brianros1 koch network is modeled after liberal donor network that became democracy alliance.@brianros1 as is the left@brianros1 sponsorships, as opposed to regular ads? Send it along.like good food from close by? a cold @dcbrau in hand? sun: come toast 2 1yr of @GlensGardenMkt making DC food better http://t.co/eIL5lexnP3
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelClintonites plotted to keep corp. $ flowing to Dems & "move/undercut" @FredWertheimer's "rigid posture" against it: http://t.co/IS8LxAgkA8Deja vu, #ClintonDocs edition: "We need complete strategy to paint the GOP as the party of wealthy special interests" http://t.co/IS8LxAgkA8In 1990s, Clintonites wanted "Free TV time for Candidates" & a PAC ban http://t.co/IS8LxAgkA8 In 2016, they'll spend $300m+ on super PAC ads@jim_newell @aseitzwald after Hillary finished lobbying for #NorthAmericanUnion at #Bilderberg, she gave slide show of Socks picsSo LSM to exclude Sarah Palin!!! RT @aburnspolitico My favorite nutty Senate floats this cycle: Sebelius in KS, Ann Romney in MA, Newt in VANot to go all tinfoil hat, but it seems Clinton admin. actually used #Bilderberg mtgs to push foreign policy agenda: https://t.co/qD7cS3ow7uHillary Clinton in 1997 #Bilderberg speech made a "strong endorsement of immediate NATO membership for the Baltics": http://t.co/aoj80n4QXjSecret $ org that tried to draft Chris Christie into 2012 race granted tax exemption by IRS: http://t.co/twCqOhxc9gWiretap of Dem who pled guilty to illegal contribs. to @HillaryClinton, other Ds: "That's the only way to buy them" http://t.co/R9g1975GmxIf it's Friday ... RT @politico: Major Clinton doc dump set for afternoon http://t.co/hfEP0QZ24F@Mariailona keyboard couragePlease enjoy the Rand Paul Super Friends cartoon currently gracing the front page of the @FreeBeacon http://t.co/IMdD5gTRQQ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAn #EasyChoice MT @JLeifer For dish on @HillaryClinton & other 2016ers' $$, skip #HardChoices, read @kenvogel's BIG MONEY (out 6/3) instead!@charlie_posner @kenvogel Book titles are similar, don't think he was actually serious about causation
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@HillaryClinton's pre-2016 book "Hard Choices" -- meet @SenJohnMcCain's pre-2008 book "Hard Call." Didn't exactly vault him into the W.H.With @SenRandPaul @JohnKasich & @GovChristie championing drug reform &/or new treatment, seems like it could be an issue in 2016 GOP primarySoros makes the best snowballs MT @WilsonValdez12: Ken Vogel was given snowballs to throw at Santa by Soros in war against X-mas @Mbrooksrjc@JeffreyGoldberg @SocialistHater unpaid, alas.pretty much the worst thing you can say about anybody. and true. RT @Mbrooksrjc: @kenvogel AND Philly sports fan!!@JeffreyGoldberg @SocialistHater I'm in the youth chapterWell, isn't it obvious? MT @RightWingWatch: Newsmax host says Chelsea only got pregnant to help HRC's 2016 campaign http://t.co/J0XyHnpdVbYou forgot #ElderOfZion MT @SocialistHater: @kenvogel <== leftist trash bought and paid for by nazi collaborator George Soros. #socialistWell, that hurt my feelings. But I'll try to go on....I don't think I'm that bad. RT @asmith83 I think you are likable enough fwiw
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