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Kevin Smith @kevsmith RDU, North Carolina

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast.

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@markimbriaco @wfarr it’s just a little bit of typing
@lusis @markimbriaco ……@moonpolysoft @markimbriaco (holds manic eye contact for far too long)@markimbriaco @moonpolysoft so easy interns can do it@markimbriaco “But we just need to add one easy feature…..” “Say that again and I will cut you.”May we let the bunny mind think without trying to think and without trying to stop it.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithBehold Totoro on meth: http://t.co/lwR7LnXZmm@lusis <Irish accent>this is my end zone</Irish accent>New Kraddy is heavy goodness@fnichol fun experiment: go an entire day where you send 100%@jtimberman value delivered@lusis BraveheartballCustomers With Sterling Access or Those With Genitals Hand Carved From Purest Samite By Dwarves may now board thru the indigo boarding lane.
@Simergence All the things. Boredom is my enemy :)Holy crap. It works.@lusis @fnichol @portertech Bring ‘em. We can film a reality show with all our families: “OSS Preppers”@fnichol @lusis @portertech Who’s ready to move to the hippy farm commune and take up artisanal soybean curation?@puppetmasterd @portertech Enforce the community’s social contract. That we need call out harassment and death threats is depressing.@portertech @puppetmasterd I can’t accept that. If true, all OSS communities would be overrun by assholes which is clearly not true.Sorting keys in Lua tables. Fun? Not really.Can we please go a few months without someone leaving a community over harassment and/or threats?RT if this is one of the weirdest things you've ever seen. https://t.co/mBtpsGNdXr (Courtesy of @JLCT)
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Morgan Stanley predicts "100% autonomous penetration" by 2026. http://t.co/Oyg80Eh8UL
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@bigfleet @aeden ugh.@bigfleet I don’t TTL often but when I do I use Integer.max_value :(@bigfleet Artisanal DNS?Rub some Afrin on it.Using nostrils for breathing is overrated.@schisamo Awwww. I miss you guys too!@old_sound It’s. Full. Of. Stars.
@schisamo He was truly wise ;-)“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're fucking doing.” - Edwards Deming
Retweeted by Kevin SmithEnd of summer colds suck.
I wanna deploy apps in the fog.@old_sound Next they’ll say banks use transactions to transfer money between accounts…CHAPEL HILL: I will be among you next Friday at @flyleafbook. BE THERE. Also, I'm amused at their author pic of me: http://t.co/LDzbJMwewC
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Reminder to folks in Raleigh, NC: In one week I'll be at @quailridgebooks for an event and if you're not there I WILL TAKE IT PERSONALLY.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@old_sound Current status: LOLing@SeanTAllen No worries. It’s stored in Mongo.@SeanTAllen 18 ;-)Recruiter: Do you have experience with Distributed Systems? Me: Yep. I've used Distributed Systems since v1.5. #FMLAmazed by my friends’ awesomeness
. @markimbriaco A good time was had by all.
@lusis M-x service-start dnsmasq@lusis Yes, yes it would.@lusis want to build or want to buy?Amnesty International has been kicked out of #Ferguson by the police. Amnesty. International.
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@markimbriaco @evanphx Old school idea: "If you can't find the time to do it right, when are you gonna find the time to do it again?"
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@base10 Me too. This is either going to go well or escalate spectacularly, imo.
@markimbriaco Insane requirements.@chipadeedoodah @soosiechoi Excellent. /me golf claps@SusanPotter https://t.co/4ZnjQt3VEW@SusanPotter If they don’t need therapy later in life you’re not doing parenting right :)@soosiechoi http://t.co/rEUZFqdDqlNow that I’m done ranting about technical leadership, I’m off to find something productive to do.@williamsjoe @ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage Honestly it boils down to leads giving a fuck about people. Sad it’s apparently rare.@williamsjoe @ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage “Forgive me, Scrummaster. It has been 6 months since my last PTO”@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage ….and company lacks intestinal fortitude to fix bad leader. Been there. Totally sucks.@akahn @ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage Very +1. Hire smart professionals. Expect them to be smart & professional. 2nd is hard for some.@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage don’t even get me going on no-meeting days. Sure sign company has no idea how to communicate, IMO.@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage my stand ups are not longer than 10 mins. Longer stand ups are sign of inexperienced/clueless lead.@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage within limits. In my experience, Unlimited PTO plans are subject to same. IANAL, etc.@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage Depends largely on leadership. Sane leads should enforce min PTO for team health & cohesion.@DukeAMO @michaelgorsuch @roidrage otherwise why do the work to build a good team if they’re going to work until they burn out? (2/2)@DukeAMO @michaelgorsuch @roidrage when i’ve led teams I keep track and try to make sure no-one goes too long w/o a break. (1/2)#golang has that spunky gopher, I vote #Erlang take the corgi as mascot http://t.co/vIJRN5w1hw
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis I’ll need to see a picture of the knife first to verify it’s on the approved list of enterprise cutlery.@lusis did you fax aws the checksum first?@ohlol @michaelgorsuch @roidrage NotAllUnlimitedPTO. Depends on having leaders who care about more than shipping.@michaelgorsuch @roidrage no-one taking vacation is a leadership/culture failure. Has nothing to do w/policy, imoSome times, keeping your mouth shut is an act of leadership. Consider whether the group needs what you want to say, and choose. #leadership
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@averyj nailed it.
The indignity of it! RT @DrScienceCat: This is how owls are weighed http://t.co/gP2qNrVoO9
Retweeted by Kevin SmithThe USA: Where the police have tanks, and the tanks have corporate sponsors http://t.co/1diz6ETm0d http://t.co/P69YzzCGZr
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@cgervais email me at Kevin at hypotheticalabs dot com and let’s work out a timeWTF is with men in tech? Friend’s experience has me seriously questioning my career choices.@OliverFerrigni late to the party but congrats to you both!Nailed it. http://t.co/Db8P8h4TwQGood night and godspeed #Ferguson@TeacherC one thing’s certain. A statement will be made. at some point. in the future. Teaching moment.Well at least the WH has been briefed. Shit’s gonna get real. In a week or two.@lusis <insert long despairing sigh here>Ukraine, how I see it: “@j_evns: I’ve been trying to remember this quote today. Pertinent. RT @theaarondouglas: http://t.co/BWdoFnbFdu
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@base10 “…because they didn’t look like us”“Protect and serve, even if it kills every one of you” #FergusonThe Ferguson police have this gear because we were afraid of "domestic terror." Well, it's here. Wearing the outfit we bought it.
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Ferguson riot squad got laser sights aimed at protesters. http://t.co/pPgLDKyFAy
Retweeted by Kevin SmithWhat the hell, America. #FergusonWhy yessir you should totally try to roll your pants whilst riding a fixie in heavy traffic. #darwinismTech startup Ansible (founded by $RHT vets) is hiring "aggressively," growing in #Durham http://t.co/bjX5Yu0FCG @cednc @startupnc
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@dcgibbons My personal email is kevin at hypotheticalabs dot com.Time for a change. If you need help solving interesting problems (dist. sys and/or DB especially) we should talk.“Engineering Management Coach”Ouch! Intel had to turn off TSX (transactional memory feature set) in Haswell. Likely delayed to Broadwell or later. http://t.co/0xegCh0AQO
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Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. RIP Mr. Williams.@SusanPotter Throw in -Xss2k while you’re in there ;-)@iroc @GeneticSequence ADHD meds (amphetamines or no) are no joke and should be taken seriously.@iroc @GeneticSequence +1000. Also helps to have access to a friendly informed professional.@GeneticSequence @iroc @ModelViewMedia I think you should consult a doc/psych specializing in ADHD.A great response re: ADHD & getting help: http://t.co/Bcogbwp1Gw
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