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Kevin Smith @kevsmith RDU, North Carolina

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast.

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@lusis Rite :)@lusis “Except” is THE BEST word to read in a spec
The only people questioning the grand jury process are crazy radicals. Oh, and the National Bar Association http://t.co/0wgC1LtbDF
Retweeted by Kevin SmithThe medical examiner didn't take photos of Mike Brown's body. Because they ran out of batteries. http://t.co/YVjdaWiM7K
Retweeted by Kevin SmithI am staring at a directory of huge Cloud Formation JSON files. This should be an interesting day…One of my goals for bringing PapersWeLove to RTP is to engage w/local CS researchers. Contacts / introductions appreciated!
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@geekubed Have another virtual *hug* and remember you are an awesome individual!And I had such high hopes for the last half of 2014. Pharma should see a nice uptick in antidepressant sales…@scalzi In other words you’re compassionate and responsible :)What areas of CS research are you passionate about? Operating systems? Proglangs? DBs? Machine learning? Distributed systems?
Retweeted by Kevin Smith. @paperswelovertp OS, distributed systems, and databases
Goddammit.Retweet if you want PapersWeLove in RTP :)
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@bryanl Yet Another Greenspun’s 10th corollary: “Systems evolve until all use cases are edge cases.”This. A thousand times this. https://t.co/Aj8LR37rIq #fuuuuYep. Still really wish we had a local PapersWeLove meet up. Maybe I should get off my dead @$$ and make it happen….@littleidea @lusis Right! Is that part of logind?http://t.co/rfD5lWNull /cc @lusis@wfarr At least it’s not libnimby :)TIL: libnih is a real thing.
Gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!! :) /cc @ern0plus4 RT @xan_tronix RT @AndyArmstrong: http://t.co/CHWcivyNKF http://t.co/gEMMNVt72I
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@mattray @nikiacosta @scottsanchez Awwwww. Look at that face! So cute :)@mattray Pics!@PaulNendick Yup. Intimately familiar. My assertion is good devs and SAs find ways to bridge the gaps.@PaulNendick In your scenario everyone loses. Devs should certainly care about uptime and ops should care about new features.“admins and devs often have competing interests” — imo, only the bad/incompetent admins & devs.@lusis Fuck yeah, man. Fuck. Yeah. http://t.co/QXBTOAZk89@wfarr Do you see much difference between GeekDesk and NextDesk?@benkershner https://t.co/SZjHJcCGerAnyone else seeing 503s when creating instances in us-east-1?“a better approach would be to accept that the majority of distros have settled on systemd […] this decision has not been made by idiots.”@jtimberman yissssssssystemd for _______________
Most powerful curse you can lob at a standards effort: "this'll probably be easy."
Retweeted by Kevin SmithLooking for pointers on installing gdbsx on Ubuntu 14.04. Do I need to compile Xen from source?Another day, another unit of economic exchange.
@nathenharvey I miss those views. I surely do.The Oplab musical experiment board - http://t.co/u3DCDQoBJR
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@t_sloughter Be reasonable. It’s not like the language has pattern matching or anything….“Get OS X Yosemite free”. I admire you, Apple. You are persistent.Super useful MQTT feature that doesn’t get enough hype: http://t.co/np1OIISG7F@lusis Neat. I had similar idea incorporating monitoring data & basic control theory. Great minds and all that :)Whither low-latency reactive monitoring & config mgmt?@dreid Indeed.OH: “Raid striping the cognition of the team”@dreid I agree. That doesn’t generalize to “blank lines are a code smell”, tho.Alan Kay will talk at @erlangfactory next year in San Francisco
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@base10 It’s a cornucopia of nope@pavlobaron I like it! The water “iterates” over the cliff so too does the project.@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Analogous to Simon Peyton-Jones at the London EF but w/different (still relevant) tie-in 2/2@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral What about a link to scalable/resilient/concurrent systems? 1/2@pavlobaron Aha! I see you’ve fully embraced Cowboy Agile. Nice!@hylomorphism That is most…..unfortunate. Link?@pavlobaron I’m going to need your unit tests on my desk by 5:00. And I better see some database mocks in there, too.@base10 Here ya go: http://t.co/H3iskKNeYS@pavlobaron <insert maniacal lol here>@pavlobaron Bonus points if it was also a singleton ;-)“An Empty Line is a Code Smell”. Literally WTF.@pavlobaron No factories? THE ENTERPRISE IS DISAPPOINT.@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Not unless you’re feeling super ambitious :) Throwing out a few names to get ideas flowing@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Rob Pike, Eric Brewer, Arvind Krishnamurthy (UW), Andrei Alexandrescu
@bakins @postwait @adamhjk i’ve done a fair bit of prototyping and lua (luajit) is a good fit for CM, imo.I predict the next round of linux distro releases are gonna be “fun”: http://t.co/HveIlr2uS3@wfarr Internet of Pancakes@darachennis That was my suspicion. Hmmm.How much do devs worry about back pressure and flow control when using reactive frameworks?@mairin I do the same thing! I have a whole repertoire built around “Oh Susanna” :)That time you had a lie down in the backyard with a comfy dirt blanket.“Show incompatible app updates”. Nice try, Apple. Nice try.
@jtimberman In my defense, I had a tail, gills, rudimentary mouth, and no vocal cords when they asked.@jtimberman I mean, to be fair, I didn’t answer when my parents asked me which country I wanted to call home.@jtimberman Where’s your professional commitment?! All we have to do is pack up and move everything to a strange country. Sheesh!@lusis “You managed to have someone pay you for 10 years of sitting in his building.” Un-be-fucking-lieveable.@lusis no, the best way is doing 'set -e' so you can catch errors, then doing '|| true' on anything that might error.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis https://t.co/MyTCiO99AI“Bespoke hand-crafted nagios config files”@jrecursive Broken. Thoroughly.@jrecursive “Hello, children. I always strap on my non-invasive non-destructive neocortex scanner before backing up my consciousness.”@jrecursive “Mr. Kurzweil’s Neighborhod w/Handyman Watson”
@Twirrim Yep. I was thinking of different model with RPI preprocessing data freeing up main host to work w/only ‘cooked’ data.Current status: Wondering about the viability of RaspPI as a OpenCV “co-processor”.Has anyone started “Whitepapers Anonymous” yet? I think I might have a problem…..@voodootikigod Record her saying that now so you can play it back when she’s a teenager :)@base10 Either God has dandruff or I’m seeing very light snow out my window right now, too.
@skeptomai @julian_dunn @bcantrill Who runs OpenStack these days?@mattray @skeptomai @julian_dunn “Your container has been terminated. Guru meditation 00000025:00013A0F”@skeptomai @julian_dunn I keep seeing @bcantrill leading his Illumos braves swooping down on the wagonsI guess competition is down to integrating docker in lieu of building a better/different solution?@ntlk @silentbicycle omg. my head just exploded. pollen looks awesome.@tswaterman Yeah. I think some form of ‘ambient compute’ + mesh networks.If PCs were a reaction to centralized compute, I wonder if/when we’ll see a reaction to “the cloud”. What would it look like?@yvov Nope. I didn’t make it to re:Invent.
@old_sound It’s space-time! Einstein himself couldn’t handle node.@old_sound Space isn’t web scale, yo.#reinvent Aurora lets you simulate failures using SQL... blown away http://t.co/9KLSHkVP6v
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@rickasaurus Guess that means one can’t put together a running system using only the open source bits announced today, right?“Sadly, no. It's a bug in the current dev process.” This is why we can’t have nice things. https://t.co/xBtBzYuXgzDntel’s “Human Voice” is great music to code by@lusis @peschkaj Strongly agree@lusis @peschkaj So prefer IaaS over PaaS if you don’t/can’t/won’t own the hardware?
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