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ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday...
Thought I'd post a picture of our dinner. Just for the halibut! 😉#Manzo @Eataly #EatalyNYC #LanceEats ✋🏼Good morning,we r going to get wet! But I am British it won't be the first time.. Don't let it rain on our parade..
Retweeted by Lance BassCatch up with #WhatsHotNow! Plus dont forget to watch @MeredithShow M-F!! Check local listings. @LanceBass
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"This season of SNL would be nothing if it weren't for me!" - Future @realDonaldTrumpCheck out this beautiful handmade card that I got from @AmberTroy today. #TooSweet @lbstreetteam1 ・・・ Opening ceremonies!! #aidwalkwisconsin2015 @michaelturchin @lancebass… you're heading to the movies this weekend, might I suggest this movie I voiced on. Crazy cast! #HellAndBack hope all my LA peeps can march tomorrow! Help our furry friends AND get some exercise! 😉@LisaVanderpump @KenToddBH't turn away.Be their voice @LisaVanderpump needs your help.Come walk with her Oct 4th
Retweeted by Lance Bass#DirtyPopWalks team! #AidsWalkWisconsin・・・ Clearly meeting chiefpupmarshall at the #AidsWalkWisconsin2015 was a highlight of our day!… #Wisconsin! You really know how to make a fella feel welcome!You raised almost half a million today! #AidsWalkWis when you see it in graph form. Does anyone know how much money has been spent on the war on terrorism vs w… I was speaking of his two gay friends he met with. But yes as a whole, it's only been baby steps..@HumorNWaffles U obviously don't watch the news-Vatican confirmed her and her lawyers lied. And he loves his gay friends. #ThouShallNotLieListen to N'Sync's @LanceBass count down the top 30 songs in combined sales & airplay from 2000 on @SXMPop2K!
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @days_go_by29 woo hoo!! See y'all at the walk!!
. @ronmic71 hahahahaha! Yes!!@johnfsessa @MrsSOsbourne @LanceBass We are all marching on Sunday the 4th oct to
Retweeted by Lance BassCan't wait to see y'all in Wisconsin this weekend!#AidsWalkWis @DirtyPopLive @MichaelTurchin Walk Wisconsin & 5K Run 2015 - AIDS Walk Wisconsin and 5K Run via @sharethis@LissaK_27 😉@sweetie200409 ❤️❤️❤️Happy Birthday @TeamLance !! 🎉🎉🎂🎂🎁🎁. @liss627 see, some of my conspiracies DO work out! 😉@lynlee2000 ❤️❤️❤️
ICYMI: "Today's @MeredithShow look: Suit: @Topman Knit: @jlindebergjournal Double Monk Strap: @thejackerwin Glasse… #StopYulinForever @LisaVanderpump.@LanceBass remembers his first days with @NSYNC: #NSYNCDay
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass celebrates #NSYNC's 20th anniversary with adorable #TBT photo
Retweeted by Lance Bass"I take cute pills; just like you." -@KChenoweth on #60secondswithLance. @LanceBass @RadioAndySXM @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance BassMy heart aches for Umqua College in Oregon right now. This story is sadly too familiar these days.I won #ProjectRunway!!!!! ( ok, the #MeredithVieira version) @MeredithShow I designed Meredith's dress- @timgunn"We were just hoping to get picked up as an a capella group by @WaltDisneyWorld." @LanceBass on @NSYNC's 20th Anniversary
Retweeted by Lance BassHave you been watching @MeredithShow? Check local listings and set those DVR's!! Don't miss #WhatsHotNow @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance BassGotta watch @LanceBass on @MeredithShow on the 20th anniversary of him joining @NSYNC!!! Please RT!!! #20YearsOfNSYNC
Retweeted by Lance Bass20 years ago today I met some of the coolest dudes on the planet! Wow how time flies! Happy 20th #NSYNC!! …
ICYMI: "@queenlatifah plays #60SecondsWithLance today on @DirtyPopLive ! @SIRIUSXM 102 #RadioAndy LIVE 4-6pm" course!! RT @ambertroy: Would you still meet with #TeamDirtyPopWalks Sat, if we can't each (cont) this out!'Rantin and Ravin' is up! Me, @Chloe_Hilliard and @ManSamp are joined by THE ONE, THE ONLY @LanceBass he's mad cool!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Topman 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️So excited to see Laurel #Mississippi girl @MEEllisDay in her new show #TheGrinder on #FoX !Today's @MeredithShow look: Suit: @Topman Knit: @jlindebergjournal Double Monk Strap: @thejackerwin @KREWEduoptic was a guest on @yamaneika and @Chloe_Hilliard's podcast #RantinAndRavin!! Check it out!!
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.@LanceBass just talked about it on @DirtyPopLive!! This Saturday in Milwaukee @aidswalkwis!
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @iamqueenlatifah plays #60SecondsWithLance today on @DirtyPopLive ! @SIRIUSXM 102 #RadioAndy LIVE 4-6pm"Would I go to Mars? It's a one way ticket, so I don't think I would go." @LanceBass on #MarsWater #WhatsHotNow
Retweeted by Lance BassNeed advice? Email @Kim_Gravel will answer ?'s on Wednesdays @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass @RadioAndySXM #GravelMail
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@TreshelleEdmond ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️So proud of Team #DirtyPopWalks! $1865 has been donated so far! @LanceBass @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance Bass@lancebass is going to sea & taking @jeffschroeder23 & I w/him. You can go to!! Listen to…
Retweeted by Lance BassI'll be on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass today!! Listen live @SIRIUSXM channel 106 from 4-6pm ET.
Retweeted by Lance Bass@kathryng you were so great!!lillianavazquez is a dancing machine & @lancebass is so happy! Why am I so serious?!? Hmmmm…
Retweeted by Lance BassWords can not express how amazing this production of @SpringBway is! BEAUTIFUL! @MarleeMatlin @CamrynManheim … the Pope @MeredithShow "The pope is officially the new Elvis Presley" - @LanceBass #WhatsHotNow
Retweeted by Lance BassYou never know who you'll run into @NBCRockCenter ! @LanceBass #MickyDolenz #LanceBass
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ICYMI: "Homemade breakfast w my homie @DoctorDeeps ! #CookieButter pancakes, @TiffaniThiessen 's maple fennel bacon …
ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... you donate to #aidswalkwisconsin this is where 100% of your $ goes! @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass counting down the Top 30 songs from 2004!! Tune to @SXMPop2K! Replays Sat 6pE Sun 8aE & 4pE #Pop2k
Retweeted by Lance BassHomemade breakfast w my homie @MauiDrDeeps ! #CookieButter pancakes, @TiffaniThiessen 's maple fennel bacon …
Woah! We are in the top ten guys! Way to go #DirtyPopWalks!!! Keep it up! @LanceBass @LanceBassCntrl @DirtyPopLive
Retweeted by Lance BassWhat are we obsessed with? @LOCCITANE, @lulusdotcom, @iHome, @PlumPrint & more! VIDEO:
Retweeted by Lance BassWho doesn't want to win a free cruise? Go to for your chance to win 2 tickets! @DirtyPopLive @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance BassYour @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown! @SIRIUSXM 102 #RadioAndy @ddlovato Jimmy for reminding us to stay healthy! #GroupFluShots @Megancolarossi @theLVguide #NBC @MeredithShow #WhatsHotNow? Catch up with @LanceBass @meredithvieira @yamaneika @Megancolarossi @theLVguide @meredithshow
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#Repost @dzoldan with repostapp. ・・・ No its not #tbt, Lance Bass is in the studio tomorrow!… is awesome! Girl's heartfelt lecture to her divorced parents goes viral #SmileWorld's nothing like unconditional love from a dog.-- @LanceBass #WhatsHotNow
Retweeted by Lance BassToday's @MeredithShow look brought to you by... Suit: @Topman Tee: @astrella_inc Sneaker: @fillingpieces #LanceWears out @LanceBass's playlist for the week: Don't forget to listen to Lance on @DirtyPopLive @ 5PM on @SIRIUSXM!
Retweeted by Lance BassFunny how the universe works. Foster passes last night and all these rescue pups are on @MeredithShow today to cheer… Here's what I posted yesterday...
With a heavy heart I must inform you that our baby boy Foster has moved on to his next adventure. He was the best bu…・・・ Try not to fall in love with this Peanutized version of #NSYNC! 😍 #PeanutizeMe are playing #60SecondsWithLance w #NatWolff today on @DirtyPopLive! @NatAndAlex @SIRIUSXM 102- LIVE 4-6pm EST's @MeredithShow look: Jacket and Tee: @brooklyncloth Pant: @hm Chelsea boots: @boohooofficial @boohoousa thanks for coming!! Maybe see you in the lobby!!ICYMI: "Fridays look- Glasses: @rayban Vest and pant: @boohooofficial @boohoousa Shirt and tie: @itsnickgraham Shoes…
@Megancolarossi isn't it so good?!?!As close as I can get with the #Peanutization @MelindaWEG bow tie or fake bow tie?? @MetOpera, haaaayyyy @lancebass
Retweeted by Lance Bass@MelindaWEG I wanna do one!!So excited to have @Kim_Gravel back on @DirtyPopLive tomorrow! @SIRIUSXM 102 @RadioAndySXM #RadioAndy @Andy #Pope. Watch this please. Thanks. via @YouTubePartnered w/ @FifthThird for a great cause! Lets fight cancer together using #howifight! #ad ha! She's not as innocent as she seems huh?! LolOops! Forgot to take a pic in my @MeredithShow outfit today. Here's one from the fitting last week! I mean this one … me too!!@MichaelTurchin three more days!!! Yay!!! ❤️😘😍😘❤️@carterdcollins 💁🏼Episode 5 is here of @nltheseries Thank you for such a great season! Watch it now with @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin
Retweeted by Lance BassSnapchatting all day from Fallon. Agr8bigworld. Just met up w @LanceBass!
Retweeted by Lance BassMonday's @MeredithShow look: Shirt and tie: @itsnickgraham Belt and jeans: @zara Oxfords: @hm #LanceWears
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