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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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Ha… Da dum dum!!! http://t.co/jXzBKCswns
Nych’all…Mission accomplished! RT @latimes: Remember "Reading Rainbow"? At the Festival of Books… http://t.co/EmnJkMgoP3What?? You usually have all of the 411… RT @deeHustle: @levarburton wondering out loud why I was not aware of this ?One of the highlights of a very busy Saturday… #genuinehumanbeing #disneysmmoms http://t.co/cua0d8HbFp#itwasfun! MT @LearningNerd: The crowd for @levarburton doing a live @readingrainbow is HUGE. @latimesfob http://t.co/Oz50HRbLa2Thanks @LeVarBurton, David Arquette, @ArielWinter1 and @TimGunn for your support this morning #DisneySMMoms https://t.co/8TaETFCJPQ
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHeaded to my Alma Mater @USC for @latimesfob… Reading a story on Children’s Stage at 12:05… Join us!#Awesome MT @InnerChildFun: Disney will donate 1 million books to @FirstBook The Give a Book Get a Book program #disneysmmomsRT @ThatsITMommy: .@levarburton reading Young Henry and The Dragon #DisneySMMoms #books https://t.co/CpIgSake1Y.@LeVarBurton of @ReadingRainbow speaks to storytelling in the digital age #DisneySMMoms 135588_1779 https://t.co/6h3ESJfQGZ
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonRT @readingrainbow: Here @latimesfob! @LeVarBurton will be reading on the Children’s Stage at noon. Join us! #RRLive http://t.co/AHyDfTH74xUp like a pup and in Anaheim for a special event benefiting First Book… #DisneySMMoms
Happy Friday, Y’all…
How I’m spending the next couple of weeks… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/9VQmjG4YP5#TBThttp://t.co/C53RN6g3h7Good Morning, Y’all…
I’m all ears, Pru… RT @the_meghatron: My daughter, @Dear_Pru, has some questions for you: http://t.co/v50LH1yaUb.@ChoreMonster Y’all are awesome… bydhttmwfiREAD: @ChoreMonster’s Joe Long—an expert on kids & rewards—on the Rewards of #Reading w Your Kids: http://t.co/aX8WyeHDgcIn honor of Spring, The Tortoise and the Hare… #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/jesEVh1oXFWho wants to hear a story…?
Nych’all…Skydiving! MT @JulieZayAbraham: Levar, what is one thing you are happy to have done once in your life but will never try again?Woo Hoo! MT @SusanWoodfield1: Visiting your star yesterday! http://t.co/2Eu4AhrXdl.@iamrot You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however misguided and uninformed it is!!!.@LilacInfidelus I doubt that very much! Wasn’t funny then, not funny now… #racism #always #uglyLook for a web version before year’s end! MT @mandy8304: do u plan on making the RR app available on anything other than Apple products?For all of the wrong reasons. RT @CharlesTDennis: Mickey Rooney's performance in "Breakfast at Tiffanys" is very memorable.Also, Hoyt Axton is remarkable as Alec’s father during the poker game at the beginning… #bydhttmwfi #BlackStallionMagic! RT @alliemackay: @levarburton I tweeted the same last night. That movie was pure magic to me!No, he was horseman! Made his bones breaking horses as a young man. RT @vinny_mahoney: Was your grandfather in the film ?Hands down, my favorite Mickey Rooney performance is in THE BLACK STALLION. I’d swear he was channeling my Grandfather… #RIP#HUSKIESCongrats @akaWorf… You can now be a #verified “merry man!”With all of the TNG fans on @twitter you’d think they’d be more on their #JOB and #verify @akaWorf…#bydhttmwfI rock my @HeydayFootwear constantly… #bydhttmwfi #itsnothype http://t.co/Etx95y1IWJ http://t.co/kAg0t9a0xU.@altonbrown I hear from @jettila that you’ll soon be dining at my favorite Bistro on the planet! #Mistral #goodchoiceRT @BenSpiers: "Prandial" Nice :) never came across this in catering at college. Thank you for the word of the day :)I’m not normally a drinker of coffee, however today… #post #prandial #espresso http://t.co/tSAVS0R0Mb
The Sirs are auctioning their #gogodididonyc Coney souvenir tshirts to benefit @CityHarvest check out the @eBay page http://t.co/RhtJBOvPIv
Nych’all…#AutismAwareness Day: Reading On The Spectrum: http://t.co/Ijp3LrwkDh by Reading Rainbow CEO @MarkAndrewWolfe
An oldie but goodie! RT @LeVarBurton Buys @Smosh! http://t.co/gGv3o1ytFH #AprilFools! (Some language, adults only.)This… I love! MT @CookiesSangria: Here's why we love @LeVarBurton http://t.co/lemkAbdqfZTrue! RT @KVMMUMMY: I can't believe that it has been 25 years since I was on @readingrainbow with @levarburton!
Go Blue! #NCAA
Hey Y’all, it’s @Marina_Sirtis Birthday… Send her some B-day love!
.@levarburton writes about #Reading And #Music: Hitting All The Right Notes http://t.co/53yq3SD4sv via @kindermusik
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Friday, Y’all… if you’re looking for a good read, I’d recommend… http://t.co/wxUP0yvbXh #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/QBlXcekWBs
Good Morning, Y’all…
@jsneaky8 …and you Sir, have revealed yourself to be the Prince of Darkness himself! #devilspawn
Listen! MT @nprbooks: Our pals at @OnPointRadio got to talk to @levarburton about kids’ books! So jealous…. http://t.co/Wy57nqGj0YGood Morning, Y’all…
All me! No dancing double required! #kuntabustsamove MT @MrPope: @nickchester Gonna need a confirm/deny here, Levar.What book did @LeVarBurton read to his daughter every night? Find out in "Follow the Rainbow"! http://t.co/GfrPXxK6GV
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonDear attendees of @slcomiccon… my cancelation next month, is due to directing duties on #PerceptionTNT. I’ll see you next time… #BYDHTTMWFI
RT @readingrainbow: We're so excited! @LeVarBurton & Reading Rainbow will be at the @LATimesFOB on 4/12! Come see us! http://t.co/0faiNYn4FB
TY #CUE RT @cueinc: Epic #cue14 #teacher #selfie @techmaverick @billselak RT ftw!! chasing @TheEllenShow http://t.co/DurqG26ZENAbout to go onstage… #CUE14 #iloveteachersThank you @onpoint @npr It was great to be with you!I knew that…! RT @xenoveritas: @OnPointRadio has a Twitter account too, ya know.Wow! RT @LAMBRADLEY: Lined up for @levarburton #cue14 @ikeraya @LTescallo http://t.co/r3SKr5VK1rDon’t worry #CUE14. As soon as I’m done on @NPR, I’m all yours… #teachersGoing to be on NPR’s ONPOINT this morning, 8am PDT…LIVE!
My #TBT is also a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite human beings ever… #HappyBirthdayFred http://t.co/B6LsgpdNF2…and finally! RT @Iholdsworth: @WalkerJake #twucked discovering that everyone has unfollowed youRT @kylerohrbach: @levarburton The rage one feels after realizing that unfollow was just someone who wanted a followback: "Twanger" #TwangstYes! RT @WalkerJake: @levarburton someone who intentionally unfollows to hurt feelings: "Twangster" #twangstThe anxiety one feels after discovering someone is no longer following you on Twitter=Twangst #Twangst
“Outside a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” –Groucho MarxHim too… @KC6624: @levarburton What about Kwame? #GoPlanetOnly 7 days remain to bid. You can dine with LeVar, Geordi, Kunta, Dean Haley or choose them all! https://t.co/rUo9YYR6yTGreat guest Blog! 6 Ways to Show Your Child READING is AWESOME! http://t.co/y8tNt95lvI by @RyanSanders of @thefatherfactorMT @ErickaSimone: Daily reminder that there are butterflies in the sky and we could go TWICE AS HIGH OMG.
.@CAH Your game is so much fun! We love playing it in our family. #sickpeople @MicaBurton look who tweeted at us!!!!Could the Kia product placement on #TheVoice be any more clumsy or out of place?#BYDHTTMWFI MT @tinieblasx13: Cheers! http://t.co/xy4KoCxsOLHow about you? MT @Coffeegenius: Well, damn! I got Geordi Laforge. @levarburton http://t.co/hYRo3LCPCqSat down with the 1 year old niece and played with the @readingrainbow app. Man @levarburton. Your influence is everlasting. Thank you.
Retweeted by LeVar Burton
Happy St. Paddy’s Day… if you try to pinch me, I will B*tch slap you into next week!… in other news! RT @PBSDS: “@KCTS9: Long live the Reading Rainbow Remix! http://t.co/fpbpHxAd23@MicaBurton Ha! Yes… your TV survived!!! #EARTHQUAKE1st Aftershock… #EARTHQUAKE.@JeriLRyan Everything OK at your house??? #EARTHQUAKELet our powers combine… Earth! “raises ring to the sky” -Kwame from Captain Planet #EARTHQUAKEPulse returning back to normal. That one shook the sh*t out of Sherman Oaks! #EARTHQUAKENych’all…
Thank you, Kansas City! Planet Comic-Con was great! The Bar-b-que, terrific. Seeing family… priceless!True! RT @ChemicalXRated: "Words are free. It's how you use them, that may cost you."Uhh, Kansas City… Snow?…and in other news, Happy Sunday, Y’all!!!Yup! #America MT @awgonnerman: Is the hate due to your healthcare tweet?An example of the vitriol from the last 2 days #America MT @glaney13: @levarburton look Levar quit sucking obamas balls and grow a pair.
Hopefully all of these intolerant “Americans” jamming up my timeline will tire soon and go away!Happy Birthday @QuincyDJonesApparently some people don’t appreciate musical accompaniment with breakfast. @BrentSpiner http://t.co/Ox70AKiGYLI’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…PSA #jerk RT @erdnase52: @levarburton sad use of twitter. Was this a freebie or they pay ya? #truth
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