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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor - philosophy PHD - Kansas Jayhawks fanatic

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@TheRobotard8000 finally thx god@someofmybest maybe. fragile friendship then. nut you can mute them w/o them knowing apparently@timothycsimons @Middleditch jkjkjk@someofmybest @you_mean_vulva you prob deserved all of them@someofmybest was this before my tweet? did u do that?@thehumphreyker @meganganz you guys sext on here too i assume@sergiocilli i bet you do@ricksavage thx for the info@ricksavage never heard of that. Gonna look up that feature. But yeah, why hurt feelings I say@iammrmeehan that seems different. there's stuff u might not want ur mom to see@laurenlapkus but why do it, just weirds ppl out right@someofmybest no i am too kind for that. cant imagine why one who feel a real need to@someofmybest agreed. didnt just happen to me, but ive noticed it beforeunfollowing someone you actually know and like is a weird move@thismyshow been off my game. i'll be back. but the new eps are a bit too character focused for me@timothycsimons @Middleditch it was okay@mindykaling bear claws or apple fritters all the waySILICON VALLEY on HBO has arguably the funniest cast of the last 25 years. these ppl are insanely funny. they will all become comedic stars.@mrmattwalsh @kumailn @MartinStarr @Middleditch @nottjmiller such an unbelievably funny castFUCK OFF TWITTER I DONT WANNA TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEW PROFILE SCREW YOUR BUTTHOLE
@emilyfaye2 EXACTLY@emilyfaye2 its BIG spectrum w lots of degrees. all u need is some1 that is a bit alpha-er than u. even subtler distinctions can be made@emilyfaye2 omg gross me to the maximum@emilyfaye2 is that an alpha of alphas"What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness." -George Saunderslooking to drive up to Big Sur with hot dame & post pics on social media for my exes to see. DM for info. food, accommodations, & sex on me.
thats more like it #Clippers@jondaly yeah a little :(i make love to myself. i fuck everybody else."@Deadline: Sarah Chalke & Selma Blair Lead Cast Of Jay Chandrasekhar Amazon Pilot ‘Really’ http://t.co/uh8LOKwLxe" excited to do this@allanmcleod @derekwaterss solid wink job AMNew Orleans baby! http://t.co/ENlzGXEGwm
my favorite musical piece at one point during high school ... Geto Boys - Gangster Of Love http://t.co/yCVE0nTQc8 via @youtube@j_urban maybe but its worse to be one of these weirdos who mugs ppl with them@gregorcorp hot dog! just like we planned!@TheRobotard8000 GROSS@TheRobotard8000 the Pollack you made all over that park bench was art. The tape is porn@TheRobotard8000 I'll just send the tape we made in to the five 0the only reason i want Google Glass is so i can beat the shit outta one of these commies when he tries to steal my property@TheRobotard8000 its the perfect place where everything is perfect and I get as many tight vaginas to poke as I want@TheRobotard8000 KILL MY LYFE U EVIL MONSTER i do not care bc i get to heaven that wayHow shitty must it feel to engage in a full on extra-marital affair when you are married to a nice person?@TheRobotard8000 @OlaInteresting what the f*ck is the matter with you@thehumphreyker Go get 'em!@TheRobotard8000 pLEASE dO@TheRobotard8000 BEEN THERE DONE THAT@TheRobotard8000 btdt@TheRobotard8000 I have EVERY idea@TheRobotard8000 UR THOUGHTS R EVIL@TheRobotard8000 shhhhh shhhh shhhh sshhhhh shhh shhhhh shhhh sshhhhh shhhhh shhhhhh sshhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh just go into the darknessTHERE IS NO JESUS ONLY ZUUL@TheRobotard8000 I'm so sorry@jlsnedegar Satan forever@gregorcorp did those prostitutes ever come over?@jlsnedegar welcome to the clubChristopher Evan Welch died four months before his breakout role in Silicon Valley. A look at his career: http://t.co/hkY1yNZ9mO
Retweeted by Luka Jones@gibblertron tons more believable for me@jackdolgen ok sorry man, don't wanna make you feel that way. will just hang out in here w/o tweeting@gibblertron I believed u til 'Robert'@Krystenritter @AngeliqueCabral @amynadine I wanna be a desert girl@jackdolgen you caught me@jondaly coachella can be cooler than me but fuck the chella anyway@jondaly IM GLAD ILL NVR KNOW@shelbyfero @mattnedostup this is some femdom shit here
i love exploring my bodyThe 2014 NBA Champion @LAClippers? http://t.co/MwjTXUh8nG
Retweeted by Luka Jones@rachelrusch VENICE RULES@shelbyfero he also is still on FriendsterAmazon Prime Fresh is officially my favorite name of a corporate brand ever@someofmybest thx for supporting my goals@someofmybest neat-o@someofmybest and thx for liking my lovers tweet. It's an important one for me@someofmybest ah I see. I kinda like that he's not corporate & safe life many ppl on his level@someofmybest how do u feel about it@nickkroll @gregorcorp I just wikipedia-d shark tank to see if Kroll was involved@Braunger @seanoconnz @BookofMormon @MrEmilyHeller I believe it@seanoconnz @Braunger @BookofMormon @MrEmilyHeller I still gotta see that@laurenlapkus @nickwiger It's next level guys
WATCH @lennonparham & @Jessica_StClair's new comedy @PlayingHouseUSA online before 4/29's TWO episode premiere: http://t.co/F8ryyymFMn
Retweeted by Luka Jones@ihaas banned in same places real cigs are@ihaas yeah, just read an article on it@SarahSoWitty its opened my eyes to so muchi am telling u man, the Armenian broads in Glendale are curvy & i DIG it@emilyfaye2 so bad@emilyfaye2 WHAT WRD CUD THAT B??@emilyfaye2 (my 2nd response is more amusing)@emilyfaye2 pus*y site@emilyfaye2 pussy site@emilyfaye2 thank god for that asteriski don't smoke at all, but this e-cigarette ban in LA seems absurdjust patted my tummy upon exiting this public bathroom not sure what that means@smickable who hasnt@Shorester nogenerally speaking, good ppl don't need to harm others in order to feel safe@secunda @BillyMerritt @ucbtla if this is true, you should sue the other members of your team@timothycsimons @ReidScott_ can't hear u from down here at non-freakish altitude (jk your height is beautiful)@timothycsimons @ReidScott_ seriously bigoted remark Reid wow (jk talls are totally freaks)super excited about sexism & racism being over finally yaycant decide if I should bring my big bottle of astroglide on this trip or just stick w the travel size
@Hair_Creature @danobrienwriter another one!
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