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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy phd. Kansas Jayhawk. instagram -- http://t.co/C2xbnjPoe0

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LIVE on #Periscope my butt@nickthune @jonahray @birbigs yes there was an implicit apology for being inconsiderate in my original tweet@benmiller yeah it can be hard to know when it's genuinely aggressive, that's part of its darkness imo@missbarton @TheTessMorris Irie, I and I xxx@birbigs SLEEPWALK WITH ME is wonderful@benmiller I don't detect it very wellpassive aggression is often darker and uglier than active aggression
every time I move I go like 10 days without television
@AngeliqueCabral @CrimMinds_CBS WHOA@sergiocilli xo@hatethedrake @LizzieMolyneux i'm jk would love mmf w u guyz@modernmarah of course! congrats on your filmGet involved, internet: Make a Bob’s Burgers writer see Entourage for charity http://t.co/Miwf49ETDx http://t.co/DgFu6kG0fu
Retweeted by Luka Jones@robdelaney @RickSantorum this is a handsome photo, Rick is lucky to get it@hatethedrake @LizzieMolyneux @MelissaJoanHart i'm just saying I'd pay more if it felt less like an MMF 3some set-up@Yassir_Lester you monster@IAmMaggieMull it is insane how ppl behave on here@LizzieMolyneux @MelissaJoanHart why can't we get a date with Wendy (and NOT her husband) option?!?SUNSHINE SUPERMAN is an intense and lovely film@jaychandrasekha it's the beautiful game, Jay!@stevezissis angry bc ppl shouldn't tell ppl what to wear I hopemaking silly faces in social media photos is what unfunny (and usually conventionally gorgeous) ppl do to feel funny@literallyafool so you had a boner? makes sense@kumailn go whites!@kumailn we have no problem w that stuff, we're laid back. Go for it!@AnnetteLawless I believe you, but I don't like the way many of its citizens acted like LBJ owed them something just because he's from AkronCleveland fans, you would have little chance at a title if LBJ hadn't gone to Miami. Those who hated him, should apologize to him.I kind of wish Wiggins got to be on this team with LBJ. #RCJH
Played in 5 straight NBA Finals: Bill Russell, Sam & K.C. Jones, Satch Sanders, Tom Heinsohn, Frank Ramsey, Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman & LEBRON
Retweeted by Luka Jonesbeautiful Malibu http://t.co/7CMtYG0BOM@hayes_macarthur solid@allisonemiller not me man
@xdrewx Nice! Dad was from KCK. Mom from Wichita. I only lived in KS during college. I love Lawrence (and Allen Fieldhouse)@xdrewx you?@xdrewx I did! so did mom, dad, step-dad, step-bro, aunt, uncle, and some cousins. RCJH@davidalangrier BEAUTIFULsuper-excited for non-weirdos to go back to regular schedule tonight@davidalangrier KC bbq is my fave@nottjmiller @xdrewx @SiliconHBO (in best possible sense)@nottjmiller @xdrewx @SiliconHBO seems more like you're a comedic animal working mostly on instincts@thehumphreyker SO RELIGIOUS
Anne Meara, comedian and actress, dies at 85 http://t.co/1tWdOuITja http://t.co/mcWlR9GkTj
Retweeted by Luka Jones@SaraJBenincasa DEAL@SaraJBenincasa I love Kansas! (not into physically fighting)@justinwmmoyer Ppl shouldn't call you names for this. But you do seem to think popularity = quality, which is false. Letterman = genius@SaraJBenincasa I know. (I love Brooklyn.)@CBSNews @BrianStack153 @MoRocca this is great@SaraJBenincasa (I know you're jk) Brooklyn is beautiful. LA is beautiful, inexpensive, & has a paradisiacal climateWhen Sir Patrick Stewart and I played a father and daughter with a strained relationship at This Show… https://t.co/Hk84lcC7xG
Retweeted by Luka Jones@kumailn Dire Wolf is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs"Dear Andy — dear, dear Andy" -@Letterman after Kaufman clip in the finale
@AraAstourian @literallyafool ok@willhines @sergiocilli you're right. Let's make some dough!@literallyafool oh ok. I don't know the different classes u had in mind I guess. But richies as a class seem often to put nutso prsh on kids@AraAstourian @literallyafool I def think he can surpass MJ. Like if he gets to 7 or 8 straight title series and wins 5 or so.@AraAstourian @literallyafool you're saying you wouldn't LOVE him if he were in LAL jersey? That's interesting to me.@sergiocilli @willhines I mean I will, but I'd rather the businesses i'm used to just stay open.@RachaelPriorMBE Americans, at least, normally pronounce the 'h' so it sounds like 'hewge' - Some northeastern ppl pronounce it like 'uge'@literallyafool some of the wealthiest parents I know of put insane pressure on their kids to achieve@literallyafool @AraAstourian I wish LBJ would win a title in CLE and then split. Also, AA would worship LBJ if he decided to be a LakerIf there were anyway for LBJ to win the title without the Cleveland fans who hated him benefiting, I would really like that.Pronouncing 'huge' without the 'h' is a sure way to get my attention.LeBron James now has 74 career 30-point playoff game, tied with Jerry West for 4th-most all-time. http://t.co/v61j6CY9V8
Retweeted by Luka Jones
@hayeslady but its not just govt - so many ppl take it off, including my health insurance co and doctors and stuff - (and i do dislike bbqs)I CANNOT BELIEVE THE FUCKING COUNTRY SHUTS DOWN FOR OVER 3 DAYS STARTING THIS AFTERNOON - I HATE ALL HOLIDAYS@brendonwalsh @twitter that sucks sorry about that man@brendonwalsh that's so awesome"@brendonwalsh: Hey @twitter why is @lukajones verified?" bc I was on Up All Night I think@literallyafool it's all pink on the inside bro@brendonwalsh bc I'm a big celebrity. How'd u get verified?So is Dan Gilbert gonna cry to the NBA that the Lakers shouldn't be allowed to have the 2nd pick in the draft?@TheTessMorris Ok, but hurry up please!@TheTessMorris In LA too??@joshfadem @Letterman @AndyKindler did I just fav an anti-semitic tweet?!?@joshfadem @Letterman David Letterman@ChelseaVPeretti @KenTremendous feel like u coulda gotten more out of this negotiation CP@joshfadem @Letterman thats not u joshwa@WendyMolyneux ITS GONNA BE EPICIt wasn't until sometime in my 30's that I fully grasped how mean some people are to themselves.
@AuntieQs golf caddy@robdelaney :(@brendonwalsh @joshfadem CRIMINALS@JoeMande we love you joeI like America. It's my home. Americans in general have taste that I often do not relate to. http://t.co/NKD01qn6iz@joshfadem I bet CBS will toss it up there tomorrowWe got to watch Dave Letterman for years and years and years. We got to do that. Us.Over the years I subconsciously incorporated Letterman's laugh into my own laugh. #ThanksDave
@maybeAyaCash big time@maybeAyaCash so many layers herefun craxy sex idea: ask your partner what makes them cum the hardest and then just do that to them@Sethrogen pls still send dick picsin Venice, California I prefer Lincoln to Abbot Kinney@nickthune @brendonwalsh u fucked ur ma Brendo? nice@magicmikecastle Roger that, sir.@magicmikecastle I don't really care after the Clips. Go LeBron I guess@whatrosasaid too young for DL@magicmikecastle NBA or NHL?It is really lovely the way Letterman has told so many guests that he loves them over the last couple weeks.@davidalangrier I thought JKL was taking tonight off. But cool!@Shmartemis @tonygoldwyn I went to Fountain Valley School in CO where Tony G went. Bob Weir went there too! #randomfact
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