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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor/comedian. philosophy phd. Kansas Jayhawk. Blackberry user. genuine believer in conscious uncoupling. instagram --

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.@RandyLiedtke's childhood dog inspired him to work with animals. In the creepiest way possible. #CONAN
Retweeted by Luka Jones@scottmccrickard Buddies for life! Great car work.Me and my very good friend Luka Jones...he'll deny it.
Retweeted by Luka Jonescatching up on L&O: SVU and thinking about what I'd give to be the big bear boy toy of Mariska Hargitay@literallyafool can see this as a successful compliment if a person pushes it 2 much when concsiously trying but has good comedic instincts@benner yep exactly - they were SO goodShannon and Garfield are powerhouses in 99 HOMES
Tired. LOVE LOS ANGELES@MelissaStetten @blakegriffin32 I'm genuinely pulling for this to happen for you guys.@TheRobotard8000 only baby to mommiesI'll be your daddy only if you'll be my mommy.@d_haggar I admire your openness about your pedophilic thoughts. Courageous.@zoeinthecities moisturizer feels gross on my face I hate itthink of another term for the over-used negative sense of 'weird' ... like maybe 'I have internalized bland conformity as a supreme value'@MissMarcel @stevezissis he was alright@Yassir_Lester @brendonwalsh cool brendo@whatrosasaid that's not fair, fuck that. I'm sorry you (and they) are going through this.@whatrosasaid sending love - fuck loss@Yassir_Lester they gave me that when they yanked my tooth - does the trick
Turkey, Please be friendly, this hurts. Sincerely, Luka@Toddmasterson goddamnitPut effort into learning how to clearly communicate and recognize consent and non-consent."@ColouringKU: Soon. #kubball" AFH is my most sacred place on the planet. #RCJHrecovering pushovers - it's very cool that you've found your power, it's not cool to be mad at the world for not knowing you had that issue
@SHERRONCOLLINS4 hang tough #4@StephAllynne you're a real fan. I just liked how much BUF loves their team@StephAllynne big time I just got a new Bills head band from a gas station in Buffalo! Go Bills@AraAstourian that's actually the only situation in which I offer condolences@davidiserson I know.Dude in this public restroom is having a full throated phone conversation while take a huge poop.
@someofmybest dude is hella smart and knows how to talk@literallyafool seems implausible to me@mikestill oh I see - I guess I haven't reflected on that exact question - will have to think on that some@mikestill agreed!@mikestill they are tougher than one might think to explain away: interesting. In philosophy, there's a long history of focusing on the nature of abstract objects and how we seem to need them.@mikestill cool yeah I will look him up thanks@mikestill I'd like to hear more about that at some point. Not sure I completely follow. But will think about it.@donni yeah I don't mean he's right about most things, or never gets tripped up. Just that he knows how to discuss better than most ppl imo.@mikestill SOME limits yes. I'd take 140 words over 140 characters on complex topics for sure.@mikestill cool will look into it then@mikestill haa for me at least it can feel like it. Tough enough w unlimited characters it sometimes feels.@mikestill I'll defer to you on that, I don't know crap about the current status of string theory. But would love to talk it out some day.@mikestill but I'll admit it's tough for me to get super precise about this stuff on here for some reason, even tho I started it w my tweet.@mikestill yeah ok. I just think it's hard to talk about sharing ideas w/o committing to abstract objects or making false claim.@mikestill fiction. It's just tricky seeming is all, in my opinion, but it's interesting (to me).@mikestill I'm open to fictionalism - the view that claims whose truth is dependent on abstract objects are false but true in some useful...@mikestill relation that holds between 2+ things that exist. But maybe we can get mutually clearer about it over some pops sometime!@mikestill it's tough for me to see how a non-existent thing (black box) can correspond to anything since correspondence seems to be a...@mikestill those (propositions) are most likely abstract objects if they exist. And I just think. Abstract objects are tough to believe in.@mikestill I believe you on that. Don't know much about math. But if you're describing anything, then you're expressing propositions and...@mikestill I don't know that I disagree w your main claim. But it still seems to me to commit you to abstract objects (representations)@mikestill but the approximations themselves are abstract it seems and so to claim that they exist is to commit to abstract objects it seems@mikestill but maybe you're right and that we don't need numbers to describe reality. That's what some philosophers seem to think.@mikestill just seems like a freaky choice between "spooky" abstract objects and truth. I wanna deny the former but believe in the latter.@mikestill but numbers aside, if propositions/sentences don't don't exist (bc they'd need to be abstract), then no claim is true.@mikestill it's a question philosophers have spent time on. Pure math is often not about measuring anything about physical reality.Right or wrong, Dick Cheney is more intellectually sophisticated and knowledgeable about public policy than almost everyone on Twitter.If abstract objects (that exist but not in space-time) don't exist, then there might not be numbers, sentences, propositions, or truth.@brendonwalsh why?@brendonwalsh yeppers any idiot knows that the Dems did it to make Cheney look bad. Frame job 1000 percent. But at least we got Saddam. #USA@brendonwalsh no duh einstein@brendonwalsh Brendo! Are you okay buddy? Talk to me.@brendonwalsh ever hear of human rights you scumbag?@laurenlapkus I like it for similar reasons@johnnypemberton nah not when I say it homey
@kirkfox same@johnnypemberton nope not me bro@SantinaMuha LOVE VAMPIRE WEEKENDThe hanging of Mary the Elephant, who was publicly executed for killing her handler, 1916.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@ErinMcGathy sexy@whatrosasaid honestly I think if you meet the right one, you should. Go check out Washburn University in Topeka, KS.@whatrosasaid sure@brandosornbo it's true - the banners are all over Toronto@1ClippersNation @Kobe_Diamond lots of us were there for that exciting young team - Clips were the affordable ticket@MoternMedia THX GONNA LISTEN TO IT@ColinHanks I miss Tower on Sunset BlvdI love and have loved many Australians. That fucking accent though...It's like Satan speaking with the most vulgar Boston accent imaginable.
@SciencePorn @sethismorris the soul is held between the two hemispheres - that's why dolphins don't have one, not a tight enough gripI just backed @mariannapalka on @Kickstarter to help her finish her film I'M THE SAME: yeah I think it's just bc we weren't raised w it. It's an import from Australia or something. smacks of surfers and dummies.@girlwithatail you have completely worry free moments? cool.@girlwithatail it's when they say it in response to "thank you" that I still think that@girlwithatail I used to think this but then I started saying it ... also I bet you're often worried about SOMETHING when they say itMost diners I've been to have made me feel better than any expensive restaurant I've experienced.@sergiocilli sorry buddy :(Congratulations to the @Dodgers coaching staff, players and fans on our third consecutive NL West Division Championship!
Retweeted by Luka Jones@allanmcleod dude it's a compliment about how tight your mom's pussy must be. chill out.
@6od nooooooooo@RahisRahisRah it can be harder for some than others imo@MsKetherDonohue okay during next convo x
Adults just learning how to set boundaries are often quite emotionally dangerous.@ItsKaranSoni great show
@The_Games_Afoot Xo@The_Games_Afoot agreed. I happen to be able to remain close always. But my original tweet was about mere friendliness, not remaining close.@The_Games_Afoot (and it's fine to disagree too obviously)@The_Games_Afoot thanks. I don't assume you're trolling. Unfortunately, covering complex issues on Twitter is nearly impossible imo.@The_Games_Afoot right you are basically agreeing w me here, I think. (A person not being decent CAN be a reason for breaking up though.)
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