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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@dsilverman @page2guy …and that was how our lizard overlords came to beFeature, not a bug RT @jdickerson: I recommend using the icloud calendar on the web for anyone who might want to miss every meeting.There is no evidence of Palestinians being used as ‘human shields’ & yet… http://t.co/HQlpLx0N54@Charmed86 for @davidgregory http://t.co/HcO6qMhQiMWater & the lack of clean water is a crisis. This should be national news http://t.co/fqm4z1H7za‘The unbelievable life and death of Michael C Ruppert’ http://t.co/DLcF0NwaVa //excellent read@gte That’s alright…Have a donutDownloading the Yosemite Beta on my Air..this could be fun or tragic@gte I didn’t know Canadians could *be* acerbic. is that legal?City owned gas station in red state Kentucky...how long before fox news/repub outrage? http://t.co/cPv2ezL3UpSomeone should ask KY Senators mcconnell & rand paul about this... http://t.co/cPv2ezL3UpDear @SenTedCruz MT @BreakingNews: Hamas claims it has fired 3 rockets at an Israeli airport - http://t.co/i03nKNU8w4@monicaisliberal i have to remind myself to not get sucked into outrage for the sake of outrage..I don't always succeed.
@thejoshuablog @Shoq patience...Only thing worse than 'woo-girls'? 'Woo-guys'!!!@GoodGirlRoxy @owillis you'll like this too :) http://t.co/rMQznoIHGb@GoodGirlRoxy @owillis no worries :) http://t.co/Osyy8pcOL8@QueenofSpain <3 http://t.co/swWEEAmwBi@txvoodoo PETA is more interested in celebs $ & PR stunts than actually accomplishing anything“@thinkprogress: PETA is the worst http://t.co/BSV9slm6yW” //This is NOT news@Shoq pass on this link to him http://t.co/amTo2uq0t8@GoodGirlRoxy @owillis NERD BLASPHEMY!!@Shoq @Green_Footballs @bobcesca_go is it #snowden approved? (you can trust it b/c only he has the password)@owillis Try Ralph Bakshi's 'Wizards' http://t.co/qiYswsR6qV very different@jamisonfoser @owillis if the school doesn't let him do what he wants, will lieberman threaten to caucus w/a catholic school?Spent most of the day fixing other people's laziness, which meant moving & hand stacking 100's of 30lbs cases of playing cards.@btdreamer @rugcernie @ritaag this from @GershomG states the obstacles http://t.co/amTo2uq0t8@Shoq @thejoshuablog I'm in the middle of season 5@rolling_2 not only are bars here 24/7-365, but grocery stores & drugs stores sell liquor too 🍻@monicaisliberal do you get Spanish versions of junk mail? I've gotten them from phone companies, insurance agents & loan companies@ohheygreat my 1st concert was Journey (Steve Perry) w/AC/DC (Bon Scott) in 1978.. #ImOld@rolling_2 Your liquor stores 'close'?@monicaisliberal Don't tell them about mezcal@sherifffruitfly LOL Seattle https://t.co/HA9IDho2Aw“Hebrew saying: A clever man climbs out of a hole that a wise man wouldn't fall in.”- @GershomG http://t.co/amTo2uq0t8This Is Your Brain on War: A Dispatch Jerusalem latest from @GershomG http://t.co/amTo2uq0t8 (@gte)A bit of news only @childfreediva will appreciate: Britney Spears is launching a lingerie line http://t.co/TqS28MgDmO@rugcernie Unless the IDF considers every Palestinian a ‘weapon’…That's a fairly low bar...RT @inthefade: Today will be better than yesterday.@geeoharee X-Files S3E13 'War of the Coprophages': in which a roach is made to seem to crawl on your TV screen. gets me every timepaul ryan's shtick: present old, tired ideas using new buzzwords to make them seem like new ideas...& DC press plays along@rascouet wonder if the fired editor & his attorney believe people should be fired for being LGBT? I think I know the answerpaul ryan wants block grants & he wants us to believe this is a *new idea* #poser #fraud http://t.co/h76Tp8E1Ra
@Spacekatgal @Isometricshow That's what 'After Dark' was made for@JoyAnnReid @AntheaButler @goldietaylor Many of them want you to block them, they treat blocks as trophies #sadlittletrophies@jkfecke choices of todd or mika & joe..dumb, dumber & dumberer@rolling_2 @newtgingrich http://t.co/fFIgEV6loz@monicaisliberal Simon Pegg http://t.co/cTasOvGL1D@SaraLang @akmcquade RT @mlroach: This GIF is genius and I shall use it often https://t.co/Apr0ZnL7mqOh look, even Iowa’s resident immigrant bigot/basher voted YEA to to original House bill https://t.co/4H2PyThdqY@ryan @gruber You mean that *wasn’t* a joke courtesy of The Onion??Keep this link handy for fox news/repubs who want the bill THEY VOTED FOR to be repealed https://t.co/4H2PyThdqY #BorderKidsHouse bill HR 3887, passed 12/4/07 405-2..jeff flake (az) & paul brown (ga) we the ONLY ‘nay’ votes https://t.co/4H2PyThdqYThe law at the center of the border ‘crisis’, passed the House on 12/8/08 “without objection” https://t.co/0MdDzWFPUr ..No marco rubio, I do not have to ‘tolerate’ your bigotry http://t.co/HPW5YI8Y99 #dumbasschris hayes must *really* like being on TV…http://t.co/N47Cg2sCYE #sellout@chrislhayes Golden Rule of cable teevee has some glaring exceptions. I wonder why? http://t.co/Vy17u6j9oy
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@peterbakernyt @PressSec @dhowell 'background briefing' v anonymous sourcing http://t.co/BVZCA7FOfX via @tommyxtopher
@sherifffruitfly https://t.co/RQLlAcleWq ..Challenge Accepted?@goldietaylor I assume the race will be more about repub candidate's weaknesses than Nunn's strengths?@Lib_Librarian your objection is irrelevant http://t.co/EyYEyXfAfG@Lib_Librarian Whiskey..up..@Shoq Constitution as a contract, to be read literally vs a user manual, to be interpreted ... *THE* judicial questionS5E11 Lena Olin :D #Alias@monicaisliberal I went there intending to have *ONE* beer...& then things happened :) 🍺🍺👙👙@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly 'Behold a Pale Horse' got me some interesting stares from my local librarian http://t.co/bDuKgXZ7SG@monicaisliberal I had 4 of these #IWin http://t.co/4qLS6f0bRz@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly aren't they all?@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly see last 3 paragraphs :) http://t.co/4f2mlcuAwF@tootwistedtv Why so surprised, it's not like they could afford good actors@sherifffruitfly don't forget a former US Attorney General affair of naked statues & calico cats (ashcroft)@thejoshuablog Another Buffy & Dollhouse alum@thejoshuablog @Shoq Prophet 5 Kelly Peston http://t.co/E8k4H8CEIVAmy Acker...so cute..so evil #Alias (cc:@shoq @thejoshuablog)or Satan's... RT @beardedstoner: Jack White is one of Tim Burton's best creations.@owillis yes, but his book 'Supergods...' Is still an amazing book on comics/superheroes http://t.co/O9v1Glnl5F@kungfupussy then again, there are those *too clever* who do t*oo much*...(see facebook)Trickle down- WRONG No new taxes-WRONG Clinton Econ policy-WRONG Iraq-WRONG GWB tax policy-WRONG PBO stimulus-WRONG ACA-WRONG #DCPunditsI’m beyond tired of DC pundits pretending repubs have any creditability regarding tax, budget or health care policy@Karoli no repub voted for Bill Clinton’s tax plan, which lead to unprecedented growth..repub track record on economics is abysmal@sherifffruitfly 3 ahead of you....also see previous tweet http://t.co/SYAmsPbywLalso it's 'bikini week' at my bar..I have a presentation to give to 5 < 25 yr olds who likely be making 2x what I make now, so naturally I'm drinking all the beers
Why I don’t read buzzfeed-https://t.co/OoD0mAGyxd …Reason # 51424@rolling_2 Hornsby has a unique sound to his playing…I love it@nkulw @GlennF ‘Hagee, McCain, AIPAC: The Audacity of Cynicism’ http://t.co/CpfdeaxN4N via @GershomGWait? Weren’t fox news/repubs just complaining about PBO *not* ‘focusing on the plane’? http://t.co/RbuGFWPKIH #MovingGoalpostKeep an eye out for michelle fiore..she’s sharon angle 2.0 http://t.co/dCOxyeOs81@Radlein tell them you're recording the call@Veronica "Here's Johnny!".. .. & Happy B-Day http://t.co/65UF2k0CuB
@kungfupussy do I detect an <eye roll>?Photo op..RT @Kennymack1971: I swear we have the dumbest f'n Governor in the country. 1000 guard troops to the border? For fucking what?#Freud RT @sherifffruitfly: Fuck i left laptop charger at the bar. Do i go back, or not.@sherifffruitfly especially when you can tell their little hamster got thrown of the wheel..@gte Israel is the third rail of US foreign policy & it makes cowards of too many people who *should* know better@gte you might also like southjerusalem dot com..@GershomG’s siteThe Alan Parsons Project- Psychobabble http://t.co/OHfkSVkokZ@gte Are there major differences in how Gaza is being reported by Canadian press vs US press?@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/5GcqfKxmBq@ohheygreat I don’t think thats how Bikram yoga works
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