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Larry Hryb @majornelson From New England. Seattle now

Trying not to waste your time w/ my tweets. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris can now be pre-ordered and downloaded on Xbox http://t.co/ORewPXJxEINew MCC update is live. More fixes and improvements. More coming.
Retweeted by Larry Hryb“Just Dance 2015” for all consoles is on sale for $24.99 today only http://t.co/QcLLowc6XC#EXOZOMBIES INBOUND - An Exo Zombies survival co-op experience is coming to #AdvancedWarfare DLC. See the trailer: http://t.co/7fUvnkzff9
Retweeted by Larry HrybAn important message about the latest #ACUnity update from Yannis Mallat >> http://t.co/fCA643vKwk http://t.co/sz6mr8AIrn
Retweeted by Larry HrybI *HIGHLY* recommend trying Far Cry 4 co-op. @jeffrubenstein and I have been playing it and it's a ton of fun.Here are the games Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download for free in December: http://t.co/zq5D6aopcF@thevowel It does. In fact @litheon and I are going to BBQ it up today - you want in on that action?@shaunlabrie Thanks !@jeffrubenstein Agreed.Heading to the office. I expect it to be pretty quiet today.
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360 - pre-orders are live as well: http://t.co/uvGjTziz2RTwo new digital games ready to roll today: The Pinball Arcade http://t.co/eOxa9BJ854 & Tales from the Borderlands http://t.co/iVYaAn76ywLater Burbank. Thanks for the Sunshine.This Week’s Xbox Store Deals with Gold: Black Friday Edition http://t.co/MddcJSCdKr@DKo5 @JamesStevenson @NSSteph @Portos @bwinfrey @insomniacgames totally did...and they were glorious@thevowel @JamesStevenson @bwinfrey @nssteph @insomniacgames @Portos Lunch was gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodThanks to @JamesStevenson @bwinfrey @nssteph and the rest of the gang for a great day @insomniacgames (and introducing me to @Portos)@albertpenello @YouTube I am....intrigued@GRZY301 Hit up @XboxSupport they can you pointed in the right direction@GRZY301 I see it right here http://t.co/Qiv7GtSyds/// XBLA’s Black Friday sale just started, and Super Time Force is 40% off! http://t.co/TbInHbNkIW http://t.co/y54D7trWBh
Retweeted by Larry HrybAaand that the price of that Xbox One compatible 5TB external HDD dropped..it's now $139.98 (Save over $120) http://t.co/GAdqtSQZ1m@IsaacWeed I've been using a 4TB since we launched the feature with no problemDrCrispy93, the ultimate Guardian, has returned from The Dark Below with epic new loot and stories to tell. http://t.co/wa8AFMi1oA
Retweeted by Larry HrybNeeds more storage for all those Xbox One Holiday games and deals? Get this 5TB USB 3 HDD for $149.99 http://t.co/GAdqtSQZ1mSpending the day in Sunny California at @insomniacgames looking at cool stuff.If you've ever wanted to build Mos Eisley Cantina in Minecraft - today is your day: http://t.co/2fg7r9T4uV http://t.co/V4H4k3vuHMSunset Overdrive Spices up the Awesomepocalypse with Player Voting, Weapons Pack, Soundtrack Release and More http://t.co/HkbT8GkZMH
Retweeted by Larry HrybHeading to the airport for a quick trip to @insomniacgames - A day of fun is ahead :)You don't have to wait until Black Friday for these Xbox digital games deals (though we'll have even more then, too) http://t.co/18KBZLE5Pc
A Status Update From Bonnie Ross ( @PlutonForEver ) on Halo: The Master Chief Collection http://t.co/dRGDonhOUn via @XboxWire@JAdamGilman I tweet deals and offers as they happen. You can also check the Xbox Store deals on my blog http://t.co/OuMBzUrjxQ@steph_3587 Start w/ the 1!BTW: I specifically said “Holiday Music” since the song was Adam Sandler’s "The Chanukah Song” ;)Was trying to make it to Dec.1st without hearing any Holiday Music..was foiled today at lunch.We're doing a free Xbox Community event in Las Vegas & giving away tix to @thegameawards - Details here http://t.co/eGb6Qzc8a2THANKSGIVING http://t.co/46811BgWiF
Retweeted by Larry HrybJoin us on the @Twitch @Xbox channel for a livestream of new #SunsetOverdrive weapons! http://t.co/AqHdk2wZet
Retweeted by Larry HrybOne of the hightlights from last night's stream. Fishing. Far Cry 4 style http://t.co/aK44tKu9sXConfirmed: @jeffrubenstein and I will stream Far Cry 4 co-op tonight at 9p PT. Right here: http://t.co/OZsGmup1jCLots' o Black Friday game sales coming up later this week. As long as you follow me here, you'll stay up to date.@GavinVick Tonight! @jeffrubenstein and I are going to play Far Cry 4 coop.@jcmeadows94 The console supports USB 3.0 HDD’s. You can connect up to three (since the console has three USB 3.0 ports)Thanksgiving (in the US) is this week. Some tips for dealing w/ the the family visits from a crisis negotiator: http://t.co/jkxuyn5f4X
Based on community feedback, we’ve reintroduced the Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble playlist. More info here: http://t.co/yop9wTzXUs
Retweeted by Larry HrybOk, back to Far Cry 4 - hope you enjoyed the stream. And the ‘fishing’ we did w/ the grenade… :0…or maybe I should fire up Ustream...Great stream on @Twitch - I may try to stream to Youtube later this week…what you do think of streaming on Twitch vs YT?Showtime...http://t.co/snCU5ffN00 majornelsonI’ll be streaming Far Cry 4 tonight at 11p ET/8p PT. You can join me here http://t.co/OZsGmup1jC http://t.co/awJZcV2k5BWhat happens when send your 10,000th tweet? http://t.co/6ketVDMZwZ (Note: you may be singing this for the rest of the day) via @nbcsnlYes, we’re doing an Xbox Community event for the @thegameawards in Las Vegas. Hear details on the latest podcast http://t.co/oXO3HMG1Fp@Delgoh360 http://t.co/FoEFIkBe8B@Justincase1004 @MikeyBigD @DavidVonderhaar I use this one http://t.co/FoEFIkBe8B@Jordan650 This one http://t.co/FoEFIkBe8BFAQ about that screenshot: I took it w/ an Elgato HD 60 http://t.co/oJYH7rOiAT and this is the external drive I have http://t.co/FoEFIkBe8B@Killer_Gas ExternalLimbo on Xbox One time http://t.co/j7qpboWXEK"fuyn" (that's what someone called it in the stream chat room) :)Well that Far Cry 4 stream was fuyn. Thanks For dropping by. More later...It's time for some Sunday Streaming. Today, I am playing Far Cry 4. Watch it here http://t.co/CRdpHDsMRc
Gold members get a 15% discount on the Day One Edition & Deluxe editions of @SunsetOverdrive now through Mon, Nov 24 midnight PT (2/2)Xbox Live Gold Members: If you enjoyed the the opportunity to play @SunsetOverdrive for free this weekend…great news (1/2)Good progress in Far Cry 4 today. I can’t say the same for my house project.Playing (and streaming) Far Cry 4 right now. Join me here http://t.co/54Y9su5q5M http://t.co/sPzN0PdPnSI’m streaming Far Cry 4 right now if you want to drop in and watch and say hello http://t.co/54Y9su5q5MNew podcast is up - you can listen to it here http://t.co/oXO3HMG1FpXbox Live Gold members: Have you had a chance to play @SunsetOverdrive for free this weekend? http://t.co/GCHKkDXhP1Check your email - We’re giving out gifts to all Xbox One users to celebrate Xbox One turning one today. What’d you get?@owengood me too :)One year. Many Thanks. How many have you unlocked since November 22, 2013? #XboxOne http://t.co/6zpA5XrYWE
Retweeted by Larry HrybToday Xbox One is one! Thank you for a great year and helping to make the system better every day http://t.co/9EobgsUjaQICYMI: Xbox Live Gold members can play @SunsetOverdrive for free this weekend - Details on my blog: http://t.co/GCHKkDXhP1
Played a bit of Far Cry 4, now I think I’ll head into Los Santos- Then over to Dragon Age.@thevowel they were just like you described. Real nasty.*badgersWow. The Honey Badges in Far Cry 4 are no joke.Update my Twitter profile pic for a few days...Providing an update on Halo: The Master Chief Collection's most recent content update: http://t.co/LLo6o8Q4y7
Retweeted by Larry HrybTime to get this puppies hooked up so I can be ready for a night of gaming http://t.co/m7TUVdZFUuNew podcast w/ me @thevowel @lauralollipop and @jeffrubenstein is now posted. http://t.co/oXO3HMG1FpAttn Detroit: Tickets for the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets game at 7 p.m. Monday at Ford Field will be free http://t.co/9jX31pxRJERead my update at the top of this post to find out how to download and play @SunsetOverdrive for free right now http://t.co/GCHKkDXhP1ICYMI: We're unlocking @SunsetOverdrive for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend. You can download it now to play http://t.co/GCHKkDXhP1Here's what the busiest release week of the year looks like: http://t.co/RIHRel61baPodcast will be up later tonight...sorry, was a busy day today!@AceyBongos @GeometryWars @thevowel Nope. Did Fin play for you ?Sorry @AceyBongos - better luck next time with your @GeometryWars score http://t.co/jsbe3iMoLQWatch me play Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions right now--here http://t.co/54Y9su5q5M73GW6-Y6HG9-VQ3VK-MQ6RC-FQKHZ and WWMXT-6RR2G-M7CH2-3VDPJ-H43VZ - each good for the #Kalimba sneak peak. Good luckOk a couple more...get readyI may have a few more later.....Free Code Friday Codes for the #kalimba sneak peak from @pressplay_games PK22X-GRC92-HK6PH-VVJ79-JM97Z and XXJ3V-FYJVV-FG93K-7RMW7-HFMKZTwo new @ID_Xbox titles available today Thomas Was Alone http://t.co/1cXJ0CdlBg Pier Solar and the Great Architects http://t.co/VUtgOc2HehWe look forward to be releasing Ori on X1 and PC (Steam) in early 2015! http://t.co/Qg0YgH1Vyf http://t.co/gjizyK3uW3
Retweeted by Larry Hryb. @MicrosoftStore has revealed their #BlackFriday deals http://t.co/NHKOlbLdd4@gamespot Even you guys confuse it huh?How to get more girls to @code: Use Frozen's Elsa http://t.co/Geoncmc665 cc @codeorg http://t.co/eeb4icn8KBBig sale on PC and console @BethesdaStudios titles happening right now http://t.co/few8LSiTBY
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