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Tweeting since 2006 and lucky enough to be working in the games industry. On the Xbox team since 2003 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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"Trials Fusion" is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360 http://t.co/unjYvxq6xk http://t.co/Djr1VXFJQEPLOWING through my inbox. Only 273 emails left to read out of the 821 I started the day withPredict the @metacritic for Summer's Biggest Movies http://t.co/gi0PXKMgTmPrivate Match (Beta) has arrived for Xbox 360! The update is rolling out and will be available globally in a few hours. #Titanfall
Retweeted by Larry Hryb[Video] What happens when an Elephant looks in a mirror for the first time? http://t.co/tSqyyxyTXS@AVPreports Glad they tried to make it right...but I need to find out who he is so I can get him an Xbox One. Do you have contact info?@thevowel @jeffrubenstein AgreedThe Final Hours of Titanfall now available on multiple platforms: http://t.co/2ASe4BncBE
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@bromanzier @thevowel http://t.co/unjYvxq6xkAlmost had a few toss the controller moments in Trials Fusion. But at least I'm ahead of @thevowel on most of the maps I've played.Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now download Deadlight for free through April 30th http://t.co/zYiUOPxrP8@slisstic414 The work never stops......Trials Fusion is now available for Xbox One & Xbox 360. Find download links and a hands-on preview here: http://t.co/mEB58mOqS8
The latest Xbox One system update has started rolling out. Details on what's new here -> http://t.co/JJRALCUXnC http://t.co/Q3cnWA6rqdUpdated my Lumia 1020 to the Developer Preview of @WindowsPhone 8.1 - really enjoying it ! http://t.co/6hj5qHaurzReminder for Xbox Live Gold Members: Get your free copy of "Hitman: Absolution" Add it to your d/l queue here http://t.co/1PhSskATbLRead more about one of the stars of PAX East, @CAPYGAMES' Below http://t.co/DFxFBuTGTz@tonelow24 Thanks for your support[Video] Take your battle to the wild west with the free Zomboss Down DLC Pack http://t.co/2M0FoDYf7hNow available for Xbox 360: EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil http://t.co/ZGHRQBgn0jFriends Notifications, Kinect improvements, and more are part of the next Xbox One system update, now rolling out http://t.co/9eNbBSbfDQNew maps, UK tanks, and more are now part of @WoTXbox http://t.co/2JCrU45zGGThis week's Deals with Gold celebrates 75 years of Batman, plus big Xbox 360 Spring Sale savings http://t.co/Eb0bLHKytH
The next Xbox One System update will start rolling out in a few hours. Here's what's inside: http://t.co/4hoG93yGoh http://t.co/ialkhgadDNThe night is dark and full of terrors: Xbox Wire's Favorite "Noooooo!" Moments in Dark Souls II http://t.co/WUCCsJOCgE56 Days until @E3Expo 2014 http://t.co/nrx14NIGRM@JonahFalcon Sorry I missed you this trip…maybe we can catch up at E3Heading out of Boston soon on AS 15, today’s Nerd Force 1 http://t.co/GP3Zhr3t1TPlants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is currently $29.99 (save $10) at @Amazongames http://t.co/V7HUuKsryo and @BestBuy http://t.co/PFZXoN2lAb@therealcliffyb Bummed I did not get to catch up with you at PAX East - see you at E3?Get a (physical) copy of Titanfall for Xbox One for $49.99 (Save $10, while they last) http://t.co/3DSvhpho48Everything you need to know about the @Windows 8.1 update: http://t.co/98ZFE9Y32l
Retweeted by Larry HrybSitting at the airport gate with @thevowel and @TheKevinDent discussing PAX East, Lobster bibs and other East Coast related itemsSpending today wrapping up #PAXEast business in Boston (and enjoying the Spring weather) before heading back to Seattle.Windows Phone 8.1 is so robust it really should be Windows Phone 9.0, according to @DrPizza http://t.co/W4YPFiQdvz http://t.co/eK0XfH5SL2
Retweeted by Larry Hryb
Time for @GameofThrones #EastCoastBenefits@MaxTrax04 That is great! If I get one, I'll let you know.@FryeJ865 he also invented the light gun…and those were prototypes !@just_erp He was simply amazing. I’ll have the interview posted w/ the next podcast.@Solm67 thanks. He is an amazing man. I’ll have the interview as part of the next show.@Armatesz he was amazing. So smart. Such a visionary. And a gifted engineer.@Bearded_Lloyd he was a solid opponent.@KillingIMachine yes! It was a great visit.@23hanlon I did a 40-minute audio interview with him that I’ll include in the next show.Today I interviewed the father of video games - the legendary Ralph Baer. We also tried out some of his inventions http://t.co/Hh6LGugcXXThe audio from yesterday's PAX East 2014 Podcast Panel is now available for download http://t.co/v8btLqeGy1@AceyBongos WANT!
@DisIsntTony @thevowel Thanks for coming to the showAnd thanks to @abbieheppe @VinceZampella @jonshiring @Iocat & @JaminEatWorld for being part of the podcast panel todayMore details on the just-announced @TitanfallGame DLC, Expedition: http://t.co/eMwM99YTQS@Nocka Thanks for attending!@JonahFalcon Boo. I’ll be on a Panel at 9:30p if you want to drop by and say hello http://t.co/vf4NsH1Ukh@bruinfan63 Don’t thinks so :( I have to spend much of the day in another part of New England for an upcoming project.@DanAmrich Thanks for coming Dan! Will I see you at the 9:30 panel?@ZedDirtyAngelz Too much orange?@pearsonsmith @points_matter Nice.@JMcPeekLandscap Thanks for your support!@TheJediRevan @xbox Nice meeting you as well Geoff.@Kilraine83 Nice! Glad it worked out :)@Black_Six @thevowel @jeffrubenstein @Official_PAX Thanks!@ClericJeriko NP! We still need to find someone from Vermont for @iocat@SteelerKing43 @Twitch Thanks for tuning in.@screenworshiper What else should I call it?@Black_Six @thevowel True Story.@MJC81NJC12 :(@FatAssEngineer @cookie_brigade Thanks for the yummy treats.@TheRPGHotSeat Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching.@sargonas @TheKevinDent @AdamSessler @Chupacaubrey Yes!@Navygunner04 Nice meeting you! Thanks for coming to the show.@AJWatts1109 I’ve got the audio file….I’ll try to post that later this week. The video SHOULD be up tomorrow-ish.@acciobeer it’s up to @thevowel@Navygunner04 Thank YOU!@BeetleComet Glad you enjoyed it.@Steve_Magzz Great meeting you.@DeathsCrowbar Nice meeting you! Thanks for the contact card.THANK YOU to everyone that took time out of their schedule to watch our #PAXEast Podcast Panel - Hope you had as much fun as we didCan't make it to #PAXEast to see our Podcast Panel? No problem..you can watch it live on Twitch in 15-minutes http://t.co/rFGHFEJHY5Our annual #PAXEast Podcast kicks off in 30-minutes in the Albatross theatre. Head on over and join us http://t.co/N3HbmMP2rCJust announced at PAX East Titanfall: Expedition DLC drop will arrive in May, 2014. #Titanfall #PAXEast2014
Retweeted by Larry HrybGearing up for @majornelson's live PAX podcast -- will be chatting about Strike Suit Zero and the ID@Xbox programme.
Retweeted by Larry HrybYou wonderful people are going to want to watch our #PAXEast panel at 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST. http://t.co/HAkg3KFLNu
Retweeted by Larry HrybGathering Xbox One schwag for tonight's Podcast panel at 6pm. Get to Albatross Theatre early if you want your share http://t.co/jKK7tTrmQf@abbieheppe @jonshiring Thanks for the heads up@jonshiring sure !@geoffkeighley See you tonight!Then after the @Titanfallgame panel..head to Albatross for our 6pm podcast panel.Today's #PAXEast #Titanfall panel starts at 4:30 PM EST. Are you going? http://t.co/gcuywFEpL7 http://t.co/yQfMIE8Kyz
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@FXS_MisterKevin I did not..but @thevowel did!@brewb4rt See you tonight at 6!@MagicWhiskey Well for one thing @levarburton is not my wife :) @thehappygirl@FXS_MisterKevin @Xtreme_Gaming FTFY: That’s a Bingo@thehappygirl @Disneyland @levarburton That’s awesome. Wish I could be there with you! Love you. @thehappygirl - not you @levarburtonGood news: The #PAXEast Podcast Panel tonight will be streamed. It starts at 6p ET/3p PT right here http://t.co/drriSuad1g@kitlerc great meeting you @johntdrake is the uncool one :)PAX South has been announced- January, San Antonio, TX. #PAXSouth
Retweeted by Larry HrybAlbatross Theatre tonight at 6pm. Be there: http://t.co/N3HbmMP2rC#PaxEast tip: Remember to fist bump and/or use hand sanitizer frequently. Stay healthy!My schedule today @ #PAXEast 10am - twitch.tv 11am - Signing 2pm - MSFT Play 4:30pm - Titanfall panel 9pm - Gamespot's Demolish the Devs
Retweeted by Larry Hryb#PAXEast Day 2 - Today at 11am in the Que Room: Your chance to have a poster signed by a Titanfall Respawn developer
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