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Gardiner, NY is the site of the first 3D-printed estate — including all the structures and the swimming pool! http://t.co/XPGCItV8c5Really enjoying my free copy of Make magazine from @MakerFaireMCR thankyou thankyou. http://t.co/ljQfFUlDwU
Retweeted by MAKEThe Saga Electric Guitar Kit allows you to build your own gorgeous, high-quality instrument. http://t.co/1iM55u9pHC http://t.co/UALkIH3D55#BeagleBoneBlack + a Logitech webcam = a new way to keep your kitchen clean. Get the not-so-dirty details here: http://t.co/zBscl9gKS9
Retweeted by MAKEOne (smart) remote control to rule them all: http://t.co/qrvOdNmij4 #MakerMonday #Arduino (via @MAKE) http://t.co/B3ixL179Fl
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Yep, this is a shark rocket launcher w/ missile locked & loaded in its mouth. #leagueoflegends http://t.co/qmu52EI7wT http://t.co/Ux3TeSXla9@burningman Before the rain came — building Burning Man 2014, in photos: http://t.co/1URZFynijh http://t.co/YZETYiecn3Before the rain came — building Burning Man 2014, in photos: http://t.co/1URZFynijh http://t.co/9DCskPbPM0I kind of want to go see this thing, but that might be weird just showing up. http://t.co/0bDNUu5ZKY
Retweeted by MAKEI ♡ this techno-love-stories! http://t.co/RLaAYu3SRH
Retweeted by MAKEBetter Tea Brewing with DIY Robotics - #arduino http://t.co/34cAs8LM91
Retweeted by MAKEFormer @make editorial director @garethb2 waxes poetic about BEAMbot build that took him from frustration to elation: http://t.co/S58SIBkH7UOne (smart) remote control to rule them all: http://t.co/Qe1t5n0fEP #Arduino #DIY (via @MAKE) http://t.co/p9azVUZMdS
Retweeted by MAKEWhile in Youngstown, Ohio, we met sculptor Tony Armeni. Check out the cool creations we discovered inside his shop! http://t.co/QZh5SAPf8q@futileboy Cheers! Thanks for hanging in there. The 50% off sale is good thru Sept. 9. (It's a great book; worth the wait.)@futileboy Our apologies! Thanks for the heads up. Seems we highlighted the 1 out of 8k available that's not working. Fixed in 24 hrs.The open source Plan B 3D printer uses an inkjet head as a delivery system to bind particles of powder together. http://t.co/g56IgWXEjw#ebook sale: Save 50% on "Getting Started w/ Sensors" http://t.co/7GZiz3mSw7 Use code B2S4 at check-out. http://t.co/eRN0Fq8l14There's a fun new @arduino Yún project on @make: Smart Remote Control http://t.co/6KmBBcvN5f
Retweeted by MAKEMake: magazine now gets delivered to subscribers 6x a year. If you aren't a subscriber, fix that today! http://t.co/vpF7mZOkAuMany thanks to Marie St. G for the donation of @make inspiration! http://t.co/lFmotCm1t1
Retweeted by MAKEUsing a custom built concrete 3D printer, Andrey Rudenko has 3D printed a castle in his yard. http://t.co/idUiv2fd4D http://t.co/blDRZKHoeE
If you zip around in a golf cart all day & keys are a hassle, install a fingerprint scanner ignition start! http://t.co/nMS6uKx7c93D printed prosthetic hand forges a friendship between two college students. http://t.co/mFXA3hCB6t http://t.co/ADfzTHW7Qm@hyperoculus It has an appealing patchwork look to it. BTW, have you ever checked out the Wood Database? http://t.co/16YPpY0pkGThis handsome guitar was made using disassembled wood from abandoned Detroit homes. #upcycling http://t.co/J6guAbvFBF http://t.co/gaPvFNorpcHasbro and Shapeways want you to profit from your fan-made artwork based on Hasbro toys: http://t.co/UgqjBZZiXfSintratec: Affordable Home SLS #3DPrinter Coming Soon: http://t.co/TzdVJY7XFO
Retweeted by MAKEC02 lasers are common for big SLS 3D printers. Sintratek's (relatively) affordable printer uses a diode-based laser. http://t.co/2bPFFW5pkO"Creeeeeeak … smash! Whooosh." Making a low-budg horror flick? Make & record your own realistic sound effects. http://t.co/ugoiMfyCSFMega #Make: Books sale! Save 50% on all Make #ebooks http://t.co/m2UP5JQDRM Use code B2S4 @OReillyMediaHard on your game controllers? This beefy setup is made from an old M1 Abrams training simulations turret yoke. http://t.co/siB3PPxsWgSure, you can get on hands & knees to write a sidewalk message, but the ChalkJET Writing Machine can do it for you. http://t.co/cMgVzxcEogFrom #makerspace to market! http://t.co/RDjjGYiASy spotted on @make http://t.co/1hAtgP8caV
Retweeted by MAKEYour guests can make an entrance with this new @Raspberry_Pi project that uses @element14’s self-powered sensor kit: http://t.co/cKkrpwzRCLRoll up, roll up, for the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, and #makerfairetrondheim, http://t.co/OPXtm5cNIC. http://t.co/NZV33XqrOF
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RT: @make Wurh nurrh gruh gh rghn hrrauuuuuuur. Nruh rghn ur hrun haauurr rau & gau'rh aauurh rn raauuhrr ... http://t.co/Ybb29RHIR3
Retweeted by MAKESave dryer lint to make firestarters. Keep them in your camping kit & you'll always be prepared to start a fire. http://t.co/6Jz54B1z5SDeep Fried Tequila Shots - Yes Please! http://t.co/jcA3S8uNXJ via @make http://t.co/LIuhkkTJh4
Retweeted by MAKEMy article for Make magazine about a cool DIY electric car you can see tooling around the Village: http://t.co/YhcyxpSnWd
Retweeted by MAKENashville Mini Maker Faire is Looking for Makers: http://t.co/NjOfSMUfL1 via @make
Retweeted by MAKEJust had a big earthquake in N. Cali! Build a system to track global earthquake activity w/ real-time USGS data. http://t.co/sBACeXXWuG
This cheap & efficient DIY rocket stove is the perfect thing to heat up your vittles after a camping adventure. http://t.co/2p1zdhQpc3
If you're in the Bay Area, check out the hour-long special about @makerfaire tonight at 9pm on @kron4news: http://t.co/EZ0Q66BZ9bKegs. Silicon. And chocolate? See how they all fit together @ #IDF14 in Intel's Ultimate MakerSpace. #whatwillyoumake http://t.co/NNYp3PNcw5Juice-and-strain vs pulp-and-press: which makes the best apple cider? Epic cider battle this weeknd in Kent, England: http://t.co/8QMV88zklwYou might have a digital watch, but chances are it's not made of Numitron tubes encased in a 3D printed enclosure. http://t.co/T3d3RQ0aRVVery cool. "@MIT created a combo 3D printer/scanner that can print on top of an object sitting on the print bed. http://t.co/AvdxRvOVxo"
Retweeted by MAKE@thoughtfix @intel Yep! It's an Uno R3 compatible shield so it should work without problem. Just make sure the IOREF jumper is set for 5V.Those geniuses @MIT created a combo 3D printer/scanner that can print on top of an object sitting on the print bed. http://t.co/UWGqImnvYlAt @Moogfest, attendees got to mess around on hacked instruments and compose their own blippy, buzzy & awesome beats: http://t.co/vQuDStuuhI"The Web is about to eat hardware.…Developing digital hardware looks more like Web dev every year."—@mikekuniavsky http://t.co/JwfXBlce8D
Retweeted by MAKE2014 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire info sesh @ #AS220 9/3! http://t.co/G7NhgG6oHA #makers #diy #MakerFaire #pvd #ri http://t.co/h7cZ05w6VG
Retweeted by MAKEFound sculptures carved to reveal the skeleton inside the (previously solid) sculpture. http://t.co/bYaryZrUEm http://t.co/5P7TWyU3BJHow to make a Dutchman (wood patch). http://t.co/HoqxBa5g5T #howto #woodworking @make http://t.co/NYAWczmSCr
Retweeted by MAKENo, you're not dreaming: Adam Savage really did recreate Rasputin’s Mecha-Glove from Hellboy. http://t.co/qufeMVqyiO http://t.co/QAxzwbX0IvThere are two ways to easily boot Debian onto your #BeagleBoneBlack - which works best for you? http://t.co/hpJSWb58oD
Retweeted by MAKEGet rid of those remote controls cluttering your couch. Build a homemade ’smart’ remote with #WeekendProjects: http://t.co/isqrxqTmdM
“Innovation is being pushed to the edges.” —@joi Maker Pro Newsletter #manufacturing #shenzhen http://t.co/mNbWhWpooENew in the Maker Shed! Rev your motors with the new Make: Motor Shield for Arduino. http://t.co/WggGPmRRW4 http://t.co/FkwS49hMETIf you're in the Bay Area, check out the hour-long special about @makerfaire tomorrow on @kron4news tomorrow at 9pm: http://t.co/EZ0Q66BZ9bDude. Yes. Griffin’s Harpoon Gun from Evolve Pt. 2, made by the talented Shawn Thorsson. http://t.co/tvWLyDNeYq http://t.co/6I30YFYagT"If my phone were a person, it would be the bionic woman." http://t.co/gqwrKIDgI3
Retweeted by MAKEToo many remotes? Control all your entertainment gadgets with your smartphone by building this Smart Remote Control: http://t.co/Snf0FNEF4J7 Cornerstones of Making with Kids: http://t.co/W6YpIPRfOd via @make
Retweeted by MAKEThe Right to Repair must be protected as it is not a given! http://t.co/YoAAY3GQdW via @make @iFixit
Retweeted by MAKEFun! MT @make: Forget the fog machine - bubble machines are where it's at. CPU fan, gear motor & plastic jug. http://t.co/3QCJ3DfrrB
Retweeted by MAKEMaking videogame weaponry real: The Harpoon Gun from #EvolveGame Pt 2 http://t.co/oUkuyPAKdN @make http://t.co/E25v8LMonO
Retweeted by MAKE#maker How to Fix Your Broken MicroView: The response by GeekAmmo and Sparkfun to the MicroView problem has be... http://t.co/AXkJg6XdXR
Retweeted by MAKE"My main medium is availability. That's what I work out of. Whatever's available that day." #upcycle #art http://t.co/LwvtLfRzyqTake your bike off as many sweet jumps as your heart desires with the help of this DIY custom bicycle dashboard. http://t.co/2g98B44osM“@make: Fix your broken MicroView … before you get your replacement. #thenyoullhavetwo http://t.co/xPAQDYaFyJ” great post by @aallan
Retweeted by MAKE3D printed prostheses, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, DIY mosquito traps… all part of the We Make Health Fest: http://t.co/1RofVyAHdWFree #3D printing #ebook from @3DP4Everyone http://t.co/M5AqjKbVX3 Includes @leomakerprince + Make: 3D Printing ~ very nice!You Can Make A Captain America Shield http://t.co/P9yx90DoJV via @Make #CaptainAmerica #makerchat #cosplay #yesplease
Retweeted by MAKE"Strong, functional & cool" We love seeing innovative and replicable designs for useful objects! Well done! http://t.co/R923obEnsa via @make
Retweeted by MAKESplice wire to @NASA standards. http://t.co/oLxiqGyIZh http://t.co/NugmSGMXAdToo big for your old Big Wheel? Build an adult-sized trike from #CNC plywood. http://t.co/BkHdgQWuMl http://t.co/xZA4JXgRINIf you have an Arduino, here’s how you can use it to fix your Microview (via @make): http://t.co/GmtJsbUOFg
Retweeted by MAKEMaker literally 'breaks the bank' in his latest project: http://t.co/B2BALGx1PU #3DThursday (via @MAKE) http://t.co/u5mt9BlQuZ
Retweeted by MAKEFix your broken MicroView … before you get your replacement. #thenyoullhavetwo http://t.co/oITJU1QmaBHow to fix your #MicroView, http://t.co/N5FOKcmADN. /cc @geekammo @sparkfun http://t.co/FUTITs649h
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Forget the fog machine — bubble machines are where it's at. This one's made from a CPU fan, gear motor & plastic jug. http://t.co/3QOdyWRALDContemplate the universe under this DIY fractal lamp: an IKEA lamp + fractalicious laser cut & 3D-printed shades. http://t.co/ivmjMaJ490Resistance is Futile: Harvard's Kilobot Swarm Keeps Fellow Robots in Line http://t.co/cdyFOQXrG7 My new post on @make
Retweeted by MAKESwarming vibrobots work together to arrange themselves into predetermined shapes. http://t.co/CH15w3NIz8@AllenBarth @BerkeleyBowl We're excited to be in our new West Berkeley office! Berkeley Bowl is one of our favorite lunchtime spots. : )@BerkeleyBowl @make #makers a welcome sight. Thanks for sharing w/the #Berkeley community. http://t.co/YcbnjlGIkx
Retweeted by MAKEWe've been staring at this mesmerizing solar-powered marble machine kit all morning… http://t.co/NNpGPqV1ZP http://t.co/6qh0SFW5JlCool back-to-school project for #woodworking students - an old-school dog house! http://t.co/0CMZIPXKxQ via @make http://t.co/U80Aq0LeBq
Retweeted by MAKENew to the Debian upgrade? Here's a simple explanation of how to easily configure #WiFi for your next project: http://t.co/Y55Pga9ani
Retweeted by MAKEGrandson makes DIY audio book reader for vision-impaired grandfather. http://t.co/AOUfYSTboQ
Retweeted by MAKEHaving problems with your #MicroView? You're not alone. ~2,000 boards may have been sent out without bootloaders. http://t.co/15I0Gc7uffBuild your own ceramic spitting 3D printer: http://t.co/UXlWjh1CmU http://t.co/brxpsaKzre
Retweeted by MAKERPi-controlled DIY audio book for sight-impaired grandpa does not require touch screen to navigate. http://t.co/x77OO163jRHaving trouble with your new #MicroView board? You aren’t alone, http://t.co/l90cQFmJ8v. http://t.co/ominxh0YR0
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Attention Chicago and the surrounding areas: Apply to be a maker at the Mokena Mini Maker Faire right now! http://t.co/uctjyOw3DbInterested in creating your own #MakerSpace? @Make shares 6 tips that you may not be thinking about but should be: http://t.co/G6aveVZD1E
Retweeted by MAKEcylindrical antenna for Radar Speed Detector | MAKE http://t.co/67VM6jgjfv
Retweeted by MAKE#ThatMomentWhen you realize @MakerFaire is only a MONTH AWAY! (cc: @wilw, @MAKE) http://t.co/oco7UG3j77
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