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Make: @make San Francisco, CA - USA

We inspire Makers of all ages and types with DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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Meet The Wizard of Fun Puppet: From junk to wonderfully whimsical animatronic bots #WMF15 ready to party w/ @cubesandthings & make cool polyhedra art in our lab, Oct 11. RSVP now: to build the first robot of your own? Join our robotics workshop this October. RSVP now never stops! We're excited to launch the NEW @makercamp after-school program today: of #drone in action: Freak out your friends w/ these 6 spooky drone mods #Halloween is a maker's dream. Come see it in action on Tuesday! RSVP here: @senselinc “big” maker art, regardless of the physical sizes, will inspire you to feel awe #WMF15's Greatest Makers: @Intel CEO @bkrunner launches a build-off reality show for Makers
At World @MakerFaire, attendees digitally “paint” a wall of 2,500 LEDs with actual brushes Weir interviewed via Skype by Stephen Fleming of Georgia Tech at Maker Faire Atlanta #makerfaireatl @make
Retweeted by Make:Create a very creepy #DeepDream costume w/ little more than makeup & some taxidermy eyeballs
From #WMF15: These floating heads speak, beatbox & sing when you press their keys @MakerFaire incredible exhibits to experience this weekend at Maker Faire Berlin @MakerFaireBER this simple upcycled wood gas camp stove that costs 99 cents! the fire-shooting, transforming shipping container kicks off Maker Faire Berlin! @MakerFaireBER @make
Retweeted by Make:Working on a killer #Halloween project? Share with us for a chance to be featured! climbing wall by high school maker program @MakerFaireBER #Berlin #MakerFaire
Bots, flames, and battleships converge at Maker Faire San Diego this weekend! @SDMakerFaire a playable #StarWars Holochess Set by @garethb2! Control #Halloween effects with #DIY infrared remote controls Battle: #3DPrinted boats race in tiny moats at World @MakerFaire was a huge success! to be a part of a #Mars mission? Here are 6 skills you’ll learn in Martian Boot Camp’s LightSail: Making #SciFi real by solving barriers to citizen space exploration & Noble Call For #Makers ends tonight! But first, What Kind of Maker Are You? @BNBuzz
Retweeted by Make:Learn how to make your own custom model for a coin or gaming token in #OpenSCAD Giant Solid Crystal Chandelier Made from Molten Glass #WMF15: #Sprout by @HP's touch-sensitive 'mat' goes beyond conventional computers of @MakerFaireBER -> -> this weekend @Postbahnhof in #Berlin #MakerFaire
#TBT to the best moments from World @MakerFaire. Check out the highlights: #WMF15 Internet of Bees: Adding Sensors to Monitor Hive Health #IoT for an easy & quick #Halloween project? Make these spooky masking tape mummy hands of gardening: Build an aquaponic garden with @Arduino #IoT your board a lift by adding rubber feet built from off-the-shelf hardware by @seanragan! Call for Makers is closing Fri for nationwide US Barnes & Noble Mini @MakerFaire Apply: @BNBuzz #BNMakerFaireEXCLUSIVE: Adam Savage Interviews Andy Weir about The Martian. Watch now: #TheMartian This Trippy @Arduino-Powered “Plant” Trains Your Brain by @donald your pumpkin carving skills to the next level with these 5 kick-ass tutorials #Halloween
.@ARPAE Giving Millions for Energy-Slashing Robots, Shape-Shifting Clothes #MakerCon a backyard Dobsonian telescope using CAD design & a CNC router. is just right around the corner! Decorate your house with creepy paper silhouettes 6 classic card tricks and how to prepare the special decks of cards for each. World @MakerFaire, @satNOGS showed us how to build your own satellite ground station #WMF15 10,000 Volts to Light Your Tiki Torch by @JeremySCook project: Learn how to 3D print & assemble your own PCB workstation
"If there was a theme at this year's #Makerfaire, it would've been hands" From @HuffPostTech
Retweeted by Make:5 Great Wood Gluing Tips by @garethb2 coin cell sized #MetaWearC from @mbientLab packs power to target #wearables market #NationalCoffeeDay! Show your love of coffee w/ these awesome DIY projects down, pizza ordered: @Netflix releases DIY ‘Movie Night’ Button at World @Makerfaire"We made a culture where young people felt like they didn’t need permission to be great..." @divine_bradley #MakeEDUOur favorite innovations: A peek at who won Editor’s Choice Ribbons this World @MakerFaire
I think this is my favourite issue of @make magazine, ever. I love every page. 😍😘
Retweeted by Make:A sensor that can see through walls and tell you the alcohol content of beer, by me for @make.
Retweeted by Make:This Monster drink fridge was upcycled into a nifty incubator to hatch chicks! See the build: and @mbanzi with their model counterparts :) #Makerfaire
Retweeted by Make:We're thrilled to show off our 2 @makerfaire @make Editors Choice awards incl. 1 from Editor in Chief @Rafe #WMF15
Retweeted by Make:.@Dremel Debuts Its Newest Tool: Help for Honing Your Idea from Workbench to Revenue #WMF15! Strong evidence that liquid water flows on present-day Mars. Details: #MarsAnnouncement
Retweeted by Make:Illuminate Your Desk with Thor’s 3D Printed Hammer by @JeremySCook the World @MakerFaire, we saw high school student Tomko demo his home-built engine #WMF15
This month's @make includes not only my interview w/ @andyweirauthor but my personal Mercury helmet on the cover!
Retweeted by Make:That's a wrap! Thanks everyone for making #WMF15 unforgettable! @makerfaire toys from World @makerfaire that make us feel like a little kid all over again #WMF15 announces winners of 3D Printed Habitat Challenge at World @MakerFaire @NASAPrize @NYCHONK to @eepybird's final @CokeZero and #Mentos show at 6 PM #WMF15 Combat Battle Royal will be streamed LIVE 5 PM in Zone 4! Don't miss the fight! #WMF15
Retweeted by Make:Happy #WMF15 attendees cooling off with delicious custom soda and bubbles at #Fizz booth @pepsi @makerfaire you know you can get your #LED portrait at the @Microsoft tent! @makerfaire #WMF15 are 10 must-learn skills that every maker should know: by @garethb2 your hands on the arduino-controlled #scifi instrument in the dark room! By @balsamsoto Zone 1 @nysci on #Periscope: Life Size Mousetrap at World Maker Faire! and this little piano star proved that Piano is better with better fire #WMF15 NEWS!!! @adafruit gives us the first-ever look at their brand new board: the Feather. #WMF15 #MakerFaire
Retweeted by Make:We finally get to see the wonderful #DIY pinball machine PinBox 3000 at World @makerfaire! #WMF15 busy 3D printers printing simultaneously at Italian Trade Agency tent at World @makerfaire #wmf15 & DJ Jazzy Jay!! Only at #MakerFaire #WMF15 @intel to toe, all #3Dprinted, see @danitpeleg's collection at World @makerfaire zone 1 #wmf15 Racing Series finale NOW at Zone 6! Who will prevail? #WMF15 #makerfaire on #Periscope: Power racing championship race at World @MakerFaire #WMF15 out the #Makerfaire Day 2 livestream schedule: #WMF15
Retweeted by Make:Dancing Dinos, eyeball fashionistas & other whimsical creations at World @MakerFaire #WMF15 of @NASAPrize's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge just announced at World @makerfaire. Check it out! #WMF15 year's #WMF15 will end w/ a grand finale: a total lunar eclipse & "Supermoon" @make
Retweeted by Make:LIVE: Hands on with the RePhone, the modular wearable cell phone from @seeedstudio #WMF15 makers blast off their DIY rockets at #Disney booth in Zone 1 @CitizenDisney #MakerFaire #WMF15 Head over to the @pancakebot for some deliciously and beautifully printed pancakes! #WMF15 #Makerfaire one and only #Plasmabot welcoming day 2 #WMF15 visitors w/ his happy dance #makerfaire paint with light in the Dark Room, Zone 1 @argodesigned @makerfaire #wmf15 #LED cool #LEGO transformer dress by @1brick! See for yourself at LEGO booth in Zone 4 #geekfashion #WMF15... for day 2? It's going to be another glorious day! #MakerFaire #WMF15
Retweeted by Make:Check out our favorite moments from World @makerfaire day 1 and get pumped for day 2! #WMF15 Ahmed Mohamed Races DeLorean Go Kart at World Maker Faire by @rafe #WMF15
.@NYCHONK performs at the closing of World Maker Faire Day 1 #WMF15 #makerfaire and friends cruise around World Maker Faire! #Hoverboards in action! #WMF15 #makerfaire Ahmed Mohamed race a go kart at World #Makerfaire Power Racing Series. Now live at #WMF15LIVE from #WMF15: The intensely calming vibrations of #Gamelatron by @calebkraft your imagination run wild with cardboards! What would you create? Zone 1 #NYSCImakerspace #WMF15 @nysci and Mentos Spectacular 6 PM Saturday and Sunday at Unisphere! #WMF15 #makerfaire robot at #makerfaire NY. I think @dalepd will like this one. #WMF15 #NYSCI @andrewkellyphoto
Retweeted by Make:.@TheTreatsTruck has some delicious goodies for #makers! Find them in front of Zone 4 at #WMF15.
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