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JBoss / Red Hat Software Engineer | Somewhere between Fedora, Docker, Java, Ruby, Life, Beer, Electronic music, Poznań

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And a chance to win GeeCON ticket RT @YSoft: Revolution in software distribution called @docker with @marekgoldmann. http://t.co/UjPqhSa0Ct
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@mojavelinux Any idea how I can customize CSS when using dzslides backend with asciidoctor for my preso?My COPR repo for docker-io was upgraded to 1.2.0. You can now enjoy it on your #CentOS 7: http://t.co/cVypBGxoKi@abstractj It's essentailly the same talk I'll give at VJBUG, but in polish :)In a few days I'll be talking at @WroclawJUG about #Docker and #JBoss http://t.co/7VQun90K4u
@mwessendorf Shit, that's me!I'll be talking about #Docker at Y Soft Technology Hour in Prague on 25th Sep: http://t.co/FSaZYYqQ2wIf everything is "as a Service" now, can we drop "aaS" part? Cool. Thanks!Oh, modern.ie VM's are 32bit... http://t.co/qaKhZIXqjD@wololock 6C, I'll give TLP a shot, thanks!
@wololock I wasn't opitimizing the power usage on my laptop so far. The only hint I got is: powertop, but you did it already. I have 3hr...
@normanmaurer Send some (unused) my way. Have no idea what to do for dinner.Next Virtual JBUG is "#Docker and JBoss - the perfect combination" with @marekgoldmann. Live: Tue 9th Sept @ 5PM UTC. http://t.co/pFJng4SToX
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannThe metric system vs imperial - this made me laugh so hard. (Via @mitchellmoffit) http://t.co/7vx2gVcKhd
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@grdryn @kierangardiner Wow, nice trip!
Welcome rainy Poland... http://t.co/q48SpWycXEBye Turkey! http://t.co/UHPjNIdrGi
@lanceball @bobmcwhirter I knew I could count on you!@bobmcwhirter Does it mean I can extend my vacations? If not - @lanceball - HELP!Enjoying one of the last beers before I travel home. Sadly my vacations come slowly to the end. http://t.co/apDctfmPzN@Grakaj @PawelJankowski Better? Not really, because all of the three versions for different OS do *the same* using the same three buttons.Tutorials are now complete for all #clojure namespaces in "The Deuce" (web, messaging, scheduling & caching): http://t.co/jPLj5qsijc
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@Grakaj @PawelJankowski This is exactly what I'm talking about. Different models shouldn't be needed and there should be one standard.
Announcing @docker 1.2.0 and new restart policies https://t.co/eFC82JskRV by @vieux @solomonstre @crosbymichael @tiborvass
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI had much more faith in humanity before the era of online reader comments. #thegoodolddays
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@qmx Fuck patents.#Android - why I cannot use the buttons in my earphones to change the volume or play next song? It's ridiculous.@ags313 @bdawidowicz @majson @tombujok Ktoś musi ;)Difference between my location and home: 20 deg.@majson @tombujok If you behave like ppl here... It's such a buractwo... ;)@michaelneale You found a nice way to harvest private keys.Anyone can tell me why recruiter think I'm a good candidate for a #python job? I suck at #python so please stop offer me jobs related to it!
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI apologise for all the polish people having vacations nearby you and as a result turning your free time into a nightmare. #polishabroad
@vincentvdk And strong ;)@vincentvdk Yes!Want some #coffee? #goodstuff http://t.co/3AWmIhSWNB@wordsofboo Diesel is great!@mwessendorf And yes - it seems they spell it with "p" at the end.@mwessendorf Speaking of kebap - I just had one in Bodrum ;)Bodrum http://t.co/ro2eYLn6Zy
@lanceball It looks great now!
@xcoulon Yes! ;)I'm fine, don't worry! http://t.co/ivxTioChiu@lanceball Glad to hear it! But once it happens you know where to find me. /cc @bobmcwhirter@lanceball See? I'm working /cc @bobmcwhirter@lanceball Hard to read on a phone (scrolling kills the joy).Welcome to Nodyn http://t.co/GHM4sfILav
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann"Work From Home" is just code for "Drink At Work".
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@AlexisHassler Cool, thanks!@AlexisHassler Once I come bavk from vacation I'll take a look (and update it to use official images).@normanmaurer @bobmcwhirter You can fire @lanceball instead. Just a suggestion ;)Good morning! http://t.co/W7s0vEwgUY
@WildFlyAS @AlexisHassler Any particular reason to not use the official Docker image? https://t.co/nc2VGbqpF2 Just curious.Equalizer doesn't work on your Android device? Just restart your phone! #iknowthisfromsomewhere #failSo, you're a web developer and your website is not viewable/readable on mobile? Oooookay.https://t.co/NEh0vqWN9Q@WooKasZ Mój hotel to miejsce, z którego robiłem zdjęcie.@WooKasZ Jara się. Było blisko ewakuacji, ale strażacy chyba poradzili sobie. Zrzucają wodę samolotami.Ooops. http://t.co/y33pU8hxW3
I'm still alive. http://t.co/rLJMeTNwaf
It's about time for @untappd to release a completely new Android app.@mwessendorf http://t.co/hcP1iEikDR
@tom_enebo They say: "Efes", low alc, but not so bad, drinkable.@rhauch http://t.co/q5BIOIBEvz@nmcl http://t.co/on4XXsBEhA@mwessendorf @abstractj Turkey, Bodrum@majson There are are lot of polish people, so I expect everything.Just to piss you a bit. http://t.co/mqtH750NvRGreat look at @openshift V3. The next generate of PAAS server. @docker/@kubernetes/#SELinux/@ProjectAtomic https://t.co/edCGLr96RB
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@abstractj Thanks! ;)Enjoying some nice view. http://t.co/h0MRncTwdh
I'm fairly confident that @abstractj doesn't sleep at all.
@harittweets @arungupta Currently - yes.@harittweets @arungupta Or as systemd services: http://t.co/Rhu3gHhmVb Endless possibilities... :)@harittweets @arungupta Run it on @docker just like any other image. Or try @ProjectAtomic or http://t.co/xFYu3Wzk1u to orchestrate.@arungupta @harittweets Currently @openshift does not support running @docker images. In the Docker world size of layers does not matter.@maxandersen @the_jamezp @mwessendorf I don't, have some old Yamaha amp (+ speakers) and I think about replacing it with some network dev.@maxandersen @the_jamezp @mwessendorf Shit, I have no other choice it seems ;) The only thing I'm curious is the sound quality.@mwessendorf Right, my brother has some Teufel gear. Seems to be known in DE/CH, but not outside.@mwessendorf That's a good and short review ;)@mwessendorf I would need some review :)@mwessendorf Which speakers you bought?@galderz @mwessendorf Indeed ;)
Thanks @abstractj & @marekgoldmann for making it easy to try nodyn! Docker image here: https://t.co/guEkCYKCPJ #nodejs #JVM #JBoss
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@abstractj Nope, you did it :)@samkottler So, you are a HTML5 programmer? Whoa! Not bad!@elad3 @stickster @TheMaxamillion I think the advice could be a bit more general: "do not open anything".
@majorhayden You'll be rich but I'll have bigger pen1s (and a nice watch of course too).Vacations! #yay@TheMaxamillion @stickster +1 I'm happy when I have 3hrs on T430s. Maybe a blog post? ;)
#JBoss EAP 6.3 is out! Download it now: http://t.co/lByLYP64S4 Release notes: http://t.co/F4TcPT9cJK #redhat"Lol but why would anyone watch women's football? Women's football is crap" https://t.co/4NEx02CUUN "Oh" (via @sarahcox514)
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@tombujok @ktosopl Without encryption you can do man in the middle attacks and provide different content to the consumer than I'm sending.@tombujok @ktosopl I don't think there is any reason to send data unencrypted anymore. Not that I have stuff that must be encrypted, but...I'm thinking about defaulting to https on my blog, any ideas why I shouldn't do it?Recently I've updated the security and performance of my blog. Feels much snappier now! http://t.co/7pXDMhF9EJ
@ktosopl Cool! (this word fits here perfectly, btw)Just look at it! http://t.co/1v1dsoVQ66@zef Hope for a real warm one :)@michaelneale Yes, because of two things: wood on the floor (humidity) and for the couple of weeks when it's really hot here.
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