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JBoss / Red Hat Software Engineer | Somewhere between Fedora, Docker, Java, Ruby, Life, Beer, Electronic music, Poznań

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Cloud providers need to take responsibility for (a) data security and (b) making it clear to users what data is still on their servers
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannToday I'll be speaking about #Docker in Wrocław, Poland: http://t.co/7VQun90K4u
@dustymabe There you go: http://t.co/6uTqM02JQq
Oh hey somebody summed up my entire life in a 3-panel comic strip: http://t.co/LC4rJZSNMg
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann
@adrahon Where is the end?I guess I need a meta dashboard of status pages for various services on the web I use.Preparing some demos for my #Docker talks.@mwessendorf Nice!
@robynbergeron But thanks! ;)@robynbergeron It's illusion ;)And a chance to win GeeCON ticket RT @YSoft: Revolution in software distribution called @docker with @marekgoldmann. http://t.co/UjPqhSa0Ct
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@mojavelinux Any idea how I can customize CSS when using dzslides backend with asciidoctor for my preso?My COPR repo for docker-io was upgraded to 1.2.0. You can now enjoy it on your #CentOS 7: http://t.co/cVypBGxoKi@abstractj It's essentailly the same talk I'll give at VJBUG, but in polish :)In a few days I'll be talking at @WroclawJUG about #Docker and #JBoss http://t.co/7VQun90K4u
@mwessendorf Shit, that's me!I'll be talking about #Docker at Y Soft Technology Hour in Prague on 25th Sep: http://t.co/FSaZYYqQ2wIf everything is "as a Service" now, can we drop "aaS" part? Cool. Thanks!Oh, modern.ie VM's are 32bit... http://t.co/qaKhZIXqjD@wololock 6C, I'll give TLP a shot, thanks!
@wololock I wasn't opitimizing the power usage on my laptop so far. The only hint I got is: powertop, but you did it already. I have 3hr...
@normanmaurer Send some (unused) my way. Have no idea what to do for dinner.Next Virtual JBUG is "#Docker and JBoss - the perfect combination" with @marekgoldmann. Live: Tue 9th Sept @ 5PM UTC. http://t.co/pFJng4SToX
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannThe metric system vs imperial - this made me laugh so hard. (Via @mitchellmoffit) http://t.co/7vx2gVcKhd
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@grdryn @kierangardiner Wow, nice trip!
Welcome rainy Poland... http://t.co/q48SpWycXEBye Turkey! http://t.co/UHPjNIdrGi
@lanceball @bobmcwhirter I knew I could count on you!@bobmcwhirter Does it mean I can extend my vacations? If not - @lanceball - HELP!Enjoying one of the last beers before I travel home. Sadly my vacations come slowly to the end. http://t.co/apDctfmPzN@Grakaj @PawelJankowski Better? Not really, because all of the three versions for different OS do *the same* using the same three buttons.Tutorials are now complete for all #clojure namespaces in "The Deuce" (web, messaging, scheduling & caching): http://t.co/jPLj5qsijc
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@Grakaj @PawelJankowski This is exactly what I'm talking about. Different models shouldn't be needed and there should be one standard.
Announcing @docker 1.2.0 and new restart policies https://t.co/eFC82JskRV by @vieux @solomonstre @crosbymichael @tiborvass
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI had much more faith in humanity before the era of online reader comments. #thegoodolddays
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@qmx Fuck patents.#Android - why I cannot use the buttons in my earphones to change the volume or play next song? It's ridiculous.@ags313 @bdawidowicz @majson @tombujok Ktoś musi ;)Difference between my location and home: 20 deg.@majson @tombujok If you behave like ppl here... It's such a buractwo... ;)@michaelneale You found a nice way to harvest private keys.Anyone can tell me why recruiter think I'm a good candidate for a #python job? I suck at #python so please stop offer me jobs related to it!
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI apologise for all the polish people having vacations nearby you and as a result turning your free time into a nightmare. #polishabroad
@vincentvdk And strong ;)@vincentvdk Yes!Want some #coffee? #goodstuff http://t.co/3AWmIhSWNB@wordsofboo Diesel is great!@mwessendorf And yes - it seems they spell it with "p" at the end.@mwessendorf Speaking of kebap - I just had one in Bodrum ;)Bodrum http://t.co/ro2eYLn6Zy
@lanceball It looks great now!
@xcoulon Yes! ;)I'm fine, don't worry! http://t.co/ivxTioChiu@lanceball Glad to hear it! But once it happens you know where to find me. /cc @bobmcwhirter@lanceball See? I'm working /cc @bobmcwhirter@lanceball Hard to read on a phone (scrolling kills the joy).Welcome to Nodyn http://t.co/GHM4sfILav
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann"Work From Home" is just code for "Drink At Work".
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@AlexisHassler Cool, thanks!@AlexisHassler Once I come bavk from vacation I'll take a look (and update it to use official images).@normanmaurer @bobmcwhirter You can fire @lanceball instead. Just a suggestion ;)Good morning! http://t.co/W7s0vEwgUY
@WildFlyAS @AlexisHassler Any particular reason to not use the official Docker image? https://t.co/nc2VGbqpF2 Just curious.Equalizer doesn't work on your Android device? Just restart your phone! #iknowthisfromsomewhere #failSo, you're a web developer and your website is not viewable/readable on mobile? Oooookay.https://t.co/NEh0vqWN9Q@WooKasZ Mój hotel to miejsce, z którego robiłem zdjęcie.@WooKasZ Jara się. Było blisko ewakuacji, ale strażacy chyba poradzili sobie. Zrzucają wodę samolotami.Ooops. http://t.co/y33pU8hxW3
I'm still alive. http://t.co/rLJMeTNwaf
It's about time for @untappd to release a completely new Android app.@mwessendorf http://t.co/hcP1iEikDR
@tom_enebo They say: "Efes", low alc, but not so bad, drinkable.@rhauch http://t.co/q5BIOIBEvz@nmcl http://t.co/on4XXsBEhA@mwessendorf @abstractj Turkey, Bodrum@majson There are are lot of polish people, so I expect everything.Just to piss you a bit. http://t.co/mqtH750NvRGreat look at @openshift V3. The next generate of PAAS server. @docker/@kubernetes/#SELinux/@ProjectAtomic https://t.co/edCGLr96RB
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@abstractj Thanks! ;)Enjoying some nice view. http://t.co/h0MRncTwdh
I'm fairly confident that @abstractj doesn't sleep at all.
@harittweets @arungupta Currently - yes.@harittweets @arungupta Or as systemd services: http://t.co/Rhu3gHhmVb Endless possibilities... :)@harittweets @arungupta Run it on @docker just like any other image. Or try @ProjectAtomic or http://t.co/xFYu3Wzk1u to orchestrate.@arungupta @harittweets Currently @openshift does not support running @docker images. In the Docker world size of layers does not matter.@maxandersen @the_jamezp @mwessendorf I don't, have some old Yamaha amp (+ speakers) and I think about replacing it with some network dev.@maxandersen @the_jamezp @mwessendorf Shit, I have no other choice it seems ;) The only thing I'm curious is the sound quality.@mwessendorf Right, my brother has some Teufel gear. Seems to be known in DE/CH, but not outside.@mwessendorf That's a good and short review ;)@mwessendorf I would need some review :)@mwessendorf Which speakers you bought?@galderz @mwessendorf Indeed ;)
Thanks @abstractj & @marekgoldmann for making it easy to try nodyn! Docker image here: https://t.co/guEkCYKCPJ #nodejs #JVM #JBoss
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@abstractj Nope, you did it :)@samkottler So, you are a HTML5 programmer? Whoa! Not bad!@elad3 @stickster @TheMaxamillion I think the advice could be a bit more general: "do not open anything".
@majorhayden You'll be rich but I'll have bigger pen1s (and a nice watch of course too).Vacations! #yay@TheMaxamillion @stickster +1 I'm happy when I have 3hrs on T430s. Maybe a blog post? ;)
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