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What's the Best Music Video of the Year? 5 Critics Pick Their Favorite - http://t.co/wdEdgEtITQJust in time for Doctor Who Season 8, catch up on the last two seasons in 9 minutes - http://t.co/MMupy6RXo110 unforgettable 'MythBusters' build team moments http://t.co/fXx2h2T0H9Check out the MTV VMAs over the decades with photos of Madonna, Steven Tyler and other stars - http://t.co/TWyQzkZKO0 http://t.co/CFP6uw6tQoThe new 'Girls' Season 4 teaser will make even the haters chuckle. So, there's that. http://t.co/lUPnX7WwBpMo'ne Davis mania is over. Here's why we're fine with that - http://t.co/aE3RY9CvC6How much does it cost to see your NFL team win? http://t.co/JwKz7MH29tThe 'Washington Post' editorial board will no longer use the name of its home NFL team. http://t.co/uvXZvRaYH9Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' twerks Miley's VEVO record into oblivion http://t.co/JghtXAVIKgJosh Brolin will always be a Goonie at heart. http://t.co/RimDfgVW93 http://t.co/XRqqVd9mEPThe '@Guardians of the Galaxy' + '@GameofThrones' movie you don't want: http://t.co/cAlU9In8giDrones Don't Just Star In 'The November Man' - They Helped Make It http://t.co/G5HSHKe1GkEnglish Premier League: The Primer You Need, America http://t.co/jbgkkjycdxDon't Know What to Expect From 'Doctor Who'? Neither Does the Doctor http://t.co/p2ZcUmsqLUSee the Trailer for 'Automata,' a Sci-Fi Movie With Robots and Antonio Banderas http://t.co/kCDzYzlXFQ
The worm turns for Jake Gyllenhaal's sleazy paparazzo in this new trailer for "Nightcrawler": http://t.co/4SLW1pAmRnCarl "Crusher" Creel -- the Absorbing Man -- is coming for you, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.": http://t.co/NNw3TCJdjR http://t.co/mWJymfWVLE.@ShaileneWoodley sheds the teen thing in the 'White Bird in a Blizzard' trailer: http://t.co/Ytb6Gf9URYFacebook shaking up the Emmys red carpet with "Mentions Box," a Magic-8-Ball-like device that asks celebs questions: http://t.co/HzitDwO7MXChris Pratt visits hospital in 'Guardians' garb, recognized as Star-Lord http://t.co/6Qk7xK4fqeLIVE: #FantasyFootball draft experts are sharing their sleeper picks for this year http://t.co/uQgXgxenha http://t.co/qOn5aZA8OtKermit singing 'Let It Go' is pure joy: http://t.co/fKqLZgK5ir http://t.co/sLndOTOnefLIVE: We're discussing the best #fantasyfootball players by position with draft experts http://t.co/JJAEROE7Hy http://t.co/qOn5aZA8OtLIVE: Come talk all things #FantasyFootball with draft experts http://t.co/wMWEEvgxki http://t.co/qOn5aZA8Ot'World of Warcraft' source code may reveal a Robin Williams tribute: http://t.co/AdYsM6vhEN http://t.co/waGkr0r9NqSimpsons characters only have 4 fingers on each hand; it makes 'em easier to animate. http://t.co/x5qfmwGa5q http://t.co/aXuFcTzhAl #5factsWe're talking #fantasyfootball with @andybehrens @FFMagicMan & @LateRoundQB in a live Hangout at 12pm ET. Join us: http://t.co/T87W6IfiLOIn which Jared Leto shares his deepest thoughts with the world: http://t.co/NzFEGb8e7H http://t.co/fPpfdeqh2VFive-minute warning: "The Simpsons" marathon is starting on FXX. Here's our guide: http://t.co/iAseraexUe http://t.co/jnq4FYmB3T
NFL adds football to Apple TV menu of sports channels. http://t.co/U99R5Cn3hR http://t.co/ppQbCR46yETo prepare for tonight's episode of @Extant_CBS, read @neeeda's recap of last week: http://t.co/i96QgoamuF #Extant http://t.co/MrSYNhtaINTHIS is what it takes to be a ballperson at the @USOpen. http://t.co/QH8kDDSQHb http://t.co/g2qAdrddBvThe UK smash TV show 'Happy Valley' is now available for a Netflix binge: http://t.co/I6weCxiwzi http://t.co/ByAzP0vu4K"American Horror Story: Freak Show" gets a teaser trailer and premiere date: http://t.co/bZ8WDFz9MpThis musical tribute to Robin Williams will bring a tear to your eye. http://t.co/RvrWx310cYRobin Williams' Emmy Awards tribute will be given by longtime friend Billy Crystal: http://t.co/lQqrz464HzWho is Mo'ne Davis? Get caught up on the Little League star before she pitches again tonight - http://t.co/iLkR3X4jU5Of COURSE you can share the first episode of "Selfie" in a tweet: http://t.co/sApuzASqpj http://t.co/sLakglLPnB'Halt and Catch Fire' is returning for a second season http://t.co/xGWkJZH52A http://t.co/fstZttNbUf.@JimmyFallon beats James Bond at his own Nintendo game: http://t.co/zNOHs6xJX6 http://t.co/AA3Ya61zgsWhat are the top 4 viral videos of all time? http://t.co/infFQavxFd http://t.co/Qiq6Cy7WVV
Even Turkish soccer fans are protesting with Ferguson now: http://t.co/drUtsqiczLLittle League star Mo'ne Davis hits Sports Illustrated's cover: http://t.co/DORsnC9oVv http://t.co/68Kj6YiYmgLegendary rock drummer Ginger Baker turns 75 today, and he's had a pretty weird and wild life - http://t.co/I9jtqYyrHjNFL reportedly asks halftime-show candidates to pay to play. http://t.co/p4r16hku8y http://t.co/hAc0pFwq0QPut the Wi-Fi down, support your team: Soccer fans protest in-stadium Internet: http://t.co/dYWf54VkJp http://t.co/Pwyu2MkXxrMarvel releases first pic of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man: http://t.co/5z2RmRUQkV (sorry, it's not out 'til 2015.) http://t.co/4fbbkxiYYqMara Wilson's tribute to "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Robin Williams: "He seemed so vulnerable": http://t.co/7SDPTfN9mL http://t.co/6nfFRMQho9NFL players honor Michael Brown before "Monday Night Football": http://t.co/hCtulqccQ2David Letterman remembers Robin Williams with a montage from his nearly 50 appearances on Letterman's shows: http://t.co/EqShgPUQRLAnother Emmy win would put Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a very exclusive club -- the first in @TheSandrG's Emmys series: http://t.co/xq28erPUfTDon Pardo was an 'SNL' legend and the voice of NBC http://t.co/sXCEgvxGES http://t.co/3g6GJrzjWCFrom Khan to Shere Khan: Benedict Cumberbatch to voice 'Jungle Book' tiger http://t.co/a7fGlpB7Te"Stay With Me" singer @SamSmithWorld was just added to the #VMAs lineup. List of performers: http://t.co/7TWtIl1jLp http://t.co/LZ1nmIY9nM
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentReddit on Xbox One. http://t.co/3aqk8reG1dTiger Woods is a terrible golf coach. http://t.co/rJlPKm3PCmDon Pardo, the voice of "Saturday Night Live," died yesterday at age 96: http://t.co/gfYUu3v3w8 http://t.co/iyj6uFDML5The secret to Little League World Series success? Girls, girls, girls. http://t.co/kzTWzZLX7U http://t.co/eRKgEA6jEr
Don Pardo, longtime voice of "Saturday Night Live," dead at 96: http://t.co/YRwpdNFRqF http://t.co/QA6gg6okXgTom Hanks' Hanx Writer typewriter app dominates App Store. http://t.co/yt8PU9vr4b33 songs full of 'la la's, 'na na's, and other nonsense syllables http://t.co/v6dsOVskvCAdam Carolla settles podcast suit with "patent troll," but the war continues. http://t.co/EqYkcZcyrS http://t.co/K8mm5pRKzoMcConaissance over? Matthew McConaughey is a staunch advocate of the fanny-pack: http://t.co/C8jnjMve74 http://t.co/Fqdq5m6tg2Prepare for feelings: WNBA star Brittney Griner proposes to other WNBA star Glory Johnson, she says yes: http://t.co/fvbhmojkIq18 Elvis week photos to commemorate The King http://t.co/AGgW7BO1Pr http://t.co/KfmUzYSNfoMarvel's 'Ant-Man' adds 'Mad Men' star John Slattery, actually starts shooting. http://t.co/2MMKaUmyHN http://t.co/dukWAJbMRPJ.K. Rowling returns to the Harry Potter world with a story on a previously unseen Hogwarts celebrity - http://t.co/oJBkhxklx3Here's how filmmakers solve the problem of making texting interesting on-screen: http://t.co/iLMPw3fTJQStreamy nominees: Jerry Seinfeld, Barack Obama and, well, us: http://t.co/cd7VapYrobSoccer fan's epic pitch invasion, rogue free-kick make him a "legend" to his mates: http://t.co/j258cGQX0Q http://t.co/8WrNtLViFSKanye West and Sir Paul McCartney are reportedly recording together. It could get weird. http://t.co/fldsMopkKkXbox One updates the console with a more social news feed, controller battery notifications http://t.co/IGKXKGuTK3The 10 Most Ridiculous Things in 'The Expendables 3' http://t.co/ven7rWN5Ur"The Leftovers" Episode 8 recap: We need to talk about Kevin: http://t.co/yVrhvSIL8n http://t.co/F0zGhfKuuc
Chris Pratt's #IceBucketChallenge may be the best yet http://t.co/FtstNuJWfP http://t.co/xnvZLOzFyR
"Game of Thrones," "Sherlock," "True Detective" and "Cosmos" each win 4 Creative Arts Emmys; "SNL" most wins with 5: http://t.co/i88Fr1WUTTHere's 10 hours of Baby Groot dancing. You're welcome. http://t.co/B1mdhk3Aiq http://t.co/TqfWLgxlqjCreative Arts Emmys: Evolution of the Interactive TV category. http://t.co/2v6zgx8nI2 http://t.co/MlK8wxHptEZ-Boys skater Jay Adams -- "the chosen one" -- dead at 53. After a long troubled period, he'd turned his life around: http://t.co/GfwQKmTgYF'Downton Abbey' cast responds to "water bottle-gate" photo fail. http://t.co/aTBphjP9Me http://t.co/9xrcrtKQ3ZSim Bhullar, a massive 7-foot-5 center, has become the first NBA player of Indian descent. http://t.co/wYPKLhIR6m http://t.co/mFfzoVOXKK.@Extant_CBS episode 6 recap: Molly's baby "boy" is dangerous. Very dangerous. http://t.co/uaTNOhHGn4 #Extant http://t.co/lLbYnT9wpM
.@Extant_CBS episode 6 recap: "We love heroes." http://t.co/wWgBr2z8Ze #Extant http://t.co/jU3mggE93CAn 18-year-old from Belarus just won Google's annual Code Jam on his first try, good for $15K http://t.co/EX6rikccv8 http://t.co/JB92L4YGsZYou may soon be watching Craig Ferguson at 7 p.m. - http://t.co/PX7Cz88zh0"Expendables 3" [SPOILER ALERT]: 2 major characters are gay, and @NotoriousJLD says a hearty ho-hum to that: http://t.co/1OvC2wO3uTRespawn for 'Halo' Studio Xbox Entertainment? Microsoft courts buyers for its shuttered original content arm: http://t.co/deJIGOtp5SLights out: Sir Paul McCartney rocks #Candlestick Park for its final show ever http://t.co/pzHUa6aSjm http://t.co/VD7glRlgS9Spot the fail in this 'Downton Abbey' promo photo http://t.co/opfqp6wpXb http://t.co/5aMg17UwqFKevin Hart's "Madden Season" is either the best or worst game advertisement ever: http://t.co/j5JgeBZVID http://t.co/0rmjhBmWe6Take a minute to watch this heartwarming Robin Williams movie tribute: http://t.co/dNrsOOGyRF http://t.co/FdrdGYVgl8New 'World of Warcraft' Cinematic Trailer Is a Thing of Beauty http://t.co/4B2OdrSchu
Vanilla Ice on his 1991 "Ninja Turtles" rap vs the 2014 "TMNT" rap: "It feels so corporate": http://t.co/r85CXJHQ48 http://t.co/mYiFrSn0dJTony Stewart skips another NASCAR race — Will he drive again? http://t.co/dtlJoiDBj4With @paulmccartney's concert, San Francisco's Candlestick Park ends its long and winding road tonight - http://t.co/fJqgqARTC8Before she was Lauren. An early Lauren Bacall test shoot: http://t.co/SXrUEK7dsL http://t.co/LuQ4vdOesiFormer NFL QB Vince Young to return to his alma mater, University of Texas, in a diversity outreach role http://t.co/akQznEj76IRobin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, according to his wife: http://t.co/Eu1ihluq5m http://t.co/0pUnkwaj2bWatch surgery on the Oculus Rift, but maybe do it after lunch: http://t.co/2hHZYhw3vD http://t.co/xLyG69zYBrMTV added a Lyric Videos category at the VMAs -- and we know who the first 5 nominees are: http://t.co/NEGYKGUHi6 http://t.co/3Y4O2wOHAb
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