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Ronda Rousey dominates as first female on Australian Men's Fitness cover
'Steve Jobs' review: A great movie seen through Sorkin's reality distortion field'Fates and Furies' by @legroff explores the darkest corners of love and marriage Internet is losing it over 'Jeopardy!' reigning champion.'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer talks criticism and 'Life and Death' at New York Comic Con:'Halt and Catch Fire' has been renewed for a third season on AMC'Game of Thrones' announces a new red priestess on Instagram read the gender-swapped 'Twilight' so you don't have to. (But you might actually want to?) guest on Oct. 16 will be @jimmykimmel! Unless this is an elaborate prank. #LSSC
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment'Ant-Man and the Wasp' will be the first Marvel movie with a heroine in its title: off zombies with Daryl Dixon in action-packed 'Walking Dead' mobile game: Swift can't stop talking about being friends with Kanye West in magazines Bass opens up about being 'inappropriately touched' while in 'N Sync: 4 gets a $50 permanent price drop: Backstreet Boys are back, and they're pretty good at 'Destiny': Moranis won't appear in the 'Ghostbusters' reboot one leech that parasite fan Michael Mosley hasn't conquered rewards your patience and announces her new album, 'Anti'
Australian NFL player is a typical Aussie when mic'd up for 49ers democracy beat 'Dark Souls' Amazon's 'Man In the High Castle' was no small feat new Steve Jobs clip shows the Apple cofounder's 'softer side' amid dark film portrayals Zuckerberg confirmed Facebook-owned Oculus Rift is definitely working on augmented reality. #VFsummit'Pan' review: A movie so resoundingly godawful that you have to see it Pill+ speaker shows the Apple flag with a Lightning port is Vince Carter bricking a dunk. In other news, you are old: things to look forward to in the new season of 'Arrow' the 14-year-old Hawaii native who's voicing Moana, Disney's next princess: to win a prestigious literary prize like the Man Booker? Just follow this formula: fall season means one thing: The return of Pumpkin Spice. @Trevornoah of @TheDailyShow saw this first hand: has canceled The League's Comic-Con panel to avoid uncomfortable 9/11 questions, Steve Rannazzisi told Howard Stern..@BONESonFOX sneak peek: The race to rescue Booth hits a big snag you should enter a committed relationship with Hulu's 'Casual''Undateable Live' has booked its first two musical guests Schumer teams with 'Trainwreck' costar Vanessa Bayer in SNL promos Bradley on life in the trenches of USA-Mexico's intense soccer rivalry Settle: The new feature for couples who disagree Jay Leno take over Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' monologue bakes are the way to win 'Great British Bake Off' and Mary Berry's heart
New Grateful Dead music with John Mayer? Hey, it could happen."Goosebumps" movie review: A monster mash of nostalgia done right: is just about the cheeriest way you can catch up on 'The Walking Dead' is facilitating an open dialogue about her Spanx and butt pads giant peace sign made of cupcakes for John Lennon's 75th birthday. #ImaginePeace when the Hollywood sign had an extra syllable: ht @theretronaut @Real_Liam_Payne and @Louis_Tomlinson probably aren't fighting. time Shaq and Alex Trebek cuddled in a phone booth which John Stamos stars in a soap opera written by Taylor Swift:'Great British Bake Off' hit by betting scandal Twitter's new Moments feature will tackle the sports world songs to get you excited about autumn Irwin's emotional routine on 'Dancing with the Stars' made basically everyone cry
Grateful Dead members and John Mayer are playing a free concert in NYC next month: Jingle Ball tour lineup includes The Weeknd, One Direction and Selena Gomez, among others for CC Sabathia: Key Yankees starting pitcher to miss playoffs for alcohol rehab: the Hollywood sign used to be really different... Smith and Jazzy Jeff planning a tour in the summer summer summertime: IN FIVE: I'm talkin' about the NFL's 6 undefeated teams, dividing contenders and pretenders, right here:
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentMichael Fassbender throws shade at Ashton Kutcher while promoting ‘Steve Jobs’: ranked every '90s Nicktoon! (Someone had to prep for tonight's premiere of @teennick nostalgia block "The Splat") and Khal Drogo had the sweetest 'Game of Thrones' reunion Oliver points out the cracks in our mental health system, in true John Oliver fashion: One takes another step toward PC gaming with a new feature which 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer gets a magical Disney twist: Leia's iconic gold bikini went for $96,000 at an online auction: very strange (and definitely not fake) 'Harry Potter' reveals made by J.K. Rowling haven't felt pain until you've played 'Doom' on an Apple Watch when the Hollywood sign had an extra syllable: ht @theretronaut"Bridge of Spies" review: Spielberg's spy movie starts hot, sinks into a schmaltzy bore:"Homeland" Season 5 premiere: Carrie's life has quieted down in Berlin. Yeah, that'll last:'Fear the Walking Dead' ends Season 1 on a grim note
7 indie game treasures worth playing on Xbox One"Bridge of Spies" review: Spielberg's spy movie starts hot, sinks into a schmaltzy bore: Smith's video for Bond song 'Writing's on the Wall' finally released, WHO just showed up on 'Last Man on Earth'?'Downton Abbey' recap: Downton, you’re breaking my heart on planes was not for the faint of heart. ht @theretronaut to watch and -- crucially -- what to skip in the 'SNL' premiere Clinton plays a bartender, sings and leaves behind a shoe on SNL.
Tonight's #DoctorWho #UndertheLake reviewed: A base-under-siege thriller with new chills, new things to say. lemme just open this airplane hatch and walk out on the wings... veggies and giant cats: how Destiny's music and sounds were made. Fishing with Johnny Cash. ht @theretronaut Lovato does nude Vanity Fair shoot sans makeup, re-touching on planes was not for the faint of heart. ht @theretronaut
"Batman: Arkham Knight" is still too broken for PCs, but that changes soon. Against the Machine bassist thinks ISIS and the moon landing were faked: Badu has no time for your bullsh*t in her cover of Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Bond narrowly escapes death -- as 007 does -- in the final "Spectre" trailer:'s Friday, so here's 'Friends' remade with hamsters. the Air Hogs Star Wars R/C X-Wing starfighter. We've reached peak Star Wars mania. @NYJets packed 350 rolls of toilet paper for their London trip, since the UK's clearly isn't good enough'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah: 'Donald Trump is the perfect African president' to see this weekend? "Sicario": "The Martian": or "The Walk": Clarkson will get a hard time as a guest host on BBC's 'Have I Got News For You''Friends' remade with hamsters. Could they BE any cuter? We're talking Week 4 fantasy football advice right here: covered three (!) @TaylorSwift13 songs on @TheDailyShow last night: Bad Blood, Style and Blank Space's Will Smith's new rap song, his first in more than 10 years:'Game of Thrones' star Maisie Williams just dropped a huge bombshell about Jon Snow's fate
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