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Michael Batz @mbbatz Rock Island, IL

Food safety jerk, probably unshaven. University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute. Views my own.

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@bugcounter Lots of feeling good about humanity today.Real science journal bought by parasitic scum, converted into pay-to-print junk science journal http://t.co/MgjGNlmPhU
Wow. Poet Gregory Orr on having been the child who accidentally kills someone with a gun. http://t.co/agpjsIl5Xg
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@carlzimmer Nice piece. Thank you for not taking it to "crazy cat lady" places!
Has anyone tested sugar pills against a placebo in a RCT?
Retweeted by Michael BatzWhen the Indigo Girls sang about the chickenman, I do not think this is what they had in mind http://t.co/qu9z782PtATo colleagues at #ISME15 . 2nd ed of Quantitative Microbial Risk Assess. book is out. http://t.co/I2DwkpKejx #riskassessment #microbiology
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter @jshield @hotdogsladies @danbenjamin Small study, too. n=20. Still, it's in line w/ broader literature: http://t.co/00wfbZJkAS@bugcounter @jshield @hotdogsladies @danbenjamin Irritatingly, only a non-peer reviewed 2008 white paper: http://t.co/f2zASladkSQuantitative PCR in a little purple brick http://t.co/KuOq0ugD72 (boo-hiss: "nasty viruses like E. coli")
Higher rates of infection than expected, esp in older adults. Lots of urinary tract isolations. Not just an infant formula problem.This CDC/FoodNet Cronobacter incidence study paints a different picture than expected. Very interesting. http://t.co/HknkMj2f9J@MCBazacoPhD Andromeda Strain. Perfect.Brilliant! "Why We Didn’t Vaccinate Our Child" http://t.co/h0wvlff4kf
Increased risk of irritable bowel syndrome & chronic fatigue after Giardia infection (prospective cohort, Norway) http://t.co/WFVgKjstpr
Great work by some UF buds: Household-Level Spatiotemporal Patterns of Incidence of Cholera, Haiti, 2011 http://t.co/JUzL2nRZCV
Retweeted by Michael BatzEven the Icelandic PM is getting in on the "Toxo in meat makes you crazy" craze. http://t.co/ip46955P6O
@DrJudyStone @OA_Button Psst https://t.co/q5ePGDsQEu@barfblog @benjaminchapman I read that as "hold authors blameless" and felt relief, long overdue as I am on a promised manuscript
Nifty! RT @flowingdata: CSV Fingerprint: Spot errors in your data at a glance http://t.co/oSAsupGz5cAnother study correlating risk of foodborne illness (this time Salmonella) with proton-pump inhibitor use http://t.co/GXzoLOjLT9
Health Department Use of Social Media to Identify Foodborne Illness — Chicago, Illinois, 2013–2014 http://t.co/tGq4Ayb5oP
Retweeted by Michael BatzVery interesting ecological study on rates of campylobacteriosis & proton-pump inhibitor use in the Netherlands http://t.co/7Eb7bSmQaA"We remember the fire, but we forget the match." 3:30 episode of Memory Palace podcast. #Ferguson http://t.co/bBV9UymcyJ
In case you're keeping track, #Ferguson PD has now: - Blocked aerial coverage; - Refused to release name of officer; - Arrested reporters.
Retweeted by Michael Batz@sciliz Bonus points for the first gravestone QR code Rickroll.@bugcounter Hey man, gotta make some $, score some chicks. Start a biz. China's an opportunity, man. Lemme in ur lab.Kick to the shins to anyone who puts a QR code on their loved one's gravestone http://t.co/kmRaptINFVEx-CFIA researcher pleads guilty for trying to smuggle vials of Brucella to China http://t.co/OTWfvXYphr
Mixed messages, managing fear and risk, and the para-militarization of public health driving US Ebola responses? http://t.co/CfMEJxn8Jf
Retweeted by Michael BatzEarly use of the term 'malaria' http://t.co/CwM9Hmf00I
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Kick to the shins to the first person to give me a business card that folds into a USB thumb drive: https://t.co/GiPvWcdW4PNifty: Shelter Dogs as Sentinels for Trypanosoma cruzi Transmission across Texas http://t.co/cw7tT6VVLa
#findnorocore #iafp2014 #businesscardrodeo +5 points http://t.co/8oXZcuBuKWThe troubled history of the word “scientist.” (“About as pleasing a word as ‘Electrocution’—Thomas Huxley) http://t.co/icqXjFfVL4
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Special issue on burden of illness estimates for gastroenteritis in 7 Carribean countries http://t.co/4cpdwXpZm4
Is Case-Chaos Methodology an Appropriate Alternative to Case-Control Studies for Investigating Outbreaks? http://t.co/Kcaioqhzrv
Lovely graphic visualizing antibiotic resistance. http://t.co/jDw0fVC77K (I find the E. coli line misleading though)
@benjaminchapman @bugcounter Orange Pruno is the New Black Death (my new band)@benjaminchapman @bugcounter “Disclaimer: PRUNO CAN KILL YOU”Artisanal pruno recipe http://t.co/qNKr9sRRDO attn @benjaminchapman @bugcounter
Surveillance of Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae: Tracking Molecular Epidemiology and Outcomes through... http://t.co/ZPPhfUuMw1
Retweeted by Michael BatzQuinolone-Resistant Salmonella Enteritidis Infections Associated with International Travel http://t.co/UIPf8VdIza
35% of listeriosis cases pregnancy related; Israel, 1998-2007 http://t.co/PZ6FnzrE91So far today, one angry cursing tweet and one angry cursing retweet. Keepin' it fresh. #freshfriday That's a thing right?Fuck you, @MLauer http://t.co/8YC6p50Cve Can you be a dad and a TV host?
Retweeted by Michael BatzFort Reno concerts, a wonderful 45 year DC tradition, killed by bureaucratic horseshit. http://t.co/Pu4As7r5mD #SaveFortReno
Ah, summer, the season for sun, sand, and public swimming pool crypto outbreaks... http://t.co/I9bweHQ65f
We need more studies like this MLST typing of Campylobacter jejuni in geese & comparison to human types http://t.co/XNRCHf1bcj
"More American children and teenagers died from gunfire in 2010 than U.S. troops in Afghanistan since 2001." Woah. http://t.co/9TLfHvlBArNorovirus #outbreaks in some frozen #berries are an emerging public health risk, says EFSA panel http://t.co/s3ZeEQCdaD
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I bet you think that wolves are our natural enemy. You'd be wrong. It's associate editors.
Retweeted by Michael BatzOver at @CIDRAP, @mlipsitch and Alison P. Galvani respond to criticisms of their #DURC paper. http://t.co/RzWOJz8kZj #bioethics
Retweeted by Michael BatzImportant read on ethics of sharing preliminary research findings during public health emergencies http://t.co/9ADffWi9AhFecal transplants followed over time http://t.co/e8lwG0KnOm
Retweeted by Michael BatzInteresting op-ed on chicken jerky pet treats http://t.co/pRnAjDPdeM
@bugcounter Sure, anytime. Just meant I can't talk about putting a feeding tube in your kid & poisoning him for 5 yrs while docs do nothing.@bugcounter Recording sounds fun, though I'm seriously way too affected by that story. Kid is same age as one of mine.@barfblog Ahhh! That horrific story is going to haunt me for days. Where the f were the doctors? So angry, so goddamned angry.From aforementioned issue, good review of carbapenem-resistant bugs in food animals, pets, and wildlife http://t.co/NrxcEdty5JSpecial issue of Veterinary Microbiology on antimicrobial resistance of bacteria from animals & environment http://t.co/GQzsPGNNoc"So I ask everyone—all of you reading this now—give me the gist of what Monsanto is, then help me destroy it." http://t.co/CqEOUKnsGaGreat read by @marynmck on the Dutch reduction in farm antibiotics: http://t.co/tzlHbBVj50
Retweeted by Michael Batz@ainzlie Huh. I wish it was World Sauna'ing Day, but perhaps I'll celebrate nonetheless.@bugcounter 502 503 whatever it takes@ainzlie Pack your bags! Go on vacation! Come back! It's still not here yet!@ainzlie It's back from the dead! RUN!So I guess PLOS One is down...? http://t.co/tdlo2X20OgA pretty damn sweet process/network model for detecting & predicting foodborne outbreaks by @convertino_matt http://t.co/n1wFWK91E5
@bugcounter @benjaminchapman @LetendreDan "There's no barfing in baseball." GIF of Indians pitcher Chris Perez puking. Writes itself!FDA's new seafood advisory recommends pg women limit albacore tuna to 6oz a week. Bumble Bee says up to 56oz is safe. http://t.co/2JTFNfWxC7
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No wonder it takes my mom so long to order: she reads every single menu item and description out loud!Want to ask me a food safety question on SiriusXM? Call 1877-NYUDOCS before 1 pm eastern.
Retweeted by Michael Batz@bugcounter Q1 is about raw milk for treating acne. Q2 is about GMO pesticides in my pet food. Q3 is about proper toilet paper folding.
Interesting approach to modeling the international spread of the #MERS epidemic http://t.co/p6blhNUNQAOptimizing data collection for public health decisions: a data mining approach http://t.co/HGsLkD3uAr
@salsus @CMXGames Oh man my Klout score is going to go through the roof! That's how it works, right?Chikungunya rises in Caribbean, including 27 cases imported into Florida. From @CIDRAP http://t.co/bi05slLzvi
Retweeted by Michael Batz@CDDEP @HartleyDM @washingtonpost Carbapenem-resistant bugs in food is news, but my goodness that's just an awful, misleading article.Global meta-analysis: "Deaths Attributable to Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Infections" http://t.co/cOctBW8yyk
Special issue of Zoonoses & Public Health on systematic reviews & meta-analysis in animal ag & vet medicine http://t.co/Zno1TpDQfcAnother excellent study from MN: "Reptile-Associated Salmonellosis in Minnesota, 1996–2011" http://t.co/V1tbX0FPpy
Make that 101 projects backed. My damn friends gotta stop making stuff! https://t.co/YvekP9PbQPI really am a sucker. Just backed my 100th Kickstarter project. https://t.co/eYTftAXAYn@bugcounter @Slate @benjaminchapman But I totally agree it’s lazy and misleading to pull a quote from someone you could easily call…@bugcounter @Slate @benjaminchapman they cite two other decent pr articles; better than 3/4 of such pieces.@benjaminchapman @bugcounter I dig this piece. Goes too far w/ the racism angle, but impt to challenge folks' preconceived notions abt risk.
FDA, @CDCgov, @USDAFoodSafety Create Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration webpage http://t.co/j9YO2YCk8s http://t.co/YBlsGY4TxZ
Retweeted by Michael Batz@MCBazacoPhD I feel so special!@bugcounter @benjaminchapman "So is feces."@benjaminchapman I serve at your pleasure.@bugcounter So angry.There's chemicals in my crayons! And isn't that brilliant! https://t.co/7PzlaYSALY via @ScienceAlert
Retweeted by Michael Batz@benjaminchapman I start w/ a generic "what do you do to ensure it's safe?" b/c if they are dismissive or ignorant I know more than enough.@benjaminchapman Not a question but an edit: you've got the "are staff trained" questions in there twice.Airbnb wants homeowners to become informal unregulated restauranteurs? Uh. No. http://t.co/V5R68RK3GS@jrcooper Oh wait did I say dark? I meant dork. The dork web. Totally different thing. The dork council knows all about your transgressions.
@jrcooper it’s called the dark web and I’m not allowed to talk about it"The Orange Man... begins picking them off one by one, utilizing his prosthetic hook hand and a sack of oranges." http://t.co/mAy74EMl4h
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