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Support @SenTedCruz - Time4 RINOs 2b Gone | #Following Army of 300 (16) for U ~ Conserv (R) | TW = My Opinion, BKGDs in Mgmt, Speaking, IT #lnyhbt #war #ccot

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Help, Must watch Video! RT @ArcticFox2016: #NTB: American Downfall ➡ We Can Still Stop It ➡ Video http://t.co/UIanGzGJec #RedNationRising
Dear SNL next time make fun of the liberal presidential candidate during the election not after they implement their abysmal policies.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSo the Liberal scum at SNL on NBC do a little skit making fun of @foxandfriends and Real Americans losing their #Jobs and #Healthcare -done.
We have an incredible opportunity w/ energy to produce millions of new jobs. Let's not allow govt to get in the way: http://t.co/bwgdjcQVcE
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWhy #Christian principles were crucial in the founding of the United States and are still critical today http://t.co/saW8OL1pjk #TCOT #TGDN
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Floridians watch, spread the word! RT @DocThompsonShow: A scandal involving @/CharlieCrist??? http://t.co/akAqf2uNfI
RT @PatDollard: Bush Was Right: Tapes Reveal Saddam Hussein’s WMD Plans http://t.co/gK1n9Eabus #tcot@Docs357 @DavesGrill Brrrr guys! It has been very cold winter for the south this year! Wheres that global warming LOL. Stay warm, God Bless.RT @JackBPR: Florida Senate bill gives local control over textbooks, instructional materials http://t.co/zHipjTmZrS via @BizPacReview
A great read TWeeps! RT @BIZPACReview: Floridians, check our Florida only news page. Get us your stories http://t.co/SRoZYvEIHSAfter #Communism failed, how #Capitalism saved the #Virginia colony of Jamestown http://t.co/0KenYz5j0Z #history #AmericanHistory #TCOT
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@erichovind Great shaking hands before you left! ~ "Human Population Growth" curve model you presented was far over #billnye shotgun theory.Thanks to @CalvaryFTL and @erichovind for that amazing live stream about creationism! The spirit is strong! See you at #gomissionsclass
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMore compelling than last night RT @heidi164: @glennbeck Debating Creationism with Eric Hovind #billnye @erichovind http://t.co/WEE0eulhqyRT @Vet4America: “@TheBillORights @Saint_Obama PATRIOTS> @AlfonZoRachel @JoeDanMedia Plz help us promote https://t.co/LASLjbTae3 GR8 Cause”
Dream Act illegal alien! Oregon teen sentenced in fatal leaf-pile accident that killed 2 girls | Fox News http://t.co/fzuzUpxhxY
I'm looking forward to hearing @SenMikeLee's #TeaParty response to the #SOTU! Are you? Watch @ 9pm CT here: http://t.co/KR1qOKPU39 #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIf @GOP want to diffuse n win min wage PR tonight: talk of NEED 4 (R) Economy for people to move UP to much higher paying jobs! @Reince #gop
Reality check: Actual unemployment rate is the worst in 40 years http://t.co/IRLHUi9WwI #MakeDCListen
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#ItsWorking in South Florida. http://t.co/NZTkPIAj1w
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLYou cannot outrun the mercy of #God Have a blessed Sunday.#GodISreal if you choose not to believe nor have faith, Your choice does not alter the statement.
HE is No good. ANOTHER Cuomo ruining NY RT @townhallcom: Cuomo: 'Extreme Conservatives,' Pro-Lifers Not Welcome in NY http://t.co/BObvDylIj0
and there you go, C Christy will be bye bye soon, definitely out of 2016, good riddens in my opinion regardless, knew media setup was deeper
13,000 #Ocare Enrollees Have no Records w/HC Insurance Companies: http://t.co/Vl8e3mj7GJ Flaws of Not Ready for Prime Time Website
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAmazing right? (I like the part about no penalty) @Vet4America @Tierrah46RT @Vet4America: “@Tierrah46: [me] 42 USC § 18115 - Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs http://t.co/KZxF16dLRV
We told U so BO!! RT @FoxNews: Al Qaeda-linked militants capture #Fallujah during violent outbreak, report says http://t.co/DrJbzRHjgU #IraqI will soon be releasing a platform for Americans to fight from their living rooms #RedNationRising #tcot @iResistAll http://t.co/KjwklbdCdf
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLRT @ArcticFox2016: Putin’s Christian beliefs & family values are much more in sync with Americans than Barack Obama's http://t.co/CbdrEUXG4l
Also with you! 2014 is going to be a great year. GB @Vet4America @ABiCduckie @Pinkadottts @Saint_Obama @janemiami @Fingersflying
More Insurance Cancellations Hit Mailboxes http://t.co/KzYL22Q0PS
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLNOW OBAMA GETS 'EXECUTIVE POWER' CZAR: http://t.co/NGupt7qKK9 Specializes In Bypassing Congress 2 Enact Progressive Change.....Dems love it!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"Why is our government doing this to us?"--> Please Pray for Me… I Am Losing My Insurance http://t.co/KWJwqTaBKv
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLA look at Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its prevalence in dictators & wannabe tyrants http://t.co/9iPPWnRi5w #LNYHBT #TCOT #TGDN
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGlenn Beck on Obama Selfie - Can't believe we have a President that behaves like that http://t.co/cDCqSAuP0M
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPPP: GOP Leads Michigan Senate Race, #ObamaCare to Blame… http://t.co/PIq15uS0iD
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@HarrietBaldwin ... not sure how this is a new headline, Liberals invaded NY a long time ago ; )
Watch! RT @KLSouth: Teachers Union motive is unveiled "It is NOT that we care about Children nor their Education!" -> http://t.co/7qvbAwForqGod Bless America! RT @CharlieDaniels: Some things I just like being associated with. http://t.co/jCgZTYiwoX
The Socialist/Liberal/Communist/Democrat/Progressive tactics alive and well in 1934! RT @DgailB: Back in 1934... http://t.co/aPLusyXMZ7 #war
I am #iamsomebody RT @england811: I am http://t.co/xk03u8NXqa#tcot #war (we emboldened Them w inaction!) RT @foxnation: American Teacher Gunned Down in Benghazi - Fox Nation http://t.co/P37Jc0FW7f@foxnation please fix your headline and reTWeet...
Wishing Happy Thanksgiving @Saint_Obama @Vet4America @darab_ic @Tierrah46 @BillPeriman @TheBillORights @AZUSA4liberty @janemiami @DavesGrill
Justice for the Benghazi Four. These 4 symbolize the anger of a nation betrayed that has lost it's trust in those charged with protecting us
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@AndroidPolice i HATE #android 4.4 #KitKat on my #google #nexus4 - so #buggy with most of my apps #iwannaswitchback ! uggg... not worth it.Already In America: Sharia In The High Schools: http://t.co/gXKzusn4yp Get It Out! RT RT #RedNationRising #tcot #tgdn #pjnet #ccot #orpuw
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@TavernKeepers @theblaze a must read. RT @EDinCali: Revealed: The Man Who Wrote Obamacare http://t.co/LppD3SclVu via @po_stRead @AmbJohnBolton about the United States abject surrender to #Iranian nuclear weapon ambitions: http://t.co/TEcuElYL0J … #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLA call for #Christians to look beyond denominational divisions & unite as Christians to restore America http://t.co/eiw1V4OVc7 #PJNET #TGDN
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#war #ccot > ppl allow it < RT @JackBPR: School declares no ‘Joy’ for the faithful this Christmas - BizPac Review http://t.co/WqSzTVVvoM
#war RT @PJMedia_com: Christian massacre recently took place in Syria at the hands of U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels.” http://t.co/nDEM4pxASFNow that Harry Reid has used the Nuclear option, can we agree Democrats are Officially the Socialist Party of America? It’s now a #FACT
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We must fight today's tyrants for tomorrow's freedom, don't give up. #tcot #orpuw #rednationrising @tnccoy #freedom http://t.co/btKGlTkbgn
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWhat next? RT ".@AHMalcolm: Holy Smokes! Census Bureau faked 2012 unemployment numbers to help Obama's reelect http://t.co/bFDETRGeHH #tcot"
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLRand Paul: Obama Using Executive Power to Coerce America into Single Payer: http://t.co/Ik9q6LNoy5
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSource: Census Bureau Fabricating Employment Data in Jobs Report: A source inside the Census Bureau has reveal... http://t.co/7jskuZqJsk
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLUndocumented DC residents can now get drivers licenses thanks to a new bill signed into law by Mayor Vince Grey Mon. http://t.co/kygbVcqZZZ
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLBashir can apologize, but MSNBC must take action. It was more than Bashir. He read his comments from a teleprompter. MSNBC tweeted them out.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@PatDollard when you say "gut the base" are you talking about American Loving, Patriot Conservatives? Cause WE would like to gut the rest!Saudi Arabia Teams With Israel To Attack Iran http://t.co/ebpjCfL3X3
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLDemocrat Wants Amnesty so Illegal Immigrants Can Enroll in Obamacare: A Colorado Democrat who wanted Obamacare... http://t.co/rbLzKQZEDI
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTweet this until 2014 election! Remember #democrats who walked out of #Benghazi Families hearing! VOTE THEM OUT! http://t.co/fGj9WPGS9n
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL(VIDEO) Seattle City Council Socialist says her election is the beginning of globalist revolt. http://t.co/N0ui5yi5GO #tcot #tgdn
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOUTRAGEOUS: Martin Bashir is a disgusting, classless jerk and should be fired immediately -- http://t.co/MeDyq18wJE
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"Fire @SpeakerBoehner To Get Rid of #Benghazi Roadblock http://t.co/pN51hmCYhH #PJNET #JusticeForBenghazi4 http://t.co/nMQM3mSkUA"
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThe new Socialist city council member who said this: http://t.co/HKWz2iAB0e has close ties to the new Seattle Mayor
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLBaruch hamavdil..."@benshapiro: Sabbath is now over. Yes, I've seen Martin Bashir's evil comments. And yes, we're on it. #truthrevolt"
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL(VIDEO) Seattle socialist city council sets off the second shot heard round the world with rhetoric. http://t.co/36dAXmfDMm
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL(VIDEO) #1 Seattle socialist vows to spread socialism, link to global terrorism, and smash capitalism. http://t.co/ytybGjAPaU
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL(VIDEO) #2 Seattle socialist vows to spread socialism, link to global terrorism, and smash capitalism. http://t.co/hNdub10Ux0
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#war RT @SHEEPDOGREPORT: #3 Seattle socialist vows to spread socialism, link to global terrorism, & smash capitalism. http://t.co/EsVA0fXDbx(VIDEO) #3 Seattle socialist vows to spread socialism, link to global terrorism, and smash capitalism. http://t.co/3Uy2yexWLL
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Thank You to All Veterans! For without, Our Land would not be Protected & Free! May God Please Bless You and Yours. #VeteransDay
Get ready. Islamic court pushed in this U.S. state You probably never thought you'd live to see the day when... http://t.co/eKDhXMsxS3
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@TavernKeepers with the help of R Gov Chris Christie of NJ, he just called for it on Face the Socialism today! He is same type as Mr Crist!!Gov Chris Christie is SAME type as former Gov Crist of Florida >> an infiltrator, a plant Republican (RINO), a DEM in disguise as a Repub!!
Congressmen: Were Conservative Car Dealers Targeted For GM Closures? http://t.co/OUoSBcFcxW
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLForget the republican party - you can kiss America goodbye if amnesty is passed! @KLSouth @lipstickpundit1
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL@SenFrankNiceley It is not coincidence that we've spent last 30 yrs NOT teaching Civics, Constitutional Gov't and true Founding Documents.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThe most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history G Orwell https://t.co/LX6cWRUc
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPolling Machine Problems Happening In Swing County In Virginia: Problems appear to already be happening on ele... http://t.co/12y0nMehvj
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI sometimes wonder if there are invisible strings attached to our president being manipulated by a very powerful unseen force
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTY Vet! Good week wishes! @Vet4America @Brendy438 @blondygirl1 @Saint_Obama @Docs357 @DavesGrill @Tierrah46
Megyn Kelly finds out you can't reason with Ultimate Democrat Spinster NewJersey's Frank Pallone http://t.co/YNDrSSUKCy #tcot #veterans #gop
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. ~ John Adams #CCOT
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLCarney forced to admit WH knew Americans could not keep healthcare plans http://t.co/xVfDKlene3
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL“She could purchase a plan on an exchange since she is lawfully present in the U.S. and not incarcerated.” http://t.co/KCS1ZmJcOu #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Muslim letter causes Pentagon to purge material offensive to Islam & fire LTC Dooley http://t.co/2lvBmDKdjH
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLRemember #democrats who walked out of #Benghazi hearing! VOTE THEM OUT!!! http://t.co/NIeXHcm3Rl
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLObama, as a progressive, intentionally wants Obamacare to fail, to get to the REAL goal-a single payer system;the ends justify the means.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLICE's Crane: Execs Lobbying for Amnesty 'Stand to Make a Fortune' Off Legislation http://t.co/mmVlxmEZZ8
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
#JusticeForBenghazi4 - 60 Minutes confirms #Benghazi is a real scandal, and we've been lied to http://t.co/vUApOcyrZE #PJNET #RedMeat
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Immigration Reform Should Start with Legal Immigration, Border Security http://t.co/XLcckUuRxl
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
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