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@charlesatan well NOW I will@tellmeastory314 one of its writers just went on an imaginary shopping trip with a character from a wes anderson movie@eleilani83 great point.@monicabyrne13 Polyamory is dangerous simply because it allows non-male genders to dissociate sexualities from property.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@monicabyrne13 don't hunt them down until there is only One
Retweeted by Monica Byrnethere's a monica byrne who's a fashion designer. I wrote her once to say I loved her dresses. never heard back. shouldve signed "hoi polloi"also true story a couple days ago I got an invoice for $32,662.50 for diamonds. lulz. wrong monica byrne.@photomattmills it's a film. if you watch it, let me know what you think.I can make it about 2/3 of the way through VOGUE until the absurdity overwhelms the fantasyjust finished PALINDROMES. maaaaaaayn and y'all are mad at me for The Girl in the Road? Sheeeeyet.@ThomasMartens yes. deeply satisfying.@monicabyrne13 I -like when whitewashed casting is "justified" by the star system, then the movie crashes, like Exodus: Gods and Kings.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@monicabyrne13 I always call the serious fall movies Supportive Wife Season. Great actresses sidelined.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@ClearShakes one of my exact points in writing this about TGITR. :) right also add the fucking chess movie, whatever it's called@ClearShakes yep. wanted to dredge the global numbers to drive home the point re: exoticism of white i'm going to fucking shower & think about a world where we all just stopped going to see these movies & then the world would much money goes into this fantasy that whitedudes are the center of humanity. so. much. money.going to make a guess that whitedudes make up ~9% of humanity yet star in ~75% of hollywood movies that have ~98% of the money behind every one of these trailers, everyone else is an afterthought. everyone but the whitedude. everyone supports his journey.meanwhile whitedudes shoot up our schools and campuses and theaters because they don't have the women they feel entitled to.& in every single one of these trailers the whitedude looks imploringly into a woman's eyes for understanding for his obsession/redemption.and if your first instinct is to reply "but [x] is actually about [x]" or "[y] is actually really [y]" you're missing the fucking point.i am so sick of seeing nothing but whitedude narratives from hollywood. stonewall. steve jobs. burnt. the martian. the walk. fucking ENOUGH.@connerk yes--I did too, but my pt is it's first a search & then a multi step process. shd be enter address --> polling place --> done.Goodnight puddle. Goodnight sun. #Durham yeppppp me too. On both sides of that one.@SFFFan42 then I rip him a new one and don't talk to him again. it's happened.furthermore, I absolutely do not pursue married men unless one or both partners have made it clear they're open. so chill.dear monogamous married men who are dickish to me because I represent a "threat": don't do that. I'm not to blame for your insecurity.@wes_chu Ah, I hear ya. I was an athlete until age 18. Then stopped everything. Started a Renaissance at age 32. :)@wes_chu Then you gotta lift, bro. ;)@wes_chu What results are you looking for?@y_kidd GOOD IDEAlet me know when a self-maintaining house goes on the market and then i'll consider buying one#IsBritainRacist? Is that a serious question?@duskyliterati Like, "enter address here" --> polling location and hours@duskyliterati I know that, it's just a multi-step process when it should be instantaneous.Dress #77 of 96. Voted Jillian Johnson and Steve Schewel for Durham City Council. Dress by American Apparel. voting precinct and location within seconds on the Internet. That is how a huge portion of the population now works. @DurhamCountyOK, @DurhamCounty, really? Nobody keeps track of a piece of paper they got in the mail weeks ago. You need to have a way ppl can look up...@verlaine0181 fiiiiiiiiinally, yes, there's sun!@DurhamCounty It'd be super helpful to post a page where people can look up their polling place in a few seconds. Been looking for 10 min
@bethmeacham @Luvvie Damn, I didn't know that. Only context was the David Bowie song 😞looks like the Suffragette movie can go exactly the way of Stonewall bc whitewashing; i.e., fuck it the future is intersectional or nothingLondon. 1911. Women of color alongside white women fighting for voting rights. Suffragette movie didn't include any
Retweeted by Monica Byrnewatching PALINDROMES about ten years too late. after the first scene I'm like, where you been all my life. 😍@cocoacinnamon community copies!! 😜dear Durham: I just put 5 signed copies of The Girl in the Road on the carousel at @cocoacinnamon, incl a German & UK edition--go git 'em 😉@eponymous hahaha ok....whew 😳@eponymous Is it awful that I've already thought that thought before?@ELewisMallon I'm so glad. I worked hard on that stuff. Also owe it to my oceanographer consultant, too, obviously.@ELewisMallon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so much.Just finished reading @monicabyrne13 Girl in The Road for the second time. So many beautiful parts. Gives all us #clarion2015 hope.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneTwenty-five years' worth of diaries. #writerslife! oh my god the sun is like ALMOST OUT right now. SOMEBODY SEND OUT A DOVE@tromano @applewriter @theferocity yes, it is a quote. It was wrong then and it's wrong now.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@MsLolaLucia think harder / be smarter, please. bye."but it's a historically accurate quotation" derp derp again: white women: do better@MsLolaLucia @theonetruebix no shit. i knew exactly the context when i posted it.heads up @Iagreewithjoe it's like skeeball but instead of tickets you win shouting
Retweeted by Monica ByrneGuys man-spread on the train because they're daring you to throw a piece of fruit at their balls. Go ahead and prove them wrong.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@ryanrutley ;)@sajennings xclnt@PatrickInNC :) :) :)good to be reminded that "slave" is a choice! i choose rebel personally idk about u
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@robertjbennett @jdiddyesquire and "imm-hoe" for special occasionswe need to reintroduce LYLAS@DelilahSDawson @jdiddyesquire ess em aych@bethmeacham gee tee geeare we saying "eye dee kay" instead of "i don't know" yet@abrinsley77 i know the context.@tellmeastory314 Apparently it's for the new Suffragette movie.@dejiridoo @theferocity Oh, I think they knew, and just didn't care.White women: do better. This is incredibly embarrassing. @dejiridoo i cannot believe this happened.Beginning the week with a wee lil contract signing 😍 #writerslife student mating season is now officially over try again in April, everyone@MARIADAHVANA soon as i signed the check, said "sorry, we live on different planets," got up and left@MARIADAHVANA once had to sit through a racist date bc he'd driven a long way & i'd pledged to buy brunch....@MARIADAHVANA which itself means Othering everyone--EVERYONE--else@MARIADAHVANA it's an exact illustration of what i tweeted earlier, that whiteness identifies itself solely by being not Other@MARIADAHVANA NOOOOOO lololol@MARIADAHVANA i cannot even with this series@mimbale @MoFanon oh wow what no
@monicabyrne13 god help you monica byrne
Retweeted by Monica Byrneespecially if it's rumba or bhangra God help memen who can dance make my world go 'round@rfunk 😜@fletchj291 awww, thank you. i hope you're having a nice day too!@glorioushubris haha that's what i just replied to someone else ;) we need aadhaar halos to tell us these things, dammit@fletchj291 hey maybe he's monogamishwhen you see a gorgeous man at @cocoacinnamon and then spot the ring on his finger was NOT having it
Retweeted by Monica ByrneYo, @DurhamLover bot! I'm tweeting about Durham, NC. But hey, now I guess people in England know about us...@TheLincoln Hot.the entirety of white masculinity = being not of color the entirety of white femininity = being white masculinity's darling that's it@verlaine0181 hehe. yeah.
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