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All your notes on all your devices.

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@ElTico68 We would appreciate it if you could share with us more details on the issue. And which Office 365 subscription are you using?@G3lder At this time this is not an option. However, our engineers are listening: http://t.co/BjmKTcLsln.@abreum Finding time for leisure is no easy task, we're happy we can help. :)@ashumeow We can SEE that! :) How many devices do you use OneNote on?@thomasclendenin We're glad you asked, Thomas. Try this handy template out: http://t.co/Lxrx8Prppw. Hope you have a smooth move.http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4 & its features (me@onenote, Clipper) are now available in 105 languages! Your favorite site for #GlobalOneNoteFamily.RT if OneNote is the first app you use in the morning, and the last app you use at night.Are you getting a new #Firephone today? Download the OneNote app from the @amazonappstore & tell us what you think! http://t.co/YLXMqbPIobOneNote + @OneDrive = Awesome. We agree with @mastermaq. Do you love having your notes on all your devices? http://t.co/iaWzfkTb1J
If you’re picking up a new @amazonfirephone tomorrow, make OneNote your first @amazonappstore download. http://t.co/uEnfuvUR2tSave your screen to OneNote with Snagit. Quickly create screenshots, videos, and more. http://t.co/6mDBMee85QAnnouncing one more way to stay productive anywhere, any time with the new #OneNote for Kindle Fire app. Get it now: http://t.co/0s8HP1GMuG@mkasanm Good to know. Again, thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it.@ekaddo Thanks for sharing, Eric. :)@mkasanm We're real people, Mark. Sorry if we sounded insincere. We appreciate feedback & do want to know what you like best about OneNote.@RHAF_HQ Thank you for sharing our announcement, Mark. Being able to access your notes anytime and anywhere just got even easier.Teachers, try creating video lessons with #Snagit, then share them to your students’ notebooks with a click. http://t.co/kf9s8ondhO@mkasanm We like the way you think. What would you say are the top reasons you like OneNote?@mkasanm Thanks for sharing, Markus. Accessing your notes across more devices just got that much easier!@WBuzzer Thanks for the share, we're happy we can now help keep things organized everywhere.@Smart_Ireland Thanks for sharing our announcement.OneNote is available for your Kindle Fire! Download the free app from the @amazonappstore: http://t.co/sAdGQZuQ7U http://t.co/wif4NHB1hwTake screenshots or videos of your screen with @TechSmith’s Snagit & send them to OneNote with a click. Try it today: http://t.co/rAmQV5USg5Make OneNote your cooking companion. Save your favorite recipes with just the info you need, none of the fluff. http://t.co/lJ1RIZxXpR
Do you always keep OneNote open for on-the-fly note-taking? #BecauseYouReallyShould #OneNoteIsAlwaysThere@JPaulLacombe Yes, lots of fun. And being able to access your notes anywhere and anytime sounds like a must, we're happy we can help. :)@danvy We feel the love. Thanks for sharing, Alex.@bccasteel What did you think?@1035KTU If your listeners like Sexy and I Know It, they’ll love I Click It and I Note It. Check out our parody: http://t.co/jIty6pY6z1@KISSFMSEATTLE Microsoft is sexy and they know it. Check out the OneNote team's parody vid, I Click It and I #NoteIt http://t.co/tgDkc0cznu@1027KIISFM We've updated Sexy and I Know It for 2014. Check out our “adorkable” parody, I Click it and I #NoteIt. http://t.co/MMuVfXtM1v@cetjunior We would love to hear what features stand out most.@toenies Thanks for the kudos and for sharing, Ryan. #YouRock@drmr21 Maybe they just need someone to show them the ropes. (hint hint)@tedsaliphoto Great tip, Ted! Thanks for sharing.@JPaulLacombe Thanks for laughing with us, Jason. We love to have fun. Do you use OneNote on a Surface?Sure, @LMFAO might be sexy and they know it, but we click it and we #NoteIt with OneNote and the @Surface Pro 3. http://t.co/EXjsh7XtXQDo you use OneNote to manage your hobbies? @MasterDevwi uses it to produce his Star Wars podcast. Learn his secrets: http://t.co/6WGKUM13N0@cetjunior Thanks for sharing, Carlos. Have you used OneNote on a Surface?@androbeee Thanks for spreading the fun! ;)What’s your best advanced OneNote tip, one you think not everyone knows? #HardcoreOneNote #OneNoteTips@van64 "This is epic" -we like it! #FTW@zuckerthoben You rock! Thanks for sharing. :)@drmr21 Thanks for the kudos, Brayden. Does your CHOICE team also use OneNote?@bccasteel What can we say, we like to have fun. Have you checked out the new Surface pen with OneNote?@jamesofilmiont Well James, it looks like our job here is done.... #micdrop@SmartiePantsMe That's how you organize recipes #likeacakeboss! :)@Daniel_H_UK Thanks, Daniel. We like to have fun! #WinphanThe OneNote team had a lot of fun with their new @Surface Pro 3s. Go ahead, click it and #NoteIt. #MGX #MGX14 http://t.co/B472cYtyZVAre you loving #OneNote and your @Surface Pro 3? The Surface Pen is tailor-made for OneNote. http://t.co/wbmnPIRdiZThanks to @Bing, clipping recipes to OneNote is now easier than boiling water. Give it a try today: http://t.co/L6FpwFxwtY #OmnomnomDress for success, not duress. Don’t let unproductivity define your style. Work smart with OneNote. http://t.co/de5F1BWVqV #DontBeGary
@coreyroth Corey, what type of issue are you experiencing with the camera?@degconsulting Thanks for the kudos, Daniel.@welchsoftware Thank you, we appreciate it!Explore OneNote 2013’s Quick Access tool bar. Save your favorite pens, highlighters, and more. http://t.co/x9Tk0QYgXq #OneNoteTips@Thirgon Of course. ;) Do you use OneNote on any other devices?@Stupidentist You're our kind of guy. We're happy we can help. :)@mfosa Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it along. Meanwhile, check out "Ink to Math" in OneNote 2013 (under the draw tab).Calling all podcasters: OneNote’s real-time collaboration and templates can make recording a breeze. http://t.co/nQtOlz7BTy #podcast@JPaulLacombe Well, we're happy we can help gather your "thoughts". :)@lalondan That's awesome, Daniel. We're honored we can play a part. Best of luck!@cj31016 We do not have an update to share at this time. You can follow our blog for news related to updates. http://t.co/u6UF66rZFk@alanjmcf We do not have a troubleshooting guide. Walk us through how you are trying to access the notebook and we can troubleshoot.@sdownes1972 We're happy to hear it, Stu. See how @psendek revolutionize his #informationmanagement: http://t.co/dhjrAWpmRa.My article on how @msonenote helped me revolutionize my #information management in the job - http://t.co/oZHDIKkXTu
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@welchsoftware We would appreciate hearing more: http://t.co/jsrAAMz2x8.@snoston If you have additional feature requests, we would love to hear them: http://t.co/h6l7gpCWaA. 2/2@snoston Sorry we missed it. This is not an option, sorry for the inconvenience. 1/2Don’t get stuck in a productivity wasteland. Break the sticky cycle and get OneNote to work smart. http://t.co/TXZtWFHjpV #DontBeGaryNew feature alert: Clipping recipes to OneNote is now a piece of cake. Get just the info you need, no distractions. http://t.co/EKDXthLc6S@SBS_ICT Thanks for sharing. :)Create a new section without losing your train of thought. Just hit CONTROL and T in OneNote 2013 and keep on noting. #OneNoteTipsOneNote is a “must-have” and one of the top five apps for Windows RT & Windows 8.1. RT if you agree with @ronwinbeta! http://t.co/Oug3lRFgP6@jimmywim Where do you store these Notebooks?
Sticky notes ruling your life? Ditch the stickies and get OneNote to work smart and stay productive. http://t.co/tH5Xt57ZkJ #DontBeGaryBrilliant ideas can happen anywhere. With OneNote on your phone, you’re ready to capture them any time. #GeniusIdeasWithOneNote@psendek Thank you for sharing your #informationmanagement story with us. We're honored we can help play a part.@lalondan Are you currently writing a new song?@JPaulLacombe So, would you say OneNote is your virtual "memory"?@Stupidentist Sounds like you're a very efficient person!Let #WorkSmart help you discover all the great features in the @msOneNote Modern App: [VIDEO] http://t.co/Uw8daHRrCe
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@Thirgon Now that's a smartphone! ;)@ZeroInfinite We would love to see it when it's done. :)In praise of Microsoft’s OneNote. Aw, thanks! Great overview of OneNote for @WindowsPhone: http://t.co/sNDl77lAOZ@alanjmcf If the notebook is stored on a personal OneDrive account. Otherwise, you will need to access it via the OneDrive for Business app.@ZeroInfinite Thanks for sharing, we love hearing what others like best. Is there a post on the Zeroinfinite blog?I use OneNote on my phone to _____________. #OneNoteAnywhere
How to make your to-do list doable. Managing any to-do list is so much easier with OneNote! http://t.co/cnZfiLbYxp #GetItDoneMind maps can help you clarify your thoughts and connect different ideas. Try inking one in OneNote today. http://t.co/h91LqCvG0gGet a peek into the technology that helps Office Lens flawlessly capture your whiteboards, documents, and more: http://t.co/rOZblCpcLl
@boidman See here for more information on taking notes in your own handwriting: http://t.co/BeuwpwN426.@PedestrianMan Fortunately, we'd never make you choose just one! :) #OneNoteEverything@cioangel We're always happy to help! If you have additional details you can submit them here: http://t.co/QEhIiVrYk3. Thank you!@szul Excellent! Thanks for sharing with us.@m3sweatt We're happy to hear we can help with your productivity! :)@n1rmalj We're here and listening, Nirmal! If you have additional details, please submit it here: http://t.co/LzRxe2Jb2s. Thank you!@cioangel We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're planning regular updates and this feedback will help us prioritize the features to add.@lseltzer We're happy to hear it! :) Thanks for sharing with us, Larry.@dekalbeda We appreciate your feedback, and will pass it along. Check here for the latest news & release information: http://t.co/pKbMd4KkaL
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