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@espectalll123 A fine choice. We love that picture too!@melvindevdotcom That's great, Melvin. Gotta love @windowsphone. :)@jamilhaddadin Thanks!Bypass the computer! Send scanned docs from your @BrotherOffice scanner directly to OneNote. #CutOutTheMiddleMan http://t.co/yd9mzLcWdR
Ahh. Don’t you just feel better when you stay organized? We’re glad to be part of your organization routine.How many times a day do you use OneNote? Every time inspiration strikes, or at the end of the day to collect your thoughts?My favorite device to use OneNote on is my_______________. #SmartphonesAndTabletsAndDesktops #OhMy
@ZeZZeX This is so great. Thanks for all the support. What do you love most about using #OneNote?@geelaw95 Oh, most definitely. You know what you're doing. ;)@dovijoel No problem. :)@drdeepakchawla Thanks so much, Deepak!@Juliealderson2 A FANTASTIC question, Julie! ;)@smicael That's awesome! We'd love to know why you like it so much. What can you share with us?@DanKoelsch Nothing to share right now on future updates, but we'll be sure to pass this along to our products team. Thanks for sharing.@KhayyamOmar1 Oh, yeah! We like that one too. :)@jamilhaddadin We like your style.@actionresult Fabulous news. Thanks for sharing!Quick Notes are your OneNote sticky notes. Write on the fly, then organize your notes at your leisure: http://t.co/9b4nWCMvT3@esuasiveAaron We're happy you made the discovery. You can discover even more here: http://t.co/QWSG2EIjw5. :)@groven1023 Thanks for the feedback, we'll pass thing along to our product team.@cgallello Sorry we couldn't help ourselves. ;) But, it's so true!@SuuperG @sweetmatcha @NerdMom Haha. We can tell. ;)@hibbittsdesign Perfectly fine. Thanks again!@PlanItOutsrcing We like the way you think. ;)@bartlett440 No news on that right now, John. Keep updated here though: http://t.co/dhIQ4SR3u6.@MotionShot You're welcome!@mattwhitehorn Sorry for delay, at this time Office Lens only works with OneNote. Sorry for the inconvenience.Waiting for someone to send you edits? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Collaborate in real-time with OneNote.Keep your ideas on lockdown. Password protect notebooks or sections in OneNote 2013 so they're for your eyes only http://t.co/j90bo48ihM
@stucampbell Stu, you can send feedback directly from http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4. We're also happy to pass it along, DM us anytime.@gklka Thanks for the feedback, it's helpful to hear what's important to our customers. We'll pass it along to our products team.@RIVYHNG See what our product team had to say: http://t.co/rgGy2jLL5H.@TheStevenMJones Keep an eye on our blog for updates: http://t.co/UmIi5cZFx4.@CDRAlexander You need to sign in with a Microsoft Account. See more here: http://t.co/3hSiLs5GM4.@jcummins See more about OneNote for Mac keyboard shortcuts here: http://t.co/hNu4AAynsW.@jcummins Thanks! We love to hear it! :)@punkrockelitist Looping in our team at @MicrosoftHelps to assist! Let us know if we can help with anything else. Cheers!“Microsoft OneNote is the Best Productivity Product Ever Created.” Aw, thanks! Great blog with #productivity tips: http://t.co/Cxnby9989z@jamiet Oh, right. Fair point. :)@jackcollins Fabulous! Thank you and you're welcome!@TheStevenMJones Learn more about Office Lens here: http://t.co/WQvvSvYUUU. What do you think?@AMaradni This looks great, Andy! We think you have some talent. :)@dtonias Whoo hoo! Wonderful to hear.@jamiet What's the rush, Jamie? ;) We've passed this along to our engineers. Thanks for sharing! UrWelcomeBye.@AssistTech Can you say #awesomeness?@aileenchen Well we're stoked that you're stoked. Have you tried it out yet?@kurtsoeser Music to our ears, Kurt. You sir, are doing things right. :)Maybe you use audio notes in OneNote 2013, but you can take video notes too. Great for classes & conferences: http://t.co/5njfg9L2oUGreat ideas don’t wait until you have a pen and paper. Good thing you’ve got OneNote on your smartphone, right? #IdeaSaver
10 ways to do everything faster. Great tips, but we have one more to add: use OneNote :) http://t.co/tCC2rXnXoEYou’re done working. But wait! Use OneNote to write down the first thing you’ll do tomorrow. http://t.co/NFiYxkji2H #ProductivityFill your blackboard with notes, then snap a pic with Office Lens and reference it any time in OneNote. Great for equations and diagrams.
@dovijoel Sorry for the delay. We have no update yet. Keep an eye on our blog here: http://t.co/cSEbo4Hcxs.@nikanorov Sorry for the delay. See more about OneNote for Android here: http://t.co/jIh0twTzPL.@petvas Thanks for the feedback. See what our engineers had to say: http://t.co/mYmedv0DUU.@delta772er Don't be shy about letting us know what you need! Message us anytime or send feedback on http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.@actionresult We're happy to pass this question on to our product team. Please give us more details. Thank you.@eblgtrk We'll pass this along. If you have additional suggestions, you can send it directly to the product team at http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.@Troy_Forsythe Troy, we always appreciate feedback. We'll pass it along to our engineers.@froemke We're sorry for the delay, David. Are you still needing support? cc: @MicrosoftHelps@KhayyamOmar1 Is the Surface your head and we're the brains? ;)OneNote’s featured apps can take you to the next level of productivity. Have you used them yet? Got a favorite? http://t.co/kWd9pmj2VK@skaggej We're happy we can help keep things organized, Eric. Best of luck with the move. :)@Sninkle_o Awesome! We're happy to have you as an advocate, #OneNotePro! :)Our engineers love OneNote for Mac so much, they had to sing about it! Get in on the fun: http://t.co/OumXgrRKuK #OneNoteSong@Sninkle_o :) Thanks for the RT! What is it about OneNote you couldn't live without?@dkgartmann Also looping in our team @MSFTEnable to assist. Thank you! #a11y@dkgartmann Thanks for the tweet, Daniel. More on accessibility for Office Online and desktop apps here http://t.co/tGNYJVzrrz (cont)@hibbittsdesign You're quite welcome! Mind expanding on your feedback for our product team here http://t.co/wxYzLFmCPJ? Thank you!@sweetmatcha @NerdMom @SuuperG We like the way you ladies think! :)@AssistTech We love it. Thanks for sharing!@Beezix Thanks for all the #msOneNote tips!RT if you can’t imagine life without OneNote! #GottaHaveOneNoteOneNote Clipper brings the web to your notebooks. We’ve been busy clipping recipes and gorgeous vacation pics. http://t.co/1S7DY8SzcM
.@News360 uses your social stream to give you content you’ll love. OneNote saves it until you have time to read it. http://t.co/WLEzYZxbatNow you can create notebooks & sections on OneDrive from your #Android! Check out what's new in OneNote for Android: http://t.co/qokwV8VJ5M@BrendonParsons1 Fabulous to hear, Brendon! Thanks for reaching out. Are you going to keep using it?This video from @News360 looks so cute, but we’re on the clock! Saving it to OneNote so we can read it later. http://t.co/r1QXNOPhUbIs your child a finger-painting Picasso? Take a pic with Office Lens on Windows Phone or with OneNote for iPad and save their masterpieces!Find a story in @News360. Tap a single button and save it to OneNote for later. That’s 360˚ integration. http://t.co/U8jEyICNo3
Planning an Easter egg hunt? Use OneNote to make sure you don’t forget where you hid the eggs. #BunnyBusiness http://t.co/nS3dxS6ESZWho do you share your notebooks with? Family members, co-workers, your bowling team? #OneNoteForAllMy most used OneNote notebook is ________________. #AllStarNotebook
Teachers, try making these flashcards in OneNote! They’re great for visual learners http://t.co/6SErwMdrWh #edtech http://t.co/xOOPd6gH95Save receipts to OneNote with Office Lens. Snap a pic with your Windows Phone or OneNote for iPad & we’ll keep ‘em safe. #NoMoreLostReceipts@Abe_Abrahamian Would you mind providing feedback in the upper right corner at http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4? Thanks.@gabe_beaver Nothing to share right now, Gabe. Keep posted here http://t.co/vlzzn8uIYu for future updates.Get started with OneNote in just two minutes. This video gives you a quick overview so you can get to work: http://t.co/5Jlz9vShwhOneNote 2013 is a math machine! Type your equation, like “5+5=”, & the answer appears! Hit “Alt” + “=” to get even more equation options.
@kaoticchemistry Thanks for the feedback, we'll pass it along.@drunkenchicken OneNote for Mac uses OneDrive to open files. Upload to your personal OneDrive and you will be able to open it on your Mac.@carloshl Thanks for shout out, Carlos! We've happy to hear it. We're now following, DM us anytime, we love feedback. :)@tonezone87 Thanks for letting us know. Much appreciated.@syamira We'll pass it along. If you have additional suggestions we would love to hear them on http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.@lee_hein #OfficeLens is available on the Windows Phone and iPad. Keep an eye on our blog for updates: http://t.co/Cbdw2D38Dd.@marypcbuk Please see your inbox, we sent you a DM.@snagra_ Thanks for the feedback. We have no news, but stay tuned for updates to come in the App Store.@Jamison_919 Not at this time. We'll pass this feature request on for you. You can send additional feedback at http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.@_Radjin We're sorry you have run into these issues. Will you please post here so our engineers can review: http://t.co/XmsESeEKnR.@revreddy We've pass this along. If you have additional feedback, you can send it directly on http://t.co/o3YW51k4X4.
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