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@e1hamz Are you still having trouble finding it, Hamza?@cj31016 Thanks Chris! Have you played around with Office Lens yet?@ronstoppabl3 No word yet, but you can bookmark our blog for the latest news and updates!: http://t.co/akShhHyZU2.@TheWinPhan *jumping in* Keep an eye on our blog for updates on releases: http://t.co/Gdcgb0Zmjc.@Jreed637 We're glad you're excited about Office Lens, Justin! Have you gotten a chance to play around with it?@nickerbocker007 Please feel free to submit requests to our engineers here: http://t.co/lERQv5RFw1.How long have you been using OneNote in the classroom? Anybody been using it for a full decade? #OneNoteSeniority@corvisleon That feature isn't available at this time. However, check our blog frequently for news and updates!: http://t.co/NJg5JxM76q.@SQLife Your secret is safe with us!Now that Office Lens can scan documents to Word and PowerPoint, it’s even more useful in the classroom. http://t.co/7Tpg3JjlFP@AlFlandez Awesome, so happy we could help! Don't hesitate to tweet us in the future if you have questions.Students, create a tag for “likely test questions” to make studying a breeze. Plus more tips for note-taking. http://t.co/lMy4r4YYx7@LoveTravelTalk Let us know if this article helps: http://t.co/1erXFUc7CF.@matthewmspace We're glad you're loving it, Matthew!@lspivack Excellent, we're happy to hear it. Feel free to DM us if you need support in the future!@AlFlandez Have you had a chance to try out OneNote, Alaine? Here is a great beginner's guide: http://t.co/VEE0FXoLsU.@difyeu Thanks so much for leaving feedback. We love hearing from our community!@samuelmcneill Fantastic article, thank you for sharing!@altonwang Since you're running iOS 8, it's easier than ever to share with OneNote! See the blog post here: http://t.co/VQE6RD2z8o. 2/2@altonwang Great! And thanks for the suggestion. You submit feedback to our engineers here: http://t.co/ssU6btYofN. 1/2@terjerp No word yet on when that feature will be available. Keep your eyes on our blog for updates though!: http://t.co/NMYt3dcNnP.@1armedGeek Aww, makes us proud too!@g13ronan We're glad you love these features. Thanks for spreading the word!@abreum That's what we love to hear! What was your dissertation on?@SQLife You might find these organization tips helpful, Thomas!: http://t.co/HKJV6ptWvH.@wiredfire Thank you! We love hearing from our users.@altonwang Excellent, you're covered all over the place! Are you using iOS 8, by chance?@AJ_Wiseman That's great! Did you know you can record audio and video notes too?: http://t.co/togCjrspwd. Good luck when exam time comes!OneNote audio notes can help students with reading challenges, and help teachers evaluate student progress. http://t.co/9wsDWPfJWl #edchat@sfouts_ONe That's incredible, we're so happy to hear we can help in such a big way!@AJ_Wiseman Thanks for sharing, Andrew. What certification are you working on?@KingOfTheLAN Awesome! What are you working on?@altonwang That's what we like to hear! Which devices are you using OneNote on?@ThorstenHeuel We're excited too, Thorsten! You can read all about it here: http://t.co/J4lPRowBXK.@wiredfire Please leave feedback for our engineers here: http://t.co/S3AE1qdqLc.@livingstone0001 Thanks for the love, Paul! We're glad we can help you share more efficiently.@Edudatamanager They're great for getting you started. Feel free to tweet us with any questions as well! 2/2@Edudatamanager Welcome to OneNote! Have you seen our Quick Start Guides?: http://t.co/6ZP1CZlsgL. 1/2@fostage2u No news yet! Keep your eyes on our blog for news and updates: http://t.co/KHUTpkDeI3.@ajfromuk Please let us know if this article helps: http://t.co/SG4CnOGUVG.@jsaaby Sorry for the delay -- we'd love to help! What questions do you have?
What goal are you working toward with OneNote? Don’t have one? Learn how to set ambitious but achievable goals: http://t.co/Elj5UqTiOi10 simple steps for extraordinary productivity. OneNote is there to help you map your week, make lists, and more. http://t.co/nQoBgI4B9IIs the secret to success having an anti-to-do list? http://t.co/lbyFHHaEbQ
@StefanHeinz Since the issue is complex, please post the question to our forum. Our engineers will help you there. http://t.co/dNmItVj712@SharepointToro Our engineers are here and listening. Please vote here: http://t.co/eBES99RVBE.@AA_Kiselev Thank you for your suggestion. You can vote and add feature requests here: http://t.co/QP4iSrylRU.@zackfern Currently this feature request is under review. You can vote here: http://t.co/AWSRSSSHUg.@Thundertext What devices do you use OneNote on? If you use OneNote 2013 on a PC, this is a great place to start: http://t.co/ULpPUmMvLB.@miketheitguy Mike, are you using the Windows Store app or the OneNote 2013 desktop app?@altonwang How did it go? Is your "life" all organized now?@coreyroth And thank you for the great blog post! *high five*@kevinjpmurray WOW! Thanks for sharing. We're happy we can keep things organized.@CurtisBrunet No pressure or anything! 😁@WYSIWYGPrinting for teh billings issue, you can get support from this: http://t.co/LMr5KVmupX@kevinjpmurray This feature is currently not available. You can vote for this feature requests to be added here: http://t.co/L2zQiuavp3.Top 5 OneNote sections for new users. Banish the fear of a blank page. http://t.co/UtK69HtAmb #OneNoteTips http://t.co/quL6fOqFprWhat’s the biggest project you’ve ever tackled with OneNote? Writing your dissertation? Building a tree house? #OneNoteWondersBuying a house can make your head spin. OneNote helps you keep it together. http://t.co/reEtVwMAZv Via @CoreyRoth
Use OneNote Clipper to save maps and directions. Great for road trips where you might not have Internet.#OneNoteTips http://t.co/Aq7SVNdtlTOnce you’ve updated OneNote for iOS 8, make sure you enable the new (and awesome) Share Extension. Here’s how: http://t.co/szuzXRzyaxDiscover great content and keep it all organized in OneNote with @ngreader for #WindowsPhone. http://t.co/Z3DA0mGp4aCheck out 10 unique ways to use OneNote. We love the idea of making an Instagram photo album with @IFTTT http://t.co/zOYadUq6Zv
@Hankers That's great news, thanks for keeping us in the loop! Let us know if you have any other questions, we're just a tweet away.Office Lens updates, Android Wear support, iOS 8 Share Extension—which new OneNote feature are you most excited about?@QAndNotAndy Please follow us and we will DM you with updates regarding this issue. Thank you for your patience. 2/2@QAndNotAndy We apologize for the inconvenience, Andy. Our engineering team is hard at work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible 1/2@pictor Please follow us and we will DM you with updates regarding this issue. Thank you for your patience. 2/2@pictor We apologize for the inconvenience, Mike. Our engineering team is hard at work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. 1/2New on OneNote for iOS8: Use the Share Extension to save to OneNote from your favorite apps. http://t.co/itmdzBHdWX http://t.co/k69RIjPwIF@robulack Please follow us and we will DM you with updates regarding this issue. Thank you for your patience. 2/2@robulack We apologize for the inconvenience, Andrew. Our engineering team is hard at work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. 1/2@e_dybdal Please follow us and we will DM you with updates regarding this issue. 2/2@e_dybdal We apologize for the inconvenience, Edward. Our engineering team is hard at work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. 1/2@Hankers We apologize for the inconvenience, Hank. Our engineering team is hard at work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
@jamestenniswood You can also submit feedback and suggestions directly to our engineers here: http://t.co/uKURfP92b8.@musictheoryguy "This may seem a little gushing but OneNote has vastly transformed and improved my working life." - We're honored!@fabric_8 We appreciate customer feedback and suggestions. Please tell us more here: http://t.co/utAw5LZtxr.@samuelmcneill Thank you for the great write up.@ronstoppabl3 We're happy to hear you're enjoying it. What device are you working on?Take a pic with Office Lens and your photo instantly becomes a document you can revise and share. #TheFutureIsNow http://t.co/I4YWDaAMof@fitfrequency Sorry for the delay. Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@justjken Thanks for sharing. It's helpful to know what customers like best. :)@jamestenniswood Not all features are the same across platforms. This feature is available in OneNote 2013: http://t.co/FK40WFHlN2.@KarlNewark Thanks for sharing, Karl!@tomkruk We appreciate the feedback. Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@alanpeto Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.New feature alert: OneNote now supports Android Wear. Dictate notes like a secret agent. http://t.co/AiAVshyOlLOffice Lens for Windows Phone update--emphasis on Office. You can now send scanned docs to Word, and PowerPoint. http://t.co/q5np6zrekg
@CtotheA That's great to hear! :) Thanks for sharing with us.@Simo_LBB "OneNote + @surface + #TypeCover2 = productivity at highest level" That's quite the team you have there, Simone!@Bob_Allan1 That's making our stomach rumble! :) Just don't accidentally take a bite out of your Surface Pro 3!@calligaris We don't have any updates at this time. Please follow our blog for news on this: http://t.co/sPfsutpVEl.@1armedGeek Steven, thanks for the feedback, we'll pass it along. Please submit additional details here: http://t.co/ojyZ4Wlo4L.@justjken Better late than never, Jessica! :) We're happy to hear we can help with your productivity at work. What's your favorite feature?@HuntHenning Thanks for the love, Hobie! We're happy to hear we can help with your classes.@pascal_gujer We're sorry for the inconvenience, we'll pass it along. You can submit additional details here: http://t.co/dF4nQiFvQU.@ShivamVahia Thanks for voting! Follow our blog for updates and news: http://t.co/iaXy5N9D5z.@CtotheA That's music to our ears! We'd love to hear more on what you love about OneNote.@SebOrSam We're happy to hear it! Here's a good place to get started: http://t.co/p4yUCLUHfU. We're here if you have additional questions.
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