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Early retired Lecturer :United, blues rock ( ex-lead vocalist with Flying Blind) and greyhound (Billy) fan. Ex Nurse & Social Worker.Tory hating Humanitarian

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#bbcnews TORIES ON THE SIDE OF HARD WORKING PEOPLE, A GOVERNMENT FOR STRIVERS, #skynews @David_Cameron @Jamin2g  http://t.co/8mIIv7vdCv
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanBut they don’t have Twitter where I’m going. It will be like losing a limb, but I’m sure I’ll cope. **sweats**
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
#grahamnorton fab show tonight ! Love Cameron Diaz and Russell Crowe sooo funnyGreat couch on @grahnort tonight - love Cameron DiazOff to la belle France 'de bonne heure ' tomorrow - looking forward to some sun, civilisation and finest Saumur red direct at €2.60 litre 🍷
@Prufrocking a lot of it about sadly - stereotypical working class families - absolute rubbish-eg miners long tradition of self improvement@Prufrocking patronising shite so annoying@bbcqt 'SATS for embryos ' don't let Gove here you say that David'!!@bbcqt well said audience member!@bbcqt mistake? Fuck off Vince/ you are echoing the whipped party line - 44k? Some mistake@bbcqt absolutely sickened to see the ( orchestrated ) Tory support for Maria Millar in Parliament@WelshGasDoc which also has free Rx? My sister lives there and says it works really well#bbcqt another 5yrs of this lot & it won't just people using food banks, the tories will bring back work houses http://t.co/16LDg1W7hN
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#BBCQT http://t.co/jmjlSWrEDE
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#bbcqt Hello my name is @Maria_MillerMP MP for Basingstoke and I am a #scrounger http://t.co/NZ8RB3dXSq””
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanDon’t blame the patients. Each one of us is a single breath, a heart-beat or a car journey from being “unhealthy”. #BBCQ
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanAnd please, don’t swallow the lie that the NHS is unaffordable. It is affordable, it just needs a Government to believe in it. #BBCQT
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@bbcqt £10 charge thin end of the wedge - beginning of the end- here is an idea- raise taxes for super rich to fund NHS don't cut them!Tories defending Farage, welcome to the future. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe British Public would like to know why Maria Miller was treated so differently than the rest of us would have been? #bbcqt
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIn Vince Cable's attic there's a painting of an honest man. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@bbcqt privatisation is NEVER the best way forward ! Name one service that's been improved??Vince looks a broken man, doesn't he? Almost sad to watch. Almost #bbcqt
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman&bbcqt Peter Hain's face a picture - he hates CableOh Vince, it's bad enough that you were involved. Don't lie, your cold, dead, sold out eyes can't. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanVinny Cable on the Royal Mail cock-up. " It wuz all the unions fault, guv." #bbcqt Disgraceful.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
“@AJohnColes @shirleykay11 Let us see justice properly & fairly administered. One law for everyone see to be donw” http://t.co/if3ZExWUDr
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#Hillsborough it's all sounding very promising so far on the truth and justice obtaining front.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#EDP24 ace @sp_ukwildlife captured this kestrel's mugging attempt of a barn owl- your money or your mice-in N#Norfolk http://t.co/VE9EMyQrk5
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@GucciGiggs I'm sure we will@samwollaston eligible for housing benefit apparently according to daily mailIt's from the Sahara apparently, this red dust that's all over my car. Bloody dust, it comes over here... #UKIP
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanPep Guardiola: "The Manchester United fans were awesome. I hope we will have to same warmth in our stadium to get to the semi-finals." #MUFC
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@GucciGiggs yes still not convinced to be honest- but got to keep believing eh?@GucciGiggs me too - his best performance in a United shirt IMOBayern complaining about diving. Oh the humanity. Sorry, I mean, Oh the hilarity.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@GucciGiggs absolutely! We need another solskjaer and Sherringham night against Bayern - be nice to see them in tears again😊L'Equipe headline on the United-Bayern game: 'Manchester [United] still exist'. Says United "won't leave European scene without resisting".
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@GucciGiggs yes on every level - don't reckon he will be with us next season either - let's hope I'm wrong
Great effort from the lads tonight. Looking forward to the second leg. We have good chances to reach the semi-finals. http://t.co/yBV48nsdqL
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMy dad, Tom Diggle, has been missing now for 36 hours near Corbridge Northumberland.Please retweet. http://t.co/l7Cnzu4FzU
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanPlus, just a mention for Welbeck. Wrongly saw goal disallowed, scuffed one-on-one chance but his all around performance was exceptional.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanLots of question marks over Fellaini. Doesn't seem cut out for this level. Second best to everything and wasteful. Can do it vs less oppo.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@GucciGiggs not back for season mate sadly@realioRD ha ha -I've seen a few piss takes which to be fair are usually apt but not tonight I thought he did wellLot of people criticising Butner tonight don't know why - I think he played well against RobbenI think we can all be happy with that performance tonight - if only Danny had put that chance away and his ( legit) first goal been allowedWell done United. Well done Davie Moyes.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanCan you imagine if Manchester United somehow win the Champions League on this, of all seasons?
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanFellaini score you fuckerPity butners had a really good gameBollocksBarca losing. It's opening up for United!! Hahhahahhaaha
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanSchwein indeed😊Kagawa has made the difference IMOBrilliant header wish I had him with sky betGet in!!!! Wicked!!Butner having a good game IMOKagawas big chance!!Rather see Fellaini off not GiggsFFS get Kagawa on for Fellaini
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIt proves that if you can't get what you want don't go for whats available! Welbeck nerves thereFucking Fellaini again!!!DDG is on the other hand - thank GodFellaini not up to it I'm afraid
Our Camelia bush thinks it's Spring - even if the weather is still crap here in North East😊 http://t.co/yMJwctcYrW
@prodnose have done🍷😊It's 11 0'Clock. Except it's not. It's 10 0'Clock. Don't fall for this bullshit and get another bottle.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@FootballMcD last chance saloon Tom? Might compare it with Fergie's situation where Robins saved his baconSuarez you have to say he's brilliant ( sticks in the throat as united supporter tho)It's not such a #HappyMothersDay to all those poor pooches imprisoned on cruel puppy farms #wheresmum http://t.co/m21AOjntOo @pupaid pls RT
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanEverton fans - was Moyes a terrible manager- or did he build the foundations that have made Martinez job easier - sick of moaning fans
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWeather here in North East cold and misty- are we the only ones not basking in sunshine #jealousIf only IDS had banned disabled people from reading books instead of just killing us, we'd have some mainstream exposure...
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman“@GuardianUS: Watch a deaf 40-year-old woman hear sound for the first time http://t.co/cH7qZg7YuR http://t.co/dSQrhZFvbW” << *cries*
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI want to see Leon on #BBCQT as soon as possible. #Gogglebox.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
I don’t really care what Roger Helmer and the mad homophobic UKIPs think about gay marriage. #BBCQT
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#bbcqt IDS said in an interview he could live on £53.00 a week, buts turns out he claimed £39.00 for a breakfast http://t.co/Ucw3mMqqOs
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWell said, man in yellow! #BBCQT
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanDiane Abbott doing well tonight- nice one Diane#bbcqt
So, basically, 'I'm not going to give you anything positive going into next season. Stand by me because Fergie said so.'
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMy cartoon - UKIP taking Britain backwards to the future http://t.co/MrGtAGBGPi
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
Fans turned on Moyes it appears. One fan escorted out of the ground for shouting at him during game. 'Chosen One' banner protected at FT.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI reckon the odds on me and Gwyneth Paltrow finally getting hammered on Sambucca shots this year just rocketed.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWe do not aspire to be like anyone. We aspire to be like Manchester United again! That's it, final straw, get out.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanDynamite from Scholes. Similar to one of his rockets on the pitch. #ping
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanPaul Scholes tells it like it is!!The board must realise that giving Moyes £ would be a huge mistake in the summer. It's time.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe apparent poor Fergie inheritance is a flimsy argument. No top manager would have allowed last summer or Jan to pass without signing 3/4
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@DuckerTheTimes @FootballMcD well said sirThe #mufc board can go on all they want about time and patience. Moyes is a decent man but sometimes a manager is just out of his depth
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanGot to agree with @StrettyNews - there's no reason to think Moyes can turn this around http://t.co/0EnHhbyfgU
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI've had a crap day and the game sealed it- thanks united@Prufrocking ha ha nice one@mcjwalsh true mate not good enough-tactically redundant@nigelatcroft ordinary ? I could cope with ordinary, this is shit #MoyesOut
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanUnited are a mess defensively tonight
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