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Pro-Russia Militant: We Shot Down The Malaysia Airliner http://t.co/fMgwJoQkgu http://t.co/ZFfwttU6dM
Retweeted by ___8 oysters you should be eating this summer: http://t.co/k4KKuhVY84 http://t.co/X2jp1SXQ08
Retweeted by ___@dfledderjohn @anugandapug this requires being judicious with favorites. Also, that you actually open pocket@BootymanNYC @ESPNBoxing looks like at least one undercard fight will be pretty exciting@k_ved man, what I would give to have seen that@BootymanNYC @trinityboxing I gotta get headgear like thatWorld should know this name: Professor Mahmoud AlAsali --> the Muslim who gave up his life for #Mosul’s Christians http://t.co/WNamX1d8S2
Retweeted by ___Can't remember the last time that two consecutive days each crawled...."about the right weight." "@Noahpinion: Americans are so fat they don't know what fat is anymore: http://t.co/Dc0Ff7jvvH"Rating agencies are always late. "@BloombergTV: BREAKING: Atlantic City, NJ cut to junk by Moody's, outlook negative"Sometimes science just ruins the magic. | http://t.co/TSch88DogbLot of craziness going on in the world right now, so lets escape it for 3:55 #fireball https://t.co/uC489TqrAx enjoy and thank you
Retweeted by ___@k_ved @KWALRULES you need to run this kind of operation somewhere it's not normal. A Manhattan bar ala Grand Banks would be perfect@KWALRULES @k_ved hammocks with wait service. No need to get in/out repeatedlyRasputin v2Meet the mysterious, wheelchair-bound terror mastermind who might be calling the shots for Hamas — by @TimesofIsrael http://t.co/tcUBysM98t
Retweeted by ___@ShanersMD @k_ved stringing key guys along is dangerous for future lineups. Happy but cautiousAn Investing Primer For Millennials http://t.co/xSJy2f2zdq via @millennial_inv
Retweeted by ___@nicolatheron not until November. Lots of ground to cover still, but thank you@nicolatheron exam#thanksFabozziEducating myself on the creation of MBS from loan issuance to 2ndry mkt. The trading is fun, seeing how the sausage is made...less so.A Japanese artist launches plants into space http://t.co/NzUCMaLGyG http://t.co/DPzBSQ78kx
Retweeted by ___@fbonacci @SBNation dad DGAF@jabriella tots. Just shootin rockets to make a point. As one does.@jabriella my favorite is how people forgot that Hamas was/is a terrorist organizationForm is impeccable. "@SBNation: ROCK CLIMBING BABY http://t.co/2s7wQCHLCJ http://t.co/sf68c2YPtr"
@k_ved @aedwardslevy that is true #perspectiveHighbridge prices $513.5M CLO via BAML; YTD US CLO issuance tops $70B $ http://t.co/56cPAvMvhK #clo #spcapiq
Retweeted by ___@BromonaTheBrave and I'm going to leave it at that@BromonaTheBrave He logically explained the difficult decisions being made. Where is this reasoning from Hamas?Logic shld not be ignored. Worth reading "@TIME: Israeli ambassador: "We don’t deliberately target their civilians." http://t.co/Qaz0rYsk3z"Breaking: not unique to DB "@WSJ: Breaking: Report by FRBNY finds serious problems in Deutsche Bank's U.S. ops. http://t.co/1r9tOoY3vy"This is great. A+ track used as well. "@digg: This is the only acceptable time to use vertical video: http://t.co/4EHc5C4nPZ"Would like to see how much attention the 'free palestine' crowd pays to the situation in Syria. Whatever's convenient, right?With all eyes on Ukraine & Gaza, the bloodiest 48-hour period in Syria's civil war went largely unnoticed: http://t.co/tm4kmGvP8L
Retweeted by ___The @UNRWA says it has found a cache of rockets at a second vacant school in #Gaza near 1500 displaced palestinians http://t.co/PbLmFd4TFR
Retweeted by ___And the flag is back up. #brooklynbridge http://t.co/tK0LtLqydO
Retweeted by ___Kremlin Annihilation. "@ScottSalmon48: I cannot fathom the hell the U.S. would unleash if a rocket were to hit one of their airplanes."@k_ved @BootymanNYC @dashbot headed to AC.The BK Bridge flag switch is one of the more impressive acts of vandalism I've seen in my time in the city.Libor needs more competition: http://t.co/flSoBBPfyA http://t.co/DeTxqXaM46
Retweeted by ___Yes, this is how Marshawn Lynch parks his car, with velvet ropes. http://t.co/hjf6ZlixpA http://t.co/edbcsG26lR
Retweeted by ___This should be fun. Here's the Fed how much money each bank made from QE(ish.) The headlines write themselves, media. http://t.co/ELY57DS9qG
Retweeted by ___@IvanTheK @volatilitysmile it's the right move. Remember this? | http://t.co/lw3bXLQoHB@IvanTheK @volatilitysmile that is a strangely artistic photograph of a used napkin. MoMA would probably pick that up for a few million.James to Real and La Liga is officially the second biggest mockery of a 'league'. First is Bundesliga.@jabriella what is your approx return date?
An ex-boxer said he lost more than $63 million in Puerto Rico bond funds. He wants it back: http://t.co/ewtSuBeKl3 http://t.co/GCuzLpeDp9
Retweeted by ___@kylef outsourcing. I approveHuh.... | http://t.co/DxIksPSUx3@k_ved daleeeeeeNew FKJ album out. Glad I don't have to think about this evening's playlist.Listen, you don't have to respect a man for standing up for what he believes if what he believes is fucking garbage.
Retweeted by ___Michael Sam's jersey being 6th-biggest seller in the NFL seems like a much bigger and transformative story than Johnny Manziel's being 1st.
Retweeted by ___CLO roundup: Another debut manager joins the U.S. party http://t.co/BE8XMGFWqB #clo #spcapiq (free) http://t.co/3RZSs8AOxK
Retweeted by ___New Yorker articles to read from archive cc @k_ved. | http://t.co/FjXeT7RzpoCarmelo Anthony has launched a fund to invest in tech startups http://t.co/a7okyZD2vv (HT: @danbtig)
Retweeted by ___Six Shakhtar Donetsk players refuse to play for war-torn club http://t.co/7LtZTvR1WY #Shakhtar #UCL
Retweeted by ___Sir Charles is at it again. "@bustedcoverage: Barkley crushed this tee shot at the American Century Championship http://t.co/URzmCYkkQg"Google Now reminders from http://t.co/JwGDm5EeAe. http://t.co/c0MLLLCJD7Why Israel is losing the American media war: http://t.co/yRUJPM7Skh
Retweeted by ___Great read about the life of a pickpocket. | http://t.co/AAIZJJ8gQB
@nicolatheron debatableGot back in the ring for the first time in a couple of weeks. Difficult but got some good ones in.It must be so awkward having to check whether the dead child is from Gaza or Syria before deciding whether to be morally outraged.
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@TBrodes YES IT IS#ff "@carlquintanilla: Let's do this. (cc: @bcopple) #pong http://t.co/ibWnjFUg9Y"Hamas declares: Gaza's civilians to the front lines http://t.co/BhQ6h2fUW9
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Really getting after it tonight. http://t.co/tgVeu794jVBoat Lyfe http://t.co/WYJtYtfR6L http://t.co/heruJBCpZ0@k_ved oh I did@k_ved the guy they open the article with sounds like the world's biggest douche nozzle. What kind of guy gets pumped to drink rose?Come summer, NYC is a tale of two cities: people who have Summer Fridays and the rest of the working schlubs http://t.co/l2NADV4J9q
Retweeted by ___All about this. | http://t.co/tWcgAUvR1cIt really is a shame how easy it is for people to propagate half-baked/misinformed opinions these days.Financial journalism at its finest. "@matt_levine: This is pretty stellar. http://t.co/U5jCZZQvM5"@fed_speak excited to see if there are any new contenders for that prestigious award this year@fed_speak you mean #OldWall... "@MirrorFootball: Chinese aquarium stages underwater World Cup in giant FISH TANKS as animal activists protest http://t.co/IIzUmivurV"
Because $$$$ "@ProFootballTalk: Robert Kraft: NFL should strive for London team by decade's end http://t.co/PWG1tE4Gyl"Israel's justified incursion: http://t.co/lWqsJqh22P http://t.co/knLLUdg7iJ
Retweeted by ___Kaedema http://t.co/ue7VQxsiOm http://t.co/bi9AwzeUfHGetting ramen rn because sometimes you gotta #treatyoselfTest.That uefa story is bananas.UEFA Emergency Panel intervenes to make sure Russian and Ukrainian soccer teams don't play each other: http://t.co/Q6oMRLs8KO
Retweeted by ___If Russia or people connected to Russia are indeed behind this, it's not the first time it's happened: http://t.co/CRXjMl2OeQ
Retweeted by ___Don't poke the bear. "@BloombergNews: Israeli PM Netanyahu instructs army to conduct Gaza ground invasion"@_the_goose I've heard hilarious things about BofA down in Charlotte. Never change@_the_goose think I paid a visit to that location yest (if you are in Manhattan)@_the_goose never understood how smoke breaks were permissible. What if non-smokers got up for 10min every 30min, every single day? Ridic.When I was little, kids used to throw rocks at me because they thought I was weird. Jokes on them. I collected rocks.
Retweeted by ___@KellyMcAttack how much better is this version.. "@digg: "Subtle" http://t.co/7yzKCBh7qt http://t.co/QLTYkSnvdZ"PREACH. "@Deadspin: Professional baseball player doesn't watch baseball because "it's too long and boring." http://t.co/XGhiGWt6WS""It's very likely to have been a mistake" @ianbremmer on Malaysian plane shot down http://t.co/AEgjA5SMIa http://t.co/nqLg7PWE5b
Retweeted by ___@KellyMcAttack @nicolatheron I was ecstatic to see him arrive. He's a class act.@IvanTheK via? Your elliptical has a native twitter app installed?Russians hacked the Nasdaq. This is an extremely big deal. http://t.co/o1JE4aw1ay
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