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@k_ved you're there, man. 2 years inSkyfall http://t.co/kHQeq5bpNJ http://t.co/Rm8I6H5828When you get a playlist called "On a Roll in Monaco" it's safe to say that you've hit audio gold.@pollyNYC that's the stuff of nightmares. Horrible..@ShanersMD @KellyMcAttack @SBNation that dude was in rush hour 3..Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.
Retweeted by _Why Madrid's poor fear Goldman Sachs and Blackstone http://t.co/fOqqs2NbOt
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Retweeted by _Straight-up shameful hyping of the ebola threat in America whilst simultaneously all but ignoring the actual crisis in West Africa.
Retweeted by _LRT: essentially, stfu#Ebola is spread by direct contact w/ body fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects, like needles. http://t.co/tsSjZ8g8nb
Retweeted by _@DNAinfo I love how you love to stoke fires, guy who runs this account #PANICReally can't wait for Bloodline to hit Netflix #cleareyesLeaving work early for religious reasons is dope #diwaliDogs injured while apprehending White House fence jumper cleared to return to duty: http://t.co/pdFS4PPcK9 http://t.co/JxJ0Z11tCh
Retweeted by _Jumping on that 1130 lunch train.Look at excel on one monitor, use shortcut, nothing happens, see outlook on another monitor, shortcut meant for excel fwds random email.
Fun risk retention fact: sponsors must retain all of risk (nonguaranteed portion) of FFELP #securization (usually 3%) http://t.co/LIaGTJvdFi
Retweeted by _What the shit is this... "@bikesnobnyc: It only costs $250 to intentionally ram a cyclist w/ your SUV! http://t.co/BgnVM1wZqc"Fantastic read on how IBM is the result of years of living for the next quarter. Is not alone.. | http://t.co/YgPzFJzTFn#organicisastateofmind | http://t.co/P85Av7ZprGHaving Fun Is Great. So Why Do We Sometimes Not Have Fun? http://t.co/LSYi84F3CY http://t.co/WdIRYzSBn2
Retweeted by _Google Inbox. Need. | http://t.co/6wOSyBANgmCLOs don't get a carve out - expect issuance to drop. http://t.co/q9lRRybDaP @Markit @Fed
Retweeted by _Mortgage servicers: an exercise in 'trust no one' | http://t.co/kg16N92def@ZipperTheory not at all. Even the CEO of coke drinks diet coke@dfledderjohn peach colored. But bright.Saw your avg, run of the mill hipster this morning on the subway...except his nails were painted hot peach...confusing start to the day.
From GOOD: Why Your American Wiener is Unimpressive. http://t.co/At4RZYayACWhat a pass. Great win.Knowledge. "@pbump: This is so heartbreaking that I can barely look at it, but the point is vital. http://t.co/sAy7CnDyzi"I think @TheStalwart's new show should be called "View as One Page". Really excited to see what he's got in store.@TheStalwart Whoa. Congrats Joe@LadyFOHF I will never understand how someone does not know they're pregnant...Ares prices refinancing of Ares XXIII CLO via BAML $ http://t.co/qbgBmXkIPh #clo
Retweeted by _VIDEO: Man City takes on CSKA Moscow in empty, eerie stadium http://t.co/slv8Cci7b2
Retweeted by _Remember that every 1 penny savings from lower gas prices translates into $1 billion of improved household cash flow.
Retweeted by _Since 2000 $IBM has spent nearly twice as much buying its own stock back as investing in its business. #fail
Retweeted by _Paralyzed man walks again after stem cell treatment via @JornalOGlobo http://t.co/ozOcanoFCn
Retweeted by _@_MissVP I've eaten dinner for breakfast before. I will say that it's even better than breakfast for dinner@ARTownsend it's not even December! You won't *need it until February anyway
They will only stop when iPhone = iPadForex-Rigging Fines Could Hit $41 Billion Globally: Citi http://t.co/TroZ960qDQ @BloombergNews
Retweeted by _@jon_bois disgraced Gov Mcgreevey walked into the pool store I worked in HS. Asked me why his dog got diarrhea after drinking from his pool“@ddockett: Raiders fans threw coins & ice @ us, called us every name n the book. Thats what made me write the sign” http://t.co/BBaXjZtByG
Retweeted by _To the guy who wore his winter jacket and scarf this morning, you're in for a shock come February. You can't break that out too early.
"Hater." RT @sportingnews @ddockett reminds Raiders fans what the team's record is. http://t.co/U1YE9azQRS
Retweeted by _Ok, this one deserves a RT"@NFL_Memes: The bandwagon is in motion.. http://t.co/yIVdiYJsLh"
Retweeted by _That RT is INCREDIBLERyan Tannehill thinks he's a real dolphin http://t.co/MjcxsRhZ9x
Retweeted by _Please RT if you have not been body slammed by Percy Harvin
Retweeted by _Pumpkin beer... | http://t.co/FWhmmPDHK2
@k_ved @EricHazard I don't have to tie a bow tie for a long time...but I'm saving thisSadly, people will buy everything. "@TIME: Apple's holiday lineup features an almost overwhelming number of gadgets http://t.co/Y1YY8dBypu"Joe Montana’s son is Tulane’s QB. He spiked the ball on fourth down: http://t.co/1AwWUOWcnD http://t.co/lxhkY96e80
Retweeted by _#MIISB RT @k_ved: #endtimes RT @pourmecoffee: Come on, people http://t.co/ZmGr4fu69Y http://t.co/3e1d6vMtU3Pretty sure that 20% of China's population is on a tour of Wall Street at any given point in time.Holy shit. | http://t.co/Tgh1r1MyRl
The Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets, and Marshawn Lynch is sad: http://t.co/MCkLpN6KR9
Retweeted by _Percy Harvin is a #jert. This is fantastic news. A (baby) step in the right direction.most cutting thing you can say is "who's this clown?" because it implies they're a) a clown & b) not even one of the better-known clowns
Retweeted by _Forget about Ebola. If you're sick, with visible symptoms, why are you travelling in the first place?Florida 'Loud Music' Shooter Michael Dunn Gets Life In Prison http://t.co/gVV0KBIG5s
Retweeted by _Definition of predatory. "@HirokoTabuchi: Why the poor pay $4,150 for a $1,500 sofa http://t.co/t6cSgZpI5D A must-read by @chicoharlan."
13/13 http://t.co/MOaioDtSag
Retweeted by _#jerts "@Deadspin: Official Jets hype video features climactic typo: http://t.co/11Ia2VWT0O"Amar'e Stoudemire takes hot red wine baths. What in holy fk.Largest derivative exposures among the giant banks … http://t.co/JC7Xe2PR8u
Retweeted by _'Thug Kitchen' is officially a best seller: http://t.co/D7N62LetIB http://t.co/Ija3ouHsOn
Retweeted by _@DavidSchawel is this fall in mtg rates enough to worry you about refis or is there enough burnout where it's not a maj concern at this pt
Gross alert! Chicagoans used to refer to their bathwater as “chowder”. #HowWeGotToNowPBS begins 10/15 @ 9/8c! http://t.co/vTS4z2iGJF
Retweeted by _And the Lockheed Martin fusion reactor news is HUGE....if successfully rolled out for uses outside the military (waits 10yrs to see if true)Despite this being on CNN, it is an great quick read by Mike Rowe on the obstacles you create for yourself. | http://t.co/olzMOPvqTUThis is a hard Buy. "@Gizmodo: The Nexus Player is the first official Android TV: http://t.co/XjURi0muQY http://t.co/UzTjfFo8P7"Colorado parents are worried their kids will get weed candy for Halloween http://t.co/2LPIEHqxoy
Retweeted by _@RiskReversal horrible svc here so just seeing this. Yes, Apple is capable of buying w/e content it wants to throw on iTunes@RiskReversal think it becomes a conversation of core competencies at that pt. Could Apple content come close to touching HBO shows like GoT@RiskReversal as long as programs don't overlap, I think they're fine. HBO refuses to let their shows go..providing Netflix-esque access nowStandalone HBO Go subscription is the smartest thing HBO should have done x years ago (x = # yrs since HBO Go companion app launch)If not for the markets, this would be a big story: *HBO TO LAUNCH STANDALONE ONLINE HBO SERVICE IN 2015 IN U.S.
Retweeted by _Y'all admitted some dark secrets to make @jon_bois' Breaking Madden Roster Cuts. http://t.co/gUEzi1RL6O http://t.co/Z5yaBU4STF
Retweeted by _It's official. Pastis will return to the Meatpacking District in 2016 : http://t.co/iYhBJ6f8pK http://t.co/6Q2acu5EGx
Retweeted by _Actual email: sorry, my macro didn't run so I can't send this report today #dafuqAll you need is moderation, really... "@TIME: 7 reasons you should consider quitting coffee today http://t.co/KObtIt6NvL"Perceptions of structured credit will improve next year, predict investors: The reputation of structured credi... http://t.co/q87iLxdDk7
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In case you're sure that you love going to the casino. | http://t.co/VreykgOFZPDavid Bowie debuts a new song on BBC Radio http://t.co/YnrlgF56lz
Retweeted by _Taking old people to task. | http://t.co/d0GfySDivV"This makes the rest of our week a whole lot easier." http://t.co/rOQeSlnIKO http://t.co/7CZV0q3cnE
Retweeted by _@BootymanNYC love how practicality goes out the window when something comes in a bright white box@BootymanNYC gonna be great when people start bitching about how their phones are too big when they had the option to get a norm sized one@BootymanNYC Shamu screen looks inconveniently huge. Also...it's named ShamuTax refunds are a beautiful thing.
@k_ved @nataliyanyc @lastbadasstion @pcdunham I use 1Weather. Sleek, simple, not filled with ads and the widget is fantastic/informative@lastbadasstion @k_ved the only thing they got right was the FF interface"Navigating The West Village Without GPS or a Sextant." I'd totally take that course.
Retweeted by _Bizarrely riveting “@DavidKeo: Quite brilliant read on D&D and porn stars https://t.co/FcdJkkbMSk
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My birthday gift from my parents was a 30Y UST purchased in 94. Pretty cool to hold an actual bond in your hands.NEW MEME RT @SBNation: “IT’S SO F****** EASY! IT’S SO EASY!” —Julius Thomas, scoring on Jets http://t.co/R9D5rNh5X1 https://t.co/5VTLxhCK29
Retweeted by _That wasn't the Jets having no depth. That was Geno being bad.
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