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Getting "hurled off the planet" is the NKI.2 months ago today @astro_alex @msuraev and I got hurled off the planet. The view is still amazing. http://t.co/f9nRLZ1M1F
Retweeted by ___Much needed perspective. "@BootymanNYC: Great article from a woman who stands with the oppressed. Please RT. http://t.co/XAqwa7o9eF""Horrors so appalling the imagination shrinks from the task" #WWI began 100 years ago today http://t.co/rBYMlcYlAy http://t.co/06HI9YGShf
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Nobody mad about Boko Haram? "@WSJ: Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's vice prime minister http://t.co/mfDsSpgnBD http://t.co/puE7H5dalY"Real life inventory. http://t.co/8DFwGSfzEfWe live in a time period of smart phones and stupid people.
Retweeted by ___Teddy Atlas is a mix between Jim Cramer, Dick Vitale and a meth head. He's hilarious.Real talk: if Israel wanted to kill Gazan civilians...they could steamroll all of Gaza and truly occupy it before you finished your mimosa.
YESSS "@badlefthook: Gennady Golovkin (@gggboxing) calls out Miguel Cotto (@RealMiguelCotto) after win on @HBOboxing http://t.co/NK1G8zwwZj"Boxing lessons. http://t.co/cAk4yLicDD http://t.co/jBB4nzIkicI saw Michael Buffer live. Life complete.@LimeyN @BleacherReport too high@ShanersMD cheddar in that gigantic oversized milk cartonOddly satisfying to come across something you are wholly comfortable with when going through a complex curriculum.Since starting the operation in Gaza, we held our fire 4 times. Hamas never stopped shooting rockets. RETWEET. http://t.co/sjMMTlHvmf
Retweeted by ___@erinscafe never change, erinSays it all. http://t.co/oM2gJKdtOf
Retweeted by ___OH MY GOD. "@TransferRelated: Arsenal have been offered the chance to sign Mario Balotelli for just £7.9m. [Metro]"City Hall subway stop was lit up this time. Totally different experience.@k_ved you will be glad to know that @dfledderjohn has just been enlightened (read: been to Parm)Airlines repaint the morning sky. http://t.co/1IyPMOQSJf
Retweeted by ___@groditi @DavidSchawel thank you both for your help on this. appreciate the insight@groditi @DavidSchawel yeah it seems a little cavalier in jumping from one step to the next. it does break down eff dur pretty nicely tho@DavidSchawel @groditi meant probability. dk why i just said prepay rate as it is cpr...@DavidSchawel @groditi as I understand, prepay rate and CPR are linked by def. Think my q really is, how is PSA used in conjunction if @ all@DavidSchawel @groditi magnitude is, for lack of a better term, arbitrary?@groditi @DavidSchawel I ask bc of this. These just random numbers used for sake of the example or was there math? http://t.co/sNOsEH3Oq1@DavidSchawel @groditi q for you both out of left field: what is the direct link between i-rates and PSA? eg rate of 5% = PSA of 200%@ShanersMD @BootymanNYC brings me back to the vine challenge at Windsor g'voort with @k_ved. Fantastic timesAmazing how something (refinancing) so good for some (mortgagor) is so bad for another (MBS investor) #learning@BootymanNYC SOONThis is amazing. RT @verge: The neon knight: Batman goes high fashion http://t.co/ZaaqKtpNO7 #SDCC http://t.co/fVihGbgBTnI'm not saying I hate you. I'm just saying if you got hit by a train, I would be driving that train.
Retweeted by ___Two of the worst marketing I've seen of late: 1) Amazon Fire phone. 2) Heineken advertising a can that sells less beer as "cool"Macabre art is the only art I can really stand. It's genuinely interesting to see where the (talented) human mind can go.A Brief Survey of Art History's Most Macabre Paintings http://t.co/0wzeS1g4Wt http://t.co/0BevoOdRfk
Retweeted by ___GoT Blooper Reel. This has made my evening. https://t.co/Hi09Qaeoe9 @Pawelmorski
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@KWALRULES when you finally making it out to the great state of ny?Time. To. Get. Right.@wstafrican that show is one of my favorites. Have the comics I'm getting through as well@wstafrican seriously? Link?Eye opening. "@BootymanNYC: Great article on IDF diversity. http://t.co/VMJQ6LxLKL"@k_ved @ShanersMD @Nebrewska mine are still okay after being dry cleaned a number of times. They are great for summerViolence isn't the victim's issue. It's the abuser's. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting. Walk. Away.
Retweeted by ___JFC "@businessinsider: ISIS has female members and they're terrorizing women who won't follow the caliphate's rules http://t.co/2YE6IkxBmB"He's going to end up at same concl. "@Deadspin: Stephen A. Smith is explaining himself in excruciating slow motion: http://t.co/LP6NfwD4ER"@joshh031 #patriot@el_kfed this whole supercut is @stephenasmith right now. | http://t.co/4GiKCPeQgC@el_kfed I shared the link a little while ago if you're looking to get your Friday rage on@el_kfed @erinscafe hoping SAS gets canned. He's terrible to begin with but his genuine belief that women should try to avoid being hit....Women should go through life trying to avoid being beaten...cannot believe this garbage aired on television. | http://t.co/pL7WDPXPU3@groditi they could go about it differently. I do think that if there was a change of leadership to a less hostile one, it could be sortedApplaud @MichelleDBeadle for doing the right thing and using her platform and audience to denounce the asshattery that is @stephenasmithESPN's Michelle Beadle is not taking this morning's episode of First Take lightly: http://t.co/ShvmwjvmZp
Retweeted by ___@jabriella that article is a good read. I would've suggested you check it out but you're actually there. Stay safe hermanaHard to believe how anyone could even remotely defend that group. Directly or tangentially."The tactical goals [of Hamas] are to terrorize Israelis and bring about the international delegitimization of Israel.""What would you want your govt to do if your enemy was digging tunnels under your village, in order to pop out at night to kill/kidnap you?"Handcuffs and tranquilizers discovered in Hamas' tunnels. Designed for kidnapping. #dafuq"Hamas’s morally perverted but tactically clever goal is to maximize Palestinian civilian casualties." | http://t.co/yMFpLECwlO@dschorrnyc @BootymanNYC @NDakotatrader schorr, this is what I imagine you look like while fighting the lunacy http://t.co/JElCa6aYYiF'in hysterical. "@wstafrican: @jabriella I just did! http://t.co/BdqGUivZEd"Sponsored by jager. Perfect. "@BloombergTV: Fun fact: chessboxing is a real sport http://t.co/fzP5dhcacr http://t.co/5BQe3fnKSG"Not just NFL failed to lead on the Ray Rice matter. Also Ravens. Cynical calculation fans will move on. Pretty disgraceful all around.
Retweeted by ___@k_ved then you will suffer from.......cabin fever and lack of vitamin D@k_ved my buddy was going to go to Sierra Leone for a couple weeks for a work thing. Trip canceled due to..........In conclusion, anti-Semitism isn't a "trump card" and hasn't disappeared. Anyone who dismisses it as non-existent/not an issue is an asshole@DavidSchawel Horrible. Some poor guy who just happens to be Jewish gets his store steamrolled due to misplaced anger.Seriously. Regardless of your stance on the conflict in Gaza, that should be frightening. Share that link.The anti-Semitic acts that took place in Europe are inexcusable and should not be brushed under the rug. | http://t.co/g7u9BIiVbb.@blackrock still on that buy-vol train http://t.co/aRSQoO8M3r by @MeghanEMorris
Retweeted by ___Remember: yacht-buyers are the real job-creators http://t.co/5gzlMDeQBj
Retweeted by ___PREACH, KEITH. "@Deadspin: Keith Olbermann took down the NFL last night for the Ray Rice fiasco: http://t.co/MOqgyC24em"@LadyFOHF yeah it's a shame. dk if you saw this but worth a read | http://t.co/jDvvpesiCRWhat did the NFL (who runs entertainment in America) do? Two game suspension. "she'll wake up to buy stuff right? Okay cool, 2 games"Don't think that Ray Rice knocking his wife out and dragging her passed out is getting enough attention.@LadyFOHF this scene in particular | http://t.co/lPHn1lijet@LadyFOHF excellent. I'd never seen the show but my cousin showed me the first movie and I was on the floor it was that funnyUK people: when is the second Inbetweeners movie slated to be released?This is it. Someone help me read this. "@GARP_Risk: #Volckerrule forces trading desk rethink http://t.co/KvqPOIsMD7 #risk"Found this interesting link only to find out it's on http://t.co/nzurGqHc2e which is £££
@ShanersMD @k_ved MARS 2014@ShanersMD the onion may seem like satire.........today138 rockets PER DAY. #dafuqEvery rocket launched from Gaza is an attempt to kill Israeli civilians. We will not accept this reality. http://t.co/EfPf53wh0w
Retweeted by ___@IvanTheK @GTWNJACK it probably was"The NFL sees women as an audience and as a marketing target, but not as 'people.'"This is the Aluminum Wrap Wrist SlapTRUTH. "@SBNation: Ray Rice’s two-game suspension shows the NFL doesn’t care about women: http://t.co/jDvvpesiCR http://t.co/gmbvn82eHV"@k_ved looks like sidewalk chalk, bro@erinscafe the polar oppositePretty confident that skateboarding the least efficient/stupidest mode of transportation.Bad.ass. "@TheCut: This wearable-tech bracelet electrocutes you if you skip the gym: http://t.co/9BJcBEuEty http://t.co/cWmyqBrWiO"Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Getting On A Plane http://t.co/UOyNetIcYy
Retweeted by ___The sun, surrounded by blackness, is too intense to take even a tiny glimpse at with your eyes. http://t.co/uBzAfvxvGN
Retweeted by ___@LimeyN @businessinsider that was actually quite painful to get through in one gocc @BootymanNYC | http://t.co/3fuXEWlIeIWhat you think about inflation is wrong, by @asymmetricinfo http://t.co/Wehbq9a6dT http://t.co/apKNKkQSI7
Retweeted by ___@BromonaTheBrave @BootymanNYC I didn't get offended, it just doesn't help your case when you initiate an argument like that.
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