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In non-Apple news, Real Madrid beat Bayern 1-0. Huge win.@LimeyN idiocy 1000%People that don't cut the stitch on the back of their suit jacket...just stay home.@nicolatheron @EricHazard t+3 always seemed a little outdated to me. Causes way too many issues downstream also, esp at qtr ends etcUS equities & corporate and municipal bonds are moving from a T+3 to T+2 a settlement cycle. This is a very big deal: http://t.co/6MdxG8z2qM
Retweeted by ___Median apartment rents in New York City have increased 75% since 2000. http://t.co/I7MGgKA4ir
Retweeted by ___Will be interesting to see who Mourinho plays vs Liverpool. Essentially choosing between EPL and UCL.Pension fund would sooner buy CLO triple As than high yield bonds: Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System has gi... http://t.co/uc4yxlMKJd
Retweeted by ___Temporary avi change. No explanation necessary.Behold. A way for you to hate the IRS more than you already do. | http://t.co/5nSYPtkkFZ
Win. RT @KatieStrangESPN #NYR #PHI Carcillo on fans booing him while injured: "Nothing surprises me about this city and the way people act."
Retweeted by ___REVENGE OF CARCILLOCould this be the year that San Jose actually makes it deep into the playoffs? Guessing no....@NYRangers PK is something else. Shot blocking is fantastic.No more work. Time for @NYRangers hockey.I'm happy I refused to watch this. "@UPROXX: Aaron Sorkin Apologized For Subjecting The World To ‘The Newsroom’ http://t.co/7UM3jEgqSM"10 awesome covers from Bloomberg Businessweek's departing creative director, Richard Turley http://t.co/WlHem2GnIu http://t.co/b3CaLvyAuS
Retweeted by ___Cool chart from that AEI study of banker vs. regulator salaries. http://t.co/Bp2mShJKQX http://t.co/6tnKEDAg5P
Retweeted by ___If you're thinking about having kids, imagine working all year to take a vacation, then spending that vacation watching "Frozen" 38 times.
Retweeted by ___Full service coffee needs to come to an end.Capitulation! | http://t.co/uj5jQNvXUm@pollyNYC congratulations! Exciting news. Looking forward to seeing you crush the journo game FT@BootymanNYC @KWALRULES you should make it out. I think a Chicago bro trip is also more likely than not at some point..@louisck has a rule that will simplify your decision-making process: http://t.co/Y2SYE85hTE
Retweeted by ___THIS. Is it Friday yet? "@TYKUSake: The work week... http://t.co/EwxuY46Uav"What should we do with the 1964 World’s Fair relics in Queens? http://t.co/uPGwyxw6MU http://t.co/Wo0bbON6i6
Retweeted by ___New Yorkers: If you're at work now, you're early. http://t.co/k5Ky2uOKVz http://t.co/piSCyTxcBa
Retweeted by ___Really not looking forward to the inflated dry cleaning expense that comes with summer/scorching earth
The Lyrids meteor shower peaks tonight! Watch with us live online: http://t.co/a8LgyxA5r0  #lyridsmeteor http://t.co/n3PyulSBQP
Retweeted by ___Wine is technically grape juice...just fermented. "@thedailymeal: Wine Sold For $100K Turns Out to be Grape Juice; http://t.co/ntIETnDMVs"I dont care how you currently do it. This is pretty good... | http://t.co/v050jPuA0PLittle kid just did a cartwheel as he was crossing the street. No walk signal. No words...Barclays to Exit Most Commodities Trading http://t.co/CW7dOMPYmc
Retweeted by ___GoT with parents. File under "Awkward" cc @dfledderjohn | http://t.co/1CW9D99yxSIt's difficult to take equities "commentary" seriously. Like listening to conversation at the kiddie pool.@ShanersMD @justsalad pony tales http://t.co/IiHNXKxE9HUnusually busy Supreme Court session for marketers continues: Pom Wonderful vs. Coca-Cola reaches court today http://t.co/GnwDuhg5BR
Retweeted by ___AMERICA FK YEAH. "@NBCSports: Meb Keflezighi wins men's race at #BostonMarathon. Becomes the first US men's winner at the race since 1983"From Manson to Madoff, 50 years of courtroom sketches on display at @WorldTradeArt: http://t.co/jMafWp9mMC http://t.co/E5DXMuxk1s
Retweeted by ___@CharmAndDecay he calls Ledoux nitzche as he's under arrest outside his houseMarathon prices upsized $490.25M CLO via JPM $ https://t.co/C4TNu9lWHl #clo
Retweeted by ___Flying half blind for my time at work today. Thank god for jury duty.Last year Lee Ann Yanni was wounded at the Boston Marathon attack. Today she is running the race. Her story: http://t.co/z7BY7AmqFJ
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@CharmAndDecay I know exactly what you're referencing. He's been waiting for that kill for so long. Excited to see how it's executed in showDaario Naharis owns 'kill of the season' at this point. Who will take this honor from him, if anyone?First Rangers playoff game I'll be attending this year: Gm 5 v Flyers. Pretty much unbeatable.When john mcenroe is a fan of your hockey team, you know you're doing everything right.Think the @NYRangers PP may be the biggest y/o/y improvement in sports.Picture perfect goal from MSL. What a great play.@CharmAndDecay I'm a big fan of goldroomYour Minuscule In-Flight Entertainment Screen Costs $10,000 http://t.co/NCJ3X537v1
Retweeted by ___Actually...this is my Sunday Jam. | http://t.co/8wNyzqAeZa
Lezgo Kid Chocolate.@ShanersMD that's really all you need. Say some stuff and then wrap it up with "I do". Shouldn't take more than 20min. I like this kidThere is a chick at this bar who is trying so hard to be a "bro". Do less.@BootymanNYC going to pay our favorite bartenders a visit down on stone. @EricHazard@EricHazard prob not mang. You're still on your run or something? @BootymanNYC@EricHazard @BootymanNYC I'll be at Clinton at 415Extremely Detailed 3D-Printed Ice Cube Sculptures http://t.co/rKUHpYMJjM http://t.co/xkOZw24POB
Retweeted by ___@k_ved @SBNation that caption should have been *yoinkYO PAVEL DATSYUK http://t.co/QGJnNnJl2X http://t.co/AIfnGXdrtJ
Retweeted by ___When the other team's smallest player gets on the end of a cross, you are probably getting relegated. http://t.co/vMmTiBObXG
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@EricHazard @dfledderjohn < 1mo. Hold onto your butt, hazard@EricHazard prob CH in the afternoon (4ish)@ShanersMD "does anyone have a reason these two should not be joined in marriage?" "yes, they chose to have their bar stop serving at 11"@EricHazard Yo hazard, beer tm?@EricHazard @dfledderjohn I'm stoked for Carl f'in Weathers | Carl Weathers Got Stew Going: http://t.co/0Pjf43PPID@dfledderjohn rocky is on Netflix. You've got your weekend hw assignment.@erinscafe sounds like me in 10yTarget-date funds & stuff. | http://t.co/7uVDBjxLgQThe Largest Yellow Star Ever Could Almost Devour The Whole Solar System. http://t.co/Z0ihQ3ki5i@jabriella what if nothing has changed since college?Frayed power cords and charging cables? This will fix them right up: http://t.co/sKSbZyMOcn http://t.co/ruRTIKAw2J
Retweeted by ___Bone appetit "@grubstreet: This restaurant SWEARS it didn't pick a penis logo on purpose: http://t.co/X5lJrSo2Mm http://t.co/YhgKJbLQ86"http://t.co/dIQ6SJj487 "@io9: What's The Purpose Of The Universe? Here's One Possible Answer http://t.co/JkOFth2OFX"This is an AMAZING story on the Citicorp tower via @treehcapital http://t.co/eVTDe5alJu
Retweeted by ___Honestly, the Hillsborough disaster @30for30 is a must watch. Shows how real corruption and system-gaming by public officials is.Let me file this under 'seeds of the mortgage crisis' | http://t.co/ZSsAPSO6XD@lastbadasstion this happened to me and then I was like http://t.co/12E4OT7pWW
Philadelphia. What is the worst city in America?@BromonaTheBrave longest thirty minutes in human history cc @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD@timothydh @ShanersMD @k_ved tim, I don't know you, but I hate you for as long as this series is live.@k_ved @ShanersMD I feel like 'WFH' is an integral part of LTD'n@aussietorres jfc doc, that looks mindblowingHow long it takes the avg person to earn a burger in NYC (and tons of other US neighborhoods) http://t.co/gZgRcekqGa http://t.co/YCato0bywL
Retweeted by ___Unrelated: I can't explain why, but I really detest the hashtag #munilandThe fact that doing mock draft scenarios is the bulk of someone's job indicates that we are creating meaningless roles just to keep ppl busy@LimeyN I'm sure he will tough it out. That's great through. Congratulations are in order.Seriously fantastic (for Android users). "@mashable: Control your PC via your smartphone or tablet: http://t.co/cU28FfI0yY"@LimeyN are you a new father?The #Jets now have an amazing 2011 fantasy football team.
Retweeted by ___Very cool feature in the new Google Camera app: Lens Blur http://t.co/f6OxEAtIbo
Retweeted by ___US CLO issuance on record pace for the month of April; supply already $9.77B from 18 deals $ https://t.co/27IMvSppmC #clo
Retweeted by ___Key takeaway is that centipedes can be as large as vipers.... "@io9: This Snake's Last Meal Tried To Eat Its Way Out http://t.co/9uj0LbTgqE"I'd actually be impressed if the CEO of anything but a bank were able to cite his company's CDS spread, tbh.I'm really pulling for Anaheim in the West. Gotta love Teemu.Snapchat's CEO makes employees sit in groups of ten and talk about their feelings once a week. http://t.co/XYopSqERhZ
Retweeted by ___1) Liverpool v Chelsea. The best player in the league v The best manager - and it's going to decide the title http://t.co/vu24a0AiMv
Retweeted by ___Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs http://t.co/0lThJKstTz
Retweeted by ___"@Deadspin: Confessions of a boxing match-fixer: http://t.co/XPFH9YEQ2i"
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