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This is important investigative work. hockey starts *today*
@polly if he's keeping his gun somewhere an 11yo can get it...I hope he gets the worst of the punishment@polly is papa not getting any jail time?These are the Android 6.0 Marshmallow features you want to use first
Retweeted by ___How does that jingle go? "France is in the air"
@KWALRULES no doubt. Full disclosure, it is *not* a feel good movie with a happy ending@KWALRULES not a huge theme throughout but there are some cringeworthy scenes. Have a feeling that movie is right in your wheelhouse though@KWALRULES oldboy is greatIM NOT THE LIVER POOL MANAGER
Retweeted by ___Bills kickers: destined to miss. Every time.How former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski built a golf empire
Retweeted by ___When A Stranger Asked To Use His Cell Phone, This Man Managed Not To Let On That He Was Nervous About It!
Retweeted by ___The Dolphins are the team Miami deserves.OH. MY. GOD. ALEXIS. #coygOzil showed up today. For once which is nice.That Alexis goal was pretty. #COYG
That one time we put a Redstone rocket in @GrandCentralNYC in response to Sputnik.
Retweeted by ___cc @getinthesea @SoBendito the tears are IN the burrito@Nebrewska @SoBendito the queso is the only redeeming thing about Qdoba. After a while it just becomes a yellow hockey puck...George is pissed when he shows his GF a funny pic on his phone & she begins swiping through his photos. G:"She swiped!" J:"You can't swipe!"
Retweeted by ___I was just made aware of @SeinfeldToday. Amazing.@MacroRecon sounds like the hokey-ness will still be there, just with a little more anxiety thrown in. Looking fwd idea: an Enter key on the left side of the keyboard
@zatapatique @volatilitysmile better! (blurry) stromae! cc @zatapatique @volatilitysmile @polly @getinthesea most should have their right to free speech revoked@polly these are the people who should be rounded up and dumped into the seaReporting is ugly:
Retweeted by ___This tweet, from June, is still true.
Retweeted by ___@LDrogen hear you. In a perf world human error wld be removed from all travel, driving incl. Shootings evoke feeling of helplessness = news"It's times like this where you just wish there were literally dozens of examples from the rich, free world on how to curb gun violence."
Retweeted by ___@LDrogen don't think this is totally valid bc there is a strong arg for the econ necessity of driving. Tough to make same case for gunsMake it stop.
Retweeted by ___Starbucks offers interest-free loans to help employees pay rent #hw
Retweeted by ___@ShanersMD @k_ved this is the new greatest emoticon, good workFemale Serial Killer Has To Work Twice As Hard To Achieve Notoriety
Retweeted by ___Definitely Barbour weather...from tomorrow.@dashbot @k_ved I'm camping out like people do for iPhones. Hurricane be damned
So brave. We are truly blessed to have such selfless politicians. IOs have not had a good time the past few days.RIP my Saturday AM tee time... @jennydrinks they probably don't realize how much money they're leaving on the table. Let's be honest, your religious beliefs < $@ShanersMD I'm assuming they're riding into town on their religious high horse and not opening Sunday. Hopefully I'm wrong@IvanTheK I was really hoping Kernan would be one just so he and Trump could throttle each otherSweet baby jesus, chic fil a opens this Saturday. I can only imagine the number of furiously hungover people waiting outside on Sunday.When your desk is killing it, you get free Dinosaur BBQ #win@k_ved @LimeyN @BR_NFL I mean, come on with this hit. Shows how a layer of "protection" can.....go to one's head @k_ved @BR_NFL rugby does it right@k_ved @BR_NFL what we're seeing here is a negative feedback loop@AllisonCain_ happy birthday!! I can't refer to you by your now-maiden name anymore because that's weird. So I'll work on that as your gift
That Arsenal loss today was very @ India | the day twitter will have truly jumped the shark is when your egg avi parent(s) follow you. Then you really know it's dead@k_ved I don't want to know how that guy lives with himselfThis is the worst kind of man. trending up in a not entirely dissimilar way to the lead up to 08. Obviously lvls are diff, still interesting'll Never Guess The Single Greatest Risk Factor For Student Loan Default ...
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There goes all his street cred... reveals best evidence yet that Mars may yet have life in it: flowing liquid water
Retweeted by ___Whoa, NASA detects liquid water on Mars. Looks like Mark Watney didn't have to convert his own urine into water after all.
Fanduel ad with the promo code: Bubble #meta@k_ved the house was half Eagles fans so it was like a 1/2 away game@k_ved saw this in person. Like watching icarus fall from the sky
If every Harley Davidson on Earth simultaneously crashed, it would be a net benefit.High school quarterback dies after on-field injury:
Retweeted by ___omg
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@ShanersMD @k_ved sounds like he's got a belly full of Sophie's#Earth, the green glow of your atmosphere looks particularly thin and fragile this morning. #YearInSpace
Retweeted by ___@ShanersMD @polly Darwin is rolling in his grave. Let's take all the money earmarked for pandas and do something constructive with it@volatilitysmile does not compute@donalderyan Yeah this guy is the man specifically because he's not all "holier than thou" (literally)@donalderyan that's all well and good, but isn't he elected by human beings? You can't just vote on who hears godGenuinely curious: Why is the Pope such a big deal to Christians?No one will shed more tears over Boehner's resignation than Boehner himself.Would be great to see some of zee germans at VW taken to task over this emissions debacle.The papal visit managed to throw a monkey wrench in my 5min commute. All this hype for an old guy in a funny hat.
Finally saw Boston bro's reaction to that huge fish. 1) in my 4yrs there I wish I heard the Boston accent shine like that 2) Juicy in bg, A+@DavidSchawel @BillGuard I have used the app religiously for a while now. Great news, happy for those guys
Sex: The Kotaku Review:
Retweeted by ___Patrick Kane's lawyer has a HUSTLER 40th anniversary mug on his bookshelf
Retweeted by ___DraftKings trying to capture every kind of audience imaginable. was a bold white man that first settled Brooklyn - Jonathan Swift (ish)♫ The only reason white people like you are living here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you ♫ -
Retweeted by ___Mortgage apps skyrocket on lower interest rates #hw
Retweeted by ___@BigInTheShire actually it's tied to your account. So, today was the first day I didn't have to give a 'Starbucks name'I used the Starbucks mobile ordering this morning and it is amazing. Order on the walk over, show up and drink is ready within 30s. No lines
Robert Lewandowski > MessiMute: PopeBeen waiting for the movie adaptation of this book to drop. Interested to see how this turns out. that's my default now. Life changing once you get used to the adjustmentForced to grab lunch at noon today with the masses. Can't believe I used to do this's miserable.Skip the line: Starbucks says mobile order-and-pay now available nationally: @candicechoi
Retweeted by ___Pot/kettle, buddy... late as 1960, NYT felt it had to define bagel for national readers: “an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis”
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HAHAHA (continues laughing at indy's misfortune)Josh Robinson interrupted an @ESPNMondayNight promo with this happy little dance:
Retweeted by ___I take it back. I never feel good about the Jets.
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