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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/A. Warfare. Solving world problems with love for all women. Richly unemployed. #TheFrugalTeam

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Really should try my hand at 2K16 since I've dominated FIFA16 since its release...Almost lunch time, how has your day been so far?McDonald's serving breakfast all day today? Man thank you God
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIf you see anyone arguing today interrupt them "I Love You's" to ease the 140 character tension...Can we try loving each other today, exchange numbers, be friends then have sex...McDonald's serving breakfast all day is super clutch, unfortunately this will result in a decline in Waffle House sales...I love you guys this morning...It's a beautiful morning...
You ever have days where you feel like you could beat up Suh & Ngata at the same time if the situation presented itself...Did you love somebody today?Eating dinner with Baby Chadè & Baby Cha'iel at Pollo Tropical, helping them w/ their homework before tonight's game comes on.How is your day going?I love you guys...#FIFA16KINGLeft to pick up the kids from school real quick...You forgot to update the score #FIFA16KING RT @chillybean24: @ochocinco good game so far RT @iJohnPerez: @ochocinco okay so you are actually pretty good Happy Birthday big bruh...To love... RT @PhillyTheBoss: What Did Twitter teach you, today?Timeline is in shambles w/ no love in sight... 😢Good morning world, I just simply wanted to tell all of you that I fucking love you. That's right I said LOVE Damn it and I actually mean it
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonHappy 58th birthday Bernie Mac... R.I.P 👼🏾He had no choice, i fucked up terribly RT @SammyScoesaa: It's been Fuck joe philbin since he did my man ocho dirty on hardknocks @ochocincoI'm still wearing the same outfit from 3 days ago when I was at Midas getting a tuneup...Sad to see anyone lose their job including Philbin, hoping the interim coach can turn things around & the Dolphins come out strong...My damn neighbors put a lock on their damn wifi which in turn forced me to pay my damn phone bill, that's why I'm tweeting so late today.
Almost 8 o'clock, how did your NFL team do today?Play me & losing is realistic RT @WadeBarrett: Fallen in love with #FIFA16. Unbelievable realism. @PNEFC #BlackpLOL these NFL games on multiple tv's w/ my brother @sambrownjr77@pewdiepie I love you man, care to take me under your wing & teach me the ropes?My grandma has to stop disrespecting me with the ugly jokes, can't continue to blame dementia as your reasoning for being mean...@VanillaShweg Keep your head up & play FIFA16, nobody is yours it's just your turn, you get out there & enjoy fucking life!!!! Love you manI look like yesterday but I still look good, funny how that works...This isn't an insult, I prefer knowing who rocks with me for me & not what I can do!!!!! RT @susiqobrien: @ochocinco broke ass!! lolRihanna was at a PSG match in Paris...Bengals were awesome today, will be in attendance for the Seattle game next Sunday...My Dolphins will turn it around soon...Just left home wearing yesterday's outfit, $100 in my pocket to go eat, smoke cigars & watch the rest today's NFL games...@ochocinco remember this? You helped me get into college two years ago 😂
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonRT @UberFacts: A recent study found that poor kids like @ochocinco was are more likely to be generous than rich kids.I love you guys...Good morning...Watching Dolphins & Jets, hoping the Dolphins put on a show in Wembley Stadium...
@AdrienBroner Salute...#Random I look too damn good for my exes not to miss me...I'm at the gas station on 119th tweeting instead of pumping gas... RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco im free. what you doing tonight?I need a job during the week due to boredom but Fox News said i wasn't qualified via email... 😔@BabyChaiel_85 @OchocincoJr @jicyraa_carter You guys remember me, it'd be nice to hang out once in a while -Dad-My kids don't want to hang w/ me anymore, every weekend it's an excuse, the bribery attempts don't even phucking work anymore...Listening to Marc Anthony pandora station sitting at the gas station on E because I have nothing better else to do until Broner fights...You ever show up & celebs house unannounced & they have no choice but to let you in, that shit is fun as hell...I'm going to stay w/ @rickyrozay in ATL for a few days & beat him in FIFA16...I paid my DirecTV bill & feel as though I accomplished a great feat...Not that you care but I do love you fuckers...Her feet are top 5 in the world she can do no wrong (this fact has no correlation to her movement)So many different opinions about Amber Rose's ___ walk up & down the timeline...You guys still up?Cause you haven't played #FIFA16KING RT @Fifagod_47: In other news I'm on an 18 win streak in FIFAI'm so bored...Narcos is the greatest telenovela ever.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLove each other, it's pretty easy...No love being shown today, everyone is arguing on the timeline about a particular movement...@MickyArison Boss is that your 3 level monstrosity docked across from triple A?@iamdiddy Play me in FIFA...Dawg whose Mega Yacht is docked adjacent to American Airlines Arena... 😳Any FIFA16 players live on south beach & feel like losing to me in your own home?Guess I'll pay DirecTV bill since Broner is fighting tonight...Chopped it up wit big bro @ochocinco yesterday fa bout two hours bout life and football
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonIf you have to get up & work for somebody else both can apply... RT @Stoner1Simpson: Is yall cheap or just broke?It's about to go down... (kevin hart voice), money looks better coming in than going out... RT @M_Norris9150: Followed @ochocinco to learn how to be on the #thefrugalteamListening to Prince 56 song greatest hits album feeling good, Marauder running like a Nascar now...I need Soul Food, guess I'll walk to People's in Overtown...Still at Midas... 😕Chelsea lost, just let Hazard & Diego Costa take over...Marcus Peters has been superb thus far, AJ Green has been phucking awesome, can't wait to see this battle tomorrow...Marcus Peters & AJ Green should be a historic matchup....RT @AdamSchefter: To make room on roster for new kicker Chad Johnson, Steelers officially have released kicker Josh Scobee.You must be a new follower, I lived this way my entire career... RT @joepete58: @ochocinco tough not being in the NFL huhRT @steelers: We have signed free agent K @ochocinco and released K Josh Scobee.'m wearing the same clothes from a few days ago feeling like @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#TheFrugalTeamNot using Uber, holidays are coming up & I started saving up in February...It's hot outside & there's no AC in the waiting room at Midas, 3 million of you nobody came to pick me up...Nobody came to pick me up!!!! pick me up from Midas, getting a tuneup & my brakes fixed, not sitting here for 2 hours...Still funny!!!! Starbucks for a 3rd time today & it's not noon yet...Ok...I love you...Good morning...
Goodnight & I love you...Please be safe tonight have fun responsibly...I sent this to the league office in NY. #Classic RT @Nat3_D_Yo: @ochocinco Chad Johnson's Rule No. 1059 2018 my touch & skill set w/ the soccer ball will be equivalent to Ronaldinho...If you're going out tonight please don't let anyone step on your shoes...#whodeyI want to spar w/ Floyd again...Random: I still haven't paid my DirecTV bill but have enjoyed using Netflix courtesy of my Xbox One...He'd lose just like he did when we played 1 on 1 in UCLA 's gym... RT @BasedPosh: @ochocinco You Play Kobe In FIFA Yet?
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