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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women and my Smart Car. Employed by @CBSSports

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Great fight...Bruh she gone... RT @VistaBoyQ: @eyeleenn nah she my girl bruh you better stop or the cfl team gunna release you. Ski bald bitchEmbrace, uplift & love please RT @CocaineNoHoney: @eyeleenn @ochocinco trash . Mine are actually real 😩😭 . Swerve with the slander bae 😘Let me see love πŸ‘€ RT @eyeleenn: @ochocinco trash.. Mine are better chad smh@Sammyy02K Call, text, page or email me.Different πŸ’― RT @Sammyy02K: @ochocinco http://t.co/6QQoTU1UitWAS RT @ViSneakerBoy: That’s my girl. RT @ochocinco: My mouth now 😍 RT @CocaineNoHoney: @ochocinco http://t.co/gg4p71NsQjCan you @ the person who disagreed please. RT @__wubirdsong: ion care what nobody say. @ochocinco fine ass hell@ochocinco took my husband to get his 1st pedicure today. He said "I can see why Chad gets this done weekly!" http://t.co/LoBFgCHHhN
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWandering aimlessly through Super Walmart perusing each aisle killing time until the Hopkins fight nears.I still need a Keurig‼️There's a glitch in twitter I'm assuming, I never block or unfollow people. RT @dierraaajw: @ochocinco isn't following me anymore 😨Give me your number then delete it RT @__suckMyuhhhhhh: I wanna delete my twitter bt @ochocinco just followed me , so ima keep it 😊HBO or Showtime RT @BlkSportsOnline: @ochocinco Bernard Hopkins. Also Quillen, Paulie M and Shawn Porter on Showtime@DJShan617 Shopping on Lincoln RdSo @ochocinco im gonna have 8 hrs to kill in South Beach next mon. Besides Joes, how else do you recommend I kill my time???? Hmmm...
Retweeted by Chad Johnson@BlkSportsOnline Who's fighting tonight?Taking the Ferrari, you can use it though. Watch the potholes. RT @GangstaAssKW: can I borrow your smart car while you are in Canada?Is the 1st Bayern-Madrid game in Spain? Wonder if my PO will be lenient with short notice.But all I do is preach LOVE each day. RT @goaldig_her: @ochocinco That was really nice.. not something i would expect from you.Yes, when I return in November RT @LiveReactWin: @ochocinco so now that you're on a team are you still gonna work at CBS?Try harder luv RT @ShaTheSniper: Doesn't work RT @ochocinco: Counter it with love RT @FeministaJones: I'm so damned tired of these assholes.Counter it with love RT @FeministaJones: I'm so damned tired of these assholes.Okay bet, got a 5 bedroom over there already set up RT @freestylesteve: lol.. over in Germany touring.. we coming to Montreal in julyWhat's up Steve RT @freestylesteve: @ochocinco YooooWhat a beautiful day to love without reason...I'm sorry RT @Gab_Dan: @ochocinco Started following u cause you're coming to Montreal but I don't understand any of you're tweets :)Your feet in your header though 😍😍😍 RT @Ra_Shia: Im boredWe'll make it happen RT @ZaynubJ: @ochocinco waiting on YOU #obviDope‼️RT @StayPiffed21: @ochocinco little YSL leopard print on deck. #shoefie tryna catch up to you big homie. http://t.co/rDfoAYzJDJYou rang? RT @SweetSundae_: I need some fun in my life 😩😩😩😩😩Waiting on you babe, how are you? RT @ZaynubJ: Where have you been @ochocinco ? 😏How the hell TMZ tell you something I've been preaching since high school RT @tampabay33: @ochocinco chad TmZ said you cant be faithfulSo are his pockets... 83 million RT @MAD_Loving_That: @ochocinco @Redray18 His eyes are to live for!!!!!Craig Sager should release his own line of Easter Sunday suits
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLadies did y'all follow my nephew @Redray18 He's trying to keep it low but he hit powerball for 83 million...Nice and simple 😍 RT @ildr3: Just for @ochocinco 😽 http://t.co/gAuoCzt2t4Bring them home, they'll wash and I'll dry... RT @RedBarbie69: Some of these hoes make my ass itch.... πŸ˜–#KAOIREASTER WEEKEND SALE Still Going Strong at http://t.co/EoQUzyM3D8 - Use Promocode: #KAOIREASTER for 15% OFF - http://t.co/PrHXUzDOrr
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonOne of if not thee fastest to ever play NFL football along with Willie Gault. RT @CaraJett: Do you remember James Jett? @ochocincoA big thank you to class3johnnie and dangelico_guitars for the newest addition to my family‼️Jimi… http://t.co/bdnokhPR6SJust practicing on my new guitar for the evening RT @PrinceHasani: @ochocinco Wattup boss. I'm back n da city. What u doing tonight?My mouth now 😍 RT @CocaineNoHoney: @ochocinco http://t.co/gg4p71NsQjDon't stress yourself trying to abide by society's rules, let that twat be great. RT @taskforcekilla_: @ochocinco you're a male whoreI don't have sides, everybody is part of the main dish RT @taskforcekilla_: why one of ur side pieces in mentions saying she know u bae?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ RT @xSailingSoulss: Stop messing with Tyrone and get you a chad πŸ˜‚πŸ’€Fool my grandma wig and hat game for church can't be seen. RT @ArmaniCoded: @ochocinco yo grandmas wig ain't seeing my grandma's wig Bruh.My grandma wig game is on point but nobody told her to try and fold my damn laundry‼️ http://t.co/De5sCHt0Hk@ochocinco brought all his kids the new KDs for Easter except one she got the new Jordan's bc she got a C in a class sucks to be her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonYes @newbirthmiami1 and here's the man himself @BishopVTCurry RT @Niki_Noche: @ochocinco do you go to church?RT if you're from Miami and took your chick to El Presidente off Okeechobee by the airport until you could afford a real room‼️While they talking just know I love you baby. RT @evry1luvsmani: My tl still talkin bout @ochocinco 😩😩😩My kids can't hoop but tomorrow is Easter, the black Jordan is punishment for my daughter who got a C‼️ http://t.co/K8W7pLydywIt's not rocket science bruh, the rules aren't for everybody. RT @TheFitGawd: You a genius breh @ochocincoHaircut is super dope RT @KingSeis: @ochocinco Find Her! http://t.co/08WvnpjkeBHope? You make time I spoil like a mofo this ain't a joke RT @uniquely_me88: LOL being giving all these twitter females hope! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚We are dating now, let them hate. RT @SheDidThat919: Dang, some people are really salty because @ochocinco followed me πŸ˜‚I only log off Xbox RT @StaxxFifth: Big little uncle @ochocinco u got the internet going nuts today...u logged out the game?SPAM RT @HoIyPuta: @ochocinco no homo but you fine af bruhI miss you love, where have you been? RT @MzBreezyy: @ochocinco act like a stranger πŸ˜’Thanks RT @Irisnicolex3: @ochocinco is so fine to me lolI date everybody though RT @PhillyTheBoss: Who someone dates really bother y’all. Lmfao @ochocinco. You cold. U broke a lot of hearts today.You can't be the man when you have bad credit boss. RT @Tripl3A: @ochocinco you the man out here bro.. ✊Tell the truth... RT @KingDD_: Fam, @ochocinco how do you keep all these wonderful ladies happy? LolWhat happen unc? RT @Tripl3A: Salute @ochocincoDone be sorry be careful & focus on women. RT @VO23: @ochocinco Hey. It's twitter. I can say and ask whatever I want. Sorry, Pimp.Meet me at the library baby RT @TheLushBanks: @ochocinco we need some quiet timeYou're a dude man why u care RT @VO23: I don't understand the big deal about @ochocinco I don't. I guess it ain't meant for me to understandLet me some minutes on my phone first RT @JusCallMeG: I miss you bae @ochocinco call meI love you and you're so curvy babe. RT @RayBeDolo: @ochocinco I love you...The issue is picking which one to take duh... RT @ChrissyNicole6: @ochocinco What's wrong with taking out your significant other?What I do boss? RT @Just_Bishop: Salute @ochocincoOh my you look good. I love you RT @lifecoachbrandi: @ochocinco good luck finding a woman if substance for your date tonight! LolSPAM RT @Khouring: @ochocinco let me eat your assAwesome RT @ufc: @ochocinco It's going to be a great fight! If @travisbrowneMMA wins tonight, he gets Cain Velasquez next! πŸ’ͺBrown RT @ufc: Huge fight tonight, Chad! Give us your fight pick for the main event. Wedrum or Browne? Who you got? http://t.co/tSsOoOlFhzI love everybody so I doubt they're mad... RT @24Librascales: @ochocinco my nigga why are these females so mad at u right now?@hazexkilla Well turn up then. You like cigars?@ochocinco plus since @joebudden won't be performing in Ft Lauderdale, I won't be meeting him tonight.. So My schedule freed up😌
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonUntil you see my credit score RT @Official_xSunny: @ochocinco is perfect I didn't have any Chapstick RT @MakeupMonae: @ochocinco but wouldn't kiss me in Miami. But look at you! πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘This is more of a counseling session RT @BeingAshleyC: @ochocinco lol. You're too much Chad.What's your info babe RT @kdaywins: Fly me out πŸ˜‚RT @ochocinco: I need a date for tonight.I love you RT @MakeupMonae: @ochocinco πŸ˜’I love you RT @YaniraCanary: @ochocinco πŸ˜’Like the Matrix: Red pill (fantasy) Blue pill (reality) RT @Luckie_London: @ochocinco @_missclaudiaa Sounds like a familiar conversation!I'll fly you here Lisa RT @lgreenwood15: I'd be happy to be your date!!! But I'm too far away!! Sure you have no problem finding a date!@BeingAshleyC What's your number?β€œ@ochocinco: I'm not in fucking high school, u make time I'm spoiling. Y'all still trying relationships ">>>> interesting outlook 😎 too cool
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI'm not in fucking high school, u make time I'm spoiling. Y'all still trying relationships RT @_missclaudiaa: but don't u have a girlfriendI need a date for tonight.Love you man RT @oghector: @ochocinco It certainly doesn't make it appropriate because it comes from a movie, Bro. Thanks for responding@oghector I apologize if you took offense to the Tropic Thunder movie reference.It's a movie reference RT @oghector: You shouldn't disrespect the disability community, Chad. It's outdated, offensive and disrespectful.I went full retard, never go full retard -Tropic Thunder- RT @AgustinInSF: @ochocinco What the heck is a Philapino??Thank you for the correction babe. RT @michaeladsantos: @ochocinco Filipino*, Chad.I'm half Mexican & Philapino RT @DerrieQueen: @ochocinco why are you soo sexy, my gawd!@ochocinco We get it! You're frugal, & simple, & don't care about brands.. but Lawd, let the Hobo phase be over already!
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonBleau De Chanel RT @USAtayy: @ochocinco nigga what cologne you wearin lolI look homeless and rugged but I smell good‼️
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