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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. Lover of possibilities. Believer in people. Indulges in imagineering.

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"Our plan is to create software & protocols enabling VR to reach the scale of today’s consumer internet" https://t.co/lPSWnv23BM
Retweeted by Om MalikIn the @guardian, I suggest getting mad at federal net-neutrality trend -- and doing something about it. http://t.co/CNFGRLx6XO
Retweeted by Om MalikYesterday's new buzzword was "post-text." Today's is "commercially unreasonable"
Retweeted by Om Malik@samgustin @KarlBode Sam who is this guy? Can you send his email to the web so experts can do his work for him. Seriously @FCC?FCC official: “I’m a lawyer, so I’m probably not good at [explaining things to consumers.]” So why are you on this press call?
Retweeted by Om MalikI confess I am not reassured by this statement from FCC chair Tom Wheeler about "protecting the open internet" http://t.co/23E7MBhZJj
Retweeted by Om MalikNow 2 battery drainers for the price of one. Facebook buys Moves app. For the record new Breeze App is better http://t.co/TWGYBpU0qB.@TomWheelerFCC define "commercially unreasonable" in a manner we average people can understand or quit using word-acrobatics #NetNeutralityHey @jsoltero congrats on Acompli launch https://t.co/AvsIByEPzx Also thanks for forgetting to give the heads up to me/team @gigaomWashington’s revolving door: Cellular lobby and FCC have traded leaders http://t.co/QomZwhG306@StarFire2258 the best way to do it -- write about it, get your politicians involved and put pressure on big tech giants. More in a postInvisible Walls http://t.co/3FnA7lhe9P"Style is not so much about clothes, it's more a discipline of life." - Oscar de la Renta via @FashionREDEF"Instead of calling its (@FCC) efforts net neutrality when they clearly aren’t, it should be honest" via @gigaom http://t.co/bbQJIYycRG"We can’t let ISPs operating in a duopoly just set the rules for us" @gigastacey cc @FCC http://t.co/bbQJIYycRG #NetNeutralityWhen it comes to net neutrality, either the FCC thinks we’re idiots, or it just doesn’t care! good one by @gigastacey http://t.co/bbQJIYycRGDegrees of Influence Peddling in China & U.S. Really great piece and we should add @FCC & @TomWheelerFCC to this too http://t.co/kuIexrixDr
@shorris i am pretty sure my friend @gigastacey will have one tomorrow - she is the smartest on this stuff.FCC plans to announce new rules tomorrow that will kill Net Neutrality. Here’s how to contact the FCC commissioners: http://t.co/58sotY0BSa
Retweeted by Om Malik@markpinc promise. I am going to drop you an email. Like me, you have time to make difference. Thanks Mark. #yourockDear @TomWheelerFCC plain question and appreciate a plain answer. Will you recuse yourself from all discussions regarding network neutrality@om @FCC should start with @TomWheelerFCC recusing himself from proceedings given his career as a lobbyist for the cable industry
Retweeted by Om Malik"There are reports that the FCC is gutting the Open Internet rule. They are flat out wrong." Statement from FCC. http://t.co/C7o8IuV9W7
Retweeted by Om Malik.@fmanjoo so @TomWheelerFCC is saying thst @WSJ @nytimes stories are flat out wrong? Can u confirm please?The three high-profile websites that recently launched all have pretty different philosophies, audiences, and business models.
Retweeted by Om Malik@kwerb explain to me how they are reasonable?@Joshmedia withhold giving money to any politicians and ask for their credentials on net neutrality/freedoms. Call your local politicians#myFCC NYT: The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally...looks all but dead. http://t.co/MQEaCzmgKx #netfreedom
Retweeted by Om MalikDear tech leaders if we don't defend net neutrality now it will all come and bite us in the back soon. please do whatever you can@pavanrajam there is future democratic candidates who will line up too.Dear @kwerb are you still defending @TomWheelerFCC whom you described as reasonable?Add it to the list of disappointments “@om: Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president http://t.co/ukHcVrHkLz (cc @BarackObama)”
Retweeted by Om MalikTime for Silicon Valley donators to @BarackObama to withhold their donations and demand a clear defense of net neutralityDear Silicon Valley leaders who donate to @BarackObama aka @markpinc @marissamayer how about chiming in on behalf of network neutrality?Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president http://t.co/0ch4st6MQg via @CNET from 2007 via @gruber (cc @BarackObama)@om threats to the threat to the neutrality internet to my mind are more scary at the tire1 level.
Retweeted by Om Malik@collegeitdept @FCC @TomWheelerFCC let's start by calling your local legislator and the press to argue about this cc @dangillmorI wonder when the news business will realize that what's going on with net neutrality is an existential threat to non-favored providers.
Retweeted by Om MalikIf ISPs can deliver some content faster, then they should also deliver the "advertised" speeds consistently. Don't you think? @TomWheelerFCCHey internet it is time for your to rally against @fcc and @TomWheelerFCC don't you think? Let's go, we need to speak up for net neutralityLook out, internet: the FCC’s latest “net neutrality” plan is hardly neutral http://t.co/TQ3B0RWNo8
Retweeted by Om MalikWith the FCC ignoring the principles of net neutrality it looks like I wasn't worried enough when i wrote this http://t.co/nH35Joji1t
Retweeted by Om Malik@om and who is the pal of the prez? Comcast's chief lobbyist, David Cohen #itschinatownjake
Retweeted by Om MalikWhy net neutrality is important for startups, innovation and future political donations #archive #2009 http://t.co/0C1A3hioHs@om @fcc @tomwheelerfcc but he told us he had no conflicts of interest
Retweeted by Om MalikWhat is @BarackObama going to say about net neutrality now? I mean he pushed for @TomWheelerFCC/lobbyist to be the @FCC big dog.“@susie_c: FCC chair Tom Wheeler http://t.co/ABOXw6rgmZ” and he's wireless too
Retweeted by Om MalikThe @TomWheelerFCC appointment as head of @FCC & eventually stab net neutrality in the heart is just another sign of complete DC corruptionOkay it is time to ask former cable industry lobbyist aka @fcc chairman @TomWheelerFCC to recuse himself from net neutrality discussions@hblodget @maxrogo I can't believe I just explained free markets to a forbes reporter.@maxrogo @hblodget there is a lot of options in the market & people have choices. Not they are forcing people to pay premium prices.m“@markkawano: We released some new features for @storehousehq today. Here's a great overview from @panzer http://t.co/99Vp3872Jz” congratsWe might be better off with the Tom Wheeler who wrote "Puss in Boots" as FCC chair instead of the Tom Wheeler who was a cable lobbyist.
Retweeted by Om Malik@hblodget investment advisors whose only job is shuffling stuff thinks 4 percent revenue boost for a mega billion co isn't enough. Ironic!.@om last year on Angela Ahrendts, who is formally joining Apple next week: http://t.co/oR99Isj54U
Retweeted by Om MalikMmmmmm chips!!!!!! So PowerFUL http://t.co/1yat1FLvS7@helena why not?@iseequ also being a long time valley writer, I developed a little armor of skepticism when it comes to a few companies.@iseequ science to reality are two different scenarios. They have been talking for a while, not much independent verification.On the new TheUpshot: "I will keep reading for a few weeks, only to see if it really is worth it" http://t.co/NZ0PwxM6WqSomething seriously messed up with @Pocket today - errors galore!Frequent Liars Club http://t.co/qaAHLuUkMX & my 9 other must read stories. http://t.co/8mH7al7VpZ"The great players have great mental focus, but they are not uptight" #quote http://t.co/ewm20wOFPoIts Indie Time by @docsearls http://t.co/Y6NhqPEDFk and my 9 other must read stories. http://t.co/FcVf3eVawSYou should subscribe to my pal @jdalrymple The Loop Magazine. It is worth the price. https://t.co/zlUUcfsujRBuy This Dip? in tech... http://t.co/mFNYCKv8wj and my 9 other must read stories. http://t.co/K5hIKW2k6E http://t.co/zjmkCmHQOCWait WUT by @naveen http://t.co/y0RqCeg3kf and my 9 other must read stories. http://t.co/f4YQLB0nSAThe golden era of fashion blogging is over http://t.co/WNlqvnWaAR & my 9 other must read stories. http://t.co/FIqPlaWnPy@aweissman when you are playing flappy birds, what else are you doing? Reading the New Yorker. ;-) If you are, then you are a true superheroStartup Qnovo emerges with algorithms & silicon to make batteries better by @katiefehren http://t.co/TCmzO3HvD4 via @gigaomThe Dish Network & Artemis (pCell) partnership is like the marriage of Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson: a farce http://t.co/T1Y9yOvDtERelaxed Focus http://t.co/GFmSXMm0gYHalf a billion people are now regular active @WhatsApp users & share 700 million photos & 100 million videos daily http://t.co/edZ3TGd71MWhat I am reading today http://t.co/fnfvZ3AlEaThis piece about tech/valuations by @AnnieLowrey http://t.co/vbsanf45wM misses larger context http://t.co/3oQfojWxUP & the cyclical shiftThe Global Unicorns Universe is a must read to get a sense of post-2000 startup landscape + big winners http://t.co/qOa8K9tIEvYikes! Pure Storage rakes in $225M in new funding, for reported $3B+ valuation http://t.co/hmy5vIeDBX via @gigaom
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Forty-Four Years of Earth Day featuring @darlin http://t.co/qfOieoI7ydQuick thoughts about The Upshot http://t.co/I8fODJ8UnOSome thoughts about the new The Upshot http://t.co/Ng7qfNpjVV@paleofuture @mathewi it's Vox so it must be explanatory, not accurate.@jbrodkin dude it is scott moritz. he has been missing the story for a decade nowMy former boss @dchurbuck is angry about all the spam he is getting on LinkedIn. Oh boy! http://t.co/NtaZynEozO
Walking on the wild side! Just another evening in San Francisco #california #photooftheday @ The San… http://t.co/h9mRyvNAuHCouldn't be any prouder of @rsarver than I am right now #BostonStrong http://t.co/SfU88dujr6
Retweeted by Om Malik@rsarver congrats dude. Good work and way cool way to show the city you love so much.@bijan nice work. Proud of you my friend - a photo would be nice though :)An Indian, an Ozzie and a Texan walk into a coffee shop, smiling! You won't believe what happens next.… http://t.co/pJNxFrKDrT@davepell in your case procrastination = editing. #justsaying@EvelynRusli don't have enough data or insights to contribute. Some folks with British accent were complainingOH @Sightglass "so much of the VC blogging is marketing and posturing. So little in terms of actual help." #opportunity"User experience is your business plan" @aral on why experiences matter more than features. http://t.co/EYCGBMweT1 #design #awesomeOn Twitter Usage http://t.co/PrwDr3057yHere is a correction for the @Twitter usage via @comScore. Too short for tweeting. Linked. http://t.co/JFAhIjEtfC.@comscore @twitter Actually it is "Twitter reached 91.5 mn monthly unique visitors in March" Not MAU. My bad. http://t.co/z0sbhYtVwf@comscore it is from Goldman Sachs report from this morning based on your data. see graphic."We make the whole widget" Steve Jobs. http://t.co/UjVTHqBgJm@aral I always enjoy your videos. Fun and thought provoking.According to @comScore, @Twitter had 91.5 million monthly active users in Mar'14 up +216% yoy vs Feb 2014 43.2mn MAUs http://t.co/SlafdbHOchMobile time spent on Twitter reached 9.9bn total minutes in March according to comScore, growing 54% yoy - @comscore http://t.co/MdRPfYYFUL
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