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I invest in internet companies at Venrock, still wish I was a rock star, and have way too many hobbies.

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@BenedictEvans I'm not making a pricing judgement physical goods, only digital ones.Amazon's data proves ebooks are elastic. Lower prices leads to 74% more readers and 16% more revenue. http://t.co/1CWwJyAZZT
@robgo @Venrock @miketyrrell @NickBeim @aaronwhite Thanks Rob! And to you too!@vacanti Thanks Vin!@shaig @Venrock @NickBeim thanks shai!Venrock 7, Looking Back and Forward by @BRobertsVC http://t.co/dMpuq41KuR@jondick @TechCrunch thanks Jon!@peterpham @DollarShaveClub thanks Peter! Would love to!Venrock 7 http://t.co/Ki9KxOOdhmVenrock Closes $450 Million Seventh Fund To Invest In Tech And Healthcare Startups http://t.co/heNsnOLbT9 by @ryanlawler
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Ad Analytics And Targeting Company Dstillery Raises $24M More For Mobile Growth http://t.co/k1tIvz1upl via @techcrunch
Happy Birthday Geddy Lee! http://t.co/vWHzIonstT
Retweeted by David PakmanIt's an attention economy, folks. [long TWTR] “@TwitterIR: Q2’14 timeline views reached 173 billion, up 15% y/y. #TWTRearningsCloudFlare’s Matthew Prince: Building A Better Internet http://t.co/BNgLcxzg0S
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Congrats to @glassruss and team! LinkedIn Will Acquire Business Marketing Company Bizo... http://t.co/L2lshtdN9E http://t.co/omCS48TDu4This is amazing to watch. 853 peers currently sharing #piracycrusade on BitTorrent & Amazon sales keep climbing. http://t.co/8G8tbGvlfp
Retweeted by David Pakman@RichBTIG standalone, I believeFantastic progress. Sorted Food, a Cooking Channel, Is a YouTube Hit, via @nytimes http://t.co/5QsbTxws6G
"Of the nearly 400 air carriers authorized to fly in the US since 1978, just 68 are currently flying." (paywall) http://t.co/DCGAO2qAh9My first time sharing a @buzzfeed post and no it's not a list/quiz. Why Fox Wants Harry Potter & Not Anderson Cooper http://t.co/zEAUIBbhx0@tedesign #unintendedconsequencesGoogle's #Gmail Promotions Tab inbox change has chopped 10% revenue off many #ecommerce companies, according to CEO of prominent etailer.
1 Million Net Neutrality Comments Filed, But Will They Matter? @npr http://t.co/36LKsVqozxBud Selig Still Hoping To See Game At Every Major League Baseball Stadium http://t.co/VkK59gUldS http://t.co/1D7qqlTGPg
Retweeted by David PakmanAmazon's Cloud Is One of the Fastest-Growing Software Businesses in History http://t.co/sgfBfaby70 http://t.co/MLmHVAhhTt
Retweeted by David PakmanGreat band, @stlucianewyork. Man, they pay a huge debt of gratitude to @tearsforfears. /cc @curtsmith @rolandtff https://t.co/AHKFMy4eg4
Report: On Amazon, self-published authors earn more royalties than all "big five" authors combined http://t.co/KHsYggqvnQ via @pandodaily
Retweeted by David PakmanTypical NY. Captive to incumbents instead of startups. "New York To Bitcoin Startups: Get Permission Or Get Out" http://t.co/n6FNFLCAgjThis is cool. Start with DD-WRT? "Calling All Hackers: Help Us Build an Open Wireless Router" https://t.co/rqju9GGSf6 via @EFF@aweissman Loved 'Berlin Nights'. Fully transported me.
Here is the actual reason for @netflix/@verizonfios congestion. #verizon refuses to buy a few more router nic cards http://t.co/NMLCyuul7S
@kwhitehouse wow, that is vintageInnovation without permission has driven the internet for 20 years. Why stop now? Please read. http://t.co/cYxWMX2AAu@kwhitehouse I was going to tweet to all the reporters that this is not the first attempt at IBM/Apple partnership. Few remember...There is still time to comment on the FCC's new net neutrality rules. This is critical. Pls comment http://t.co/aw1pDOpSR8
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Shouldn't @Uber require all drivers to use a traffic-aware navigation app? Seems better for everyone, no?@mlevchin so few of VCs portfolios have profit/tax, so not sure tax breaks are all that meaningful.
Commerce sites should take note of @soulcycle. It's fast and simple to purchase (bulk packs) then fun to book a bike and choose your seat.
Retweeted by David PakmanState of Bitcoin Q2 2014 by @coindesk 63K businesses now accept #bitcoin, 5.3M wallets #cryptocurrency http://t.co/C5X5Jb3R7l@sawickipedia @aweissman Flip side...how much longer until 99.9% of traders are either macro or HFT...no one cares about co's anymore?Fantastic reminder - stock prices are disconnected from actual companies. “Low Frequency Disclosure” by @rettwallace https://t.co/dTVFZnbbkj
Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed, via @nytimes http://t.co/igIyV3GMHM
@graubart @midlifemixtape genius.The irresponsible unsolicited 11-lb #restorationhardware catalog provided a recycling teachable moment for my kids. http://t.co/t3l6hDUYLB
As a young drummer, I remember learning that @davewecklmusic practices 8 hours a day. It shows. #drummerporn #omg https://t.co/wV8rJp7OgE
A catalog of bold skeptical assertions about Bitcoin http://t.co/tNzYUWf9uG
Retweeted by David PakmanPoignant and fantastic. 794 Ways in Which BuzzFeed Reminds Us of Impending Death, via @nytimes http://t.co/8Zq2blqaKE
"although we tend to share happiness only of people we are close to, we are willing to join in the rage of strangers" http://t.co/wSk5oeo3hJ
I heard a younger child the other day say "#2 pencil" as "hashtag two pencil".
Retweeted by David PakmanA true gift to late night talk show hosts. "Cheney’s Back, Blitzing Rivals and Drawing Scorn", via @nytimes http://t.co/R6GdQXGMSN
@mathewi @BenedictEvans when shrinking industries raise prices, you know they are protectionist not progressive.@BenedictEvans @mathewi I believe ebooks elastic. Lower prices = more sales. AMZN won't drive prices to 0, but wants them lower than print.Yup “@mathewi: My thesis: "If you love books then you should be rooting for Amazon, not Hachette or the Big Five" http://t.co/4J94g3cYdn
@DTV_Sports Hard to plug those things in on trains, in the office, and at the beach. #wowdidn'tknowyouguysarekindofjerks@DTV_Sports Completely annoying that you and @espn won't allow me to stream #Wimbledon online or in an app. #youbothsuck#Aereo email sounds like they are pushing for legislation 2 make them legal? Tough fight against broadcast lobby. http://t.co/F5bnTHegBCOur "tech friendly" pres...again: White House poised to name patent reform opponent as new head of Patent Office http://t.co/uuHZOAvp2l
Retweeted by David PakmanGM has recalled 29M cars so far this year. To put this in perspective, they sell fewer than 10M cars a year. http://t.co/gAeMVBrhHy
@NYSEandG Your website is down. Do you have an ETA as to when it will be fixed?
This Bloomberg article captures how Jill Lepore lost her way in her @NewYorker story about disruptive innovation http://t.co/UBlsw1iJL1
Retweeted by David PakmanWithout Aereo, How Will Traditional TV Be Disrupted? http://t.co/WNKWg9NfSe
We lost but somehow advanced. I feel like a hedge fund.
Retweeted by David Pakman@pkafka TV Somewhere@pkafka Yup, found out the hard way no ESPN online for DirecTV subs. (So no WorldCup or Wimbledon streaming for me.)50k people will attend League of Legends Game Championship in Korean Stadium, via @nytimes http://t.co/4S67IDIdgY
@abenomixx @pkafka @mathewi Even ATT/DirecTV believe the upward pressure on bundle economics not sustainable.@abenomixx @pkafka @mathewi I think Peter's piece was more nuanced than that...industries respond well to forcing functions.Spot on, by @pkafka. "Why Aereo's loss hurts the TV Industrial Complex in the long run" http://t.co/hh3tQgw8js@sawickipedia well said.@sawickipedia still reading opinion but so far it reads like "too clever a hack to get around rules". But clever isn't illegal.@sawickipedia agree. Copyright lobby very strong and, despite Betamax and CableVision rulings, SCOTUS very hard to predict.@pakman we should thank those who invested. Legally riskiest media/tech investment I can think of… fighting the good fight.
Retweeted by David Pakman@innonate Indeed. There are amazing investors out there willing to take binary legal risk around copyright law. Scary stuff, but important!@vanityman I am not a copyright lawyer. Don't feel I have the domain expertise to say whether the SCOTUS got a copyright law question right.And that's that. #Aereo loses 6-3 by #SCOTUS. $97M invested, according to Crunchbase. Yikes. http://t.co/3E1JwvSIlb@BenedictEvans I presume GOOG play $ growth rate higher than iOS App Store?Wow. Incredible images. @verge: Fake propaganda posters hype the new Hunger Games film http://t.co/Tseg5qdPYM http://t.co/FLVIQNVOMXGoogle Play App Store will do $9B in sales this year, $2B to Google. http://t.co/AgyX7gy0j0Congrats, @whiteops. Important company. "A Start-Up With a Way to Filter Botnet Traffic Gets Funding" http://t.co/2hHWnjWgqP@aweissman sometimes, just because you can do something, you still shouldn't. Really short-sighted, IMO.Is it really worth it for @YouTube to pay indies less? So silly. "Indie Music’s Digital Drag", via @nytimes http://t.co/1SZil5ayFX
Grand Rounds Raises $40 Million To Ensure The Best Doctor Will See You Now http://t.co/ROEUiqmhDp by @jshieber
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@jimstoneham awesome jim. Amazing how makeymakey and arduino change everything.NBD. zampak demonstrates his virtual drumset built at #makers camp. #ofcourseitworks #makeymakeyhttp://t.co/s7f2nEaGMJ
@daringfireball not as currently configured. Not enough radios in AppleTV. Only speaks wifi.
@MrPerrett The article makes clear I favor publishers lowering wholesale prices, thus no retailers sell at a loss and all retailers benefit,Sure sounds good, but the data shows otherwise. http://t.co/lzz9tRw5OI “@sama: fred wilson: "too much money will kill you" #startupschool@MrPerrett since there is no costs to selling ebooks, why don't all retailers benefit from lower wholesale prices?Amazon vs. Hachette: The Battle for the Future of Publishing http://t.co/263JZ5M1Vm9/It's hard to stay in tech for any period of time and not get good at rapid adaptation, skill acquisition... and new product creation.
Retweeted by David PakmanJuxtaposition: We have Jill Lepore's denial of disruption http://t.co/joYdpOEiI7 & @cshirky's reminder of reality http://t.co/zz2wVDvGNy
Please welcome my @Venrock partner @dougdooley to the world of blogging. "How to Become a Venture Capitalist" #VC http://t.co/cEsT4HSf51
My guess is Jimmy Iovine makes a run at being CEO within 2 years. "Tim Cook, Making Apple His Own" via @nytimes http://t.co/dJIebSzWyr
Uber sign-ups 'increase 850%' as black cab drivers stage London taxi protest http://t.co/9XbxtYvPDa
Retweeted by David Pakman@jonathanglick maybe unionization efforts, like at Amazon?Very few tech startups cause mass protests. #signal “@Recode: Uber Protest Threatens European Gridlock / http://t.co/IDrZklT9IkThe probabilities that somebody (or some people) win Powerball. http://t.co/xpYwX9yLVs http://t.co/tEShCeCvSu
Retweeted by David PakmanRemember, there will not be a Minecraft PC snapshot this week. If you eat up all your greens & hug your parents, you might get one next week
Retweeted by David Pakman
Desperate Barnes & Noble To Give Unlimited Free Tablets To Anyone Who Walks In Store http://t.co/jz6jf1f9Ac http://t.co/dbDBaxjcyN
Retweeted by David PakmanGreat hire. “@VentureBeat: Oculus VR hires Crash Bandicoot co-creator Jason Rubin as game studio chief http://t.co/eT2U1ioPGW by @deantak
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