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phil tomson @philtor Beaverton, OR

Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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World's Dumbest Idea: Taxing Solar Energy....Yet it is happening, we must FIGHT THE STUPID http://t.co/6esHYIl9n3
Retweeted by phil tomsonNike getting out of the wearable hardware business? A shame: The Fuelband is still one of my favorite fitness bands. http://t.co/n7GMCQW1J1
Retweeted by phil tomsonNike reportedly abandons the FuelBand and lays off its hardware division http://t.co/AhJY7WFaKE
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@mjambontech I would be, but not interested in living in the Bay Area again.The CUDF solver farm is up and running! Dependency solving on the Cloud is a reality :-) http://t.co/du78GzUWCN #cudf #mancoosi #opam #ocaml
Retweeted by phil tomsonThe peculiar worthlessness of Yahoo http://t.co/WnJJJ02h8w
Retweeted by phil tomson@scotmcknight (as in getting NATO to send boots on the ground)@scotmcknight ie. it's possible they're trying to get the West involved on Ukraine's side against Russia.@scotmcknight If true this is awful. However, one wonders if this is some psychological warfare put out by the Ukraine side.The open source movement is making its way into agriculture! http://t.co/d8eZuccs8x
Retweeted by phil tomsonAh crap, we've been spotted. Leg it! #avoidsuccess http://t.co/vVdwp4ZOaA
Retweeted by phil tomsonOk, maybe they should put a cover over the Mt. Tabor Reservoir....cheery.Someone from the Economist on NPR just enumerated the options as he sees them RE Putin's Ukraine adventures 1. NATO dissolves, or 2. WWIIIPlant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds' http://t.co/5cWgPhBgjY
Retweeted by phil tomsonThe Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Chile today, and in the 70s :) http://t.co/zT6padJ5ZB
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The bridge has been named: http://t.co/184NVvFPh0 Tilikum CrossingEven with @googlefiber, some things are still done the old fashioned way. http://t.co/XQtgrsxD7Q
Retweeted by phil tomson5 reasons not to buy Google Glass tomorrow: 1. It's $1,500 2. It's $1,500 3. It's $1,500 4. It's $1,500 5. It's $1,500
Retweeted by phil tomsonIncome Inequality Institute Will Pay Paul Krugman $25,000 Per Month http://t.co/KAFeeiVUJE :(
Retweeted by phil tomsonWonder how long the free-pizza-at-usergroup-meetings-paid-for-by-recruiters thing will last? Are we in a free pizza bubble?Coq proof assistant system selected as recipient of the 2013 ACM Software system Award http://t.co/GIdCqbHezW
Retweeted by phil tomsonI was doing Functional Reactive Programming 20 years ago in VHDL, but just didn't realize it.@psnively the avoidance of grains & legumes during Passover seems more for symbolism than for health.@psnively ...so I disagree with the Paleo folks on that point.@psnively also, I don't think that grains or legumes are unhealthy (especially if the grains are whole) in moderation...@psnively As I understand it, the no grains or legumes part is only in effect during Passover week, right?So the passover diet is kind of like the paleo diet (no grains or legumes) minus pork.Oh, OSCON starts on a Sunday this year with a day of tutorials. So Sunday - Thursday instead of Monday-Friday. That's different.A Guide to Extension Points in OCaml http://t.co/Frbmd45ceb
Retweeted by phil tomsonYou’re Not As Busy As You Say You Are http://t.co/Td4pXap9DJSolar's 'insane' price drop http://t.co/VJ2Ct7iMzJ
Retweeted by phil tomsonSprouted rye loaves just out of oven. Now supposed to wait at least 6 hrs before slicing. #slowfood http://t.co/1jsa5p9rvrAmazing series: Journey Into Information Theory: https://t.co/zt4MAmwj2L Writing to telegraphs to Markov chains to SETI by @Artoftheproblem!
Retweeted by phil tomsonPuppet Labs moving to Clojure: http://t.co/004X1ipJkM
I'm reading this paper from MS Research on Coq x86 assembly. So nerdy and awesome. https://t.co/n05IRkxIae
Retweeted by phil tomsonNow you can use an SMT solver in the cloud with opam: http://t.co/WD545gPYcA #ocamlThe dough for this sourdough sprouted rye bread has a wonderful fresh smell. Interesting given that some of it has been sitting out for daysMaking Eurostyle sourdough sprouted rye bread from the Tartine Bread book. This recipe takes many days.Will finally go in the oven tomorrow.
IRS can now seize your tax refund to pay a relative's debt http://t.co/ndU34LJBOqKeep Portland... average? Top 10 most average states in the U.S. http://t.co/LQNlWQQyNT
Retweeted by phil tomsonat #pdxfunc at Urban Airship
Every day this week days is gonna be the same backwards: 4/13/14 4/14/14 4/15/14 4/16/14 4/17/14 4/18/14 4/19/14
Retweeted by phil tomsonBrilliant. This is why tech leadership has to do it's own recruiting. There's very little alternative. http://t.co/0IwoQ61csQ // @korch
Retweeted by phil tomson@built I think somebody called the cops on Jesus a couple thousand years ago too, right?Why Playful Learning Is The Key To Prosperity http://t.co/Qa1xgLJQWOFocus means saying no, not saying yes. If you spread yourself out over too many things, none of them will be great—Greg Joswiak, Apple
Retweeted by phil tomson@built in 2010, 2011. Probably lower now?
@sarahkendzior more drugs to push. more $$ for big pharma.Childhood daydreaming is now a medical disorder http://t.co/JsQmgq87UC
Retweeted by phil tomsonThe soothing sounds of Michael Feathers' code. Snippets of Programming Audio Book, Movement I in F# Minor https://t.co/n85ie4gdYv
Retweeted by phil tomson...just another reason I prefer Linux.Was helping @KristinWT download some HAM radio drivers for her mac. OSX package installation is so strange: "Drop something here" it says...The js_of_ocaml 2.0 release now has enough smarts to link the whole OCaml compiler, camlp4 and Lwt into the browser; http://t.co/69Hhpah7g0
Retweeted by phil tomsonApple acquires hydroelectric project near its Prineville data center http://t.co/oUUVbGsw0Q
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@hoverbird Containers all the way down.@built Do you want to be the first to move us into a less hidden future? Tweet your credit card #.Don't drive much anymore. Had to drive down to Tualatin just now. It's a traffic disaster even in the middle of the day.The fact that Heartbleed has it's own logo makes me feel like I'm living in a Neal Stephenson novel.
Retweeted by phil tomsonJs_of_Ocaml 2.0 is out: Jerome Vouillons's amazing #OCaml to #Js compiler makes a quantum leap http://t.co/A6sdB9HQeX #irill @planet_ocaml
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@sarahsharp did you move to a different Intel group?@RELEVANT Trader Joe's has their own Sriracha clone.@built "YMT Vacations has been issued a license by the Dept of The Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control authorizing travel to Cuba"@built ..though that Cuba vacation looks waayyy overpriced.@built We can apparently go if we follow certain rules and go with "approved" agency http://t.co/Lfq6S0JBGz@built Definitely. I recently saw a travel agency offering Cuba tours, so apparently the travel restriction is less restrictive now.@avsm tried that, I get: [ERROR] iocamljs is not a valid versioned package name 'opam install iocamljs' failed. (did an opam update prior)@evilkid @whitequark try 'opam install iocamljs' too -- it's absolutely incredible. Full ocaml compiler+camlp4+lwt+ocamlfind in javascript
Retweeted by phil tomsonWe're in a Cuban Message Crisis http://t.co/m8Dax4p1sC@isaac32767 it's open source code. Plenty of eyes on it. It was only "glaring" (obvious) after discovered.
@isaac32767 perhaps a static analysis tool could'be found it, but why not use a language where such tools aren't needed?@isaac32767 to address your original question, many of these pointer issues aren't so obvious...@isaac32767 there's a large class of languages that don't let you manipulate raw pointers and thus would not allow this to happen.@isaac32767 sure, but as I understand it this is a buffer overflow exploit. Raw pointers enable this kind of thing...Perhaps ironically, live tracking of every large ship on Earth lets me follow the #MH370 search teams live at sea http://t.co/WV6Rk2wesG
Retweeted by phil tomsonIf a pedestrian took up as much space as a car...it would look like this: http://t.co/Cfz2eVQt5r h/t @thehappycity http://t.co/IbUOtswQGR
Retweeted by phil tomson@isaac32767 There are languages that would have made that sort of mistake much more difficult to make.Maybe Heartbleed will finally be the wake-up call to start using typesafe languages for critical code?This is what a Porcupinefish looks like. http://t.co/TtC1oPUcZt
Retweeted by phil tomson@built So now Smart Car owners will have to have little "horse loops" embedded in the sidewalk to hitch their cars to.I seem to be getting occasional glimpses of new versions of twitter that don't quit work right. Reload makes them go away. Mysterious.The more we learn about #Heartbleed, the gaping web security flaw, the grimmer it gets. 5 facts you should know: http://t.co/xKiYqV1CHR
Retweeted by phil tomsonCondi Rice joining Dropbox board: African-American, female, super-successful, yet conservative, Republican, nat'l sec. Get out the popcorn!
Retweeted by phil tomsonWunderlist is the only service I use that has sent an email about how they fixed the heartbleed bug & advises to change password.
Mind-blowing introduction to the Wolfram Language. Incredible! https://t.co/GxyrU8RnEl
Retweeted by phil tomsonYou know who's going to be mad if everyone revokes their certs and starts again? The NSA.
Retweeted by phil tomson#dreaming SSL implementation written in a language with automatic bounds checks... http://t.co/5GM72kIhyE #ocaml https://t.co/TMgqalnj9t :)
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Violet season. http://t.co/CtXHxxfnnHLatest blog post: A Plan for Funemployment http://t.co/qLYXTpowzTNice bike ride this morning to run some errands.
Respect. http://t.co/cbdllGWOlA
Retweeted by phil tomsonThe Hypocrisy Of Sam Yagan and OkCupid http://t.co/CS36epB5JU
Retweeted by phil tomson@beardonabike Yes, why does it have to be so awkward? Sometimes you feel like the pastor is thinking: "Yes! New recruits!"
Modern C++: What You Need to Know http://t.co/9Z4T7xiYUe Counter-intuitive analysis of lists vs arrays for insertion at ~48 minutes in.April Deli Special -- FREE Hummus! Receive a FREE side of hummus when you purchase any sandwich or kabob dish... http://t.co/lPJtOWOvXi
Retweeted by phil tomsonBlog post: Is a Super El Nino Coming Next Winter?: There are increasing reports in the media of the potential ... http://t.co/M3h6RUWMzL
Retweeted by phil tomsonEase at Work talk by Kent Beck http://t.co/7w22lJIqQlNASA's About To Release a Rocket Load of Free Software http://t.co/bWGG3AIenS
@velvetackbar I find the world a deeply nuanced place and have difficulty assigning blanket judgement w/o comprehensive understanding.
Retweeted by phil tomsonWhy Incentives Don't Actually Motivate People To Do Better Work http://t.co/yzcapbs6w7 via @bi_strategy
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