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Graphic designer. Photographer. Mac technician. Employed but employable.

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Yosemite going on the primary MacBook... TRIM Enabler 3 best do it's thing and disable that whole kext signing nonsense.Well played that man. http://t.co/ioCk1xPIPQ
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.@Gordon_Keenan BASTARDS!@Gordon_Keenan Yeah... good isn't it? Just so they can sit on the profit for a few days and earn more money out of a refund.Yep. it's still in Alpha, and there's still quite a few things wrong with it, but #EvolveOS is great.So a shop can take money from my account in a few seconds, but a refund takes '2-3 working days'. Why? Why not refund it RIGHT NOW?
@Gordon_Keenan appears at the centre of the screen now, not a drop down…@Gordon_Keenan was spotlight disabled before? You might have to re-enable, and not wanting to sound like an utter plank, the search box 1/2@Gordon_Keenan don’t think so… not seen that before! Was this an upgrade or a clean install?@Gordon_Keenan but you’ll have to google that because I can’t remember it. It involves modifying launcd.@Gordon_Keenan you’ll have to elaborate on high mouse? Are you trying to turn spotlight off? There’s a terminal command to disable.@Gordon_Keenan and connecting to AD with SMB2, still broken. Weekend project is install on 3rd party SSD with TRIM. Should be fun.#yosemite. I like it. I thought I didn’t, but I like the new UI. Still full of crap I’ll not use but generally, it’s good.It's not the fist time Apple stole something and passed it off as an invention. Alfred. Spotlight. Go fish.We think our Yosemite v1.0 looks pretty good @YosemiteNPS #California http://t.co/TU4dFSzot1
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.I'm just going to hard reboot this f***ing thing in a moment. I've got a backup...@Gordon_Keenan How much RAM you got in the MBP's? When I was testing the Betas, the 2GB required minimum was absolutely NOT enough. 4GB fine@Gordon_Keenan But my macbook that's running Beta 6 is flying along... no rhyme/reason. Yours are probably just spotlight indexing.@Gordon_Keenan You've managed to install it? Wow. Lucky you. My iMac has had a black progress bar showing half-done for about an hour now.Woo. Grey screen. half and black progress bar. Looking slick there #YosemiteClassic "less than a minute remaining"... been there at least 20 mins now. #YosemiteProblemsInstalling 10.10 on my main machine. I know this is probably a dumb idea. Always wait for the X.1. ALWAYS. Do I learn? No.It seems that Apple finally fixed iCal (or Calendar as they call it now). Day view is more or less like it was 5 years ago. Winning!Reading #YosemiteProblems feed. Looks like I'm not missing out on anything #Leave_It_A_WeekSo, if you're on Beta 3, you need to install beta 4,5,6... then maybe I can have the full #Yosemite?And I wonder if they fixed the bug with TRIM, well, it's not a bug per se, but will break your day if you have an SSD and install #YosemiteSo Apple launched some things. I wonder if they fixed all of the broken things, like SMB2? #10.10
We launched a Kickstarter to print 3 wonderful decks of cards designed by @jessicahische @anotherny & @alonzofelix. https://t.co/MClvrTZANt
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Absolutely loving trying out the #EvolveOS alpha-4. Cannot wait for this thing to go deployment ready.Hmm. 10.10 Yosemite. If you've got less than 8GB RAM, don't bother. You need 8, but will be happy with 16.
Is it me, or is the Design Observer makeover something of a retrograde step?
Just as I was starting to feel better, I'm get dragged back into another forced marriage with the common cold.
It's quite nice being back in the darkroom, especially as I have my own personal stash of Seagul FB - although it's getting a little thin😮Student: It's a bit dark in here... Me: Yes, it is. That's why they call it a "darkroom"...Mandaponium. That's manic pandemonium.
I agreed with the experts 16 times out of 20 on the @FastCompany Design Sense Quiz. Can you beat me? http://t.co/MCTaW4VaR3
Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again. http://t.co/r0l9rhK4eB #damngoodcoffee
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Just how does the dentist get so behind by 10am. I have to get to work... Damnit!
This. http://t.co/mbwWAPbYKD
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.@paper_smiths @offscreenmag happy days. I'll be in for a copy when you're open. Missed your pop up shop, sadly.Man alive. iOS 8 on a iPad mini (1st gen) is going from a MacBook Pro with an SSD to a G3 PowerBook. Everything is just so bastard slow!
@FaberBooks @HUCKmagazine The LWL book is worth the RT alone, let alone all the rest.
@offscreenmag I hope @paper_smiths will be stocking your magazine, but they're not open yet. (hands sweating in anticipation though).@BBC_TopGear looks like someone put a Kia Soul on Human Growth HormoneWhat? Monument Valley posters with @offscreenmag issue 9? I need a UK stockist.“@HuffPostUK: Wow. Wonga writes off debts for 330,000 customers: http://t.co/rehF3VrqST http://t.co/mmOlT6mzcX” GUTTED!Windows 10. "The best Windows yet"... because it's like Windows 7? You don't have to use Google to find out how to shut it down? Enlighten.
@AnthonyOram scratch that... ~/Library/Preferences/com.google.Chrome.plist delete that, open Chrome again.@AnthonyOram Smartarse answer: Firefox. Clever answer: delete your chrome profile in ~/Library/chromeBBC 'blocks' removed from the side of TC1 at Television Centre. (via @standardnews) >> http://t.co/mu3m5JkkvB http://t.co/NuuSuMU9ji
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Oh. Just signed into @Rdio and all my stuff is gone. Playlists, Shazam tracks, history... all gone. Hello @SpotifyWhoever is posting these pictures around #kensingtonmarket is brilliant @PicardTips @doctorow @gggg http://t.co/tyQZTbcwSX
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Wow! The advertised product does something other products do not. Extraordinary.
I nearly choked on my smoked salmon! http://t.co/1hj77etwKn
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Some people's demands are just so extraordinary, you can only laugh. In their faces.How could I, the over-caffeinated worker that I am, not know that it is #InternationalCoffeeDay ? I must brew another pot to celebrate.
Been getting my craft on. Happy face.Nice! Bbc2. The Island at the Top of the World. It’s like a precursor to Thor.
How the hell do you turn off these dappy emoji in iOS 8? #featuresyoudontwant #makeitstop
@IanAMartin if you have a 4S, I really wouldn't bother. It's horribly laggy!Well iOS8 on a 4S sucks slow laggy arse. And that new predictive keyboard? That got turned off right away. Nice new wallpaper though.
Problems get solved quicker if I am left alone to solve them. #constant #interruptions
@SJSteele http://t.co/9jy1mg43Xx
Like Fonts? Like Fables? Then you're going to love this... http://t.co/0yIrr88XGt Google fonts and Upslash images, and some Æsop“@mediaguardian: Guardian launches new three-tier membership scheme http://t.co/i4sAHZdiJ9” So much for "will never paywall". Ho hum.
Apple have released some products.“@ow: Leaked images of Apple wearables http://t.co/Z9J8d0Kote” Where can I get one of those shirts!
“@designmilk: Muuto Introduces a New Kind of Coffee Press http://t.co/2tx9yaXkdF” It's not exactly revolutionary, but it looks quite nice.#MustRead: IBM wants to kill the hard drive it invented http://t.co/ZhO6T4o0Yw http://t.co/ZOXk93HgB1
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.Just set up a gmail filter that automatically deletes any incoming email. Why isn’t everyone doing this?!?
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.
Full of cold. Drinking camomile tea with honey & watching Adventure Time. DON'T CARE.Now I'm not one for get rich quick schemes, but I need to make some more money, and fairly soon.If it's not one virus, it's another. Someone get me a lemsip!
So you want client machines? We have them, and you can have them too, once you’ve ordered desks to put them on. #joinedupthinking
Speedy internet again tonight! http://t.co/ABpsTcjddPLet's just leave it all behind and live on a bus. #9to5 #mondaytofridayAh. The start of term. Everyone wants something. Shame you've all been on holiday for 7 weeks. #nightmare #screamingabdabs
Have a watch if you're interested in sign painting: "Gentlemen of Letters - A Dublin Sign Painting Film" http://t.co/Fptsm3Mvq4Who knows what the brain gets up to at night. I woke up this morning witha tune stuck in my head. The tune? The theme from Bullseye. Why?
Did you know that The National Gallery organises a 10 minute talk on a painting each workday? @nationalgallery #soho http://t.co/5Tq3AGdflk
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.@profanityswan didn't you know that breaks it, utterly and completely? Enjoy your new bookend.
Day three of norovirus. My world is still liquid. More tomorrow. #infoyoudidntneedtoknowbutishareitwithyouanyway
Alpro is made with "the best of plants". What?
Too much coffee. Not enough work. A bad combination. Bored and dehydrated. I need a change up.
OneDrive managed to delete a years worth of work. Thank Microsoft. Don't give up the day job. #thank #dropbox
Project #plywood is on! (After payday, goes without saying)Hmm. Do I even care that much?It would appear that the OSX 10.9.4 SMB ACL issue still hasn't been fixed. So binding our 10.9.X clients to AD probably isn't going to work.Whaaaat? Chocolate Lego? Where do I sign? http://t.co/yQMwergtbL
I've just unlocked @OneDrive on Drive by @Jolicloud. Get extra free storage here http://t.co/nCbfXepR6HWin a lifetime of free learning! Enter to win a Lifetime @Skillshare Membership http://t.co/FkJlVs1sfyWow. It seems there's a bit of a shortage of BB grade birch face & core ply at the moment. Prices are $hocking.To resin clear coat or varnish... that is the #plywood question of the morning.
@virginmedia many times. Seems that the super hub isn't as super as they wish it was...Anyone got a recommendation for a good (cheap/used) N router to buy? @virginmedia provided "super hub" barely gets out the room. #wifi@elementary OS Freya beta1 has been released! Time to #scream and shout, and let it all out!
Retweeted by Grumpy Technician.
Shouldn't of had that half a cider last night. #gutrot #lightweightI kind of fell into this nerd life. I wanted to be an artist, but then I fixed someones mac, then I kept doing it. How do I fall out again?@AndrewWrites @arstechnica I occasionally power up the G4 Quicksilver to have a game of Dark Vengence or Sim City 2000.
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