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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. VP Sales with @GetGiftedInc. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The Isles, rational thought and vegan food.

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@im_adam_barrett It's like they met & said "let's make sure we choose albums where as many people as possible will absolutely agree with us"@grantisagrant @brightwhite his last album was way more interesting@grantisagrant @brightwhite maybe, maybe not, but it's not even close to the best album of the last 15 years.@brightwhite Libertines, LCD, PJ Harvey, Beck, Outkast, & maybe The Strokes are the only entries worth even considering for a list like thisJust about the safest, most uninteresting pandered list ever - The 21 Best Albums of the 21st Century http://t.co/a6mp0yd9Vn via @gqmagazineCanucks' Linden: fighting has been 'coached in' to hockey culture, blames 'Coach's Corner influence' http://t.co/s59YiR5BvI
Everything She Wants by Wham! was just playing while I was in Sobeys. So, pretty much the best grocery buying experience of my entire life.@tpjackson1 It's such a familiar pleasant scent from my childhood as well. I think everyone's dad wore Old Spice at some point.Great use of the pie chart here to show that these 7 books comprise all the fiction ever written. #tuftewept http://t.co/CyPBbhuNIg
Retweeted by Paul RyanMy latest "Meet A Toronto Startup" post is up: http://t.co/SLD2M3txHt. Say hello to @useringo, the smart buzzer system for your apartment.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@sewah_kram Absolutely. Maybe he actually liked Aqua Velva.....but I doubt it ;)@trevordelaney @robertsnell Those were all well represented as well. I'm sure Hai Karate made it into rotation somewhere along the way too.If I think back to my dad faking excitement when he got the same Aqua Velva variety pack for Xmas every year, that seems like good parenting
Trivia night at @rockbotmbrewpub and @GetGiftedHFX is representing. Know that. http://t.co/Xk3RroEobnYelp! Your reviews are about to get more interactive http://t.co/RnxFd5TUVgThis handsome looking gent stole 4 CDs from us this afternoon. We got them back thanks to a super nice lady at... http://t.co/K5SGjCc6Lq
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@k4rv0x Against Me is a pretty deal I would think.@lmschnare Not sure how many were on there for those guys, but they all went quick. Were you able to get a gift?Lineup for this year's @HalifaxPopX revealed. Some heavy hitters in there this year. Excited to see Twin Shadow again http://t.co/e7RyUKlcjyI #GetGifted today thanks to @AuctionHouseHFX and @GetGiftedHFX - looking forward to trying the Auction House for the first time.@k4rv0x Have to look closer. A few pretty heavy hitters. Not sure there's much there for me, but it's still early. Twin Shadow excites me.Do Two-Thirds of 'Shark Tank' Deals Fall Apart? - http://t.co/b0PHTYCq0W@huskermould Those are my favourites. Best New Act to people with shitty taste in music who weren't paying attention for the first 5 albums.@huskermould Grammy nominations or wins signal the beginning of the end for most good bands. Did I ever mention I fucking hate award shows?@robertsnell I know why. Because it's amazing. :)Glad to hear Muse are getting back to riffs and heavy guitar on the new album, just unsure why it will take until next summer to release it.Uber aims for businesses with a new platform, while integrating with Concur for easy - http://t.co/jt44F6dsKJStream Spoon's New Album, "They Want My Soul" http://t.co/CxO9jL8O6J via @Under_radar_MagCulture Eats Strategy For Lunch http://t.co/Nkuq4OJ976How An Agency Grew Their Monthly Recurring Revenue By 1066% In One Year http://t.co/GlCMgwdrNu
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Theory Of A Deadman are releasing their fifth album tomorrow. Seriously. I got nothing. I tried. Just going to leave it alone I guess.“Abacab” by Genesis is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/wt0JFyrEc1Too warm and muggy to cook earlier tonight so bought a fantastic pizza for dinner from @RestoDining in Bedford on the way home. Cheers gang.We're in 4th place overall for all of Canada, if everyone on here votes just once today, we will pull ahead and... http://t.co/2YyjDmKrLa
Retweeted by Paul RyanA Little different commercial shoot today #hockeyseason #nomoregolf http://t.co/v2TTFhrj4o
Retweeted by Paul RyanMorrissey and Marr - The Smiths http://t.co/P3bQzjyOJn
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@KevinMacIntyre1 Thanks for the follow Kevin. Hope you're well mate.Business idea. For a fee I will evaluate and determine if you have an ironic stylish mullet, or just an awful haircut you paid too much for.Google To Buy Twitch; Advertisers Trading Desk Issues http://t.co/47zfqa61gk14 of the most unnecessary things that ever happened - http://t.co/B3a8SajAp9Is Your Smartphone Making You “Leadership Dumb”? http://t.co/28UA1vhyMK#ICantSleepBecause Game of Thrones starts filming season 5 tomorrow http://t.co/Nx8pzJ3Rb3
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Finishing up a new playlist on @Rdio - "Jingle Jangle Fuzz" - lots of jangly fun guitar pop if that's your thing http://t.co/fS1tc5oX4e@monochromegod or take the money and run I suppose@Hooberbloob I hold them largely responsible for how much I now hate most music released before 1977.A neighbour is blasting Steve Miller Band's Greatest Hits. Didn't we hit a maximum global play quota on that album like 35 years ago?
Hands down my favourite song in the universe right now - "The Mistakes" by Army Navy on @Rdio http://t.co/22H4lcP38Y #NowPlayingJohnny Marr announces new album, Playland http://t.co/BdxHZk2DCc http://t.co/9SCjTVIetV
Retweeted by Paul RyanYour brand is much more than your logo. Telling your #startup story matters. Free ebook: "Minimum Viable Marketing" http://t.co/i3nYxEUaNp
Retweeted by Paul RyanHere's a list of what's happening today! We'll be posting these at 8AM each day of the Festival! #hfxpride14 http://t.co/cSyPnMoNV2
Retweeted by Paul RyanBeastie Boys mural to be painted on 'Paul's Boutique' street corner http://t.co/gVRVcNUibB
Retweeted by Paul RyanWatch: New Walking Dead Trailer for Season 5 Released at Comic-Con http://t.co/iHleQF9lxh
Tell yo' family, tell yo' friends... tell yo' milkman (do we still have those?) As of next week, #Halifax will #GetGifted EVERY TUESDAY.
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis website ranks hotels based on the quality of their WiFi - http://t.co/2fd7r87oUmDavid Lynch Reveals His Woman’s Clothing Line http://t.co/Bkgv0Paq8h
#HalifaxPride2014 happy pride... http://t.co/57Kgv4uNx1
Retweeted by Paul RyanA new vegetarian and vegan festival comes to Halifax http://t.co/rkDSo1o7Vl via @HfxVegfest@LKarwandy Gorgeous pupArtisan app earns applause | The Chronicle Herald http://t.co/GtMdIgCNQTYour heart is clearly in the right place, but if you type about doing something "in support of cancer", maybe try saying it out loud first.It's #NationalTequilaDay so we're making this. And you should too. 🍉 via @Masonshaker http://t.co/7CJEp4daMf
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson @History_Pics Dirty hippies everywhere@JessyO Regular rotation. Love it.Unofficial poster for our free show with @TeenageFanclub today at Pier 84 in NYC. Showtime: 6:30pm 👼💰 @mergerecords http://t.co/rQdGpdncCF
Retweeted by Paul RyanSpotify: seven reasons why Google might buy the streaming music service - http://t.co/GAHTIz86i7
American Horror Story "Asylum" is an absolute gong show. So good.@WeDigRecords Glad I'm not the only one then ;)@BorgMeetsWorld Sorry, the only other answer I was accepting was "Frail & Bedazzled"@avidacridjam Hummer's a great song.Mom said I looked "spiffy" on tv, now all I can hear is "Yo Phife you remember you that routine, we used to make spiffy like Mr. Clean."@rpmartini Hey dude. Sorry. Just saw your text. Sort of slammed. Won't make it tonight. When do you leave?So "Mayonaise" is easily the best song by Smashing Pumpkins right? We don't even really need to fight much about this one do we Twitter?We're offering up a free wedding collection this September! Check out our FB group for details and pass it on! http://t.co/NNwrKa4h28
Retweeted by Paul Ryan.@enviehalifax gifts went quick last night on @GetGiftedHFX - First time trying the Moroccan Chick Pea bowl. Amazing. http://t.co/p60EjFv24JA little birdy asked me to say thanks to @ArgyleFineArt and @GetGiftedHFX http://t.co/WMST1lZC8T
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow to Grow Your Business by Giving Away Free Stuff http://t.co/Het0T38Ojm
@MalcolmHfx good stuff, glad you got oneI just #GotGifted from @HeartwoodRestau! Follow @GetGiftedInc, don't miss #TheGiftList. Sign-Up Today,30 great Britpop albums - including some forgotten classics - that deserve a reissue pronto http://t.co/TiERqF3O57 http://t.co/Zc6HKMItyj
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe spotted #CTV in #Halifax asking who GotGifted! http://t.co/80aOIzScQD
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're talking to the team @GetGiftedHFX tonight on #Liveat5. If you like free stuff & supporting local businesses, tune in! Thanks, Gillian!
Retweeted by Paul RyanSo many great local merchants set for @GetGiftedHfx tonight. Not too late to join the fun. Sign up for #TheGiftList http://t.co/ISktx7RPQi@robertsnell a few cool YouTube vids out there@CH_RemoZaccagna Only marginally@robertsnell Real sir@CH_RemoZaccagna siracha, so much siracha everywhere ;)It's #BowtieTuesday http://t.co/Vmk6FudwE2@aldelory I agree@meganfluevog most of the list is wrongFrente's "Bizarre Love Triangle" better than New Order's? Umm No - 10 Cover Songs Better Than Originals http://t.co/x5Zanf8M6R @diffuserfm@martinclinton I remember that. Lucky you.@martinclinton Maybe the most interesting musical artist of all time.“Boys Keep Swinging” by @DavidBowieReal is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/lmPXpLywdv28 years ago tonight, Gary Carter played 3rd base for #Mets & was very good. #MLB Here's the video proof: http://t.co/VEdfSYPhrC
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow Start-Ups Eat Elephants http://t.co/34nM6gTDFj
5 Best Albums in June - a quick re-share from my music blog from earlier http://t.co/pQJFpY5tvEGifting is AWESOME! http://t.co/xFqD9Br79L @GetGiftedHFX #registernow! @piezbistro Just one of the many #gifters! http://t.co/vawFpCdnID
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould There is some stuff that reminds me a lot of Teenage Fanclub, who I adore@huskermould Indeed. Solid power pop stuff. Like the new album a lot better than their first (which I still enjoyed). Mascis can do no wrongThe 5 Best Albums in June - as I saw them, on today's music blog post http://t.co/eBZkYn3CvU
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