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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@matthaldane Oh man. He's great. Love it.@matthaldane Thanks. I'll make a note to check it out.@matthaldane 100%. Adding puppets to your shit jokes doesn't make them less shit. It just compounds the problem really.@RemoZaccagna People who think it's a bad thing, clearly can't be trusted.Let the record show, that on Monday October 5 2015, the Ryan's had pancakes for dinner and didn't feel even slightly goddamn bad about it.3 Reasons Why You Should Never Match Your Tie and Pocket Square via @GQMagazine@gogglesford tequila and soda with lime - simple and lovely
@jerryleewilson @WayneCarterRad These kids drinking on Friday and Saturday nights…real people drink on Sunday's before the work week starts.#BoatDrinks …in wooded suburbia… @jerryleewilson Started with a couple IPAs, then tequila with soda and lime, capped with a Shiraz blend. Cheers lads.I love that they gave Buehrle the start, but this is going badly.@LaissezFlair I have frighteningly very little Wire in my collection. This is another step in the right direction.@huskermould you do know the Habs had the 18th best offence in the NHL? And they only made the playoffs because they have best goaltender.@huskermould true, but a lot of them show up for the whole year regardless of how bad their team is, and I respect that.@huskermould Most Habs fans start watching hockey in the spring, and don't know their favourite team plays a bunch of games before playoffs.@huskermould Habs fan actually ;) #ShockingJust got chirped by some stranger for wearing a NYI hat. If you still think the Islanders suck, you know absolutely nothing about hockey.For there are brighter sides to life, and I should know because I've seen them, but not very often.
@walter_fougere Thanks young man.@gogglesford Oil & Gold is fantastic. Perhaps my favourite "missed along the way" discovery this year. Terribly underrated band it seems.@CH_coalblackhrt No but they have another one in a 2-3 weeks during HPX.@NatalieBorden1 "Deep" by Peter Murphy. He would truly be flattered you called him a chick, I'm certain ;)Fun day in the bins at #HalifaxRecordFair. Eighteen new to me original presses including these nine. #vinyl I bought the Roadhouse soundtrack just so no one else could.@RyanMcNutt Nice. Feels a bit like the prices are creeping above going market for some of the classic hard to find gems.@RyanMcNutt saw you across the room at record fair today, but didn't get a chance to say hi. How did you make out?@cr8tiveCandy thinking more along the lines there might not be that much different to look at@nickcalder ha ha yeah they're completely trustworthy@cr8tiveCandy I believe there's another one later this month to coincide with HPX.Making my way to #HalifaxRecordFair brought to you by the good folks at @BlackBuffaloLPs. See any of you there?
@springbearddaz It's not even close, as to how much better they are then every other bandThe Smiths are the best band of all time. The Outfield are number two. These are things I currently know to be true.@jv_ht Haha. I have dodgy grade 12 calibre French.@jv_ht Oui. C'est vrai. #FrenchAndShitOn Fridays we eat many pizzas. @morriseast this week because veggie people sometimes like peaches on their pizza.@ihearthestia I was pleasantly surprised by the new album. Really had pretty measured expectations. Not missing Hook at all. @huskermouldOregon Tragedy 264th Mass Shooting of the Year via @rollingstone20 years did that happen? - The Amazing Story Of Oasis' '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' - In Numbers Awesome band. Their live show has always been pretty flat imo.Listened to Republic by New Order for the first time in a while. Sort of the odd album out these days. Too bad. Some great tracks on there.@jerryleewilson Haha. What a mean old shitbag. Love it. Eagles still suck.
@TheSandyWalsh Haha nice one Walsh.Ever give dog biscuits to a dog who can't see so well anymore? They have harder time with where your hand stops and where the treat starts.@mightyzo No charge. It would be my pleasure.@mightyzo In your absence I'm more than happy to lend a hand by stopping at your place and punching Joaquin in the face. Just to be safe.Our Bedford accounting practice is hiring! See below
Retweeted by Paul RyanOne of those mornings where you know old guys in ball hats all across the Maritimes are sitting in Tim Hortons saying "some lotta rain wha?"The Jesus And Mary Chain recording first new album since 1998 via @NME
YOUR @BLUEJAYS ARE AL EAST CHAMPS!!! With a 15-2 win over O’s, the division title is coming to Canada! #ComeTogether
Retweeted by Paul RyanIt's already just Blue Jays fans at this game in Baltimore. I can only imagine what the second game of the double header will be like.Digital Nova Scotia – Lockheed Martin Canada Announces Donation to Digital Nova Scotia
Retweeted by Paul RyanGuy in the car next to me was just picking so much nose. Like I'm talking actively making some changes to the structural integrity of thingsJust receiving word that we will be open for 30 extra days!!!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jv_ht Haha, I would steal those drugs with top shelf sophisticationSaban Sneaking Spy Thriller ‘MI-5’ To North America In Late Fall via @deadlineClearly talking way too much with his hands ;)’s Day 2 of @Invest_Atlantic. Come see us and find out how you can #GrowUrBiz with our Small Business Loan Guarantee Program!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@grantisagrant @andreamdonald "Something On" is so great.First time parking in the Scotia Square parkade in a while. Pretty surprised to see so much construction. That almost never happens there.@TheSandyWalsh I might not say cool, but if you wanted to wear them together you have way more testicular fortitude than I, my friend.@FrenchmanCanada I have every possible width of tie for that very reason.Odd to hear something is "out of style." If you like it and don't care what people think, everything is in style, because it's your style.Alright #Dartmouth you can book away @DT_Dartmouth @HelloDartmouth
Retweeted by Paul RyanVinyl sales bigger than streaming revenue, according to US figures
Just arrived in time for Pitch101 at @Invest_Atlantic. Pleased to be one of the cool kids repping @CUAbanking at this conference #GrowUrBizHey #Halifax peeps - check out the new @halifaxchamber digs at the Open House on Oct 6 - sign up here! All welcome!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@TeamAdam76 I would suggest you haven't accounted for the offsetting loss of followers we would each be responsible for. @peopleofhalifax@TeamAdam76 @peopleofhalifax I will do it in November and it will absolutely be all about how great my hair looks.@NatalieBorden1 I don't want to be on this planet anymore.
I'm not sure Pillar always needs to dive to make some of these great catches, but I'm still glad that he does.@LousyRock And referenced perfectly in British RomCom Zombie flicks.@jerryleewilson It probably sells more return flight tickets than "home of many arseholes"If you hate Netflix and prefer to still record stuff on VHS, maybe it's because you really just like telling people you record things on VHSThe Stone Roses reference in the Shaun of The Dead record throwing scene, is the best nod to music nerds. "Second Coming?" "But I like it"Lots of moon pics in my feeds today. Some of you take surprisingly good photos with your phones. Many of you, not surprisingly, do not.@teramc It's one of the best kept secrets. You're welcome ;)@huskermould No. He might stop hitting home runs. Leave him be.@jessicaeburke Thanks. Just so you know, that's probably not going to stick.
Sweet Chili Heat Doritos are the best vegan snack. I keep waiting for someone to ruin everything by telling me they contain panda tears.So the hiccups are proper assholes.Love Josh Donaldson
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@RyanMcNutt Well said. I used to be fanatical about MLB. This team has me excited about the sport again.@realTomMurray That was amazingGame recap: Tavares, Strome & Pulock score for #Isles, who fell 5-3 Saturday night at @ScotiabankCtr:
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"Goldilocks was portrayed as a charming character, but she was essentially a burglar." - Roy Cropper reading stories to children. #Corrie@donnamrandell No question. This is when music truly started to get interesting.Early Sunday morning, hangout with Power Corruption and Lies. #vinyl
@KenzieMacD Nothing is more timeless than a Bossy jersey :) Are you here at the game Kenzie? @nickcalder@nickcalder Most J Crew stuff is pretty timeless. Depends on the cut. The tighter cord pattern is better than the wider pattern imo.Do they always play this much country music at hockey games in Halifax?The lad @strome18 warming up. Islanders vs. Hurricanes here in Halifax. #GoIslesGo doing this. Stop it now.
Retweeted by Paul RyanOne hopes that in the playoffs, #Bluejays ushers do a flight attendant-style speech to first-row fans about balls in play. #Bluejays #Jays
Retweeted by Paul RyanFan grabs ball. Ref huddle. Fan gets kicked out. Chicken strips.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#Isles lines vs. CAR in Halifax today: Lee-Tavares-Strome, Nelson-Nielsen-Bailey, Beauvillier-Leblanc-Okposo, Vaive-Barzal-Boulton.
Retweeted by Paul RyanSlayer fan. sale: 2 tickets to tonight's Islanders vs Hurricanes hockey game at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax. Section 12. Please RT.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@teramc Haha. Back atcha.@lancehancock Ha. Nail the apex even.@halifaxbeard Haha. Thanks for the follow. Things are looking up in Isles land.It's been a long wait. Glad to see someone else stuck around.
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