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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. VP Sales with @GetGiftedInc. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The Isles, rational thought and vegan food.

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Unofficial poster for our free show with @TeenageFanclub today at Pier 84 in NYC. Showtime: 6:30pm 👼💰 @mergerecords http://t.co/rQdGpdncCF
Retweeted by Paul RyanSpotify: seven reasons why Google might buy the streaming music service - http://t.co/GAHTIz86i7
American Horror Story "Asylum" is an absolute gong show. So good.@WeDigRecords Glad I'm not the only one then ;)@BorgMeetsWorld Sorry, the only other answer I was accepting was "Frail & Bedazzled"@avidacridjam Hummer's a great song.Mom said I looked "spiffy" on tv, now all I can hear is "Yo Phife you remember you that routine, we used to make spiffy like Mr. Clean."@rpmartini Hey dude. Sorry. Just saw your text. Sort of slammed. Won't make it tonight. When do you leave?So "Mayonaise" is easily the best song by Smashing Pumpkins right? We don't even really need to fight much about this one do we Twitter?We're offering up a free wedding collection this September! Check out our FB group for details and pass it on! http://t.co/NNwrKa4h28
Retweeted by Paul Ryan.@enviehalifax gifts went quick last night on @GetGiftedHFX - First time trying the Moroccan Chick Pea bowl. Amazing. http://t.co/p60EjFv24JA little birdy asked me to say thanks to @ArgyleFineArt and @GetGiftedHFX http://t.co/WMST1lZC8T
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow to Grow Your Business by Giving Away Free Stuff http://t.co/Het0T38Ojm
@MalcolmHfx good stuff, glad you got oneI just #GotGifted from @HeartwoodRestau! Follow @GetGiftedInc, don't miss #TheGiftList. Sign-Up Today,30 great Britpop albums - including some forgotten classics - that deserve a reissue pronto http://t.co/TiERqF3O57 http://t.co/Zc6HKMItyj
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe spotted #CTV in #Halifax asking who GotGifted! http://t.co/80aOIzScQD
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're talking to the team @GetGiftedHFX tonight on #Liveat5. If you like free stuff & supporting local businesses, tune in! Thanks, Gillian!
Retweeted by Paul RyanSo many great local merchants set for @GetGiftedHfx tonight. Not too late to join the fun. Sign up for #TheGiftList http://t.co/ISktx7RPQi@robertsnell a few cool YouTube vids out there@CH_RemoZaccagna Only marginally@robertsnell Real sir@CH_RemoZaccagna siracha, so much siracha everywhere ;)It's #BowtieTuesday http://t.co/Vmk6FudwE2@aldelory I agree@meganfluevog most of the list is wrongFrente's "Bizarre Love Triangle" better than New Order's? Umm No - 10 Cover Songs Better Than Originals http://t.co/x5Zanf8M6R @diffuserfm@martinclinton I remember that. Lucky you.@martinclinton Maybe the most interesting musical artist of all time.“Boys Keep Swinging” by @DavidBowieReal is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/lmPXpLywdv28 years ago tonight, Gary Carter played 3rd base for #Mets & was very good. #MLB Here's the video proof: http://t.co/VEdfSYPhrC
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow Start-Ups Eat Elephants http://t.co/34nM6gTDFj
5 Best Albums in June - a quick re-share from my music blog from earlier http://t.co/pQJFpY5tvEGifting is AWESOME! http://t.co/xFqD9Br79L @GetGiftedHFX #registernow! @piezbistro Just one of the many #gifters! http://t.co/vawFpCdnID
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould There is some stuff that reminds me a lot of Teenage Fanclub, who I adore@huskermould Indeed. Solid power pop stuff. Like the new album a lot better than their first (which I still enjoyed). Mascis can do no wrongThe 5 Best Albums in June - as I saw them, on today's music blog post http://t.co/eBZkYn3CvU
@jmandow Haha. Absolutely.I have no way to verify this, but I'm reasonably sure I listen to Junior Boys more than any other artist when I'm preparing Sunday dinner.Wayne Gretzky promoting Pro Stars cereals. http://t.co/AkFBKCFOir
Retweeted by Paul RyanWho knew Kit Harington would make such a natural model? http://t.co/tCOZVbnMwe http://t.co/uabfh4Rjj9
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Show time! Love that animated opening sequence! @dartmouthxing #AFFOFE2014 http://t.co/5otNAm5hTZ
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Person_of_HFX Watched the first 3 eps if S2 tonight. Amazing, but it all left me a little rattled about being outside in the dark ;)Taking the dogs out in the dark backyard after watching American Horror Story is one of my favourite things.@JBURKE06 what a beautiful pupJust learned that Crocodiles by Echo & The Bunnymen and Closer by Joy Division were both released on this day in 1980. That was a good day.Great time today with some of my wife's students from @CPAHighSchool fundraising for their Model UN trip to Montreal. http://t.co/zxRjoNTd3H@KenWalker61 Pretty sure my parents still have beta tapes from when we owned a beta machine.I just #GotGifted from @piezbistro! Follow @GetGiftedInc, don't miss #TheGiftList. Sign-Up Today, http://t.co/gLReRaNl41
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@monochromegod That should be more shocking to me than it is.Putting one of these on Gottingen Street but full of VHS and 8-Track tapes because hipsters like useless ironic stuff http://t.co/Ypd7EelwWs#halifax the fourth #InstawalkHFX will take place 2pm today at Point Pleasant Park. See you there! http://t.co/lpk2Cb6Waq
Retweeted by Paul RyanI'm trying to get more pre-orders for my book by doing something I've never done before: Giving away books: http://t.co/vlgGl67CD2
Retweeted by Paul Ryan2nd+Anniversary+Outdoor+Workout+is+Tomorrow+Morning!!! http://t.co/PvOSqhOz0G http://t.co/D1TdVtBdFe
Retweeted by Paul RyanIn Bedford area today? Stop by for some BBQ at the Sobeys and support the @Cpahighschool Model UN trip to Montreal. http://t.co/xkzdHM7yQg@ihopeyouareokay @D2hfxfashion @BiscuitGeneral Other than from my personal summer wardrobe @DuggersMenswear have some fun pink friendly ties@ihopeyouareokay I think I saw some at @D2hfxfashion or maybe @BiscuitGeneral - Banana/Gap/Club Monaco if you do the mall thing.The Drums Announce New Album, "Encyclopedia" http://t.co/qK3sBXwJk2
Our kitchen is getting busier, and we need another person to join our team! Spread the word :) https://t.co/YuA2o8mGMS #halifax #jobs #vegan
Retweeted by Paul RyanIn Canada, even the prime minister clears the way for a guy with a beer at a football game. Hilarious. https://t.co/tezJiZf1BW
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@brightwhite @JessyO I was 14 in '85 and I thought he was a horse's arse even then.@jmandow I recognize I am likely in the minority on this one, but it doesn't make his popularity any less weird to me ;)@JessyO Not for me. Sorry. I find him 100% unfunny, 100% of the time.@trudi_e Sorry. He has not made smile or laugh even once in 30 years.Can we please stop empowering and validating Weird Al.Watching a full concert of #TheSmiths from 1984 in Hamburg. Makes me wish more than ever I had been able to see them http://t.co/PclO1q59a5@huskermould @Greg_Beau not a fan, but he's always had a pretty cool voice. Not sure I'm comfortable with him covering Joy Division though.There is a disproportionate amount of dudes in Fairview walking around in public with no shirts on. Weird, but convention be damned. Respect@huskermould Jesus. That feels offside to me."Good companies, properly prepared, should be able to raise capital anywhere" by @entrevestor via @progressmedia http://t.co/1zqI2tNftVFeeling like some delicious eats this weekend? Try @CellarHalifax. Andrea did last night, and got to enjoy this. #yum http://t.co/Wlcczb56p7
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Preach Moz. Preach. http://t.co/QxKX5MVTce@bessyn You're too kind. Great seeing you.Dog people...please share. Help @ambercadabra Find Casper A Forever Home. http://t.co/BF3EUl3yCS
Retweeted by Paul RyanIts the Sam Wile Show at the takeout window today!!
Retweeted by Paul RyanHaha. Man. Mike Duffy is such a class act.Soundwave evolves into a group messaging app for music lovers - http://t.co/NiaGPFJSjd5 Reasons Our Start-Up Survived the First 2 Years http://t.co/SdlRt7aus2Watch: Alt-J – “Hunger Of The Pine” Video http://t.co/M4QygCp8p2Watch St. Vincent's full Live On Letterman webcast http://t.co/EXo8C8vez7 via @bestfitmusic
Tomorrow night...come see this piece...painted with zippers! #canada #artwalkhrm http://t.co/oOBo6bZ70R
Retweeted by Paul Ryan“The Bullfighter Dies” by @itsmorrissey is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/hsmg2BJhIKFirm ups its tech game | The Chronicle Herald http://t.co/CDmgXBSpz5Craft Beer: It's About Marketing Too http://t.co/DiYIw9W6vn
The 10 best plain white shirts for men http://t.co/QLVbSfzOVk http://t.co/zxG0v8K0R1
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BlackBuffaloLPs Thanks mate. Sounds like everyone in town is still waiting on it.Next time you're having a tricky type of day, put on the song Pray by MC Hammer and substitute the lyric "we pray" with "we drink".A voice mail box is the place where communication goes to die.http://t.co/Y8M3eNqgNv
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BlackBuffaloLPs Hey did you get the new Morrissey record in today?Hey guys! Leaving for Good (my Fierce Short/novella) is out today! You can read it RIGHT NOW. Eek.
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis rain is great for my lawn, but not so much for my hair. Think I would rather have dead yellow grass in the front yard than frizzy hair.
"The former wizard of wordplay delivers a sun-kissed romantic record for couples already in love." - AllMusic on the new Jason Mraz. Jesus.Shazam for iOS gets full song playback powered by Rdio, coming to Android ‘in the next few - http://t.co/TZ8nziqRzT@BBRoskeworth @RyanMcNutt Yeah it's a long but worthy read.@RyanMcNutt Yeah pretty much all heavy hitters and music royalty of some variety chiming in on this one.A fantastic article if you're a fan - The Smiths’ 30 greatest songs – as chosen by the band and their famous fans http://t.co/klB1Z3t1D9@GillianMcCrae They turned out pretty fantastic.Our very own @pryan2112 just designed himself a new pair of @newbalance sneakers. Definitely @GetGiftedInc approved. http://t.co/wQzAyNgn7q
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew #Morrissey album is way better than it has any right to be. Some fantastic songs. Nice work Moz. Didn’t think you still had it in you.
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