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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. VP Sales with @GetGiftedInc. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The Isles, rational thought and vegan food.

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Used my @GetGiftedHFX at @enviehalifax tonight with @GillianMcCrae. Yay to yumminess and not having to cook. http://t.co/fNrygmOOOS
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jkozuch No apologies.If you just heard "Your Daddy Don't Know" by Toronto blasting from a VW Rabbit more loudly than is appropriate in 2014, you're welcome.@markcchurch Oh man. Saw them open for Kim Mitchell once. Think I might own this. Not sure why ;)@im_adam_barrett Thanks man. You're an enabler.@im_adam_barrett Ha. I really should probably work on flying a little more under the radar eh?
Working on a new documentary film called "Old Men Wearing Old Hats and Driving Tentatively and Cautiously"@NatalieARobbins Hey Natalie. Thanks for the follow. Again, great meeting you yesterday. Very much enjoyed our chat.
@grantisagrant I should think that goes without saying mate.@grantisagrant Haven't had a chance to look closely at it, but I think so. Wang needs to move on. Deal structure is interesting.@jerryleewilson Best news this yearOur 14 fabulous #Halifax gift-giving merchants knocked it out the park with over 1,000 gifts valued over $20,000!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan.@SmilingGoatSpro It's a GONER!
Retweeted by Paul RyanHalifax were getting ready to deliver #TheGiftList between 1-3pm, are you ready? If that's a yes RT :)
Retweeted by Paul RyanOne Place for all Your Documents is a Shattered Dream http://t.co/DeNOcP2rNz via @oris4ecmTwo wineries plan to produce a crowdsourced wine - http://t.co/BjFLqYubss@LousyRock Surprise Jess Simpson cameo, also at no cost.@LousyRock Especially if you own or want to own a made up business.This should certainly make BBC and HBO panicky - A&E greenlights Nick and Drew Lachey reality series, 'Lachey's Bar' http://t.co/E2P3oZ1JEGLike what Tim's is doing with the whole coffee house thing. Be even better if they sell someone else's coffee & food. http://t.co/0chg2ERJbwStraddle the line in discord and rhyme.
@nicolacourtney It also beats being called dickhead.So many great merchants joining #TheGiftList. DM us if you want to learn about being showcased by #GetGifted and attracting new customers.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@nicolacourtney People call me Ryan about 3 times a day. Don't even care anymore.With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
At a thing where I have to listen to an actual radio station. Reminds me that other people can't be trusted to make music choices for me.This is what 30 years of changing music sales looks like http://t.co/OrlHZryHoLDuran Duran have teamed up with Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers and John Frusciante for new album. http://t.co/RNPmov7sBU
Retweeted by Paul RyanDavid Bowie and Iggy Pop in Moscow, 1976 http://t.co/zFkWN6KGu3
Retweeted by Paul RyanWatch last week's #AFF2014 Atlantic Program Launch! http://t.co/CBXvtilOgu Stay tuned for the Full Program Launch this Wednesday, August 20!
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Smiths The 10 Best Second Albums http://t.co/wuGQm9gdUW
Retweeted by Paul RyanWhat are you smiling about? You are plastic and full of stale human breath. http://t.co/TMx4rGUUyz"Spoon inhabit a world of blurred and mixed influences". New LP They Want My Soul reviewed: http://t.co/6yKlVlwkYe
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Just don't BE pissed off. Be Awake when you are AWAKE
Retweeted by Paul RyanWhy is there an Aphex Twin blimp flying over London right now? http://t.co/4wzY1cB2TT via @alexyoung“Olympian” by Gene is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/tPvtWmI7VQ
@cfevens @jerryleewilson @trevordelaney "pecking" would be awesome. You could call people you don't like who peck you Mother Peckers.@trevordelaney @jerryleewilson In all seriousness, the fact that the Poke still exists on FB is a true wonder of sorts.@jerryleewilson Also consider yourself poked@theseoldthings That was me for sure. Sorry I wasn't wearing a bowtie to make identification a bit easier ;)@jerryleewilson Buddy, just you wait. I'm going to poke your ass so hard. Wait, that's not what I meant.Kasabian covers Sesame Street mixed with Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys, and kind of get away with it. These guys. http://t.co/rAnuwSSVOf
@gregpoirier @truejebus Haha. It's a process.@truejebus Closing the loop on this afternoon's fun, here is some reassurance that veg is very doable if you want to. http://t.co/jD3pmMdSjn@CoyMoore @nickcalder @huskermould @Miss_Close Late here, but if I wanted someone to punch me in the fucking head it would be @monochromegod@FindlayH That's probably for the best, for all involved.@christinacopp I steal most stuff from the Veganomicon cook book, and then mess around with the recipes. I'm the worst to ask for recipes :)@FindlayH Related, a couple hours later, a young woman at a coffee shop said "I wish my boyfriend dressed like you dressed" - best day ever@FindlayH Sadly, that will probably never happen to me again. Life is just not that fair.@FindlayH I hadn't thought of it that way, but great point ;)@FindlayH @JCurryJ @truejebus Completely fair, and indeed it is.@JCurryJ @truejebus Oh yeah Milan. I forgot to give you a heads up on all the arseholes who will suddenly be concerned about your protein ;)@andknf @LaissezFlair @truejebus Being veg is like being atheist. You have to undo diet conditioning you didn't ask for. Takes some work ;)@LousyRock @LaissezFlair @truejebus Also #gfy ;)@LousyRock @LaissezFlair @truejebus That's pretty great vegetarian strike through chirp mate. Nice work.@LaissezFlair @truejebus In all seriousness, there are way more wonderful options with veg eating, but it's def easier if you enjoy cooking.@truejebus Second rule. If a dish is "North American" it's probably not veg because North Americans like being fat. Eat mostly Asian recipes@truejebus First rule. If it tastes good, it's probably meat. Spit it out.Ongoing saga. Cnstruction on the Fall River road. That's right Hali. We're even tearing up streets out in the woods. http://t.co/wsbSNK9j24Vote now for the @GEICO Greatest #Isles of All-Time! Select 15 from this list of 25 --> http://t.co/upnLseWFnO http://t.co/T7AffNUKPu
Retweeted by Paul RyanOllie is a sweet 2 year old Chihuahua mix boy. Ollie was very fearful when he came into rescue but thanks to the... http://t.co/P6ZQ3eKAlt
Retweeted by Paul RyanAmazing gift from my wonderful wife. That's right, @NYIslanders cuff links. Pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot now http://t.co/9WtPjlOGyJNeil Young offers shares in PonoMusic - http://t.co/WPHuYDeeII http://t.co/U3BQrhEpVm via @uncutmagazineHow Startups Like Meru, Uber, Olacabs, TaxiForSure Have Transformed Lives Of Taxi Drivers - http://t.co/Ly7vBKBC8P
LA’s renowned hip-hop trio, @dilatedpeoples make a long-awaited return with the new album #DirectorsOfPhotography: http://t.co/LgwkdyWxns
Retweeted by Paul RyanCan you honestly defend cargo shorts? One man tries http://t.co/xC0g9BXkgn
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe #AFF2014 Box Office is officially open! Get your #Atlantic #Canadian #film #tickets and #festival #passes now! http://t.co/UU62gjbP4s
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould "But your lyrics are shite John" "Just tambourine, Moz"@huskermould I love JM, but having Moz write his lyrics and sing for him on top of tambourine duties wouldn't hurt either.Johnny Marr Skewers Greed and Dreams Big on Second Solo Album http://t.co/U68E1PzpzQ via @rollingstone@Hooberbloob @KevinSDolan @AuctionHouseHFX @GetGiftedHFX Indeed. Really comfortable spot. Loved the feel. Good food.Great lunch with @KevinSDolan - thx for the gift @AuctionHouseHFX & @GetGiftedHFX - First time. Definitely going back http://t.co/ttE7NX15OQThere are still a couple streets in Halifax not yet under construction. If we could get those torn up by end of week that would be fabulous.Guide dogs and guns: America's blind gunmen http://t.co/f14yalvIco via @BBCNewsMagazine http://t.co/5mIvTpJkpQ
Retweeted by Paul RyanDoves' Jez and Andy Williams have formed Black Rivers. Watch the video for first track 'The Ship' exclusively on NME http://t.co/fQynnJ2fv8
Retweeted by Paul RyanSomeone's sporting a new bow tie in the #GetGifted office. Purchased from #GiftList merchant friends @D2hfxfashion http://t.co/OcP86JgkVb
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@AllanGates1 My next hyperbole was, for all the fair and unfair comparisons, they are a better band than Big Star got to be.Tonight I feel like Teenage Fanclub is the best band of the last 25 years. Sounds crazy, except generally I sort of know about these things.
@ludditelynch @LaissezFlair Semi-related, do I still get to be the mc at your wedding? Need to do some wardrobe planning and mapping.@nickcalder @TracyLee1 So seriously mate, was my fly really down?@ludditelynch @LaissezFlair Haha, I'm usually surprisingly good. I actually had to ask this guy why he was escalating things unnecessarily.Brilliant - The Muppets got mashed up with the Beastie Boys. The world sings along http://t.co/iYotrgPz4M via @TheAVClub and @tweetrichApply Today - Network/Cisco Contract in Halifax, NS Canada http://t.co/5aW6lqodc1 #job
Retweeted by Paul RyanEver get off the phone with a customer support person so dazzlingly stupid, you lose context for how frustrated you were before you called?Music industry may soon designate Friday, and not Tuesday, as release day for new albums http://t.co/irDtusK18o via @coslive@FindlayH anytime matePhenomenal shout outs today from all of you that #GotGifted ! Get redeem'in and feel free to share you #GiftPics with us!! #HappyTuesday
Retweeted by Paul RyanSo just to brag about this again as I only found this article at like 1am. http://t.co/oPD77UIalP
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@nickcalder @TracyLee1 Saw that in GQ. Just remember who did it first when everyone in Halifax starts walking around with their flies undonePortishead to reissue Dummy on #vinyl for 20th anniversary... 20 years! http://t.co/fvDaXyqEvA #records http://t.co/OoN4Foxvgf
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@nickcalder @TracyLee1 You made me blush a little. Thanks for that.New Halifax tourism slogan Come to see the really old buildings .. stay to see people lose their shit when we talk about knocking them down@SpaChappelle amazing turn out!! Ladies love it! All your gifts are GONERS!
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew President of the Better Business Bureau, @PeterMoorhouse was on @GlobalHalifax this morning. Good stuff Peter. http://t.co/ZVGcxf41im@imac76 @Hooberbloob I would say either is appropriate today, with some nanu nanu (or nanoo nanoo) for good measure.It felt right to dig out this old action figure today. Not sure whatever happened to the top half of the egg #Mork http://t.co/n6bVwopgLF
I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me http://t.co/AxhwTLJeLT@ThreeDogNS That's what I'm afraid of :)@LousyRock @Person_of_HFX @ThreeDogNS I will be a very popular dog owner, albeit for a very brief period of time.I feel like this sign, although well intended, may not capture the full spirit of what North End Dartmouth offers. http://t.co/nH4AaAgicA
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