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I have a wonderful wife, six sweet dogs, a voluminous vinyl collection, and a clear need for alliteration. I like The Smiths, bow ties, being vegan and NY Isles

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Listening to "Galore" by Thumpers and thinking I can't remember @subpop ever having signed a bad artist. Nice trick.Vinyl Isn't Dead. Sales Are Growing. Here's Why http://t.co/ffebutd2flDonaghy: Raps are up against Nets, and referees @Sportsnet http://t.co/zEKTlobhYsAustin synth duo @pulseslow takes ’80s-inspired new wave and coldwave and gives it a modern twist http://t.co/okudUgz4vA cc @SynthXndrHarrisWe're growing! We are seeking a Senior Recruiter to join our team of highly-motivated professionals. http://t.co/XIDJB7namp
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@ioumusic My pleasure. Glad to see other twitter folks talking about you guys and spreading the love.Jon Snow > Garth Snow #nhl #GoT #Isles #AlsoABastard?
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe future of Atlantic Canadian filmmaking is bright! Check out the work of our #ViewFinders Film Challenge finalists http://t.co/yUsnOPlYyr
Retweeted by Paul RyanWatch a video for Damon Albarn's Brian Eno-featuring track "Heavy Seas Of Love": http://t.co/H3aEDUEdTZ
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Worst Excuse: "I've Been SO Busy" http://t.co/mLPBb4wVvEAnother great job at Bonfire - Senior Graphic Designer. Check it out and pls RT. http://t.co/ziQYRIN7rp
Retweeted by Paul RyanUse the @ioumusic #crowdfunding platform to raise #money for your next #music project http://t.co/QYb3Au8zbk #artists #creative #bands
Retweeted by Paul Ryan.@equals6cares surveyed 6000 high school and university students about what influences their career choice decisions http://t.co/3zfVEoK1pa@meganfluevog Yeah no doubt. We try to get there once or twice a year for concerts.@MathieuLLF Definitely more mature than their first album. They do the bright, jangly, melancholic thing quite well. Love her voice.@migrantp Yeah, definitely closer to the types of bands we should be coming here.Today's new release music roster is a little thin, but "Loom" by Fear of Men is a pretty fantastic record.@LousyRock @MalcolmHfx Think they dropped it when an old unknown Canadian band named Bush stopped threatening legal and let them use "Bush"@MalcolmHfx It's all in the details.@LaissezFlair @ChrisFHFX Did they ever. They agreed to the gig because Mike from OLP was a huge fan. Said they would never come back.@ChrisFHFX @TheSandyWalsh In another 10-15 years, Coldplay should be just about unpopular enough to play Halifax. I still won't go.@TheSandyWalsh @ChrisFHFX Finger Eleven were basically Rainbow Butt Monkeys disguised as Korn, right?@ChrisFHFX A lifetime ago really.@MalcolmHfx Holding out for a Bush X, Sponge, Eve 6, Candlebox show.@ChrisFHFX Is that the same one with A Perfect Circle and Catherine Wheel? I was there.@LaissezFlair @ludditelynch Well I know of at least two people who would show up for the Bryan Ferry show.The metro centre and big outdoor concerts in Halifax seem to lag anywhere from 2-4 decades behind a band's actual popularity. Good for us.Paul Weller refuses to be involved in Record Store Day in future because of 'touts' http://t.co/ezl5aVmwxP via @NME
@bessyn Think I overplayed it back in the day. Nice to come back to it after a while. Still so great.@LaissezFlair What do you think of the new Twin Shadow song? Fyi, this may be a well meaning yet loaded question.Siouxsie and the Banshees released "Tinderbox" on this day in 1986 http://t.co/kmJV31YjD1
Retweeted by Paul RyanAnyone in Halifax heading to the @bydivineright gig at @guspub on Wednesday night? One of the best Canadian bands of the last 25 years imo.@CH_RemoZaccagna @LaissezFlair That's cool. He has such a great voice and his big personality plays really well on stage.@LaissezFlair Actually think it was a Sep '08 gig in advance of an Oct release of the third record. Could be wrong.@LaissezFlair I think so. Maybe the third. Set was pretty Silent Alarm heavy.Our new video for Mutant Message premiered today on @exclaimdotca, check it out: http://t.co/9gP1CDlbko
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@LaissezFlair Ha. That's too bad. Great energy. Pretty small venue compared to what they'd been playing at that point.@LaissezFlair Did you see the gig at The Marquee?Air Canada suspended workers caught on video tossing luggage. http://t.co/eHUf6E8dAM #bbcinbrief
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@oliverjf I used to listen to it non-stop. Too bad they never really hit this stride again. Understand why. Tough one to follow.Listening to Silent Alarm by Bloc Party for the first time in way too long. Man were those guys ever firing on all cylinders for that recordWells Fargo the latest brand to open #socialmedia command center via @MarkRaganCEO http://t.co/KDfPqc8Rbn
Retweeted by Paul RyanMy #MCM is @pryan2112 obvs!!!! He smells like rosemary and lilacs and we'll look at him http://t.co/GjWNWDRS8a
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson Haha. Solid commitment and effort to this bit. Nice work.@jerryleewilson It would be my pleasure. As luck would have it, I smell amazing right now. Like lilacs and rosemary and shit.@OpEdMarketing The Wire for this guy. Breaking Bad a close second.Feeling sort of stupid that it's taken me a whole week to check out the new album by @TheeOhSees because it's sort of fabulous.HBO Step 1: Create popular tech comedy Silicon Valley Step 2: Do not make it available for paid download Step 3: Lose money as it is pirated
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@markcchurch Looks really cool, and thanks for thinking of me, but tell her to go ahead. Appreciate the offer just the same mate.Hear how @Sprint brazenly rips off @TheCure's "Lullaby" in its goth-themed "framily" commercial http://t.co/5nXbvg9Wmw
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson Saw that the other day. Some classic Moz hyperbole, but he's also not wrong.@MathieuLLF Largely why he's my favourite singer ;)@MathieuLLF Agreed, as do I. Moz (my favourite singer incidentally) just has a knack for showcasing his hypocrisies. As we all do I suppose.@jerryleewilson Haha. For instance.@jerryleewilson It's why I posed it as a question (to poor effect). Not sure how you manage that. Ask the question initially I guess.@jerryleewilson If you're trying to attract plant eaters as well as animal eaters, feels weird to lead with rabbit. Just a business gap.@jerryleewilson ...launch into the specials, it can have a diminishing effect on what they may have been trying to achieve...@jerryleewilson So context. Restaurant has vegan options. Awesome. Good business. If people go there for that reason, then they....@jerryleewilson I know you weren't, and I should know better than open something like that up without context, especially on twitter.@jerryleewilson It was an example. Also they're not beliefs.Currently looking for Software Developers and Business Analysts in NS and NB. Great positions with growing organizations.
Retweeted by Paul RyanSeats are going quickly for our Apr. 28th Biz 101 session on the new Anti-SPAM Law with @privacylawyer. Register at: http://t.co/ygwzozJiSp
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew Halifax branding idea: Theoloader! http://t.co/MgBDEXai6G #halifax #aliens #theodore http://t.co/5MtZYSct54
Retweeted by Paul RyanNot really interested in any of this new music by Pixies. They broke up before they could suck, and that's how I want to remember them.@MalcolmHfx @MathieuLLF The irony and hypocrisy being of course, that he'll still play shows in the US, where animal abuse is non-existent.@MalcolmHfx @MathieuLLF I think most people truly agree with him on this one. He just classically manages to alienate many of them as usual.@MalcolmHfx Those shows are actually instances where a lack of civility and evolvedness are strangely acceptable.@macdashley Yeah, there's a real trend of encouraging busy as a badge of honour and people need to get called out on it.Hey restaurants. Not sure how to do it differently, but telling us about the rabbit stew lunch special isn't super cool for veggie people.Why You Need to Stop Bragging About How Busy You Are http://t.co/mXCvn6opAJKnew I should have worn my Tapout gear. Come on Paul. Figure it out. (at @WalmartCanada) http://t.co/tNcQOBmKqSHappy birthday Fat Bob - The Cure - Primary: http://t.co/vfxIHYxZuI
“@Snoopy: Happy Record Store Day! #RSD14 http://t.co/WqCoXV5NO0” @Danielle0421
Retweeted by Paul RyanTerrible callLooking for a big night from Stamkos. Bolts aren't done yet. Come on lads.Soon. #Habs http://t.co/qKCnQVx8C5@BGrantPaul @monochromegod Always happy to share a little Joy.@monochromegod And she gave away the secrets of her past...“She's Lost Control” by Joy Division is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/QOQquL9ngp@jerryleewilson Cool. Next time you're listening To Leonard Cohen, I'll stand outside your place playing guitar through a Frampton voice boxToday feels like an appropriate day for a zombie movie marathon.@jerryleewilson Pretty sure they banned all harmonicas from even being in Manchester while that record was being recorded.When you listen to "Unknown Pleasures" by Joy Division, it's hard to believe it was released in 1979. Still sounds fresh and relevant today.@BruceFraser jesusThe moral of #BreakingBad http://t.co/rBoZXkIAnmPrinceton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy @TPM http://t.co/OiRIQtFUW9Jack White makes history with world's fastest released record | News | http://t.co/PMe6zxLwwT http://t.co/ElHdWdVVkP via @NME
Boston media defending the Lucic spear last night. Stay classy! http://t.co/3N9b4guKXQ
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"How did you get up here?" http://t.co/ZPGWFapMBcMorrissey’s Not Happy With Canada http://t.co/SZgqTr6TF3
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BrynDartCentre @LushLadyLauren Amazing to me that people are still shocked by anything related to animal treatment and the meat industry.Nothing sparks a nerd debate like asking, “Want to watch Star Wars, the first one?”
Retweeted by Paul RyanNot sure why anyone would be shocked to 'discover' cruelty at a veal farm, but I suggest meat eaters tune in at 7pm http://t.co/ftXDBkbddf
Retweeted by Paul RyanAtl Canada reminder #W5 in 10 min. Tonite: CRUEL BUSINESS investigates veal industry @CTVAtlantic 7pm AT on @CTV
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis Blues vs Blackhawks series is bananas@LTDesroches Good stuff. Still have a couple holes to fill in my old Queen back catalogue. All in time.@LTDesroches Hit both Taz locations, Obsolete, Black Buffalo, and Select Sounds.@LTDesroches Did you head out? Pick anything up?Last #rsd share. Some great new to me, original pressing finds. The gem here is Brian Eno's "Another… http://t.co/3k4n77kjXq@LTDesroches Yeah. Some Husker Du, Queen, Brian Eno, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, and Talk Talk. Wasn't much on the rsd list to interest me.
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