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I have a wonderful wife, six sweet dogs, a voluminous vinyl collection, and a clear need for alliteration. I like The Smiths, bow ties, being vegan and NY Isles

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@BGrantPaul @monochromegod Always happy to share a little Joy.@monochromegod And she gave away the secrets of her past...“She's Lost Control” by Joy Division is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/QOQquL9ngp@jerryleewilson Cool. Next time you're listening To Leonard Cohen, I'll stand outside your place playing guitar through a Frampton voice boxToday feels like an appropriate day for a zombie movie marathon.@jerryleewilson Pretty sure they banned all harmonicas from even being in Manchester while that record was being recorded.When you listen to "Unknown Pleasures" by Joy Division, it's hard to believe it was released in 1979. Still sounds fresh and relevant today.@BruceFraser jesusThe moral of #BreakingBad http://t.co/rBoZXkIAnmPrinceton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy @TPM http://t.co/OiRIQtFUW9Jack White makes history with world's fastest released record | News | http://t.co/PMe6zxLwwT http://t.co/ElHdWdVVkP via @NME
Boston media defending the Lucic spear last night. Stay classy! http://t.co/3N9b4guKXQ
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"How did you get up here?" http://t.co/ZPGWFapMBcMorrissey’s Not Happy With Canada http://t.co/SZgqTr6TF3
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BrynDartCentre @LushLadyLauren Amazing to me that people are still shocked by anything related to animal treatment and the meat industry.Nothing sparks a nerd debate like asking, “Want to watch Star Wars, the first one?”
Retweeted by Paul RyanNot sure why anyone would be shocked to 'discover' cruelty at a veal farm, but I suggest meat eaters tune in at 7pm http://t.co/ftXDBkbddf
Retweeted by Paul RyanAtl Canada reminder #W5 in 10 min. Tonite: CRUEL BUSINESS investigates veal industry @CTVAtlantic 7pm AT on @CTV
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis Blues vs Blackhawks series is bananas@LTDesroches Good stuff. Still have a couple holes to fill in my old Queen back catalogue. All in time.@LTDesroches Hit both Taz locations, Obsolete, Black Buffalo, and Select Sounds.@LTDesroches Did you head out? Pick anything up?Last #rsd share. Some great new to me, original pressing finds. The gem here is Brian Eno's "Another… http://t.co/3k4n77kjXq@LTDesroches Yeah. Some Husker Du, Queen, Brian Eno, Happy Mondays, Joy Division, and Talk Talk. Wasn't much on the rsd list to interest me.Actually bought some #rsd new releases this year. Peter Murphy 7" single for Hang Up with metallic… http://t.co/Fo81mcxQWGRecord Store Day was good fun. Still need to talk about finding an original Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division #RSD14 http://t.co/R54KnbvqjiFree box of #vinyl hitting the corner in a few minutes. Happy #RSD2014 ! http://t.co/g9NfY5dE1D
Retweeted by Paul Ryan.@asifillyas playing at @TazRecords (Bedford) for Record Store Day and sounding fantastic (as always) #RSD14 http://t.co/Sh67pPLiDl@brightwhite Agreed. Really interesting artist in that way.@brightwhite Yeah. Pretty cool. Not really a fan, but he's the real deal. Lots of respect. This is a pretty neat idea.Also wash your hands often. It's a little known fact you you can get scurvy from touching old records.Alright gang. Have fun out there flipping through the bins today. #RSD14Buying used records is knowing someone was really stupid when they sold an amazing record for $5 that I'm now buying for $20. Hold on now...waiting in line to buy records. if yr wondering ladies, yes i am single...
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@nicolacourtney Yeah it looks ridiculous. Pretty sure I could make that vegan somehow ;)Just got some hot new Bow Ties in from @bowtieclub - @MarkMunroeMusic will be excited to tie them on! http://t.co/cnej8AztCi
Retweeted by Paul RyanA Canadian Pizza Chain Has Created A “Pizza Cake,” A Horrifying Layered Pizza Monstrosity http://t.co/6pmqUDllph via @buzzfeed@skivels @meanmeaghan No kidding. They clearly have a shady master plan for world domination, and we deserve everything we get.@skivels @meanmeaghan Sorry about that. When 6 dogs put their heads together, they're surprisingly good with legal and low danger explosives@andrewangus Yeah. It's like a starting lineup for a hockey team around here.Imaginary Talent Shortage Caused By Real Trust Shortage http://t.co/Zc7GSYZAUB@KristiColleen Time of day doesn't tend to be something pets worry too much about when they decide to be jerks.When your 6 dogs decide to all wake up at 5am and unite to demand their breakfast, there's really no getting that genie back in the bottle
Have your say: Help @HfxStanfield with improvements and rebranding by filling out a short survey: https://t.co/MfPz68gMMR
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@grantisagrant and the Stray Cats at top volumeA graphic undercover video at Maple Leaf Foods appears to show baby chickens being cooked alive http://t.co/8zFlaG7KtQ
Retweeted by Paul RyanThugged-out Throwback Thursday #tbt @ONLY_NY #thuglife http://t.co/3ya146To0r
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#RSD2014 Teaser #BBR http://t.co/f218ZRiMzW
Retweeted by Paul RyanA #free whitepaper just for banks and financial services: http://t.co/BE7fzTbYpG
Retweeted by Paul RyanDon't really care about the new vinyl, so the big goal for this year's #RSD14 is finding every Earth Wind & Fire record. Because why not.@nickcalder Mom and Dad are in Clayton Park now, but still have their 477 Spry number circa 1973.@AdemNS Ouch. The 479. That's not fair. Not fair at all.If you're not originally from Halifax, and now have a 477 phone number, consider it instant street cred. Also, you're a dirty Spryfielder.@JCurryJ That's the most awesome and creepy thing I've seen today.Get Serious About Your Brand's Mobile Presence http://t.co/XxW0nj9yGY#Vegan Power Lunch...! You name it..kale, beets, almonds, nappa cabbage, kale, portobello's and more! #energygalore! http://t.co/ZiPomWOdrb
Retweeted by Paul RyanOutkast’s Coachella Flop: Blame EDM http://t.co/vFjUu8xwjH
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Horrors prove once again they are incapable of writing bad songs. New single for "So Now you Know" is perfection http://t.co/M82MC8yO6Q
The hotel we're staying at has a That-Thing-That-Ate-Boba-Fett carpet! #limitededition http://t.co/QSvB03o4xZ
Retweeted by Paul RyanWild Beasts, Teenage Fanclub, and Temples headlining NYC's free 2013 River Rocks series: http://t.co/4ik6rHSOYU
Retweeted by Paul RyanUse "reply-all" responsibly.
Retweeted by Paul RyanAnd if you think Peace is a common goal, well, that goes to show just how little you know.
Retweeted by Paul RyanClassic Photo: Vince Neil and Ozzy Osbourne. http://t.co/kXakDuPuOO
Retweeted by Paul RyanI have it on reasonable authority that Montreal have won the most Stanley Cups in NHL history. Crazy eh? You just don't hear that very oftenATTN: I STRONGLY disagree with my results from the most recent buzzfeed quiz and I will be taking the quiz a second time
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@nickcalder Nice one mate.Map of Canada showing how much of the country has zero population. http://t.co/LusQmfYanp
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@CH_RemoZaccagna I will be happy for legit Habs fan friends if they do well, but rest assured I will not be cheering for them ;)So many Habs fans in my feed tonight. Be interesting to know how many haven't tweeted about hockey since right around this time last year.@LousyRock @meganfluevog Especially if The Funky Bunch are able to make it.@meganfluevog The very same apparently. Marky Mark has to be the best man right?The one day I don't dvr The View, the Playmate gets engaged to the New Kid. Its sucks being the last to know. Get your head in the game PaulI feel like since Breaking Bad finished we're all just stockpiling jokes about breakfast.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson Morrissey still throws his blouse into the crowd, and it's still embarrassing@ajlburke @innovacorp @DashHudson dude in the pic is amateur hourMoncton's @qimpleHR makes it easy for employers to extend their reach when looking for new employees http://t.co/3B1XMlhZOR via @entrevestorSo a week from today we should have our #patios installed!! Fingers Crossed:) http://t.co/qRR7SHZjsi
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"How would you handle the U.S. Airways Twitter fiasco?" First key step would probably be to carefully extract the aircraft.Sheepdog is looking to hire a Microsoft certified deployment engineer: http://t.co/IEtSGPACCT
Retweeted by Paul RyanPortishead. All day long.@Hooberbloob Hey I'll give you a hand man. Let me steal us a shopping cart from Superstore for the bags of empty cans. Because Spryfielder.@LTDesroches Saw Twisted Sister open for Iron Maiden at the Metro Centre in '84, and the TS singer renamed us Hali-fucking-fax. Also badass.
We regret to announce there will be no conference for 2014 due to lack of funding; options welcome. http://t.co/li31I7zHnz /CP
Retweeted by Paul RyanApps for Men: Style | Men's Health http://t.co/w9E33Xlo0x
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@HogansBeard Probably mine too. Used to be A Day At The Races, but I think that was just because of how much ass Tie Your Mother Down kicks.@HogansBeard So many great songs on that record, but pretty sure my favourite is If You Can't Beat Them. Think John Deacon wrote that one.@grantisagrant There really were a bunch of teams who should have had a better year than they did. Weird under performing type of year.@grantisagrant Still working through the disappointment of this year's backslide after last. It will pass by the fall.@LTDesroches The Isles don't need young guys. Prospect ranks are quite strong. Love to see them trade it for a goalie or a sturdy D man.@CH_RemoZaccagna Like to see them deal the 5th for mature D depth or a tender. Easier said than done based on what's available I suppose.@CH_RemoZaccagna True. I think it's trickier than that for them right now though. They're deep with young prospects.@ch_remozaccagna They can hold the 5th and give Buffalo their 1st next year, which would be the smart thing to do, but....well..we'll see.Not sure what Garth Snow plans to do with the #Isles 5th overall pick. The laws of probability would dictate it will be a piss poor decision@jerryleewilson In 20 years people will still be going to the same bars every Friday, and still not know what to do with a drunken sailor.@sjcouper That's cool. Thanks for taking a look. I've been trying to do more reviews and fewer lists, but it just takes time.Anyone know if the Draft Lottery is accepting exchanges tonight? I have my receipt for Nail Yakupov if they are…
Retweeted by Paul RyanIf lighthouses in Halifax branding are done, can we take the next logical step, and ban bagpipers from parading old people around downtown?@KenzieMacD I think they're a threatened species. Maybe they're killing themselves en masse to avoid ongoing exploitation.@BruceFraser I like Tron better than lighthouses.@KenzieMacD Ha. Yeah. We have a handful of regional stereotypes we are well overdue to be clear of.
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