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New Scalable Solutions for #DataAnalysis with R: Address in-memory limitations & scalability with @Teradata Aster R http://t.co/T8xgYJOjFMRT @mikeloukides: Problem w/ autonomous vehicles: if accidents decrease, lower profits for insurers. Can't have that. http://t.co/OfRMcgooDlGoogle's new project: collect anonymous genetic and molecular data to define a healthy human http://t.co/W1Bzl1IMRVRT @mikeloukides: Excellent article on the problem of "public": http://t.co/YkcxF87CyJRT @OReillyMedia: Deal/Day: Celebrate #SysAdminDay + Save 50% on all #SysAdmin ebooks + videos http://t.co/QMH0ImdBiDPublic Private Pain, Signature Parsing, OSCON Highlights, and Robocar Culture http://t.co/tzB6Mh4xSK @gnat Four short links
Neglected ML, Crowdfunded Recognition, Debating Watson, and Versioned p2p File System http://t.co/ymZQ7b10Us Four short links, via @gnatUpdated link! MT @ruralocity: “It’s about people.” Watch @timoreilly’s #oscon keynote, even if you don’t work w/tech http://t.co/J8o2U5h7Lg@esoltys Whoops :-) Here it is: https://t.co/PsaHtgoMweRT @mikeloukides: The blockchain as an application platform: this is a very powerful idea. http://t.co/CnlMDkx7S2In search of a model for modeling intelligence http://t.co/eCIv7tKRyD > @beaucronin IA series post in Intelligence MattersPodcast: Design for how the world should work http://t.co/t6XlJnm44P Design beyond screens and single devices > @globalmoxie & @timoreillyRT @ruralocity: “It’s about people.” Watch @timoreilly’s #oscon keynote, even if you don’t work directly with tech. http://t.co/k7i42oeoK3.@praxagora > OpenStack creates a structure for managing change without a benevolent dictator http://t.co/qc6986aJ9PSignals from OSCON 2014 http://t.co/dT5apn0mHf > videos to key talks from OSCON 2014#Ebook Deal/Day: HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization Cookbook - $14.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/dDwQwJgfJoNow: RT @oscon: Didn't make it to OSCON this year? You can still join virtually when we live stream all keynotes: http://t.co/zr5RfEUn60
Jeremy Rifkin unveils a return to the local in an interconnected future http://t.co/Jpzhu7islE @praxagora on @RadarHow to build and run your first deep learning network http://t.co/c9bzpoKZEj Step-by-step instruction from @petewardenRT @mikeloukides: It's not the volume of data, it's the workflow: http://t.co/CgG5431haT#Ebook Deal/Day: Designing Mobile Payment Experiences - $13.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/yq83NzVQLwMT @timoreilly: Excellent read: A promise theory perspective on DevOps http://t.co/2QmMaPvJCG DevOps is the heart of the new enterprise
#OReillySolid by @JonBruner: 'We’re granting superpowers to machines that serve us' @bethcomstock of @generalelectric http://t.co/C1dy4SFv1vWhat ‘urban physics’ could tell us about how cities work http://t.co/laUVZ7D5Sx via @alexismadrigalRT @mikeloukides: A new tracking technique: Canvas fingerprinting. Welcome to the post cookie world http://t.co/HE8FpAlkYxOnline communities could benefit from the power of offline meetings http://t.co/i39nAZaufd @praxagora on value of face-to-face engagement#Ebook Deal/Day: Business Patterns for Software Developers - $24.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEALNew post "Transparency & transformation at PayPal" by @DivaDanese on @PayPal's "InnerSource" cultural transformation http://t.co/2Pgd0NScC7RT @oscon: Good morning, #OSCON! Whether you're in #PDX or not, you can watch keynotes starting at 9:05 AM PT at http://t.co/zr5RfEUn60English lint, Scalable Replicated Datastore, There's People in my Software, and Sci-Fi for Ethics http://t.co/MkzFRYB4RR via @gnat
RT @hmason: I'm excited to share what I've been working on! @FastForwardLabs http://t.co/7zAMoMbOu3.@OReillySchool is celebrating 20,000 completions w/ a school-wide sale. Save 25% on courses & certificates http://t.co/dW5rhipg6rRT @globalmoxie: In praise of dumb objects: "I don’t have to make out technologically with every device."—@johnmaeda http://t.co/ZL7YviS5xYYou get a personal data site, and you get one, and you too http://t.co/LnFZ9h9WLM @flowingdata on Anand Sharma's site / via @mikeloukidesCelebrate O'Reilly Open Source Convention + Save 50% on *all* Programming Ebooks & Videos http://t.co/xbSJLCH8ItRT @MaryTreseler: Don't Underestimate The Impact Of The Internet Of Things http://t.co/cmZOMIMgX1 via @ForbesNumenta Code, Soccer Robotics, Security Data Science & Open Wireless Router http://t.co/Oe2RFDX4BZ via @gnat Four short links
RT @mikeloukides: Very cool. Conductive ink, so you can print a PC board with a 3d printer. http://t.co/pyTqXWPfCwDesign Reviews, Gaudy Palette, Web Components, and Creative Coding http://t.co/mrz5BSXdEp via @gnat Four short linksRT @bigdata: A good nudge trumps a good prediction: new @radar post by @simonchannet of @PredictionIO http://t.co/SDBbosDI7FDeal/Day: Save 50% - Get a Solid Foundation in HTML5 and CSS3 + Take your web design skills to a new level http://t.co/gMS6cTrD8G
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Programming JavaScript Applications - $15.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/6e0rQXmdGKDesigning real vegan cheese http://t.co/hFeGOOt2Fn @mikeloukides on Real Vegan Cheese > + article in new BioCoder: http://t.co/qA3HtokNXyRT @mikeloukides: Making Web pages appear faster: good tips http://t.co/4FGGUDAnQISoftware Ethics, Learning Challenges, Workplace Harassment, and Logging for Postmortems http://t.co/K98AuYTSV6 @gnat Four short links
RT @OReillyMedia: #Video Deal/Week: Functional Thinking - $99.99 Use code VDWK http://t.co/7KDMhoQr9rOpen source biology http://t.co/bzjigLeD3z @mikeloukides > "what does an “open source” license mean for this kind of source code?"Apple and IBM Team Up to Push iOS in the Enterprise http://t.co/EapMMmTELlNeed parking? There’s no app for that…yet http://t.co/GPpepAMGtN @drewdaraabrams on the need for nuanced civic tech solutionsMT @mikeloukides: Announcing BioCoder 4 -- Articles on open source bio, making vegan cheese, & much more! http://t.co/CPuUmyqlZXDistributed Systems Design 101, Patent Trolls, Intel's Half a Billion from IoT, and Google's Project Zero http://t.co/u5E8AnkHvZ via @gnat
Announcing #BioCoder issue 4 http://t.co/BNh6LDgyi3 Inside: implanting evolution, open source biotech consumables & more.RT @mikeloukides: Wireless mesh standard for smart home: http://t.co/U0lZrY9G95RT @mikeloukides: .@zephoria on Facebook, "emotion contagion," research, and ethics: absolutely worth reading http://t.co/HoMtzXcwl5RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: The Basics of Information Security - $17.48 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/qKIxsh0PStData Brokers, Car Data, Pattern Classification, and Hogwild Deep Learning http://t.co/gfSvLkABJX Four short links, via @gnat"the benefits of government sensor networks are clear" http://t.co/GIWn809ilE @anniylagan @joey_flatt & @Kchrapaty on bridging gov't gaps
Toward a theory of design as computation http://t.co/d3kJBUJcXH via @alexismadrigal 5 Intriguing Things newsletter (http://t.co/hNtDHQgqLc)RT @Recode: GE Pushes Boundaries With New Research Effort / by @ahess247 / http://t.co/mX3Zd0R4NxRobots Are Invading the News Business, and It’s Great for Journalists http://t.co/jgdNcdOfx1 via @sarawingeRT @BloombergNews: Home Depot starts selling 3-D printers in stores for first time: http://t.co/8SKMObPXvW http://t.co/BaesFZDMbBScanner Malware, Cognitive Biases, Deep Learning, and Community Metrics http://t.co/9Hoks1zXys Four short links, via @gnatRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Linux Mint Essentials - $14.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/scDTN3jzaQEmbracing hardware data http://t.co/bz6icS1SW2 @mshron > the collision of hardware and software through the eyes of a data scientistWhat is deep learning, and why should you care? http://t.co/mRW7DM1Fea > New series by @petewarden on the inner workings of neural networks
RT @johnmaeda: Navigating @bethcomstock's "what I love to do" vs "what I have to do" vs "what I hate to do" is key: http://t.co/n5eQ4YmS3BRT @OReillyMedia: Deal/Day: Save 50% - Build, Deploy + Scale Apps w/ Google App Engine - using #Java or #Python http://t.co/B2KXALQFg3Curated Code, Hackable Browser, IoT Should Be Open, and Better Treemaps http://t.co/COhN58H6ku > @gnat Four short links
MT @timoreilly: Good post by @BillHiggins: Working for a bigco, working like a startup http://t.co/jQtwcSf9tJRT @metacool: Wow! Stunning set of how-to videos by @mcgd on design thinking, marketing, venture design: http://t.co/WdOk4HKdbIRT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Lean Architecture - $24.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/1mIcNTltAdJournalism Security, Inclusive Technology, Network Magic, and Python Anti-Patterns http://t.co/rto1SFjtDB @gnat > Four short links
RT @bigdata: new @radar post: There are many use cases for graph databases and analytics http://t.co/JFkHasqwvWRT @OReillyMedia: #Video Deal/Week: Learning Git - $49.95 Use code VDWK http://t.co/CnhaZlWlfgRT @MaryTreseler: Jesse James Garrett and Ken Jennings Talk Maps and Design http://t.co/YsGTZPQXw3Watch 'Beyond Gadgets: Interactive Everything' @ipoupyrev at #OReillySolid http://t.co/jOSOOb8LGP The digital revolution is over & bits wonRT @techreview: A Brain-Computer Interface for Speech http://t.co/Km36f5faRMSignals from Foo Camp 2014 http://t.co/GcUPK8QuIQ > O’Reilly editors explore the ideas and influences that are poised to break through
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Web Development with Node and Express - $12.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/1Ydi8jliAhRT @dalepd: The 'maker movement' creates D.I.Y. revolution - CSMonitor http://t.co/7V8URjsyzi @makeMT @ramez: @OReillyMedia interview w/ me on AI, IoT, trends in renewables, & the 'Singularity'. http://t.co/PePF2g2k33 by @macslocumVirtual Economies, Resource UAVs, Smarter Smaller Crowds, and Scaling Business http://t.co/NRFVQc5ugq @gnat Four short links
RT @gnat: Stuart Firestein’s book on how Ignorance drives Science. http://t.co/x9TUtp4gIP #ignition14How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis http://t.co/14TjDDV8Yg > big data, IoT, weather modeling, and supercomputing"extra context helps users retrieve information" RT @MaryTreseler: Memory Recognition and Recall in User Interfaces http://t.co/BreAD039IM#Ebook Deal/Day: Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner - $10.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/GDwrujJq8l.@timoreilly wants tech heroes to change government (interview) http://t.co/jl2Y3VFeV7 HT @mikeloukidesMT @OReillyAnimals: Attaching satellite tags to baby turtles is no mean feat; once accomplished, surprising results. http://t.co/FUIWMneUCjThey Have Seen the Future of the Internet, and It Is Dark http://t.co/cQN6P1aarK @pewinternet > “there is a more palpable sense of dread”GV Library, Blockchain Equity, Organisation Anti-Patterns, and Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering http://t.co/R7BosE5xsw via @gnat
RT @OReillyMedia: #Ebook Deal/Day: Creating Apps in Kivy - $9.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL http://t.co/5cA79HdwqM"pentamode metamaterial...can behave like a fluid" RT @sciam: Elastic Cloaking Material Makes Objects “Unfeelable” http://t.co/WxLHiavSiGMT @praxagora: Where health info tech needs to get its house in order http://t.co/fcnDVsC80S Analytics, record systems, device validationAmazon sues ex-employee who went to work for Google Cloud http://t.co/VZN9etPVv9 "at a time of increased debate over "non-compete" deals"Google’s Big Bet on the Future of UI: Gadgets That Predict Your Needs http://t.co/QtmjTmMYEr "Computing should be ephemeral"Go Libraries, Salary Transparency, Printed Houses, and IoT Alliance http://t.co/OL5RAGFCNL > @gnat Four short links
RT @tomcoates: Wrote up our session at #foocamp - Interacting with a World of Connected Objects: http://t.co/c6pkDpAbTJRT @OReillyMedia: #Video Deal/Week: Learning Apache Hadoop - $49.95 Use code VDWK http://t.co/YOEtREkaokRT @aallan: Do you think the #IoT is going to be more secure than 'regular' computing? Why? http://t.co/WulCvGVWFqRT @cReverd: #Siri Will Soon Understand You a Whole Lot Better #machinelearning http://t.co/lHwb1Wyudl > via @robotenomics
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