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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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You all called Uber as disruptive innovator. They are living up to the first part at least in disrupting any and every competiton
“@ShlomoArgamon: One of the worst infographics ever, but people don't care? http://t.co/LCrXQCveta #visualization #datascience"@ShlomoArgamon +1 for scatter plot@zachdillon I hope I find the right line between the ice cream sandwich shop and umami burgerIf you're looking for me I will be in line at Palo Alto Apple store for wearable. Wonder if there is a device that quantifies time in lineYou Can’t Do Strategy Without Input from Sales http://t.co/YTibONaXip
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"People, regardless of income bracket, have a range in their in mind for what things should cost" http://t.co/59dr4qXxOe #ReferencePrice@shar_boss @Skid_The_Kid5 there is only one :)
@EdwinRes you are in the ever diminishing right tailWhen was the last time you questioned a study?
"No one person has even 1% of consequential knowledge" - Sowell"passion often blinds #startup founders into thinking they have all the skills they need to build their business" http://t.co/FI2PNXCeFF
@RaquelHirsch @Forbes the likely lurking variable is paper book readers are longtime readers?“@ronaldbaker: Character is ethics in action. Reputation is what people say you are. http://t.co/CGeGx347m9@galenward I think it is the mi of ethanol and the subsidy for corn the reason
Super unleaded is priced lower than Unleaded because? #pricing #externality http://t.co/YNQ55Nsm2M
@mims is there you pretend people hang on to every word and will notice your absence :)
@DollarRenta_Car despite reserving waitnf at DSM with no ETA for a car and unfriendly service
@EdwardTufte @Kellblog unfortunately the base rate says a study is highly likely wrong
@mattwensing where do I get that deal?Is Value Pricing the Way of the Future? We Asked and You Said Yes! @IFAC_Update @ronaldbaker http://t.co/krR3qndpXH
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanSnail slime #pricing http://t.co/VwsKI76oIC
"analysts expect Apple to charge more for the phones than previous new models, because of increased component costs" -- wrong thinking“He may not have an M.B.A., but Pope Francis can teach a thing or two about running a business. http://t.co/ENlfZDxZfG" et tu @WSJ?“@MarketWatch: Why $mcd attempt at a healthier burger turned out to be a huge failure: http://t.co/qZzVs5ltsD #segmentation #jtbd
Surely after buying a wallet at these prices it will be slim http://t.co/G3TzW7VS5wDrop in $KING revenue is due to KimK's app says @WSJ. A ray of hope that left tail is limited and not long or fat
@AnalystArun wonder what the right tails did@grayj_ I found biggest impact from logging everything I eat and reducingThose eating up the "100 chews to healthy life" study-the lurking variable likely is healthy vegetarian unprocessed options are hard to chew@mims don't worry, if current monopolies are disrupted by today's Uber, something else will disrupt tomorrow's monopolies@rshevlin @whartonknows is distrupting@om if we are really rational Homo Economicus we'd want competition but alas@rshevlin @whartonknows intended?“@stefaniei 100 chews a day http://t.co/S5V2COBmEj” anything countable will be counted with a wearable but does it really count?∀ New services in Valley ∃ rabid fans who missed out top fan spot for a now popular service and will promote a new service to gain top spot
@mtrifiro and you fell right off the wagon :)@gerardodada no not a bubble until Yo's valuation exceeds that if IBMWhichever side you take on Amazon battle you have to admit they are now undisputed price setter and everyone else is price takerIn @wsj piece @mims calls Yo as next twitter. Reading his piece I see it as push-to-talk of Nextel gameIn rush to get the street cred for calling first the next big thing Yo hailed as next big platform http://t.co/gK2PkygCxj y'all agree?
I need to write a letter to Apple to ask to lower the price of iPhone. Any canned template I can find? Amazon marketing team can help?@rshevlin ouch, of she sees this tweet you better don't end up as oneWhat are books rendered irrelevant http://t.co/cNSsSASM7jYou wonder why psychics don't practice perfect first degree price discrimination http://t.co/N0ZVfMRJpBA prescient psychic has reduced price for her weekend readings to $20If you like sushi eat it, don't write marketing lessons http://t.co/0io1yrd1aaI've been busy writing letters on behalf of Amazon to their different suppliersWhat can panhandlers teach us about #pricing http://t.co/Q2h0mSuEDh@rshevlin be Remarkable?"how to get 1000+ followers on twitter with 7 tactics" says @HubSpot - wonder why end at 1000 and what happens when everyone gets 1000A common writing ploy is to frame disproved myths as commonly accepted beliefs and then go on to disprove them by stating other mythsThe lurking var in prev tweet is likely those savvy enough seek college degree and the degree itself is not the differentiationCollege degree pays 35% premium even in a profession where one is not hired for degree http://t.co/7FdXivxdLGConjoint analysis takes new meaning in @TheEconomist piece More Bang for Your Buck http://t.co/7FdXivxdLGWe've all heard of "turn your customers into marketers", better yet, turn your customers into your procurement managers squeezing suppliersWe not only shifted all our spend to Amazon we have become its letter writing henchmen tooThe most persuasive argument against Amazon's campaign to devalue books was made 70 years ago--by George Orwell. http://t.co/RVfc1ps870
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan
You have pricing power only if you control your downstream value chain. If you depend on a middleman you don't get to set your price.How would you choose which middlemen to support?Sane advice by @nprmusic http://t.co/pH3IdGsEI2 http://t.co/m2Z4BzRqvI if you don't like the price walk away, don't complain! #pricingIf your goal is to make books accessible and affordable to masses fund a library not run a for profit business"The art of good business is being a middleman" #layercake #quote - @uber @grubhub @airbnb ...For all you Apple fans, think about it- Apple is more likely to release iWatch on 10/10 than 9/9
“@michellemilla: In a situation when you know nothing, everything is a possibility.” #deepity@mims just like venture backed blogA foodcart selling tacos shouldn't be valued just on its sale of tacos, it is a platform that can deliver almost anything
Two consecutive MetLife stories in my timeline - two extreme reasons http://t.co/4oY9SO3VaU@RaquelHirsch is your story related to this MetLife story? http://t.co/sIpciHjqJw@aten @om and we will be sure to blame loss-leading public transportation for mismanagement, inefficiency etc. like we do for USPSToday @wsj reports military searching social media for intelligence -- tomorrow's report will say, they came up emptyParis Baguette mixes up product market fit by entering France http://t.co/cuJlgCA8Qb are they better off with core segment?
“@WSJAsia: How many people needed to tip a train to save a passenger http://t.co/nPfXG1NEIs http://t.co/x03A2b77XD” plus one to Instagram itI will be launching a food delivery startup to deliver you ingredients for just Indian breakfast. But it is a platform of course@wimrampen cogito ergo sum@rags what made you so cynical about this?
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@wimrampen the schools of thought are the snake oil and practitioners are witch doctorsi am surprised that Groupon still makes $700-$800M revenue a quarterYou know Groupon is no more a hip #startup when they say,"we are in the middle of business transformation", instead of saying pivotIf this is not bubble - "San Francisco entrepreneurs giving away cash as a game http://t.co/P35TStfaq8""WSJ/NBC Poll Finds Widespread Economic Anxiety http://t.co/YcQoj8PrKl" yesterday @wsj reported pessimists live longer
"pessimism leads to longer life" @wsj http://t.co/AYDl6mG4L4 or is the longer life that leads to pessimism?@mims yes, a typical one that jumps from observational correlation to undisputed causation@mims does that mean P(startup success | take venture capital) is very low?What can you learn about #growthhacking from a game that makes $700K/day http://t.co/Jjqctfrzu6"Here's What Apple's Next iPad Might Look Like" - just like your last iPad http://t.co/syaF9ubsKc@wimrampen or shall I say snake oil@wimrampen and both are placebos
A blog post that starts as,"<a famous person> wrote an interesting post on", is one that shouldn't have been written@avinash @chriscmooney my #stats training tells me to reject this claim@emeyerson or one who thinks he is under 60 :)HT to Spiderman, "with great responsibility comes teen ytiny power"@ShlomoArgamon I think 1995Lego may do well to price Research Institute higher to match supply with demand but will be accused of gender based price discrimination@ShlomoArgamon sadly wasn't there an incident in San Diego a while back?Celebrating Venn's birthday https://t.co/xoeBT0NTa5
MasterChef Mystery — Medium http://t.co/loQsfjhFMU“@TheRealSpaf: How can homeopathy help to stop the Ebola outbreak? http://t.co/XDIaorsJykWhat @buffer is saying is,"those not paying attention to you is 4X as you imagined" http://t.co/qygCk2ZuWO" #growthhacking@mtrifiro clearly you have only begun to scratch the surface
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