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Currently: Freelance graphic/web/UI design. Formerly: @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film.

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Block-the-box o’clock at 6th and Watts.
Thanks, that’s very helpful.
“The amount payable falls below the threshold of earnings at which Springer will issue payments.” #passiveincome
Megadeth’s Rust in Peace just turned 25. I wrote about it for the @RockBand blog awhile back. Years“How awful to see society embrace art that… makes you think only about the vast chasm between you and everyone else.” everyone, Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift wasn’t an event until you made it one. You are boring. Love, RobIt’s been a shitty week, but luckily @lowtheband came to town tonight to wash off the muck.
2015 Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Fries eggs in a spider pan / Sunny side up / Over easy / His spider omelets are never too cheesy
@maxfenton Isn’t half the point of a content blocker to improve performance rather than hinder it?@sanspoint Fuck that shit. Hardware and software developers’ vanishing consideration for backwards compatibility is appalling.None of the iOS 9 content blockers available so far work on devices more than two years old. FFS.I hadn’t thought of this potential side effect, and it is troubling.
The Pope vs. the Wind😐🔫
Stop making biopics.
Sad to miss #XOXOFest this year. Following it on Twitter meant enduring the braying of Gamergate’s turd children, but it was worth it.DADDY CAN YOU GROW A BIG BEARD LIKE THAT GUY THAT CAME OVER? ATTN: @robweychert
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The new @lowtheband album is, unsurprisingly, excellent. Excited I get to see them play on two continents this fall!
I am no longer concerned about my future.
I gave birth last week to a beautiful, healthy boy named @robweychert.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert.@robweychert is my dad
Retweeted by Rob WeychertI have nothing bad to say about @robweychert.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert I've never heard of you until now but you are my favourite Rob I know of. (Disclaimer: I know 1 person named Rob)
Retweeted by Rob WeychertThank you everyone for your praise! You couldn’t have done it without me.When @robweychert says “you might like this band”, you will in fact fucking LOVE that band.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertYou only think you know how to eat waffles because you’ve never seen @robweychert eat waffles.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert is the reason I still call @jasonsantamaria Stan and read his tweets in a Super Mario voice.
Retweeted by Rob Weycherti've known @robweychert since we were six, so i am well qualified to testify to his longitudinal greatness
Retweeted by Rob WeychertDid you know? @robweychert can say “gesundheit” in 23 languages.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertJust got prompted to endorse @robweychert in "Rob Weychert" on LinkedIn.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert doesn't eat slowly—he eats AWESOMELY
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@jasonsantamaria @robweychert And you just won the compliments game. Wow.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert is in fact both Hall *and* Oates.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert You have the second best red beard on the web. You know, cause I have the best one. :) #internationalrobweychertappreciationday
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert you do common things uncommonly well.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert can beat you up with his beard alone. The fact that he probably won’t is testament to the fact that he is a perfect gentleman.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert Good tea. Nice house.
Retweeted by Rob Weycherteveryone should know that @robweychert is one of the nicest, smartest, and kindest people i know, and also his hands can shoot time lasers
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert has a greater attention to detail than you.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertI'VE GOT SOMETHIN TO SAY @ROBWEYCHERT IS EXCELLENT EVERY DAY! Excellent taste in music, excellent beard, excellent designer, EXCELLENT DUDE!
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert You're my favorite air guitar client.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert has everyone in Klout HQ slowclapping right now...
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert has that on his face so you wont ever ask him "hey, what's YOUR pirate name?"
Retweeted by Rob Weychert.@robweychert does a better version of Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" than Cher.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert everything’s a highlight, baby.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert Rob, what a great tweet! Just another in a long series of amazing Rob moments. I honestly don’t know how you do it, buddy.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert Rob’s wearing a cool shirt today and every day and Rob is really nice and cool
Retweeted by Rob Weychert.@robweychert is smart, a great designer, and can melt faces with a single move of his strumming hand.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert No.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert is half thought-leader, half influencer, half social media and design maven, and three halves more powerful than you are.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@robweychert Hey Rob! You're great! Pls RT.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertEveryone please say really nice things about me so I can retweet them. The world deserves to know that you think highly of me.
Every band should license Killing Joke’s “Requiem” and open every album with it.
Someday, I will be the first person to ever bring an Epiphone Les Paul onto a stage. I will insist on a spotlight for the headstock.“There’s no way a new world can be born out of the old one without the midwifery of public policy.”
Using a spoon to eat a Klondike bar out of a miniature plastic baseball helmet.
@CaseyMalone Take it from an ashamedly veteran hatewatcher: delete it from your YouTube history and embrace Incognito mode.
Nice of the Pope to tell women they can be forgiven for having control over their bodies if they'll bow down before a man and ask.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@Smomotion Thanks, I’ll check it out. And I’ll trade you: a lot lately about capitalism, proprietary technology, planned obsolescence, waste.
“We must [teach] our children, especially our sons, that your ego does not own you and the world does not owe you.” the best of luck to all the @AGWC dark horses tonight, especially my @usairguitar compatriots!
After 12+ years of regular city biking, I finally got doored for the first time tonight. Thankfully just minor scrapes and damage.@pdoughbrie Today’s musings were partly inspired by this: consultancy for retrofitting “low” art with pseudo-intellectual artist statements once it catches the eye of the critical establishment.
If you work in tech and are frustrated by where it’s all going (or not going), read this and renew your purpose.
Boston web people! My pal @rubytoo is wrapping up an epic run at @Harmonix and looking for UX and visual design work. design people! My old @Harmonix buddy @KingSpaceLaser will soon be your neighbor and is looking for work.
Me: “Do you like whales?” @ChamberMonster: “They’re a bit big for me.”@wyattdanger YES. How did your magnificent minds come to meet?
Some big media company should copyright all the common forms of hate speech so social networks can suddenly get good at taking it down.
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As Mondays go, it turns out that the one where you get to see a free, surprise Stevie Wonder show is a winner.
Among other things, today’s self-Googling informed me that is apparently worth $96,403. Consider it for sale!
New York City: Making personal disputes loudly public since 1898.@BenjaminSargent They’ve played occasional one-offs for the last several years. I think these are the first east coast dates since the ’90s.
@SceneStealrEric Can I go back and redo the ’90s your way?@alex_navarro I agree with your assessment of the situation. Sorry I missed you! (Didn’t stick around for Failure.)More people should be excited that I saw Hum tonight so here is my video of Hum playing a Hum song in front of me.
Revisiting Veronica Mars from the beginning is a delight, but Lisa Rinna’s lips are gonna give me nightmares all over again.Rdio, but with Spotify’s reliability and Apple’s curated playlists. Please.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertThis is unacceptable.
Having somehow never seen it, I could only suspect that Road House would be the perfect movie for a sick day, and man oh man was I correct.♫ Went to the doctor, guess what he told me, guess what he told me? He said boy I’m gonna prescribe you Flonase and amoxicillin.I had to see it a few days late due to travel, but the final episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was perfection.
@susanjrobertson Thanks again for coming! So nice to hang out with you.@andymcmillan We missed you! Have your people contact my people to arrange a private performance.@IanCoyle Thanks for coming out! Very nice to see you, if only briefly. Good luck with Point Oh!Huge congrats to Airistotle (@aYo_MattBurns) on becoming the first ever three-time @usairguitar champion!Just got home from wrapping up another great season with @usairguitar. My skinned knee and 5:30am flight with nasty head cold were worth it.AIRISTOTLE #airistotle
@twjpdx23 Thanks Tony!
I’m not much more than a casual fan, but god damn if the right New Order song popping up at the right moment isn’t a recipe for goosebumps.
@Sunfeet22 I am! Will I see you there?Dude brought his typewriter to the coffee shop, so my Portland bingo card didn’t stay dry for long.I’m in Portland and I don’t remember if people jaywalk here so I’m not jaywalking and it’s weird.
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