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“Bundy’s 14 children and 52 grandchildren are all bunkered down at his house waiting for the BLM to arrive.” http://t.co/DlTGB1EHF8House of Cards, S02E12: The season opener was farcical, but Frank’s endgame is looking pretty dry. Fingers crossed for a cartoon finale.In case you haven’t heard the magnificent beast that is Trans Am’s “Television Eyes” lately (or ever): http://t.co/hPB1jjBoPmTonight’s smart playlist formula: “90s Alternative.” Reaffirming the shuffle-friendly genius of @tmbg’s “Fingertips.” http://t.co/4leF0t3YmI²/ Rob Lowe: http://t.co/1AbQFv1WZX Bill Pullman: http://t.co/OzGanXE5A1 The sax guy from Lost Boys: http://t.co/lxpBcqK9tx
Retweeted by Rob WeychertIf I ever become broadly influential, I hope I avoid having every stupid little thing I’ve ever created dragged into the light posthumously.@cole007 Good point. Looking forward to digging into your findings.@thepastrybox @hoyboy @cole007 I’ll check it out, thanks! But I think an in-person gathering might gain sharper insights than a survey.Really appreciate @hoyboy sharing his findings from Owner Camp. We should do something similar for freelancers. https://t.co/O6TXgps8VqThis Social Justice League comic by @sailorswayze kinda nails it. https://t.co/aoJoGyQzE7
In which @MerrittJMerritt gives me a reason to consider attending my high school reunion. http://t.co/B1UIhIJ1f6@alexkoll I will call you a wahmbulance.@obsidianspider Yours is better. Even on Twitter, I need an editor. :)God’s Not Dead. Heaven Is For Real. Are Christian film titles required to look at home hand-painted on the side of a barn by the interstate?In his review of Slint’s Spiderland box set, @stuberman does a great job of explaining what all the fuss is about. http://t.co/JAFXDU4F41
House of Cards, S02E11: Meechum’s… *self-actualization* is an anachronistic grab for water cooler talk in a post-broadcast-schedule world.
My Top 2 #lastfm Artists: Ghost (14) & Lamb (10) http://t.co/VM9BBr0OKYIt is hard to get any post-vacation catch-up work done when they’re filming a car chase outside.
Stunned and saddened by the death of @samfelder. I always loved hanging out with him at SXSW. RIP and condolences to his wife and daughter."Without music, life would be a mistake." ― Friedrich Nietzsche
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@jasonsantamaria @endashes @essl Maybe pre-Samhain Eerie Von, circa 1980. Get to photograph the Misfits from the inside and out as a teen.This is what happens when you let your “fear of missing out” guard down for a few days. http://t.co/QHVpvBUI2F@tangentialism Bryan Cranston wanted me to host a game show he was producing, but I just had to call him at home and get all name-droppy.Ah, the less common but equally potent cousin of the “unprepared for important event” dream, the “botched incredible opportunity” dream.
@gjhead https://t.co/lqxxYXiV7W
Doing okay. http://t.co/FL8h9tCsno
That’s more like it. http://t.co/kSOjwPWY3u
Walk into the waterfall.Feeling terribly sad for some friends who have been plagued by unbelievably bad luck, but thankful for their uncommon strength of character.
House of Cards, S02E10: All the elements of the impending boiling point are pretty boring, so I predict a seriously wacko twist just ahead.@russwittmann Someone else’s unimaginably difficult family crisis might not be the best occasion for your spiritual pedantry.I’m no misogynist, but I’ve been responsible for some of the “thousand tiny paper cuts” of “Technology’s Man Problem” http://t.co/IScwgyp9D1My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Cloud Nothings (40), Rainbow (16) & Neko Case (14) http://t.co/VM9BBr0OKY“…there’s a decent chance that Silicon Valley and Brooklyn don’t need another you.” This has been on my mind too. https://t.co/yjeisZ6HBX
@TommyRocket Maybe I’m splitting hairs. Metal as a broader genre has no shortage of titans. Maybe all sub-genres only have a few at the top.@TommyRocket What I find weird about thrash is that no one else even came close to the big four. I think most genres have more standouts.@monteiro @danielmall Related, initial scope assessments are difficult, which is why I’m interested in this: http://t.co/Ti4vK684nf@gjhead I hope that’s not a sarcastic thanks. :)@tom9d But then again, there’s plenty of other music I loved as a teen that I can’t stand now.@tom9d I often wonder if it would affect me the same way if I first heard it another time in life. Adolescence intensifies everything.@markboulton I don’t think that’s it either. There were tons of bands making that kind of music during that particular time.@markboulton That’s probably part of it, but it doesn’t explain why Reign in Blood is an enduring classic.@gjhead Not even just lyrics, though. Melodies, riffs, dynamics. Sonically, most bands’ catalogs have nothing to distinguish them.Thrash metal: So many bands have nailed the sound, but so few have written memorable songs. Maybe that’s why the “big four” bands dominated?
“Home Depot™ Presents the Police!® Nobody move unless you want to!” http://t.co/tpJxml4RiYHouse of Cards, S02E09: So they developed all these innocent characters just to be collateral damage in a presidential brove triangle?@diggum Sums things up nicely, right?
@danielmall Lovely. Thanks!@essl Thanks; Torque has potential but I think it’s a little too limited for what I’m trying to do.@jonathanspeir Thanks; Forza has the right feel, but I wish it had some condensed options.@markweaver Yowza, that is a workhorse. Even if I don’t use it this time, it’s a good one to have on the radar. Thanks!Looking for a font that evokes sports, with several weights and widths for display and small amounts of text (à la Knockout). Suggestions?
@meyerweb Sending all my good vibes your way, and then putting more on credit and sending those too.People who litter really, really piss me off.
Sometimes, I’m really proud of my friends. Pretty often, actually. Anyway, read what @kissane wrote. http://t.co/9YAYuGAf9w
“Nothing is sacred, everything is awful, let’s have fun.” http://t.co/tni05V2IRW@blastcap Agreed. I wonder if the lack of depth is because those sub-genres were too recent to have the benefit of analytical hindsight.@blastcap To be fair, plenty of guys in preceding chapters also fit that description. But it’s true; the nu metal chapter is a slog.House of Cards, S02E08: Do all lobbyists have mad P.I. skills like Remy? Also, I want to make a fanfic lifestyle magazine called Plutocrat.My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Gwar (176), Future Islands (10) & El-P (7) http://t.co/VM9BBr0OKY
After having their records in steady rotation for several months, tonight I heard Whores the right way. Best live band I’ve seen in ages.
If you’re struggling to make sense of the American health insurance mechanism, I found this to be hugely helpful. https://t.co/BexqjJsyi8Katerina Kamprani’s wonderful “The Uncomfortable” recalls Christian Marclay’s “Impossible Instruments.” (via @kottke) http://t.co/SA0qVx1byv
.@FallonTonight Love the lip-syncing, but as reigning world champ, I officially challenge @jimmyfallon to an #airguitar duel! #whynot
Retweeted by Rob WeychertAttention merchants: If I have to pay you before I get anything, then nothing you provide is “free,” and I will resent your use of the word.
And now to confront the dreams that await the man who listens to ten GWAR albums in one day.Metallica’s medley of Rainbow covers is inconsistent, but damn, their take on “Kill the King” (at 4:23) sounds great. http://t.co/qnj1Um2HVIODERUS DOES NOT WANT YOUR PITY, PEACE OR SYMPATHY. Honor him with a hippie blood sacrifice.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertIn the late ’90s, I interviewed Dave Brockie for a magazine. I was a lousy interviewer but a huge fan, and he made the conversation so fun.Devastated to hear Gwar’s Dave Brockie died. RIP, Dave. Your creativity and wicked wit were peerless. Thanks for being unapologetically you.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Nothing (18), Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (16) & Unwound (16) http://t.co/VM9BBr0OKY
@gjhead Lots of good stuff coming up, though sadly I have to miss Swans’ NYC shows in May. Are you going to the Philly one? I may come down.@gjhead Ditto for NYC!Last night’s Nothing show was way more of a punk thing than I expected; it isn’t the dominant vibe I get from the record. Not a bad thing.
@TommyRocket I didn’t know you were a college basketball fan. http://t.co/upNSuVzlzLFor the record, @bearskinrug’s first tweet wins. https://t.co/t9ya1SSgT6Repeating mistakes in real time.
Chad Channing has a great attitude about being Gen X’s Pete Best. Nice of the Hall of Fame to add insult to injury. http://t.co/8e2aVVEl8X@letterboxd @nigelfloyd All four films are now imported into Letterboxd.@letterboxd I don’t see an IMDb listing for a recent film called Bloodlust, but I’ll add the others to TMDb. +@nigelfloydA straightforward but enjoyable @mountain_goats cover from @ShearwaterBand: http://t.co/nUZ2Hm6A2n
“100 percent of respondents said the guitarist should hit the whammy bar at the end of a particularly sick riff.” http://t.co/v3FcQAIn7n
House of Cards, S02E07: Claire’s marital destabilization tactics are at the pioneering intersection of US foreign policy and Heathers.“From Ghosts,” an overwrought but affectingly impressionistic document of 2008’s All Tomorrow’s Parties fest in NY. http://t.co/7fewV0PgXtMy Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Nothing (18), The Shrine (11) & Whores. (11) http://t.co/VM9BBr0OKY
House of Cards, S02E06: Tusk is playing hardball, eh? Clever, if a bit on-the-nose. I’m kinda bummed Doug is finally cracking. He’s my rock.My ★★★ Veronica Mars review: http://t.co/Xx7E3Oso1E
@khoi That drives me nuts too. @chrisfahey posted some thoughts on this phenomenon awhile back: https://t.co/V458Em5BUp
This expressive review by @jason_m_heller ably describes the unique difficulty of Unwound’s early records. http://t.co/iKaRQguwXc
If you need to prep for the movie, here’s a quick and dense recap of all three seasons of Veronica Mars. http://t.co/RCXh1sKHmQ@kissane I learned patience for screaming kids when I realized they have no control over or understanding of what’s going on around them.
Partying is a dish best served hard.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert@jungshadow Huh, I always thought you just admired how I have much more practical attire than the other Avengers.@jontangerine You just inspired a daydream in which I convinced Sir Paul to sing a specialized version of “Hey Jude” to @jasonsantamaria.@essl See, this is why @muledesign will be lucky to have you. You are a wise man with good ideas.@essl I will congratulate you when I overcome my selfish sadness. It is not yet clear how long that will take.@davedawson If you had told me that nine years ago, it would have saved a lot of people a lot of heartache.@msharp @beep It is never too late. You can start spicing things up tomorrow by buttering your toast with a scimitar.@carlyayres I should probably come clean. I can’t actually conjure lightning. I used a computer to make it look like I could.
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