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@ctadificil You can check if Spotify is coming to Brazil here: http://t.co/7tP4Po2dt1. Thanks for the invitation!If you aren't hungry yet, you will be.... http://t.co/DkRpaCuWCF CC: @BuzzFeed
#NowFeeling like tonight is the night to make a move. Hit play for inspiration. http://t.co/3KPJRHPS0z
@KristopherEV Thanks, Kris. You rock!Newcomer @justSZA took 3 of this week's #Viral50, including a track feat. @kendricklamar. Coincidence? You decide: http://t.co/yKlxxzVXQ9@friendemic We've got your back!#NowFeeling like turning Friday up to 11. Start Skrillexin’ here: http://t.co/helMTDF9tG@_morgasmx You're the best.@Babygirl1506 Yup!Have you played around with our web player yet? http://t.co/TxLX6eYBKN@Memije_ You're a pro! http://t.co/VjjwO9t5Jc@slcpios50 The web player should work on Chrome! @SpotifyCares can help if you're having a specific issue.@SynonymForWet Can't wait to put the top down! http://t.co/g0KXNc8WAJ@Pochyemu Try these out! http://t.co/wz7Bk6xyrjLiving in Europe? Follow our @SpotifyEurope handle to keep up to date for all things European. #FollowFriday #FF http://t.co/KzvgiQPfXa
@IrrelevantGeOff We've got the Throwback playlist covered: http://t.co/KqoDK4aeVC@divanucci When you can't get enough Local Natives, you just have to hit "Start Radio."@Babybell_cheese These tracks should do! http://t.co/yHpr1Am1oL Check out Swing Tree by Discovery and the Generationals!@Babybell_cheese What kind of music are you feelin?@BelieveTourSWAG What kind of music are you looking for?@AliBello6 Are you doing some spring cleaning? http://t.co/LtYJgLwMzs@harry_wicked What kind of night playlist do you need? We can help!@kendra_lovesyou Sweet! If you're a fan, check out PARTYNEXTDOOR, Maejor Ali or Jake Miller, too.@kendra_lovesyou You ever listen to SoMo? http://t.co/VPkMkYc30a@spectrafunk Give these tracks a listen: http://t.co/yHpr1Am1oL@IsaacSantiago75 Have you heard Lana Del Rey's single yet? http://t.co/3bXPDVRIdJ@spectrafunk What kind of mood are you in?@kendra_lovesyou Who are some of your favorite artists?@Meaganrose04 What kind of music are you into?@NegBox Here you go! http://t.co/qVtmBLdwpN.@Nas dropped "Illmatic" 20 years ago. #SpotifyLandmark goes behind-the-scenes of the album that changed hip-hop: http://t.co/3FmYMRMrRHYou can watch a live studio performance of “Best Friend” from our exclusive @Spotify Session here: http://t.co/GksJfQXdvP
Retweeted by SpotifyPosh Spice's birthday? That should justify spending this #ThrowbackThursday listening to the Spice Girls. http://t.co/iVtAGdDdf6@_yasminnnee Who are some of your favorite artists?@Johntheone What do you think of their latest album? http://t.co/X3wF7LJnZk@AaronEpicPro Nice one! http://t.co/OQkmWPvovS@Chyno_Theprince She blows our mind every time. http://t.co/bHL3xaVIYY@DJDiaz88 Such a good album. http://t.co/bzRDdOI3cL "Try not to breathe" gets us every time.@ihatecrayons Good one! http://t.co/j3rVKBVjLE@coobs Gotta do what you gotta do. http://t.co/309Ehce3RG@ToshitakaKondo Classic. http://t.co/bgCdwWDKPi@FarmerBaker_SG Have you heard her cover of "Let It Go"? It's amazing. http://t.co/XRYa8nijmf@tannan07 We're all about their latest single: http://t.co/lREEOEdzfL@fredrikasjoo So good.@AmazinSuperHick Ignoring the Parental Advisory! Love it. http://t.co/X0T0fu7ffi@rasmushooker Have you heard this collab with her and Lil' Wayne? http://t.co/uxosZGWE5lWhat was the first album you fell in love with? It's time to reconnect.Our friends at @Pacemaker just launched "Mix Moments", where you can create a cover art mashup of what you’re mixing. http://t.co/5M9xsD5D4rWant to "star" music? Here's how to do it: http://t.co/DE960gT3M4 http://t.co/qYFhUFU4X4
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@patreeeek That playlist title is 100% win.@kristian_nath Good call!@JayGeraghty Very nice! Have you done the Tough Mudder?@hannah_dudley The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing. http://t.co/xIYeRAihuq@ilasenjohnny Magic! http://t.co/5CAfIhnXvr@samantha_storch Niiice.@mkiddd We see you, Mary!@leurysworld Don't stop dancing. http://t.co/L2Z3Ne56mD@Mr_Pnda Interesting mix. We like it!@samantha_storch You'll probs like these tunes, too http://t.co/1ba6YP3Pax@thespiffycookie Oh no! This should help you through your next workday. http://t.co/ujssvwoute@JayGeraghty Can't go wrong with a 90s playlist!@nathan3o4 We hope your spring break has plenty of sun #snowinapril@B_i_G Check out Jesse Boykins III http://t.co/3pmDczUnzL@omgsocurly So much synth! Love this playlist.It's springtime. Tweet us your spring playlist and it just may be featured. http://t.co/UpdvF8ZMgH@HeatherG_01 Try this one out! http://t.co/HGkZW00jLM@mbesselman Muahaha http://t.co/tQmSvBD6Zd@traviskvaale We like the way you think! http://t.co/wiKkkDAP9t@HeatherG_01 What kind of mood are you in?@PerryMcDaniel @_emiLYED We are working on it!@jessica_mahler A radical notion, perhaps? http://t.co/YuzD96bBTM@odalissaxx That's at the top of our Summer playlist! http://t.co/PxaevE0TND@kristian_nath We're #NowFeeling refreshed! http://t.co/MYJucF9Run@noutd Perfect.@spirri We could listen to that song All Summer Long. http://t.co/urzKxzRvBM@AseasitA Good one! Have you heard her new single yet? http://t.co/FdkgQQgSro@BecelySimon We feel you! http://t.co/dbOYOdu0yU@banksg19 One of his best albums, for sure. You can learn more about it here:http://t.co/TmTmhHlgTs@j_choca Welcome to the dark side. http://t.co/oXTNbbF4wi@mfrederickson You're lookin' pretty good, too http://t.co/Ehopeh6RiU@mandzbloom Thank ya! http://t.co/5FsnyDXFAm@MATTYB78 Thanks! http://t.co/WIGwzyum8PWhether it's Spring or Fall, can you sum up the season with a song?@jasonpickar Welcome!@queenpez Woo hoo! http://t.co/vMO7FGV7YN@IntergalactaCat #NowFeeling Loved http://t.co/MMgWDpMhZLThe way we see it, a song says it best. #NowFeeling http://t.co/fzOT2Ef0G6This month 8 Community Ideas with over 10,000 kudos got a status update. Check out our 17th monthly review here: http://t.co/zl8YKlJ3GA1 year ago, we launched in Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. #repost http://t.co/0y02lhxlwM
@ALKAHUNA Yay! http://t.co/ftiL64ypkf@doncito We love you!@ReckLISS26 It will be here by the end of the year!@donnakiran Check out @SpotifyAds for info!@bithprod What's up? cc @SpotifyCares@thespiffycookie Try these! http://t.co/1m1FbNM6ze@ZachRaehtz We removed it because saving songs to your Starred playlist serves the same function.@dychocoshire <3@savvysteve Your Starred playlist should be in Your Music under Playlists! You add songs there by saving them to your Starred playlist.@dschertzphoto It should be in Your Music under Playlists!@huseyint You can still save songs to your Starred list by hitting "Add to..." > "Starred"!
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