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@tranzsformatron Enjoy! http://t.co/YdnZT0ViZS@proskweeto If you right click and hit "Add to" > "Starred" it does serve the same function!@Gareth_Dunn Have you heard new Jack White (http://t.co/MffqV1HSsk) or The Kooks EP (http://t.co/Xh2C056DmO)? They're more rock than metal."'Illmatic' is hip-hop’s purest poetic form. Original recipe hip-hop. Poetry." - Large Professor, "Illmatic" Producer http://t.co/3FmYMRMrRHWear jeans for #DenimDay + help @PeaceOvrViolnce end sexual violence! Check out @AloeBlacc's #DenimDay playlist: http://t.co/uD6nsaTDaY
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@alovewithoutend #TBTuesday@ChrisH1tch Thanks! http://t.co/5FsnyDXFAm@mick_mad Woo hoo! http://t.co/Ehopeh6RiU@lizi_bevanss What are you in the mood for?#ThisDayInMusic the Blues Brothers made their SNL debut. Jake and Elwood could work every crowd. Don't believe us? http://t.co/SsAYylQ6UnVersion 1.1 of our iOS app fixes a lot of performance issues. Thanks for bearing with us and let us know if you're still having problems!
Retweeted by Spotify@deeeetsy Who are some of your favorite artists?@YoungChief_21 Kelis just dropped a new album. We dig "Friday Fish Fry" http://t.co/wM96SVHnE6@cheriselockhart That doesn't sound so bad to us.@Gareth_Dunn What kind of music are you into?@ARAMIIS_J Can't stop, won't stop. Keep doin' your thing. http://t.co/oNKSNuyV1o@lxvatocook The iPad app hasn't updated yet. Should be ready in a few more months.@AnthonyLopezz28 Same! http://t.co/6GyrOQu7Im@eat_pray_Lev @SpotifyCares can help with specific issues!@Diego_Serrano91 You can always post an issue here http://t.co/jxMIbdd1p0 or tweet @SpotifyCares.@petercole It's in the works! Should be here in a few more months.@Cal9Fowl We'll never let you go. http://t.co/xpSbAXQ2YT@JosephPomar Nice! This track should also help http://t.co/ikscNxG9RW@nedbrochill We hope the sun comes up for you soon! http://t.co/eYhnj2JUwh@TaylorMF_Ray What was on the mix tape?@errkajoys No prob!@CarolinaRosalie We love you back!@eva__campbell That's cool. What kind of mood are you in?@ChrisMohan1 These tracks should do the trick http://t.co/MxKfqrQc8Z@bethspolkadot Give these tracks a listen http://t.co/ll9wObh9ad@bethspolkadot What kind of mood are you in?@ChrisMohan1 What kind of music do you usually work out to?Check out @TangoMe, the only app with music messaging powered by @Spotify. Now share songs in your News Feed! http://t.co/yFCfx6s52A@AskMikeHopkins No, Milkshakes, but she's got Jerk Ribs and Cobbler! http://t.co/Euu6PMJwYYHungry for @iamkelis? Feast on her new album "Food." #NewMusicTuesday: http://t.co/4qTfWj6P1v
Retweeted by Spotify@callmedollar How awesome is "Food"? http://t.co/sJJcpoKwua #itsawesome@yungbedhead It's as good. http://t.co/sJJcpoKwua@JoeSweeting Agreed. http://t.co/sJJcpoKwua@missoscience Have you heard new Kelis? http://t.co/sJJcpoKwua@eva__campbell What kind of music are you into?@erikavanwagner This should help for the flight! http://t.co/wD2xeXXRac@ElTinai Nice. Have a great week.#NowFeeling like going outside: http://t.co/MDMF2pNdmk Happy Earth Day.
@PrincessLeaC What kind of playlist?@erikavanwagner Where are you headed?@MadelynGraham9 Try these tracks out: http://t.co/iGrzUhTHz4@BigBootyBenny Check these tunes out: http://t.co/uj9CuBmJp4@wanxwan_ Try these! http://t.co/wSb7plzLZ0@two_js_ Give these tracks a listen! http://t.co/UGlC6PgrRN@jacklyn_pajamas Agreed.A punk before punk was invented. HBD Iggy Pop! http://t.co/OnhJDrKCCN http://t.co/8xosmDkK2c@shrinalakhani Such a great album.@MMLXIII Here you go! http://t.co/7jpaE78G0F@two_js_ Chill hip hop or turn up hip hop?@BigBootyBenny Chill summer tunes or more upbeat?@LilDannica What kind of music are you looking for?@notmariekolz Done http://t.co/JcXyGIJ59D and done http://t.co/nPAv6fC15E@DJCEO365 Even better!@rhizop That sounds amazing. http://t.co/4nWLlPQCrp@jaydotfresh No better way to spend college, James.@dannyharms Perfect. http://t.co/uqMZ80iEew@Dread_Ivy We like your style.@AndreaMH_3 That plus his whole Graduation album. Perfect. http://t.co/uqMZ80iEew@FraserPosford Agreed. http://t.co/qINOG2vSufLink us to your answer. Frisbees & red cups not accepted. http://t.co/FNQzaZP8GA
@jordanroach94 Here you go! http://t.co/jpQHbhzJFa@alexrichwine2 Enjoy! http://t.co/U5QZSE0OxbNo matter how you spend the holiday, we've got you covered. http://t.co/9k3Xj7tNVV@LaTonyaRoberts Thanks! Enjoy!Sync your #Coachella wristband to your Spotify account to create your #WeWereThere story http://t.co/MaBYEfFTkT http://t.co/2z9wfqddLG
Retweeted by SpotifyMake #Coachella2014 last forever. Sync your @Spotify account: http://t.co/fFejvolXZA & check in at kiosks across the festival. #WeWereThere
Retweeted by Spotify@ctadificil You can check if Spotify is coming to Brazil here: http://t.co/7tP4Po2dt1. Thanks for the invitation!If you aren't hungry yet, you will be.... http://t.co/DkRpaCuWCF CC: @BuzzFeed
#NowFeeling like tonight is the night to make a move. Hit play for inspiration. http://t.co/3KPJRHPS0z
@KristopherEV Thanks, Kris. You rock!Newcomer @justSZA took 3 of this week's #Viral50, including a track feat. @kendricklamar. Coincidence? You decide: http://t.co/yKlxxzVXQ9@friendemic We've got your back!#NowFeeling like turning Friday up to 11. Start Skrillexin’ here: http://t.co/helMTDF9tG@_morgasmx You're the best.@Babygirl1506 Yup!Have you played around with our web player yet? http://t.co/TxLX6eYBKN@Memije_ You're a pro! http://t.co/VjjwO9t5Jc@slcpios50 The web player should work on Chrome! @SpotifyCares can help if you're having a specific issue.@SynonymForWet Can't wait to put the top down! http://t.co/g0KXNc8WAJ@Pochyemu Try these out! http://t.co/wz7Bk6xyrjLiving in Europe? Follow our @SpotifyEurope handle to keep up to date for all things European. #FollowFriday #FF http://t.co/KzvgiQPfXa
@IrrelevantGeOff We've got the Throwback playlist covered: http://t.co/KqoDK4aeVC@divanucci When you can't get enough Local Natives, you just have to hit "Start Radio."@Babybell_cheese These tracks should do! http://t.co/yHpr1Am1oL Check out Swing Tree by Discovery and the Generationals!@Babybell_cheese What kind of music are you feelin?@BelieveTourSWAG What kind of music are you looking for?@AliBello6 Are you doing some spring cleaning? http://t.co/LtYJgLwMzs@harry_wicked What kind of night playlist do you need? We can help!@kendra_lovesyou Sweet! If you're a fan, check out PARTYNEXTDOOR, Maejor Ali or Jake Miller, too.@kendra_lovesyou You ever listen to SoMo? http://t.co/VPkMkYc30a@spectrafunk Give these tracks a listen: http://t.co/yHpr1Am1oL@IsaacSantiago75 Have you heard Lana Del Rey's single yet? http://t.co/3bXPDVRIdJ@spectrafunk What kind of mood are you in?@kendra_lovesyou Who are some of your favorite artists?@Meaganrose04 What kind of music are you into?
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