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U.S. SEC to review accredited investor rule http://t.co/9Y7qohlgLAFear & Greed limps into end of month with RUT down about 61 bps this week http://t.co/AsXeKmxhZU@ShortTreasuries has been a crazy year, up and down & up with some of high flyers, but IWM unch & maybe 100 stocks give or take driving S&P@ShortTreasuries no great feel or opinion here, I added on that dip too, was light coming in to July. Wanna see attribution on S&P YTD@ShortTreasuries the breadth issue seems to getting a lot of ink past few days. Now IWM negative again, YTD.@IvanTheK that falls a little short of the Willie Sutton-like wordsmithing we normally measure you againstShort interest figures now updated thru 7/15 settlement - Zillow here fwiw http://t.co/SO9Wvf2leO
@ClareQui1ty i dunno whassup, but would agree on "farfetched" https://t.co/DCoJ7p3IHU@LongShortTrader Ben Axler of Spruce Point Cap Mgmt and Prescience Point Research defends activist short selling http://t.co/ahg9OBZLK0Investors pull $7.6 billion from equity funds, largest redemptions since early Feb http://t.co/nmqZoegubD along with High Yield outflowsBig-time outflows from high-yield $HYG $JNK with katy.burne@wsj.com | Investors retreat from junk bonds | http://t.co/Dh7sCuhfNV via @WSJ
Retweeted by StockJockey@ClareQui1ty if who sells what?#MH17 Day 2: The sight of 74 hearses is heartbreaking http://t.co/HN2bTOyiO0
Retweeted by StockJockeyYahoo!: Sell Strangles on Buyout Speculation, Says Weeden http://t.co/OcOJkzIdhOTrulia, Zillow Shares Shoot Higher on Deal Talk http://t.co/B1eLYaoTupSearching for Cynk: The $6 Billion Penny-Stock Debacle, From Belize to Las Vegas http://t.co/cqPgdFEOZR
AOL is Directing Readers to Yahoo’s Sports Magazine on the AOL Homepage http://t.co/ay9hUzbe30@conorsen yes I agree, their time to shine lets see how it goes next 2-3 yearsHunt for Missing IRS Emails Resumes http://t.co/HZyQK299RQ is this akin to an Easter Egg hunt or more like the Hunt for Red October?Twitter’s Diversity Report: Women Make Up 30% of Workforce http://t.co/T4CZeUzJmx@timseymour I know u are busy but YHOO is up because of this http://t.co/dj8vjrriu5Would be nice if Fast Money could buy Peck a headset so he can go hands free. Making him use that Big Red phone is barbaricCalls to strip Russia of 2018 World Cup grow louder http://t.co/SbmJ8OXTAg
Retweeted by StockJockey@IvanTheK its sharkier than the adult swim at 15 CPW@tradespo17 well I don't think Terry Semel is very fond of himIs Alibaba Or SoftBank About To Buy Yahoo? http://t.co/dj8vjrriu5 ah Eric againSo we are gonna get another slidedeck from Hedgistan on YHOO long - that is why stock ripped EOD?@IvanTheK Rolling Stone voted Murmur #1 album of 1983 so i was kinda leaning toward Radio Free Europe.But I like the murmur estimate concept@IvanTheK does that mean Squawk Alley will lead off with a R.E.M. song tomorrow?@FeeOnlyIndy I am not a fan of the MLM's but I guess if you have to start one never take the damn thing public@daytrend I know people that have been short it longer than that. The weighing machine is really starting to strut its stuff thereANGI is on the shit list@awealthofcs Western Mich are the Thrifty Acres indeed@FeeOnlyIndy this guy lives down the street he was Forbes 400 mid 80s https://t.co/vcszqS8Asd MLM 1%ers are a dime a dozen@awealthofcs maybe I am just tilting at Windmills@gapandyap this guy almost did not get fired yesterday http://t.co/6mTdH2fN44 no accountability at these organizations@TheStalwart wake me up when/if Ackman's net worth is higher than the Van Andel/DeVos families@alex Sherlund was on CNBC today saying board mtg in Sep might be next catalyst -assuming they announce dividend raise and/or stock buyback@alex closed higher 9 days in a row, altho some days just barely. But proly gotta go back a ways to find a run like that@alex jeez maybe stock needs a breather lookit last 2 weeks@oslogrl what do u think of this? http://t.co/Pvm5VQWdTr that is a new one to meA good look at Chipotle's growth from @washingtonpost http://t.co/6N1SLjHKr1
Retweeted by StockJockey@DavidSchawel good entry point for all the bond guys who need to put money to work@pcdunham last few tweets from @BlueshiftRsch get to heart of railcar situation fwiwBlogroll for new Yahoo Finance Contributors http://t.co/Inw8pW6I6X
@christopherhuff Gold Coast up Clark to Wrigleyville is still same old? post BigTen drunkards sans Glocks and relatively safe?@DavidSchawel I thought fixed income people were smarter than stockjockeys@christopherhuff really sad - but don't understand why they can't pull an NYPD move and turn it into Disneyland like Giuliani did@JacobWolinsky does he know the difference between boogie boarding and water boarding?@Prospectus is well preserved http://t.co/ijveJG2Ky7@JLGull1 yeah was way worse, remember bunch o buysiders cackling at Aether Systems breakout at Grand Hyatt at peak http://t.co/mmHUp7BIp8@JLGull1 but talking more initial or maintenance margin, ie raise to 60% from 50% etc@JLGull1 I started to argue for Greenie to raise margin requirements in late '99 but that was different, worse than this imo@oknotsomuch Marcato proly gone now they were selling in Q1, huge winner for em http://t.co/DZlzVYXZKu@JLGull1 she can raise margin rates or just shut her pie hole@JLGull1 I don't traffic much in that merchandise but always seems to spill over. In any case, choke on that Ms Yellen@JLGull1 sure, and should even move small cap indices tomorrow which is amazing given tiny weightings. amazing moveMicrosoft's cloud business is on fire http://t.co/M7vajSS2u4I am already over earnings season - is it Shark Week yet?Take that Yellen: XBI up over 4% afterhours on strength of PBYI weightingAckman withdraws claim on key Herbalife analyst - http://t.co/nMp1R5kYZI - CNBC
Retweeted by StockJockeyI dont think the TV pundits appreciate how many data centers MSFT is building or how capital intensive it all is http://t.co/uCsRE4NfYGmore drumbeats RT @bconway: High Yield Spreads ‘Not Worth It,’ Cut ETFs: Ned Davis http://t.co/J5JTomjWkT@oslogrl mostly I just get hassled by their private security goons on public streets and they blind me with high beams when I run at dusk@oslogrl was walking dog yesterday and the neighbor with the $50 million Ferrari pulled in with this car http://t.co/uTWpIf4BpS@oslogrl you should work here or start a copycat http://t.co/ydKlPia6t6@The_Real_Fly Old Yeller?Investors are slowly being drawn back into commodities after few years of outflows http://t.co/mBCPWR4LzLCredit Suisse Quits Commodities Trading in Litigation Aftermath: http://t.co/vfoRs5jnSm
Retweeted by StockJockey@BenedictEvans my mom says I have a "sharp intellect and boundless energy" but I get no glowing rock star puff pieces and even fewer RTsFormer Janus star Blaine Rollins attempts a mutual-fund comeback http://t.co/4sNPeUledRI hope this ends better for Ackman than it did for Geraldo when he finally cracked open Al Capone's vault after a 2 hour pregame show@Dvolatility how busy is the WFM, any clue? yes expressways def screwed things up, bad planning, cut it all up@Dvolatility these bridge structures are needed to span the highways. I-75 kinda cuts up geography for pedestirans http://t.co/hH8vYdCAzC
@Dvolatility if u happen to frequent from time to time wud be cool if u cud post few pics as it takes shape@JasonRaznick yes, was just there. Need to find out more about new Mayor but he sounds pretty solid to me@JasonRaznick I have run the idea past peeps still there, about livin DTW city limits, they still look at me sideways.Not done working on em@JasonRaznick they all knew each other, had cross holdings, DTW was fun, things were still pretty vibrant. But Chicago and NYC beckoned 4me@JasonRaznick u ever go to Hoops by Auburn Hills? Guys who own it owned LandShark in East Lansing, late 80s wud hang at old River Rock Cafe@JasonRaznick I am in AZ. I would consider going back there I think it would be fun to be in middle of that. Weather is my big issue tho lol@McEnroeTweets you can't be serious@conorsen check this out http://t.co/HH9KUgSlgC@JasonRaznick wud it be possible, or make any sense, to move Benzinga downtown from the burbs? or have a satellite office?FINRA Sanctions Trainee for Claiming He Almost Passed the Series 7 Exam http://t.co/aP0ZenGxJjThat Record Pimco Junk (the HYS ETF) Outflow Shows Investors’ Anxiety http://t.co/2biqExb3q7@Whatup_wit_that more on that topic http://t.co/0CDj8Fq23k@laughinghyena13 the Lodge freeway is the worst should have been backdrop for a Terminator movie@The_Analyst are u done talking about Patrick? this is few years old now but seemed sensidble coming from a nut http://t.co/j1mmHHLWf4@awealthofcs they have seen few cycles, but the lack of innovation, or a "GOOG type new economy" shocked me in 2007 http://t.co/NKhxzDitpi@DamionTerry I think Red Wings tickets are a better long term investment than this toilet paper http://t.co/44bwn5juJp@awealthofcs they need to be like Scottsdale which has seen companies like YELP open offices taking advantage of college grads/affordability@awealthofcs I will tell you where I refuse to consider moving. CHICAGO@awealthofcs really only need 5,000 yuppies to move into the radius for it to work? I moved to NYC in midst of crack epidemic, this can work@awealthofcs yes, was that way even late 80s when The Joe felt like a shiny new toy. This cud change game somewhat via housing angle tho@awealthofcs I think Chris has stepped up tho, not all the I-kids are into day to day work but he seems quite capable@awealthofcs yeah I sent that to people. One of my friends married into the Ilitch family and was close to story when it mattered, late 80s@LDrogen could not believe how many Wolverines I met in Midtown, that much is true@LDrogen wud like 2hear what @JasonRaznick has to say about viability,he's a youngster but proly remembers a time when that City was rockin@LDrogen Ann Arbor is an eight iron away@LDrogen area from Tigers-Comerica/Lions-Ford Field to new hockey arena is a decent walk. But this is ambitious http://t.co/YwYs22s5mu
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