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@srussolillo Can you pls check in with Reuben Kressel and see what he thinks about BABA? he was my favorite 2013 storyline@Morgan_03 go find the spot where Charlton Heston crash landed in his spacecraft http://t.co/Zfai3vI80j
@LWinthorpe he had a horrible day and pretty bad week. Can't get any worse for Hussy@oslogrl this is cool http://t.co/MrRDHZJQl4@LWinthorpe lotta emotion coming off Scotland and BABA and that historical calendar is downright ugly. Seize the moment!@DavidSchawel Gold is trading like the Hoffman Crew hit the mother lode which of course is an impossibility.http://t.co/9TtqhATHcp@LWinthorpe looks like that seasonality trade is seeping into SPY/ES afterhours lolTraders Millions By The Minute | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode https://t.co/7CdfSudUob via @NicTradesWeek after September options expiration, one of the worst weeks of year http://t.co/bAM2o6Oea0 every blogger wrote this piece past 48 hours@hmeisler can't you see the resemblance? http://t.co/GBLGQHyV0G financial speculation is in his blood http://t.co/3Wh3ABndgk@hmeisler he is smart guy but we had many drinking buds and long time softball field reserved in CP and he did not really join the party@hmeisler he was trained as an equity analyst out of college, fundamental numbers work, accting, EPS ests etc. TA is more fun@hmeisler I came super close to sharing an office with him for what would have been almost a one year tour. Better lucky than goodThis 7-foot, 380-pound lineman towers over anyone in the NFL -- and he's in high school http://t.co/thy4psuJZN@hmeisler time to corner the market for honey crisps maybe I could park a few in your nameApple Pay is working with Twitter to create a "Buy Now" button http://t.co/yLw3ctQ7pb kewl buy a bong for TWTRs anual shareholder mtg@hmeisler third week of April 1998 till the fall of 1998 was a tough period@NickatFP here is some more info on Apple Pay http://t.co/yLw3ctQ7pb@conorsen Realty Trac published a report on Millennial population/migration http://t.co/j8AQ3x0vzS
Lipper: Investors in U.S.-based funds added a net $6.7 billion into stock funds in the week ended Sept. 17 http://t.co/4oTi2k9NWbFireEye Pitches Extra Set of Eyes, At a Price http://t.co/9dyEGAp7Zk@DavidSchawel are you calling them wannabees?Death by Shale Plays@NickatFP Larry at FANA is no fool and is a skeptical SOB not sure I saw it that wayWinners and Losers from Apple Pay Introduction? http://t.co/8i1ToV9kod@CampariAmerica @Masonshaker @campari just had my first @BULLDOGGIN Negroni thx to @ErinConolley thats what I'm talking about
"TWTRs pot-fueled cafeteria party (started by Snoop Dogg) caused CEO Dick Costolo 2 throw a fit" https://t.co/6MEgqZ7qTR doobies at 45 secsHussman down 21 bps to another new NAV low$19 billion AUM ETF shop Source to launch in US with EURO STOXX 50 ETF http://t.co/hHE8hEX02cCalPERS sticks with commodities after dropping hedge funds http://t.co/nBcva0fZPB maybe TWTR peeps passed the bong to SacramentoNext on CNBC: Do potsmoking day traders flipping around TWTR pose systemic risk to Twitter Finance?@LWinthorpe how about a rally everyone chases followed by a 3% SPY puke into month end. Thats just how Mr Market rolls@hmeisler dont worry as soon as tweetdeck engineers finish their bong hits they will blow off work and go get munchies at WFM, points higher@hmeisler there was an interesting long pitch presentation noting some of IBKRs virtues. PS Are you happy with WFM todayIBKR breaking out cuz of a teevee commercial that is not completely horrible? so many bad ones@LWinthorpe u can really see breadth issues and IWM's recent struggle in that@LWinthorpe its the most wonderful time of the year http://t.co/2K15eDa52gTWTR chart looking...baked?
@Jay88Siegel they were kinda jokers, maybe he was mentoring em but they later sold co to InfoSpace's Jain who was biggest joker of that era@Jay88Siegel bunch of kids from Lakeside School in Seattle ran it not sure how he got in bed w/ motley crew who r still plugin away at MCHX@Jay88Siegel was funny cuz he was writin bearish stuff about internet co's on Silicon Investor all thru 98/99 but was on parent Go2Net's BoD@LongShortTrader @Nonrelatedsense @Jay88Siegel I like Fleck,he caught grief on Silicon Investor in '99 had last laff http://t.co/Cb2zJZaxYl@azdeandobbs he would be the usual suspect to run the old Vice Fund?@azdeandobbs Gradient in Scottsdale@azdeandobbs First Trust opening L/S ETF with lil local flavor http://t.co/iJIMht8Oij@DavidSchawel Now is the time to pick an active manager http://t.co/WwcoMyGXJs Gaffen & Garnick@Morgan_03 I suppose this will just open up some capacity for someone else to take but some hair has grown on the stock over past few weeks@Morgan_03 saw something that would indicate maybe lil over $600 million with them. Just moved the ticker to better real estate on screens
@StockCats trading days 5-10 in Sept are like living in a doghouse http://t.co/rrXNdtrc50Hussman down 21 bps to YTD NAV low@The_Analyst this could be fodder for another ESPN 30 for 30 in 2020Phil Falcone to become NY Islanders majority owner? http://t.co/okP4i2qJJMStairway to hell? Miley Cyrus takes on Led Zeppelin with cover version of 'Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You' http://t.co/B1HArWa5p8@groditi wud seem they wud be very sensitive to that but bigger question is how many peers follow their lead?@MattGoldstein26 maybe they will go design a few bespoke ETFs@Morgan_03 how much money does Calpers have with OZM u think? stock testing those recent lows does the yield begin to entice?@LWinthorpe I think this quarter has proly whipsawed some people@LWinthorpe in what way? seasonality and this IPO made for tough sledding at beginning of month imo@DasanRedux speaking of weird - David Bowie’s insatiable sex life laid bare in new book http://t.co/YY8wDBzLCx@ReformedBroker last pt I wud have is guys like Lebenthal are inverse of peeps who have stormed off just be selective and pick good guysT2108 a falling brick since Sept as they shell beaches to soften em up ahead of BABA lil late for all this commentary http://t.co/6V9lS0sGfw@Issaquahfunds maybe we could add corp governance shitshow to that http://t.co/EwJsyyz7UyI always laugh when I take a cursory look at Calamos' valuation CLMS what is in "LT Investments"@hmeisler was looking at that this wknd as a whole they have acted almost inverse to me since end of June ie implied net exposure if u will@Jay_Siegel_88 I am struggling to decide what enterprise value should be as a % of AUM given some not perfect comps@ReformedBroker I would say mgmt over there has at times been reactive, heavy handed and even vindicative over the years.But thats Hollywood@hmeisler thing about Wall St Week...it is sacred and redux must be free of carnival barking. Cud be tough to pull off in this day/age@ReformedBroker so much drama I still wanna hear the story of the door hitting the the timestampers ass on the way out@hmeisler he bought rights to Wall St Week from PBS and CNBC was last to know so they threw a fitWETF international hedged ETFs picking up dough in Sept as they chase King Dollar http://t.co/oL5hTH3wKW@groditi IBKR trying to turn green after that big move last week@JackHBarnes fly it like its stolen? http://t.co/bie8U2fXCE@TenYearNote proly more that than just raising cash to fund the purchase@LWinthorpe it is the meme du jour. Meanwhile T2108 down 28 pts since end of Aug when u should have been worrying about this deal doin that
When did the iPhone test drop failures 4 sapphire take place? http://t.co/iHUj3d7T7R the answer my friend is blowin in wind of GTAT chart?FactSet StreetAccount Summary - US Weekly Recap: Dow (0.87%), S&P (1.10%), Nasdaq (0.33%), Russell (0.81%) http://t.co/QyAEesMOXt
Seasonal market timers take a bow@Dutch_Book alright alright alrightComing up on Fast Money: Kenny G Reveals How He is Positioned in PandoraDid Mish ever finish stealing all of Schiff's clients? that kerfuffle was almost as funny as thisHeebner's short bonds and long homebuilders is a push today. What is the logic there? Is a market neutral strategy?@Morgan_03 I am sure they will get on board this latest innovation it is their speed http://t.co/veLAlWsjrB@Morgan_03 backslapping is their edge, Image is Everything but Where's the Beef?@Morgan_03 I am reasonably certain they blow dry their hair before leaving for workAs music sales fall, sax player Kenny G turns to stockpicking http://t.co/lhI5jsj49r figures Bel Air makes cameo here @Morgan_03Kroger's Organic Food Sales Are About to Hit $1 Billion http://t.co/2D8LmZpLVX
Lipper: Equity mutual funds attracted $105 million and Equity ETF drew in $877 million in wk ended 9/10 http://t.co/Du2r8eydq9Apple reported to be near buying @Path social network: http://t.co/ihUH2wUMZz http://t.co/HMPk3RRXLt
Retweeted by StockJockey@Fullcarry here is a little fresh color on what I was alluding to yesterday http://t.co/Sqdb5JSjtw"hedge funds are smelling blood" in DDD http://t.co/Z4u0D1oqm3
Saudi's cut oil output in August by 400,000 bpd http://t.co/Hf6ETT1tVfWorst time to start Saudi Arabia's giant new oil refinery supplying Europe and Asia http://t.co/lwYLXXElrx@jimcramer this might sum up ADS vis a vis Apple Pay http://t.co/9cfyNMbPID@hmeisler lol Cobra Golf got bought out around then and golf was still booming so...cud get away with that nonsense. More fun than this mkt!@hmeisler I visited ZQK HQ first wk Aug '95 and then hit ELY for plant tour. "light assembly" was phrase,u cud eat of floors it was so clean@hmeisler best memories are the stocks that would be halted mid afternoon down 20% after Pilgrim Baxter sussed out bad news and hit the bids@hmeisler lol we were not "preferred account" or whatever, had to commit to x amount of commish to get "First Call" from those jockeys@DavidSchawel that article made him sound like a Wizard behind curtain. Never owned stock but at least I asked him about his one real biz!@DavidSchawel I cornered Wetherall for few minutes in lobby of Intercontental a few weeks after famous WSJ article, talked Ancestry dotcom@DavidSchawel I hated that BS game Montgomery has doing on back then with Pilgrim Baxter and all the fast money shops
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