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The memorable, exciting assessments - the lightbulb moments - seem to be the really relevant, realistic ones #sydteach14
Retweeted by University of SydneyNew cancer drug combination halts disease, extends life in advanced melanoma patients: @Sydney_Uni research http://t.co/VP1M1xP9BE
Retweeted by University of SydneyDay 2 of these shenanigans tomorrow w/ @Sydney_Uni staff + students. Follow along:) #sydteach14 @SydTeachColloq http://t.co/xf1qyk2eJ8
Retweeted by University of Sydney@JennaPrice @Sydney_Uni @SydTeachColloq @stc_ambassadors please join us at #sydteach14
Retweeted by University of Sydney'Nice' buildings just don't excite the mind the way 'brutalist' buildings do. And @Sydney_Uni has some great ones http://t.co/GlMczCeuCK@Sydney_Uni Life@sydney straw Tower building & teamwork. Pleasure to meet year students today. Welcome to the uni. http://t.co/roiLNeguqP
Retweeted by University of SydneyProf Anne Twomey-'hopeless' political candidates will flood NSW elections if campaigns were fully taxpayer funded. http://t.co/kkfWteKGyHSydney University competing at Australia Uni Games and our boys are undefeated! Keep it up boys!! http://t.co/N3nXKKGoOg
Retweeted by University of SydneyDay 2 of the @SydTeachColloq is underway; are our assessments up to standard? Follow #sydteach14 @stc_ambassadors http://t.co/NhLTC96KQQSydney Uni doctoral candidate Ben Morrell is blasting off to the US to work alongside to NASA researchers. http://t.co/g3RsjQH5KZ
Lisa Pont from Sydney Nursing School talks about "non-googleable assessment". Sounds challenging! #sydteach14 @SydTeachColloq
Retweeted by University of SydneyChange your view of the city. @FestUrbanism (15 October - 6 November) is your chance to be part of the conversation. http://t.co/3tn2aFcGbvSee & invest in up-and-coming entrepreneurs from @Sydney_Uni. Register for Demo Day Oct 7 http://t.co/cRty6DPFJ2 http://t.co/1A19HkhRC2
Retweeted by University of Sydney'How would you intepret @Sydney_Uni of cultural competence in your own disciplinary contexts ? ' @SydTeachColloq #sydteach14
Retweeted by University of SydneyGood luck to all the students representing @Sydney_Uni this week at #unigames2014! (and enjoy this week's break, everyone else!)Waste of time or lasting value? Associate Professor Richard Walker weighs in on the Great Homework Debate. http://t.co/vd7dxMs4Em@GiulianaRancic names Sydney Uni grad Ksenjia Lukich as the very first @eonline Australia host! http://t.co/itgUAFox0l
Thanks to the awesome speakers who inspired us as we snapped, tagged and grammed our way through @socialmediaweek #SMWsydCome give 'the hand' a high-five at the #OneStudio during this last day of @SMWSydney! #SMWSyd #LumiaVideo ... https://t.co/FozeYwRTf0
Retweeted by University of Sydney"People like me will like this. I will look cool if I share it." #SMWsyd #SMWcontent Tod... http://t.co/QS1Yv4G7DV http://t.co/q01zD5mseF
Retweeted by University of SydneyMissed @ariadne_syd on the Politics of Social panel at @smwsydney? Catch up on the vid here! http://t.co/FU3X2eKoVY
Retweeted by University of Sydneyeach week try to produce: information (90% of blog posts), inspiration and interaction @... http://t.co/Q9FA8cZ0FC http://t.co/PFKeD5tO8Y
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Launch your career with confidence! Register for next Monday's Employability forum for students with disabilities. http://t.co/QPfpQeoZODIs your name going on this tag? Register now http://t.co/AjFLeee6ZE. 300 @Sydney_Uni staff+students have #sydteach14 http://t.co/Ea8AMVNyoz
Retweeted by University of SydneySports provide peer and social support not just physical fitness http://t.co/5iFJeTKyKE
Retweeted by University of SydneyCracking session by @SociallySorted this morning at #SMWsyd, learning a lot :D
Retweeted by University of Sydney.@hazelsavage wants #Facebook to have a "retro day" and revert back to the original interface for 24 hours-good idea? http://t.co/79zFheb1fT
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Sydney_Uni listening to @twitter talk about customer engagement using "dudes" from @DisneyFrozen - very engaging #SMWsyd masterclass
Retweeted by University of Sydney"Starting a schedule is a good idea, it gives your followers an idea of when to expect new content." #SMWsyd #SMWceleb .@fourtunate11
Retweeted by University of SydneyNever make the assumption that you know what your audience wants. The beauty of social media is that you can ask them! #smwsyd
Retweeted by University of SydneyLoved your conference! Thank you! @nickbowditch @suzynicoletti #SMWsyd getting into the twitter wave 😎 http://t.co/hJubvP0mWF
Retweeted by University of Sydney.@USydFHS hosting @GIO_GLADIATORS murder ball game 4 Disability Awareness Week.Let's focus on individuals' abilities. http://t.co/N4EAFesTZC
Retweeted by University of SydneyEveryone with a smartphone in their pocket is on you marketing team! Content tips from @SociallySorted at #SMWsydBatch your images like you batch your cupcakes! @SociallySorted #SMWsydI think the audience definitely cares if the content is advertising or not, even if it IS good content #smwsyd
Retweeted by University of SydneyMaster Class at @Sydney_Uni w/ @SociallySorted getting into @canva - getting creative! #SMWvisual #SMWsyd
Retweeted by University of SydneyLet the games begin! @SociallySorted sets a @canva challenge for wannabe content creators at #SMWsydlearning about @canva from @sociallysorted masterclass - where has this platform been all by life??? #SMWsyd #tutorialsallweekend
Retweeted by University of SydneyOne image everyday will impact on shares & drive traffic.. - Donna Moritz #smwsyd @canva #smwlove http://t.co/ym8lg62GSQ
Retweeted by University of SydneyGood advice for bloggers from @SociallySorted at #SMWsyd! http://t.co/tqfm8l7sbdSee #Primavera exhibition @MCA_Australia curated by the @scagradschool lecturer Mikala Dwyer http://t.co/uCj9GomVdc http://t.co/sAsyzBMiUd
Retweeted by University of SydneyIs social media your cup of tea? :YES :) #smwldn #smwsyd I simply love this ! The most creative work on #smw https://t.co/Pb2hzC5FKz
Retweeted by University of SydneyListening to @marc_smith presenting on networks, #sna at pre #disruptsyd event at @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/5SAigcWKrP
Retweeted by University of Sydney
@michaelbatistic from @wearesocial is talking analytics. Everybody is getting their geek on :) #smwsyd http://t.co/tjlQ27tQjM
Retweeted by University of Sydney.@michaelbatistic of @wearesocialau talks social ROI at #SMWsyd #socialmedia #SMM http://t.co/nbrk8gmAx7
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat's the Future of Social Media? @Sydney_Uni students fill us in #SMWsyd http://t.co/PgjrKFcNaw via @YouTube
Retweeted by University of SydneyCan sex affect your risk of getting cancer? http://t.co/z9n1C1momf #HPV #researchWanna learn more about online exams? Hear @karenmsco & Sue Atkinson's preso at #sydteach14 http://t.co/AW2bD0lreQ
Retweeted by University of Sydney65% of young people get their news from #socialmedia, is it the new way we do political discourse? #SMWsyd #SMWpol http://t.co/PzuSpNaGvv
Retweeted by University of Sydney@polpeo @smwsydney #smwcrisis simulation - heads down and collaboration up! http://t.co/hytYbix32W
Retweeted by University of SydneyJulia #Gillard speaks at the Seymour Centre as part of Sydney Ideas on Monday 29 September. She will be in... http://t.co/RsmykqCACM
Retweeted by University of SydneyCheck out the @Microsoft #OneStudio in @SMWLA, @SMWMumbai, @smwldn, and @smwsydney! Demos, events, devices, and more. http://t.co/8oRmIRTz5G
Retweeted by University of SydneySydney Uni. #SMWSydney #smwlumiaphoto http://t.co/kvp1eFuETz
Retweeted by University of SydneyInsty sins: "#hashtag #is #not #a #strategy" @Margaret__Zhang #SMWsyd
Retweeted by University of Sydney'Your personal brand is your greatest asset' @Margaret__Zhang #SMWsyd #SMWzhang
Retweeted by University of Sydney#SMWsyd Mobile Photography comp! Using focus and Rule of Thirds tips learnt today! #SMWlumiaphoto #smwsydney http://t.co/baYY25HbBj
Retweeted by University of SydneyAnother one! #SMWsyd Using focus and Rule of Thirds tips learnt today! #SMWlumiaphoto #smwsydney http://t.co/3AzQwOQbeB
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat makes people #doubletap? Good composition, colour palette, personalisation and fresh content #SMWsyd #SMWzhang http://t.co/eM9HfdhOje
Retweeted by University of SydneyWhat Do Aussies Love To Share? Watch my #SMWsyd keynote here: http://t.co/BI7CwpJNwj http://t.co/OyzQfUxwAp
Retweeted by University of SydneyHere we go! Day 3 begins in half an hour! Stream @simoncrerar's #SMWBUZZFEED panel! Who's counting down? (#weare) http://t.co/VKux5lunAY
Retweeted by University of SydneyIt begins... @socialmediaweek Master class in 5min: follow #smwzhang and #smwsyd for live tweets on my talking faces http://t.co/1ZKX9D3lnH
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Uploaded a slide deck with most important frameworks from my master class at #smwsydney yesterday, @smwsydney http://t.co/gBG0WXbvex
Retweeted by University of SydneyThose measuring reach achieve 70% higher ROI. Also measure online conversions. - Helen Crossley @facebook #SMWSyd http://t.co/kMbGTjIeHW
Retweeted by University of SydneyDon't miss part2 of @ABCaustralia's #BrilliantCreatures tonight, 8:30pm. Featuring some brilliant Sydney Uni alumni http://t.co/mbAC486tt8@Margaret__Zhang on instagram cardinal sins! #hashtagging #is #not #a #strategy #SMWsyd http://t.co/C0rDd5OC4eHere is the robot in the studio today from the USYD team Subsistence who are competing in robot comp on Thursday http://t.co/ucQebVveoh
Retweeted by University of SydneyCheering on our own @Margaret__Zhang at her instagram master class #SMWsydonly 10 mins into @jeffbullas masterclass and hooked - captivating and inspirational talk on blogging and social media @Sydney_Uni #SMWsyd
Retweeted by University of Sydney@jeffbullas - visual content is being supercharged by the social web and high speed mobiles #SMWsyd @Sydney_Uni
Retweeted by University of SydneyDone is better than perfect. Just finished Master class with Jeff Bullas on 8 steps to becoming a world class blogger #SMWsyd
Retweeted by University of SydneyLive in NZ and interested in postgrad study? Stop by our info session tonight in Auckland! http://t.co/DbylXyrbn0 http://t.co/h69qsSAgbo#HSC exam guide: top 5 tips on how to blitz your humanities exam from @Duncanivison in @ConversationEDU http://t.co/B4fu4reokZ.@csc_sydney described as 'one of the world's leading' China Studies Centres @ChinaDailyAsia #auschina http://t.co/sWR5T7ZLYs
Retweeted by University of SydneyDo you get social media FOMO? #SMWsyd #SMWFOMO http://t.co/FyytkW3bnlLocusts & Obesity Geeks Guest Prof Stephen Simpson, Charles Perkins Centre @Sydney_Uni iTunes: http://t.co/ebt8EirTIS http://t.co/jWZrEsilAZ
Retweeted by University of Sydney“Why do some Muslim women wear a veil?” The answer is anything but straight forward explains Prof Sahar Amer http://t.co/I2T3bqajTh
Disability Awareness Week launches tomorrow! Join us on Eastern Avenue from 10:30am. http://t.co/QPfpQeoZOD http://t.co/j7rTq2udyZThe kids aren't alright -- supporting children when a parent has #cancer http://t.co/O18vS809BD @Sydney_Ideas http://t.co/zdam7nXQLO
Retweeted by University of SydneyQuiet on set! The Microsoft One studio is now open in the ScTech lounge. Check it out! #SMWsyd http://t.co/nr1ey9tCsHNo way you'll miss the @stc_ambassadors at #sydteach14. Orange really is the new black. What are they up to? http://t.co/djvVlVSrAk
Retweeted by University of SydneyFiona McFarlane on the legacy of Patrick White TONIGHT @Sydney_Ideas http://t.co/gCwvNVJPAp #ReadOzLit @Sydney_Uni http://t.co/Lrezdhk0ly
Retweeted by University of SydneyBest thing on Social Media? We delve into weird & wonderful habits of social media users at @Sydney_Uni #SMWWEIRD http://t.co/MyPDrj74w9
Retweeted by University of Sydney
Sydney Uni Architecture student Atiya Rahim shows us some of the highlights of Open Day 2014! #usydopenday http://t.co/SlJk64BTLFDon't miss your exclusive @scagradschool poster featuring Julie Rrap's Loaded: Blue #1 in tomorrow's @smh http://t.co/q8lB5TlCDdWhat are the myths around women in leadership?@sydney_business and @UNWomenAust ask at Leadership Reimagined session. http://t.co/PwTfNJhVq4
Something to remember - - from my visit to Sydney University. #ipavetheway http://t.co/P7wafcd3Fh
Retweeted by University of Sydney@Dolph_Lundgren thanks for visiting us! Hope to see you on campus again soon!What happens when you strap @GoPro cameras on the USYD Unspeakables & pit them against a team of #SMWsyd muggles? http://t.co/TP1aakIdYZThe Conservatorium's Spring term starts 13 Oct. Six-week courses in all things music! Earlybird discount ends 22 Sep http://t.co/ceioqvyHZRA sense of pride and place has long been part of Australian art, says @Sydney_Uni's Kate Robertson @casual_flaneuse. http://t.co/Dps8t688LP@BWF_Social Thanks! We had such an amazing day! #ipavethewayCan testosterone shots prevent type 2 diabetes in men? Our researchers discuss on @ABCcatalyst tonight at 8pm http://t.co/Q0U9gxCvF7Dogs can be pessimists too, says @Sydney_Uni research http://t.co/9ZxqfBtqDi
Retweeted by University of SydneySome great prizes in our Disability Awareness Week student Instagram comp- enter now! #DAWcomp http://t.co/rpGVY0Q1RJ http://t.co/gkFkOGPOQkAussie mozzies abroad! Australian mosquitoes detected in urban California for 1st time. @Mozziebites http://t.co/IwearsuzuVJust went to the usyd book fair for the second time this year. 15 books for $10. Yes please. #usyd #bookfair #books
Retweeted by University of SydneyFound a few gems at the #USYD book fair yesterday! Heading back tomorrow to fill up a box with old sci-fi/fiction http://t.co/Iacr6GtiQ9
Retweeted by University of SydneyStunning stained glass windows in the Great Hall @Sydney_Uni #history #Sydney #nofilter http://t.co/LSpRaON5Ju
Retweeted by University of SydneyExperts from @Sydney_Uni and @UQ_News discuss discovery of Aussie mozzie in urban California http://t.co/F8eZria80F via @ConversationEDU
Retweeted by University of SydneyGet involved in Microsoft #OneStudio at @Sydney_Uni to win @NokiaAustralia prizes! Learn more http://t.co/T9d7eAW6lH http://t.co/V05LR6AqRF
Retweeted by University of Sydney
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