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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Theatre & Events Producer in Dublin & NYC, incl #DTF2015 #AtTheFord & #ImYourManMusical; @24HourPlaysDub @abbeytheatre All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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On the way to #FindNessie with @jacobitecruises. @killianmccrea has his hunting face on. #Hebs2015
ONE NIGHT ONLY gala fundraiser performance of'High Heels In Low Places' in Dublin to benefit @projectarts, Dec 21
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIn 18 hours, @killianmccrea and I will start our #Hebs2015 adventure in Edinburgh, Inverness, @OuterHebs, & Loch Lomond. 7 days. 1 survivor.@AODhubhshlaine Toast is perfectly acceptable wooing fodder. As you were.
@TophHooperton Here we go.@TophHooperton You've been to this show. Do they encourage the cheers after the 1st line of song? Yay, you didn't fall over, have a cheer!@TophHooperton Yes. The one who look like she belongs in the Kelly Family.@TophHooperton Chris, I'm dying. I'm only half watching so I thought you meant someone else re Wurzel. Holy shitbags.No Diggity as it was originally intended, with an acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment. #XFactor@AonghusOg Do you also list this as a flaw of the Irish?@TophHooperton Heh heh. It's alarming. And yet is apparently the norm? No one is like: dude - the hell happened your face?!@TophHooperton Are you talking about all the blotchy tans and chronic eyebrow /eyelash situations?@AonghusOg @DubTheatreFest You're quite the wordsmith, Aongo.Is there something wrong with my telly, or is everyone on XFactor very orange/ blotchy?This is a hoax, right? I mean no-one can seriously think this is a good idea?
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanShows are down. Here comes the lurgy. Exactly 38 hours to get better.
'What's that Skippy? There's been a big chariot crash?' #ENGvAUS
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThe best idea yet on curbing gun violence.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@kateoriot Oooh! He's a bearded tree-surgeon who loves to read and has a non-yappy dog. (Projecting, much?)
Brian Friel was remembered at @The_New_Theatre with a sustained standing ovation by the #AtTheFord audience.
We won't get rid of guns, but let's at least drag Wayne LaPierre in front of Congress & have them treat him like he runs Planned Parenthood.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanMass shooting news cycle: blather, wince, repeat
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanAustralia had 4 shootings from 1987 to 1996. Parliament then passed stricter gun laws. They havnt had a mass shooting since #UCCShooting
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanKeep wringing those hands. inevitable crash and fiery burn of #Peeple is almost worth the initial outrage. Fingers crossed for total bankruptcy.'Foglights!' is the new 'Indicators!' My in-car shouting has adapted to our new foggy overlord.
@lostplum Wow... how come I never get a meet-cute like that?@jacobitecruises Hi! V interested in the Sensation cruise on 7 Oct. Wd we definitely be back in Inv. by 2? Need to catch at bus at 2.30!'excellent performances all round' - @IrishIndepende2's review of @RiseIreland's At The Ford!
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@AODhubhshlaine Aaaaaand I'm out. Thanks for that!
To catch a grandpa, you must THINK like a grandpa *eats butterscotch candy, clicks on obvious spam email*
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@itsadammatt I've been looking at rescue pups online all morning... I blame you and @McMahonPhilly and Henry.Between watching an animal rescue show, and the arrival of @AODhubhshlaine & @MrShaneDelaney's Kip, I think I might need to get a dog.@m_r_west A fake Britney Spears and William Shakepeare follow me too, so yeah, you could say that I'm a pret-ty big deal.A 'gold and silver bullion service' just followed me. Aha. Ahaahhaaa. Ahahahaahahah. Nice one.Still in bed at 10.15am. The decadence is something shocking.Our #AskConsent campaign is aimed at both men & women to talk about sexual consent esp young people #cblive
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Struggling to find superlatives to do justice to @RiseIreland #AtTheFord @DubTheatreFest #dtf If you're wondering what to see - it's this
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanGavin Kostick discussing Irish and Greek myth with @StoryfulAlan and @AonghusOg at the @RiseIreland #AtTheFord post- show talk-back.
Support the #24HrDub Mothership! Celebrate 20 years of the @24hourplays around the world! (I just want the sticker!)€10 tickets for TONIGHT'S AT THE FORD @The_New_Theatre or BY HEART @smockalley if you visit our Box Office 3pm-5pm!
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanAll full houses for #AtTheFord at @The_New_Theatre so far. Grab your €10 tix for tonight's 7.30pm perf at @DubTheatreFest box office: 3-5pm!Check out the production shots for @RiseIreland's AT THE FORD. @The_New_Theatre until Oct 3
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Ashbourne is the wasp capital of the world. More specifically, my living room in Ashbourne is the wasp capital of the world.Um @AODhubhshlaine, you might want to have a lookeen at this. @Tweet_Dec Oh ma gah! This is too good. Thanks for the find, PMcM! xx
Bed before midnight and I'm NOT setting an alarm. (Bet I'll still wake up at 6am.)We have released SIX production seats for tonight's showing of I'm Your Man. Jump on them: #DTF2015
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@projectarts @DubTheatreFest @thisispopbaby @QtineMcr Deep breaths!@TRESemmeUKI It's odd - none of the usual stores stock it any more. Everything in hairspray, never any mousse.
@racheldelap @RoastedBrown @projectarts Really! As if I EVER need another excuse to go to Ikea. Thanks! :)@RoastedBrown The trail continues! @Racheldelap, those plants upstairs in @ProjectArts are beautiful. What are they /where can I get one?!Doing my foodshop at 11.45pm. Must be #DTF2015 production week.Tickets are FLYING for #AtTheFord and have already flown for #ImYourManMusical. Do what you must to get one. DM for my Paypal details...The big issue of the day is why I haven't been able to buy @TRESemmeUKI Curl Mousse in Ireland for MONTHS. Any leads, curly-headed-people?@projectarts Odd question: where did the gorgeous plants outside Space Upstairs come from? #PlanningForWhenIActuallyGetToLiveInMyHouseAgain@caitlinmoran I get this weird, involuntary growl in my throat no matter how many times I've seen that picture. And I've seen it a lot.The douchebro who hiked the price of that drug looks like the kinda guy who'd have gotten away with killing a cheerleader in his youth.
Team Rise! Listen out for Gavin Kostick on the eve of the 1st preview of #AtTheFord, by @RiseIreland. @DubTheatreFest Break legs from everyone at @RiseIreland!@projectarts @DubTheatreFest @thisispopbaby @MTTHWJANTHNY @McMahonPhilly So it's basically a karaeoke sing-along show? 😉@projectarts @DubTheatreFest @thisispopbaby @MTTHWJANTHNY How quickly would @McMahonPhilly's head explode if people actually sang along?#ImYourManMusical programmes have arrived! (incl CD + digital download for 4 tracks AND LYRICS SO YOU CAN SING ALONG)
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Some of the shenanigans going down in the #ImYourManMusical rehearsal room last week #DTF2015
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI reckon I can come off Twitter for the day: it's not going to get any better than #BaeOfPigs.
@AODhubhshlaine Gasp!@AODhubhshlaine There are four things - the police car is 4th. Your emoji narrative needs work. What's the 3rd thing?For a supposed "saint", St Anthony sure knows where a lot of "lost" property is..."Tell me about Twitter, grandad. What was it?" "It was a place where people gathered for conversations whilst half-watching TV they hated."
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan[republican debate] "You believe in God?" CANDIDATES: Yes, so hard "And should we preserve this Earth he gave us?" CANDIDATES: Lol no
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Just fell into a #24HrDub Tweet-hole (it's a thing), because I don't have enough to do tonight. Let's get the gang back together soon!@BeccaTheSM Whoa. That... that doesn't...? No.More emotion from the Japan team & their fans than there will be from the Kiwis when NZ inevitably win the RWC.
@raobyrne @tigerdubfringe @OTTSideshow @AonghusOg Aw, poor love! Feel better! He IS alive, just about! #AtTheFord at @OTTSideshow @tigerdubfringe's Spiegeltent. Ridiculous fun supporting @AonghusOg. Bonkers., am I glad I checked the @tigerdubfringe map to see where the Spiegeltent is this year. Wouldn't have been too happy rocking up to CHQ.@lindydevlin @tigerdubfringe @sjsWORDS I have two get-ins on Sunday! I think I'm buried underground now til Oct 4th... Wah!
It's alive! #ZombieBasil rides again.
Started putting together the Hebridean holiday itinerary with @killianmccrea. Most excited about the scary B&B owner in Inverness! #Hebs2015The first share of a track from our new show #ImYourManMusical. We love it. Let us know what you reckon? #DTF2015
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@CalMacFerries Great - thanks so much!@CalMacFerries Hi there! Is it possible to book foot-passenger tickets in advance? I need 2x one-way tickets for Oct 7th pls. Thanks!How many times do we reckon I can bring my basil plant to the brink of death and back again? 4 so far... #ZombieBasil is the new Florida. #IStandWithAhmed@RiseIreland @ian_toner @raobyrne @AonghusOg @LisaRichardsLtd Do yiz get a discount or wha'?@OwensDamien Clocks are for losers, etc.Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanBusker singing IRA songs outside Jervis. What a nice addition to the city's culture.Great rehearsal shots taken by Ste Murray of @RiseIreland's AT THE FORD, by Gavin Kostick!
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanBoth of these photos were taken in Texas. Let that sink in for a moment. #IStandWithAhmed
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Not in my dream you weren't.Woke from a dream in which I was teaching @AODhubhshlaine how to load a dishwasher correctly. Wild times, I'll tell ya.
@louisemcsharry @McMahonPhilly Shut it down.@McMahonPhilly @louisemcsharry Wait, do they suggest COOKING an avocado? What unholy nonsense is that?I've been listening to #ImYourManMusical songs all week. Hear a sample NOW on @RTEArena, with @McMahonPhilly and Mark Palmer. #DTF2015TUNE INTO @RTEArena @ 7PM and hear @McMahonPhilly & Mark Palmer chat about I'M YOUR MAN
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"@HamishP95: @realDonaldTrump My Dad is thinking of voting for the first time ever for you." Great.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@tigerdubfringe @AlisonSpittle The dustpan and mop know all too well about waiting...Just booked to see the last perfs of #Grounded & @AlisonSpittle at @tigerdubfringe today. My plans to clean my house are OUT the window. :)
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