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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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@AndyB_Techie me too. Built a site for a friend over the weekend. Went to look at it this AM,Broke,he chose @GoDaddy fir his domains@thebeebs just found what I was looking for! MVC for @typescriptlang and @nodejs: http://t.co/lnZgMhPazZ awesome!
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@patrick_h_lauke I was once a http://t.co/OM1cqYlZLj dev. So close.Playing aroud with http://t.co/yekU5TYqsR, first time in a long time. still my fav place to program.Those kids of @brucel are vandals http://t.co/dttdOR85pg
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@philpursglove i'll catch up on twitter +1@jacobrossi I'm ok now. It was close.
I've been locked out of twitter for 3 days.
Using @GitHub to deploy to @Azure https://t.co/U6LZtaiuYpIf APP CAPS menus annoy you in @VisualStudio here is how to switch them off in Update 3 https://t.co/OI9cl3wNq4We still need a Dubstep version. Developers, Developers, Developers ,Developers: https://t.co/pjClLCRD8o #azure #VisualStudio #microsoftA quick look at the performance dashboard in @ie https://t.co/3YIiiwCSVwUsing #Nodejs on Azure: https://t.co/QCLWYHrGs8New F# tools just shipped: http://t.co/3t4NCSRDZ9@garrettmurphy yep agreed. Great article over here from an Android user that lived with Windows Phone for a month: http://t.co/F5FQ6cHGKg
Nice shout out about @mehdoh in this article about Windows Phone: http://t.co/F5FQ6cHGKgGoing to @Native Summit? Read our developer spotlight on one of the speakers! http://t.co/ilwKKRm6sK
Retweeted by Martin BeebyVery excited to publicly announce our spiffing keynote speaker @codepo8! There's still tickets left, so nab yours now http://t.co/PeA9ZhXvrP
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@greenido feature phones sir... just feature phones.@codepo8 ditto, I mouse over links sometimes just to check the url isn't suspect.@mbrit @RossDargan always be polite. my mum taught me that when she taught me Smalltalksudo please make me a cup of tea@shaundunne 5% of VIM users choose to use it and the other 95% have no idea what it is, how to exit it or how to get it off their machine.@StuRobson oh our Rob or Ross@StuRobson huh??I wonder how many hours have been wasted with people trying to exit VIM.One thing a Surface Pro 3 does well is letting you read Medium articles in portrait mode on the big ass 12" screen http://t.co/TBbzUi3mfj
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWant. http://t.co/6YXTH2B18B
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@lookitskris not true at the moment. The canteen has gone to ruin whilst they refurbish building 5.Had people complain to me about the ALL CAP menus in @VisualStudio great to see in update 3 they've given options: http://t.co/h0qqz7656gFab response so far for our new T-Shirt design comp. Tweet your slogan & label #myVSUK to win a cool prize http://t.co/CI4rb0FeDq
Retweeted by Martin BeebyHilarious! How To Start A Creative Agency http://t.co/uCcGVW9aHP via @thepoke
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@jbclarke agreed. but people asked, so they added.Turn off ALL CAPS in the Visual Studio 2013 menu bar: http://t.co/h0qqz7656g@jasuk1970 @netgadgeteer Although I already have another project planned for @netgadgeteer Perhaps fish cam can be my starter project.@jhuskisson would be easier to look after.@philpursglove wise. very wise.@Armstrong I wouldn't waste your time. Fish hate slippers.@jasuk1970 FISHCAM! Great idea. With remote feeding.Thinking about getting some fish for my office. That is all.Very few people ever seem to notice that Siri web search is powered by Bing.
@verge @hamburger looks like the windows 8 mail app.#CortanaTips If your phone is connected via Bluetooth, #Cortana will show up in your phone book and you can call her. Perfect for the car.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@GreggstheBakers @GoogleUK @UKBing got it right in the first place... can I take some of those on their behalf ;) http://t.co/9qa7x9rKTW@HmmmUK 59% IE11, 19% IE9, 12% IE10, 6% IE8, 2% IE7, 0.2% IE6Welcome to the fam, @WindowsPhone — Introducing the HTC One (M8) for Windows, available today on @VerizonWireless: http://t.co/Px8pz1aq54
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@ttaubert is safari fine?@smeg9 lol@rem and we can round corners consistently.@richardwiggins 2006 in my client requests through the years article: http://t.co/sfVBICJkaX@thommck =rand(para, sentence)@smeg9 yep"I built a website, scaled it with Azure, saved my company thousands and all I got was this louzy t-shirt." #myVSUK@josh_willcock version?@paul_boocock that what I was put here to do. #missionAccomplishedThat trick works for onedrive too... But slightly different. =rand() creates Lorem ipsum http://t.co/bY1NRMstlP@josh_willcock it is in every copy.@josh_willcock Ok it in now ;) http://t.co/YJe7fPTqtJ@josh_willcock true@edeverett hunting. I hoped =klingon() was going to work.Also: =lorem(2,10) gives 2 paras of 10 sentences.@tadywankenobi they are working on it.@josh_willcock =lorem(4)In Word? Want 4 paras of Lorem ipsum =lorem(4) http://t.co/ud6g06ehEpIn Word? Want some Lorem ipsum? =lorem() http://t.co/EMcwtaF1BeIn word. Want 4 Paragraphs of text? =rand(4) http://t.co/1sfyBfWeM0In Word? Need Random Text: =rand() http://t.co/Q1XCtHHQvbIn word? Need some random text? =rand() then hit enter.Read this article... It's stunning https://t.co/TM1NtVnzADPromoted tweets are expensive, so if you could buy a ticket that would be jolly good of you... http://t.co/Oo7HWeXLUp
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@triblondon here: http://t.co/g2AH5OUYxE@billywizz @YodasMyDad this is what I see for facebook: http://t.co/0tBud2vfee@billywizz @YodasMyDad this on phone or win 8? Not seeing that when I search for facebook.@YodasMyDad I can tell you I care. Trying to see if I can get something done about the specific issues raised in the article.@YodasMyDad wow. I hadn't seen that before.
The most popular browser for visitors to my blog is Chrome, then FF then IE :( ... 5 used Chrome 4.0, 1 Used Chrome 1.0 WTF?500,000 disadvantaged schoolchildren are without home internet access: http://t.co/PFe8OzusVKThis weekend on IEInternals, I wrote about #HSTS and some random HTTPS-related history. http://t.co/Fu0lInsD4Y
Retweeted by Martin BeebyA must-read! RT @DaveVoyles Marketing Tips from an Indie Game Dev with over 3 Million Downloads: http://t.co/wm0OY9nJ8e #indiedev
Retweeted by Martin BeebyUK Devs! Fancy designing our next Tee? Tweet your VS slogan now & label #myVSUK. T's & C's http://t.co/CI4rb0FeDq http://t.co/ACDVBlocxB
Retweeted by Martin BeebyHave Chrome Canary installed and wished IE had something similar? Well now we do. Our IE Dev Channel http://t.co/urMhJEYwZOFour smashing speakers. £15 tickets. iOS, Android & Windows dev. London. Sep 9. Jolly good. http://t.co/Oo7HWeXLUp http://t.co/tCwX9eLaIh
Retweeted by Martin BeebyUsing GitHub to deploy to Azure in a continuous deployment stylie https://t.co/3FMVGN3PrS cc @VisualStudioUK@rem c# is a wonderful language.If you are a C# or Java developer... This is a lot of fun: https://t.co/mx5MYFkdRC@shaundunne having a nightmare with paperwork... I will get this device to you eventually ;)This is what happens when sub editors don't understand binary http://t.co/lLyEOwE4o6 http://t.co/HFFXH2BXe9
Retweeted by Martin BeebyUsing GitHub Deploy to Azure. With a bit of @VisualStudio https://t.co/3FMVGN3PrS
@sydlawrence is the date/time set correctly on your device?AMA we did on Reddit yesterday was mentioned on abc! http://t.co/cKOekIJGpY (sucks that listening qualifies as news) #thatsMeInTheMiddle
Retweeted by Martin BeebySo Bill Gates watches Mark Zuckerberg's ALS Ice Water challenge on a Surface Pro 3. https://t.co/8DUCK76yRw http://t.co/ptQD5IHNlc
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@paul_irish @AndySterland I made a video http://t.co/4idDXs8AiSJust recorded a video. Deploying a node.js app from GitHub to Azure https://t.co/DUswygsGF9@DannyT here you go: https://t.co/DUswygsGF9How to use Node.js, TypeScript, Azure and Visual Studio to deploy a website: http://t.co/ID3YG6iIL3 #webdev via @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@davrous @WorTony @MartinHatch @deltakosh it's amazing... Hunting around for the Easter eggs.@WorTony @MartinHatch those French guys know what they are doing. cc @deltakosh @davrous@WorTony @MartinHatch yep I did a little video: https://t.co/3YIiiwV29EIn IE11? CTRL+SHIFT+U. Adds a Paint time, Frame rate, Memory and CPU trace into the web page your viewing. Video: https://t.co/3YIiiwV29E@jasuk1970 hmmm not working in mine.
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