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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps.

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http://t.co/WNkOQTlgE5 On the benefits of being a Microsofty :3 #WinPhan #Lumia #Surface #Windows #Xbox cc/ @Connects
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mbrit @tomwarren never even tried it. I'm just trolling.Microsoft garage http://t.co/idoHf2WvWG@mbrit @tomwarren I have an invite for Wave if you want one.@MSFTY sales are looking good too. Also Microsoft's Market cap is now bigger than Googles.
Got a great life hack. Fundamentally it involves punching anyone, square in the face, when they use the word "hack" when they mean "tip"microsoft open tech team is rocking #pgday14 =) crazy rad demos. personal fav: cortana plugin
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCortana plugin for Phonegap is way cool. Hybrid apps w/ Virtual Assistants #pgday14
Retweeted by Martin BeebyStrong applause at #pgday14 for the Microsoft Open Tech folks. Did not expect that...
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@onishiweb you say that... Until the next time ;)@marypcbuk @alex Only just noticed. Looked at my stock and thought... how very cool.Cool our Market Cap is bigger than Googles this morning :)Microsoft Sales soar 25% http://t.co/VlvzEfwwQk@shaundunne really interesting business model they seem to have on that one.@MSFTY little bit ;)@Sllayt3r I need to get one too. So embarrassing that I currently don't have one.@hermitdave @cineworld oh no! Was the Azure issue you've been having for the past few days? Glad at least that is sorted.
Had a request to show how to deploy a #WordPress theme using GitHub and @azure websites: https://t.co/Lq7ZJV1zay #Azure cc @alexmoss@BillGates just read business adventures... Is that where the name Zune came from? Noted it was one of the discarded names for edsel@jaffathecake show off ;)@robhawkes will do. Just need to finish up this email to MR IKPO AKU, AN ACCOUNTANT WITH THE NIGERIA NATIONAL PETROLUEM COPERATION@olidale @pippinsplugins wow. That's pretty counter intuitive. Shows the value of AB testing I guess.Something tells me this isn't actually "team google": http://t.co/tECG5iOcCK@hermitdave if you need a second pair of eyes let me know.@andspo no sir. I'm just back from Peterborough after setting off at 5 for a passport collection. In tomorrow though.@hermitdave hope you chose to sleep on it. 99 problems but azure ain't one.@jongalloway that is very cool. Been having a million problems with snippets recently so this could be a good option.@DannyT @plankytronixx I'm pretty sure he ended up inventing time travel.
@paul_irish just after your browser silently upgrades ;) in fairness to apps most OSes now do silent app upgrades too.@MSFTY I think it provides a bridge for people used to Windows 7. That's probably a good thing.@MadMaxMel @starwars teacakes... Ah tunnocks teacakes@Micro_666 @Microsoft someone needs sacked. Gulp@thebeebs Obligatory product "plug" time. Re-live the good old Zx Spectrum days. Download my emulator MetroSpec http://t.co/3Q0gEK9km3 😊
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@danpi secret of monkey island. Sensible soccer.@MunkiiYebee that's awesome.@MunkiiYebee seeing jimmy whites snooker broke my heart.@waded awesome :)Austrian Postal Service drops iPhones for 1,200 Windows Phones - http://t.co/xjXcvK93DS http://t.co/HWe4ei47AY
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MSFTY I think you can expect even further finessing of the visuals.@Nemplo haha.I think you'd need to spin up 2 maybe 3 of Azures largest VMs to have the same memory as all of the C64s ever sold ;) #azure@PaulAdamDavis I still have one. Try and use it... You won't believe how long you used to be willing to wait for things to load.@MSFTY I got used to it, however, my parents are on Windows 7 for that reason.@Micro_666 haha exactly.The PhotoMath app makes maths homework irrelevant http://t.co/YAkJpZSROS http://t.co/utdUY2gXkC
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MSFTY oddly enough I still run a Surface Pro 1. They new machine I bought is a monster. I'm expecting it to be crazy fast.@andspo can you send me one please :)On a side note. I think I have more emotional attachment to Amiga than any other Tech brand... They should release a phone.@MSFTY I have been on paternity so only just got around to it. What's your thoughts so far? What you run as your main OS?@Saurabh_Sethi25 its nice go bounce ideas off someone and get honest feedback. I've been lucky my bosses have always been nice, smart people@DannyT don't you mean staff discount. Jeez these folk are nice and all... But family?@MSFTY oh ouch. I still haven't got around to buying an xbox one. Just shelled out on a new windows 10 dev machine. Might have to wait.Azure Websites Migration Assistant analyzes IIS installations & identifies which sites can move to Azure Websites >> http://t.co/bURDeP0Rmy
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@DannyT my colleague @plankytronixx did something similar with prime numbers: http://t.co/hATYCwEHlN@Eastmad @mahemoff azure VMs can run Linux if that's more your thing.@Eastmad @mahemoff emulators my friend. I suspect one of those 32 core VMs with 448gb of ram would run one ok ;) Might need a new QuickShotAs far as I can calculate if you spun up 20 of Azures largest VMs. You'd have more memory than all of the Amiga 500s ever produced.@xiotex I've ordered a 32gb memory I7 monster for Windows 10 development. But I dream of 448gb memory :)@MSFTY huh?@xiotex two days ago they released an Azure VM with 32 cores, 448 GB RAM and 6.5 TB of local SSD storage. I wish that was my desktop.Since I made @1ShotApp paid, downloads are pretty crap.. Would a different name help?? #WindowsPhone #WP8 #wpdev
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@hermitdave @1ShotApp I am ashamed I don't know about this.Migrate Azure Virtual Machines between Storage Accounts http://t.co/UNBISWupnd #msdev
Retweeted by Martin BeebySee you at #InsideMSVA Thurs? It's a full house for @spacelounges @triggertrap @tktyboomgames @artguruapp sign up: http://t.co/HbjcG2hhCv
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@MSFTVenturesUK really wanted to come, but just found out I need to pick up a passport in Peterborough.@markwilsonit yikesWhy Microsoft matters more than we think http://t.co/ao6oYIQsB8 - they do fight fights of developer mindshare we can never reach.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mtaulty @hermitdave @scottisafool I do wonder if that's why I didn't realise sooner. In my feed anyway ;)@scottisafool @hermitdave must be :) You guys are like my Windows Phone/ Windows 8 sources. No way I'd have unfollowed.Err how come I wasn't following @hermitdave and @scottisafool ? I think twitter unfollows sometimes.@zangluk yeah. Reported it a while ago. Still no change.@Saurabh_Sethi25 might seem a lot. But actually the only time in the month I probably meet or speak to my boss.Jaw dropping Windows Phone/iOS App @photomathapp you just have to see the video: http://t.co/AjrVG0kIrI@photomathapp your app is incredible. Could we have a chat .@skyste @jekyllrb yep. Its what got me thinking in the first place.
@marypcbuk I think it might be easier for me just to build the idea I have in mind. OneNote will still be the place I write though.@marypcbuk so do I... My problem case is unique to tech evangelists. I want my blog to accept pull requests should I get things wrong.Thinking... Visual studio as my blog editor. All posts md, saved in github. Azure storage manager for image uploads.Check out Microsoft #Azure Search Preview Let the cloudhandle the complexities of full-text search http://t.co/DIOEKfMczi
Retweeted by Martin BeebyI think some kind of floodgate has opened at Microsoft. They're starting to comment on public standards lists, like, for reals.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyUsing IE on Windows 10? Today we're updating you to a new release just 20 days later #AutoUpdate #HolyCrapThatsFast
Retweeted by Martin Beeby@mattbrailsford @Raspberry_Pi @CNET that is genius Matt!@alexmoss I'll record it and stick it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure ;) Azure FTW@alexmoss ok. How about I do a screen cast. Will prob get it done Thursday.@alexmoss so create a vanilla WP site via the portal? Then set up continuous deployment to deploy a theme from a GitHub repro.@alexmoss if you have any specific scenarios of what you'd like to know how to do let me know.@alexmoss ok will give it some thought and let you know.Just off for my monthly review. Wish me luck ;)@alexmoss are you interested in TFS, Visual Studio or Azure support of GIT?@alexmoss I use it a bit. Only thing I've created publically is the 3.50min video on GitHub and Azure deployment: https://t.co/JVyNsgnGyc@alexmoss ah sorry no... But I can do one soon if you want.On the 12th of November I'm speaking at Future decoded. It's free and Prof Brian Cox will also be speaking: http://t.co/OidqFAINeGJust kicked of an Azure webinar with @plankytronixx I'm guesting doing a presentation on High performance web http://t.co/OvjUZkFmBMGoing to stick my blog on a new G azure VM ;) 32 cores, 448 GB RAM and 6.5 TB of local SSD storage. A Monster, just in time for Halloween.@photonstorm they floats?
Please RT @thebeebs: I'm speaking at Future Decoded 12th Nov on Cordova & joined by @mtaulty C# & @slodge on Xamarin http://t.co/X9e9oT345x
Retweeted by Martin BeebyBush launches a low-cost Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 tablet at Argos http://t.co/SOMJEPjPxw http://t.co/4n85VNwkTl
Retweeted by Martin Beeby
@Si sweet pass my email on. Martin dot Beeby at Microsoft dot com@Si @ASOS you reckon anyone in the team would want to do an interview with me for a webshow I'm putting together?Do I know any devs at @asos ? Your mobile experience is awesome.
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