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I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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@Gus_802 @LarryKness @BuzzFeedAndrew oh, the vaccine is new to me. LOL, why didn't they just hire Alex Jones?@BuzzFeedAndrew http://t.co/QYHOoM4Q1O
Retweeted by BWD"Most Americans say child migrants should reunite with family here: poll" http://t.co/5BmN0niPKl, via / vía @HuffingtonPost
Retweeted by BWD@libbyspencer @BarackObama especially after the way Todd treated him during the previous one on one, which was a mistake in itself.@libbyspencer @BarackObama few people get to have one on one with the president. It's a privilege, a bonus, you don't give it to Chuck Todd.9/11 truther, or what the people of buzzfeed refer to as "extraordinary". https://t.co/nnGhzEcXWjCongrats to my friend @DonteStallworth on his new @HuffingtonPost gig. Gonna be fun.
Retweeted by BWDSo glad major media outlets are relying on geniuses like Phil Robertson and Donte Stallworth to explain national security to us. #Idiocracy
Retweeted by BWDTo understand Obama’s deliberation on ISIS/Syria re-read his comments on Libya to @tomfriedman http://t.co/8vjit8Mmwh
Retweeted by BWDBengals sign player to practice squad to help him pay for daughter's cancer treatment: http://t.co/zn41SDdlSu http://t.co/sN636UkqwL
Retweeted by BWD@libbyspencer @BarackObama The bubble hate him and that will never change. People who should hear him don't watch Sunday's shows.You have to watch Joni Ernst's disastrous news conf yestrdy to believe it. She calls privatizing SS a "solution" https://t.co/6BgCM706Kv
Retweeted by BWD@libbyspencer @nomoremister @BarackObama why he's doing it?@Maggyw519 @GoBrooklyn I don't. If I did, I'd watch.Adviser: Pres. Obama not interested in lifting "propaganda efforts of a completely barbaric terrorist organization" - http://t.co/PPNqyf6YeR
Retweeted by BWD#Republicans have been desperately trying to tie Obama to a scandal and they're the ones in legal trouble. LOL. #McDonnell #Christie #Perry
Retweeted by BWD@GoBrooklyn you can't pay me to watch. If PBO and his advisers don't give a shit about the brutal disrespect, then I will.@BenRothenberg *you@BenRothenberg toy need help :)US Open RF crowd might be worse than French Open RF crowd.
Retweeted by BWD@rbonne1 Obama has the worst advisers in WH history, but I can't blame them anymore. He picked them and they're sill there.@nomoremister @BarackObama Not watching anything Chuck Todd. The lying birther. Obama's advisers worth shit,@pfeiffer44 Guess Chuck Todd, who won't refute GOP lies, didn't disrespect the prez enough in their last interview, so you go back for more.Not watching this crap, not even for @BarackObama https://t.co/uG9i39IZjwShorter @hardball_chris: Sure, Obama smoked 3 ISIS leaders, but he didn't get on a carrier in a cod piece, so he's weak!
Retweeted by BWD@HouseGOP @Freefree0Bobbie LOL, the idiots who destroys everything has jokes.In which Glenn Greenwald lies yet again about his support for the Iraq war. Or maybe he just forgets his own book. http://t.co/3gJX6oPTAF
Retweeted by BWDObesity Rates Reach Historic Highs http://t.co/Ax2Z0CvSS0 Fattest, MS & WV, also among least educated & most heavily armed ... go figure.
Retweeted by BWDPaul Ryan, a man who voted for the Iraq War, blames Obama for the rise of ISIS http://t.co/JIDhK2dgXy
Retweeted by BWD@ThePlumLineGS look, black president.Via @brianbeutler, "affluent" Ocare foes "waging final battle against poor people and minorities" http://t.co/6p0zz5TCwT
Retweeted by BWD@ThePlumLineGS how do we know it's not a winner for Ds if they don't run on it?Happy Birthday, @Beyonce! You're an incredible role model, a phenomenal mother, and a wonderful friend. Hope you have an amazing day! –mo
Retweeted by BWDBirth Control, equal pay, min wage, and yes Obamacare seem to be big winners for Hagan in NC debate. Interesting. @ThePlumLineGS
Retweeted by BWDI DO defend her comments about Palestine because she told the fucking TRUTH! Now go to fucking hell! @iloanya1 @riwired @CrownHerQueen_
Retweeted by BWDI'm not here for your PITY PARTY for Palestine. Fuck them slave owning racist motherfuckers. @CrownHerQueen_
Retweeted by BWDYou whining ass crybabies in America get on my nerves. Joan told the truth on how DUMB those Gaza were @TheBlackVoice @TMZ @CrownHerQueen_
Retweeted by BWDI agree 100% with Joan's comments about Palestine. They were stupid. She's right. @TheBlackVoice @TMZ @CrownHerQueen_
Retweeted by BWDAnyone heard from blackademics today?Things courts said today: 1) Obamacare is cool 2) Gay people can marry 3) Bob McDonnell is guilty 4) Black people can vote.
Retweeted by BWDToday: Halbig decision tossed. Ferguson/STL PDs investigated, SSM Bans overturned in 3 states. McDonnell convicted. Why won't Obama lead?
Retweeted by BWDThe tendency to believe that poor people need to be poor so you can be rich is the only reason the Republican Party is still alive.
Retweeted by BWDConservatism - n. the fear the person preparing your Whopper has health care
Retweeted by BWDman, this one is too much http://t.co/iyVuL4dmLA
Retweeted by BWDU.S. hotels may have just had their best quarter ever: http://t.co/uHIAC5Cb47 http://t.co/hiE82q6CzV
Retweeted by BWDU.S. service sector growth strongest since August 2005: ISM http://t.co/zkY5tRtkgX
Retweeted by BWDRT @BUZZFEED Rand Paul’s strategy to fight ISIS looks exactly what Obama is doing. Airstrikes + Kurd support. http://t.co/1IAoopnfbN
Retweeted by BWD@PaulBegala @LiberalPhenom @BarackObama the flight suit is missing, the shallow media want the flight suit dammit!So, while everyone was clucking over whether @BarackObama emoted enough over ISIS, he just smoked 3 of their leaders. http://t.co/L1Wo4RAyGX
Retweeted by BWDHillary Clinton is likely to be further to the right on energy policy in 2016 than she was 8 years ago http://t.co/vgalpP5mh0
Retweeted by BWDWatching AG Holder talk #justice, I'm so glad his boss President @BarackObama has prioritized civil rights and voting rights. #forward
Retweeted by BWDTHIS IS HIM. The President of the United States waved to us from this car. TWICE. http://t.co/NBHg2hwzrt
Retweeted by BWDAuto industry reports best August in 11 years http://t.co/Ss4DpynjVw via @washingtonpost
Retweeted by BWDNumber of Uninsured to Decrease, Faster Health Expenditure to Grow as Coverage Expands & Economy Improves http://t.co/0oRp4WqhyY
Retweeted by BWDPoor Fox News. So much bad news for GOP today all they can do is whine about the fast food workers wanting a decent wage.
Retweeted by BWDSorry, #Obamacare haters. The markets think the #MedicaidExpansion has been #Good for #Hospitals: http://t.co/bIITmXQJZa @ABC @NBC @MSNBC
Retweeted by BWDawful, awful people...MT @Green_Footballs Blogger Chuck C. Johnson's attack on Michael Brown fails, so he goes after Brown's stepfather
Retweeted by BWDHillary's AG will be better. https://t.co/3gst8KZuYLIs there a racial element to how states are reacting to Obamacare? Uh, yeah. @brianbeutler explains. http://t.co/MHTODSUuX8
Retweeted by BWD@CitizenCohn @LOLGOP @brianbeutler GOP Obama hate is 100% racial.So, Obama's AG going after the entire Ferguson police, but where's the speech?????!!!!!!THIS --> Alison Lundergan Grimes should make the Kentucky Senate race a referendum on Obamacare and Kynect http://t.co/8uLQVuU4rK
Retweeted by BWDIf you're angrier at a fast food worker who wants a livable wage than a banker who helped put 8 million out of work, cancel basic cable.
Retweeted by BWDToo bad #McDonnell won't do time with guys who'll teach him new ways to look at an ultrasound. Karma is a bitch, bitch.At least their marriage will be a comfort to them in these tough times.
Retweeted by BWDI guess not only Palestinian kids deserve to die. Goodbye, evil.@ThePlumLineGS @LOLGOP there is no such thing as "libertarians", they wee perfectly happy with Ferguson police.Here's why you can safely ignore conservative concern-trolling over the president's foreign policy: http://t.co/RX9eOn4azw
Retweeted by BWDThey'll take your ObamaCare then your Medicare MT @ConoverChris Don’t Just Replace Obamacare-Replace Medicare http://t.co/WoIERIvyw8
Retweeted by BWDNumber of people claiming U.S. unemployment benefits falls to seven year low while U.S. exports reach record high: http://t.co/Yxt85Ng0b5
Retweeted by BWD
@BuzzFeedAndrew @DonteStallworth 9/11 pentagon truther? Extraordinary indeed.Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr @ ppl who actually believe a plane hit the pentagon on 9/11... hole woulda been ASTRONOMICALLY bigger, God bless lost lives
Retweeted by BWDVP says we'll send ISIS to "gates of hell" and media gets a woodie. POTUS orders 300 and counting bombing runs, and media yawns.
Retweeted by BWD@stltoday you sound so disappointed. :(@NormOrnstein @JohnCassidy Nate is going to lose this time.But tan suit! https://t.co/TWKLagXoRfTonight: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma) makes her LS debut, discusses minimum wage. http://t.co/gVGuN1C7Hy http://t.co/1FIIWzoQ6z
Retweeted by BWDBeyond one #Obama sound bite. My column: Prudence isn't weakness, planning isn't wimpy & it takes alliances to win. http://t.co/usWv0p158U
Retweeted by BWD@EricBoehlert @blackhawks1987 "style", "optics", "tan suit", all the new N word.how long must we endure this?.....Ruth Marcus: Immigration failures are "the fault" of GOP, so I'll write column critiquing Obama's style
Retweeted by BWDWhen you discover you've been blocked by people you never even knew exist. http://t.co/DJoZLEzblkAny response on the substance? RT @ron_fournier: .@mmfa pushes back for the White House: http://t.co/etARF0IP9a
Retweeted by BWDEXACTLY. @TheDailyEdge: Take a moment to applaud the hardest-working POTUS in your lifetime http://t.co/34VqrquZVQ http://t.co/Y7ESAs260g
Retweeted by BWDThe Enemy Within: Senate #GOP holding up 65 State Dept. nominees: "This is how nations lose their power & influence" http://t.co/mr9xtLEZht
Retweeted by BWDThe people telling Obama to launch new wars are the same ones who've been telling us we're "too broke" to fix our bridges & feed our poor
Retweeted by BWDAs always, the only adult in the room: Obama vows 'justice will be served' for American reporters murdered by ISIS http://t.co/6GM59vVsfM
Retweeted by BWD@markos KY is not a real possibility.So U.S. sanctions on Russia are apparently creating American jobs. http://t.co/AEqiaXNCWT
Retweeted by BWDTomorrow's historic @southwalesargus front page. #regionalfronts http://t.co/VvFOwTDwfo
Retweeted by BWD#Republicans are upset that President #Obama isn't in a panic, acting rashly, starting wars...The very reasons the rest of us voted for him.
Retweeted by BWD@jonathanhsinger @morningmoneyben they all think he was born in Kenya..@morningmoneyben Obama got under 38% of the KY vote in 2012. A 63% disapproval rating is surprising?
Retweeted by BWDOMG, i just saw Barack Obama. #LIFETIMECHANCE #WIN #Tallinn @BarackObama
Retweeted by BWDTo make this clear. Obama. He's in Newport tonight. He's in Newport tonight. *pinch yourself* #NATOSummitUK
Retweeted by BWDMcCain is slamming Obama over #ISIS. For not having lunch with them, I guess: #p2 http://t.co/LuTWWvFLIs
Retweeted by BWD@MiaFarrow pretty sure you said the same about Al Qaeda.https://t.co/KNzcOLBuzl
Retweeted by BWD@toddstarnes Critics of Phil Robertson are just envious, jealous & irritated that the man needs no help or advice from them or government!
Retweeted by BWDHere's @ChuckLane1 on the "electric-car fantasy." http://t.co/uGZG7JzgaQ Here are electric cars doubling every year. http://t.co/In74nlDkOh
Retweeted by BWD@WalshFreedom Your kids still hungry?
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