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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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Opinion: U.S. should not wage war against ISIS like Afghanistan and Iraq http://t.co/9z4uE18PO8
Retweeted by BWD@ZekeJMiller Your point?MSM: "There's a chronic distance between Obama and the people!1!1!" The President in Milwaukee today. :-) http://t.co/Cb8hu31Gwv
Retweeted by BWDomfg RT @conorsen: @darth @GovernorPerry people are being too hard on him it's not like he wore a tan suit http://t.co/0W2Jzwd9wD
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/rrjKJyTPj3 http://t.co/Fex127Nj68
Retweeted by BWDDear Republicans, There is no Ebola in Central America. Try again. Or don’t. Maybe don’t? Maybe just stop? Thx, MoJo http://t.co/uakuYVqN64
Retweeted by BWDWhat actually trickles down: 1. Union membership 2. Middle class income 3. Quality of George Bushes #HonorLabor http://t.co/P9NKipJGav
Retweeted by BWDInfrastructure Cracks as Los Angeles Defers Repairs http://t.co/wRvl1w1g8f
Retweeted by BWD@kurteichenwald add the constitution while you're at it.Someday, I'll be able 2 stop citing parts of Bible violated by ppl who cite Bible against others. But no time soon. There's 2 many of 'em.
Retweeted by BWD@lele_lisa following you now, sorry that it took a while, I'm not well organized. :)“@THR: 'Magic Mike XXL' Begins Production, Steven Soderbergh Steps Behind the Camera http://t.co/VBZlxlYRbW” his retirement is exhausting
Retweeted by BWD@lele_lisa he looked good today, snarky and in a fine form. It was good to see.@AVD911 he despise Washington so much now.The difference between Barack Obama when inside the graveyard that is DC, and Barack Obama when he's out with good lively people is amazing.@resan joined the blame the victim crowd.Why white men hate unions: The South, the new workforce and the GOP war on your self-interest http://t.co/clToL3yduv via @Salon
Retweeted by BWD@owillis @ggreeneva @anildash yea,it's not very smart to take these photos. But why is this the main topic and the sick crime that was done?@mb933 they were, but Sam is undoubtedly good enough to play on a team with weaker defense than the Rams.Oh well, it was nice to like @rickygervais for a while. Bye, Felicia.'Meh, both parties the same, won't bother voting this year"..... Oh yeah? #HonorLabor http://t.co/zTvDXGJbtp
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/hHH9IcVLEO
Retweeted by BWDYou're going to tell me that no NFL team taking Michael Sam is a Football decision? Yea, right.President Obama at the Milwaukee Laborfest today http://t.co/5c5BXWtj3r
Retweeted by BWDMedia: President Obama is unpopular. Americans don't like him. Reality: President Obama at #LaborFest in Milwaukee. http://t.co/DPTUSU6DcS
Retweeted by BWDHaving fun this long weekend? #HonorLabor Working no more than 40 hours a week? #HonorLabor Your parents on Medicare? #HonorLaborObama calls on #GOP to #RaiseTheWage: “I’m not asking for the moon, I just want a good deal for American workers” http://t.co/f6glzMDPL7
Retweeted by BWD@owillis the bearing is that apparently only men find women to blame when their private property is stolen & used to attack them.
Retweeted by BWD“Cynicism is a bad choice. Hope is a better choice." —President Obama in Milwaukee at #Laborfest2014 http://t.co/ISKNYMPdPw
Retweeted by BWDThis reflection of Michael Brown by one of his teachers will make the tears flow http://t.co/6ACCVgqDEa
Retweeted by BWDIt's always the woman's fault, it's always the black man's fault, it's never the white dudebro's fault.So, no unions, no minimum wage increase, no unemployment insurance, no food stamps. Are we there yet? #LaborDay
Retweeted by BWDSenior Israeli minister: Cabinet majority opposed to peace talks http://t.co/9mnCmhRBEV
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives ---> http://t.co/kOeWlRXUrQ
Retweeted by BWDJacket on the shoulder and whistle on the lips is my fave form of Obama's media/RW trolling. http://t.co/PBU7ZQEqDK@Gus_802 LOL, the randomness.I got the football reasons Rams cut Michael Sam, but him not being signed to any team moving forward would not be about football. #NFL
Retweeted by BWD@paulwaldman1 @LOLGOP Thank god for the one man who refuse to panic.Don't take nude selfies. Don't wear skirts. Don't drink. Don't go back to his room. This stupid fucking list gets longer every year.
Retweeted by BWDNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! @haaretzcom Netanyahu's government is not serious about peace http://t.co/Muzc6q7A7V#rawsexualpowerofconservatives ---> http://t.co/7K4DlVX9Fm
Retweeted by BWDThe #rawsexualpowerofconservatives is why my missus will leave me for this guy... http://t.co/xbcdDgtMYH
Retweeted by BWDI believe the term is "raped" RT @reason: Cop Forced 8 Women to Have Sex With Him Under Threat of Arrest http://t.co/AKlLPNRh37
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/yDJuI6cntO via @YouTubeOMG I NEED TO UNSEE THAT IMMEDIATELY!!! BLEACH ME! RT @r0astduck: #rawsexualpowerofconservatives @Danny_Concannon http://t.co/9s0M6Np1As
Retweeted by BWD.@60th_Street #rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/EkA0VWoPe1
Retweeted by BWD@60th_Street @allanbrauer LOLOLOL.#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/iBizT4c5wA
Retweeted by BWDObama today: "If I were busting my butt in the service industry & wanted an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, I’d join a union."
Retweeted by BWDI don’t know how women survive being on the Internet every day http://t.co/lwLvIf2Kdt
Retweeted by BWDA labor chart on Labor Day: Since economy hit bottom in Feb 2010, U.S. has gained 9.2 million jobs. http://t.co/7sVinV1miP
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/rrjKJyTPj3 http://t.co/gtb5NwoUhr
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives *runs away laughing* http://t.co/2wWxFtCFHO
Retweeted by BWDA rainbow visible behind Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, from the live pool feed awaiting the president's return http://t.co/d0FZfEvv7v
Retweeted by BWD#rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/hZ8laIQ8eF
Retweeted by BWDNauseating to hear people whose strategy for 12 years is "American ground troops in Iraq" accuse others of having no strategy.
Retweeted by BWDDon’t start a headline about a business leader “Mother of” unless the third word is “Dragons." http://t.co/yWhdK7T9mC http://t.co/HvbFDxBB7U
Retweeted by BWD@MollyFlyAway @BuzzFeedAndrew @MiriamElder yea, everyone there is an expert on both foreign policy and tan suits.@BuzzFeedAndrew remind me who's @MiriamElder?Your conservative movement, America. http://t.co/wXLX596geG@LOLGOP enjoy :) https://t.co/C5o95GtrChThis just happened. MT @GOP: This #LaborDay, the White House & Democrats believe paying women less than men is an acceptable practice.
Retweeted by BWD@dlrsa @GOP My apology, I didn't see the previous tweet. Sorry about the quick hands. :(Good for the @GOP they know how stupid their crowd is. https://t.co/oZGacWTTDZ@dlrsa @GOP As a person, you're not that smart if you but this crap.@GOP LOLOLOLOLOL. Good for you, you know how stupid your crowd is.@KurtSchlichter #rawsexualpowerofconservatives http://t.co/xS4MNwvft4What a sad person, to have to yell in public the things he would otherwise be muttering to himself https://t.co/m3VHew8YMq
Retweeted by BWDPOTUS: "You wouldn't know it by watching the news, but by almost every measure, Americans are better off than when I took office." Truth.
Retweeted by BWDStupid @tcot enjoying this long weekend, blissfully ignorant of the fact that unions made it happen for them. #LaborDayAnticipated Tweet: @ChuckTodd: "Obama soooooo downbeat in Milwaukee today, has he had enough?1?1?" http://t.co/FpchLfNY8E
Retweeted by BWDHappy Labor Day! http://t.co/lVnsPto2TD
Retweeted by BWDA young boy listens to President Obama speak at Laborfest 2014 in Milwaukee today #LaborDay http://t.co/dnBx6DOyRV
Retweeted by BWDAnticipated Tweet: @ChuckTodd: "Will Obama's Blue-ish Shirt in Milwaukee today embolden ISIS?" http://t.co/PtpgoyhUfX
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary It'll embolden something. #innocent@TheObamaDiary this shirt is the shit, BTW. #importantLOL, Barack, you master troll.@KurtSchlichter LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, Also, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL,"You wouldn't know it by watching the news". Pure truth.Gee, I wonder why the media never report any of the stuff Obama is talking about now. Gee, I wonder.@MiaFarrow I agree. We don't have enough racist vile people in the world.First Negrophobia and now this. Blockbuster day for @TIME https://t.co/gF6rOzE8fh@TIME Negrophobia is the day you jumped the shark for good. Bye.Yes please @cindyscott54: McCain: People Are Telling Me I Should Run For POTUS http://t.co/T8LHuw68pvSaying that racism is a "phobia" implies that it is something that the phobic can't help. It provides an out. Black men aren't spiders, guy.
Retweeted by BWD@CNN is basically Fox News now.Wait. The President also wore cream/beige/tan pants today - expect two @BuzzFeed posts soon. http://t.co/P0r8IdMl5j
Retweeted by BWDHappy Labor Day everyone! RETWEET if you 're proud to be a Democrat today! http://t.co/E8a7BWjB9c http://t.co/vEVS6mJrsI
Retweeted by BWDHappy Labor Day! Get your FREE "Thank FDR for Social Security" sticker: http://t.co/7RgSg4xQJs http://t.co/FXX7AtFlRR
Retweeted by BWDBelieve it or not, in the year 2014, we're STILL fighting Republicans over workplace safety laws. #LaborDay http://t.co/OQ4N7u7w5G
Retweeted by BWD(The Republicans might not like this tweet) #LaborDay http://t.co/nfEl5jJ714
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @BuzzFeed more like "10 reasons why we can't handle the fact that he is so hot, so we write bullshit clickbaits".White Americans have 18X more wealth than black Americans. After Ferguson, Race Deserves More Attention, Not Less http://t.co/rOaIeOKouI
Retweeted by BWD@TPM LOL.@TheObamaDiary if you're talking about racism, then you're the racist!The way in which you share your body must be a CHOICE. Support these women and do not look at these pictures.
Retweeted by BWDRemember, when you look at these pictures you are violating these women again and again. It's not okay.
Retweeted by BWDSeriously, do not forget that the person who stole these pictures and leaked them is not a hacker: they're a sex offender.
Retweeted by BWDThe "don't take naked pics if you don't want them online" argument is the "she was wearing a short skirt" of the web. Ugh.
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary very innocent question.
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