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I know what I'm doing and I'm fearless.

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@admiralmpj you know me so well!Trump on top: The Donald is leading the GOP presidential contest in early contest states and key swing states:
Retweeted by BWDWHITE woman. I got tickets to the movies! @Jackbarnesmra the mute button is a lie. It never worked for me.If the NYT gave up... 170 held after Waco biker shooting, all are now out of jail, with none charged in killings
Retweeted by BWDBen Carson can't even stand up to Donald Trump who's only armed with an assault mouth.
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary as it was always meant to be. 👯Oh right, other people run for the "right reasons", while the guy who's in public service all his life isn't. dozens of people a day now. House cleaning full speed ahead.Today in conservatives are feces.'s Medicaid expansion, and its benefits for the uninsured, is reaching more and more states #ObamasAmericaHilarious. What next from the archives? Hillary's Goldwater-supporting GOP days = grim news for African Americans?
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult @Only4RM @ritaag @leenie909 I want Biden to run. Great for the race; Great for Hillary. The presidency should be contested.
Retweeted by BWD@metaquest @kdrum ohh, I forgot this crap. Puke.via @AFLCIO this AM: "Labor Movement to Join White House in Momentous Effort to Lift Up Voices of Working People"
Retweeted by BWDAll Congress members from S.C. who voted no on Sandy aid now want fed help for Charlestown flooding via @mikescotto
Retweeted by BWDSo basically, Kim is the smart one. A government shut down we can agree on. Close this partisan farce down.
Retweeted by BWDSo it must be difficult for him to be with himself all day. @ritaag @keethers @leenie909 for people who think Biden can't win, these Clintonians are awfully worried.The president is black. Next., I was so looking forward to Romney wining again. :( sure to vote for Marco Rubio if you want to preserve the sanctity of the union between a woman and her rapist.
Retweeted by BWD#BREAKING Poroshenko says 'real truce' has begun in Ukraine
Retweeted by BWDTrump is right again. read - @MikeGrunwald interviews Amb Froman on whats in the #TPP
Retweeted by BWDToday WH holds summit on future of labor. They're gonna be talking about stuff that matters, a lot:
Retweeted by BWDGallup ending horserace polls is huge loss. How will political world survive without a daily batch of wrong polling to hype?
Retweeted by BWDThis was fucking superb
Retweeted by BWDThe Justice Department will free 6,000 federal prisoners at the end of the month, the largest-ever one-time release
Retweeted by BWDHow gunmen in 14 recent mass shootings were able to obtain their guns
Retweeted by BWDU.S. allies see the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal as a counterweight to China’s efforts to expand its influence.
Retweeted by BWD
Well, everything goes today. moment of silence for #UCCShooting victims, Dem cries out: "Now let's do something!"
Retweeted by BWD@Maggyw519 @POTUSZaphod take me out of this convo please. Thanks.Clinton Prepares To Go To War Against Biden’s “Integrity” Pitch
Retweeted by BWDSomeone read my gun control column and wrote: "You left-wing liberals always demand that we do SOMETHING." The nerve of us something-doers.
Retweeted by BWDGarden to table: Students joined @FLOTUS today to harvest the Kitchen Garden & prepare lunch w/ the veggies harvested
Retweeted by BWD@gf_layne @Maggyw519 oh, and I think you can go fuck yourself. @Slate I don't give a shit about what this asshole think. We all saw what happened today. @politico @MotherJones @Slate @vox Yeah, like a rolling domino fall, one by one.
Retweeted by BWD@metaquest @politico @MotherJones @Slate @vox they even split the day, so they all got their clicks.So @politico @MotherJones @Slate @vox came out w/hit pieces on VP Biden today, not to mention the mopes on cable. Wonder who's coord that?
Retweeted by BWDI used to think #BenCarson was a good man with stupid beliefs. That changed today. He's not worthy of being called a good man. #gunsense
Retweeted by BWDThe reason the MSM doesn't go after Bernie Sanders is because he's running against PBO - not against the GOP or his Dem primary opponents.
Retweeted by BWD@ralphb47 @Slate Fournier? What he has to do with it?@jeffallen1987 LMAOOOO. You're got nothing. Go fuck your gun.@POTUSZaphod @Maggyw519 LMAO. Go away.@jeffallen1987 @eclecticbrotha and the entire civilized world COMBINED has less gun violence than we have in a month. You are so dumb.@jeffallen1987 @eclecticbrotha You stupid, stupid, stupid idiot. The entire civilized world has laws that prevent lunatics from having guns@POTUSZaphod @Maggyw519 LMAO, you're calling me "Mr. President"? LMAOOOO. And what Clinton camp has to do with this?@POTUSZaphod @Maggyw519 Again, not true.6 year old babies in Newtown died so you can feel better about your small penis. @Maggyw519 Yes, it will be online in couple of weeks, so how do you know what's in it? Idiot.Confederate flag racist >> @Allenisthebest1LMAO, it'll be online in two weeks. What an idiot. @Maggyw519 LMAO, you didn't even read the deal. Idiot.@Subvertica @BernieSanders Oh wow, another asshole.@eclecticbrotha That's a string of condescending tweets. I like you too much to fight with you. Good night, mate.@Allenisthebest1 Ohhh, racist neanderthal still here. LMAO.@eclecticbrotha Could be, but you still don't answer my question: Why are you so bothered by him running?This idiot probably have kids. How awful. And? Hillary didn't?@blucaller "strung along"? What?@eclecticbrotha That's very unlike you. Please tell me why so many people don't want Biden to run, if he obviously has no chance.Exactly what he's saying. for us you only have 140 characters to lie. Asshole. I don't despise Hillary at all. I just don't get why her fans are so scared of competitive primaries.@eclecticbrotha What's the problem? May the best candidate win.@eclecticbrotha Hillary isn't better. I don't get why people who obviously think Biden has no chance are so invested in him not running.@KPhed Whatever. Good night.@KPhed Where did I say that Joe is Obama?@KPhed What's your problem, really? What are you so afraid of? He doesn't stand a chance of winning, what's you problem?Confederate flag racist has opinions. Protecting and continuing the Obama legacy. Why is Hillary running? What's her "hard reasons"?@KPhed "hard reasons"? What this even mean?@KPhed @eclecticbrotha Maybe because he is one of the best VPs ever and can be a very good president and has the right to run if he want to?When white female Hillary supporters feel her candidacy threatened, they use "But he's against womenz!" talking pt.
Retweeted by BWDI'll give it to the Clintons, they know how to coordinate a vicious, lying political attacks. restoring 2 wars, losing 750,000 jobs a month, 8% unemployment rate, OBL still alive, & auto industry bankrupt?
Retweeted by BWDWhy is this all around attack on Biden today? I mean, he can't win, right? What are you all so afraid of???if Dem EVER said as many insane/insulting things in wake of gun massacre the way Ben Carson did today, press would demand they end campaign
Retweeted by BWDYou can only talk about guns if you're an expert, say the guys who reject climate science & treat edited Planned Parenthood videos as gospel
Retweeted by BWDObama already restored the greatness his brother destroyed. You're welcome. @joanwalsh @allinwithchris You never said a word about Sanders guns record, you hypocrite tools.Putin cheerleader who never said a word about Sanders guns record, has opinions on records. @chrislhayes @theonlyadult when Chris asked Sanders how he could get things done with GOP congress was toughest he ever got
Retweeted by BWD@JJGomez127 @chrislhayes @theonlyadult I like Chris but he's in the bag for Sanders.
Retweeted by BWDObama is right to be cautious in Syria
Retweeted by BWDOne thing that ticks me off tho is Joe's already held to account more than Bernie, who's running! @joanwalsh @allinwithchris @KatrinaNation
Retweeted by BWDThis new Rob Lowe show is awful, just awful. WTF???@ItsAlinaJo @KatrinaNation @joanwalsh @allinwithchris @VP He's been on 2008 and 2012 WINNING tickets. We know who he is & LOVE him.
Retweeted by BWDOr about guns? Or immigration? shootings are a small price to pay for the freedom to be killed in school shootings.
Retweeted by BWD@eclecticbrotha This one was brilliant.@eclecticbrotha LMAO. Man, I wish I could block people so smoothly.@coldwomaninmn @chrislhayes Sanders is running against Obama. Not even against Clinton.
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