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I have zero patience for neanderthals.

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@onecaliberal WUT THE WUT????Damian Lillard is hot. #basketballpundityYea, Portland.NBA refs.The same story that admits what tight controls there are on info in #Russia then says #Snowden just zipped off an op-ed to the UK at will.
Retweeted by BWDOMGFUN FACT: In the Middle East, @nytdavidbrooks is known as Pencil Dick
Retweeted by BWDChumps David Brooks and Chuck Todd challenge Pres Obama's manhood <smh>
Retweeted by BWDThere's a crazy woman yelling in my twitter feed. & seems to be getting more jacked up as she goes into 3rd day. Intervention?
Retweeted by BWDAs Obama exits WH & white libs have no political use 2 scream "GOP racists!" libs like @Joshtpm will abandon "concern" 4 blacks 4 new tactic
Retweeted by BWDOkay now we're at the point where she's yelling at black people for not thinking blacks can think for themselves. #goodtimes #besttimes?
Retweeted by BWDPatrick Beverly skipping around the court saying "Look at me. Look at me. I'm the captain now" (h/t @cjzero) (GIF): http://t.co/7HudS4zcNH
Retweeted by BWD@chrislhayes It's hilarious that you still think he's not working for Putin.@chrislhayes can't blame him for thinking that everyone who isn't Obama is awesome. I'm sure Greenwald will be on your next show to fix it.@joshtpm Of course you can. Just wait 20 seconds, or 5 tweets.Cheri Jacobus is Tweeting like Mona Holland defending Glenn Greenwald all day long. //
Retweeted by BWD@MattMurph24 Yep, none pf her 800 followers is good enough friend to tell her to stop?@Lib_Librarian @ggreenwald And 10k tweets to follow.@MattMurph24 Even #tcot don't want to touch this.@Max_Fisher It's almost as if Edward Snowden is working for Vladimir Putin and has a well oiled PR machine in America.@speechboy71 he put putin on the spot, cornered him, made him answer a direct question. snowden did great.
Retweeted by BWD@speechboy71 Only to the people who will but this crap, and with every passing day few and few do.“It was the strongest possible question that could possibly get through [Putin’s propagandists],” http://t.co/nMF6Cui0cE #tool
Retweeted by BWDShorter Snowden: Putin is white, how could I know that he's so bad?@KatrinaNation @geoff9cow @thenation I'm sure it's Obama's fault. Next.Snowden: "I didn't know Russia's media was so tightly controlled." You, sir, are a fucking idiot.
Retweeted by BWD"Snowden wanted to prove that he feels the same way about surveillance in Russia, but the press there is controlled by the regime". LOLOLOL.@jim4137 @jokelley His problem is with Obama, always was, always will be.@root_e That's better.Oh gee, Snowden staged his Q&A with his puppet master Putin? Color me shocked. http://t.co/zMt3uZ68Rx
Retweeted by BWDGreenwald's TL wiill be a hoot tomorrow.@root_e You're Rockets fan?Even Snowden's Camp Now Acknowledges the Putin Puppet Show Was a Disaster http://t.co/inrl0twnmu
Retweeted by BWDLOL Snowden."Snowden’s camp wouldn’t get into the specifics of how his question made it onto the live broadcast on Russian state television."
Retweeted by BWDHey, remember that staged question to Putin that Snowden said wasn't staged? Yes, it was staged http://t.co/HT1taB0UAR via @thedailybeastOhhh, they admit it was staged? Hilarious // Snowden’s Camp: Staged Putin Q&A Was a Screw-Up http://t.co/HT1taB0UAR via @thedailybeastAlso, did Snowden's people just confirm that RT is censored by the Russian government?
Retweeted by BWDShaquille O'Neal is horrible at explaining Basketball.White house easter egg hunt is just another example of Obama giving away stuff paid for with our tax money
Retweeted by BWDHow The Media Distorts Numbers And Provides False Information To Fool Low-Wage Workers http://t.co/VsKPIHMrBW via @politicususa #p2 #p2b
Retweeted by BWD@Max_Fisher He knows what he's doing there. It's not random. He never had real problem with the NSA, he had problem with the NSA under ObamaSame twisted logic. MT @BethRS62: If u were selfless, you would be humble. And u would not be providing abortions.Not this Chait again: or, hating Obama is part of the right's racial animus http://t.co/o6aApVfuVh via @dailykosTHE NEW 10 COMMANDMENTS 1 Laugh. 2 Read. 3 Say please. 4 Floss. 5 Doubt. 6 Exercise. 7 Learn. 8 Don't hate. 9 Cut the bullshit. 10 Chill.
Retweeted by BWDLooks like I'm done with #TheGoodWife. I'm sorry @GoodWifeWriters I love you, but this is just not the same show. Sorry. :(Tonight's rebuttal to the cruel attack by #Cosmos on those raised around lead-based paint will be delivered by Louie Gohmert.
Retweeted by BWDDavid brooks is not excessively burdened with the curse of self awareness.
Retweeted by BWD@davidaxelrod False equivalence much. Axe?@root_e Yep. Actually much better.@GladiatorNprada @AngryBlackLady record high black unemployment under Obama, but you seem just fine with that.
Retweeted by BWDAfraid we're looking at 4-1, maybe 4-2 series. #WASvsCHI@CheriJacobus is so dumb, I don't know why she doesn't have 50k followers. The woman is too stupid even for the #tcotReal tweet > @CheriJacobus Obama Uses Easter Address to Remind Us That Islam Teaches Us to “Love Our Neighbors As We Love Ourselves”@CheriJacobus You really are the dumbest person on twitter.@stevekraske LOLOLOLOLOLOL.Washington is a better team. :( #WASvsCHI@TheObamaDiary @CheriJacobus More race baiting by you.Can't believe anyone doubts @CheriJacobus' political acumen http://t.co/l39P5e98Ha
Retweeted by BWDNoah really did not arrive tonight. #WASvsCHI@TheObamaDiary @Alasscan_ @CheriJacobus Stop race baiting!@TheObamaDiary @Alasscan_ @CheriJacobus LOL, OMG, this is hilarious to no end. Is this woman for real???The last contribution to The Guardian by @CheriJacobus. Don't laugh. Oh, go on then. http://t.co/1nITXmQI27
Retweeted by BWD@tjinlv None of them would have dare - let alone survive - insulting Bush this way. But Jonathan Chait told me that it's all paranoia.@TheObamaDiary Pretty sure he can't handle me now.@vivajosiah At this pace, not for long. :)@AngryBlackLady What is this hilarious account?I ate way too much today.@theonlyadult @RightGlockMom because us law is corrupt and not constitutional
Retweeted by BWDThis person sent me to read @DLoesch stuff to "learn the truth" about #BundyRanch. This is an extra stupid day on twitter.@RightGlockMom @DLoesch Really? Why not send me to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Hilarious.@theonlyadult Well, why don't you check out @DLoesch blogs/radio podcasts. She investigated #BundyRanch matter thoroughly.
Retweeted by BWD@RightGlockMom Classic selective right wing interpretation of the "principles of THIS COUNTRY". One law for you and one for everyone else.@RightGlockMom That's a very nice spin and I'm sure you believe it with all your heart. So what if they said that don't recognize US laws.@RightGlockMom They're "patriots" loyal to which country?@RightGlockMom @ABC You didn't answer my question.@DouthatNYT is the the cream of the GOP intelligentsia. And that's all you need to know about the GOP intelligentsia.@RightGlockMom @ABC Patriots? To what country?@RightGlockMom @ABC If I don't pay my taxes for 20 years can I be called a patriot too?
Retweeted by BWDChuck Todd, on PBO: "He's not alpha dog enough." Todd attended GWU '90 - '94 on a music scholarship, played French horn, didn't graduate.
Retweeted by BWD@lele_lisa @CheriJacobus The proud ignorance is mind blowing.@BuzzFeedAndrew So basically Clinton was #tcotThat was before the black president // Remember when the GOP was the patriotic, law and order party? http://t.co/R6EMYRmJTb via @dailykos'GOP Easter Egg Hunt' http://t.co/QRkyksIXYZ
Retweeted by BWD@Shoq @CheriJacobus You have a manhood problem in being a thug.@CysticDad *Card. yes.@JustCindeh @CheriJacobus STILL!@disastercouch @joshtpm Josh is a perfect example of the Left playing the race card. He got nailed on it, and now plays dirty
Retweeted by BWD@root_e @CheriJacobus @joshtpm @disastercouch It's the race card, you know.Cheri Jacobus is still tweeting. Christ, lady, have Easter dinner or something.
Retweeted by BWDThis @CheriJacobus thing is insane. I may never stop laughing.To recap: Today I was told not to use the "birth certificate care" AND the "Bin Laden care". I kid you not.@joshtpm @BeachPeanuts OMG, she's still stalking you?@Lib_Librarian Have another glass, my friend. All will look better.Flipping channels. Let me know when the #Bulls arrives to the Playoffs. #WASvsCHI@Lib_Librarian LOL. That's ok, you'll be back Maybe. Some day.@Lib_Librarian What is "Lakers"?This was ugly #Bulls #WASvsCHI@GwilymMcGrew @DavidLauter @philwillon @evanhalper LOL. Original, I give you that/Koch brothers team up with major utilities to kill solar energy incentives in several states, @evanhalper reports. http://t.co/aoebd0B0U7
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