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@jonty That's brilliant.@BothersBar @statacake Robot Wars is the only one I can think of, but that's not recent.@ManhattansPRJCT @feIix_cohen Oh, lovely! It'll be much later than that. Looks like I might catch @jonty and crew there too. See you later!@feIix_cohen When are you likely to be around at @ManhattansPRJCT this evening? Might be able to stop by early for a quick one! :)
@unnamedculprit "Mashtags". @ManhattansPRJCT Wish I was there but work got in the way! Perhaps tomorrow :)@Laura_Schmaura Fantastic, glad you enjoyed them :)
@garybrannan @unnamedculprit I ache. A lot.Ridiculous day filming with @unnamedculprit, @cr3 and @mseckington. Exhausted, post-“incidents” beach visit now. is how @tomscott @mseckington @cr3 and I looked before The Incidents.
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However, I've realised that I'm very tired and I have to be up to film a thing before 6am. In hindsight this was a really bad plan. G'night.SHEER JOY at a getting a bodge to work after hours of experiments. I've not made something this gloriously shonky in years. Very very happy.@tarasyoung Interesting, isn't it? And young me watched the Disney Club on Saturday morning ITV. I'll bet neither technically broke rules!@0IsAValidNumber @Electric_Coffee I just discovered it has 1-indexed arrays. Why. Why would it do that.@coldclimate Currently, being baffled by Lua's choices of syntax.I just ordered a 13-port USB hub and started to learn Lua because apparently I have terrible ideas.@edjeff I was literally just half-way through writing a tweet like that and now it's going to look like I've stolen your joke@Thiefree So would I! I might email Edinburgh University...@Ink_Lav It's lovely! I try and keep an eye on them when I can.
@Aosher #askingforafriend@AlexMealey Friends told me it existed, and I did some research!@Matt_G_Cowley It might still be in “View Source” on that page? It was just standard Graph API searches.@BCCletts Interesting!@MDisraeli Just west of Whitminster — you can just about see the pipe on aerial photos!@lbamp Whitminster, near Gloucester!@ianvisits Yes! But I didn’t have time to cover all of that :)New video! The secret underground pipeline across Britain: I… I might have to build that now.@errdata On Windows, it’s called “Character Map” and it’s been there since at least version 3.1 :)@tajasel I thought that said “Tom’s Hydro” for a minute :) I haven’t been there, so if I’m ever in the area…!
@letao_nox @blackburnapps I figured it’d be easier to just tweet the link to everyone :)@ComposerDavid No idea! (And if you can’t phrase the question in 140 characters, I probably couldn’t answer it in that anyway!)@limzykenneth They’re indexed by block! So as long as you know your Unicode spec…The full-Unicode keyboard is by @blackburnapps and is ✯✭🆓✰✫: Doesn’t have combining features, sadly, but ♬ oh well ♬@ComposerDavid Yes. I’m almost certainly not going to know the answer though.Downloaded a full-Unicode keyboard for my phone. Feel like I’m back on MSN. Sorry, anyone I text, I’ll be ≛░▒▓INSUFFERABLE▓▒░≛ for a bit. #⌨@mattround @EwaSR Did you just use the combining diacritic marker on emoji, Matt. Did you.@BothersBar @danielpeake Fans of shouting at the screen will appreciate this week's Race to Escape, FYI.
@coldclimate @cr3 In general, yes, but I suspect we're not going to be able to beat the entirety of Trumpton...!@cr3 That is indeed on fire, well done everyone.@rosieatlarge That's amazing! I feel like I should be shouting "OH IT'S ON NOW" then chanting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT".
@solarpolarman @BounceBelowUK @ZipworldUK Amazing! Glad you had fun. I’ve been wanting to get to the caverns, but they’re a long way away…@garethbriggs I'll be there! As apparently will many people I know. Experience tells me the @LHSBikeshed will book out in minutes, though :)@MaxEric93 Not often. Yet. :)@ckantzos I don't think we could beat it!
@MDisraeli Yep :)@danpdx30 Nope, @cr3 who wrote it is a friend of mine, and he was holding the camera in that first shot of me :)@alister_b @cr3 Oh, that's going to end up with an official correction paragraph at the end, isn't it? :) Can't believe no-one spotted that.Do read @cr3's write-up of the Amphibious Weed Cutting Boat too, it's got some lovely lines in it: video: Amphibious weed-cutting boat! All of those have been turned off for a long, long time!@whoisdanw It'd be nice to have a "delete last entry from history" command, but it is a bit hacker-movie-ish.@sheepdean My browser doesn't store history after I close it, thankfully!@frankhereford Already use it! Was pasting it into a second login session.I just accidentally Googled my Google password, and I'm not sure if that means I need to change it.
@proogs Good name for a band, but no.@CharlesYarnold First time there? Go up Rockefeller Center, not the Empire State. And Momofuku Milk Bar’s cereal milk ice cream’s amazing!@quixoticgeek Tomorrow!@quixoticgeek That’s the river Frome, but nice try :)@trioptimum @readwriteerase @_Gaeel_ @IanMartindale @webman_ @AmigaBeanbag Well done all of you.@whoisdanw Bingo!@delaylater I'll try not to milk the joke too much.Might have some problems with cow-ntinuity on this video. Probably not: both because they take a long while, and because small clips are a better format for YouTube!Today’s filming location is a little more rural than normal. Nice day out.
@TRJeffries That's because All Star works with anything. (Brace yourself.)@anghelides Yes! Really odd to hear that sort of thing in a British accent.@cr3 Crundleboar: the fast tache glue. For when you simply must-dash.@BothersBar I didn't need an hour-long behind-the-scenes video of the US Price is Right this morning but OH WELL:'m writing a video on why Britain doesn't really do product-placement. Anyone want to buy some product placement in it?
@sam_cook Yes. Definitely.@lukeyoung72 I summed it up in the video as "the forces add up that way". It's definitely too much to fit into 140 characters!@sam_cook Ha - thanks for the heads up :)@droppedelbow Yep, someone in the comments pointed that out: I missed the news story entirely, somehow. Would have bumped it if I'd noticed.@cr3 The lighting in that suddenly looks fake to me for some reason, and I was there...New video! G-Forces, Gliders, and Graveyard Spirals: (thanks to @AlistairHammond for talking me into this!)@stephen1704 There are some first-person shooters set in Chernobyl. Odd that it says "How do you", though; my title is "How to"!
@BothersBar @DavidJBodycombe Things From The Freezer sounds like a really dodgy 90s kids' horror show.@LovedayBrooke @pkqk @hyper_linda @mnowster Rain and sore feet have gotten the best of me, but otherwise I'd ask to join you all. Have fun!
@ghickman A GoPro — with a slight stabilisation filter applied afterwards!@TRJeffries Do you suffer from phonophobia? DO YOU? DO YOU SUFFER FROM PHONOPHOBIA?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU
@JessWardman Wow, that’s a long time ago. Have fun :)Every “TSA-approved” padlock can now be easily picked, thanks to a clueless employee posing with the master keys: Both me and Black Mirror!@bear_foot Ah, that's the rare cereal-type Pokémon.@nathanrae Fantastic :)@secti0n9 That's fantastic!@whoisdanw Yes if you then make an art out of itI was going to show you pictures of this dream I had, but it turns out the thing that takes pictures of dreams was also a dream.
@tef Yes! I saw the translation. Hopefully BBC4, but I doubt they’ll have the budget…@v21 @sheilamu @tef Lion?@angelina_licca It was about time for an update :)New video! So You've Learned to Teleport, part of @YouTube's Superheroes season: (shot and lit by @unnamedculprit!)@jonty @loureade It's been about two minutes and I'm still not over how good this pun is.@jonty @loureade Just wait until Dismalworld opens on the east coast in a few years.@iamdanw Pootube.@AlistairHammond @keithgrinsted Ouch! Thanks again for getting the timing right, then :)@misiaq_com That's lovely, thank you!
@tehraptortheo That’s all we made! Audio versions of the video shows will go up there soon, though.
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