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@EwaSR Yes please.@colin_furze Oh my.Spent today filming with @unnamedculprit and @MoragHickman. Can’t talk about it yet, but to sum up: THAT WAS AMAZING. http://t.co/IvXUMlIOwX
@jbuller Ooh, that's interesting! I haven't done a London one for a bit - that might well be something I can do. Thanks!@tef Assassin's Creed: Health and Safety Edition.@WildRumpus Oh, damn, you're clashing with BarCamp London X!@mrhudson2212 I think there might be copyright issues with that! :)@FlyingRedWhales That's a lovely message to receive - thank you!
@mushybees "Free bus tours on classic London buses": http://t.co/pfSpvAlEHk@simeonvisser Oh no. That deserves to be forgotten about!@Locercus I actually ended up getting raspberries. They were on offer, and a heck of a lot better than cake.@tiffanyhathorn @unnamedculprit Glad you liked it :)New video! How to read text in binary. No, really. https://t.co/6U63Wxf1Uv@aaronvangeffen He’s not the only person to say that, and I just don’t see it myself…@TambaDragon Oh, yes. Still generally pushing too hard on all my projects, but… well, the alternative is not doing :)@bear_foot @panukuulu How you missed Immanuel Kat, I’ve no idea.Gorgeous sunshine and storm clouds over London. These sunsets keep getting earlier, though. http://t.co/PLP4REbmCv@whoisdanw Not out loud.@CiaranEaton How strange! I suspect that'll be something to do with great circles...@whoisdanw Yes. It's fun to play with the DMCA: https://t.co/BkONyOugwC@faktoider I've got my Ley Line Finder over at http://t.co/xZFOPr3gFC - the original Woolworths idea was by @standupmaths!@DavidJBodycombe We didn't test in all Android browsers; it's possible there's a bug there somewhere!Today's @UsVsTh3m thing is the ambitious "Around the World in 80 Million Clicks". Help push our skyboat: http://t.co/KC6jmHHv3y@danielpeake @BothersBar Doc-doc-doctor Peake, doc-doc-doc-doc-doctor Peake: https://t.co/BxaOe05x6R@BothersBar Less a revival, more a reanimation, I reckon.@BothersBar After all, Mr Blobby worked so well on the Generation Game last time.@mattround Sounds like a job for /fight/, that, if you can think of a few more...
@eggshaped Looks like you’re in “the Experiment”. Complain loudly, I guess? http://t.co/TmCnliEXcK@whoisdanw I’ve never had NHS trouble. Not to deny your experiences, of course, but it’s always been good to me.@sammachin Oh heavens, I’m not saying it’s perfect, not by a long shot. But right here, for me, it bloody worked.Seriously, American conservatives, tell me again how socialised medicine is a bad thing. And then stop getting in its goddamn way.9:45pm: arrive at walk-in centre. It’s not urgent. 11pm: Medicine in hand. Cost at point of use: £8.05, free if I were in need. The NHS ❤️@EGeek_Online Thanks for the heads up!@gbeemst One driver versus one gamer would be interesting!
@GingerInAnAttic Hey, thanks very much! We should be recording another series near the end of September :)@robmanuel @AbiWilks Eh? Nothing wrong with your musical skills, it's just people playing their own music to me makes me feel awkward.@pageantmalarkey @steve_x That’s interesting!
@tef I will be, probably arriving a bit before 8.@CharlesYarnold @colin_furze That is amazing!
@ToastMaster @mattround The catch is that 'copters can only manage about 8 minutes in the air at a time. Still, I'd be interested to try it!@JoshSawBlink Will do, cheers!@youngvulgarian @AbiWilks Do we need to talk? http://t.co/VTVzHnwB0W (also, MCR weren't bloody emo).@mushybees Not sure if adjective or verb.
@coldclimate Yep, I'll be there!@AlastairReid3 @youngvulgarian @RobynVinter Steadily.@MartinBelam @youngvulgarian @AbiWilks UNION J FACT: their name, an anagram of "JOIN UN", shows they advocate a New World Order government.@MartinBelam @youngvulgarian @AbiWilks UNION J FACT: the J actually stands for "Jemble".@youngvulgarian @AbiWilks UNION J FACT: it's pronounced "un-eye-on J", after their record label asked them to stop promoting unionisation.@AbiWilks @youngvulgarian Actually, never mind that, I'll just CC @UnionJ_Official into this thread.@youngvulgarian Screenshotting this and putting it up on the laser display board.The only eye drops endorsed by Conan the Barbarian. http://t.co/YUGPK5CMDL@DanNerdCubed Apparently you sent a load of people my way via your Red Mist video? Thanks for that!@coldclimate Yep! Happy with that :)@NearlyChaos @unnamedculprit No. We’ve filed a request with Apple, but have heard nothing.@chilledeyes Thanks! And TV show I worked on asked, and I didn’t mind :)@Alien2human No perceptible lag, then. It was an analog system, so I’m not even sure it captured individual frames.@jdiezlopez Just by lining them up I n the edit!@chetbox That’s common: search “YouTube 301” and you’ll find explanations.
@BoterBug @coldclimate @cr3 @SkyPowerUK Yep, spotted them when we looked to see if anyone had done it before! It's a great series.@Gnonthgol “Drone” is shorthand for both now — plus this one can return to base automatically in case of signal loss!@MDisraeli @timrterrible @londonhackspace The original plan was classic GTA, but the wind was a bit high and the view a bit too close!@timrterrible @londonhackspace It's been done before by attaching an I-beam to the back of a truck, but as far as I know, never like this!New video! THIRD PERSON DRIVING with a DRONE: https://t.co/7rK525MYHM — with @coldclimate, @cr3 & @SkypowerUK! I'm still amazed it worked.@mattround @brianftang The only reason to buy a home 3D printer is if you really enjoy fixing 3D printers.
@bear_foot In turn, I read that as "Bublé" and, well, you can work out the rest.The London Bubble Football League's kickstarter is live, with a video I edited. The referee got hit about ten times: https://t.co/15XBf7Sgdw
@TRJeffries Properly disappointed I can't make it, but I still have hours of work to do tonight and an early start tomorrow!
@TRJeffries Sleep. So much sleep.
@iamdanw One-hour EMF talk about your trip, with many photos, please. You don’t even have to rehearse, just tell stories.@puranikaditya Oh dear. That's not what I was going for at all! Sorry :)@jessyruthhelen You're just not Groot :)@jessyruthhelen In hindsight, we should have replaced all the pictures with Groot :P@RightSaidJames Nicely done.The @UsVsTh3m team made a Grootifier. It massively improves Twitter. http://t.co/TVlWfRoAO9 http://t.co/FwfX8zz6fL@WashboxApp Lovely! (Apologies for the sass; on the other hand, it did not-so-subtly get my referral code sent out…!)@DRMacIver True, and I probably should have tried to fit that in too.@Aosher Ha. Hadn't realised how ambiguous that was! I meant the former, although...@iamsteadman I'd go with random slugs: a six-letter alphanumeric code gives you more than two billion options!@BarryCarlyon @jamescridland Thankfully, they're not echoing it back onto the page. Bad for accessibility, but at least there's no XSS.Incremental counters in URLs have previously allowed massive identity theft at Citigroup, by the way. Don't use them! http://t.co/0RNm8uanN9Don't use incremental counters in URLs. They leak data. Like the fact your startup only has 200 signups, @washboxapp: http://t.co/eoguC9sT5c@youngvulgarian Johnson vs Trump: the HAIR-OFF.@secti0n9 I can write you one in a tweet: install Microsoft Security Essentials, don't open unknown executables or attachments. :)
@BothersBar Both parts of that Late Late Show tweet made me exclaim “oh no”.‘Spectra’ is the immense light beam on the London skyline every night this week. And this is the view from its base. http://t.co/QllKHTG5Vn@craigdomville There's no such thing as collision free (although it can be as good as if done right). Search for the 'pigeonhole principle'!@ntlk @espiekermann Damn unintended consequences.@UsrBinPRL And Ordnance Survey’s eastongs and northings…!
@WillKirkby Crikey. Yes, it does, and I don’t envy him that job!@DavidJBodycombe Yes, but mics look better with pop shields :)@kutayaltintas That’s salting, basically! Have a look at my Computerphile video for a bit more detail :)@Dem_Tilly That’s lovely, thank you :)@sinewave Video downlink goggles. You can probably work out the rest…@Hardisk It takes YouTube a few minutes to get it out to everyone. Might do a video about why that is…!New video! YouTube doesn't know your password: http://t.co/k5BuIRGsLy (a brief intro to hashing, with an interesting clip at the end...)@pageantmalarkey My brain parsed that as “silk trombone in jazz pyjamas” and now I’m having strong words with my brain.@EwaSR Try Earth: Final Conflict if you want to start losing hope. Or Sliders after season 1.@Dem_Tilly Thanks. I think it was worth it :)@rburton I deliberately don’t have email notifications — and a reply to your email needs more than one person to proof it!@kittynoise That's the option I chose. Hopefully they do!
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