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On the front of Stephenson's Rocket locomotive with @tomscott thanks to the National Railway Museum, York! :D http://t.co/mqA80uw9vi
Retweeted by Tom Scott@getbant I can’t remember: we had to search through quite a few before we found one that wasn’t awful…
Update from Parental Tech Support HQ: Windows 8.1, despite the ".1", is still a hateful abomination from the dark lands. Happy Easter.@bluealchemist Seems accurate enough.New video! @unnamedculprit and I have FIXED Jenga with a CHESS CLOCK: https://t.co/oicqlZ4Wc7
@unnamedculprit I once got told “route learning” but I’m not sure I believe it.@DC_Lewendon Thanks very much — it’s great to get messages like this!Strongest argument yet for the complete ban of Google Glass: https://t.co/A5K9GGPgs6
Retweeted by Tom ScottTop quality GIF work of the http://t.co/9wXosPCWZk team by @unnamedculprit, here: http://t.co/DT8dyorSR8@geeksareforlife One Canada Square!@CaptSkyRocket @cbetta @mseckington Yep, I've got a clear shot now!Current status: going up in the world. (By which I mean the @UsVsTh3m office has moved four floors higher.) http://t.co/FEb5EQxsQi@onomiwo That one's mostly my code, but with art from @divstivs, fixes from @cr3 and important kitten research by @AbiWilks!Today's thing for @UsVsTh3m is "Find Your Kitten Lookalike". http://t.co/ebX6tXJEQY I got this little fellow. Aww. http://t.co/IbeaQ4SD4RNew audio! This week on the Tech Dif podcast, it's the 1995 special, including a new definition for tobogganing: http://t.co/i8cWKmqt5x@cassiewerber Sure, drop me an email: tom@tomscott.com.@Tom_S_Official Thanks: it was a lot of fun to make!
@AbiWilks Tonkotsu make excellent ramen, with a good veggie option. Homeslice is excellent for pizza but you need to go early or queue.Today's @UsVsTh3m game is by the wonderful @mattround: presenting 1000 Seconds! http://t.co/VY9nYAO02V@DemoTrtl @unnamedculprit @garybrannan That's a genuine photo from the Dutch space program, there. Good detective work.New video! In this week's Citation Needed, we speculate about the Dutch pastry-based space program: https://t.co/rSVxOsev5V@kaihendry Thanks! I use Adobe CS6.
@vickyjo @cackhanded I have no idea how I'd automatically detect key changes.@tanketom "Third place"? In British English, the winner is in "first place", the next is "second place", and so on until "last place".@bear_foot We watched from Hackney Wick. The only person who asked about it was already really high. It didn’t help his state.Prepare for tweet-flurry: we're soft-launching @UsVsTh3m's QUIZ-O-TRON! Make your own quizzes or play featured ones: http://t.co/mYGlr2cx3u@RobPurcell Political drama books aren't really my kind of thing, fantasy-worlds or otherwise :)Kanye West's "Bound 2" didn't chart in the UK. A remix of it, with Kanye removed? Currently the UK #1. Ouch. http://t.co/nv5ULVFDLa@shinydh Agreed. That's actually Interstate - a sort-of match for the US font, but not really. I only spent five minutes on the gag! :)Game Show of Thrones. http://t.co/ZnY3cy8HYq@unnamedculprit @robmanuel @abiwilks @divstivs @youngvulgarian IT IS NOW@divstivs @robmanuel @AbiWilks @youngvulgarian I had a touch of the Mumfords once, but antibiotics cleared it right up.@flashboy @robmanuel @AbiWilks @divstivs @youngvulgarian Current office soundtrack: http://t.co/MX5IR51TVK@pkqk @Aosher Ha, the other day I thought "he's changed it to yellow, it used to be purple". I am not the best at observation.@simeonvisser I do understand why it's so, but... good grief, that's a complicated spec! Thanks for sharing it.@jsarbinoff Glad it all made sense!
If you’ve Unicode problems I feel bad for you son, I got 9̢9 ͞p͢ŗob̡lems̕ b̶͟ut ̨͏͟oḩ̴ ̨n̨͟͢o̕͘ n̴̞̹̙̭̩̏̇̀͘ơ̶̸͈͇̖̩̰̂ͫ̑́@tef @jonty @iamdanw @hyper_linda @unnamedculprit I'll see you at Lucky Chip at 8, but I may nip elsewhere for food depending on their menu!@Parax The early ones, yes: but there were a few other (and dryer) approaches to sealing. I had to edit out my mention of water troughs!New video! The rise and fall of the gasometer: https://t.co/4jE4sJc26f@tef @hyper_linda @iamdanw @jonty Not after the Food Poisoning Lottery. Is there anywhere else good nearby?@hyper_linda @jonty When and where are y'all watching it? And d'you mind if I join?Ooh, Only Connect is back tonight in its usual slot. Apparently it includes the phrase "dry sex elf": http://t.co/pcIxaUeEkkBig Brother now trying the “look cute, hope they don’t notice” approach. http://t.co/wKhecCzZv2
@DavidJBodycombe Might well take you up on that sometime!@robmanuel It ran out of juice?@BothersBar @mrsmsmartin Oh, wow, I really want to have a go at snooker-golf now.@Imbecillis It's disappointing it still happens, but sadly not surprising!@Thayer I was at Limehouse a couple of years ago! It’s a wonderful atmosphere.Things I should do: • Go cheer on London Marathon runners Things I’m actually going to do: • Stay in bed • Internet • Feel vaguely guilty
@martinsteers They got in touch with me a while ago, but it’s not for me right now. Thanks though!@unnamedculprit @TRJeffries CHILDREN of the UNIVERSE.@Tom_S_Official Yes! Although apparently you're official. I can't argue with that.
@solelyfictional Make it! You have the technology. Literally. I should know. I wrote the technology.@RLemmson Apple says no: they don't use OpenSSL. http://t.co/UWBIoiMzAR@Bereaveability Glad you liked them!
@geekyjames That plant’s going to get its own spinoff series at this rate.@WillKirkby That's disappointing - .htaccess should be preventing indexes from being seen. I'll fix that, thanks for the heads up.New audio! It's the Chris Wins special on the Technical Difficulties this week, complete with "chlorinated backside": http://t.co/sodQh80u3V@iamdanw The Bay Model, just out in Sausalito: http://t.co/BF1IxtluAj@wes_stanton Took that into my own hands: http://t.co/4XNLszkJ65@Mclean_Tom_ I have absolutely no idea. Some certainly think so: https://t.co/7FT8RcGAjcIf you like a lot of chocolate on your keyboard, talk to @cr3. Because he’s spilled hot chocolate on his keyboard. http://t.co/WdR6LMdmeyFacebook’s removing chat from its iPhone app, to force users onto Messenger. I assume it’ll be replaced by a GIF of Zuckerberg panicking.@RLemmson Glad you liked it!@LindseyAnnison That’s not for me, but thanks anyway!
@MDisraeli I try not to anthropomorphise Tetris…!@olivergwyther I seem to recall that @computer_phile already has one about SSL somewhere, but I could be wrong!@MrPenguinP It’s worth changing your passwords anyway. It’s best to be pessimistic about things like that!@DemoTrtl @computer_phile Thanks! It was very much in their style, because, well, it's a style that works.You'll find a "play this as Tetris" link on every suitable 2048, BTW. TENNANT: http://t.co/0RHPVhdWne NICOLAS CAGE: http://t.co/fFOIDxPGCfAll those custom GIF-lades 2048 games on @UsVsTh3m? They're also Tetris now. You're welcome, internet. GIFtris: http://t.co/Uy3sM8G2AO@elliottkember It's been months now, and I still hear "Kingston Town" every time someone plugs in an iOS 7 device. Damn you.@ppkehl Thanks; glad you liked it!@josml_ Cheers!New video: in this week's Citation Needed, we invent Russian Toilette and literally talk rubbish. Brace yourselves. https://t.co/m1cqYlYrly@Leafghost1 Thanks very much!@Scahrossar I do my best :)@xumiz Thanks!@philippabr Glad you liked it!@NickMDuffy Thanks - that's what I was aiming for!@Lauren_Sad Thanks very much!@mellehofman It's completely fictional!@batsgirl Close enough! :)@FennoBear Thanks!@faintdreams Thanks! I was searching around for analogies, and then realised the train platforms literally have buffers…!I made a video explaining the Heartbleed attack and buffer exploits — hopefully in a way that casual viewers can get: http://t.co/QBMOlC2jhA@brianmmonroe Thanks!@SSalehMD I’m glad that’s how it came across; I was a bit worried it might just look weird!@krooked590 Cheers — glad you liked it!@AlexGuichet Thanks very much!@ThomasWinwood But it is a buffer exploit of sorts — and far more recognisable! Thanks, though :)New video! Explaining buffer exploits and today's Heartbleed attack in a way that, I hope, most folks can understand: http://t.co/QBMOlC2jhA
@area No, I just cocked up the link attached to it and couldn't be bothered to put it all together again!
@felix_cohen Already exists, if I remember rightly: http://t.co/vP8KnYUd98@punksmurf I'm reasonably sure there isn't any sort of interlock, but I don't know for certain!@oopsohno We knew the train timetable - but more importantly than that, we always obeyed the lights and never stopped on the crossing!New video! The level crossing you have to power yourself: https://t.co/1oGHI1KdN1
@solace_aderyn Two Louisiana folks I know are in the crowd there. If I’d been over at the right time…!@flyingelevator Thanks - glad you liked it!
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